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Wednesday after a long day of class, I sat alone at my desk trying to digest my notes and get them in some order when they were needed.  For some reason, I was just doodling on a piece of paper until my phone began ringing.  I raced over and rolled my eyes seeing it was my dad calling.  Politely, I answered it to hear his gruff voice on the other end.  He called to see how I was doing and see if I was free on Friday night.  It was his lucky day since nothing so far was planned.  I was stern with my agreement and told him he better not let me down this time or our relationship would be at the end.  He did his best to give me assurances he’d be there but it was nothing I hadn’t heard before. 

Hanging up, Kris, Colt and Bryson came into the room.  It was their goal to work with me at softball so I wouldn’t be what they called an automatic out. 

“I’ll go and do my best to improve,” I said to their request.

“Improve’s ass,” Kris laughed, changing there in front of us to shorts and a sleeveless tee. “Matt, you can’t get any worse.”

“Yeah, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a guy who didn’t have just a little skill in baseball.  Hell, didn’t you play Little League as a kid?” Colt asked.

“I did but I quit because I sucked so bad,” I replied to hear their laughs.

“No wonder,” Kris said.

“Look I don’t rag on any of you about your grades, alright.  I’m not looking at three geniuses here,” I stated and gave them a big smile.

The three looked at each other.  “Damn, he’s got us there,” Bryson said.  “Let’s get goin’.”

I headed out with them.  We ran into Scott in the hall and thus had another person to practice with us.  We drove around and found another occupied field that would be suitable for our practice.  Colt brought out the balls and bats for us to warm up with. We ditched our shirts to get more sun before starting practice. Kris was my instructor and did his best to improve my throwing motion along with catching the ball.   Then it was Colt’s turn to advise me in batting.  He adjusted my weak stance to begin before Kris pitched to me.  I took a few weak, feeble swings that resulted in misses or weak ground balls barely ten feet from me. 

Colt moved in after watching.  “Matt, I know you’re not a weakling.  Swing the bat like you mean it.  Just pretend you caught Corey fucking macking with some dude at the Rec Center.  Put that anger…”

“Or how you felt when you caught him that time,” Kris interjected.

“Okay,” I said.  Kris tossed one to me.  I swung hard and connected on a nice one but it went out of play.  I was thrilled with the solid contact and was ready for another one.  The next one nearly hit Kris in the foot and got him to jump. 

“Good job, Matt! Aim for his nuts next time,” Scott yelled running down the ball. 

It was exciting to me to make progress.  I missed the next few since one was over my head and the other was in the dirt.  Colt told me I didn’t need to swing at every ball.  He told Kris to pitch some without me swinging and let me judge whether they were good ones or not.  Before I knew it, the ball was actually going places though not every hit was great.  I finished up with a big smile and went out in the field to run down some balls they hit.  My next goal was to overcome the fear of the ball.  I tried my best to emulate the way they fielded.  It wasn’t great with most continuing on between my legs. 

The last batter was Kris with Scott pitching.  The third ball he hit went high in the air and in my direction.  I moved a little and put my glove up catch the ball.   WHACK! The ball hit me squarely on the forehead.

Shit!” I yelled in pain mostly and some embarrassment.

The guys came running in my direction.  I was rubbing my head and saw them holding back the laughter. 

“You okay, Matt?” Scott asked and was doing his best not to burst out laughing.

“Yeah,” I smiled. “Go ahead and laugh.  I know I would.”

They broke into hysterics.  “Dude, you should’ve seen how far that ball went off your head,” Colt laughed.

“Sounded like it hit a damn tree,” Bryson said and was almost doubled over.   I took their joking and didn’t mind it. 

We finished up the short practice.  Kris examined my forehead walking off the field.  “Matt, you got a little knot there.”

“I can feel it,” I said.  “If nothing else, I think I did improve.”

“I’ll say,” Colt said.  “You made good solid contact.  You’ll do just fine next week for the first game.”

