Posted:   May 27, 2011

After lab with Scott and Michael and a full of classes, the three of us headed back to our dorm with great anticipation of tonight’s softball game.  It was easy to see Scott was doing his best to put the incident behind with a bruised cheek and a few scratches on his arm.  I said goodbye and hoped the door with most of the crew crowded in my room.

“Go grab Scott,” Kris said to me.

I yelled at him just before he opened his door.  He walked back and we entered the room.  Jess was waiting on Scott and approached him with tearful eyes.  He threw his arms around Scott, “Bro I’m sorry!”  I could hear the loud slapping of the backs while they embraced.  “Scott, I’ve told them the story now I need to tell you.”

“Okay I guess if you wanna,” Scott stated.

“Scott, I used you as an outlet to vent a semester of growing frustration. It has nothing to do with the sexual aspect either.  I was looking for an excuse to justify why I was leaving here and found you as my scapegoat.  I was too embarrassed to admit I was failing and was looking for something to get me tossed rather than face the facts.  My grades are in the shitter so I’ve withdrawn and returning home to go to Junior College to get my academics in order.  I was telling them so I’ll tell you and Matt.  Thanks for one hell of a year.  I’ll probably be gone when you get back from your game but hopefully you’ve not seen the last of me.  My plans after a long talk with my parents are to come back here once I learn how to study.  Scott, again I’m so very sorry for what I did.  It was wrong of me,” Jess said as seriously as I had ever seen him.

“Jess, I forgive you.  You scared me to death and… didn’t know what had gotten into you,” Scott said with his face saying he wasn’t sold on Jess’s excuse.

“I was pissed like you wouldn’t believe at myself for trying to hurt you. I was really trying to hurt someone I considered a dear friend.  I was glad Colt was there.  I drove straight home after that.”

Scott stood looking at Jess for a few moments with the room silent.  “Jess, we’ll miss you.”

“No worse than I’ll miss all of you,” Jess said. “Scott, most of all, thanks for understanding me the best you can and forgiving me.  I still feel awful but it helps to know you’re so forgiving.”

“Jess, did you need any help now?” Kris asked.  “We can’t stop you now but the least we can do is help you out.”

“I guess you could.  It would make it much faster,” Jess replied.

In no time with all of us helping Jess was packed.  There were a few laughs and a few tears but mostly hugs before we stood and watched Jess drive away.

“Now we have a vacant slot for next semester,” Colt stated while we walked away.

“Damn dude, Jess is barely out of the parking lot and here you are worrying about his spot next semester,” Bryson said.

“Scott, is there any way Juan would do it?” Kris asked.

“You didn’t hear this from me but I’m not sure he’s returning full time.  He’s talking about getting a place and going part time here while he works full time,” Scott replied.

“Sorry to hear that but let’s worry about this later,” Corey said. “We have a game to win tonight.”

“Man, I’ll miss Jess,” Kris commented while we entered.

“We all will but that happens when you don’t study like you should,” I said and directed to Kris more than anyone.

Our game that night was rather historic.  I not only got one hit but got two hits.  After I got on base the first time, I didn’t know what to do and ran as soon as the ball was hit.  The problem there was it was a fly ball.  My next time on base I waited until Alex, our first base coach, told me to go.  I made it to second on a hit by Bryson then scored when Garrett hit one to the fence with Bryson on my heels.  We did win the game but just by two runs.  For the first time, the game was fun for me and got to feel a part of a team. 

Back at the dorms, Jess appeared to have made a nice impression on everyone.  Instead of congregating in a room, we split off to study.  I didn’t have much since I was loaded down the week before.  Sitting at my computer, it hit me that I needed to start a project in my business class with my partner, Shawn.  I called and found he was eager to get started.  To not bother Kris, I headed up two flights to Shawn’s room. 

His door, a third of the way down the hall, was ajar.  I knocked and was told to enter.  Shawn was sitting on his bed in a tee and shorts.  Before we buckled down, we had a nice talk about our class then college.  Each time I ventured out it became clearer how lucky I had been with our floor.  Shawn knew very few on his floor even after living there for nearly a year.  He had friends around campus but none in the dorm plus he had a steady girlfriend too.  We got down to the reason I had came.  We interjected ideas until settling on one that sounded great.  Our job was to create a business scenario and its workings.   We ended up choosing a retail business and brainstormed until we decided to call it a night. 

