Posted:   May 21, 2011

Waking Monday, I realized how fast time was going here.  March would turn into April this week and signal the end of cool weather.  So far, we’d been rather lucky and had a nice beginning to spring with great temperatures and fairly pleasant weather.  With six weeks or so left in my freshman year, the professors decided to pour it on.   Up to this point, they had done a superb job of spacing my tests but that now was over with another piled on top of the two already scheduled. 

Returning to my room after a long day which included biology lab, Kris was half asleep when I came inside.  He rubbed his eyes and saw it was only me.  I threw down my things, “Fucking shit!”

“Matt, wassup?”

I shook my brown hair that now was a mess from the long day.  “Just a ton of shit to do!”

“I agree but you know what today is don’t ya?”

I peered towards the ceiling in thought with my mind racing to see who’s birthday or what special event I had neglected.  It hit me.  “Our first game, huh?”

“Damn right it is.  The Bullets make their season debut at 5,” Kris stated.  “We chose Bullets since we aren’t a power team.”

“Great,” I said and flopped down on my bed with my shirt flying off.

“You get to make your rookie debut today,” Kris stated. 

“Just keep piling it on why don’t ya?”

“I have great faith in you.  You’ve practiced hard and won’t be a complete embarrassment.”

I turned.  “Thanks for the compliment.  I’ll just be a partial embarrassment then.”

Kris laughed, “So is Corey making it today?  Justin and Tashaun wanna play as well.  I need to know before I make out the lineup for the game.  They understand we’ve practiced and will get to play first.”

“Put either one in my spot,” I stated. “It’s not that big of a deal to me.”

Kris shook his head with emphasis.  “No fucking way, Matt.  You’re playing then we’ll see how it goes.”

I relaxed for a while until Corey and Colt came into the room.  Corey was excited and ready to participate in the game after having to miss the entire basketball season.

Looking at our schedule, Colt commented.  “It’s really funny how all our games are on Monday and Thursday.”

Corey smiled, “Well… I had a little influence on that you might say.  It’s one of the advantages of working where they handle all that stuff.”

We laughed and razed him a little but it was nice he could dictate it that way.  Soon our room was flooded with the additional players. 

Instead of riding, most of us walked to the field while Kris and Colt drove to carry the equipment.  I warmed up with Corey before our team took the field to start the hour game.  Kris had a rough beginning pitching and walked two of the first batters.  Luckily the other team, the Lakers, only scored two runs before it was our turn to hit.  We were finished in a hurry with three fly balls that other team caught.  By the next time we batted the other team was ahead by five runs.  With two outs and two on, Corey stepped to the plate.  He hit a very weak ball in the air that just got over the fielder’s head to score two runs. 

The inning I was first up.  My legs were shaking like never before.  The first ball was over my head but I swung and missed it.  It was easy to hear the yells from the guys.  The next one nearly hit me so I didn’t swing.  The next ball looked perfect.  I swung hard and hit the ball hard on the ground.  Racing to first base, the guy caught the ball just as I hit the base.  I was called out by the one brave umpire we had.  Kris let his temper out and got a visit from the umpire.  Thankfully, he controlled his mouth and didn’t curse which was a huge surprise. 

To begin the next inning, I volunteered to let the others play but they wanted to play in the field.  Alex, Jess and Corey took a seat while three subs came in the game.  I knelt down as the catcher. 

“Sorry about the call, guy,” the umpire said quietly to me.

“It’s okay,” I said. “But was I out?”

“I don’t think so,” he replied. 

“We all make mistakes,” I said with the ball coming my direction.

“Tell that hothead to watch it though,” he said.

From that point on our team couldn’t catch the ball.  My next and last time at bat, I hit a weak fly ball to the shortstop.  My debut ended with us losing by eight runs and no hits plus one missed pop up.  All in all, it was kind of fun even though losing wasn’t fun at all.  Our team took it better than I thought and said it was just the first game. 

After the game, we showered at the dorm but that was rather calm other than the occasional towel slap.  After dressing, the guys gathered in the center room to discuss the upcoming fall semester. 

“Let’s hear it, Noah,” Kris said.

“Well, our options are to apply for the newest dorm but there are no guarantees we’d even get a room.  If we did, there’s the strong possibility of us being separated on different floors…” Noah stated.