“I hope,” I said while we left the field.  It was easy to laugh once I glanced in a car mirror to see the nice red knot on my forehead. 

Back in the room with the guys, I opened my email to check up on things and to see if Mom enjoyed my pictures I had sent.  Scrolling through, there was an email from the student activity center.  It caught my eye by the phrase, “Dorm Daze”.  Once the email was open, it did sound interesting and fun. 

“Guys, check this out,” I stated.

Kris and Scott walked over.  I moved aside and let them read the email.  “Sounds like fun!” Scott said.

“Yeah, it really does for some lame ass student activity,” Kris said.

“What?  What is it?” Colt said with him and Bryson walking fast to see what it was.

“Oh fuck no, bitches!” Kris said.  “You didn’t wanna come at first.”

“Move so I can see it,” Colt said and pushed Kris. 

“Basically, it’s a talent contest next Friday night followed by a day of athletic field activities,” I said in a brief summary.

“Check this shit out,” Scott said pointing to the screen.  “Something about the hottest guy and girls in the dorms.”

I clicked on the link and waited for it to appear on my laptop screen.  I scrolled down and clicked on the ‘contest’.  Kris and Scott read over my shoulder.

“I know exactly who would be perfect for the guy part,” I turned and looked at Kris.

“No way!  There’s no way I’m getting my ass up on a stage and strutting around…” Kris said.

“Why not?” Scott asked. “Matt’s right, Kris.  I thought of you reading this.  You have the body…”

“Hold on a sec there, partner,” Colt said.  “What’s this all about?” Kris moved aside and let Colt and Bryson read the part about the hottest guy contest.  “I’m insulted you assholes didn’t think of me.”

I looked at Scott and wasn’t sure if he was joking or being serious.  “Sorry,” I said. “It does say one contestant per floor per dorm.”

Colt smiled, “I was kidding.  Kris would knock em dead.”

I’m not doing it,” Kris said.

“Cut the shit, Kris.  Do it!  This entire thing sounds fun,” Bryson said.

“I wonder if anyone has any talent other than sexual talent around here,” Scott smiled.

“Yeah, dick sucking would land a bunch of dudes in the competition,” Bryson said with us looking at him.  “I was talking about myself too here you know.”

“Oh are you?” Colt said with a mischievous smile.

“Fuck you Colt.  You’re the king besides the obvious ones around here,” Bryson said.

“Let’s not go there right now,” Kris said while reading the screen.  “The athletic stuff sounds like the shit.   Tug-o-war in mud, relay races and wall climbing.  Hell, we can school the others.”

“It did mention strongest guy contest, too,” I said and pointed at the screen.

“Hey, I know my limitation and see all those bowed up suckers at the Rec Center.  I know I can’t hang with those dudes plus I don’t shoot myself in the ass either with needles like some of them do.”

“Yeah, some of them really need to look and see what they are doing.  I know without a doubt some are doing the juice,” Colt said.

“You think?” I asked.

“It’s fucking obvious, Matt.  I saw one guy who is really big take off his shirt.  Oh my God at the zits all over his damn back…” Bryson said.

“That right there is a tell-tale sign of roids,” Kris said.

“Would you do em?” Scott asked looking at Kris.

“Scott, I’ve thought about it but it ain’t worth it.  I think all of us have done okay without them,” Kris said and flexed his guns.

“Hell yeah we have,” Colt said and showed his nice growing arms.  He kissed his right bicep, “All natural right here.”

“I’d say we have something to do next weekend if nothing else,” I commented with Jess and Alex coming in the cracked door. 

They had seen a flyer posted around the campus earlier.  We got in a big discussion along with them getting a few laughs out my knot on my forehead.  Scott did a great demonstration of my fielding skills that had us rolling in laughter.  We broke up and headed to shower before grabbing something to eat. 

Heading out of our room, it wasn’t hard to notice Kris.  “Ah come on Kris.  The least you can do is wrap a towel around you,” I commented.

