Posted:   May 6, 2011

I woke later than normal on our Spring Break trip to see Garrett and Corey talking with Scott missing but accounted for.  He was staying with Aiden for the night and had called Garrett to say so. 

“Garrett thinks I’m making this shit up about last night and what we were told,” Corey stated after I finished in the bathroom.

“Garrett, it is so true,” I said. “I’m in a daze to be honest with you.  Not a one of them other than maybe Kendall and Noah can say a word about the three of us now.”

“I can’t believe Bryson of all people…” Garrett said in great disbelief.

“It is true, Garrett.  Alex was the shocker to me,” Corey said. “Garrett, Matt and I have fucked around with Kris before.”

Garrett’s eyes grew very wide, “No wonder he’s so gay friendly.  Matt, do you think he’s in deep denial?”

“I don’t think so but extremely curious. Kris has always been one person who never judges a person by their color or whatever.  He does enjoy sex…” I replied.

“Sounds like he has plenty of company,” Garrett said with the door opening and Scott walking in.   We sat Scott down and filled him in on everything.

“Nice story,” Scott said after Corey and I finished.  “I don’t believe a word of it.”

“Scott, I’m the same way,” Garrett said.

“Bet they will deny every word of it,” Scott said.  “By the way Garrett, are you still holding that V card?”

No real answer was necessary with a huge smile coming across Garrett’s tan face.  “Not anymore thanks to Austin last night.  It was so wonderful.  He was the best ever and so patient with me.”

“Did it hurt?” Scott asked.

“Oh yeah, it hurt but once that pain was gone, it was the fucking bomb!  It felt so great,” Garrett said with great excitement in his voice.

“Tell me about it,” Scott stated. “Aiden is a fucking sex machine. I’m using that fucker for all he is worth before I get back to school.”

“Do you miss Hayden?” I asked.

“You know Matt, I sort of do.  It really wish it was him that I was having sex with instead of Aiden.  Every time Aiden and I are together I try to imagine it is Hayden.  I have called and checked up on him,” Scott replied.

“Any changes with him?” Corey asked.

“Nope and he still hasn’t come out to them yet either,” Scott said.

About eleven, I gave Kris a call to see what was going on.  He had just woken up and said most were sleeping in after a hard night of drinking.  He did comment that most of them wanted to head over and ride go-carts and play miniature golf for a change after everyone was up.  In the meantime, Scott was on his phone with Aiden while Garrett was talking to Austin.  Garrett had his day planned out with Austin and Gage while Scott wanted to hang with the rest of us for a change.  Garrett donned his suit and headed off to be with Austin. 

“You know, I’m really happy for Garrett.  It’s a shame this is just a onetime fling.  That’s why I’m hanging around today,” Scott said.  “I’ve met my goal here.”

“Damn Scott,” Corey said and pushed him.

“Hey, you knew my goal was to get my ass laid by the hottest guy I could find.  I think I accomplished it, wouldn’t you say?”

“There may be an alternative motive, huh?” I asked, raising my brow.

“Maybe,” Scott laughed.  “I wanna see for myself if our friends are fucking bi. I know Jess is.”

“Scott, I’m still in shock about the entire thing and have really mixed feelings about it…” I said.

“Look Matt, they are now adults with dicks,” Corey said and snickered at his humor. 

“I’d say the three of us made a bunch of guys curious as hell,” Scott said.

The three of us headed poolside at our motel to enjoy more sun with our phones at our side.  We lay out and caught more sun to enhance our glowing tans that we had gotten since coming here.  About twelve thirty, I got a call that the guys were heading out to lunch if we cared to join them. 

We meet at Noah’s with everyone actually wearing shirts for a change. 

“Alright bitches, I fucking heard about the last two nights!” Scott announced.

“All I’ll say is you missed it.  We’ve all agreed we’ve gayed it out enough for a life,” Colt said. “Or at least some of us have.”

“We’ve got a new word.  Gayed,” Kris joked.