“That’s out the door,” Colt said.

“Hold on just a second before we continue this, is everyone on board here or is this just to see what’s out there?” Kris asked.

“We’re seeing,” Kendall replied. “Noah and I are definitely not making guarantees.”

“Me either,” Jess said.

“Let me continue.  They are renovating a dorm that is similar to the new one but it’s without the kitchenette.  Basically it’s two adjoining rooms with a bathroom and small living space between.  I saw the floor plan and the bedrooms look rather big.  The worst part is it is on the other side of campus.”

“Fine by me,” Bryson stated.  “What did they say our chances were there of getting four of those together?”

“Actually pretty good by what I was told,” Noah said.  “We really need to jump on it if that’s what we decide.”

“Exactly where is this place?” Colt asked.

“It’s that old thing they are working on near the Rec Center,” Noah stated.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” Kris asked. “I’d say that’s perfect!”

Noah smiled, “I thought you’d say that.”

“Perfect for me whether the rest of you come or not,” Corey stated.

“I’d say we’re set for next year,” Kris stated.  “Does everyone agree?”

“Oh they need a hundred dollar deposit as well to secure the rooms.  It’ll be credited if we get the rooms,” Noah said.

We discussed the housing situation for a little while longer before heading off to grab something to eat on campus.  After eating, it was study time for a majority of us including Kris.  For once, Kris and I were back in our room with the sole intention of studying.  

We were seated at just into our studying when Kris spoke up, “Ummm… Alex mentioned to me something that he’d sorta promised Justin he’d room with him next year.”

“That may be a problem then.”

“I know but I’m not real sure Kendall and Noah are totally for this.  They have the funds to move away from campus.”

“That’s fine if they do.  As we said, they won’t be too far away if they do.”

“If they do, that solves that but if not, we have trouble.”

“Kris, we can worry about that later.  I really need to hit the books hard if you don’t mind,” I said.

“Yeah, I do too but there’s so much shit going on its hard to concentrate,” Kris said.

“Number one you need to turn off your phone.  I heard you over there texting…”

“Bethany was just checking up on me.  She hated she missed the game today.”

I turned around.  “Not another word for one hour.”

Kris did study and only spent a little time socializing in the hall for what he called a break.  My mind was focused on studying and was able to concentrate on my work. 

At eleven or so, I did walk down to see Corey as my break.  We sat there and talked with Michael.  He and his girl Brianna were going through a rough spot in their relationship by what Michael said.  He didn’t think it was bad enough to end it but they needed a short break to maybe appreciate each other more.  We did get some good news from him in that he said he and another guy had plans on moving in together next semester since he assumed Corey and I would be together.

The next day after classes, we meet and headed over to the housing office to get things settled. Corey took another day off to get everything settled with school, which is very understood at the Rec Center.  He said if nothing else he could go after we finished if he was needed.

“Hey, where are Noah and Kendall?” Kris asked Brennan.

“Well… they aren’t real sure they want room on campus after all,” Brennan said.

“Here Noah did the leg work,” Colt said.

“I know but I don’t think his heart is really in this staying on campus,” Brennan stated.

“How about you?” Jess asked.

“Hell I’m good,” Brennan laughed.

“Call Alex and tell him we got room for Justin and one more,” Kris said.  Jess grabbed his phone and started calling since Alex was hanging back. 

“He’ll catch us there.  That made his day!” Jess said.

“I guess Noah and Kendall will miss out,” Scott said. 

“Scott, what about Hayden?” Bryson asked.

Scott shook his head.  “We’re doing okay but that dude has big problems.”

“Don’t we all!” Kris said.

We entered the housing office and got an odd look from the director, especially when Alex and Justin arrived a few minutes later.  She chuckled when we told our situation.  We paid our deposit and choose our rooms.  Nothing was set yet on who was with who but we did now have three suites secure for the fall.  Seeing the layout got me excited with the bedrooms looking just a little smaller than our current ones.  We left the housing office and headed back to the dorms.   We gathered in the center room where we could spread out on our laptops to register for our classes.  My classes were set by my advisor for my major.  Kris on the other hand was setting his sights on coaching and lined up classes that way.  Corey was much undecided and took basic business classes. 

