Posted:  April 30, 2011

Back at the room, the four of us, Scott, Garrett, Corey and I, began undressing. 

“Damn, you got some real sun today,” Corey said to Scott.

Scott looked in the mirror at his naked body, which showed his Speedo outline on his fit frame, “I guess I did.  Looks fucking hot, huh?”

“Yeah, it does,” Garrett said and was naked as were Corey and I by now.  “Matt and Corey got some, too.  You look nice over there with those hot tan lines.”

“Thanks, you do too,” Corey said.

“Seriously Garrett, how big is your fucking dick?” Scott asked casually.

“I dunno know.  Eight inches, I guess,” Garrett replied.

“Dude, hard last night it is bigger than eight,” Scott stated.  “Besides that it is really thick and so veiny.  If there wasn’t so much shit involved, I swear I’d let you fuck me just to experience that big thing.”

“Scott, I’m proud of you for not doing it.  Hayden would be too,” I stated.

“It doesn’t mean that I’m not gonna hook up down here.  I just know a lot of shit would happen if Garrett and I hooked up,” Scott stated.

“He’s right.  I was stupid for even mentioning it last night.  Scott, I apologize to you,” Garrett said.  “Matt and Corey, I want to thank you for being there for me today.  If not for everyone especially Bryson, I’d be out of here.”

“Hey Matt, grab your camera and get a view pictures of us.  We can use them to see how dark we’re getting,” Scott requested.  Reaching for my camera, Garrett reached for his shorts.  “Oh fuck no, Garrett!  Be proud of your big hog!”

“Okay,” Garrett said.  I snapped a few pictures of my gay naked friends before Scott took over to get a few shots of Corey and I.  Corey knelt down and took Garrett’s uncut cock in one hand and my cut cock in the other.

“Which one you like better Corey?” Scott asked behind the camera.

“I’d be a dumbass if I said Garrett,” Corey laughed.

“Yeah, you better,” I said smiling with Scott snapping pictures.  With Corey holding both, I could see Garrett had me beat.

“Alright, who has first shower?” Corey said, rising from his knees.  “We need to get a move on it.”

“You and Matt go ahead,” Garrett said.

“Yeah but don’t leave any cum on the walls in there,” Scott laughed.

“Okay, I’ll make sure it is washed off,” I said with a big smile.   Corey and I showered together and were as quick about it as we could.  Next Garrett took his turn and invited Scott to join him.  Scott agreed and said it would make things faster plus it wouldn’t hurt to cop a feel.  Corey and I were dressed and waiting by the time they finished.

“Damn, why in the hell do I have to be involved with Hayden?  Why?” Scott said and started laughing.  “Here I’m passing up one great dick.”

“We’ll make it,” Garrett said.

We were out the door and off to catch up with the rest of the group.  As a group plus three guys, Jason, Walt and Nathan, who had attached themselves to us, we headed in search of somewhere that could accommodate fifteen.  After seeing long lines everywhere we went, we ended up at a seafood buffet.  It was actually very good with lots of fresh shrimp and fish.  The health nuts like Corey and sometimes Kris didn’t hold back since there was a variety of baked, grilled and fried seafood to fill our stomachs.

With full stomachs, we returned to Noah’s house.  The dippers in the group packed their lips while Jason and Walt stepped out to enjoy a smoke.  It seemed alcohol was in short supply for this night with just a little whiskey and vodka left from the night before. 

“I know what we’re doing tomorrow night,” Kris stated.

“Getting laid hopefully then and tonight,” Colt said and was given a fist pump by Bryson and Jess.

“Besides that, we need to have one big ass poker game,” Kris said.

“Are we going all out and actually betting more than dimes this time?” Colt laughed.

“Bitch, we can…” Kris said.

“I’m just saying.  We best be getting some beer up in here if we’re dealing out some cards,” Brennan stated.

“We will,” Kris said. “You guys have a connection?”  Kris asked the new guys.

“We might.  If nothing else, Walt has a fake ID we might get by with,” Jason stated. 

“Surely to God with all the people here someone will buy for us,” Alex stated.

