Posted:  June 1, 2011

With Corey spending the night, it wasn’t so hard getting up on Wednesday since we had the same class to start to the day.  It was nice being able to get a long kiss and sneak in a shower together before starting our day.  We did see one of my neighbors, Sammy, along with Noel when we exited the shower together.  They smiled and made small talk while we dried off together. 

Walking to class, Corey stated, “Matt, whether you realize it or not, in a month we’ll be separated for summer.”

“I suppose we will be,” I said walking with him.

“Did you hear Noah say that next Friday there’s no classes?”

“Yeah I heard that,” I replied.  “I need to keep up better with our schedule.”

“That was our camping weekend,” Corey said.

“If it happens, then it will be great.  If you have to work instead, we’ll live.  You do what you need to do,” I stated.

I was about asleep after my day of classes when Kris came through the door.  “Weird fucking day,” he stated, throwing off his backpack.

“Why’s that?”

“First I get a text from Liz asking how I was.  Then Bethany calls me between classes to see what I was doing…”

“I was wondering what ever happened to Bethany.”

“She’s nice and all but I can see it wasn’t going to work. I’ll be honest she didn’t care for my friends.  Thus we had a problem.  Then get this shit,” Kris said and shoved his phone in my face.  “Remember Melissa?”


“She sent me a text saying I was hot.  Come to find out she’s seen the pictures you’ve been posting on Facebook,” Kris said, removing his shirt and tossing it in the floor.

“Wow, all of them in one day.”

“I know.  How weird is that?”

“Now the question is… is Liz back in the picture?”

“I wanna say no way in hell but I can’t.  I sound like Scott and Hayden here and can’t decide if I want Liz or not.  Matt, I’ll say it again.  My best remedy would be a steady girlfriend for the rest of this semester… hey did you realize we got just a month and it is summer?”

“Corey and I talked about that today.  Remember in high school the days could get over with fast enough and now we hate that our freshman year is just about done.”

“I know.  What a year, huh?” Kris said, now in his bed and kicked back.

“Who says a year can’t change someone?”

“Sure as hell not me,” Kris said, crossed his arms over his ripped abs and smiled at me.

We ended up being lazy the rest of the afternoon with no visitors for a change.  While I was chilling, it hit me that this night would be the perfect chance to see what Stephan and Grayson’s club was about. 

At seven, I headed out with the two and went over to the house where they meet.  There was only a dozen or so that showed up.  The meeting was about the end of semester dance along with a reminder about testing on the next day.  All in all, it wasn’t that bad and did keep my interest.  Stephan and Grayson were well pleased that I took the trouble to come with them and check out the meeting. 

That night when I got back, I gave a short speech on why each of us needed to be tested with Corey and I needing it the most.  For a change, we had a very serious discussion about our sexual health and the need to be tested regularly. 

The next day Thursday, Corey and I went to get tested and waited on Kris and Colt to arrive.  We should have done it sooner but the thought never crossed our minds.  It was scary in a way but necessary if Corey and I wanted to continue our sex life as we had for the past two months. 

That night, we had another softball game in our intramural league.  The game was a total disaster.  Everyone was frustrated at our performance with me doing nothing to help things, including missing a little pop up.

Back at the dorm, Kris, Corey and I were discussing the game and how awful we played.  Our door opened wide with Colt and Bryson coming in. Both were dressed nicely just to be hanging out.  Usually both were in athletic shorts and some old tee if they bothered to wear one at all. 

“Are we going to sit here all night and mope about our lame ass game or are we going to do sumthang bout it?” Colt asked.

“I guess sit here,” I replied but wasn’t disgusted as the others were.

“Alright, wassup?” Kris asked.

“It seems Bryson here knows of a little party where we can go and forget all about our suck ass game,” Colt said. “My thinking is we get fucked up like hell and go to class tomorrow hung over like a mutherfucker!”

“That is if we make it to class,” Bryson said with a chuckle.  “So who’s with us?”

“I am!” Kris said. “Fuck it!  In half of my classes, they are hanging like a bitch!  Now we need to see what that’s like!”

“That’s my boy right there,” Colt said.  “Corey, do you and Matt wanna get so fucking wasted?”

Corey looked at me, “I do!”

“Yeah, who gives a fuck!” I said. “Let’s go get shit faced!”  They laughed at me but I didn’t care.  The night seemed absolutely perfect for us to get wasted.

By the end of the night, we had accomplished our goal of getting wasted.  Come to find out, it was Bryson’s brother, who attended college here, that had suggested the outing to him.  It was the first time we had seen Bryson’s brother and found out they never were close growing up.

