Posted:   May 9, 2011

Sunday after our spring break trip and a long drive back to the dorms, Kris and I were up later than normal.  It was a tad strange not waking next to Corey and something I truly missed.  I was relaxing in my thoughts when I heard and saw Kris waking up in his bed.  He stretched out his body which was a nice tan now.

“Matt, I still can’t believe the shit we did on the trip, me especially,” Kris stated. “I’m really disappointed that I let myself do that.”

“Kris if you’re referring to the gay night things I don’t see what the big deal is.  It’s not like you haven’t messed around in here.”

“I know that but here I keep this persona of being so straight whereas now I’m really questioning my sexuality like never before.  Even Colt said he thinks maybe he’s twenty five percent gay… Colt of all people!”

“And you?”

“Hell if I know, Matt,” Kris replied. “Maybe I’m twenty five percent too whether I want to admit or not. Colt and I fucked.”

“Really?” I questioned with my eyes wide open and in shock.

“Yes Matt, we did,” Kris said and began to get emotional.  I got out of bed and moved to his.  “Matt, Bryson sucked me too.  I’m nothing but a fucking cheap goddamn whore! We were all whores.  Running around naked and just going at it.  We were some kind of fucked up!”

“At least you’re not alone,” I said. “Things happen sometimes when we drink too much.”

“Matt, I wasn’t that drunk,” Kris said looking in my eyes.  His big blue eyes were filled with tears. “I feel terrible about it now that I’ve had time to think about it.  We laughed about it the next day and the day after that.  It was a running joke sort of but now I can see where we all crossed the line and weren’t being true to ourselves.”

“Kris, now that we are back here I have a feeling things will return to normal,” I stated.

“God I sure hope so.”

“All you need is a girlfriend Kris and maybe you’d stop thinking that you’ve changed,” I stated. “Any chance of Liz coming back around?”

“Who really knows?  It is her call right now.  If she wants me, I might run back to her so I could get back to feeling normal.  It sucks questioning something you never questioned before.”

“I can see you are tormented by it.  Why don’t you start by heading over to the Rec Center and work out?”

“Fucking brilliant idea,” Kris said with finally some pep in his voice.  “Can you believe the thought of working out never even crossed my mind there?  So are you up for going?”

“I got plenty of exercise from all the walking we did,” I said and chuckled.

“Yeah, we did nearly walk our asses off there but you know Matt it was a great trip now that I think about it.  Noah said we could all meet there this summer and do it again minus the gay shit,” Kris stated and got up from his bed.  He found his phone and started calling around to see who wanted to join him at the Rec Center.  I didn’t go or feel like going since there were things I had to get done including laundry and download the pictures from the trip.

Later that day, I enjoyed running into Juan and seeing how things were going with him.  He had stayed close with a co-worker and worked during spring break.  He said he didn’t have a desire to go home since he felt as though he had nothing there.  Juan did garner my respect for doing what was necessary in life.  If not for my scholarship and generous hard working Mom, I’m sure I’d be working as well.

About five that night with Kris out roaming the halls, there was a little knock at my door.  I assumed it was Corey and yelled it was open.  Instead it was Garrett coming in the door.

“Wassup?” Garrett said.

“Oh not much,” I replied. “You?”

He gave me a big smile, “I went home last night…”


“It was really awesome, Matt.  They totally accept me!”


“Thanks and Bryson was the same way but what could he really say now?”

“True but what can anyone of them say?” I said with Corey slipping in the door.  Garrett told him exactly what he had told me. 

“Now Garrett, you need to find you someone,” Corey said.

“I guess so but on the trip, it was so easy,” Garrett commented.

“I know a few guys at the Rec Center that might be interested,” Corey said.

“Wow, you’re not the only gay guy there, huh?” Garrett said.

“Nah.  We are outnumbered by a long shot but there are a few.  One guy is really cute… sorry Matt,” Corey said.

“Call em like you see em,” I said.  “Is it Phil?”

“Exactly,” Corey said. Corey had told me about Phil a while ago.  “He just mentioned today how he’d love to find a great boyfriend.  Garrett, he’s older too.”

“Well, I guess I’ll have to meet him sometime then,” Garrett said. “It’s amazing how a week has really changed my life.  I will say once the word was out I just knew it would be a living hell.”

We kept talking until Kris came in the room.  He joined our conversation but didn’t seem to be the peppy Kris as usual.  Once Garrett was gone, Kris was on his bed and staring at the ceiling, lost in his thoughts once again.