“Yeah, it’s when you are fucking straight like most of us yet try out gay shit to see what’s it like,” Colt laughed.

“The question is did you like it?” Scott asked.

“I know I did,” Brennan replied quickly.

“Bitch, you’re bi like Scott was.  None of us hated it you might say,” Kris said and gave a big smile.

“I know you don’t hate it,” Scott laughed. “I’ve heard about the roomie action going on.”

Kris smiled and threw up his hands showing his well formed biceps and triceps. “Oh well.”

They had a nice laugh at our expense.  We gathered up the troops and headed out for the day to explore the city other than the beach.   Our first stop was to eat and fill up some stomachs.  Next, they wanted to ride go-carts like little kids since it wasn’t that crowded as it was during the night.  The nicest part was getting some great candid shots of us racing and having a great time.   Next it was off to play miniature golf, which wasn’t my specialty at all.  There again my camera was clicking away with the guys horsing around and making the most of our trip.  It was appropriate that the best scores were by Scott and Corey since they both enjoyed the game of golf.  Next it was off to check out the shops that I had been to. 

As we were leaving the shops with most having bought a little something, Corey spoke up, “Hey, who is with me for some ink?”  He pointed down the street.

“I am,” Brennan replied right after Corey had asked.

“Let me see how much it is before I commit,” Kris said. “You know they jack up the prices here for all of us.”

“I would but my parents think I have two too many as it is,” Colt stated.

“Matt, are you doing it?” Kris asked.

“I don’t know but getting my ears pierced is not out of the question,” I replied.

We headed down the street and found the tattoo shop busy but not too busy.  It gave Corey and Brennan time to look over the various designs while I mustered up the courage to get my ears done.  Bryson was pondering the idea as well since most of the guys had ink.  What I really had in mind were plugs to be different but didn’t want to overdo it and stretch out my ear lobes.  While thinking it over, Corey grabbed me by the arm and pulled me to where the designs were. 

“What do you think?” Corey asked me with Bryson and Jess standing behind us and pointed to a heart design. “I’m getting Matt tattooed right in the middle of the heart.”

“I don’t think so,” I replied.

“It’d be fucking wicked, Corey,” Bryson said.

“Yeah dude, go for it,” Jess said.

My head whipped around fast.  “Are the three of you fucking stupid?” I asked.

Corey tried to hide his smile but couldn’t. “You know I love you.”

“Yeah, Corey tells us all the time he’s gonna do it whether you like it or not,” Jess stated.

I walked away, “Do whatever you want, Corey.”

Kris found me and knew I was thinking plugs.  He had found some really nice ones along with some that were jokes such as a Playboy bunny or marijuana leaf.  I decided on a simple silver one after I heard the price.  I glanced over to see a guy attending to Corey with Brennan still mulling over his choices.

My part was over with in a hurry.  Looking in the mirror, I really liked how the silver plugs looked in my ears.  The process was rather quick but did sting just a little.  I walked out and looked around to see the back of Scott and Colt’s heads.  I walked over and found Corey leaned over with the artist tattooing on his back.  A smile came across my face seeing it was a simple Celtic cross being down just below the neck line. 

After watching a few minutes, I wandered over to see Brennan being tattooed just above his waist line with a nice looking Japanese symbol for peace.  He said there was no meaning other than he thought it looked bad ass. 

We were back at Noah’s beach house after Brennan and Corey were inked up.  Slowly throughout the day, we were starting to get testy and on each other’s nerves from being around each other for five straight days.  We did get clued in that everyone was heading back to the club for the night to see how things would go and get back to a little bit of normalcy.   Thus, Corey and I decided to leave it with them and do our own thing for the night.

Walking back, Corey suggested, “Matt, why don’t you and I go out and have a really nice meal together?”

“Sounds great to me.”

“Noah was saying there’s this really nice place a few blocks up the beach that has great food but he also mentioned it was a little pricey.”

“Sure, we really haven’t spent that much here.”

“I know,” Corey said. “I wanna treat my boyfriend tonight.”

