Posted:  February 12, 2011

After we screamed ‘Happy Birthday’, Corey had the oddest look on his face.  “There’s one little problem.  My birthday was yesterday.”

“Oh well… who cares?” Kris shouted. 

I walked up to him and threw my arms around Corey’s neck.  “Corey, I won’t lie to you but I forgot…” Tears flooded my eyes.

“It’s okay, Matt.”

“I still feel awful and hope this will make up for it,” I said.

“It sure looks like it will,” Corey stated and wiped the tears streaming down my face.  We shared a long kiss in front of the gathering.  Breaking the kiss, we looked around with all eyes on us.

“Ahhh, ain’t that so sweet,” Scott said.

“I’m ready for some birthday cake.  The smell is killin’ me,” Colt stated.

Corey smiled, “I am too.”

Corey walked over to see the cake I had bought him.  We lit the two candles before Corey blew them out.

“Alright, we have a surprise for Corey before we cut the cake,” Kris said.

Someone turned on some music.  It was playing ‘Happy Birthday’.  Scott walked up to Corey. I had no idea what was going on.  Scott pushed Corey down to have a seat.  He started singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to him and trying to be like the famous Marilyn Monroe.  Scott started by throwing off his track coat then he unsnapped his track pants to reveal a thong.  I started cracking up with Scott rubbing all over Corey.  Now everyone was laughing with Corey not knowing what to make of this.  The next song, 'It’s Raining Men', came on which Scott danced his best with all of us laughing hysterically especially when he bent over and shuck his ass in Corey’s face. 

“Kris, I want Scott to do that for my birthday,” Liz said and was laughing after Scott finished his routine.

“He’ll do it,” Kris said.

“You bet I would,” Scott laughed. “Did I make too big of an ass out myself?”

“Hell yeah you did but it was hilarious,” Colt said. “Let’s eat now that the little gay show is over.”

I walked up to Scott who was putting back on the pants.  “Thanks.”

“I said we should have had a stripper for your birthday,” Scott stated.
“So I came up with this idea for Corey.”

“Where’d you get those pants?”

“They are Bryson’s.  I said I need some like these and said he had a pair.”

By now, everyone was enjoying the cake and drinks.  I grabbed a piece of cake and went to sit with Corey. 

“That was pretty awesome,” Corey said.

“I had no idea that Scott was going to strip,” I said.

“Y’all are fucking trip,” Bryson said. “I was laughing my ass off at Scott and that look on Corey’s face was priceless.  It was gay as hell but oh well.”

We sat around and enjoyed every last piece of cake.  Those who didn’t come to see the spectacle did get to see it thanks to Jess taping Scott’s routine.  We laughed and knew it would be on YouTube.  Rick was really cool and just let us have our fun while being with us the entire time.  We slowly broke up the gathering around eleven.  I grabbed Corey by the hand and walked with him to my room.  Kris and Liz were right behind us. 

Corey saw his gift sitting on my desk and did enjoy the shirt and watch I got him. 

“I’d say that worked out pretty well, huh Matt?” Kris commented.

“It did.  Corey, I’m so sorry I forgot all about your birthday.  The second it hit me I felt so awful.”

“It happens.”

“I knew it was this week and didn’t hit until Garrett said it was Bryson’s birthday next week.”

“Corey, he almost cried,” Kris stated.

“Corey, I have a present for you.  Kris is staying with me tonight since my roommate is over at her boyfriends,” Liz said.

Corey smiled, “Sweet!”

“We better jet, Liz.  Matt, fuck his brains out and show him you love him,” Kris said.

Liz slapped Kris, “Kris, I swear!”

“Well, I’m gonna fuck your brains out, too,” Kris laughed and kissed her on the cheek.  “See ya tomorrow!”  Kris grabbed a few things before heading out the door.

Waking the next morning, Thursday, there was a smile on my face seeing Corey sleeping in Kris’s bed after we had great sex the night before.  We were so comfortable with each other when we had sex and made the experience so immensely pleasurable for both of us.  We learned what stimulated the other to make the most of it.  It would be hard to imagine me being any more in love with a person that I was.

