Posted:  June 19, 2011

Waking the next morning after my wacked erotic dream, I looked over at Kris still
sleeping and smiled.  I showered and dressed as usual before waiting on Corey to
walk to our first class.  Corey was talking about all the studying he had done and
how confident he was feeling going into the finals that were starting next

He stopped half way there and looked at me, “Matt, is there a problem?  I know I
haven’t been the greatest boyfriend the last few days but I feel so good right

“Oh it’s nothing,” I said. “I was just being a good listener.”

“I so promise we’ll have a great weekend and end everything on such a high note,”
he stated.  He continued to talk and was back to being Corey that I loved. 

With my day short, I headed out for a while and got away from campus.  I shopped at
the mall and avoided the Friday crowds by being early.  My shopping was just that
shopping with very little money at my disposal.  It is awful seeing so many things
I wanted and would look nice on me.  I did end up buying a new better fitting shirt
that was on sale.

Kris had just gotten in when I walked in the door.  He firmly stated he was going
over to the Rec Center for stress relief.  I opted not to go unless Scott showed up
for one final time at the pool.  With Kris out the door, Scott and Garrett came in
my room.

“Word is you and Corey are having it rough now,” Scott said.

“Who said that?” I asked.

“Ummm… Colt said something about Corey saying he needed a break from you,” Scott

“I can’t deny that.  I guess I have been rather clingy here lately but we’re fine
as far as I know.  You know how it is.”

“I do.  Jordan’s officially history now.  All he wanted to do was have sex,”
Garrett said.  “Not that I don’t like it but not every time I see him plus he
wasn’t exactly right for me right now.”

“Dude, you got him addicted to big dick,” Scott laughed.

“There’s more to a relationship than sex, right Matt?” Garrett asked.

“You’re right.  Corey and I go in spurts… or should I say cycles,” I laughed.  “We
haven’t had sex since we went home.”

“Dude, fucking your boyfriend in your own bed is the shit,” Scott said.  “Man, I
loved nailing Hayden’s hot ass in my bed.”

“Speaking of Hayden, how do you think that will work?” I asked.

Scott threw up his hands, “Hell if I know but I’m gonna make it work for him.  I
still feel responsible no matter what anyone says.  Too, I do love him.”

“I hope it does work.  If not, then poor Hayden,” I lamented.

“What will he do?” Garrett asked.

“I don’t have a clue,” Scott stated. “I guess will cross that bridge when or if we
get there.  I just hope like hell it doesn’t happen.  So is everyone going out like
Kris and Colt have planned?”

“I guess so,” Garrett said. “Bryson is fired up about it.”

“Who knows but I think Corey is dead set on it,” I said.

We hung around in my room and were joined by Hayden shortly.  I could see and hear
how worried he was about the summer.  Scott was giving reassurances that everything
would work out.  I hope for Hayden’s sake it did.

With Kris, Colt, Alex and Brennan back, Kris had all the plans set for the night. 
He had made plans to leave as soon as Corey got off work and had a party that a
friend had invited them to attend.  While we were discussing everything, Stephan
came to the door and was checking to see if we were still on for the party Saturday
night.  I still hadn’t ask Corey so I couldn’t give an answer whereas the others
were just as undecided.   Stephan hung around and joined us while we caught up with
him and his plans for the summer.  Then we were joined by Shawn to see what we were
doing.  Once told our plans, he was all for it and looked forward to going out with

Corey showed up at his regular time and was dressed to go out.  By now, Stephan had
departed to find Grayson.  With about ten of us, we argued who was driving. 

“Shit, I always drive,” Scott stated.  “Why not Colt or Kris for a change?”

I looked at Scott.  “Then we’d be a world of hurt,” I said with a few laughing.

“Ah come on Scott.  You really don’t drink that much,” Colt stated.

“I know but there are times when I feel like it and tonight happens to be one of
those nights,” Scott said.