“Kris, what’s wrong with you?” Corey asked.

“Like I told Matt, I fucked up on the trip and was way out of character there,” Kris replied. “I’m in a funk right now.”

“You’ll get over it once classes start again,” I said.

The door opened without a knock with Colt coming in his shorts and tee.  “Anyone wanna go grab something to eat right quick?”

“I will,” Corey replied quickly.

“Count me out,” Kris said.

“Dude, what’s up with you?  You’ve been a fucking downer all day,” Colt stated.

Kris sat up a little in his bed.  “Colt, you tell me straight up.  Did we fuck things up on the trip?  We went way too far.  Not just me but all of us did that were there…”

“I see now what’s eatin’ at ya,” Colt stated. “Kris, I regret it a little bit but it was something I enjoyed especially my time with you…”

“Fuck you, Colt!” Kris screamed in anger.

“Chill, Kris but I did.  Whether you wanna admit or not, you did too.  It was just drunk college guys fucking around when there was no loose women to be had.  It’s not like we sat around and planned the shit out, Kris.  It happened.  Our little heads got the best of us.  It’s not like most of us are gay or anything the way I see it.   We explored what Matt and Corey over there enjoy all the time.  I will say it did beat jackin off,” Colt said.  “Get over it, Kris. It happened.”

“I suppose you’re right,” Kris said. “It’s not those two nights will make us gay or anything.  It was just friends who let it all hang out and went for it, you might say.  The scariest part to me is I’m beginning to enjoy it with guys especially you three.”

“Hey, I enjoyed it too but I’m not going to get on my knees and suck your dick again.  Just try and forget about it and move on.  We can say we had our round with gay sex, enjoyed the fuck out of it and moved on for there,” Colt said.

“Alright, let’s go eat so I don’t have to sit around here and dwell on something I can never change,” Kris said.

Colt patted Kris on the shoulder, “That’s my boy right there with one great fucking ass.”

Kris smiled, “Colt’s my boy that can really suck a dick.  Matt, Colt could give you lessons when he gets hammered again.”

“Matt doesn’t need lessons,” Corey laughed.

“Nope, I don’t but I do enjoy practicing,” I laughed.

“God, what have we done now?” Kris lamented.

We laughed but did agree things had changed in the matter of a week as far as our entire group.  With half of the group eating, it was easy to see Kris returning slowly to his regular form.  Half way through, the talk was centered around getting together a softball team for intramurals since basketball was such fun for them.  I sat and listened to them put together a team.  The stunner was when I got picked to be the catcher.  The problem was I didn’t want to and my skills in baseball were nil. 

Back at the dorm, Colt broke the gloves and balls for us to play catch behind the dorm before it got dark.  There my skills were displayed for all to witness and catch a big laugh at my throwing motion.

Walking back to the dorm, I commented.  “Now you see why I don’t volunteer for sports.  It’s just not my thing.”

“Matt, don’t you want to be involved instead of sitting on the sidelines and watching?” Bryce asked.

“I do but I know my limitations.  I’ll play but only if necessary,” I replied.

“Practice some and you’ll get better,” Kris said. “Remember when you started in the weight room?  You had no form and were weak.  Now you can show off some of that muscle you’ve gained.”

“I said I would in the case of an emergency,” I stated.  “My biggest problem is I don’t have a glove.”

Colt spoke up in a hurry, “I brought at least three from home knowing not everyone would have one.”

We entered the dorm and gathered in our room.  Our first order of business was for me to download all the pictures I had taken from the trip.  There wasn’t as many as I had hoped for but still enough.  With the guys gathered around, there were a few embarrassing ones I had snapped of Corey and Scott but most were decent.  While pulling each one up, there was usually a comment to come from the crowd especially the ones taken at Noah’s at night.  Picking out the best I made a compilation CD of the pictures for each person.  While burning the CD’s, the stories started flowing with everyone talking over each other.  We did garner the attention of Rick for a minute.  He was checking up on us and seeing how our trip went.  For him, we kept it basic like how much fun we had and how much sun we got.  After Rick was gone, we compared tans with Colt and Brennan coming away with the darkest of our group. 

With the lights out and the end of the night, Kris and I got in bed for our nightly chat.

“I feel better now, Matt.  Things will return to normal before I know it,” he commented leaned on his elbow.