“Not on your life, Corey.  I said I have plenty of money…”

“I don’t care, Matt.  I wanna do it whether you like it or not.  I have cash about burn a hole in my shorts,” Corey said firmly. “Matt, please let me.  I really want to.”

“Alright, this one time you can,” I relented seeing how he was determined and wanted to do it.

Opening the door, we saw Garrett dressing after he had taken a shower.  “Wassup?”

“Not much,” Corey said with a big smile.  “Wanna see what I did?”

“Of course,” Garrett said. 

Corey walked over and threw off his shirt.  He turned around to show his bandaged tattoo. 

“That’s sick, Corey.  Did Bryson get one?  I know he’s been about to bust a gut to get one.”

“No, I think he wanted to but couldn’t decide on a design,” I said.

“Matt, I love your earrings!” Garrett said. “I wish I had the balls to do that.”

I smiled, “Thanks.”

“So what’s everyone doing tonight?” Garrett asked.

“Matt and I are going out to eat,” Corey replied. “The rest of em are going back to the club tonight.  What do you have going?”

Garrett smiled and replied, “Austin and I are going out.  He’s leaving tomorrow so we’re going to make the most of it.  Don’t look for me back tonight.”

“That reminds me,” I said. “We’re heading out Saturday after we clean Noah’s place up.”

“That’s cool by me,” Garrett said. 

“We pretty much decided to drive back and have a day to recover instead of hauling ass back,” Corey said.

Garrett finished up getting ready while Corey and I stepped in the shower to clean off and be fresh for our dinner.  Garrett said goodbye to us after we came out.  Corey and I dressed in the nicest things we had brought.  We both smelled great and looked even better in my eyes.  I snapped a picture of us in the mirror as we shared a long kiss. 

We made it to the restaurant after what was supposed to be a short walk that ended up being more like a mile if not more.  There was a short wait before we were seated.  Once seated at a small table for two, I opened the menu and looked across at him.

“I know it’s a little high,” Corey said.

“Well… you get what you pay for… I hope.  I will say everything so far has looked great and smells wonderful.”

“So what are you getting?”

“I was thinking the steak and shrimp…”

“Damn you, Matt.  I was thinking the same but I think I’ll go for the grilled snapper and shrimp.”

Our waiter was about as cute as they got around here but that was seemingly commonplace here on our trip.   It seemed for a gay guy there was nothing but hot guys at every turn.  We ordered our meals along with two tall glasses of water to wash them down with.  Our wait wasn’t long before our cute waiter had a salad and bread in front of us.  The place was rather quiet and so different than any other place we had been so far including our dates at college.  The time between our salad and meal gave us time to talk and assess everything that was happening on our trip.  When our meal arrived, we weren’t sure who had the best thing since we ended up sharing.  Both dishes were worth the price and tasted great.

Finished with our meal and bloated, Corey and I walked back to our room along the beach front to enjoy it while we could.  Our walk was slow with our flip-flops in our hands.  We took the time to enjoy watching the gulls dive into the water and listen to the waves gently crash into the beach. 

Half way back, Corey grabbed my hand.  “Fuck it, Matt.  Why not enjoy this while we can?”

“I agree,” I said and smiled at him.  We walked holding hands and didn’t care what people thought.  If I had been a mind-reader, I’m sure some weren’t nice thoughts but nothing was said to us to our faces.  Near our motel, we sat down and enjoyed the last moments of daylight.

Once it was dark, we headed to the room and bolted the door.  We jumped on the bed and started kissing.  The kissing escalated out of control with clothes being tossed across the room.  We spent a good ten minutes if not more just kissing and grinding our naked bodies together.  With the stimulation, I knew without a doubt I wanted fucked and desired to have his thick cock in my body.  I didn’t give him a choice when I snatched the lube and applied to his hard throbbing cut cock. 

On my back with my legs high in the air and a towel under us, Corey pushed my legs forward and ran his wet slippery cock along my ass.  I spread my cheeks apart while he guided his cock to my hole.  I gasped at the feeling of him going past my sphincter and into my ass.  It was incredible to see his muscles in his chest and arms flex while entering me so beautifully.