Garrett held up his hand, “I’ll drive.”  Bryson patted him on the back.

“I guess I will too,” I said.  “No sense in getting in trouble the last week here.”

“Bro, so we’re set,” Kris announced.  

My car was pack with Kris giving directions.  Once I was in the area, it was
obvious where we were going.  I parked as did Garrett to head into the party.  No
more in the door, Kris spotted a friend and was gone before I could get my
bearings.  Looking around, the faces did look somewhat familiar but no names. 
Corey, Shawn and I were walking around when a guy Corey knew from the Rec Center
approached us.  He was friendly as they come and showed to the area.  I grabbed
some water while the other found drinks.  It was packed everywhere I turned and
easily lost sight of Corey and Shawn.  Soon I was in the middle of a group and
spinning in all different directions until seeing Garrett’s head above the crowd. 

Garrett and I stuck together and located Corey a short while later talking with
some people I gathered that knew or recognized him from the Rec Center.  I was
promptly introduced but only as a friend.  It was cool with me since this wasn’t
the place to bring up our relationship. 

As the night grew later, it was enjoyable meeting all kinds of new people.  Some
were Kris’s idea with the drinks beginning to take hold of him.  About one, Garrett
and I gathered up our friends to head back.  We found most quickly but had to
search for Alex and Brennan.  Both like most were hammered and feeling no pain.  It
was interesting how alcohol affected people differently in that some were very loud
while some looked as though they were about to fall asleep.  Tonight, Corey looked
the latter and clung to me as we walked out. 

It was hell getting Kris who was fired up and Corey who was the opposite in the
room without waking up the rest of the dorm.   I fell asleep holding Corey who was
already asleep long before I was. 

Studying and playing games at my desk, Corey woke first around eleven with Kris
waking shortly thereafter.  We rehashed the night with me agreeing it was fun as a
whole but doubted I could remember two names of people I had meet during the night. 

It was a lazy day with Kris and Corey trying to get over their night.  Colt came
busting in our room to stir us up.  “Look out the window.  Something’s going on in
the parking lot!” 

The three of us ran over and peered down until spotting Hayden, Scott and two
adults.  “What’s that all about?” Kris asked with us around the window.

“I don’t have a clue but let’s watch in case something does happen,” Colt replied.

We watched for a minute or two until seeing Hayden embracing the adults.  Then
Scott joined in.  Scott left the group and headed back towards our direction.  Colt
ran to the door and opened it to watch out.  The second he saw Scott he grabbed
him.   Instantly I knew he had great news with a big smile across his face.

“What was that all about?” Colt asked and was eager to hear more than the rest of

“I just witnessed the coolest shit ever.  Hayden’s parents called us a little while
ago and wanted to meet with him.  I went along to see what was up.  We took a seat
on the grass for a while.  It was Hayden’s parents saying they would do their best
to accept him and asked for his forgiveness for the way they had treated him…”

“That’s so awesome!” I said.

“I know.  They did lay down the law however by saying he wasn’t allowed to bring
guys home but they couldn’t stop what he was doing out of the house,” Scott stated. 
“It was something we could agree to live with while his parents said they would
continue to support and accept Hayden even though they didn’t agree with his

“Why the sudden change?” Corey asked.

“From what I gathered, they saw Hayden was serious plus they had got counseling and
support to show it wasn’t the end of the world,” Scott replied with still a smile. 
“I swear Hayden was so happy.”

“That’s great,” Kris said.

“This may not be the time but we’ve been invited to a dance tonight with Stephan,”
I said.

“We have?” Corey asked.  “I don’t really feel like going.”

“Why not?” I asked.

“For one, I wanna be around my real friends.  Think about it.  They only see those
two when they want us to do something.  They rarely hang around and stay in their
own little world.  Sure, the other dances were fun but I rather hang around here
with my real friends.”

