Posted:   May 19, 2011

It was four or so when Corey and I returned to campus after our brief trip to his home to grab his camping equipment.  We climbed the stairs and found my door cracked open.  I pushed it open to find Kris, Colt, Jess and Alex in the room.  Kris, Colt and Alex had their lip full of dip.

“How’d it go?” Kris asked us.

“It went really well,” Corey said with us grabbing desk chairs.

“Matt, before we decide anything, we’ve decided to check out the other dorms and see what’s available.  We were thinking if nothing else to grab one of those sweet ass dorms with two bedrooms and a bath,” Kris stated.

“Whatever you do is fine with me,” I stated.

“As much as the rest of us are dead set on moving out, Kris has made some really good points about none of us being able to cook and being close to our classes,” Alex stated.

“So… I take it Kris is winning out,” Corey said.

“Hell yeah,” Colt said. “Whether we wanna admit it or not, we wanna be stuck together for more of this shit.  Everyone’s right about us not being able to cook and the other shit.”

“Yeah, he’s winning now but it ain’t settled yet,” Jess said. “I’m really sick of this place though.”

“You know what would be so cool if we could get Rick as an RA again,” Kris said. “Jess, run down and see if he’s around.”

“Why me?” Jess asked.

“You and him are tight,” Colt replied.

Jess shook his head but did exit out the door.  With Jess out, Bryson came in the door and got caught up on everything.  Jess returned with Rick in tow.

“Alright, what’s this all about?” Rick asked.

“We were sorta wondering what your plans were for next semester in being an RA,” Colt stated.

“Unless things change, I’m right back here,” Rick said.

“Shit fire!” Colt said. “We were thinkin of switching dorms and wondering if we couldn’t talk you into going along with us since you know us all so well.”

“Where exactly were you thinking?” Rick asked.

Kris threw out the names of three dorms he had in mind. 

“Wilson is a possibility.  I’ve thought about going there,” Rick said concerning one of Kris’s choices.

“Are they nice?” Alex asked.

“Better than here but the rooms as a whole are smaller,” Rick replied. “The beds are bunk style with the desk and chest below but each room does have its own bathroom.”

“Four to a room, right?” Kris asked.

“Yes, there is and the floors are co-ed,” Rick stated.

“So what are our chances of getting three suites on the same floor?” Jess asked.

“I don’t have a clue about that.  My suggestion is go to the housing office and see what’s available,” Rick said.

“So say we do decide to move to Wilson or that new joint, can we count you in?” Kris asked.

“I can’t make any promises but I’d try.  It would be nice since I’d know you already and know what to expect,” Rick said.

“Thanks dude, it’s all we can ask for,” Alex said.

Rick left us.  It seemed the only thing to do was waiting until Monday.  Now the pack was if we could score three suites either together or at least on the same floor.  We even went as far as to discuss splitting up to different floors if it came to that.  Slowly, there was movement in the direction of our group staying together.

The group left our room in plenty of time for me to get ready for the party.  I was just going to wear normal clothes since I didn’t have anything that screamed ‘disco’. 

“Matt, I’m about to head out with Bethany so don’t worry your little heart out if I’m not here,” Kris stated.

“I won’t since I know where you’ll be,” I said.

“Corey, I guess the next thing Matt wants is a GPS tracker up our asses so he can know where we are at all times,” Kris joked.

“Matt gives me enough up my ass so I don’t guess a GPS tracker would be any different,” Corey said and laughed.  I pushed on him jokingly.

“It is nice to know where you are, Kris.  What if something bad were to happen to you?” I asked.

“I guess you’re right since someone needs to keep track of me.  I have been known to get in a little mess here and there like the time after that party the first semester,” Kris said.

“Yeah, you scared the shit out of me,” I said.

“Oh what great memories we’ll have of our college days,” Corey stated. “Just think this is just now a fourth of our time here.”

“Matt, I think you may a math whiz on your hand there.  Your boy is killer with fractions,” Kris smartly said.

“Fuck you Kris,” Corey said.  He got up and tackled Kris onto the bed.  They rolled around with each showing their strength.  The best part was hearing both laugh as they wrestled.  Corey found Kris’s weak spot and began tickling him. 

“Stop it, Corey… I’m about to fucking piss in my pants,” Kris said laughing so hard.

“Do it then,” I said.

Corey stopped and moved behind me.  Kris got up off the bed.  Now I was Corey’s shield as they tried to get at each other.  Corey bolted out the door with Kris running behind him.  I stood, watched and laughed until Kris caught him in the distance down the hall.  They wrestled around in the hall for a few minutes and stopped.  Then they went at it again.

“Stop it, bitch!” Corey screamed.

“Fucking make me, motherfucker!” Kris screamed.

I ran in their direction with doors opening along the hall. 

“I’m gonna fuck your ass up!” Corey screamed.

