Posted:   May 24, 2011

Once the announcement was made and the curtain raised, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. 

Corey nudged me, “Seriously?”

I know,” I said in utter shock.

“Can you believe this shit?” Colt asked me quietly.  “I knew Kris would chicken out!”

On the stage was Scott in a tee and shorts.  Now the biggest question that came to mind was what precipitated this?  Did Kris back out?  I thought Kris was messing with me the entire time and would follow through.  Now I wondered where he was.  I scanned the contestants to see it was a vast mix of the ones serious and the ones not.  There were four female judges watching while the line of maybe twenty guys paraded across the stage.  Scott was all smiles while he walked.  Then music started.  Each contest did something very brief, dance or something comical.  Some came out of their shirts for us to see an array of bodies.  Body wise, Scott had great competition but with his swimmer body he could hold his own.   Scott was near the middle and stayed in his shorts but lost his shirt.  He gave a brief dance that showed his best features. 

The judges quickly dropped the number to eight with Scott in that number.  The next round was more of the same but longer.  Scott got a tough act to follow with the guy getting lots of laughs with his stomach roll.  Scott did his thing to our cheers.  If nothing else, the girls in front of us thought Scott was hot. 

In the end, Scott finished out of the top three.  We were extremely proud of him for his braveness.  Thinking back, Scott was absolutely perfect for this competition when he showed no holding back in Corey’s birthday dance.  Colt made note of that at the end with all of us agreeing. 

Next was time for the ladies or girls.  We didn’t have a dog in this fight as Colt put it.  I sit and watched a dozen girls strut on stage.  A majority were very cute and had the others talking back and forth. 

Once a winner was crowned for the girls with the competition being serious, we headed back to the dorms.  Out of habit, the guys piled into my room without Kris being there.   We were hashing things over when Scott and Hayden entered the room.

“That’s our boy right there!” Colt said. “Biggest fucking balls I’ve ever seen.”

Scott was all smiles with his arm around Hayden.  “Hey someone had to do it.”

“So when did the change occur?” I asked.

“Today,” Scott replied. “Kris was going to do it but thought I’d be perfect for it…”

“You were!” Bryson said. “It brought back memories of Corey’s birthday.”

“That’s what Kris said to me afterwards…” Scott said with Kris coming in the room. 

“I don’t want any shit,” Kris said. “It couldn’t have worked out any better.”

“We heard why you weren’t up on stage tonight but it did work out just fine,” Jess said.

“Where were you, Kris?” Corey asked.

“I was roped into sitting with Bethany and her friends,” Kris said.

“Understood,” Colt said and packed his can for a dip.   He wasn’t alone and was joined by Kris, Brennan and Bryson.  Kris gave us a full run down of his brainstorm about it hit him how Scott would be perfect for tonight.

With Justin there with us, we gave him all the praise in the world for his performance.  Most of us, me included, didn’t know of his hidden talent.  Next, Kris got the others in order for the next day and the outside athletic competition.   We hated the fact Corey had to work and would be missed in the tug-o-war.

I was half awake when I first heard my phone ring and then Kris’s phone goes off right after mine.  I grabbed my phone and saw I had missed a call from my Mom.  After wiping the sleep from my eyes, I returned the call with Kris not being affected by the ringing phones. 

Excuse me!” I said into the phone.  “You are where?”  With that Mom told me she was with Walt and Jenny, Kris’s parents, for another surprise weekend since we didn’t know our way home plus Kris had mentioned about today.  The nice part was they were about an hour away and wanted to treat us to breakfast.  I hung up the phone and had a hell of a time waking Kris up. 

“Are you kidding me, Matt?” Kris asked, sitting up in his bed.

“No, check your phone.  It rang about five or ten minutes ago,” I said.  I grabbed his phone and handed it to him.  “They are coming to take us out for breakfast. You opened your trap about this weekend so they decided to make a road trip to see their babies as our Moms put it.”

We knew we had a little time before they arrived.  Kris got ready and called Colt to tell him we’d be back for the noon start.  Just as I had finished dressing, Colt and Bryson came in the room.

“Wassup?” Colt asked with a big smile.

“You rude little bitches!” Kris said.

“Hey, I’m here for payback,” Bryson joked.

“No dude, we came down to get the schedule like you said,” Colt stated.