Waking up on Friday, I could understand why I didn’t go out and drink before classes the next day.  My head was pounding with my stomach not feeling right.  My dress dictated how I felt and didn’t care with some old wrinkled shorts and a sloppy tee for my classroom attire.  Corey took full advantage of the fact we had the first class together and slept in.  It took all I had to concentrate on class while watching the time slowly pass on my watch. 

My next class was with Scott and Michael.  Both got a nice laugh seeing my condition.

“Dude, you were pretty hammered last night,” Scott said to me. “But not like some of the others.”

“I think I overdid it,” I stated.

“You at least looked like you were having fun and not giving a shit either,” Scott said.

“Corey threw up last night once he got in bed,” Michael said, laughing.

“I feel like I could right now.  Scott, thanks for driving and putting up with a bunch of drunks,” I said.

“No sweat,” Scott said with the professor entering our biology class.  His first announcement was that our test were graded.  When my name was called, I held my breath in hopes of good news.  His TA handed me my test.  A huge smile came across my face seeing how high I had scored.  Scott was next to be called and then Michael.  Scott and I scored the same with Michael trailing us but just barely.  I looked at what I had missed and was pissed since I even missed those.  My day was made.

As soon as my next class was done, I bolted to the dorm and prayed that I could go straight to bed.  Luck was on my side with a vacant room.  I fully expected Kris to be in his bed but he wasn’t. 

When I woke up, the sun was beaming in the window and our room was hot.  I glanced over to see Kris snoring away curled up on top of his bed.  While playing on the computer and looking at Facebook, Kris’s phone started to ring.  He grabbed it and talked quietly.  He hung up and grabbed me by the neck.

“I know two fucking roomies that got fucked up last night,” Kris said.

“Yeah and a few others,” I stated with him letting go and grabbing his chair.

“We were some drunk motherfuckers from what little I can remember.  I don’t believe Bryson and Corey could stand up by the end of the night.  I’m surprised you were taking all those shots.  My boy let loose last night.”

“I did let it all go but paying for it now.”

“I am too but I’d do all over again.  Bryson’s brother Brett was really cool last night to all of us.”

“He was.”

“Weird how Bryson says they didn’t get along back home, huh?”

“Sibling rivalry, I guess plus they didn’t seem much alike to me…”

“I guess.”

“So what’s going on tonight?”

“Oh nothing.  Knowing Colt he’ll wanna repeat of last night.”

“One night a month is enough for me,” I said.  “It was fun though.”

“I couldn’t do it every night like some guys I know and see around here.  I felt like shit going to class.  I remembered walking to class why we drink on the weekends.  Hangovers are a bitch!”

“You saw where I was when you came in,” I laughed.

It took us a while to recover.  It was nice that Kris wasn’t wild or energetic.  We forewent our usual Friday workouts and laid in bed or talking on the phone, me included.  Our peace ended when there was a knock at the door.  I headed there and opened it.  Shawn was there.

“Did I come at a bad time?” he asked seeing how I was in my shorts as was Kris.

“No dude, come on in,” Kris stated and sat up.

“I was bored so I stopped by to see what y’all were doing,” Shawn said.

“Recovering, basically,” Kris laughed.

“I can see that,” Shawn said.

“We fucking tied one on last night.  Let me tell ya,” Kris said, bragging.  “We all got so fucking drunk even Matt.”

“Damn, I wish you’d call a friend,” Shawn laughed.

“Don’t say that, Shawn.  Kris will take you up on it in a heartbeat.”

“I would and could use a good night to get so wasted,” Shawn said. “I bet y’all are a trip if you’re anything like you are sober.”

“Shawn, last night was an exception.  If we do drink, it usually on weekends,” I said hoping he didn’t think we were a bunch of drunks.

We continued to talk until Colt and Bryson came down. 

“Bryson, tell your brother thanks for last night when you talk to him,” Kris said.

“I will,” Bryson said. “He usually such a dick but last night was the first time I can remember where we were cool with each other.”

“Maybe you’re growing up,” I said.

“Even last summer, we could barely stand to be in the room with each other when he was home.  Frankly, I was shocked he called last night.”

“Aren’t we glad he did?” Colt said. “Shawn, you should have come with us but were you too deep in your girlfriend’s pussy to go?”

Shawn smiled, “Well… I could have gone afterwards if someone would just call me.”

“Give your number,” Kris said. “Next time, you’re going with us.”

“Dude seriously, is your girl putting out?” Colt asked.

“Colt, why do you have to be so personable about that stuff?  Besides we barely know him,” I said.

