Posted:   June 8, 2011

Waking up on Friday, I was alone in Corey’s room.  We decided against going out
with the crew instead enjoying our time in his room with his roommate Michael gone
for the three day holiday.  Instead, Corey and I enjoyed a nice night of sex. 
There was nothing better than having his thick cock stretch my ass and fuck me. I
showered with the feeling of Corey’s thick cock making my ass sore.  At the end, I
hear the distinct sounds of sexual moaning next to me.  Drying off, I saw Alex and
his girl Elise step out of the shower.  No doubt, they had just enjoyed a nice

It’s just Matt,” Alex said relieved with water dripping from his body.

“Yeah, only me,” I said.  “How’d it go last night?”

“Oh you know.  Colt got so damn drunk and was barfing.  He was the only one but man
did we ever tie one on,” he replied drying off as Elise was doing the same.

I smiled and let them continue.  I said goodbye and exited out of the shower.   

My day was filled with running to the store to stock up on what I thought the four
of us, Corey, Garrett, Garrett’s boyfriend Jordan and I, would eat along with a few
other things I needed while I was there.  Entering the room after my shopping, Kris
was in bed and watching TV.  I proceeded to get every detail of their night out and
how he was nursing a nasty hang over. 

“Oh yeah, one little other thing Matt, Bryson knows now that Garrett has a
boyfriend,” Kris stated.

“Thanks a lot for opening your mouth,” I said.

“Come on!  You know Bryson said he didn’t give a shit either and just wants Garrett
to be happy.  He suspected something was up anyway and wondered who was going with
you and Corey this weekend.”

“I just hope Garrett’s not pissed at me now…”

“If he is, then blame me.”

“I will, trust me.  Kris, are you having any second thoughts about backing out?”

“Nah, I have a full weekend lined up as it is.  You gay guys can go have a good
time.  Be sure and fill me in on the big gang bang though,” Kris snickered.

“You know I love to tell every detail of my sex life,” I joked.

“So how many times did you and Corey fuck last night?”

“I’ll never tell,” I said with a wicked smile.

I did run into Colt later that afternoon and saw what bad shape he was in.  Despite
his shape, he was roaring and ready for another round or two to make it a full
weekend instead of going home like he said.  I’m sure Kris had a little to do with
that as well.  Surprisingly, there were actually more that stayed than went home. 
I assumed a majority of the guys would use the three day weekend as one last time
to go home.  By the way things were looking; going home might be a tough
proposition for me.  If I didn’t make it, Mom would have me from May to August.

Corey came to the room about four thirty.  “What a waste!” he exclaimed. “You talk
about boring as hell today.  There was no one at the Rec Center today.  All I did
was draw a pay check.”

We went down the hall to Garrett’s room to see if he and Jordan were ready to go. 
He was in the room with Bryson and Jordan.  

“Thanks Matt for breaking the ice for me,” Garrett said.

“I’m sorry…”

“No, it is cool now but… we’ve decided to hang around here for the weekend on
second thought,” Garrett said. “We decided it was best if we stayed here plus
Jordan has a big paper due.”

“That’s fine,” Corey said but I knew he was excited deep down inside.  I didn’t
mind one way or the other.

“You two go have a good time,” Bryson said from his bed.  “Corey, video it if you
see any snakes or coyotes.  I wanna see the expression on Matt’s face.”

“Matt, hell!  You’ll get a bigger kick out of me,” Corey laughed.

“Sorry, guys,” Garrett said one last time.

“No problem at all.  We totally understand,” Corey said and threw his arm around
me.  “We’ll have a great time.”

We headed back to Corey’s room.  Corey threw me on the bed for a very passionate
kiss.  “We’ll have such a great time.  Do ya think there’s any chance of Kris…”

“Let’s just go and forget them for one weekend,” I said, covering his mouth.

Corey smiled, “Yeah, you’re so right. I know we’ll have a blast!”

We gathered our things up and headed out to Corey’s car.  As luck would have it, we
ran into Kris, Colt and Ferdie in the parking lot.  Kris asked where Garrett was so
we told him.  He laughed and told us to have a good time. 