“I knew it would.  I could see you getting back to normal.”

“I was but it is still hanging with me.”

“It can hang with you but don’t let it rule your actions.  Kris, just like you have said to me many times, I won’t ever suggest us get together especially alone.  I just can’t do that behind Corey’s back.”

“Matt, I won’t let you either and jeopardize your relationship because of my needs.  If something were to happen… oh fuck it… I’ve lost my goddamn mind here.”

“Ask it, Kris…”

“No Matt, it is stupid and silly.”

“Were you going to ask if we could be a couple if something happened?”

“Oh hell no but we could fuck around a little.  I never ever want to be in a relationship with a guy.  It’s not me at all.  I did and do enjoy the sex part but the relationship like you and Corey or Stephan and Grayson is definitely out of the question forever for me,” Kris said.

“Sex fiend,” I laughed.

“Look who’s talking over there,” Kris said in defense.

“We’re both sex fiends and love it!”

“Hell yeah we do!”

We changed the subject to discuss the softball before talking about our classes.  We said good night and ended our nightly conversation with the hour well past one.

The first day back in classes wasn’t fun other than the fact that the warmer weather brought out everyone in shorts and tees.  It was hard to get back in the routine but having my first class with Corey to start the day helped eased the pain.  Seeing Michael and Scott in the next class helped as well.  In my next class, a one hour business intro class, our professor made our assignment for the year-end project where we paired up in groups of two or three to present a mock business proposal.  The last fifteen minutes were the twenty five or so of us students finding partners.  I was approached by a student I had seen in another class the semester before as well as seeing around the campus and was asked to be his partner in the project.  We introduced ourselves so we could have a name to go with a face.  His name was Shawn and was a nice looking guy I have to say with stylish blond hair and big blue eyes.  We exchanged numbers and found that we lived in the same dorm with him being on the top floor of our four story dorm.

After my lab, Scott and I headed back to the dorm with Michael along with us.  I informed them about our softball team and invited both to join.  I knew Scott was being counted on and was being nice to Michael so he could say we at least asked.  Michael said thanks but no thanks since softball wasn’t his cup of tea. 

Entering my room, Kris was primed and waiting for me to head out to find a practice field in the area where we could hit around a few balls and see what we had.  Thanks to the college, we had bats, gloves and balls supplied.  Kris and Corey had gone to retrieve them earlier.  We gathered up the ones interested in playing and went to seek out a field.  It took a little driving around before we found one that wasn’t being used.  With twelve people including myself and Corey, we headed out on the field to a position desired.  We had second base, pitcher and catcher open after we dispersed with me standing alone.   Kris volunteered to pitch while Scott moved over to take second with the extras in the outfield. 

We took batting practice to see what we had.  Garrett was our slugger and deposited a few over the fence.  Not to be showed up, Kris did get a hold of one and was ecstatic about knocking one out. Corey was next to last and impressed me with his hitting.  He hit a few long ones but couldn’t quite hit one over the fence.  I took my turn last and was embarrassed to death.  I was barely able to make contact much less hit one hard. 

After we all ate together, Corey and I headed to his room to be alone.  We laid together on his bed.

“Matt, have you noticed anything different today?” Corey asked.

“Well other than the fact you’re off on a Monday rather than a Tuesday is a little odd,” I replied.

“Yeah, I changed so I could be a part of the team and not miss out this time like I had to with basketball.  I’m off Thursday as well now.  We’ll see about a day off on the weekend.”

“Corey, I don’t see a problem with it unless you’re saving up for something big or you like all the cash the job does bring.”

“I like the cash but I need a balance here for a change.  They are so great at the Rec Center and really understand things like they should,” Corey said with Michael and Brianna walking into the room. 

We caught up with everything happening with them before we left them alone and wandered down the hall.  We passed Stephan’s room and saw his door open.  We backtracked and went into his room to visit with him.  As usual, he was glad to see us.

“Hey, Grayson and I have been meaning to catch you two.  We’re having another party this Saturday night if you’re interested in going again,” Stephan commented. “Matt, those plugs look great on ya, by the way.”

Quickly Corey spoke up, “Sounds like a plan to me.  What’s the theme this time?”

“We’re doing 70’s disco night,” he replied.

“Stephan, thanks for noticing.  I do look how they look on me now that I’ve adjusted to them.  The party sounds fun to me.  We might have someone new join us,” I said.