As we were clicking away, Noah and Kendall came in the room.  They told us their decision to move off after a long debate the night before.  They had their sights set on some apartments just down the street from our new dorm rooms.  I thanked Noah personally for getting together the information.  He said he did so to see if he could talk Kendall into changing his mind.  A few said if things didn’t work out, they’d be right there with them with Bryson and Garrett really stressing it.

In the end, I was able to get one each with Corey, Bryson and Alex since they were going into the business major.  Once we finished with registering, we headed off to eat.  After I ate very little, I headed back to the dorm.  Corey was trailing right behind me.  

I shut our door and sat down at my desk.  “You’re welcome to stay if you’d like but I have to study,” I stated.

“Why?  You studied almost all of last night.”

I shrugged, “It has to be done.  Of all people, I thought you’d fully understand.”

“I do,” he said standing. “Don’t come calling when you need a break.”

I shot him a look, “Can I not do what we’re suppose to do here?”

“I just thought you’d like a break for a little while.  I don’t guess you do then.”

I stood and grabbed him.  “Corey, I love you but this is necessary.”  I gave him a kiss.

“Alright then maybe I should use your example and do more studying as well.  See ya later,” Corey said. 

Wednesday wasn’t much different for me.  I was beginning to feel the pressure of college now more than ever.  I did have one test out of the way but still two more to come before the week was over.  Corey and I did some homework together after he got off work.  By the time we finished we were both exhausted and separated for the night.

That night, Kris and I were having our regular chat.

“Matt, all night you seem a little down for some reason,” Kris commented about ten minutes into our chat.

“Kris, something is up with Corey.  He knows how important my classes are…”

“The problem could be you have been wound up so tightly.  Even I’ve noticed you’ve not been yourself the last day or two.”

“It’s because I have my priorities in line here,” I stressed.  “You know that.”

“Yeah but every damn night.”

“Still Corey acts like he’s just so put off with me right now.  Even tonight, I tried to be a little romantic but he was so cold.”

“Matt, you’re reading way too much into this I can tell.  Every relationship has its ups and downs.  Just view it that you two are having a down week.  It is nothing a good weekend won’t cure.”

“You’re probably right,” I said and finished talking for the night.

Thursday, the first day of April, I was up early after a terrible night of sleep.  Besides worrying about everything, we had a nice thunderstorm roll through the area about four.  It had me wide awake where Kris slept right through it. 

I turned in a paper to start the day and spoke with Hayden after class.  He told me things hadn’t changed much between him and Scott other than they were talking and not arguing.  I headed to my next class with Kris, Scott and Jess to get the exact same report from Scott.

After class and after eating, Scott and I headed to the dorm to start our final studying together with joining us.  We wanted to finish early before our game with Michael having plans that night.  We finished around four and in time for me to possibly sneak in a nap.  

Opening the door, Kris, Colt and Corey were in the room and joking it up.  Seeing me, they became quiet. 

“Corey, I guess we’ll see ya.  Good luck,” Kris stated and exited the room with Colt. 

“Matt, can we talk?” Corey asked looking downward.

“Yeah, what is it?”

“Matt…” he said and looked at me with his big blue eyes.  “I’m thinking our relationship has run its course.”  He turned away and buried his head in my pillow.

I was stunned to say the least and took a seat in my desk chair.  I covered my face with tears welling up in my eyes.  I heard Corey get up and felt his hands removing mine.  I looked up with tears streaming down my face to see a big smile on his face.

“April Fools!”

“I’m going to kill you, Corey!  Seriously, I’m beating your ass!  It was not the least bit funny!” I screamed at him and heard the door opening.
Corey grabbed me and gave me a long kiss. 

“Worked just like I had planned it,” Corey said to Kris and Colt.

“Dude, you’ve got some damn nerve, you know that?” Kris said, laughing.

“It was cruel!” I stated.

“It may have been but it was funny as hell that you’d fall for it too,” Colt said.

“Yeah it took my ass three full days to pull this one off,” Corey said.  “You don’t know how hard it was.”

“You mean to tell me you had this planned out for three days?” I asked.

“Yeah, it was my idea and now such a classic!” Kris said.  “There’s nothing like a good April Fool’s joke, huh?”