We continued to talk and wait.  They didn’t want to go early to the club, which was on tonight’s agenda.  Finally about 10, we decided to head that way. 

“We walking?” Kendall asked.

“I guess,” Jess said. “How far is it?”

“Oh about a mile,” Noah replied.

Fuck that shit,” Colt said.  “We’re driving.”

“Good luck in finding a place to park,” Jason said.

“Are the faggots going with us?” Nathan asked while we stood to head to the door.

“Fuck yeah, they are.  For one, they are gay,” Noah said.

“Yeah, they are our friends,” Colt said.

“Seriously?” Jason asked.

“Dude, is that a problem?” Colt asked while I watched Kris’s face becoming red.

“I had no idea all y’all were faggot lovers,” Walt said and laughed with his friends.

“My suggestion…” Kris said and took a long breath. “Is get the fuck out!”

“Chill, bitch!” Jason said. “I guess they can go.”

“Guess my ass,” Colt said.  “They are going.  If you call them faggot again, I’d say you’ll have about a dozen guys beating your ass.”

“Well, they are,” Nathan said. “We call all the gay guys faggots at our school.”

“Do you call all the black guys niggers?” Jess asked.

“No.  I don’t see what the big deal is though,” Nathan said.

“It was nice to meet you but we don’t hang with people that don’t see everyone as the same.  It don’t matter if they are gay, black, bi, Asian, Hispanic or what.  If they are cool, then they are as much a part of us as anyone else.  If you have a problem with it, I’d suggest you don’t hang with us,” Jess said.

“Adios, bitches!  Nice knowing ya,” Nathan said.   He and his two friends walked out the door.

“Kris, keep your mouth shut,” I said and was standing right next to him.

“Yeah, they really didn’t think their shit stunk,” Colt said.

“It just pisses me the fuck off,” Kris raged.

“Forget about it.  There are thousands of other people here.  Besides, I think twelve is a big enough group,” Kendall said.

“I agree,” Brennan said.

“What pisses me off was how buddy-buddy they have been.  Saying shit like how cool we were.  They knew we were here with Matt and them,” Kris said.

“Let’s go have a good time.  Better yet, there’s pussy to be conquered,” Brennan stated.

“Hell yeah, there is.  We’ll see who comes home with the bitches and who is in their rooming jacking off,” Jess stated.

Actually, the night at the club was fun with no drama whatsoever.  We mostly watched since the place was packed to the walls with college students.  We all danced a little but mostly congregated out on the beach for fresh air.  We came to the conclusion we would have a better time at Noah’s house.  Before everyone left, Corey, Garrett, Scott and I headed back to our motel room.  We had a nice talk about the day before the room was filled with snoring.

As usual, my eyes opened early and saw it was just past eight.  Quietly, I laid there in my thoughts with Corey’s heavy breathe running down my back.  If nothing else, it was a treat to fall asleep in his arms.  Hoping to doze back off never occurred so I was up and out of the room early again.  I used Scott’s car like he said I could and drove to the main road in search of something to eat.  Knowing it was early, I shopped in the beach stores without any crowds and was engrossed by all the various souvenirs available. 

Returning an hour later with food, I opened the door to our room.  The smell of food must have done the trick with three sets of eyes popping open. 

“Guys, are we going back down to the gay area or hanging with our friends today?” Scott asked after we finished.

“I don’t care,” Corey replied.  “Garrett, what do you think?”

“Let’s see how it goes first,” Garrett answered.  “Yesterday was rather cool at the gay part.”

“Corey, are you breaking out the Speedo Matt bought you today?” Scott asked.

“I don’t know about that,” Corey stated. “Matt, are you?”

“I was thinking about it,” I replied. “Garrett?”

Garrett started laughing, “For one, I don’t own one.  Two, it’d look like all legs and arms.  Then the pouch issue.”

Scott laughed, “You may have a hard time stuffing that big dick in one of these.  Here try mine on and see how you like it.”

Garrett tossed away his boxers and pulled up Scott’s Speedo. 

“Damn!” Scott said. “That’s one impressive bulge, Garrett.”

“It’s not bad though.  I might wear one if it was my size just to see what it was like.  I do like seeing other guys in them,” Garrett stated.

