Posted:   May 16, 2011

After sneaking Kris’s beer supply back to our room this Friday night, it hit me that I had something to do with my Dad later on.  Now, I regretted accepting his invitation and would miss out on what could be another heated discussion about our living situation for the upcoming fall.

Kris and I were watching TV when our door came open.  Colt entered the room and grabbed Kris’s desk chair.  “Kris, I opened my fucking mouth before I thought today.  Here I’m one to talk.  Dude, I’m sorry.”

“Thanks Colt.  As if you didn’t know already, my little temper came shining through.  I guess I’m disappointed about everything Matt has said and let my feeling out on you but I stand by what I’ve said.  I’m with Matt through thick and thin here until we both agree it is time to move on.”

“Yeah Colt, he knows that Corey and I were lost that Valentine’s Day weekend without y’all.  However, if Kris does wanna move, I won’t stand in the way.  It’s not like we’d be moving miles apart…” I said.

Kris turned to me, “I like living in the dorms for the convenience.  Sure we don’t have the freedom but I’d be a fucking drunk maybe if we didn’t.  I can’t cook a lick plus it’d be a bitch finding a place to park every day.  So Colt, who’s moving out with ya?”

He shrugged his tattooed shoulders, “I don’t know.  We do need to talk about it more and decide one way or the other.”

“I’ve made my decision, plain and very clear,” Kris said.  “Do what you need to do and that goes for the rest of them.  I made friends before and can do it again.”

“Kris, get fucking real over there.  Do you really believe most of us will move off if you don’t?” Colt asked in disgust. “That’s what sucks about this.  Our leader is vacating his troops.  You’re the glue that holds us all together.  Without you, we’d be lost and go in a million different directions.”

“All I know is this is nothing a good bunch of beer wouldn’t solve,” Kris smiled.

“I know that’s right,” I said sarcastically.

“Hell yeah, let’s run and grab some,” Colt said.  “We can either get drunk and hate each on other or go out and find some real pussy, not that boy pussy shit like last week!”

“There’s some in the fridge if you wanna get started,” Kris stated.

Colt moved over and opened our mini fridge, “That’s my boy right there.  Hate him like hell one minute and love him like a brother the next.”  Colt opened the beer and took a big drink.  “Here we were about to throw down for shit I said.”

Kris moved off his bed and grabbed a beer, “I know dude.  How fucked up was that?”

“I need to learn one day not to piss you off,” Colt said.

Kris threw his arm around Colt, “I know but it keeps things interesting around here.”

I jumped up and snagged my camera. It was a picture perfect moment with the two holding beer and Kris’s arm around Colt.  This was friendship at its best and not the two squared off ready to bust each other’s chops.  After the first picture, they posed showing off their rigged abs for a comparison along with their growing biceps and triceps.  I quickly downloaded the shots for our viewing pleasure.

“Dude, we look cut up as hell,” Colt stated looking over my shoulder.

“I know,” Kris said. “We need to remember these years when we get a beer gut.”

“Yeah, when we move out, it’s bound to happen.  We’ll get fat and lazy just drinking and banging chicks,” Colt said before taking a long drink.

It wasn’t long before I began getting ready for my dinner with my Dad.  I dressed in my normal tee and shorts with flip flops.  I made sure my hair was perfect with my piercings in my brow and ears shining nicely.  Each day, I grew to love how the new earrings looked on me.  So far, they hadn’t been a problem since I did care for them.

I pulled in the parking lot with butterflies in my stomach for some crazy reason.  I looked around and didn’t see Dad but headed inside.  Opening the door, I saw him sitting and waiting for me with a drink in his hand.  He stood and gave me a nice hug.

“You look great, Matthew.  All tan from your trip.  I see you came home with a souvenir,” Dad stated, looking at my ears.

“I guess I did,” I said.

We continued to talk until we were seated.  After our drink order, I looked him in the eye. “Are you ready to tell me why you didn’t show up last time?”

“Matthew, do we really need to go there again?”

“Actually I think we do,” I replied. “Just imagine if I’d done that to you.”

“Matthew, things were going so smoothly.  Let’s talk about your school and trip instead,” Dad said.  I nodded and wasn’t happy.  He started asking me questions and got the shortest possible answers ever.