I said goodbye and left his room.  I did invite him to stop by if he ever felt like it.  He said he might do that when he was away from his girlfriend and bored.

Opening the door, Kris, Colt, Bryson and Corey were gathered around a box sitting on Kris’s bed with Garrett sitting in my desk chair. 

“I see everyone got bored with studying,” I stated.

“Yeah,” Corey said turning his head. “Come look at what Jess left us.”

Garrett was rolling his eyes. “Matt, it’s like these guys have never seen porn before.”

“Garrett, we have but there’s more than porn in here,” Kris said, lifting his head and spitting into a bottle.  “There’s all kind of shit in here.”

Corey pulled out a black dildo.  “Matt, they cast your dick with this big thing.”

“More like Garrett,” Bryson joked.

“I’ll just say it.  Jess was a fucking freak,” Colt said and spit.

“No doubt what he was doing instead of studying,” Bryson said, lifting out a hand full of DVDs.  “He was obsessed.”

Kris shoved the box my way for me to take a look.  It was an array of movies along with dildos, butt plugs, lube and other sex toys.  I grabbed a few on the bottom.  “No doubt Jess was really bi,” I stated, holding up four twink bareback movies.

Corey snatched them from my hand.  “Wow, he was.  These are hardcore.”

“All of it is,” Colt said. 

After sorting through the box, we kicked back as usual with the others what they called studied out.  We started tossing about ideas to fill Jess’s spot for the next year but couldn’t come up with anyone we knew would blend in.

Once in bed about one, Kris leaned over to me.  “Now I wonder who is next to leave us?”

“You never know.  Jess stated his grades last semester weren’t so hot.  I wonder if there was something brewing between him and Scott.”

“I don’t know or care really but what a lousy way to end his year with us.  Why didn’t he just man up and leave instead of trying to throw the blame on someone else?”

“My guess is he was so far down with his grades and so embarrassed he thought it was his only way to get out of here.”

“Matt, there’s another reason why I’m sticking with you.  If say I was to move off in an apartment like I had planned in my little head, I could very well be in that same situation…”

“Yeah but I hope you’d handle it better.  Kris, if it ever does, you do know there are tutors around here to help you out.”

Kris laughed, “I know.  They don’t want us to fail and lose that fucking tuition money.”

I smiled, “They realize some people are over their head just a little.  Jess should have sought one out in hind sight.”

“Well maybe he’ll get his shit together and come back.”

“Bro, I’m not holding my breath on that.”

“Hey before you got here, we did talk about going camping not this weekend but the next.  How does that sound?”

I rolled my eyes, “Really great.  Corey opened his big mouth.”

“We’ll let you two lovers camp away from us,” Kris said.

“If we do, let’s keep it normal as we can.”

“Yeah, I guess.”

“You guess?  Kris, did you really deep down enjoy messing around with guys?”

“Matt, just between us roomies, I did.  I shouldn’t be like this but I am.  Not that I’m turning gay or anything but it was fun for a change.  You know… ummm… like sledding instead of skiing when you’re a pro.”

“I’ll stick to skiing,” I laughed at his analogy.

“So you think there’s something wrong with me exploring things with guys?  You and … fucking started it.”

“No but it’s not really the Kris I know.”

“I’m beginning to really wonder who I am.  It sucks ass, too.  Oh I was curious about what you did and saw it a few times but I never thought I’d actually do it.  Once I let go, it wasn’t that bad.  It’s all just so damn confusing.  I see a girl and wonder what she’s like naked or in bed.”

“What do you see now with guys?” I asked.

“Are you as fucked up as I am right now?” Kris laughed. “I don’t see them as sex objects.  However, I do admire a few here and there, especially at the Rec Center.”

“You need to look in the mirror.  You can get enough admiring to last you, bro.”

“I am hot but you can’t rest on today or it’ll turn to fat in a heartbeat,” Kris said.

“Kris, deep down does it have anything to do with your brother?” I asked and didn’t ever speak of his brother.

He was biting his lower lip, “I don’t wanna talk about that.  You know that.”

“Alright.  I’ll see ya in the morning,” I said.  I rolled to my side and knew I may have gone too far in bringing Nathan’s name up.

Tuesday started with my class with Hayden.  He knew full well about Jess from Scott.  Instead, I wanted to delve into what was really going on between him and Scott.  I wasn’t able to get into before class so I waited until afterwards.

