POSTED:   June 16, 2011

Corey and I arrived late at my house on Friday. We were late because of waiting
for Corey to get off work.  On the drive there, we had our plan in place for the
summer.  There waiting on us was Mom though she looked like she had been asleep
in her chair.  She greeted both of us with a kiss and hug.  As always it was easy
to see how happy she was to see me.  The only thing she wasn’t happy with was
seeing two giant loads of laundry we carted inside to be done along with clothes
I didn’t need any longer.  After a brief conversation, she was off to her bedroom
for the night.  Corey and I watched a little TV snuggled up together before we
headed to my room. 

We woke at nearly the same time the next morning with me still in Corey’s strong
arms.  We showered together before making our first appearance to Mom.  I offered
to make Corey and I something to eat but she would have none of it.  She was
ready and willing to cook a late hardy breakfast for us.   She had waited herself
to have the pleasure of eating with us.

“Mom, I need some clarity on something,” I stated between bites.

“Sure hun, what is it?” Mom said.

“Well…” I glanced over at Corey.  “Do you think it would be fine if Corey came
here every other weekend this summer?”

Mom finished her bite along with taking a drink of juice. “Matt, first let me get
something straight before I agree.”


“I think I know the answer to this but are you two sexually involved in this

My eyes moved to the ceiling.  Corey had a weird look on his face.  “Mom, yes we
are.  I’m nineteen years old.”

“Okay then.  Do you both drink?”

I wasn’t prepared for this badgering.  “We do but not often.  Corey’s mom has a
history of it as well as I found out so does Dad.”

Mom smiled, “That’s what I thought.  I’m proud that you didn’t beat around the
bush and showed some maturity answering about adult things.  I don’t see any
reason why two adults can’t be together this summer when they want and do
whatever they feel like in private.   I can see I sent you off as a teen and had
you return as an adult.”

“Mom, thanks!  I’m still do stupid teen stuff but yes I think I have grown up. 
Being out and away from home does force you do that.”

“Yeah, it really does.  Either grow up a little or you won’t be long in college. 
They have a way of weeding people out that aren’t ready,” Corey stated.

“They do.   So is your sex life great?” Mom asked.

I nervously chuckled, “Mom… do you really wanna know the answer to that?”

Mom laughed, “On second thought, you’re so right.  That’s none of my business.  I
do see two very handsome young men who seem so in love and perfect for each
other.   Matt, you’ve done really well in picking a boyfriend.  I was so afraid
you’d come home with a real freak or some guy I couldn’t stand to be around. 
Corey is a real jewel and very good looking to boot.”

“Ma’am, I’m the lucky one to have found Matt…”

“We found each other,” I said.

Once we finished eating, Corey and I went to the living room to chill. 

“Matt that was weird having your mom ask us about our sex life.”

“You’re telling me.  It was really uncomfortable,” I stated.

“You did so awesome.  Each answer was so perfect.”

“Thanks!  I was caught off-guard a little,” I said.

Our weekend at my house just flew by.  We didn’t do a whole lot and stayed longer
than usual.  I suppose the worst part was not really spending quality time with
Mom but she’d have all summer for that. 

It was past seven before we got back on campus.  Kris had arrived only a half-
hour before us.  That night we caught up and found out what everyone had done. 
It seemed with Kris gone; everyone else took one last opportunity to go home
before buckling down for the final run.   Truth of the matter was we missed each
other.  Most of us stated how things changed with our friends.  It seemed not
being around them made you lose touch plus for some odd reason, after high
school, people begin changing.  Colt said he couldn’t stand to be around his old
best friend now where they used to be together constantly.  Kris was the same way
and stated he was a little bored at his house though he did make it to a party
but felt out of place. 

Monday was back to class with just a week and half left.  In my class with Shawn,
our professor stated we didn’t need to show up for the next scheduled class if we
felt comfortable with the final.  My lab however was intense and stressful with
two labs remaining.  They had saved the hardest two assignments until the end to
really test us. 

Kris was gone when I got back to the room.  I headed down the hall and ran into
Stephan.  He was leaving but turned around to invite me to the last big party. 
It sounded fun but I wasn’t so sure I was really up for it.  I went and found
Corey sitting in his room with Scott and Hayden.  I had just seen Scott but was
happy to see Hayden.

“Wassup?” I asked entering.