“Fuck me, Corey,” I mouthed.

“I will cause I love you so much, Matt!”

“I love you too! Now fuck your boyfriend like he wants it!”

Not much was said or needed to be said after that.  He started slow and slowly built up his pace with my legs high in the air.  The pleasure was intense as was my moaning.  Soon we were breathing heavily and sweating with the heat of our fucking.  My hands loved roaming his body while feeling him in me.  We moved to our sides with my leg thrown over his.  Our tongues met with Corey’s strong hand finding my cock.  We were lost in each other and the moment while Corey continued to fuck me.  He stroked my cock with his cock pleasing my entire body.

I hated to cum first but couldn’t withhold the on-rushing cum boiling deep in my body.  My explosion was strong with Corey’s cock in my ass and covered my stomach and chest.  He pulled out and turned me over to release his load on my chest and stomach.  Our lips met with our tongues battling after our intense sex and the afterglow we were experiencing.

The next morning, Friday, our last full day here, Corey and I were awaked and cuddling in the bed with the TV on.  The door opened with Scott entering the room.

“Did you have fun last night?” Corey turned and asked him.

“I had fun but I didn’t get a single piece of ass.  Bitches stuck to their guns and said the gay shit was over,” Scott said. “I was too wasted to come back here.  I don’t even have to ask if you enjoyed the room alone.”

We smiled.  “Don’t then,” I commented. “Thanks for staying away.”

“No problem,” Scott said.  “We’re spending the entire day on the beach and then we’ll see what happens after that.”

“Sounds like a plan to me,” Corey said.

“I say if nothing else we need to have a fucking gay orgy here with the four acclaimed gay guys,” Scott said. “Do the two lovers agree to share since you had plenty of time last night?”

“We’ll talk about it, Scott,” Corey said.

“It’ll be our last night together here.  Now that Garrett’s getting some experience we can really have a gay old time,” Scott smiled. 

“Garrett may not be up for it, Scott,” I said. “I’m with Corey here and not sure about sharing him with my friends.”

“What the fuck, Matt?  You shared him with Kris!” Scott stated.

“Let’s talk about this later,” Corey said.

“I see how it is.  You fuck around with Kris and won’t do it with me,” Scott stated.

“Kris really wasn’t dating anyone at the time either,” I said.

“Nice excuse, Matt.  You’re jealous one of us will steal Corey away…”

“Scott, let us decide, alright,” Corey said. “No one will ever steal me away and Matt knows it.”

It was another day at the beach for our group with Garrett coming along after his night with Austin.  There was sadness to him after saying goodbye to his new found lover.  Most of us were aware of Garrett’s situation and did our best to cheer him up.  I did my best to snap as many pictures as I could of our group while we were at the beach or watching a few who rented wave runners nearby.

By the end of the day, the realism that this was the end of our trip was beginning to set in.  Combined with that, the sun, the water and little sleep, we were a completely zapped bunch of college guys. 

The four of us returned to the room to prepare to go out for our last dinner here. 

“Garrett, look on the bright side.  You’ll always remember Austin and this trip,” Scott said once we were back.

“I know you never forget your first time.  I won’t forget it but damn… this is so fucking hard!  Why couldn’t I have found someone like Austin that was closer?” Garrett stated.

“Garrett, this has been a hell of a week for you.  You came out and lost your virginity,” Corey stated.

“It has been one crazy week for me, huh?”

“It sure has.  Do you regret anything?” I asked.

“Just the fact I fell for some guy that lives in a totally different state.  You know it has been great being out.  We did catch a little hell last night but it wasn’t anything unexpected,” Garrett replied.

“It’s a fucking shame people can’t keep their fucking mouths shut on things they have no business saying shit about,” Scott said. “What’s the big deal of two guys holding hands or kissing?  Hell there are fucking hundreds of straight people doing it.”