After the hour drive, we arrived at the park where we had been for the day earlier
in the year.  We paid our fees and were directed to the tent campsites at the
northern end of the park.  Corey said we’d be roughing to the fullest and getting
the full camping experience.  I was excited and ready to see what that meant.

We parked to see only two vehicles in the lot.  Little did I know we’d have to
carry and hike our way into the camping area.  A little ways in we found a spot. 
Finding one wasn’t hard since there weren’t many campers there.  We put a tag on
the spot, dumped our first load and returned to get more.  We giggled like two kids
once we realized how far we’d choose but wanted the privacy.   After we finished
bringing our things, the adventure began with Corey trying to remember how to set
up his tent.  It took some doing and ingenuity to get the tent set up but we had it
up all in one piece.   The tent was about 8x8 and looked small.  

Corey opened the flap and gestured for me to enter.  I did so and covered my nose
with the musky smell.

“Sorry but that happens,” Corey said.

“I’ll survive and have smelt worse,” I said, harkening back to days when I first
entered Kris’s nasty room.

We threw down our sleeping bags with a little pad underneath for support and
comfort.  We put our bags inside along with removing our shirts since we were both
hot and sweaty. 

“Now what?” I asked, back outside.

“Just relax and enjoy everything here.  I figure tomorrow we’ll hike around for a
while and see all there is here,” Corey said. “All I know right now, I’m hungry as

I smiled, “Me too.  Hope you like sandwiches.”

“I grew up on them.  It too is part of the camping experience,” Corey said.

We had our sandwiches with chips along with some water.  After we finished, we
walked down the trails a little further and found a great spot to watch the sunset. 
It was an adventure returning and finding our spot but we did just before it was
dark.  Before Corey found a lantern and flashlight, it was so dark I couldn’t see
my hand in front of my face.  Once the lantern was on, it offered the perfect glow
to a very romantic setting.   We sat on a tarp in each other’s arms.

“I think I see now why some many babies are conceived on camping trips,” I stated.

“You think?  This is romantic as fuck!”

“You sounded just like Kris then,” I laughed.

“I did, didn’t I?  Man, how lucky was I this year?  Here I almost didn’t come to
college but I knew I needed to advance in life,” Corey said.  “I’m not like you.  I
bet you’ve had college planned forever.”

“I have but Kris is the reason I’m here.  Fate really has brought us together.”

“It sure has and I’m very grateful for it, too.  I’m happy than I’ve ever been in
life.  I’m loved and cared for by one helluva guy.  I fucked up royally and still
have him with me…”

“Corey, we all make mistakes.  You learned a lesson and haven’t repeated it…”

“Nor will I ever fuck around on you again.  How stupid was that in the first place? 
Here I was starting something special but temptation got me.”

We sat under the half moon and few stars.  We did lots of kissing and petting along
with more talking about our life and things that evolved around it. 

After a little break with his lantern offering a nice glow, he asked,“Do you ever
feel guilty that we are sexual?”

“No never.  I feel as though it is another way of showing our deep love that we
have to each other.  I’ll be the first to admit I’m glad we’re sexual but not
overly sexual.  It makes the moment that much more special.”

“Next semester, do you think we’ll fuck every night?  If we do that is okay with
me,” Corey said.

“I don’t know.  If we did, it would start to feel like a duty and obligation.  Say
we started out fucking every night then one of us didn’t feel like it then we’d
start to wonder if something wasn’t up,” I replied.

“We’ll work something out.  You know next semester sort of officially makes us
partners and living together but I’m so ready for that.”

“I am too,” I said.

Corey looked at me and kissed me again.  He broke our long kiss.  “Matt, fuck me
out here.  I’ve always dreamed of us fucking in the outdoors.”

“I have too.  It’ll be so fucking hot!” I said.