“There are plenty of shops that carry them if you care to buy one,” I said.

“Let me see how things go today before I run out and buy one,” Garrett said.

We dressed for the beach with Scott and me donning our Speedos for the day.  Scott texted Jess to let him know we were heading out to the beach.  He didn’t reply right away but did as we were walking and said they’d be there in an hour.  Once on the beach and near our spot, we spread out a little and lay out to enjoy the sun.  So far, the days had been picture perfect with only a few high clouds rolling by.  For the most part, we had been smart and used lots of sunscreen except for Bryson and Alex who got a little burnt the day before. 

First to make an appearance was Kris, Jess and Alex. The three hadn’t seen a razor since we had been here.  They threw down their things.

“You missed it last night.  After you left, we were swarmed by bitches,” Kris said.

“Oh I hate that we missed that,” I said and laughed.

“That sucks,” Garrett said.

“The fucking ‘cunt hunt’ is on now, bros.  Kris nailed him one hot girl,” Jess stated with Kris spreading out his arms and pounding his chest.

“No lie, I think Jess, Kendall and Bryson are the only onesthat didn’t get laid last night,” Alex said.  “Fucking Colt and Brennan came in about five this morning.  I know about eleven guys that better keep their mouths shut.”

“We will,” I said.

“OOO, I bet Bryson is pissed,” Garrett said.

“Trust me, he was,” Jess said. “Hell, I was jealous more than anything except for the girl Noah was with.”

“Yeah, she wasn’t that hot at all,” Kris said.

Brennan, Noah and Kendall were next to arrive.  Noah was grinning widely.

“We heard,” Scott said.

“I bet these dudes said she wasn’t all that but my ass got laid,” Noah said.  “If Bryson wasn’t so damn picky, he’d got laid.”

“We’ve got standards,” Jess kidded.

“Me too,” Kendall said. “Seriously Noah, don’t be bragging about that shit.”

“Bets jacking off plus she gave great head,” Noah said.

“Then you were finished,” Kendall laughed.

“Bitch, you’re jealous,” Noah said.

“I’m not,” Jess stated with Colt and Bryson arriving on the scene.

“I heard,” Garrett said to Bryson.

“Oh fuck you, Garrett,” Bryson said and laughed. “How are you doing today, by the way?”

“Great actually,” Garrett replied.

“Did you get you some of Scott last night?” Colt joked.

“Oh hell no, I’m not a whore,” Scott laughed.

“Scott, get real,” Alex said. “We know you are.”

“Actually Scott has been a good boy,” Corey said.

“Other than getting smoked the fuck out,” Brennan said.

“See if you are hitting my shit again,” Scott said.

We lay in the sun with stories being told back and forth.  I was beginning to wonder how true they were or if this wasn’t some joke they were playing on us until a brunette walked up with her tits about to fall out of her bikini.  Kris stood and welcomed her.  It wasn’t long before the guys scattered here and there chasing after last night’s girls.  Scott stood with just us four remaining and said we were heading down the way and back to the gay area of the beach.

Nearly there, Garrett spoke up, “Guys, I hope you aren’t doing this just for me.”

“Get real, Garrett,” Scott said laughing. “I did it for me and to be where I feel like I really belong.”

“Just checking,” Garrett said.

We made to the area and searched around the small crowd of guys and girls.  Scott spotted Gage, Austin, Aiden, Mike and Jay.  Aiden had gone all out and was sporting one skimpy suit as was Gage.

“Welcome back,” Gage said. “We’ve been looking for ya.”

“We were back with our friends until they basically left us looking for girls,” Scott said, throwing down his towel.  Garrett put down his towel and was next to Austin while Corey and I were positioned behind them. 

Barely there a few minutes and situated, I saw a guy who looked familiar walking straight towards me.  The closer he got, I begin to realize who it was with my heart pounding faster.  It was my first real boyfriend, Jacob.  He had put on a little weight along with adding a few tattoos to his slender dark frame.

“Matt, I thought that was you,” Jacob stated. “How are things going?”

“No bad, Jacob,” I replied yet rather nervous about the encounter. “How are things with you?”