“Just try!” Kris said with me getting closer.  Jess, Bryson and Garrett popped out of their room and came down as well.  When I got up on them, they both started laughing hysterically.

“We did it!” Kris said and gave Corey a high five.

“Very funny guys.  You’re both a bunch of no good thespians,” I said.

“And good actors too,” Kris said still laughing. “Is a thespian something like a damn lesbian?”

Now I laughed as did Jess, Garrett and Bryson.

“No dumbass, it means actor,” Jess said.

“I knew that,” Kris said. “Just testing y’all.”

We were all laughing while we headed back to the room.  Kris got ready for his date while Corey and I headed off at my suggestion.  We went down and knocked on Bryson and Garrett’s door. 

“What was that all about?” Bryson asked.

“Oh nothing really,” Corey said. “Kris and I were wrestling and having a good time.”

“Garrett, are you coming with us tonight?” I asked.

“Matt… I don’t think so tonight.”

“Go where?” Bryson asked.

“I was wondering… Garrett you don’t mind do ya?” I said and stopped.

“They asked me to go to a gay dance,” Garrett said.

“Dude, it’d be perfect for you,” Bryson said.  “Maybe you’d stop dreaming about that dude and find someone here.”

“Bryson, I’m perfectly happy the way things are,” Garrett stated emphatically.

“Oh lay over there and dream about something that will never happen again…”

“You don’t know that,” Garrett said.

“All I know is that dude must be more fucking desperate than you to travel about a thousand miles to get some dick,” Bryson said.

“Well, if you decide, we’re leaving around seven or so,” I said.  Corey and I left.  Corey went to his room while I headed to mine.  I did what I could to help Kris with his date and then had time to kill.  I did some studying before getting up to get ready.

Just as I finished showering, I heard a knock on my door.  I opened it to see Garrett standing there. 

“I’m going, Matt,” Garrett said and stepped into my room.  “Whether I want to admit it or not, Bryson is dead on.  I need to find someone here.”

“Garrett, I was going to say something…”

“I wish you would have.  Now how do I break it off?”

“Just be honest with Austin.  Tell him you live too far apart and you need someone closer.  Thank him for all he did and that you’ll never forget him…”

“What if he gets mad?”

“Then he’s more unrealistic than you.  Say you can keep in touch on Facebook if nothing else,” I said.  I began dressing without a problem that Garrett was there.

“It looks like we’re sticking around, Matt, but Bryson’s not real happy about it.  It doesn’t matter to me one way or the other,” Garrett stated.

“Garrett, I’ve learned one thing with our crew.  Expect the unexpected.”

“I’m learning that too but it sure beats last semester.  Y’all make it so much fun.  There’s rarely a dull moment around here like earlier in the afternoon.  I just knew Corey and Kris were fighting.”

“They were really trying to get at me but you’re so right there are not many dull moments here.  If there is, then you know trouble is about to happen.”

I finished and waited on Corey.  Before Corey came, Scott and Hayden came to my room.  It was great to see them together again and looking great in their low rise jeans and tees with Hayden sporting a sweet necklace.  They said they were having a few problems like any couple but were working through them.  Once Corey arrived, we located Grayson and Stephan.  Those two really went all out for the dance with bell bottom jeans, silk shirts and crazy wigs for the night.  We took separate cars with Garrett driving just in case he wanted to leave early.

After eating, we headed back to the same place the previous dance was held.   We were early but there were a few cars in the lot.  We headed to the door.

“Dudes, I’m nervous as hell,” Garrett said. “What if I see someone I know here?”

“Just remember there are no straight people here if you catch my drift,” Corey said.

We laughed and headed inside after paying the admission fee.

“There better be some damn drinks up in here again,” Scott stated.

“I know that’s right,” Grayson said. “Knowing these crazy dudes there will be.”

Before we could head over, two guys came up to us and welcomed us there.  They gave us the speech about how we needed to be a part of their group.  It was starting to get old with me or I was feeling guilty for going to the party yet avoiding the group. 

“Matt, one day I guess you and I need to go just to see what this is all about,” Corey said to me.

We headed to the rear of the building to sample the punch.  Again it was laden with alcohol.  Garrett, Hayden, Scott, Corey and I looked at each other.  “Who’s sacrificing tonight?” Scott asked with a red plastic cup in his hand. “Tonight I’m drinking.”

“I will since you’re stuck having to do it,” I said.  “I’ll drive us home.”

“That’s my boyfriend right there guys,” Corey said and wrapped his arm around me.  After sampling the punch, I poured the remainder in Corey’s cup and grabbed some bottled water.  If nothing else, I’d feel better in the morning.  We stood around and observed the group gathering for the dance.

“Garrett, if you want a blowjob, the bathroom right there is the place,” Scott joked.