In very short order, we lost our clothes and were naked in the outdoors with sex on
our mind.  I kissed down his blistering hot body to find his thick cock that had
fucked my ass so good the night before.  My tongue worked it over while he leaned
back on his palms, thus making his arms show every ripped muscle.  My hands moved
over his steely abs while I suckled each ball.  My mouth barely covered the head to
taste a drop of sweetness.  After moving for a kiss, I inhaled his thick cock.  He
placed his hand on my head while I loved his cock deep in my mouth.  Working it the
best I could, he was moaning with loud breathing.  He grabbed under my arms and
pulled me up.

“You’re so awesome,” he said before covering my mouth.  Our hard cocks rubbed
together while we kissed.  He broke the kiss and ventured down my body.  After
licking and mouthing my cock, he opened and took it in.

MMMM Corey,” I moaned and looked up to see the sky above.

He kissed my abs and returned my long cock to his mouth.  I continued to enjoy the
wondrous feeling.  His mouth and tongue worked every bit he could before pulling
off.  He didn’t go for a kiss but lie back with his legs spread, “Fuck me now,

With the tarp under us and grabbing some lube, my hard cock slid into his ass.  Our
eyes connected at the initial penetration.  “OOO Corey!” I screamed. “Your ass is
so fucking hot!”

“Make me feel that big fucking dick!  I want fucked!” Corey said.

Sliding deeper into him with one brief interruption we began fucking.  Our moans
were loud with our breathing labored.  His hands were on my ass and pulling me
deeper.  He began pushing back and yelping in great pleasure.

“Oh fuck yeah,” I screamed.

He continued to use his ass and began squeezing it around my hard cock.  I managed
to pull out and slammed back inside.  “OOOO yes!” he screamed.

Out again and deeper.  “Oh fuck yeah!” he screamed. 

I stayed inside and pounded my cock with the sound of our skin slapping together. 
We changed position with Corey on his knees.  I grabbed his hips and proceeded to
slam his ass with my hard cock.  Now, sweat was dripping from my face and down my
chest.  The sounds of our sex could have been heard by anyone close.  We didn’t
care and continued to fuck like animals. 

I reached under and grabbed his hard cock.  Only a few pumps was needed to send
Corey groaning in ecstasy with the release of his load.  Recovered, he turned his
head, “Bred my fucking ass with your hot load.  I want it!”

My tempo increased to a fever pitch.  I grunted hard and pushed hard into him.  My
cock released and spewed into his wanting ass.  Fuck, it felt so great!  I
collapsed on his back and turned his head for a kiss while still deep in his fucked

“Goddamn did that feel fucking great!” he said.

“Fuck yeah, it did,” I said. “The next round, I’m using my cum as lube.”

OOO yes, please fuck me again and again,” he said.

As usual for me, my eyes were first to open.  I looked over to see my dear lover
sleeping so peacefully and looking incredibly hot in doing so.  There was no doubt
about our love and sex drive after the previous night.  Both were healthy and
strong after first having sex outdoors and moving it in the tent to complete what
Corey said was another huge fantasy of his.

As quietly as possible, I moved out of the tent into the nice mid morning air.  It
was so peaceful and quiet in this park and campsite.  I was beginning to see the
allure of camping and returning to nature as well as being disconnected from my
electronic world.  I was so content to sit and soak up everything while listening
to all the various sounds of nature around me.

Corey made his first appearance I guess an hour later while I was lost in my world. 
His strong arms were around me.  “My fucking hot boyfriend is the best lover ever,”
he whispered in my ear.

“You make it so easy for me.  There’s nothing better than making love to the
hottest guy I know,” I said quietly.  We kissed with Corey running his hands all
over my torso.  We sat together with Corey’s hands down the front of my shorts. 

“What are you thinking about, Matt?”

“Just how great everything is here.  I actually don’t miss our friends a single
bite right now with you holding me so close and after our night together.  I love
it here and hope we can return one day for more.”

“I was hoping you’d see how nice this was.  It is very rustic without any real
conveniences we love.  It is nice to disconnect from the world and connect with
someone you truly and dearly love,” Corey stated.

“So are we ready to head out and see what else is out here?” I asked.

“Let’s enjoy this while we can and get something to eat.   Then we can explore
every inch of this wonderful place,” Corey replied.