“Oh yeah, I guess you are in case we’re running late.  I still bet my parents would treat ya, too,” Kris stated.

“Fine with me if they do,” Bryson said. “I was just kidding about the payback.”

“No, you weren’t,” Colt said, which was my exact thought.

“If you were or weren’t, my folks won’t care,” Kris said.

“Yeah, it’s just a grown up version of Kris.  His dad is cool as fuck,” Colt stated.

We sat around and waited until the parents called.  They came bringing welcomed home baked goodies as always.  My mom was all smiles and gave me such a big hug.

“Dad, Colt and Bryson are going with us,” Kris stated.

“That’s fine.  We know how you are by now, son,” Walt said.

I could see Bryson and Colt whispering to each other and laughing. “What’s so funny?” Kris asked.

“Matt is a spitting image of his mom if she added some muscle,” Colt stated.

“You should’ve seen Matt when the semester started. His ass looked just like her then.  Both were skin…”  Kris said and got a swat on the arm from his mom. “What?”

“Dude, you said ass,” I laughed.

“That makes two of us then,” Kris said. 

Mom was shaking her head.  “Linda, I’d hate to be here around these guys all the time,” Jenny said to Mom.

“I know,” Mom replied and laughed.

“You should hear the f-bombs go off here,” Kris joked.  “Colt busted one on Bryson’s dad when he came.”

“He sure did,” Bryson said.

“So are there four hungry foul mouthed young college guys here because us old folks are about to starve?” Walt asked.

“You bet we are,” Kris replied.

I took my car so I could spend time with my Mom.  It was such a welcome surprise just like it was the first semester.  She did some great bragging on me and how great I looked with my new earrings even though she had seen the pictures and shared them with Kris’s parents.  At the chain restaurant, we sat around and enjoyed entertaining our parents.  We found they had come for the day and would stay the night before going back in the morning.  If we couldn’t and wouldn’t come to them, they would come to us and enjoy a nice weekend. 

We had enough time to make to the competitions planned for the day.  Since the venue was close by, we walked there with Mom and I grabbing a seat.

“Matt, I really expected to see Corey by now,” she said.

“You will later after he gets off work.”

“Then tonight I plan to treat my son and his boyfriend if that’s okay with you,” she said.

“No arguments out of me,” I said.

Quickly I could see it was going to be a long day with the individual races first up.  They were boring to me except when Bryson’s turn arrived to show his speed.  He did finish high enough to qualify for the next round.  He didn’t fare so well in the next round but he was out there giving it his all. 

After the serious stuff came the relays.  We had four in that with Bryson, Alex, Jess and Scott taking part.  It was the usual thing but with an added twist of running with a ball between their legs.  There was a little comedy involved with a few of the runners busting it.  Our foursome finished third. 

The action continued with the obstacle course.  Now the events were moving at a nice pace and fun to watch.  Scott did our part and showed his agility but just barely got beat in the end.

If nothing else the long day had given Mom and me some quality time.  She said she enjoyed being around us and seeing me interact with all my friends.  Just before the prelims started for the big tug-o-war Corey came strolling up and was accosted by Kris before he could reach me and Mom to say hi.  The next thing I knew our guys were down on the field in a huge mud pit that they kept watering.  The first match was a struggle but our guys came through in the end to advance. 

Corey came up and wasn’t too muddy.  He spoke to my Mom before returning to engage in the next round.  We moved closer to the action to get a better view.  I looked at our guys and then at the other team.  After an epic battle, our guys lost and ended up in the mud pit.  Hearing the guys come out, I wanted to reach over and cover Mom’s ears with the words flying before they were hosed off.  I thankfully had my camera and got some nice shots of my muddy friends. 

I walked up to a drenched Corey and smiled.  “Mom wants to take us out tonight,” I told him.

“Awesome,” Corey said. “Linda, do you care if I go like this?”

Mom chuckled, “Corey if you want to.”

“Hey, we didn’t win a thing but it was fun, right?” Kris said loudly.

Whatever you say,” Colt replied. 

After a day in the sun, we headed back.  Our parents left us to dress freshen up for the night.  I got directions to their motel before they left. 

Corey and I headed over to pick up Mom with Kris’s parents treating a majority of the others.  When we arrived, Mom was waiting.  “Matt, why don’t we go where Walt and Jenny are going with Kris?”