“Who cares now, Matt?” Kris said with his towel thrown over his shoulder.

I shook my head and shouldn’t have been taken aback by his boldness.  Walking down, Colt came out the same way.  “Is something up here?” I asked.

“What’s the deal, Matt?” Colt asked.

“Alright then,” I laughed and removed my towel.

“It’s not like we haven’t now seen each other,” Kris commented while the three of us didn’t hide a thing walking down the hall to the shower.  We threw our things up on a hook with Scott and Bryson entering the shower. 

Exiting the shower, we stood drying off our bodies.

“Matt thinks it is some kind of sin to parade around naked before coming to the shower,” Kris commented.

“Matt, we did the exact shit last week.  You and Scott would have had all the naked hot guys you could stand,” Bryson commented.

“Damn!  I knew I should have roomed with you guys.  I missed all the fun!” Scott lamented. 

“Oh but you got to see Corey, Garrett and I plenty in the buff,” I stated.

“Yeah Scott, seeing those hung fuckers should have given you an instant boner,” Colt said and snickered.

“Ummm… I guess I did get to lay my eyes on my fair share of hotties naked,” Scott said. 

After dressing with Kris going commando, we gathered up the guys to eat.  I walked in the back with Garrett to catch up on his world since he hadn’t been around much. 

“Not much to tell really, Matt.  I go about life like I always have,” Garrett commented.

“If you want, Grayson and Stephan invited me and Corey to another party Saturday night,” I stated.

“I don’t know, Matt.  I’m really trying to adjust to things the way they are now.  I heard about the last one from y’all.”

“Garrett, I thought it was great without worrying what others think,” I said. “Seriously there were some hot single guys there.”

Garrett smiled at me, “I’ll think about it then.  You know I’ve talked to Austin twice since we’ve been back.”

“That’s great, Garrett but when would you ever see him?” I asked.

“We’re working on that,” Garrett replied.

I kept silent and didn’t want to hurt his feelings by telling him what I thought of a long distance relationship.  It was great that he had found someone but to hold on to the thought of keeping it going was another matter. 

After dinner, the guys headed to Bryson’s room.  I went for a little while to hang out but left to return to my room to study a little.  At nine, Corey came inside.  It was always nice to see him but our time together was short-lived for he had studying to do as well. 

Thursday was a rainy nasty day.  Instead of wasting the day, Corey went over to work and could use another day as his off-day.  The rain did give us a chance to hit the weights for a while.  I did my best but wasn’t in the mood to press my limits.  The night followed with the guys setting the plans for the weekend.  The plans centered around drinking but they spoke of plans to head to the dance club or crash a few parties in and around campus. 

After everyone had vacated our room about one, Kris and I headed off to bed.  Kris leaned over on his elbow, “See everything is back to normal…”

“Just like I said it would be,” I said.

“Matt, I really wanna go out tomorrow and find a girl to prove to me that this was all just some… some mood we’ve been in.”

“Kris, can I ask you something?”

“Sure you know you can and I’ll give an honest answer.”

“Do you have feelings now for guys where you didn’t before?  You know, attraction to guy,” I asked.

“I guess so, Matt.  I have to admit I have notice other guys around campus more than ever before.  The main question that pops into my head is have they ever fucked around?”

I laughed at his thinking. “Are you starting to come to grips that maybe you’re not so straight?”

“I am.  Now I wouldn’t think a thing of me hooking up with a guy whereas before I couldn’t see me doing it. Yet still, I don’t see me ever in a relationship or going out on a date with a guy.  I suppose I like it for one thing.”

“It’s funny how things evolve around here…”

Kris laughed, “I know.  Thinking back now about last week, I’m not sure I’d change a thing that happened.”


“We’ve talked about it here and there.  We all have said it was fun under the circumstances.  Now if it happens, it happens.  I think Brennan has hooked up with a guy or two since we’ve been back.”


“I think him and Jess went at it.”

“Not surprising there,” I commented.