After dressing, I woke Corey just as he requested so he wouldn’t be late for his first class.  We shared a nice kiss before I exited to start my day.  The day was chilly but promised to be warmer with the sun shining brightly.  My first class with Hayden went as smooth as possible.  I talked to Hayden but didn’t mention a word about Scott or what he was thinking.  He knew how I felt from our previous conversation so there was no sense in saying the same thing.  My next class was history with Scott, Jess and Kris.  Kris didn’t look like he had just woken up as he had before.  After class, we headed out to grab something to eat before I went back to the dorm with my day of classes completed early.  It was a slight advantage to having an early class. 

That Thursday night was rather boring with one visitor, Jess.  He was looking for Kris and had forgotten Kris would be over at Liz’s for a while.  Corey stopped by after work about nine while I was watching TV.  He snuggled against me while we watched TV together.  He didn’t stay as long as I thought he might and headed off to hang out with whoever was around down the hall.  It was my night to be less sociable and enjoy the solitude while the chance was there.

Kris came to the room before I was ready to call it a night.  He threw off his things and jumped in his bed.

“I take things are back to normal with Liz,” I stated from my bed.

“I think so or they are for now. What did I miss here tonight?  I know something was going on.”

“If there was, I don’t know about it.  I stayed here…”

“All night alone?”

“Yeah.  It was nice for a change.”

“Not even Corey stopped by?”

“He did but he didn’t stay that long,” I said.

“Falling back into being the old Matt I see.”

“Kris, I don’t have to have twenty guys in here every night.  Every now and then, it is just nice to chill out and gather my thoughts…”

“Are you and Corey having any kind of problems?”

“Not in the least.  Just because I want to be alone on a rare night doesn’t mean a thing.  Now, I can look forward to tomorrow night and seeing everyone just like you are since you weren’t around everyone.”

“You’re damn lucky I’m your roommate or else you’d be just like that every night.  What is worse is I don’t think you’d care.”

“In August, I wouldn’t have cared at all but now I do care,” I said.  I rolled over and was ready for some shut eye. 

Once my Friday classes were over and the realization there was a three day weekend upon with no classes Monday for MLK Day, I walked briskly back to the room with a cool wind cutting through me.  My room was warm and felt great.  After a few minutes, Scott came to my room in his sweats and tee.

“So are we continuing tradition for Friday?” he asked.

“I guess we could since I did like the break from lifting.”

“Matt, we have put on some much needed muscle.  Seriously, I noticed the other day just how fucking developed your body is getting…”

“Looks who is talking.  I swear those Adonis cuts are getting deep and more defined.”

Scott lifted his shirt with great pride.  He looked down and rubbed his tight abs, “Hmmm, I guess they are.  My mom noticed it over the break and expected me to return with a gut.”

Kris busted in the door.  “Light work out today, men, then we’re hitting the courts to practice more.”

“We’re doing laps like every Friday,” Scott stated.

“That’s cool,” Kris stated. “Bring some cash too since Bryson is making a liquor run for us.”

Scott pulled out his wallet, “Here’s twenty.  Get me… errr… a twelve of Bud Light and a bottle of Vodka.”

Kris grabbed the twenty, found a pen and wrote a note of Scott’s order.  “Matt, do you want anything or are you bumming from us?”

I gave it a short thought.  I grabbed my wallet.  “Grab a bottle of Vodka for me as well.”

“Damn, it’ll be like a fucking liquor store around here at this rate,” Kris commented before starting to change.

“We’ll teach him to volunteer again,” Scott laughed.

Scott and I headed off together to swim laps in the pool as we had done every Friday last semester.  We did our thing and changed to catch a peek at how things were going on the court.   We found the group after checking one other gym.  Scott joined them while I stood along a wall to watch.  After watching for a few minutes, there was no doubt Bryson and Garrett were the best two among the group.  After grabbing a seat, I felt a light tap on my shoulder.

“How do they look?” Corey asked.

