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I hurried up and entered Scott’s room.  There I found him with Hayden resting his
head on Scott’s bare shoulder and sniffling.

“Well… Hayden came out and the results were exactly what he said they’d be.  His
rents fucking blew a gasket on his ass.  Show em, Hayden,” Scott said while holding
and comforting the obviously distraught Hayden.

Hayden moved a little and removed his shirt.  There was a nice whelp on his back
along with a huge scratch.  “I don’t care what you did or said but that wasn’t right
at all.”

“His dad hit him across the back with his belt,” Scott stated in an angry tone. 
“Fucking lucky it wasn’t me or else I’d reacted on his ass in a heartbeat.”

“I… I don’t know… know what to do now,” Hayden said.

“His parents said he’s not welcome until he retracts his statement,” Scott stated. 
“Man, he was hysterical when he came over this afternoon.  Just now are things a
little under control.”

“I can see the part about being upset but they went way too far,” Corey stated. 
“Mom was very upset but she didn’t act out on me.”

We gathered around Hayden and gave all the support we could.  Kris came down and
knew something was up.  Scott filled him in on the situation.  “Hayden, saying I’m
sorry doesn’t help much but I hate to see anyone treated like that,” Kris said. “It
does suck that they can’t just say how disappointed they are but to act out with
such violence…”

“In my book, it is abuse,” Scott said.  “Hayden, I’ll be here for ya.  You are so
brave and knew the consequences.”

“Yeah but not this shit.  Getting hit with a belt and slapped across the face…”
Hayden stated.  “They did get to hear me cuss them out and tell them what I really
thought of them.  I have no respect whatsoever for them right now.  Now I have to
figure out what to do for the rest of my life.”

“Dude, if it is any help, you’re welcome to come home with me for the summer. 
Together we’ll work something out,” Scott said.

“I suppose I can be like Juan and get a job to support myself since that is now
gone,” Hayden said and started crying again.  We were there for Hayden when Juan
came in the door.  It was the first time I’d seen him around since Scott stated he’d
been staying with a girl. 

“Hayden, if it helps, you stay here with Scott.  I really came to grab some more
clothes,” Juan said.  “Guys, I guess you know by now but I doubt you’ll see me much
from here on out.”

Kris patted Juan on the shoulder, “We understand.  We’ll miss you, Juan.”

“Working all the time sucks but it has to be done.  I will make something out of
myself and make my grandmother so proud.  I’m determined to be the first in my
family with a college degree if it kills me,” Juan said. 

Juan stuck around as long as he could.   We did get to say goodbye and hoped we’d
see him around campus.  We thanked him for all the good times in the past.  Now
there were two gone from our original crew.  Juan was easy to understand while
Jess’s departure caught us off guard.  With Juan gone, we headed out to eat and
grabbed Colt, Bryson and Alex to join us.  With Hayden’s situation hanging over us,
our meal was rather subdued by our standards.  No one got loud or crude while we

Heading back Hayden said he needed to study and hoped he could.  He thought maybe
looking at his books would help him get his mind clear.  Scott didn’t want him to go
and begged him to just grab his books and return.  Hayden knew if he did that
nothing would get accomplished. 

Entering our room, Scott broke down and started to cry.  We gathered around him and
tried to console him.  “It’s my fucking fault!  I… I begged him to come out!”

“Scott, it is not your fault that he was abused.  His parents are fucking whacked!”
Kris said.  “I know you hurt because Hayden hurts but don’t blame yourself.  The
blame lies completely with his parents.”

“Damn right it does,” Colt said.  “I get the disappointed and mad part but to take a
fucking belt!”

“If I… I knew where he lived, I’d fucking kill his parents!” Scott screamed.  “It
ain’t right!”

“It’s a crying shame that parents can deal with kids out of wedlock but not when one
says he’s gay!” Alex said.  “Didn’t they have a clue or what?”

“You’d think they would,” Colt said.

“So Bryson, how was Garrett this weekend after we left?” I asked Bryson to change
the subject.

“He was Garrett as usual,” Bryson replied.

“He’s still pretty quiet, huh?,” Corey stated.

“I’m not so sure about Jordan though.  I don’t know what it is about the dude,”
Bryson said.

“He’s not good enough huh for your buddy?” Colt joked.

“He seems rather odd but if Garrett likes him, what can I really do?” Bryson stated.

“All I say is he must be a fucking size queen,” Alex joked. “Matt, did you fuck the
shit out of Corey all weekend?”

Well yeah… did you fuck Elise?” I replied back.

“I’m proud to say I fucked Elise this weekend…goddamn she has the nice pussy ever,”
Alex said.  “Kris, did you get more of Liz?”