He began, “Scott did come over to break up with me so he could have the rest of the semester and summer free.  Matt, I love Scott way too much to let him end it.  I’ve been talking to a counselor here and really trying to find a way to tell my parents I’m gay.  I’m nineteen now and can handle the consequences…”

“True but when is that time coming?” I asked while we walked.

“Very soon, trust me.  It’s about to eat me alive.  I can’t go through this any longer,” Hayden said and pointed to a few zits on his face. “See this.  It is because I’m so stressed out over all this shit.”

“Hayden, I’ll help in any way I can.”

“Thanks, I appreciate that.  I’ll see ya later.”

Walking into my next class was different without Jess occupying his spot among Scott, Kris and I.  To start the class, we were given a pop test.  Kris nudged me and said thanks. 

While grabbing something to eat, someone grabbed me by the back of my shirt.  Shawn was standing there with his girlfriend.  They invited me to join them to eat.  His girlfriend, Terra, was very friendly and so easy to talk with.  I could see why Shawn was very attracted to her besides her cute looks. 

“Matt, are you dating anyone right now?” Terra asked me out of the blue.

“Actually I am,” I replied.

“You didn’t tell me that last night when we were talking,” Shawn stated.

“You never asked,” I said.

“Oh well, if not I had someone perfect for you,” Terra said with a smile.  “If anything happens, let Shawn know.  I’ll set you two up.”

“Okay,” I said and was ready for the conversation to change. 

Throwing away our lunch trash, Shawn asked, “Matt, if you’re not busy, we should finish our project while it’s still fresh in our heads.”

“Ummm… sounds great to me,” I said.

“Will your girlfriend care?”

“No,” I replied.   Shawn bid his girl farewell with her leaving to attend another class.  We were walking back to the dorm.  Kris spotted me and came straight my way. 

“Fuck yeah, no class for my ass,” Kris said. “He didn’t show up today.”

“That’s great, Kris.  Shawn, excuse my vulgar roommate but this is Kris,” I said.

“Cool to meet ya, dude,” Shawn said.

“Matt, does Corey know about this?” Kris said and started laughing.

I wanted to crawl in a hole.  I didn’t just come out to everyone I knew.  “No but we’re just working on a project for my class.”

“Have fun then.  I’ll going to work out if anyone else is around,” Kris stated. “Lil bitches need to stop being pussies.”

“Kris, show a little respect, why don’t ya?” I stated flustered.

“It’s cool, Matt,” Shawn said.

At our floor, Kris said, “I won’t tell Corey if I see him.”

Shawn and I continued up the stairs.  He commented, “This is my workout every day.”

“I’m sorry about Kris.”

“It’s nothing I haven’t heard or said before.”

“Okay.  I was afraid you were religious.”

Shawn laughed, “Get the fuck out!”

We entered his room with still no sign of a roommate.  Shawn commented that his roommate was never seen since he was dating a girl that lived in an apartment.  He pulled open the closet to show very few clothes. 

“So who is Corey or do I have to ask?”

Quietly, “My boyfriend.”

“I see.  There’s no shame in that.  My cousin who is like a brother to me just came out over the Christmas holiday.”

“So how did your family react to that?”

“Mom was okay with it.  My dad was killed overseas in the military when I was twelve.  That’s when I lost my so called religion you might say.  My sister lost her fucking mind along with her religion.”

“I’m very sorry I even mentioned it.  Please forgive me.”

“If you’ll forgive me for asking about your boyfriend,” Shawn said. “I could see you didn’t want to tell me.”

“Shawn, I’m gay but I don’t go around announcing it.  When someone has the nerve to ask, I don’t deny it.”

“I can’t blame you there.  There are some that wanna make your life hell but I don’t guess your roommate is that way.”

“Nope, he’s the best but he’s… straight,” I said.

“Man, you got lucky in that draw, huh?”

“No, we were best friends before we got here.”

“That dude is a good guy.  So are you ready to start where we left off?”

I nodded in agreement.  In no time, we were finished with our project with his printer running full speed to print out our presentation. 

“Glad that is over and done with,” he stated.

“I am too,” I said. “I guess I’ll run and see what trouble Kris is into.”

“That’s cool… thanks!  I’m glad I picked you for a partner on this.”

“Me too.   Now that you’ve meet Kris you need to stop by sometime.”

“You care if I follow you down?  I don’t have much going with Terra doing her thing for a while today.  All I’d do is take a nap and then not sleep tonight.”