Our meal arrived with our waitress filling our drinks.  “Matthew, you and that gal would be so cute together, don’t you think?” Dad asked after she walked away.

“No, I don’t.  I’m happy with Corey,” I replied.

“No, you aren’t.  I can see it in your expressions.  You need to find a nice girl and have a nice family.  At least give Linda some grandkids to spoil like she has you,” Dad said.

I took a bite of my food and seethed on his statement.  I swallowed, “Dad… seriously… I think I see your problem that I thought we had solved a long time ago but evidentially we don’t.  I’m gay, so you deal with it.”

“Matthew, I’m trying to but I can’t.”

“Tell me what’s so hard about accepting the fact I’m gay.”

“It’s just not right for a man to love another man is all.  Don’t you want to be a normal guy with a family?”

“Yes I am normal other than the fact I have a boyfriend who I love to death.  I thought Gloria set you straight on that.”

“Maybe one reason we’re not together anymore.”

“I don’t think normal heterosexual relationships have worked so well for you,” I said and wanted to throw my nose in the air.

Dad took a few bites, swallowed and looked at me.  “Matthew, the reason I didn’t come last time was I was in the slammer for domestic abuse.  Since then, the case has been resolved so you don’t need to run off to your mom and blab about it alright.  I’m really embarrassed about it and the reason I wouldn’t tell you.”

“Dad, all you had to do was tell me the truth.  I’m sorry that it happened…”

“You’re not the only one,” Dad said. “Don’t ever put yourself in that situation, Matthew.  Jail sucks ass big time.  Worst two days of my life ever.  I needed a rude awakening and got one.  Remind me when that cutie comes around to get water.  The last thing I need right now is a DUI.”

Once he told me the reason, I was feeling better.  Sure it wasn’t something great but I had a feeling it was the truth.  I was more open after the truth came out. I told him I wasn’t anywhere near perfect.  He understood that and it was normal for a college kid. He did ask me about life as a gay person.  I gave honest heartfelt answers and hoped it would make him grow to accept me more.  We ended up enjoying our time together and had shared a dessert after the meal.

I headed back to campus and felt better about things with my Dad.  I did see why he withheld his reason and seemed embarrassed to tell me.   Part of it was his drinking so I suppose too I had an alcoholic in my family whether I want to admit it or not.  I did call Mom on the way back but didn’t go into his reasoning for the missed visit. She did confirm Dad was an alcoholic and had battled it for years.  She said she kept it from me so I wouldn’t worry.  We talked until I drove up to the dorm. 

Entering my room, Kris was standing in front of the mirror and brushing his teeth along with admiring his face.

“Where is everybody?” I asked in pure amazement.

“You just missed em.  We’re all heading out to either crash a party or back to that club.   You’re more than welcome to go along with us,” Kris replied.

“I’ll just stick around here.”

“I figured you would and wait on Corey.  So how was your dinner with your Dad?  Did he actually show up this time?”

“He did.  It was actually rather nice,” I said with Colt entering the room.  He was dressed in a blue polo and jeans along with smelling great.  He may can dress up a little but you can’t take that country boy look from him. 

“Matt you goin with us, dude?” Colt asked.

“He’s gonna wait on Corey just like I said he would,” Kris said.

“He’ll get more action than we will.  What you wanna bet?” Colt stated with Jess and Bryson coming in.  Both were dressed nice.

“Y’all ready to find some women?” Bryson asked.

“Lord, I am,” Kris said. “We all need to get laid and not by each other.”

“I know that shit’s right,” Colt said.  “See ya, Matt!”

If nothing else, it was great to see them trying to get back to normal.  Maybe the trip was just a detour but then again the door was cracked open wide as ever for them now if the girl thing frustrated them.  Somehow, I think they along with the others were dead set on returning to their normal life.

About an hour or so, Corey came knocking at my door.  His cute smile and face always made my day.  I pulled him inside and laid a hot long kiss on his lips. 

“Wow Matt, I needed that!”

“Not nearly as much as I did.  My day has been shit and has been playing with my emotions.”

“So whatever happened with the housing?”

“I don’t know.  I went to eat with Dad and came back with Kris about to leave so I didn’t get a chance to ask.”

“Whatever comes of it at least we’ll be together,” Corey said.