“Ummm… no but I did before the weekend.  She had shit to do all weekend,” Kris

We broke up the session about eleven, so Kris and I could do a little studying
before classes on Monday.  At one, we turned out the lights and jumped in our beds
for our nightly talk.

“I just hate it for Hayden.  Just imagine how he feels right now.”

“I know.  I hate it even more for him.  It takes guts to admit you’re gay but then
get abused,” I said.

“Every parent does handle it differently.  I’ve now seen from one end to the other,”
Kris said.

We continued to talk until my eyes could barely stay open.  I wanted to get around
to Kris’s ordeal with Colt but was too tired to delve into that.

Waking on Monday, I didn’t feel like shaving and enjoyed the scruff that had grown
on my face.  Upon meeting Corey for our first class, not shaving was the first thing
he noticed.  We walked to our class and were still bummed about Hayden.  My next
class Biology was with Scott and Michael.  Scott was really down and out though he
had seen Hayden after we split up.  We did catch up on Michael’s life though it was
the same.

“Dude, I admire you.  Six months of nothing and you’re still hanging with Brittany,”
Scott stated.

“I could be worse.  I could be alone,” Michael said. “There will be a day.”

Scott did smile, “Lord what an explosion that will be.”

“I hope,” Michael said. 

I continued about my day and easily saw my classes were beginning to wind up.  I had
one paper left before the onslaught of finals.  My grades were very good to my
satisfaction.   It was nice to see Shawn in the class we shared and even better when
the professor praised us for our project. 

Once my day was finished after my lab, I was exhausted.  Kris was in the room and
half asleep when I arrived.  We discussed our day and talked about our last week of
softball games.  Talking with Kris it was easy to see something wasn’t exactly right
with him.  He lacked the enthusiasm in his voice and action.  If anything, he seemed

“Kris, is something bothering you?”

“I’m fucking fine!” he said in a defensive tone.

“I don’t think so…”

“Just fuck off Matt.  I said I was fine!”  Kris said.  We sat in silence for a
minute or so before he left and slammed the door on his way out with his phone in
his hand.  It was obvious he wasn’t fine but I stayed put for the time being.  

I was on the phone when Kris came back in the room.  His eyes were puffy and red.  I
quickly ended my conversation with Mom and went over to his bed.  “Tell me Kris. 
Are you struggling this badly with your sexuality?”

“No!! I'm fucking not!  I said just fuck off!”

“Nope. Not until you tell me what’s wrong. Is it Liz?”

“NO!!!” Kris got up and left, I followed him all the way to his car and stopped him
from entering.

“You tell me what is wrong right now!!”

Kris looked at me with his blue eyes.  “Today’s Nathan’s birthday.”

I had to think one second before it hit who Nathan was.  It was his deceased
brother.  Once I knew who it was, I reached over and grabbed him. 

“Matt, after all these years, it’s still so damn hard…”

“It’s okay, Kris.  I know how close you two were.”

“Every year I get this way.   I always distracted myself from thinking about this.
You saw how hard it was to say goodbye to him last year. It was nice of you coming
to grave.  Do you know how hard it was?”

“No, I don’t,” I said.

“The worst feeling in the world.  He should have a great job and graduated by now
and not gone from me…” his voice trailed off. “I really miss him so much.”

“Hopefully our friendship has helped a little,” I stated.

“It’s helped more than you will ever know.  Just another reason why I’m sticking
with you whether you like or not.”

I smiled and kissed his cheek. “I love it, Kris and wouldn’t have it any other way. 
I think I know someone that needs to hit a few balls out of the park tonight.”

“I’d be happy with one and end the season on high note.  It hasn’t been near as much
fun as basketball but we were winning then.  Losing sucks ass.”

“I agree but I’ve enjoyed being part of the team for the first time.  I’m really
glad you pushed me to do it.  I know I’m not very good…”

“But you are improving.  Now you know when to run and when to stay put,” Kris
smiled.   “Matt, excuse me a few minutes.  I need to call home.  I know Mom is
having a rough day as well.”

I left the room and wondered down the hall.   Colt was in Scott’s room with Hayden. 
I stopped to see how Hayden was doing.  After sleeping on it, he was putting the
pieces together and said he’d make it thanks to all the support he had received. 
Continuing down the hall, I passed Garrett.  He asked how my weekend was before I
moved along.   After knocking on Corey’s door, I entered upon hearing his voice.  He
was at his desk and studying.   Once I was there, he said he needed a break. 
Feeling his soft lips on mine felt like heaven plus all the eye candy he gave when
he went shirtless.

“Matt, you have to shave.  The stubble tickles,” Corey commented.