“We can do that,” I replied.

“We decided since we spent the entire day together with our sons that going out to eat with all of them would be nice,” Mom stated.  “They are going to eat pizza at some place Kris wants to go.”

“I know exactly where that is,” I said.  “If nothing else, we can grab a table alone but close to the rowdy gang.”

We arrived and found them holding three spots at a large table in the rear.  It wasn’t my plan but Mom said she didn’t mind at all.  We sat around with tons of laughs and good times while waiting and then eating.  Again, my camera was there to take great pictures to secure the memories of my college days.

Driving back after eating, Corey asked, “Do you think maybe we could spend the night together?”

“I don’t see why not…”

“Awesome!  I hate to admit it but I need you and want you.”

“Just admit that you’re horny,” I laughed.

“Okay, I’m horny as fuck and need some dick.  How’s that?”

“Brutally honest,” I replied. “There’s nothing wrong with my fine ass boyfriend wanting sex.  I could use a little myself.”

“What do we do if Kris wants to join us?”


“Just say you don’t mind.  I think it’s hot to see you and Kris going at it,” Corey stated.

“Okay but are we sending the wrong message to him?”

“Maybe we are but at this point in our relationship I’m secure…”

“That’s true.  I am too without any jealousy.”

“Let’s just see what happens.  Maybe since he’s found that girl Bethany he may not wanna fool around with us,” Corey said.  I parked in the lot but not close as usual.  We headed up to my room where the usual gathering was occurring.  Again, Scott and Hayden were there despite what Scott had mentioned as their relationship ending.  Missing was Garrett along with Alex, Noah and Kendall.  I suppose the latter two were making the break away from us or just had grown tired of us. 

At one or so after the guys had vacated the room, Corey and I sat on my bed with Kris on his.

“Kris, Corey is staying the night with me,” I stated.

“That’s fine with me.  He’s welcome any night he needs your big dick,” Kris said.

“Can you handle it?” Corey asked.

“Yeah, I can handle it just like I did the other night,” Kris replied.

“Are you sure?” I asked.

“Yes, I said I could and will do it again,” Kris said with emphasis.

“Okay,” I said.  Corey and I started out slow on my bed with light kissing and petting.  I could see Kris but he was rolled over on his side to ignore us.  I lifted off Corey’s shirt and began to kiss all over his body.  I whispered that I loved him and continued to adorn his body with kisses.  Corey yanked off my shirt and began kissing me on the neck, which I love, before moving down.  He was so great at taking his time and letting me enjoy his kisses.  I could feel his hand grabbing my cock under my shorts.  Still, Kris was rolled over on his side and not watching us. 

Corey reached down to take off my shorts.  A thunderous knock hit the door.

“Shit!” I growled, startled while Kris jumped up.  He grabbed a towel and slung it around his waist before slowly opening the door.

“Holy fuck, Scott!” Kris said but I couldn’t see a thing.  “What happened to you?”

The door opened for Corey and me to see Scott and Colt at the door.
“Jess fucking jumped him,” Colt said entering the room with a bruised and shaken Scott.  Scott found the nearest chair and collapsed.  He burst into tears.

Colt and Kris were doing their best to comfort Scott.

“I was walking out to my truck to grab a can that I had stashed in there.  The next thing I see is Jess on top of Scott,” Colt stated.  “I pulled Jess off.  He ran to his car like a little bitch and drove off.”

I approached Scott slowly to see a spot below his eye.  There was no mistaking he was scared to death.  “Scott, what happened?”

Scott pulled it together and looked at me with teary eyes.  “He thinks I was playing with his ass.  I’m… to blame!”

“I don’t care what the fuck you did,” Kris said. “Jess had no right to do this.  Has he lost his fucking mind?”

“I think so.  The look on his face said he had,” Colt said.

After Scott calmed down, we got the story.  It seemed he said something to Jess about them getting together after he broke up with Hayden.  Jess said he brought Hayden around to tease him but he and Hayden had come to an accord of some sort to stay together.  Scott said he tried to explain it but Jess went off on him like a mad man.

“Is Jess that fucked up?” Kris asked after Scott finished.

“I think so,” Corey said.

“I’m just glad Colt was around.  I don’t know what came over him.  It’s not like Jess at all,” Scott said.

“Scott, be honest.  Have you and Jess been messing around?” I asked.