“Garrett,” I replied. “He came out over our trip.”

“More like we found out,” Corey said.

“That’s awesome,” Stephan said.

“I think he’s on the lookout for a boyfriend,” Corey stated.

“There will be plenty of candidates for him to choose from… I’m excited that Garrett’s out and never would have suspected that tall dude to be gay but you never know sometimes expect for the ones that try,” Stephan said with a big smile and with Grayson entering the room. 

We hung around with them for a little while before venturing down to my room to see what was stirring there.  We took a seat and stayed listening to them talk about everything under the sun but never mentioned one thing about their two infamous nights of exploration. 

Tuesday, it was nice to see Hayden.  I really didn’t have time to say much to him other than hi before our class started.  We headed out once class over.

“Hayden, how are things with Scott now?  I haven’t really had the chance to ask him,” I questioned as we walked.

“Things are okay, I guess.  I did hear about his fling.  It sounded like he wasn’t the only one though,” Hayden said.  “I still wish I could’ve went.”

“Scott did tell me once he missed you and wished you were there with us.”

“I missed him more than you’d ever know.  I only wish I had the guts to come out but I know what would happen,” Hayden stated.

“Maybe one day you will for better or worse,” I said.

“Worse more than likely so I’m going to enjoy it while I can,” he said.  “See ya, Matt.”   We parted ways with me heading to my next class with Kris, Jess and Scott.   Seeing Kris come in the room, I nearly started laughing since he was in athletic shorts, tee and a hat turn backwards.  I shouldn’t have since he wasn’t alone with Jess about in the same thing. 

“Just get up,” I commented to Kris.

“No but I didn’t feel like getting dressed up,” Kris stated. “I still look good though.”

“That’s your opinion,” I said.

After class, I grabbed something to eat to go and started walking back to the dorms.  Almost there, Corey grabbed me by the arm and scared me half to death.  “Shit Corey,” I said catching myself before I screamed.

“I’m sorry Matt,” Corey said with a big smile on his tan face.  We walked together and were nearly at the door to go upstairs when we saw Lee coming out the door. 

“Just keep walking,” I said under my breath while Lee stared hard at us.

“Fucking sickening!” Lee screamed with two other students close by.  “Two faggots make me wanna hurl!”

Corey leaned over and kissed me on the cheek.  “Proud of it too,” Corey said.

Lee stopped and made one quick step towards us with the other two students watching closely.  “You’re not even worth the trouble,” Lee said.  “Tell Kris my ass is waiting on him one day.”

“For sure we’ll tell him,” Corey said. “He can’t wait.”

Lee reached in his pocket and pulled out a knife.  He smiled, “I’m waiting too.”

I pulled on Corey to get us inside.  The steam was rising from his head while my heart was racing.  “No doubt he’d use it.  He’s not man enough to do it without a knife,” Corey said as we entered and climbed the stairs. 

“Kris could still beat his ass,” I said. “One quick move by Kris and that knife would be on the ground or in Kris’s hand.”

“I just hope it never comes to that,” Corey said with me opening my door. 

I quickly made my bed for us to sit on it.  Corey greeted me with a long wet kiss with his hand moving across my abdomen.  With our kissing intensifying, his hand slid down further and into my shorts.  I rose up and let him remove my shorts and grey boxer briefs while I lost my shirt.
He lost his shorts and shirt before shutting the cheap blinds.

A big smile came on my face, “I see what this is about.”

Corey smiled, “I wore a jock so I didn’t have to change.  Thank goodness, my professor was gone today.  I now want fucked in my jock.”

“Something I can damn sure do,” I said and was hit with his lips. 
It wasn’t long before Corey was leaning over my bed with me standing behind him.  I grabbed the waistband of his old jock while slowly entering him.  He let out his regular gasp and turned his head.  I smiled and continued my journey in him.  Once ball’s deep, I leaned over to kiss his new tattoo on his back.  Our sex grew to a great climax with Corey moaning with each deep push.  Our taut tan bodies were sweaty and covered in cum by the end. 

Sadly, Corey couldn’t hang around and enjoy much after we finished.  I was left alone in my thoughts.  It’s still amazing how lucky I was to have found Corey.   I’m just as lucky to have the most amazing roommate and a person I consider my best friend.  I owe so much to both for making this experience so great.  I wonder what the future holds for all of us but we never know until that day comes.

TO BE CONTINUED…          

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