“Alright but I’m hardly a judge here.” 

“What’s up for tonight?”

“Drinking,” I replied. “Bryson is getting his brother to buy for us.”

“Kick ass,” Corey said.  “I’ll see you about eight or so.”  He walked away and resumed doing what he did here. 

The practice or what was called a practice finished.  They headed to shower while I lingered around and waited.  Scott emerged in the group and drove me and Kris back to the dorm.

Back at the dorm, Kris and I cleared some closet space since he volunteered our room for storage for the alcohol.  We waited until hearing a knock at the door.  Bryson was standing there with a large paper grocery sack.  He and Garrett along with Jess hauled all the booze to our room.  We laughed when they were finished at our stash for the weekend.

“My brother said this better last us for a while,” Bryson stated.

“Was he cool with buying all this?” Kris asked.

“He made a little extra for the trouble,” Garrett laughed.

“That’s cool as fuck for him to do it,” Kris stated.

“Now are we sure about Rick?” Bryson asked. “The last thing my ass needs is to get on his bad side to start out the semester.”

“You saw last night he’s pretty chill,” Scott said.

“I still have a card left from last semester I could use,” I stated.

“I forgot about that.  What is it?” Kris asked.

“Corey and I caught him in the shower with a girl one night…”

“Damn!” Bryson said. “I saw him a girl earlier.  She was fucking hot!”

“It was the same girl,” I stated.

“Did she look good naked?” Bryson asked me.

“Dumbass, think who you are asking that to,” Jess stated.

I shrugged, “She looked very good I have to admit.  Very nice body but not really big tits.”

“Matt, sometimes it slips my mind you are…,” Bryson stated with his voice trailing.

“That’s how I like it,” I smiled.

The temptation was too strong for most of them.  They couldn’t stand that there was beer, lots of it.  We cleared out the fridge and put what we could of Kris’s twenty-four pack in ours.  Soon they were opening beer left and right to enjoy it.  Word filtered out that the alcohol was here and waiting.  A small parade started coming in and out of our room.  The door opened wide with Rick standing there.

“Seriously did you think you could get that stuff by me?” he asked with his hands on his hips and trying to show authority.

“Nope, so we bought you a bottle of Jack,” Jess said.

“Trying to blackmail me so no one would get in trouble I see.”

“Hell yeah we are!” Jess stated. “If that doesn’t work, we have extra ammo, right Matt?”

Rick looked at me and smiled. “Guys, you know I really don’t care just as long as you keep it under control.  One fight… Kris… and every bit of this shit is getting poured out.”

“Deal,” Kris said. “Are we cool then?”

“Like I said, just keep it under control and I’ll take this blackmail and enjoy it,” Rick said. “You know, y’all are utterly amazing.  I tell the others what a group I have here…”

“They don’t believe it.  I wouldn’t have until I moved up here, dude.  These dudes are so freaking cool it is unreal,” Bryson said.

“One more thing, don’t make this a habit either,” Rick stated and left the room with his bottle in his hand.  The door was barely closed before Colt came walking into the room with a beer in his hand and laughing.

“Rick passed me in the hall and didn’t say shit,” Colt stated.

“He was just here and warned us,” Garrett said.

“Dudes, we better chill tonight the best we can so we can do this more often,” Kris said.  “We fuck it up tonight and it may fuck up our entire semester.”

“What’s up your ass?” Scott asked and laughed.

“I’m just saying.  We can party but try to keep under control.  One of us fucks up and we’re all toast,” Kris said.

“He’s right,” Bryson stated. “We chill the fuck out and we can do this more often but I do wanna see a few of you drunk.”

“Last time I got hammered some bitch shaved my fucking pubes,” Colt stated and took a long swig.

“Seriously? Who?” Bryson asked.

“We still don’t know,” Kris said. “Matt?”

“I don’t have clue,” I said as I shrugged my shoulders.  Still after all this time, no one had broken the silence and confused.

“That’s weird though,” Bryson said.