“Wow, Corey.  I think you’re dead on.  They’ll be disappointed…”

“Fuck em!” Colt said.  “We never see those dudes anyway or y’all don’t.  Corey
makes a good point that they only see you when they want you to go to their little

“Better yet, I think I know the best boyfriend ever that needs to be taken out for
a date,” Corey stated.  “Just the two of us.”

I smiled and agreed we did need that. 

Corey and I headed out on our date.  Corey was very attentive to me the entire time
and repeated over and over how much he did love me.  Even though, we had a little
rocky spot we still loved each other.  We headed back to be a part of the group but
found my room vacant.  Corey locked the door and pushed me on the bed.   We began
making out as hot and heavy as ever.  Our clothes were slowly gone in time.  We
were kissing and petting when we heard a knock at the door.  I yelled to hold on
and got us under the sheets.   Kris and Colt came in the room to see us curled up

“I’m going let you two have the room tonight.  Colt’s roomie is gone,” Kris said. 
He grabbed his flat pillow.  My eyes grew big feeling Corey’s cock sliding inside

“Kris, I swear they are fucking,” Colt said.

“Who cares if they are,” Kris said.

“We’re not,” I said and felt Corey’s cock go deeper.

“You’re right, Kris.  Ya’ll have fun,” Colt said.

“You too,” I said.  The two headed out.  I turned once they were gone and smiled at

“My dick needed a warm place to rest,” Corey smiled.

“Now just fuck me!”

“No, I’m making love to you,” Corey said.

We made love for quite a while that night.  First Corey was in me before I was in
him.  It felt so great to be with him and enjoy our love sexually together.  

We woke the next morning and headed to the shower.  With the water flowing over us,
Corey stuck his thick cock in me.  I began moaning and enjoying having his hard
thick cock back inside of me.  He reached around my chest while my hands were
against the tiled wall.  He began fucking me harder thus my moans grew louder.  Our
wet skin slapped together with Corey’s cock setting my world on fire.  I leaned up
and turned for a long kiss.   He grunted and filled my ass with his seed.  He
stayed in me and stroked me until I splattered the wall with a nice nut.   We
finished up and stepped off to dry off.  I thought we were alone but weren’t. 
Brennan was drying off his slender body with the biggest smile on his face.

“Dudes that was so fucking hot to hear,” Brennan said with his big uncut limp cock
on full display.  He reached down and grabbed it.  “Busted the biggest nut ever.”

“Thank goodness it was you,” Corey said.

“Why?  Everyone knows you two are lovers and fuck like crazy.   Hell I can’t blame
either one of you. You’re both fucking hot as hell.”

“Thanks Brennan,” I said. “Thanks for understanding.”

“No problem, Matt.  It was a privilege to hear and wish I could have seen you two
fucking,” Brennan stated.

We finished drying off and headed back to my room.  We laughed about it and didn’t
care what would be said.  We hung out in our undies until Kris and Colt came down
to ask if Corey wanted to hit the links.  I didn’t care and encouraged him to go. 
While they were gone, I began the task of gathering my things and started packing
just a little.  Thankfully, I had carried a few things back when Corey and I had
gone home to ease the load come next week. 

Before I knew it, finals were here upon us.  It was time to get serious and buckle
down.  For a change, the only time we saw our friends was when a break was needed. 

Saturday night between finals, we all went out as a group including Noah and
Kendall.  We went to eat and stayed for over an hour laughing and enjoying all the
memories that had been made.  We kept it light and just remembered all the fun
times we had enjoyed. 

By Monday, I was stressed out with my biggest final looming near the end.  So far,
my test had been no surprise and rather to the point.  I thought I had done well up
that point.  Scott, Michael and I holed up in Scott’s room with Hayden studying
elsewhere for the time being.  We studied solidly for four hours, went to eat and
returned to finish off.  I gave up at one in the morning with my brain unable to
soak in anymore. 