“Sure, follow me,” I said.

“Let me change right quick.”  He took off his shirt.  His body was thin with his ribs showing and a little patch of hair on his chest.  He threw a tee over his hair and grabbed his phone.  “Just in case she calls.”

Opening my door, Kris was in the room with Colt, Scott and Bryson.  They were kicked back with Kris, Colt and Bryson’s lip full.  “Hey guys, this is Shawn.  He wanted to hang with us while his girlfriend is busy.”

My friends stood and introduced themselves.   “Way to put that girlfriend in there,” Kris said.

“Kris, I wish you’d keep your fucking mouth closed,” I said and was pissed.

“He knew, right?” Kris asked.

“He does now thanks to your big mouth,” I said.

“It’s cool.  I have a close cousin that is gay,” Shawn said.

“My brother is,” Scott blurted out.

“And so are you, bitch,” Colt said.  I could hear Shawn laughing.  “What’s so funny, dude?”

“Y’all just say whatever pops in your head and don’t care what it is,” Shawn said after catching his breath.  “I can already tell just one minute here y’all are some cool ass dudes.”

“The best!” Bryson said.

“Wanna dip?” Colt offered.

“Nah… on second thought, sure.  I haven’t had one since my junior year playing baseball,” Shawn replied.  Colt tossed him the can.  He packed it just how Colt always did and threw one in his lip.

“Wanna hear something funny?  We got Matt to take one,” Kris said.

“That’s not funny,” Shawn said.

“You don’t know him,” Kris said.

“Throw me that damn can,” I said. “I don’t know how many times I have to do this to prove this is not a something only straight guys can do.”

“Show me another gay guy that does and I’ll kiss your ass in the middle of the hall,” Kris said.

I grabbed the can and threw a little pinch between my lip. 

“Y’all are going to have to tell me the secret around here,” Shawn commented.

“What secret is that?” Bryson said.

“How did you get so bowed up?  I try everything but my ass can’t gain weight for shit,” Shawn said.

Kris started laughing, “Matt, he’s a perfect fit.  Dude, I make them work out…”

“No shit, Hercules,” Shawn said and seemed so relaxed.

“Kris makes us go with him,” Bryson stated.

“No I don’t,” Kris said.

“Dude, you almost cried today when I said I was tired,” Bryson stated.

“Yeah, you were begging us to go,” Scott said.

“I hate working out alone,” Kris said.

“Kris is Mr. Social if you haven’t gathered that,” Colt said to Shawn.

“Nothing wrong with that…” Shawn said.

“Back at ya, bitches!” Kris said.

“I bet I don’t know three guys on my floor but then again I don’t put forth the effort maybe like I should,” Shawn said.

“I know where you’re coming from.  Kris practically grabbed me and made me be join in,” Bryson stated.

“Excuse me but that was me,” I said.

“Yeah, it was Matt who drug you and Garrett down here just like he did Shawn there,” Kris said.

“No, I asked to come,” Shawn stated.

We sat around and continued to chat like we always did.  Shawn appeared to be very entertained and enjoying our chatter.  We did have to fill him in on some hall stuff as well as a few details of our spring break trip.  Shawn hung around and got to meet a majority of the guys when he went with us to eat later. 

At around 8, Shawn’s phone began ringing.  It was his girlfriend so he stood to leave.

“Booty call, huh?” Kris asked.

“I wish it was,” Shawn replied.

“Stop back by anytime,” Colt said.

“Trust me, I will do that.  All of y’all are a trip.  I had the best time and haven’t laughed this much in a long time,” Shawn said at the door.

“See ya,” I said.

Shawn was barely out the door when Corey came inside my room.  He didn’t have that normal smile or upbeat attitude when he entered. 

“I’m about fucking sick of that damn Rec Center!” Corey busted out. “Here I ask for one weekend off and get shot the fuck down!”

“Quit then,” Bryson said.

“I was this close to telling them,” Corey said holding up his fingers.  “I would have if I didn’t need the cash.”

I reached over and gave him a big hug.  “Corey, you might wanna watch Matt there now.  He brought this cute guy down today,” Kris stated.

“Cute?  You said cute, Kris,” Colt said.

Kris shrugged his rounded shoulders, “I guess he was.”

“Corey, it was this guy that lives here and I had a project to do with in my business class…” I said.

“He may be like Kris now and likes both,” Colt said and laughed.