“You bet,” I said and had to smile since the joke was on me. 

Our game was next at six.  This time we played better and won the game by two runs.  I tried my hardest but still didn’t get a hit.  The others said at least I wasn’t embarrassing myself and was making contact.  The game did have one big excitement with Garrett sending one over the fence. 

Once the game was over, I headed to Scott’s room to finish up the last of my studying for our test.  We both stood and agreed that our brains were about to explode.

“Matt, I can’t believe you’d fall for Corey’s joke,” Scott said with us sitting around his room.

“Honestly, the way things had been going I knew something was up between us.  He’d done a great acting job of being almost rude to me…”

“Now, you can fuck his brains out for revenge,” Scott laughed.

“Maybe.  So what’s up between you and Hayden?”

“I dunno know, Matt.  I’m seriously about done with him.  I know what this is leading to,” Scott replied.

“I think I do too…”

“For both of us, I think I’ll break off and enjoy the rest of the semester.  If I get too desperate for a good fuck, I can always call on one of the guys around here,” Scott stated.

We finished up and headed to my room where we knew the rest were hanging out.  We entered with Corey occupying my spot.  The chatter was about the upcoming weekend and the so-called ‘Dorm Daze’.

“Matt, you have to talk Kris into the guy thang,” Colt stated, now trying to sport a little hair on his chin. 

“I told you I don’t wanna get up there and shake my ass.  I’d look like a damn fool.  You do it Colt.  You’ll do just fine,” Kris said.

“So who’s the talent?” I asked.

“Justin’s going to sing,” Alex replied. “He can actually blow.”

“Just like his roomie,” Colt snickered.

“Very funny dude,” Alex stated with the rest of us laughing.

“It’s not a bit funny, Alex. You can,” Brennan said.

“Who’s getting fucked laid and who’s going jack off tomorrow night?” Alex asked.

“I hope I am getting laid,” Corey said raising his hand. 

“You and Matt fucking is a given,” Bryson said.

“I sure as hell hope Bethany puts out…” Kris said.

“Or else Colt better fucking watch it,” Jess said laughing.

“Dude you better,” Colt said.

“You know I still love you,” Kris said.  Since Colt was sitting next to Kris, Kris grabbed him and kissed him on the lips.  It was short but got a nice reaction.  I want to think Kris was joking around.

“Dude, you’re fucking sick!” Alex said.

“I know,” Colt said after wiping his mouth.  “Now I really hope Kris gets laid.”

“You aren’t the only one,” Kris said. 

Thankfully for me, the gathering broke up a little earlier than normal.  It gave me a few minutes to scan my notes in final preparation for my test.  Kris was finishing up his paper and interrupted me to proof read for him with Corey on my bed and watching TV.  I found a few mistakes and changed a few things before we finished.

I walked over and fell on top of Corey.  Our lips met instantly with his hands running all over my body.  I glanced over to see Kris watching us.

“Making up, I see,” Kris stated.

“Hell yeah,” Corey said and pushed down my shorts.  I rose up and removed my shorts while Corey took off his clothes.  I kissed down his body and played with his nipples while licking his abs.  Kris was naked as well while keeping quiet.  My mouth moved down to begin licking and kissing Corey’s crotch area.  His breathing became hasty once I moved to lick his thick cock.  My mouth opened with my hand at the base.  I sucked on the head to hear Corey moan while seeing Kris now on his side away from us. I continued to suck and jack his cock until Corey pulled me up.

We kissed while I grabbed our cocks and grinded them together.  Corey moved down and began licking my hard cock.  With my hands on the bed, his mouth engulfed my cock.

“Fuck his face, Matt,” I heard.

“He’d choke,” I stated and was feeling Corey’s wet warm mouth sucking down on my stiff cock.  I began moving my hips and pushing my cock deeper in his mouth.  Not hearing gagging, I continued to fuck his mouth while breathing harder.

“Fucking hot!” Kris stated.

My cock escaped his mouth.  I moved down for a long kiss while eyeing Kris stroking his cock.  My mouth went back down to suck Corey.  He returned the favor and began thrusting his cock in my mouth.  My head was spinning for I loved Corey’s actions.  He bucked with his abs tightening.  The first shot went straight down my throat.  I pulled back and took a nice creamy shot in the face.