“Well, Hayden got a call today from his parents asking him if he had changed his
mind and wanted to relent his statement.  What a fucking crock of shit!” Scott

“Do they really think you’ll change?” I asked.

“I asked the same question,” Corey said.

“They think since I’ve had time to think and pray about it I would change,”
Hayden said. “I didn’t tell them this but I’m not changing.  I’m gay and there’s
nothing they can do about it other than accept the facts.  They think they are so
damn perfect.  I have news from them; they are not.  A perfect person would
accept me for who I am.  They said they don’t love me any more since I’m gay.”

“That’s wacked!  Parents should always love their children no matter what.  It’s
not like you’re a criminal or some druggie,” I said.

“Tell that to them.  I think they’d have a better time accepting me if I had
killed someone or overdosed.  Shit, my dad’s brother is a former Meth junkie but
he’s still welcome with open arms.  They say it is a disease yet want to push me
out the fucking door because I like guys.  I give up!”

“Scott, is he still welcome at your house?” Corey asked.

“One hundred percent welcome. He and I went home this past weekend.   My parents
loved him.  He got a big dose of Trevor, too.  Even my sister likes him…”

“Does she have a clue yet what’s going on?” I asked.

“I think so and is in that stage where boys are creepy and have cooties,” Scott

“She’s a real cutie though,” Hayden said.  “That Trevor is something else.  You’d
think he’s the biggest cock whore there is.”

“Trevor likes to talk big.  I have my doubts about all his big talk, Hayden.  If
I know my old school, Trevor eats alone or with other weird fucking kids and gets
picked on constantly,” Scott said.

We sat around talking until Kris came down to grab us to go eat.  We had a full
entourage for dinner.  It was back to normal with the noise level high as ever. 
Once we returned, Kris was all about us going out and getting hammered all
weekend before finals.  When the talk came around to him and Liz, he laughed it
off and doubted he’d see her before leaving.

Tuesday was about the same in my classes other than a short quiz in history that
I was prepared for thanks to reading up the night before.  Kris didn’t move but
afterwards said he was glad he had cracked a book even though the quiz was worth
only 15 points.   

At the room, I was on the phone with Dad when Kris entered after his day.  I took
the initiative to call for one final meeting before the break.  He agreed to
Thursday which would offer him another opportunity to see Corey as well.  He
didn’t sound really pleased when I mentioned Corey’s name but agreed.  Kris was
down to his workout things and was tugging on my arm to go with him.  I hung up
the phone.

“Kris, I don’t see the point now.”

“I do.  Got to have that summer body kicking,” Kris said.

“Seriously?  You’re cut as hell and still think you can improve.”

“How about if I said maintenance work?”

“How about if I said you’re addicted to it?” I shot back.

“There are lots worse,” Kris stated.  “Do you want me to name them?  I’m going to
shot some hoops and horse around.  Come on Matt for me.”

“Alright, I guess I chase down a few balls,” I said.  “You’re lucky I don’t have
anything better to do.”

We headed out with Colt, Alex and Bryson for our workout.  They shot around while
I did chase down a few balls and heaved them to the basket in the worst form. 

“Matt, stop it before you embarrass us,” Kris said. “I get the point you suck at

“I thought I could start and improve like I did softball for next year’s team,” I
said but was really joking.

The four stood and looked at me.  “You did improve in softball.  First we need to
work on the gayest form I’ve ever seen,” Bryson said.

“Guys, I was just joking,” I laughed.  They started laughing with me and at me. 
Colt gave us a hearty laugh trying to mock my shot.  I did have to laugh to keep
from being humiliated by my futile attempts.  We did some cardio before calling
it a day. 

Heading out, Alex commented, “I’m really gonna miss this place.”

“You aren’t the only one,” Kris said.  “My parents will not be happy paying for a
gym membership this summer.”

“You’ll survive if you don’t find a gym,” I said.

We headed back to the room.  I finished my last paper in short time and read over
one Kris had prepared.  It took a while to correct his mistakes and not make it
sound like my writing since it was one for our history class.  I studied more in
advance of my finals while Kris kicked back and had a dip in his mouth to relax
and actually getting on Facebook.   Kris was doing the reporting on our various
friends and continually calling me over to see this picture and that picture. 
Finally, studying was useless with his new found amazement.

“Matt, we’ve done alright I’d say.  I mean did you see how many of our old
friends look like they surpassed the freshman fifteen,” Kris stated.