We found something to eat among all the stuff I had bought.  We sat around until I
began getting antsy and ready to explore.

“Just cool your heels.  We’ve got all day and part of tomorrow to hike.  Don’t you
wanna just sit here and soak all this in?” Corey asked.

“I guess,” I said and sat with him.  Finally, my ass was tired and need to move
around a little.  I was pacing around and looking out when I heard a noise like
someone was invading our space.  I looked up to see Kris and Colt walking with
their arms filled. 

“We made it,” Kris announced.

“Yeah, no shit,” I said and turned directly to look at Corey. “What do you know
about this?”

Well… Kris sent me a text and wanted to know where we were to surprise you,” Corey

“Yeah, we were fucking bored,” Colt stated.  “We had to come see how you were
making it.”

“Actually very well,” I said.

Kris slung his arm around me, “You know you love us and missed us.  We promise not
interfere with you and Corey.  Besides we come bearing gifts.”

I looked to see Colt holding some Vodka.  If nothing else, Corey and I wouldn’t get
tired of each other.  Shortly, Colt had his small tent up and we were ready to

We headed out and started to hike along the trails near our campsite.  I was amazed
at how interested Colt and Kris were in the scenery.   When a deer popped out in
front of us, Colt became very excited while I was shaken by the unexpected.

We came to an overlook and took a rest.  Colt and Kris had their lips packed full
and spitting left and right. 

“This is awesome!” Kris said.  “Are there eagles around here?”

“I hear there is,” Colt replied. 

“That’d be great to spot one,” Corey said.

It didn’t take very long until Colt was pointing skyward.  “Hot damn!”  I looked up
to see the beautiful eagle soaring overhead.   We sat and watched this creature
soar high and perch in the distance. 

We continued along the trail to make a full loop.  It took a majority of our day to
do with multiple stops to check out the scenery.  The best stop was at a real
bathroom.  We took full advantage of it before walking back to our campsite. 

We were eating something and were totally exhausted from our hike.  I spoke up, “So
what did y’all do last night?”

Kris laughed, “Just got fucking wasted.  What did y’all do?”

“Just got fucked,” Corey laughed. “You know what we did.  The atmosphere was so
perfect for two lovers so we did what came natural.”

“Our atmosphere was close to the same.  Kris was bobbing on my dick part of the
night,” Colt laughed.

“Damn you Colt!” Kris said. “We were drunk as fuck!”

“I know we were and the reason I got drunk,” Colt said. “You’re fucking easy when
you’re drunk.”

“Look who’s talking,” Kris stated.

“I see the trip is still hanging with ya,” I stated.

“I guess so but why deny something when you’re both willing?” Colt asked.
“Fuck we both like gettin’ our dick sucked.  Now neither one of us mind sucking a
little dick either.”

“It’s not bad, huh?” Corey asked.

“Nope,” Colt replied.

Kris looked at Colt, “Are we becoming just like them?”

“No Kris, we’re not.  We’re two hot horny guys that enjoy sex.   I know if there
was a girl around to service me you sucking my dick would be the last thing I
wanted.  I guess we are becoming more bi than we realize…”

“Yeah but we don’t fuck each other but just that time on our trip,” Kris said.

We moved off the subject to talk about our day in the park.  Soon before we knew
it, darkness was upon us.  We broke out the lanterns and started diving into the
bottle.  We started out slow since there wasn’t that much.  By my estimation, there
was enough to get us feeling good but not stinking drunk. 

“Kris, are you starting to give way to the fact you’re bi?” I asked.

“Matt, I am a little.  I’m not fifty-fifty by any stretch…” Kris said.

“Nor am I,” Colt said.  “I’m glad y’all opened the door for him.”

“No, I did.  My curiosity got the best of me,” Kris stated and went for a refill.
“Hell, we’re just some horny fucks that have gotten over the fact that maybe we can
enjoy a guy but not every time.  Still there’s nothing better than fucking a girl.”