“Yes, we will.  How hard would it suck if we fight once we do live together?”

“Hard but a chance I’m willing to take.  Matt, promise right here and now you won’t storm out on me after a little fight.  We’ll have to work things out and make it work.”

I kissed him, “I’ll do that. I promise right here and now.  You’re sacrificing a little too for me.”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way especially after hearing how tore up you were today on the phone.”

“I was and felt responsible for shit going on.  I know how everyone’s heart was set on moving out of these dorms.”

Corey walked over to the fridge.  “Hot damn, it’s my lucky day.  There’s beer in the fridge.  Here I wanted some water or something.  Matt, drink with me a little bit so I don’t drink alone.”

“Alright,” I agreed but half heartily so he didn’t drink alone.

He handed me one and started drinking one as well.  We moved to my bed to sit together.

“Matt… ummm… I need a little favor from you tomorrow.  I’m off…”

“Sure, of what service may I be to my hot boyfriend?”

“Well… I wanna drive home and grab my camping stuff since we wanna go camping sometime.  I want to ride along with me and defer a little mudslinging.”

“I can do that for sure.  I really want to meet your mom and see for myself what she’s like.”

“I wanna go early so she’ll be sober or not on some pills,” Corey said and took a deep breath and big swallow.

“Corey, I found out why Dad left me high and dry last time…”

“Why?” he asked.

“He got arrested for domestic abuse.  I think he hit or did something bad to his girlfriend Gloria.  I suspect it too has a lot to do with the fact he’s nothing but a drunk as well.”

“Whoa! Is your mom?”

I laughed.  “Never seen your drink more than one of those fruity cocktails.  I never saw alcohol in our house after Dad left.”

After one beer, Corey announced, “I’m good now.  All this talk about our folks being drunks scares the living shit out of me, Matt.  I know history repeats itself.”

“Corey as I’ve said some many times, you can do it and have fun.  Hell, we’re college guys.  When the desire overrules you, then it is a problem.”

“Matt, I better stop now.  My internal desire is to kill each one of those in that fridge and would do it say if I was alone and bored.  Believe or not, I could easily get drunk every night and enjoy it but I know I have someone that cares, loves and watches over me.  I can’t disappoint him.”

I smiled and kissed him.  “You’re right.  I do care and love you so much but I hate the fact you think I watch over you.”

“You do but I need it.  It’s not like you are all up in my business but you make sure I don’t go too far too often,” Corey stated and pushed my down with a solid kiss.  “There is one thing that does overrule me Matt.  It is my desire for us to have sex and fuck our brains out.”

I smiled, “We’re stricken with the same desire.”

We could no longer hold off our desire to be naked with each other.  At the moment, Kris or anyone else walking in on us was the least of my concerns.  After kissing all over each other’s body and sucking each other’s cocks, Corey lie spread open for me to take him.  I fingered his hot ass to his delight and enjoyed tasting some of it as well.

“Damn, just fuck me!” Corey shouted. “I want your fucking dick in me!”

I grabbed our lube and prepared us with a little more teasing.  I pushed his legs forward and eyed his hole.  My hand guided my cock to his ass and slipped inside.  Corey did his usual gasp feeling me going inside.  I pushed his legs forward and leaned for a wet kiss with my cock going deeper. 

OOO Matt,” Corey moaned while I leaned back. 

OOO Corey, I love you,” I said staring into his eye with a nice pace going.

He reached and pulled me deeper. “I fucking love you too.”

My old dorm bed was shaking with each push.  The sounds of Corey’s moans and groans echoed off the walls.  I was now lost in his eyes and the sheer excitement of having sex with him.   He pulled me back down for a kiss.  Now I could feel his dripping cock between us while I kept fucking him.  I leaned back up and grabbed his thick cock. 

OOOO fuck yeah!” Corey screamed just as cum came erupting out of his cock.  “Goddamn that felt good!”

I pulled out but slowly.  A few quick strokes was all it took before my milky load hit his chest and solid abs.  He pulled me for a kiss with our mix smearing between us. 

We cleaned up our sticky mess and held each other close.  I loved the feeling after sex and hated to see it fade.  We had avoided interruption and did enjoy each other to the fullest. 