“You won’t get an argument out of me but it is a fact of life,” I stated. “I will say things are getting a tiny bit better.”

We changed and headed to meet our friends and go out to eat.  Kris and Colt did their best to liven things up for ten other tired guys.  We hung around the house and played cards a little but nothing big.  There was a little drinking and smoking going on but it was finishing off what was remaining.

We returned to our room around eleven and turned on the TV.  No more in the door, Scott stripped off his clothes.  “Are we doing this shit or what?” he asked grabbing his cock.

“Yes,” I said and got a quick double by Corey.  Garrett stripped down as did Corey and I.  I kissed Corey on the lips and moved over to get on my knees in front of Garrett.  I reached up and stroked his uncut cock while Scott moved to take care of Corey.  I stuck out my tongue and licked under the hooded meat of Garrett.  Looking up it was easy to see how much he was enjoying this.  My mouth took as much of his hardening cock.

“OOOO fuck yeah,” Garrett moaned with me sucking his cock.  I glanced over with my mouth full to see Scott going down on Corey’s thickness.  I continued to lick, such and mouth Garrett’s throbbing hot cock and was enjoying doing so.  He had his hand on my head but not forcing me.   I could see Corey face fucking Scott while I continued.  Garrett stopped me and got on his knees.  Corey kissed me with Scott sucking him.   Garrett licked my cock before starting to suck it. 

“Goddamn this shit is fucking hot!” Scott screamed.  Corey moved down and went down on him.   Garrett had me moaning with his warm mouth.  He did show much inexperience and was doing a wonderful job. 

While I was getting sucked, Scott was ramming his cock hard into Corey’s waiting mouth.  Our room was filled with lots of moaning with us fully into this moment. 

“All I know is my ass is getting fucked,” Scott said.

“Garrett?” I asked.

“Hell yeah, I’ll fuck ya, Scott,” Garrett replied.

With that Scott and I switched.  It was long before Garrett was reaching for some condoms with Scott on their bed on his knees.  Corey found our lube to get us ready as well. 

Scott let out a deep moan with Garrett going deep in his hot ass while I entered Corey.  “Fuck me, Garrett!  Fuck my ass!” Scott screamed. 

Corey and I were making love but with more vigor.  We could hear Scott and Garrett going at hot and heavy. 

“Fuck this is hot!” Garrett screamed.

While Corey and I did our thing, Scott moved Garrett and began riding him.  We moved to witness this spectacle.  It was nothing but hot to see Scott ride Garrett’s big cock.  He was like a wild man and was using every move he knew.   Soon, he was moaning and shooting his cum all over Garrett.   I had to pull out in a hurry.  My cum plastered Corey’s back. 

I wiped off my cum and got Corey off in no time.  Garrett finally exploded and sent his milky cum all over Scott’s face. 

“Now that there was fucking hot as hell!” Scott stated.

“I’m so glad I came out.  I love being gay,” Garrett said.

“Fun as fuck!” Scott said. 

Saturday, we were awaken by my phone going off.  I glanced to see it was just past eight and wondered who had the nerve.  Seeing it was Kris was a shocker.  He said the guys were up and for us to get up, check out and come over.   I wrestled Scott up since both Garrett and Corey were now awake.  We scrambled like crazy to shower, get dressed and packed.  We cussed the fact we should have packed the night before. 

We were checked out and over at Noah’s house about nine thirty.  We chipped in on the last cleaning details to return the house back to normal. 

The twelve of us were on the road and caravanning at ten fifteen.  It was a little sad to see the city in the rear as we crossed over the bridge. 

“Hell of a trip, huh?” Scott said driving.

“It sure was,” I replied.

“I hope we can do it again for three more years but this time we’re all staying at Noah’s place if there are twenty of us.  I’m not missing out fucking around with my friends,” Scott said.

“Hard for me to still believe they actually did mess around with each other,” Corey said.

“No shit!” Scott stated.

“Scott, are you feeling Garrett this morning?” I asked.

“I’d lie if I said I wasn’t sore but damn I loved it!”


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