“No, really we haven’t.  I told him yesterday or the day before I was breaking up with Hayden.  He said he wanted us to try since he thought I was hot.  I agreed,” Scott replied.

“I don’t guess I realize how bi Jess really is,” Kris said.

“Me either,” Colt said.

Finally about two thirty, Scott and Colt left the room.  Kris went over to go to bed while Corey and I got in mine.  Corey held me close while we dozed off to sleep.

Corey was up early the next morning for work.  He left me in bed alone but with more room.  I was up for good at nine or so.  Last night’s incident didn’t make any sense to me unless Jess was that set on him and Scott getting together. 

Kris woke about ten with me playing on the computer.  “Something really wasn’t right last night.”

“I was thinking the same thing.”

“I want to get Jess’s end of the story before I decide.  We both know Scott far too well and know he does flirt…”

“Thus sending the wrong message,” I commented with my phone ringing.  I had about forgotten all about Mom and Kris’s parents being in town.  They were on their way to our dorm with donuts and milk before having to leave us. 

When they arrived, Kris and I agreed to keep quiet about the incident since they didn’t need to know.  We took the warm donuts and ate a few with our parents in the room.  I appreciated the surprise visit and told Mom how much it meant to me.  Kris and I walked down for a final goodbye and returned up the stairs with Colt coming down the hall in our direction.  We opened the door to our room and took a seat.

“I think we’re getting half the fucking story here,” Colt said.

“Okay, what are we missing?” I asked.

“I think Scott has been flirting with Jess and telling him how bad he wanted him,” Colt replied. 

“Who said that?” Kris asked with Colt taking advantage of our donuts.

“Damn these are fire,” Colt said with his mouth full.  “Ummm… Bryson and Brennan both mentioned it to me earlier.”

“I don’t care what Scott did or didn’t do.  Jess had no right to jump him like he did,” I commented.

“Jess had his hopes up and probably thought Scott was teasing him…” Colt stated.

“Scott did say he did try to explain it to him though,” Kris said.  “Hey, has anyone seen Jess around?”

“His car is still gone,” Colt replied.

“He can’t be gone forever,” I said.

Bryson, Garrett and Alex came marching in our room.  “Sweet!” Bryson yelled and grabbed a donut.  “So who are we believing in this shit?”

“Let’s not take sides before we know the facts,” Kris rationally said.

“I’m siding with Jess.   Something had to set him off to do what he did,” Alex said.

“You don’t know that,” I said.

Neither Scott nor Jess was around.  We tried Scott’s room but did get Juan’s side of what he thought was going on.  He didn’t help that much and confused us more than anything.  By now, Kris was getting antsy.  He gathered up us up to find an area to practice softball.  The time away did get our minds diverted from the drama plus added to our tans on this beautiful day. 

After practice, it was just Kris, Colt and I in our room.  We waited and expected the rest to come down.  Corey came in when he got off work to catch up on things. Still the others weren’t around.  Corey and I left when Bethany came to the room. We headed to Corey’s room and found it empty.  In a sly move, Corey called Michael to see where he was.  He found he was with his girl Brianna and studying with her.

With Michael gone, Corey and I got naked to start back where we were.  Corey was so great and made great love to me in his bed.  It was very hot with us starting slow until I wanted to feel him in me.  I did with Corey pounding my ass with his thick cock. We were both sweating and moaning with the sound of our skin popping together as Corey fucked me harder and harder.  He slipped out of me, leaving me empty.  I soon felt cum hitting my ass followed by Corey ramming his cock back inside me.  With his cock back in me and his hand stroking my hard 8 inches, I easily got off.  He stayed inside while we kissed with my cum drying.  He slid out of me but I knew my ass had been well fucked by my great hot ass boyfriend.

I left Corey’s room about ten and headed back to my room.  I did knock and opened the door with Kris, Colt and Scott sitting around.

“Matt, it seems some of our friends are blaming Scott,” Kris stated.

“Yeah, Bryson was fucking rude to me.  He said I deserved what I got,” Scott said.

“That was rude.  I don’t care what you said you didn’t deserve this especially from someone we’ve been friends with since day one here,” I commented.

“That’s what I said,” Kris stated.

“We’re sticking with Scott no matter what Jess says,” Colt said.  “It was just wrong.”


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