I woke the next morning, Saturday, with the sun peeking through our cheap dorm blinds to see an unmade bed across from me.  A small sense of panic hit me.  I took a deep breath to control myself and hoped there was a logical explanation to Kris’s not being there.  I quietly got up to check my phone but there was nothing other than some stupid text from Scott.  I grabbed my boxers and headed out the door.  I tried Colt’s room but his door was locked at this early hour, just after 9.  I returned after the bathroom and fired off a text to Kris.  As luck would have it, I heard his phone go off on his desk.  Next was a text to Colt. 

“Matt…ummm… was that my phone?” Corey asked shaking out the cobwebs.  He stretched his muscular body after standing. 

“No, it was Kris’s phone.  Notice anything different here?” I asked.

“I don’t guess so.”

“Kris is not here,” I said and pointed at his bed.

“Matt, come here one second,” Corey said.  I walked over to him and was greeted by his naked hug. “I know you watch over Kris too but you can’t.  He’s an adult and may have a logical explanation for being away.”

“He didn’t text me or anything so naturally I’m worried.  What if something happened?”

“Be realistic for one second here.  Every time something happens, who do they call first?”

“You’re right but I do worry about him.  You know about his near fight with Colt…”

“Yes but they went out.  He may be sleeping with some girl.  That was his goal you know,” Corey said.

“For his sake, I sure hope he is.  He’ll be on cloud nine and feel like himself again more than ever.”

“Yeah, won’t he?  If he finds a girl, we’ll have to find someone else to fuck around with and show the joys of gay sex,” Corey smiled.

“Corey I can’t believe you said that…”

“I was joking Matt.  Besides there’s no one left here to show,” Corey laughed.  “They all know.  I’m still can’t believe it.”

“I can’t either,” I said with my phone going off.  It was a text from Colt.  It read:  ‘
Probably at sum girls place.’

“See I told ya,” Corey said, reading over my shoulder.  “Now let’s get dressed so we can get back.”

“Okay but I’m leaving him a big note to call me.”

“You do that, Mother Hen.”

I was waiting on Corey who had gone to his room to dress when the door opened.  Instead of being Corey, it was Kris.  He was singing, ‘Back that Ass up’ and moving his hands like he was a gangster rapper.

“Did you nail some black girl?” I asked.

“Nope but this boy right here is fucking straight as a motherfucker I tell ya.  I proved it to Bethany twice last night.  Matt, she’d put Liz to shame I tell ya.  Kick ass body.  Nice smallish tits.  The wettest fucking pussy.  Great sense of humor.”

“I can’t wait to meet here then,” I said and smiled.  “Kris, I was worried.”

“Sorry about that but hey telling you where I was was the last thing on my mind last night,” Kris said with Corey coming in the door.

“There you are.  Matt was worried sick about you,” Corey said.

“I was out getting my ass fuckin laid, Corey,” Kris stated.  “Are y’all going somewhere, by the way?”

“Yeah, we’re going to Mom’s to grab my camping stuff…”

“Sweet as fuck, dude!  When’s the camping trip?  Colt said he wanted us to do that one weekend,” Kris said.  Now our private trip was ruined.

“We haven’t decided yet,” Corey said. “I’m glad you’re okay like I knew you were.   Matt, we better get a move on it.”

“I’ll call ya if we’re running late,” I said.

“You don’t have to.  I don’t keep track of you like you do me,” Kris smiled. 

“Fuck you, Kris!” I said and meant it.

“Matt, I’m glad someone cares about me.  Y’all have a good time.  I’m gonna crash since I didn’t get much sleep last night or should I say this morning.”

Once in the car, I told Corey thanks for ruining our private time camping.  Now there was no way we could escape without the rest of them knowing it.  Corey said he opened his mouth before he realized what he had said.  The trip to his house was about an hour and half with the last hour on a two lane highway.  Before going to his house, Corey drove by his high school to give me a glimpse into his former life.  Then we went by his gym which looked small but was considered a luxury in this small town of maybe five thousand.  His house sat just on the outskirts of the town.  We drove in the dirt driveway to a house that needed painting.

“Matt, I won’t lie to ya but I’m nervous now,” Corey said.

“I am too,” I said.   We got out and headed to the front door.  Corey knocked quietly before opening the door.  I saw a man with gray hair sitting on the couch. 