“We’ve done very well if you ask me.  We’ve found a whole new set of friends that
we like being around but I figure you could do that at a funeral.  Kris, thanks
for one hell of a year!”

“Ah Matt, I knew you had it in ya.  Ya just needed that push…”

“Like you needed a push to bring out your smarts,” I stated.

Kris laughed.  “That’s where you’re so fucking ace.  Say I’d roomed with anyone
else I’d be close to Jess’s spot.  I doubt I’d get that insane and desperate.”

“I do have another thing to thank you for…”


“My body.  This summer I’ll be proud to go shirtless whereas before I was just so
skinny.  I actually have a little meat on my bones…”

“And a cute little six pack too.  Yeah, we all can take pride in that and why I
keep going to the Rec Center like I do.  So don’t ask why I go again.  I use it
for stress relief.” 

“Keep telling yourself that,” I laughed.

“I do,” Kris laughed along with me.

I was in the room alone later and waited to see Corey.  He was a little later
than normal when he entered.  I smiled and greeted him with my normal kiss. 
Instantly I could sense Corey wasn’t in a jovial mood.  We sat on my bed and
caught up with the TV playing in the background.  I tried to get him in a better
mood but nothing worked. 

Corey stood, “Matt, I’ll just head off.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll be more playful.”

“Alright then.  See ya,” I said but did kiss him before he left. 

I was reading in bed when Kris came in the door.  He took off his things and
jumped into bed.  “I don’t know what you did to Corey…”

“I didn’t do a thing,” I stated and put my book aside.  “He came in and wasn’t in
the best mood.”

“Are you serious?  He came down to Colt’s and was the life of the room.”

“Really?” I asked.

“Yeah, I just knew you’d fucked him good or something.  He was laughing and
really enjoying it.  You’re serious? He was in a bad mood around you?”

“Yeah, I suppose he wanted away from me for a little time.”

“I won’t worry about it.  He’s like that sometimes when you two aren’t together,”
Kris said.

Wednesday, I waited and walked out of the dorm with Corey to head to our first
class together.  Corey was dressed rather nice for the day with a nice polo and
shorts.  His hair was spiked and looking great as usual.  “I heard you had a good
time down at Colt’s room after you left last night.”

“I did,” he stated. “Is that problem?”

“No but you were so moody around me…”

“Colt was in there cutting jokes about this and that and got me to laughing.  I
really was in a bad mood after I did my duty to see you.”

“Duty?” I looked at him.  “Corey, if you don’t feel like seeing me, then don’t
waste your time.  We really don’t have to see each other every day.”

“And if I don’t, you’ll be all over my ass,” he shot back.

“From now, just don’t stop by and go on.  I’ll live.”

“Just like you do every day.  You see them so much whereas I cherish the time
around them.”

“Okay,” I said as we entered the building.

After our class, we said goodbye to each other and separated.  I finished my
other classes and found something to eat with Kris, Colt and a friend from their
class.  Kris and I walked back to the dorm with Colt.  We sat around doing little
of nothing.  I looked over while playing on my computer to see Kris asleep in his
bed and Colt snoring away in mine. 

That night was about the same except Corey did come to the room to be a part of
us after getting off work.  We did sit together out of habit with very little
said between us.  He did sneak a kiss in before he left for the night.

Thursday, I didn’t get to see Corey since he was gone with the guys golfing
again.  I never mentioned to him about going to see my dad and didn’t want to
bother him with that. 

Arriving at our usual place, Dad quickly asked, “Where’s Corey?”

“He was busy plus this will be our last time together before the summer.  I
figured we’d make the most of it,” I said.

“Matt, is there a problem brewing?”

“I don’t think so.  We need a break from each other every now and then.”

“Yeah, you do,” Dad said. 

We sat at the table and had a really nice discussion.  Dad caught me up on what
he was doing which was trying to hold down his job along with finding a nice
place to live.  He mentioned he had seen his ex, Gloria, and was trying to make
amends if it was possible.  I gave him the low down on school and told him about
playing softball with the guys.  He laughed at that idea and remembered my
previous experience in Little League.  I laughed as well but said thanks to a
little good coaching I wasn’t exactly awful.

Ending our meal, we agreed to stay in touch over the summer and continue our
regular meetings in the fall.  He said he was disappointed a little in not being
able to meet all my new friends.   I said one day I’d bring them along so he
could get to know them.