“I may spend the night in there,” Garrett laughed.

“Trust me, you could once they get a load of what your ass is packing,” Scott said.

“Seriously?” Stephan wiped his head around.

“You’ve never had the pleasure of seeing Garrett’s big dick?” Scott asked him.

“No, I don’t guess I’ve had that privilege,” Stephan stated.

“You’re missing out but I got to see plenty of it on our trip,” Scott said and was pushed in the shoulder by Hayden.  “Dude, it’s the truth.”

“It may be but you don’t have to tell everyone here,” Hayden said.

We kept talking.  I noticed Garrett walk away and turn the other direction.  “I know that guy,” he said to us in a hush voice.

“Garrett, you can’t hide your tall ass,” Corey laughed.

The guy walked our direction with Garrett turned around but looking down.  “Garrett, it is great to see you here,” he said.

“Yeah Jordan,” Garrett said.  The moment was awkward to say the least.

“Hey when the music starts, do you care to dance unless you’re here with a boyfriend?” he said.

“Ummm… I might,” Garrett said.

“I’ll be looking for ya,” he said and walked away.

“Shit,” Garrett mumbled under his breath. “I’m about ready to go now.  Not fifteen minutes here and I know someone.”

“Hey, at least he was cute,” Scott said.

“Garrett, at least you’re out and not hiding from your parents,” Hayden stated.  “I envy you and the way your parents handled it.”

“I guess,” Garrett said.

“Boy, embrace your sexuality and go with it,” Grayson said.

“I’ll try,” Garrett said. “I just feel so uncomfortable here now.”

“Garrett, just relax a little,” I said. “I know it’s not easy since you just came out but try.”

“Okay,” Garrett said and headed to grab another glass of punch. “Maybe a few more of these will do the trick.”

Scott spoke up, “Is it me or there some fine ass bitches here tonight?”

“I noticed the same thing,” Corey said.

Grayson and Stephan were laughing.  “They are in drag,” Stephan said.

“No shit?” Hayden said.

“I know,” Scott said.

“Yeah, they are and I have to say they went all out tonight.  It’s the same two as last time but I think they have company tonight.  Do you ever catch that Drag Show on TV?” Grayson stated.

“I don’t think I have,” Scott said.

I turned and saw Garrett talking to his friend, Jordan, while the others continued talking.  I nudged Corey in the side for him to see as well.  We smiled at each other.   The group headed for more punch while I nursed the water to avoid the bathroom.

Once the music began, Corey and I along with the others hit the dance floor to dance to classic disco music.   We stayed out a few songs until retreating to the sidelines with Corey off to grab more punch.  All it took was a look from me before Corey said it was his last one.  We sat around watching and admiring the dance moves of our friends and the nice crowd that had gathered.  While watching, I scanned the crowd for a head that rose above the others.  I spotted it across the floor but couldn’t tell exactly what was going on.

I leaned over to Corey, “At least Garrett is trying.”  I pointed with Corey’s head going back and forth.

“Yeah, he is,” Corey said.  He grabbed my hand and led me away.  Soon it was easy to see we were venturing to the bathroom.  We were alone this time.  As we were leaving, we were almost ran over by two guys kissing and heading inside.  Coming out we saw Garrett and Jordan taking a break with sweat running down Garrett’s face and Jordan’s silky shirt open wide to show his flat stomach and little hairy chest.  Not to interrupt, we only waved and headed back to dance.   

As last time about eleven, they held the best dressed contest.  Stephan was one of the participants but didn’t have a prayer against two of the ones dressed in drag along with some others that went all out for the night.  The winner did give us all a big laugh by exposing her or his fake breasts. 

After another hour of dancing and sweating up a storm, Corey and I stopped to call it a night.  At the end of the next song, Scott and Hayden came out of the crowd and found us. 

“Look at that shit,” Scott said.  We turned to see Garrett and Jordan making out in a corner of the building.  “What some shit!”

“No, it ain’t Scott,” Corey said. “Be happy for Garrett.”

Garrett finished his making out and came up to us with a big smile across his face.  “Are y’all ready to go?” he asked.

“I sure the fuck am,” Scott said in rage.

“Don’t look at me, bitch!” Hayden yelled.

The tension between the two was mounting with nasty looks on their faces.  We were going to head out after finding Stephan and Grayson along with a bathroom trip.

Garrett came out of the bathroom with an odd look on his face.  We stepped outside and he said, “Some dude offered to blow me.”

“I can’t blame them,” Scott said.

“Well go do it and see if I give a shit,” Hayden said.  “Matt, get us home as quick as possible.”

I drove Garrett’s car with nothing but silence.  There was a strong air of tension between Scott and Hayden. I knew they had been having problems and the problems seemed to really shine forth tonight.  Hardly a word was said during the ride home which was odd and eerie. Once parked, Hayden marched off to his dorm without saying goodbye to any of us.