“OOOO fuck!” Kris screamed.  I glanced over to see his cock pumping out a nice load all over his tight muscular torso.  Kris moved his finger and took a taste of his cum.  “Ummm… not bad but salty as fuck.”

I smiled while Corey had moved to get me off.  “Ahhh shit!” I moaned and plastered Corey’s face with multiple shots.  He took them while holding my cock.  I began licking my cum from his face and shared a little while we kissed.  We lay there in our bliss.
“Enjoy the show?” Corey asked.

“Fuck, I got off didn’t I?” Kris replied.

We cleaned up and wanted to call it a night.  Corey and I did our best to entice Kris for the next day’s show.  I know Kris was bluffing and would do it even though he said he didn’t really want to.

Friday began with my class with Corey.  We turned in our homework and listened to the lecture.  My mind was on the next class during the class. 

After class, Corey walked out with me.  “Matt, save me a spot in the auditorium tonight.  Text me your location so I can find you once I get off.”

“Definitely,” I said.  “See ya then.”  I walked over to the next building and took my spot in the classroom.  Michael came in followed by Scott. 

“We got this,” Scott said with confidence. “We’ve studied too damn hard not to nail this sucker.”

Once the professor came in and started handing out the test, I breathed a sigh of relief.  After a quick scan, it was easy to see my studying had paid off with nothing on the test I hadn’t studied.  Finished, I was relieved to have it over and complete. 

The three of us smiled at each other before I finished off my day in class.  Once my day was complete, I was able to relax and caught up on Facebook by posting some pictures. 

We had our normal Friday afternoon routine.  I did my laps with Scott while Kris and just a few of the others hit the weights.  Sitting in my room, my door flew open.  Kris entered holding the hand of his girl.  She was exactly as he had described her and was rather attractive. 

“Bethany, this is Matt,” Kris introduced us.

“Kris, he doesn’t look that gay to me but what do I know,” she said.

“Nah, Matt and I go way back like I told ya,” Kris said.

“They say faggots make the best friends,” she said.

“Matt’s not a faggot.  He’s gay,” Kris said.

“Same difference,” she said and flipped back her bangs in arrogance.

I stood and politely left the room.  Bethany had not made a stellar first impression.  Leaving, I could see Kris wasn’t exactly pleased either.  I headed down and found Garrett kicked back in his room and playing a video game with Bryson.  I told them I had met Kris’s new girl and left it at that.

I hung out with them for a while and returned to see Kris and Bethany snuggled up together.  My return didn’t last long however.  I wandered the halls and found Colt, Alex, Jess, Bryson and Garrett eager to grab something to eat.  For a change we headed off campus.

I returned to a vacant room with Kris’s things scattered here and there.  I did hang up his wet towel and picked up the trash while I had the chance.   I got ready and found Garrett, Bryson and Colt to head over for the night.

“I just hope this ain’t lame,” Colt stated while we walked inside.

“You’re not the only one.  The question is who is going to represent us in the hottest male?” Bryson asked.

“If I know Kris, he’ll do it.  Right Matt?”

“I think he’s setting us up,” I replied and grabbed a row of seats.  We were barely seated and spotted the rest of our crew a few rows up and to the right. 

“Where’s Kris?” Jess asked.

“Ummm… I assumed he was with y’all,” I replied.

“I haven’t seen him all night,” Alex said with his girl Elise at his side.  “Dudes, we have to save Justin a seat or he’ll kick me.”

“We can do that,” Colt said. “What’s he singing?”

“I think ‘The River’ by Garth Brooks,” Alex said.

“Hot damn!” Colt said.

The talent competition began.  We sat through some decent talent and some that were amazing.  I got a text from Corey and directed him to our seats half way through.  He came and slid next to me one act before Justin.  Justin came out on stage and got our standing ovation.  I didn’t know the song but did have to say he was a decent singer.  He wasn’t the best but he was up there, which is way more than I can say.  We rose to our feet after the song.  Justin came down all smiles and grabbed a seat.

“Now for the ‘Hottest Male Contest’”, the announcer said into the microphone.  The curtain rose slowly.  My eyes popped out of my head while the others cheered loudly…


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