“I know.  It’s funny how our attitudes have changed.  Here I was petrified that I’d be an outcast once they found out what we had done…”

“Kris, it shows no matter what you do, you set the standard here.  You started at the first day and have continued to do so far.  If you say anything, they agree with you.  I have yet to figure out what it is.”

“You are not the only one.  Sure I was outgoing in high school but not like this.  The really popular ones were those rich fucks who didn’t think their shit stunk.  They are probably now in some frat letting others tell them when to eat and when to shit.  I’d say I’ve bested them now and really wanna rub in their faces.”

“True but I think we got lucky and found a whole group of guys who were just like us in high school… well you more specifically.  They were pushed in the background for some reason or another.  Now college gives them a fresh start.  I’m really surprised at how much everyone is one equal footing here but I do know some still think they are better than others.”

“Yeah but they aren’t part of our group.  Even the ones like Kendall and Noah with all that cash…”

“Boy didn’t we get lucky there.”

“Thanks to me,” Kris smiled. 

“See ya in the morning, Kris,” I said and rolled over with him turning out the lights. 

The lights were barely off when Kris spoke up, “Matt, do you think you could help me out here?”

I rolled over and saw him holding his cock.  “Kris!

“I was thinking maybe a nice handjob.”

“Kris, you know I can’t do that.  I love Corey way too much to do anything behind his back.”

“It’s just a handjob is all,” Kris said sliding his hand over his hardening cock.

“I’m not doing it, Kris.  I’m surprised you’d even ask.”

He removed his hand.  “Damn, here I’ve asked you to do something I promised I wouldn’t.  Sorry, Matt.  What was I really thinking?”

“You weren’t,” I commented. “Just jack off by yourself.”

“Alright,” Kris said.  He resumed his activity while I rolled over.  It wouldn’t be right even watching him masturbate.  A few minutes later, I heard a deep sigh and moan with the enviable occurring.  I heard him get out of bed.  “Nearly drowned myself but damn it felt so good.”

Friday with the rain gone, it was cooler but the weather promised a beautiful weekend.  I walked with Corey to our class.  We talked about the weekend to see what was on each other’s mind.  If nothing else, we could spend time together and do practically nothing.

“Matt, I just wanna know when we are going on that camping trip we talked about,” Corey stated while we neared our building with other students walking near us.

“You get the stuff and a free weekend and we’ll go,” I stated.

“I guess the next two weekends are filled.  We can shot for one after that.  I’ll ask off so we can do it,” Corey said, opening the door for me.

“Sounds great to me.  I’ll look forward to it,” I said.

Finishing the class with Corey, I headed to my class with Scott and Michael.  We endured a boring lecture with the announcement of an upcoming the next week.  So far, the test schedule hadn’t been that bad or that stressful.  I knew on this one I needed to score high to keep my scholarship. 

After my last class and my scholarship in mind, I headed over to ask a few questions concerning living off campus or the other options.  The lady was very helpful and explained my options.  My housing would be paid for if I stayed on campus for another year yet only partially if I moved off.  She did show me an option of honor’s hall but that was out of the question.  I did inquire about the new hall which she said was a viable option but space was limited. I went to be advised which I should have done earlier and set my fall schedule.  Thankfully, registering for next semester hadn’t begun but would come Tuesday of next week.

I returned to my dorm and saw Kris and most of the guys getting into cars.  Kris got out, “Where have you been?”

“I went to see about the upcoming fall,” I replied. “Seriously, we need to get our stuff together and decide what we are going to this weekend.”

“We’ll talk about that later,” Kris said. “Scott has been looking all over for you and needs his swim buddy.”

“Let me change and tell him I’ll see him there,” I said.  A nice swim could get my mind off things.

Back at the dorm, we gathered in our room.  “So Matt, what’s all this talk about us deciding for the fall?” Jess asked.

“I went today to see about my scholarship.  I’m basically tied here for another year,” I explained. “Oh and we need to register Tuesday for next year’s classes.”

“No shit,” Scott said. “I knew that.”