He stood, “Look what the cat has drug up.  Marie, someone is here.”

“Larry, this is Matt,” Corey said.

He stood out his hand. “The famous Matt does exist.”

I looked to see Marie, Corey’s mom, coming in the room.  There was a look of surprise on her face to see Corey and me.  “Oh my God Corey!”  She gave him a big hug and kiss on the cheek.

“Mom, this is Matt,” Corey said.

She smiled and pushed back her stringy blond hair.  She was a little overweight but looked a little older than I had imagined.  “Finally I get to meet you.  Corey, he’s cute I have to say.”

“Mom, I came back just to get my camping stuff out of the garage plus bring back some of winter clothes,” Corey said.

“You’re not staying?” she asked.

“Nah, it’s just a quick trip to get the stuff.  Then we’re out of here,” Corey replied.

“Okay then.  The stuff should be right where you left it.  I hope the mice haven’t eaten it up, Corey,” she said and showed disappointment in her wrinkled face.

First we carried in his clothes that were no longer needed and piled them in his bedroom.  We headed out and went to the back garage.  It was cluttered with an old washer and couch sitting on the floor along with countless beer and alcohol boxes filled with stuff.  Corey climbed his way back and found his tent and other camping supplies.  We carried it out to his car.

“Corey, we shouldn’t just get this stuff and go.  Your mom looked sad when you said you were getting it and going,” I said.

“I know but I don’t feel like dealing with some drama right now,” Corey said.

We turned to see Larry and Marie standing at the doorway. 

“Corey, please stay a little while!” his mom yelled.

“We’ll be there in a second,” Corey said.  “Let’s get this over and done with.  The first sign of trouble and I’m bolting.”

We walked back with Larry holding the old door open for us.  Corey first wanted to show me his room.  It was small with a single bed and very little else other than a few pictures and one small trophy.  We walked back out and were handed a glass of sweet ice tea. 

“Grab a seat and tell me all about your trip.  I can see you got plenty of sun, Corey,” Marie said.

We told them about our trip.  Corey didn’t say much other than it was nice and pretty.  I gave them more details.

Corey spoke, “Mom, I did get a tattoo.”

“Where son?” she asked.

“My back,” Corey said.  He stood, turned and removed his shirt.

“That’s nice, Corey,” Larry said. “No doubt you live in that gym at school.  You should compete in those body building contests they have with all those muscles you’ve got.”

“Matt, he was muscular when he left but I swear he’s really muscular now,” his mom said.  “That tan really does look great.  I actually like the tattoo there, Corey.  When he was a little boy, Corey would get so dark since he was always outside.  I remember when he was five or six; he never wanted to wear clothes in the summer.”

I laughed, “I think we’re all like that.”

Corey looked at me and then his mom who was eyeing us.  “Mom, say it.  You don’t approve of us.”

“Actually Corey, I was admiring two young men who look perfect for each other.  I can see with my own two eyes two guys who maybe in love.  Maybe there’s hope, Corey.”

“I do love him very much, Mom,” Corey said and kissed me.

“Now that I could have done without,” Larry said.

“Me too but it does show Corey loves Matt,” Marie said. “Either that or rub it in my face.”

“It was to show you I’m dead serious about this and Matt.  I can’t tell you how much he means to me.  Matt’s my entire world right now.  Next semester, we’ll be rooming together,” Corey said.

“I’d hate to live next to you,” Larry laughed. 

Marie offered more tea.  Corey accepted the offer while I was good.  Slowly as we talked, I could sense Corey enjoying this with his arm around my shoulder and his mom coming to terms with us.  Before we left, his mom insisted on making us a sandwich.  Corey wanted a fried bologna sandwich since he grew up on them.  I took one as well and hadn’t had one in years.

We left after spending over an hour at Corey’s house.  We got in his car to head back after a nice round of hugs from both.  “That wasn’t so bad,” I commented.

“Nope, it wasn’t. Way better than I ever could imagine.  It may have done a great bit of good.”

“I’d say maybe this weekend we’ve both started mending some fences,” I stated.

“Maybe… but you saw the best side of Mom and Larry,” Corey commented.

“You know when we get back we have a party to go to tonight,” I stated.

“I guess we do.  I hope it’s as fun as the last one.”

“I do too,” I said.


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