Coming back, I noticed Corey wasn’t in the room with the rest.  I went down and
found him at his desk studying.  “Hey Matt, where have you been?”

“I went to eat with Dad,” I replied.

“That’s great.  Tomorrow night, you and I are heading out with the guys.  Is that
okay with you?”

“I guess.”

“Awesome.  Matt, I can see you’re pissed at me but don’t be.  I needed some time
with those guys before the summer got here.   We’ve made our plans to be together
so I figured I’d squeeze in a few moments with them.”

“I understand.  I do see them every day practically whereas you see them in small
doses when you’re not with me.”

“Matt, I love you way too much,” Corey said and kissed me.

“I love you too.  Do I need to go so you can finish?”

“I wish I could say no but I need to.  I wanna make you proud and do well this
semester.  So far, I’m doing alright with all A’s & B’s with one C in sociology
but I working on that to see if I can’t bring that up.”

I smiled, “Alright then I let you continue.”

“I’m serious.  I want you to be proud of me,” Corey said.  “This weekend we can
be together all we want.”

I headed off and found Kris watching TV with Colt, Alex and Brennan.  Once the
guys were gone, Kris and I had a brief talk before turning out the light.  I
rolled over with Kris already sleep.

The next thing I knew was Kris’s hand on my shoulder and the room lit brightly. 
He leaned over for a hot kiss.  I pulled him down and made out like crazy with
him.  Our hands were all over each other when the door opened.  Corey and Colt
walked in holding hands and jumped on Kris’s bed.  They got naked and started
making out.

“Kris is a great lover,” Colt said.  “Better than any girl I’ve ever had.”

“Corey is a hot fuck.  Colt, fuck him good while I fuck Kris.”

“I hope he does,” Corey said.

I felt Kris now between my legs and licking my cock.  I looked down and swore my
cock was a foot long.  Kris opened his mouth and licked the head of my cock. 

“Matt, your cock is the best,” Kris stated.  I pulled him for a kiss and saw
Corey sucking Colt’s cock.  Corey smiled at me with his mouth filled.  Kris moved
back down and sucked my cock down to the base.  I moaned and pushed down on his
head to see Colt doing the same thing to Corey.  I looked around and saw Brennan,
Bryson, Garrett and Scott standing at the foot of our bed naked and watching.

“Kris, what are they doing here?” I asked.

Kris stopped. “I told them to come watch the best sex ever.”

“Okay then,” I said. “I’ll give them a great show.”  I moved down and felt Kris’s
short cock in my mouth.  It really seemed very short and easy to take in my
mouth.  I glanced over to see Colt sucking Corey’s cock.  Corey’s thick cock was
stretching Colt’s mouth.  I moved up and down on Kris’s cock until he pulled me

“Matt I want your foot long dick in me.”

“Okay but I have to eat your ass out first.”

Kris got on his knees with his shirt and socks still on.  He stuck out his
muscular ass.  I looked down and swore his ass looked like a pussy.  I stuck out
my tongue and started licking his ass lips.  Kris was moaning and groaning. 

“Matt, I have to tape this and show it Mom and Dad.”

“Okay,” I said.

Kris turned his head, “Scott, are you getting this?”

“Every second of it,” Scott said.

“It’ll be so hot.  I’ll wanna show it to everyone,” I said.  I moved back down
and kept licking his hot pussy like ass. 

“Matt, I’m ready,” Kris said.

“I’m so ready for this, Kris.  Every time I fuck Corey I wish it was you,” I

“That’s awesome Matt,” Corey said.  “This summer we can fuck each other all the

“You beat we can,” I said.  Brennan or someone handed me some lube.  I applied it
on and got behind Kris.  I stuck my cock all the way in.

WHAM! I woke up and sit straight up in bed in a sweat.  I looked around the room
and saw it was dark with Kris on his side with very little cover.  I reached down
and felt my cock hard and dripping only to realize I was dreaming or worse having
a nightmare.  I looked to see it 3:45 in the morning and did my business with the
dream fresh in my head. I shot the biggest load ever with the dream fresh in my
mind.  It covered my stomach with a nice shot up to my chin.  I wiped off the
sticky mess and easily rolled over to go back to sleep knowing it was only a
dream or a strange fantasy.


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