We talked for a while longer with the TV on for no reason.  We went and ate before returning to the dorm.  We chilled in my room until the guys next door said we could use their room as well.  It did help a little but our door turned into a revolving one.

“Kris, where’s Liz tonight?” Jess asked.

“Oh she was going to do her thing and let me do mine.  Speaking of, has anyone seen Alex?”

“He went out on a double date tonight with his roommate,” Jess replied.

“Is he still with Elise?” I asked.

“Yes, he says he is,” Jess stated.  “He said he was getting fucked up tomorrow night unless Elise was putting out.”

“That’s what I definitely need, a girl that will spread those legs for me.  My ass got laid fucking three times last semester… three fucking times!” Bryson said.

“What do you care?  You jack off every night,” Garrett said with us laughing.

“So, do you,” Bryson said. “Who here doesn’t jack off?”

“Not me,” Kris laughed.

“Ain’t that the truth,” I laughed.

“Does Matt help you out?” Garrett asked.

“Fuck no!” Kris said.  Kris was drinking and started in on the story about Corey and me and our disaster.  I did have a few tales of my own to share along the way.

Our group continued to talk and drink.  By now, I had had a few but was waiting on Corey to share.  Corey came in when he said he was and jumped right in the middle of us.  As the night progressed, everyone seemed to be fairly under control while I kept an eye on Corey.  I wanted him to have fun but keep it under control by not overdoing it.  Rick did check up on us once but said he was doing his duty.  We were having a great time with almost all of us having a decent buzz going on until Kris started doing shots.  Bryson and Jess were there with him so he wouldn’t be alone.  All the shots did was make all three drunk as hell.  It did begin to get a little crazy by midnight.  Our first causality of the night was Colt when he passed out in our neighbor’s room.  Scott was the next one and started throwing up all in their room as well.  Once that started, it signaled the end of our night around two.  Slowly, everyone started leaving the room.  Kris was lying on his bed and pretty drunk.  By now, Corey and I were feeling it but not as bad as Kris. 

“Matt, just have Corey stay here,” Kris said on his bed and just him, me and Corey.

“I was going to do that,” Corey stated.

“Just don’t get too loud over there.”

“We’ll do our best to keep it down,” I said.  I hit the lights just a few minutes before two in the morning.  Kris wanted the TV on which I didn’t mind and knew I would probably be asleep within minutes unless Corey had other plans in mind.

We lay there with just the sound of the TV before Kris spoke up.  “Everyone was really cool, huh?”

“I think they were,” I said with Corey holding me close.

“I don’t know about you guys but I need to bust a nut right about now,” Kris stated.

“Have at it,” Corey said.

“I think I will,” Kris said.  He pushed back the sheet and began playing with his cock like Corey and I weren’t there.  He continued to play with his cock and didn’t seem to be getting hard.  “You think you could help a buddy out over here?” Kris turned to us.

“Fuck Kris, you are drunk!” I said.

“Maybe but what would it hurt if I got some help tonight?  Matt, I know it is your dream.”

I froze.  “You know we could help him out, Matt.”

“Together you can show me what pleasure you give each other,” Kris stated.

“Kris, give it up.  Matt doesn’t want to,” Corey said.

“Corey, we could do it together just this once and show Kris gay sex stuff ain’t that bad,” I said.

“Yeah but no one is fucking me,” Kris said. “This is a one night offer.”

“Well… let’s show this straight boy a thing or two,” Corey said.  “Matt, before we do this, you promise there won’t be any repercussions.”

“I will as long as you promise the same,” I said.

“Quit fucking talking and do this shit before I sober my ass up.  All I’m saying is if we do this shit, it better never leave this goddamn room,” Kris stated with his legs spread wide and looking so inviting with his cock sitting there between his legs below a nice bush.

I kissed Corey passionately before we moved out my bed.  I grabbed some lube before Corey and I moved to begin stroking Kris’s cock.  It was really very unreal to be doing this with Kris.  We did our best to get him hard and finally achieved that after a few minutes.

“Feels fucking great.  Who’s the first guy mouth to suck my dick?” Kris asked.