“Hey, guys love to brag when they’re getting some good shit.  Right, Shawn?” Colt replied.

“I’m not saying a word,” Shawn said with a smile.

“Ah come on dude, give it up!” Kris said. “Make us envious.”

Shawn laughed as did Bryson.  “At least one of us is getting some,” Bryson said.  “Matt, I’m not counting you over there.”

“Why not?  You all know Corey and I are sexual,” I said.

“Tell me about it.  Shawn, they fucked in front of me Tuesday night,” Kris said.

“Matt, you better keep this dude.  I bet ya there aren’t five other guys on campus that would put up with that,” Shawn said.

We continued to talk.  The strangest thing was Kris going in and out of the room to talk on his phone.  Eventually he was getting dressed while we continued to talk and played a rare video game. 

“Dude, where are you going?” Colt asked Kris.

“I’m going out to eat for your info,” he replied.

“With who?” Bryson asked.

“Ummm… Liz,” Kris replied and didn’t want to tell for the first time ever that he had a date.  I wasn’t sure why but was sure he had his reasons.

“No shit!” Colt said.  “I thought…”

“Well, it is one last ditch effort to see if there is something left between us.  I told her this was it.”

“You said that the last time,” Colt said.

“I know I did but we’ll see what happens,” Kris said.

It wasn’t long after Kris left that the others went about their way.  Shawn was nice again and thanked me for letting him stop by.  Now, I couldn’t believe Kris was giving Liz another shot.  It wasn’t that I didn’t like Liz but I hated the way she played with him and his emotions. 

Corey came in my door at usual time after I spent the night doing a paper and nothing much else.  “Matt, something worked out,” he said and broke off a smile.  “I’m part time now at work with weekends off.”

“You’re kidding?” I asked with excitement.

“Nope, starting next week I work Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday until the end of the semester.  The even better part is they are going to work with me and make sure I get a work study thing for next year.”

I grabbed him with great excitement for a long wet kiss. “This is so awesome.”

“Yeah, it is,” Corey said.  “Oh, where is everyone tonight?”

“Kris is out with guess who?”

“Ummm… surely not Liz,” Corey answered.

“Yelp, he is.”

“Oh well as long as he is happy.”

“I guess so but I swear I’ll say something to her if she messes with him this time.”

Corey chuckled.  We didn’t stay long in the room with him wanting to go eat.  We returned and went to his room since Michael had gone home.  Naturally, I loved it and it meant I could spend quality time with the guy I loved.  The TV was on but we were more interested in each other.  With the good news, Corey was as playful and loving as ever.  We had great hot sex twice that night with him fucking me both times.  Our first go around was wild and crazy as ever.  We were so into it and were enjoying the act of sex.  The second round was slower and more loving.  When he left my hole, I felt very empty inside despite being so satisfied otherwise. 

Waking without him was never great but I came to realize it could be the last Saturday I would wake up here and find him off to work.  A huge smile came across my face seeing our huge cum stain on his sheets.  Actually my ass was a tad sore but well worth it. I tidied up his room before leaving.  Kris was sleeping soundly when I entered so I quickly dressed and headed back out.  He was awake and watching TV in bed when I returned.

“Matt, don’t say shit to me,” Kris said.

I looked at him and tried to gauge his mood.  “Okay.”  I got in my bed and watched some lame show. 

Kris turned and spoke, “It was rather civil and very nice.  I realized why I dated her in the first place.  She loved all of my stories while I caught her up with everything.”


“I’m not a dumbass.  You knew what a meant.”

“Can I ask if there’s hope?”

“There’s hope but we both agreed not to go full blast with the summer coming up.   We’ll just see how things go.”

“I have great news.  Corey is off next weekend.”

Kris smiled, “That is great news.  We’ll have so much fun.”

“I hope.”

“I bet ten dollars you’ve never been camping one day in your life.”

“I’m not betting but it is so true.  I’m a little scared of what’s out there… you know… the wolves, bears, snakes, possums, coyotes.”

Kris laughed. “Unless we’re camping at the zoo, you don’t have a thing to worry about.  Corey will protect you, don’t you worry.”

“I’m a little excited about going.  The thrill of something new and different.”

We weren’t alone for long before Colt came in the door.  He jumped on Kris’s bed.  “Big boy, how was your night?  Did you get any?”

“My night was good despite not getting any,” Kris replied. “I didn’t wanna fuck it up by going too far.”