“Thanks for filling us in, bitch!” Bryson said.  “Now it’ll be hell getting advised and getting everything in place by Tuesday.”

“I think most advisors are hanging around today if you wanna see,” I said.  “Mine said he was.”

Within a minute, our room was almost vacant with guys running to get on the phone with their advisors.  Scott and Garrett were left since they had taken care of it already.

“Now, what are we going to do about housing?” Scott asked. “I’ve actually been looking at apartments.”

“I know.  Bryson and I discussed this week,” Garrett said.

“It sucks but I can’t move out unless I’m willing to sacrifice some of my scholarship.  I guess Corey and I will be here while the rest of you move out,” I said.

“That’s some fucking bullshit!” Scott stated. “We’ve said we’re in this together and not yet splitting up.   How about those new ones?”

“That’s an option but we need to apply,” I said. “Maybe we can flag down Rick and see what he can do.”

Kris came back in the room and said he had a Monday appointment.  “Now what’s this shit about housing?  We need to find a place that has about four units together.”

“Matt can’t do it just yet,” Garrett said.

Kris put his hands on his head, “Is he for fucking real?”

“I’m afraid he is, Kris,” I said and wasn’t exactly excited.  I knew all the guys had it in their head we’d be moving off-campus next semester.

Colt came in the room along with Alex and Brennan.  “Check this shit out. One of us can’t move next semester,” Kris stated.

“Fuck him then,” Colt said. “His ass will be stuck in a dorm then.”

Tears flooded my eyes. “I’m sorry, Colt but I can’t.  The rest of you can.  Corey and I will make it just fine.”  I got up and went out in the hall with my phone.  I really needed Corey right now.  I tried to call him but he didn’t answer.  I headed outside and sat down in some grass next to our dorm with my head lowered.  My phone started ringing with Corey returning my call.  I started crying while telling him my dilemma.  He was doing everything to calm me down and said things would work out just like they always have.

I stood up after hanging with Corey and saw Stephan and Grayson in the distance.  I admired their boldness since they were walking their arms around each other. 

“Hey Matt, are we still on for tomorrow night?” Grayson asked.

“Yeah,” I said.

“What’s the problem?” Stephan asked me.

“Well… nothing,” I said.  “I’m trying to talk Garrett into going with us too.  That reminds me I need to say something to Scott too.”

“That’s so awesome, Matt.  We had such a good time last time.  Now we need to get you involved in our group,” Grayson said.

“I know I need to but I don’t have the time.  I’m playing softball and studying plus everything else going on around,” I said making excuses.

“We understand,” Stephan said. “If you ever have the time, we meet every second and fourth Wednesday at the LGBT house off campus.  At least come one time.”

“Now that I might be able to do,” I said.

They continued along while I headed upstairs to my room.  I opened the door with a very heated discussion going on. 

“Fine Colt!  My ass is with Matt no matter what!” Kris said with a red face.

“You really must like that cock!” Colt said.

“What the fuck did you just say?” Kris said after getting on his feet.

“You heard me, bitch!” Colt said.

“Motherfucker, stand up!”

Colt stood with his fist clinched by his side.

I moved quickly and got between them.  “Look you two hot heads!”

“Stay the fuck out of this, Matt!” Kris said.

“I’m not because I’m the reason two friends are ready to fight!” I said with the others watching in awe.

“No, he said something he shouldn’t have!” Kris said.

“Hell guys, we can’t say shit anymore about liking dick,” Bryson said.

“Thank you, Bryson!” I said. “Now both of you sit your asses down.   Corey and I will stay on campus while the rest of you move off.  It’s really quite simple.”

“See Kris, I told you they wouldn’t have a problem with it,” Colt said.

“I don’t care if they do or don’t.  Are we not all in this together?” Kris asked.

“There will be a day when we do move on,” Jess said.

“Man, I’ve never seen such drama over separating friends,” Brennan stated.