I could see Kris boiling and doing his best to control his temper.  “Tell me straight boys, who doesn’t like both?”  There were the proverbial crickets in the room.  “That’s what I fucking thought!”

“You got me there, alright?” Colt said.

“Let’s just drop it,” Bryson said. “Colt was just messing with you, Kris. He knows far too well what it takes to light a fire under you.  We’re all guilty here and can’t say shit one way or another.”

Within a few minutes, the guys left except for Colt and Corey. 

“Kris, I’m sorry I called you out,” Colt said.

“I’m sorry for overreacting like I always do,” Kris said. “Colt, are you struggling like hell like I am?”

“Dude, between us four here, I really am.  It would be so easy to have sex with guys every night around this place,” Colt said.

“No, it ain’t and I have a boyfriend,” Corey said.

“You know what I meant…” Colt said.

“No, I don’t,” Kris said.

“If we just say the word, I bet we could get our dicks sucked every night here.  Now that the so called cat is out of the barn…” Colt said.

“Or bag,” I laughed.

“Whatever, Matt,” Colt said. “I don’t see much wrong with guys having sex with each other now.  I did get great pleasure out of it, especially with you Kris.”

“Go ahead.  Kiss and make up,” Corey said.

I thought Corey was joking but Colt leaned over and kissed Kris on the lips.  “See what I mean.  I could seriously make out with Kris right now,” Colt stated.

“I would let you but it is just so fucking weird still to me.”

“It’s weird to me too just like us fucking on spring break,” Colt said.

“Did you two really fuck?” Corey asked. “Be honest with us now that everyone’s gone.”

Colt and Kris looked at each other.  “Yes, we did,” Kris said.  “I don’t feel so great about it now…”

“Me either but hell I’d do it again,” Colt said.  “We were a little drunk at the time.”

“I agreed and didn’t know what the hell I said,” Kris stated.

“Did it hurt?” I asked.

“Fuck yeah, it hurt and stung like a motherfucker,” Kris replied. “I got me a little of Colt too.”

“Wow, what a night!” I said. 

Colt stated.  “Yeah, what a night or nightmare depending on how you view it.”

“I know,” Kris said.  “Now Corey what this about your job?”

Corey shook his head, “I asked off next weekend.  They said I could either have both weekend days off or weekdays but not both right now.”

“Just tell em to either let you off or you quit,” Kris said. “There’s not that many weeks left in the semester as it is.”

“I want the job next year.  If I quit now, I may not be able to have a job there next year.  That’s what sucks about this.”

“Yeah it does but we’ll figure sumthang out like we always do,” Colt said.  “I’ll see y’all later.”

Once Colt was gone, I easily talked Corey into spending the night with me.  I used the excuse of him needing me with his work troubles.  That was true in a way but I wanted him.  The three of us talked for a little like normal before Kris rolled over.  Corey grabbed my cock and said he wanted it.  I didn’t deny him since I wanted him.  Even though our space was small, we got down to business. 

With Corey on his back and his ass aching for me, I mounted him and went inside.  He let out a grunt while my cock slid deeper.  He reached to put his hands on my ass.  I leaned over for a kiss to clearly see Kris stroking his rock hard cock.  Being watched, I went into action to give Kris a show.  I leaned up and slapped Corey’s muscular ass.

“OOO fuck yeah!” Corey screamed.

“Like that, huh?”

“Love it.  Fuck me, Matt!  Fuck that ass!  Give me that big fucking dick!”

Our skin was slapping together with Corey’s moans and groans.  Between his dirty talk and seeing Kris stroke his cock, I picked up the pace.  My bed was shaking and rattling.  I slipped out a few times and moved to my side.  I hated not being able to see Kris jack off but did find Corey’s hard cock to jack it off while I made love to him.  I heard Kris moan and knew he was busting.  It seemed to set Corey off as well.  He grunted and released his load.  I had to pull out carefully and shot mine all up and down his back.

“That shit there is better than any movie.  That was fucking and some love,” Kris stated.

“Damn right it was.  I loved every minute of it too,” Corey said and kissed me.

“I proved I can watch and not join, huh?” Kris said.

“You did,” I replied.  “Did it bring back good memories?”

“Ummm… I won’t lie but yes it did,” Kris said. 

We cleaned up our sticky smelly mess.  We talked with Kris for just a few minutes before Corey and I kissed goodnight. 


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