“Matt, you do the honors,” Corey said.

I kissed Corey.  The next thing I knew I was sucking Kris’s cock.  His cock was really in my mouth and tasted great. I was really enjoy it and could hear Kris was enjoying it as well.  Corey pecked me on the shoulder and took over Kris’s cock.  I moved out of the way and watched Corey go down on Kris.  Kris was leaned back and enjoying this.

“Damn Matt, you can suck dick,” Kris stated. “Corey’s not bad either.”

“I’ve had lots of practice,” I said, standing.  I moved closer to Kris’s face.  “You wanna try?”

Kris didn’t answer and started sucking my cock.  Oh my god, I was in heaven and never dreamed this would ever happen.  Kris didn’t suck me very long.

“Now, I don’t see what the fuck you guys get out of sucking dick,” Kris said.

Corey stopped, “We know how it feels to have our dicks sucked.”

“I guess,” Kris said.  “OOOO fuck yeah, Corey suck my dick.”

“Is he better than Liz?” I asked.

“You were for damn sure,” Kris said and moved to push Corey’s spiked hair down on his cock.  “Bitch, who wants fucked?  I might as well see what all this shit is about.”

“I’m not ready,” I said.

Corey smiled, “I am.  Matt, I love you so much but can he?”

“I guess so,” I said. “Hell, we’ve gone this far.”

“Matt, you eat his ass out and get it ready to be royally fucked,” Kris said.

Corey moved to my bed and threw his legs high in the air.  I started kissing his ass and fingering it.  Sure enough, he was clean.  If not, I wondered if Kris would go through with this.  I moved down and started licking his hole.  Kris moved around and let Corey keep sucking his cock.  I licked and sucked Corey’s cock.  Kris grabbed a condom and stumbled over to where I was.  He pushed me away. 

“Just like fucking a girl, huh?” Kris asked.

“You tell us,” I said.

Kris put on the condom while I lubed them up.  I moved up and kissed Corey.  He groaned in my mouth when Kris entered his ass.  Kris pushed Corey’s muscular legs forward.

“Tighter than pussy,” Kris commented.

“Fuck him,” I said.

“Corey, you suck Matt’s fucking monster,” Kris said.

Corey did while Kris was fucking him.  I couldn’t focus on how great Corey was doing for watching Kris actually fucking Corey.  These two hot studs were really doing this. 

“Oh fuck yeah, Corey!” Kris moaned.

Corey stopped sucking.  “Feels so fucking good, Kris!”

“Your ass is actually hot as hell,” Kris said.

“Tell me about it,” I said and felt Corey back sucking my cock.  This entire scene was so unreal.  I wish I could take a picture of this moment. 

“Matt, you wanna hit this shit for a while?” Kris asked.

“Hell yeah,” I said.

Kris pulled out and tossed his condom.  I could see he was dripping.  I donned the Magnum and slid back in Corey with ease.  Corey took Kris’s cock in his mouth while I fucked Corey.  Normally, we’d be lip locked at this time but tonight was different in so many ways. 

Corey said his legs were tired and got on his knees in the floor.  I slid back in Corey’s ass while Kris put his hard cock back in Corey’s mouth.  I grabbed Corey’s hips and thrust deeply into him.  I was rock hard with all the vision stimulation along with Kris’s soft moans.  We were sweaty and breathing hard.

“OOOO fuck!” Kris screamed.  He pulled back and plastered Corey’s face with his cream.  I watched my boyfriend get a full facial from my best friend.  My cock came out and flooded Corey’s back.  After wiping off a little, I got between Corey’s legs and sucked his cock until he exploded down my throat.  I moved up to kiss Corey and saw Kris on his bed.  Corey and I continued to kiss and moved to my bed. 

“What a fucking night,” Corey stated.

“What a weird fucking night but it was fun,” I said.

“Matt, I love you like never before.”

“I love you too.”

Kris was asleep on top of the covers with his hot ass shining our way.  Corey held me tight before we were drifting off to sleep.  I wondered how different my relationship would be with both guys after this night. 


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