“I agree,” Colt said.  “You two one day need to experience just how nice fucking a
pussy is.  It is so hot and wet.  Your dick feels so good in there.”

“I doubt I ever see the day when Matt goes to the other side,” Kris said.

“Not as long as I’m happy fucking guys I won’t,” I stated.  “I hear you talk about
pussy but then comes the fact you can create another life while doing so.”

“Wow, biology is really teaching your ass something,” Kris laughed.

I had to laugh, “Yes and kicking my ass at the same time too.  The thought of me
getting a girl pregnant is scary…”

“For most guys, it is scary but we love pussy so much, it’s worth the risk,” Colt
said. “That’s why you use condoms and find a bitch on the pill.”

“I know that’s right,” Kris said.  “You never heard me say this shit but I’ve had
that scare this past year.  You get that call where she says she’s late and your
old heart starts pounding out of your chest.  Talk about wanting to shit your
pants.  She called the next day to tell me she had started her goddamn period.”

“Thankfully, I’ve never got that call,” Colt said and was laughing at Kris’s humor.

“Yeah that would be scary,” Corey said. “Makes me happy I like boy pussy and can’t
get Matt’s happy ass pregnant.”

Colt was still laughing, “There’d be a bunch of gay motherfuckers carrying each
other’s kids around.”

“I could see both of you pregnant as fuck,” Kris was laughing along with us. 

“Hell, I’d love it,” I said laughing right along with them.  “Seeing my old tummy
pouched out and my titties getting big.”

“Lord knows Matt tried like hell last night to get my ass pregnant,” Corey said.

With the alcohol running in our veins, we started telling stories left and right. 
We successfully killed the bottle with Colt downing the last part.  We were all
feeling great and enjoying our time together.  It was another benefit of camping
and being away from campus. 

We called it a night at no telling what time.  Out here, time was something I
didn’t have a concept of without a watch or phone.  My phone was handy in case of
an emergency but was never used.  We headed into our tents with Corey in the mood
for more loving.  I didn’t deny him and enjoyed our chance to experience each
other.  This night, I wanted to see if Corey could get my ass pregnant. 

The next day, we did some more exploring of the park since there was no hurry to
return to campus.  We returned and began the process of cleaning up.  I gathered up
our trash to make sure it was just as we had found the nice place.  Kris handed me
some of their trash.  I couldn’t help but notice condom wrappers in the mix.  If
Kris was happy, so was I. 

It was hard leaving the park.  We agreed this wouldn’t be our only camping trip
with the endless possibilities in and around campus.  Corey did his best to stay
behind Colt’s wild driving.   We stopped and ate before pulling into our dorm.  

Being a nice guy, I gathered up Kris and my laundry.  I grabbed my laptop to study
while doing our washing but found Corey had the same idea.  We kept each other
company and talked about how great our trip ended up being. 

When I returned to my room, things were back to normal with Colt, Alex, Bryson and
Brennan in there.  I unloaded our stuff and grabbed a seat.

“Matt, I heard you enjoyed your first camping trip,” Bryson said. 

“I did.  It was really nice,” I stated.

“Next time, tell some dudes so we can all go,” Brennan stated.  “Maybe we can all
camp out a few times this summer together.”

“That’d be awesome,” Alex said.

“Alex, what are you doing about Elise for the summer?” Colt asked.

“Praying like hell she doesn’t get pregnant,” Alex laughed.  “Really we plan on
seeing each other as much as possible.  My dick will really miss her.”

“Dude you’re so lucky,” Colt said.

“You could get a girl if you wanted one bad enough,” Alex said.  “Are you still
stinging after that bitch was fucking around on you?”

“Maybe a little.  I guess I’m scared to get that attached and get my heart broken
like that,” Colt replied.

“Getting cheated on sucks ass, right Matt?” Bryson said.

“It does but that’s now ancient history in my book,” I replied.

We continued to sit around and talk.  My phone went off with the signal of a text
message.  I grabbed it and saw it was from Corey.  “Come to Scott’s room ASAP!”

I left them and walked down the hall.  Corey was standing at the door and motioned
me to hurry.


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