Waking the next morning, Tuesday, I headed off feeling nervous but knowing I was
prepared.  Once the tests were handed out, I took a deep breath and went to work to
put down on the paper what I had studied.  After the three hour long test, I felt a
sense of relief handing off the paper.  There was nothing more I could do but felt
good about how I did.

After my test, I search out Corey and needed some stress relief.  He too looked a
little ragged from his test.  We went to his room and began making out like crazy. 
Clothes flew in every direction before I spread my legs wide to take Corey’s hard
thick wet cock. 

“OOO fuck me, Corey!  I need to feel you fucking my ass!”

“OOO Matt, your ass is so hot!” he stated and slammed his cock deep.

“OOO fuck yeah!  Fuck my ass!” I screamed.  My head began going side to side with
him nailing my ass.  I wanted it and was delirious with pleasure he was delivering. 
We kissed before I began riding his cock. 

I rode his cock like never before.  I was bouncing on it with his bed rattling.  We
didn’t care if we were heard.  He reached and grabbed my hard cock.  After a few
long strokes of his strong hand, my cock was exploding onto his chest and neck. 

He slipped out.  I moved quickly to take his throbbing cock in my mouth.  He
groaned and pumped his load down my throat.  I took every drop he could muster
before sharing a few precious drops when we kissed.  We lay together to recover
from our sex.

“Best fucking stress relief known to mankind,” he stated.

“Hell yeah, it was,” I said.

We dressed and found Kris and the others to grab something to eat.  We returned to
his room where Michael was gone still to study with his girlfriend or whoever.  It
was hard to buckle down but Corey needed to score high more than I did.  He said he
was finished an hour and half into it but I quizzed him to see more was needed. 
After a short make out session, we studied more until I felt he was completely

Once the test was over, my freshman year was complete.   I waited on Corey and got
so emotional as we walked back.  I had tears in my eyes knowing we were about to be
separated for days at a time. 

Corey and I were in my room and holding each other when we got a knock at the door. 
Bryson and Garrett were standing there in their shorts and tees.

“Guys… this is it,” Bryson said.

“Yes it is,” Corey said as we stood.  We went over and embraced both. 

Garrett had tears in eyes when we finished.  “Dammit I said I wouldn’t cry but I
can’t help it.  You both mean so much to me.   I can’t thank you enough for
everything.  From day one, you’ve been nothing but nice to me.  In my darkest hour,
you were there for me.  I’ll never ever forget ya.”

“Same goes for me.  I hate to say this but I love ya both.  Hell, I love all the
guys here and ready for another year of this shit, too.  Thanks for everything and
showing me gay guys can be some cool dudes,” Bryson said.

“Thanks, it has been a blast,” Corey said. 

“We can’t leave just yet.  I’ve got to see Kris before we jet,” Bryson said.

They grabbed a chair and waited while we recounted our time together.  Next were
Scott and Hayden.  My eyes again were filled with tears saying goodbye.  Hayden was
able to go home and was at peace with all that had happened. 

“Shit, this is so fucking hard!” Scott said. “From day one back in August, I meet
Matt and Kris.  Since then it has been nothing but one great year.  A year I’ll
never forget either.  I found out maybe who the real Scott was along the way.”

Michael was next and had to say goodbye to Corey.  He gave us both a big hug.  He
wished us the best.  We did the same to him and hoped he’d have a great summer. 
Scott headed off with Hayden but promised to be back to say goodbye to Kris.

Finally about thirty minutes later, Kris came in the door.   “What the hell’s going
on here?  I need to get my shit and get out of here.”

“You know there’s no way we can leave without saying goodbye to us,” Bryson said.

“Bye then.  See ya in the fall if not sooner!” Kris said and turned to start
grabbing his stuff.  He turned back around with a big smile.  He held out his
muscular arms, “I was fucking with ya’ll.  Get over here!”

Bryson, Garrett and Scott took their turns at saying goodbye.  I sat and listened
to each one say their thing.  Next was Alex and Brennan coming down.  They gave
each of us a hug before heading out.