“I rather like the new look.  If I could keep it exactly like this, I might do it,”
I stated.

“If you like, then go for it.  I’ll get used to it,” Corey said, holding me. 
“Seeing how Hayden was treated makes me think I was lucky.  Sure Mom denied it but
you know since our little visit she’s been really great.   She sent me a hundred
bucks last week once I told her I was down to three days.  So how’s your dad?”

“We’ve talked.  Hopefully I’ll see him one last time before the summer…”

“Matt, what are we going to do?”

“For summer?” I asked.  We moved to sit on his unmade bed. 

Corey put his arm around me.  “I’ll be so miserable without at least seeing you
every day and knowing you’ll be three hours away.”

“I will be too.  It will make the time we do see each other that much better.”

“It has hit me that the year is about over.  We really need to have a plan in

I kissed him, “Corey, we’ll work something out.  Our cars will really get some miles
on them…”

“Ain’t the truth.  I will want to see you every weekend.”

“I will too but it is reasonable…”

“Damn right it is.  I’ll do whatever I have to do to see you every weekend.  Matt, I
love you so much and can’t think about not seeing you at least once a week.”

In thought, I spoke.  “If nothing else, every other weekend is not unreasonable in
my mind.  I know I’d love to see you every weekend but I’m not sure we can manage to
do it.   I’m pretty sure Mom won’t mind you staying with me like you did over

“I wish I had the funds where we could get a place to stay together for the summer. 
How great would that be?”

“It would be great but we’re dreaming.”

“One day, we’ll stop dreaming and do it.  You and I will be together forever.”

“Yes we will,” I said.   With that, a really great make out session began.  We ended
it when Michael entered the room. 

Back in the room while preparing for our game, I noticed Kris had taken a Sharpie
and put an ‘N’ on his forearm.  He told me about his conversation with his mom and
dad.  He said he shed a few tears but it was nice having them recall all the good
thing about his brother. 

Heading to the game, it was obvious Kris was a little more intense than usual for a
meaningless game.  As far as I knew, he and I were the only two that knew about his
brother.   In the first inning, Kris had that look on his face in the batter box. 
He swung as hard as he could and sent a ball over the outfielder’s head to score
Bryson.  I could see he was pleased but wanted it over the fence.   I did get to bat
and drove in Corey with a weak hit over the second baseman’s head.

Kris next time to bat came in the third inning with us up big.  He gave me a big
smile and wink before stepping in.  He let the first pitch go since it was in the
dirt.  The next pitch Kris put his muscle into the swing and hit one as far as I had
ever seen.  Once he hit, he pointed straight up to the heavens. 

“Cocky little bitch,” Alex stated.  I kept my mouth closed and ran out to greet him. 
While heading back to the dugout, the taunts were on about his pointing upward. 
Kris kept his cool and said it was a natural reaction but I knew the meaning. 

My next at-bat was a weak fly ball to the outfield and my last at bat with Justin
taking my spot at my insistance.  I wanted to cheer on the team and greeted Kris
with a pat on the back after each inning.   Kris next time, he nearly took off the
third baseman’s head with a line drive that ended up being a double with Kris’s nice
speed and intensity. 

The game was really a blowout even though the team we were playing wasn’t that bad. 
We had nothing to lose and went out and played a great game.  I met Kris walking off
the field.  He put his sweaty arm around me.  “I did it, Matt.”

“You sure did, Kris,” I said.

“Kris, what you did, keep it up,” Corey said right behind us.

“Corey, are jealous now?  Look at Kris all hugged up on Matt,” Bryson said.

“Nah but I might be if they kiss,” Corey joked.

Hayden ran up and gave Scott a big kiss and hug after the game.  The other team
wasn’t watching or else we would have caught a little hell I’m sure of it.  No one
said a thing and now understood what was going on between Scott and Hayden.  We
headed back to the dorm in a great mood.  

Kris showered and was his usual self after the game.  Most of the guys gathered in
the room as usual. 

“Hey Kris, what was with the ‘N’ on your forearm today?” Colt asked.

“Yeah!  Whatever it was it was just the right thing,” Bryson said.

Kris looked at me.  “The ‘N’ is for Nathan…”

“Who’s Nathan?” Colt asked. 

“My brother,” Kris said with emotions.  “Today would have been his 25th birthday. 
He was killed when I was in junior high school…”

“Damn Colt, see what you get for asking,” Brennan said. “It’s personal.”

“It’s cool,” Kris said. “I’ve been emotional today but tonight sure helped.  I
knocked the fucking piss out that ball, huh?”