Kris did tell Colt our camping trip was now back on.  It pepped both of them while they talked about different things they would do.  With an absolutely gorgeous warm sunny day outside, we headed out with Alex and Bryson to toss around a football in an open area behind our dorm.   We weren’t the only ones who had that idea with students coming out of the woodwork to enjoy the day.  The guys liked the fact that there were lots of girls showing flesh as they sunbathed nearby so off came our shirts, mine included to bare our flesh and continue our tans. 

As we were tossing the ball around, it hit me that I could at least call Shawn and invite him down.  He was eager and brought along his girlfriend Terra to enjoy the weather.   Shawn jumped right in and joined us while I took a seat to rest and grab some water for the rest of us.  I returned and sat near Terra to keep her company plus take a break.  The guys saw I had water and came walking up.  Shawn proudly introduced her to the rest after downing a bottle of water.

After the day in the sun and fun, we headed inside about 4.  It was easy to see some red faces and bodies.  A majority of us were kicked back in my room when Corey came in.  He sat beside me while I had the opportunity to introduce him to Shawn with Terra now gone.

“This fucking sucks!” Corey lamented. “Here I was at work all day and you all were out enjoying the sun.  No wonder it was slow today.”

“Hell yeah we were,” Kris said.

“You forgot sunscreen too,” Corey said. “This is exactly why this weekend is my last one.”

“Tomorrow is supposed to be even better,” Colt stated.

“Don’t rub in it,” Corey said with a growl.  We sat around as we usually did talking.  After Shawn had meet Corey, he left to head out with Terra.  Kris had been busy all day texting back and forth with Liz but with him I never know.  Corey pulled my outside the room.  “Matt, how do feel about going out with Trey and Towson tonight?”

“Sounds great to me,” I said. “Corey, I can see how jealous you are.”

“Damn right I’m jealous! Who wouldn’t be after working all day inside and coming back to see all my friends had been out enjoying the nice weather?”

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s not your fault.  I’ve been in a pissy mood all day for some reason.  I’m just ready for tomorrow to over.  Now I wish I’d just quit all together.”

“Corey, think about next year.  Remember you have been able to do whatever this year because you’ve worked.  Remember two awesome trips we’ve been able to enjoy.”

“God, I wish I was like Kendall and Noah.  No one knows what a struggle it has been.”

“Next weekend and each one after that you’ll be free to do whatever.  You may get bored.”

“I doubt that.  I guess I better run and get dressed.  I said we’d meet them at 6.”

“Okay, we’ve got an hour then,” I said.  I kissed him and watched him walk down the hall to his room.

“What was that all about?” Kris said, standing naked.

“Corey just saw all of us and wished he could have been there.”

“Well next weekend we’ll make up for it.  You may be on your own somewhat depending on how things go to that point with Liz.  If things go well, I can’t leave for a full weekend.”

“Do whatever you need to.  If it is just Corey and me, we’ll make it.”

“Oh I’m sure you will,” Kris stated grabbing his shower stuff.  “Damn, we both got some sun today.”

I agreed and started to get ready as well.   When Corey came down, he was still not in the best of moods.  I hated to see him like that but there was little I could actually do other than possibly bend him over the bed and fuck his brains out.  I doubt that would have cheered him up at this point so I resided it was one of those days.

Once in his car, all he could do was bitch.  I finally had heard enough.  “Look Corey I don’t what more I can do but you’re starting to annoy me.”

“Yeah because you were the one out having fun all day,” he shot back.

I said what I wanted at this point and tuned him out.  We meet his friends but all Corey could do was picking at his food.  I carried on like he wasn’t there and enjoyed talking with Trey and Towson.  After eating, it was senseless for us to continue out with them. 

Instead of driving straight back, I suggested we find a place to talk in private.  Corey drove around to find one of our practice fields vacant.  He threw his car into park. 

“Tell me what the deal is tonight?  Sure we have bad days but usually you can put those in the background and continue.”

“It’s that I’m sick of everything.  I’m sick of working like a fucking dog just to be able to do something.  I’m about sick of school.  I’m tired of everything.”

“Just say the word, Corey.  Tell me you wanna break up with me.”

“No… No… Matt, I love you too much to let one day of being in a pissy mood ruin our relationship.  God I don’t know what to do.  I feel like crying my eyes out for no reason.”

“Corey, I’m here for ya.  I love you too much as well… I just thought maybe it was us.”

“You and I are the least of my troubles.  Every day, our relationship keeps me going.  Without you in my life, I’d be back home with Larry and Mom.  Then I would be miserable.”

“Corey, if it’s alright with you, let’s just go back to the dorm.  The least I can do is hold you and love on you all night.”

He turned, “That sounds good to me.  I wanna be held.”


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