“Where’s Colt?” I asked.

Kris laughed, “He had a late final and was pissed as ever about it.  While we wait
on his sorry ass, let’s get our stuff in our cars so we can help him.”

We moved all my things, Corey’s things and Kris’s things.  All three of our
vehicles were packed.  I had things that had spilled over to my front seat. 
Slamming the trunk, I heard Kris scream.  I looked up and saw Colt had him in a
bear hug.

“You were leaving without saying goodbye.  What a bitch!” Colt said.

“Hell yeah, we were.  I was racing to get out of here so I didn’t have to see your
sorry ass,” Kris said.

We laughed and headed up to help Colt move his things.  While we were in Colt’s
room gathering his stuff, we heard a short knock and saw Rick standing there.  
Nothing doing we had to thank him for all he put up with and for being the best RA

“Well… I guess you won’t feel too bad when I tell ya I’m your RA next year too,”
Rick said and broke off a smile.  “Found out Monday and have been waiting to tell

“Hell yes!” Colt screamed.  “Thanks!”

“That’s fucking awesome, Rick!” Kris said.

“I hope next year is goes as well minus Kris’s little temper and minus Lee’s sorry
ass,” Rick said and headed out the door after we said our goodbyes.

We loaded up Colt’s truck.  I stood back and got very emotional.  Even more so when
Colt gave me strong hug.  “Matt, you watch after both of these dudes.  When you get
a chance, you make them come see me.  I’ve told Kris all be up every chance this
summer I get.”

“Thanks Colt.  What a year!” I said with tears rolling down my face.

Colt grabbed Corey and hugged him.  “Corey, you take care of Matt this summer.”

“Oh I will when I see him,” Corey said.

Colt and Kris stood apart looking at each other.  Next Colt grabbed Kris for a long
hug.  The slaps on the back rang out all over the parking lot.  Kris stepped back
and wiped his eyes.  Tears were streaming down Colt’s face as well.

“Dude… fuck it… goodbye!” Kris said and grabbed Colt again.  They kissed each other
on the cheek before Colt moved to Kris’s mouth for a brief kiss.  It was hot to see
two masculine guys kissing and not caring the least who saw it. 

Colt wiped his mouth and face, got in his truck and sped off.  Corey, Kris and I
stood on the warm pavement not caring what was going on around us.  We finally

“Damn Corey, what a year, huh?” Kris said.

“It has been one great year,” Corey said.

“I’m sure I’ll see ya when you come to Matt’s.  If not, I’m gonna be pissed,” Kris
said.  “Matt, I’ll wait on ya while you say goodbye.”

Corey grabbed my hand.  We walked to his car.  He pushed me up against the car and
gave me the hottest kiss he could muster.  “Matt, I love you so much.  How are we
going to make it?”

“We’ll be on the phone every night,” I said.

“You bet we will and see each other hopefully every two weeks,” Corey said.  We
kissed again.  Corey got in his car and blew a last kiss to me.  I walked away and
was crying.

Kris could see my emotions and came for support.  His strong arm wrapped around my
shoulder, “Bro, it’s hard to believe this is all over.  Look on the bright side. 
We get to do all over again next and the year after that and the year after that…”

“I get the point, Kris,” I said and wiped my face. “Let’s get out of here.”

“For sure,” Kris said.

I got in my car and started it up.  I heard a peck on my window and turned to see
Shawn standing there with his girlfriend Terra while rolling down my window. 
“Matt, I wanted to say goodbye.  I’m so excited about rooming with all of you next
year.  I can’t wait.”

“Me either,” I said.  “Have a good summer.  Call me sometime!”

I drove off and followed Kris.  My car was so packed I could see out the rear view
mirror.  Driving off, I looked in the in the side view mirrors and watched the
campus fade into the background.  I had to smile knowing it was the best year ever
thanks to rooming with the best friend a guy could ever have.


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