“Fuck yeah you did,” Colt said. “I don’t think that bitch has landed yet.  You put
Garrett’s three home runs to shame.  You should have been doing all year.”

“I know but look at you,” Kris said.  Kris spoke a little about his brother.  None
of us had to experience losing a brother like Kris had.  They understood why Kris
hadn’t spoken of him plus Kris said no one really had ever asked.  We talked about
the game before ending the night reminiscing about the crazy year we had.  To the
end the night on a high note, we talked about getting together somewhere for one

“All I know is it better not be like our spring break trip,” Bryson stated.

“Why?” Colt asked.

“We did shit we shouldn’t have,” Bryson replied. 

“I loved it,” Brennan joked.

“Your ass is still in spring break mode,” Scott said.

“Oh well,” Brennan laughed.  “Seriously, we do need to get together and get so drunk
it is unreal.”

“I plan on doing that before summer,” Colt joked.  “If nothing else, everyone can
bring their shit to my house and camp out this summer.  My parents I don’t think
would care as long as we don’t drive around drunk.”

“We’ll figure something out,” Kris said. “Now I don’t know about ya’ll but my ass
needs to study just a little bit.”

“There’s a first,” Scott joked.  They laughed but they did get the message. 

After our study time of over an hour, Kris and I hit the bed as usual. 

“What a fucking day, huh?” Kris said on his elbow with the sheet covering his

“I’ll say.  From the bottom to the top.”

“You don’t know how good that home run felt.  I just missed the first one but boy
did I ever get in that second one.  I knew the second it left the bat that bitch
wasn’t coming down,” Kris said.  “Nathan would have been so proud.”

“I’m sure he would have,” I said.

“Now I need to get my head cleared a little bit...  It sucks with all the sexual
shit flying around.  I need to decide for good whether I’m straight or bi.”

“Kris, they say college is a time for experimenting with life.  You’re getting a
taste of my side…”

“I know and I sort of like it too but that being said there’s no way in hell I could
ever approach a dude I didn’t know and have sex with him.  There’s something about
friends.  Colt and I have that comfort level going, you know, like you and Corey. 
You know each other so well except that you’re in love where mine is purely sexual
to get off.”

“I wouldn’t worry myself sick about it.  If you like it, then do it…”

“And put up with the shit too.”

“That sometimes comes with being so open with everything.  You might wanna learn to
keep quiet about some things in life.”

“Good point, Matt,” Kris stated.  “You know I’m thinking of maybe running home this
weekend unless something comes up here.  It could clear my head a little more.”

“Great idea.  I might ask Corey to go with me.  We need to get a few things
straightened out before the summer…”

“Like what?”

“Like him coming for weekends.  I don’t any surprises for us,” I replied.

“Yeah.  Wouldn’t it suck if she said you couldn’t?”

“That’s exactly what I’m talking about.”

“Is Corey going to make this summer without you, Matt?”

“I hope I make without him.  Imagine seeing someone every day you love then not
seeing them at all but there is the phone…”

“And video on the web,” Kris laughed.  “I can see it now, you two having pure video

“My hand will get to know me better this summer.”

“I hope things will be normal back home.  I see no reason why they shouldn’t.  I can
just say this was a year I explored the other side.”

We talked a little more before calling it a night.

The next day, Tuesday, I started off and was glad to see Hayden.  He said each day
was getting easier thanks to his support group.  He said he had seen a counselor on
campus to help him out as well.   Next was my class with Kris and Scott.  Kris
floored me when he walked in the room with just a tank top and shorts.  The tank top
showed his great body and the effects of all his hard work. 

“What are you looking at?” Kris asked Scott.

“I’m shocked what you’re wearing.  It’s not that is so bad but you never have worn

“I felt like wearing one.  I got a few looks along the way,” Kris laughed.  “I may
sport one every day from here on out.”

“Until someone calls you a fag,” Scott stated.

“Then I’m ripping this motherfucker off,” Kris laughed.

While waiting in my dorm after my classes, I wanted to see if Kris still had on his
tank top.  It wasn’t that it looked that bad on him but it really wasn’t Kris’s
style to flaunt his sculpted body.  The door opened with Kris and Colt coming in the
room.  His tank top was still intact.

“Matt, I’m wearing this more often,” Kris joked.  “I got so many looks it wasn’t
even funny and from the right sex I might add.”

“You did have a killer body but it’s just not you,” I stated.

“That’s what I said,” Colt said.

“I felt like it today so I did it.  Now I’m pumped to hit the Rec Center,” Kris
said.  “Who’s with me?”