“I give then,” Kris said throwing his hands in the air. “I’m just saying I’m staying with Matt.  Y’all didn’t go to high school together.  I’m the reason he is even here in the first place.  I had to beg him to come here.  It has nothing do with our sex life either.”

“I’d say we have nine or so guys moving out then,” Colt said. “Kris you said last week come hell or high water we were moving out of this place.”

“I did but I didn’t know then what I know now,” Kris said.  “Seriously, would another year in the dorms be so bad?  I’ve made it just fine.  I never have to cook and am close to my classes.”

“That’s true but the freedom,” Jess stated.

“Yeah, we can’t really party here like we want,” Scott stated.

“Why don’t we check and see what our options are before we decide anything?” Kris asked.

“Our options are move out or be stuck here,” Bryson said. “My parents have agreed to let me move.”

We continued to discuss the move with everyone staying in control.  It was clear to see this may end up in our group being broken up.  It would test to see if Kris was the influence I really thought he was.

With the guys leaving, I grabbed Scott and asked him to hold up a minute. 

“Matt, wassup?”

“Two things really,” I replied. “We’ve been invited to another dance tomorrow night by Stephan and Grayson.  I wanted to see if you and Hayden were interested.”

“I guess but I’ll ask him tonight when we are out…”

“Ummm… I really could use a little something something.”

“Matt!” Kris yelled.

I turned to him, “Well, I need to calm down a little.  I haven’t smoked in a while.”

Scott smiled, “I might be able to hook a friend up.  Let me run grab some.”

With Scott, Kris and I briefly discussed what had gone on while I was out.  It boiled down to a bunch of guys who had their hearts set on moving out.  I told Kris Corey and I would be fine but he insists that he’s staying if it means it’ll be just the three of us. 

When Scott returned, he and I were about to head out.  The problem was Kris wanted to go as well, thus the three of us headed out to inhale the herb.  Scott was a pro and knew all the spots around the town where we could get high.  We pulled over and headed off into the woods.  Scott lit up the sizable joint and passed it to me.  My hit was hard and strong with urge to get baked.  After another hit or two, I was well on my way to being high. 

Finished with our smoke out session, we moved to a field to enjoy the high.  We flung off our shirts to enjoy the sun along with watching some guys play soccer in the distance. 

“Kris, I knew you and Colt were going throw down,” Scott stated leaned back and taking in the sun.

“I was pissed enough at him to.  Little bitch just had to bring up Matt and me,” Kris stated. “It’s not like Colt and I didn’t fuck last week.  Matt and I have never fucked.”

“You haven’t?” Scott asked.

“Nope,” I replied.

“I just knew…” Scott said.

“Scott, is it really a bad thing to be bi?” Kris asked.

“Hell no, actually it’s cool as fuck.  I haven’t told anyone this shit yet but Aiden and I double teamed this hot twenty something bitch one night in his room,” Scott said.

“Hot dude,” Kris said. “I heard Aiden is a dick.”

“He was but damn he was fucking hot.  Only one other guy fucked me better than him,” Scott stated.

“Hayden?” I asked.

“Fuck no, you, Matt!” Scott said. “I wanna be there the night Kris here gets fucked by you.  I think he might enjoy it.”

“I don’t know about that.  Matt is fucking hung.  Colt hurt bad enough as it was,” Kris stated.

“I hate to change the subject but if I don’t I’ll be busting a nut over here,” Scott stated. “Kris, you may not be alone in the dorms.  My rents aren’t crazy about me moving off campus if you wanna know the truth.”

“Thank you Scott,” Kris said.

“You can really see if you are bi, Kris,” I joked.

“I might can,” Kris said.

We lay there enjoying the sun with the chemicals running through our veins.  It felt so relaxing and what I needed.  Before it got too late, we headed back.  Kris made us make a detour so he could score some beer at his normal spot.  It was a seedy part of town in my book but it worked again with Kris sporting 3 24 packs of cheap beer.  I knew without a doubt his shirtless body and three day beard would score.


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