“Spill it, Scott,” Corey said.

“I think we were both in a testy mood tonight.  It started with him accusing me of flirting with this guy.  The truth was I wasn’t but just being friendly.  Then Hayden began flirting and dancing with every fucker there just to get back at me.  I tried to talk to him but he wouldn’t listen so we just decided to fight instead.”

“Sorry about that but wasn’t tonight awesome,” Garrett said.  “That was so much fun.”

“Real fun,” Scott said sarcastically. “Nothing is more fun that fight.”

Arriving at my room, I saw my door cracked.  I opened it slowly to see Kris, Colt, Bryson, Brennan, Kendall and Noah sitting around.  Corey, Garrett and I walked in while Scott headed to his room.

“Matt, before you even ask, the night went well for me.  I was a really good boy you might say,” Kris said.

“Basically he got denied another shot at that pussy again,” Bryson joked.

“I’m at least trying.  I did get laid last night bitch!” Kris said.

“By Matt probably,” Brennan asked.

“That’s where you’re wrong, Brennan,” I said.

“Give it up dude.  I know you and Kris fuck around once Corey leaves the scene,” Brennan stated.

“Brennan, take a look at Corey.  Do I really look like I wanna piss this dude off?” I asked.

“He may be bowed up but he’s a pussy cat inside,” Colt said.

“True but I don’t ever wanna see Corey’s real strength once someone does piss him off,” Kris said.

“I saw it one time.  Lee basically took a hard gut punch that lifted him off the ground,” I said.

“Felt so fucking good too,” Corey said.

“Garrett, what you do over there all smiling and shit?” Bryson asked.

“I think he had a few,” Corey said.

Garrett continued smiling while we talked.  At one thirty, our room cleared out.  Corey left me but not without a good wet kiss.  Kris had the lights out and in bed when I stepped back into the room.  I threw off my clothes and headed to bed.

“Matt, I may have found the next one,” Kris stated.

“You think?”

“Yeah maybe.  Seriously we didn’t get naked but had a really great time together…”

“The next test is whether she’ll fit in here with the crew,” I said.

“I think she will,” Kris said.  “My only problem is getting her up here.  I asked her tonight but she said she didn’t feel like it.  So how was the dance?”

“Fun but Scott and Hayden fought at the end,” I said.

“Shit, are they a couple or not?” Kris asked.

“Yeah!  It’s not like you and Liz could decide either…”

“That’s history now.  Liz will miss out completely.  She better not fucking call me either,” Kris said. “I’m now over her even if Bethany doesn’t totally work out.”

“Garrett had a good time but in his own way,” I said.  “He moved away and started talking to a guy he knew.  By the end of the night, Garrett was macking hard with the dude.”

“Bryson said he had to set him straight about Austin.  Garrett really thought that it would work.”

“Well… he did lose his virginity to Austin.  He has that attachment now.”

“Yeah but the guy lives far away,” Kris said.

“Kris, I’ve meaning to tell ya this but thanks for sticking with me.  I know Corey and I would make it but it’d be so different.”

“Matt, you gave me an out, you might say.  As much as I wanted to get an apartment, I’m not quite ready to go there yet.  Yeah, you and Corey would make it just fine but I sure as hell wouldn’t.  There’d be no to watch over me or make my ass study.  I sometimes forget why I’m here.  You keep me grounded as much as possible.  So do you think you can handle Colt in our suite?”

I laughed, “Of course I can.  Now the question is who is what room?”

“Seriously?” Kris asked.

“Yeah, it would make be great and all.  We love each other to death but I’m not sure we’re ready…”

“I think I know what ya mean.  You’d be fucking that ass every night and get bored.  I just assumed you two would sleep together every night.”

“We both love sex but every night…”

“Damn, I’d like to sure like to try,” Kris laughed.

“I doubt Colt would go for it every night too,” I joked.  I saw Kris get up.  I braced as his pillow hit me.

“Bitch,” Kris joked. “Really you’d rather room with me than Corey?”

“Let me and Corey discuss it over before anything is set in stone.  I don’t wanna hurt his feelings though.”

“If you and Corey did room, it would be a supreme test.”

“I know that.  I’ll talk to you later,” I said and rolled over to complete another crazy day.

Sunday the last one in March, I did what I need to get done.  That afternoon was all about the final practice for softball.  We had a game looming on Monday with no expectations whatsoever like there was with basketball. 

That night, Scott and I began our initial prep for our upcoming exam with another scheduled for me during the week.  I did get the chance to see what was really up between him and Hayden.  He wasn’t sure exactly but stated it was a very rough stretch for the two.  Scott’s thinking was it was Hayden’s way again of breaking up before the summer to ease the real pain if the two were still close.  I could see that completely just as he had done before the Christmas break.


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