With little else to do, I agreed as did Colt.  Kris found a few others that didn’t
have anything really better to do.  The best part about going was the instruction
Ferdie gave me about working my abs.  It was hard and painful but if the results
were half as good as his I’d be happy.  It’s not that my abs didn’t show but they
could stand to use a little improvement. 

That night was the regular session with the regular guys until my classmate and new
friend Shawn came down out of what he said was sheer boredom.  The talk centered
around our plans for the summer.  Most if not all wanted to find a job but make the
most of it.  Finding a nice job was at the top of my list for sure as was it for
Kris.  My goal was to ease the burden on Mom so I could enjoy my time without asking
and begging for money to have a little fun every now and then.  It wasn’t that I had
been a spend thrift but there were times going shopping would have been fun.  

With around two weeks of classes remaining followed by finals, we could sense for
real that end of our freshman year was fast approaching.  The next day was a blur
even though nothing really occurred.  Thursday meant our last softball game of the
year.  Our goal was to end it on a high note.

Batting first, it was easy to see now Kris swinging as hard as he could to hit
another big home run.  His first swing amounted to one very high fly ball in the
middle of the infield.   We could see and hear him cursing all the way in the
dugout.  My first at bat was a good one with a line drive to center for a hit.

By the third inning, we down by three runs thanks to some sloppy play.  Bryson got
us started off right with a nice hit.  Scott followed up with another one to bring
up Kris.  The first pitch he crushed the ball but it was foul and way out of play. 
The next pitch he sent the opposite way and scored Bryson.  Garrett followed with
hit to score Scott.   Alex hit a line drive that pitcher luckily caught.  Corey was
next.  The second pitch he sent one deep into the trees for his first home run.  I
don’t whether I was more excited or Corey.  Why did we finally have to figure this
game out at the end?

Heading into our last inning, the game was tied.  It was just my luck to come up
with two outs with Corey and Justin on base.  I swung and missed the first pitch to
my embarrassment.  The next one was so perfect.  It rocketed off my bat and went
between the outfielders.  I was shocked but ran as hard as I could until Kris
stopped me at third.  I looked over and saw our dugout excited. 

We took the field with high hopes.  The first two got on and had me nervous.  The
next two hit weak fly balls, one that Corey caught.  Then there was a hit.  The next
thing I knew the ball was heading my direction.  I stuck out my glove and somehow
caught the ball.  I reached over and tagged the runner before he touched.  Thus the
game ended as well as our season.  It felt good to contribute and do something I
never thought was possible.   All the guys came over, started hitting me on the back
and telling me how proud they were of me.   A big smile was plastered on my face
while I still couldn’t believe I had caught the ball let alone tagged the guy out to
end the game.   

After the game, it was a lot of fun to shower and know I was really a part of the
team.  A few made a point to tell me how much I had improved from day one.  The sad
part was I couldn’t have gotten any worse.  Once in our room, I approached Corey and
asked how he felt about going home with me for the weekend.  He smiled and said it
would be great.  He explained this was another reason he loved his weekends off
though I would have to wait on him before we left.

Knowing Kris was down the hall and probably visiting, I locked the door.  Walking
back, I had a mischievous smile on my face as I approached Corey.  I reached and
pulled down his shorts.  Lying flaccid and looking hot as hell was his thick cock
under his pubes.  Cupping his nice balls, my tongue circled the mushroom head while
it started to rise.  My mouth took his cock.  He grew hard as a rock.

OOO Matt,” he moaned. “What’s this for?”

I stopped, “I love you and love sucking your dick.”


I went back down on his cock.  It felt so great in my mouth and loved how it filled
my mouth.  My mouth and tongue worked over his throbbing member while he leaned back
and enjoyed this.  His hand was on my head but not forcing me.  The smell of his
soap filled my nostrils when his cock went in my throat.  My mouth slid off and
vigorously sucked him.  I knew he was getting close with his breathing becoming

“I’m cumming,” he managed to say.

I pulled off and extended my tongue while stroking his pulsating cock.  I felt the
first blast hit my tongue followed by one hitting my closed eyes. The next one or
two hit my cheek.  Fuck yeah, Corey had given me a cum facial.

“I fucking love you,” he said and grabbed me.  He got a small taste of his cum that
was lingering in my mouth.  We were kissing when I heard Kris trying to get back in
the room.  I yelled and gave us time to get decent.

Kris walked in and was looking at us.  “Were ya fucking?”

“Nope,” I said.

“Matt sucked my dick though,” Corey said. “Felt so fucking good!”

Kris pulled out his cock.  “I’m next.”

“I don’t think so,” I said.  “I’ll leave that to Colt.”

“He can suck a mean dick now but you were better,” Kris said with a big smile.  He
put his cock back in his shorts.


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