“Okay I guess.  This has to be my lucky day,” he said and sat next to me.  “Man, I swear you’re looking hot as ever.”

“Thanks,” I said.

“We really need to hook up again sometime.  I wanted to call you during Christmas break and get back with you to see if the old flame was still there…”

I finally interrupted and gestured to Corey.  “Jacob, for information, this is my boyfriend, Corey.”

“Damn! I was wondering who the hottie was next to you,” Jacob said. “Dude, Matt’s a really great guy if you don’t already know that.”

“I know very well what a great guy he is,” Corey stated.

“This is so cool to see you here, Matt,” Jacob said.  “Is it just you and Corey here on Spring Break?”

I smiled, “There are twelve of us from college.  Kris is here, too.”

“No way!  Kris is gay, too,” Jacob said.

“No, not hardly.  We live on the same floor…” I began telling Jacob a little and introduced Scott and Garrett to him since they were spying me hard earlier. 

“Matt, I can’t believe first how you’ve came out of your shell,” Jacob said.  “When we were dating, you were so quiet and timid.”

“I guess I was a little,” I said.

He leaned over, “God, I’d give anything to be with you again.  You’re the best.”

“Thanks but it ain’t happening, Jacob.  I have the greatest boyfriend ever,” I said with Corey giving me the eye.

I expected Jacob to leave after that instead he didn’t move.  If anything he crept closer.  The closer he got, the closer I moved to Corey. 

“Matt, is there any way you and I could speak privately?” Jacob asked after a few minutes.

I looked at Corey.  He motioned with his head to go on.  I stood as did Jacob.  We walked away from our spot but still within sight of the others

“Matt, I’m dead serious.  I’d give anything to get back with you but I don’t see that happening right now.  However, if something was to happen, I’d love for us to try again.  You’re special and have a special place in my heart,” Jacob said after we took a seat.

“Jacob, I’m happier than ever with Corey.  You’ll always hold that special place with me since you were my first real boyfriend and were a wonderful teacher.  That being said, I have no desire to get back with you right now.  I wouldn’t mind at all if stayed friends even though we go to school miles apart.  I just knew you’d have a real hot boyfriend now.”

“I did until the dude cheated on me with another guy.  I came here with some friends from college.  This one guy is really hot after me but I have no interest whatsoever in him.”

“Well good luck, Jacob.  It was great seeing you,” I said and stood.  He grabbed my arm and pulled me down.  The next thing I know he kissed me on the lips.  I was shocked at first.  Then out of the corner of my eye I saw Corey walking our way.

“Come on, Matt!” Corey said and grabbed my arm with great force.

“See ya, Matt.  Thanks for the kiss!” Jacob said.

I turned and saw fire in Corey’s eyes.  We walked away from our spot with Corey still holding me arm.  “Corey, let go of me.”

“I can’t believe what I just saw,” Corey said and released my arm.  He dropped to his knees and threw his sandy hands on his face.  “Matt, just leave.   Go be with that guy!”

It hit me that Corey had just seen from a distance the kiss.  I dropped to my knees.  “Seriously?  Do you think I’m that fucking stupid?”

“I don’t know,” Corey said. “I saw…”

“What you saw was the end result of Jacob pulling me down against my will and kissing me.  I just knew you were coming to beat his ass! Let’s go for a walk.  I’ll explain everything to you,” I said with authority. 

Corey stood and wiped off the sand.  We started walking to an area that was uncrowded.  I began telling Corey about Jacob and how he was my true lover.  I told him exactly what had happened and what was said. 

“Matt, I’m sorry but Scott said for me to look.  All I saw was your lips on his…”

“Forced would be the right word.  I was shocked at his boldness.  Corey, there’s no one in the world I’d be with right now than you.  You are my life, my soul and my heart.  Each time we make love I feel as though we are one and meant to be together.  Corey, I love you and no one else.”

“I love you too Matt,” Corey said and started laughing.  “How fucking stupid do I feel right now?  I didn’t think you’re that bold.”

“I’m not, Corey, and ruin what we have going,” I said.  We kissed passionately before heading back. 

While walking back, we passed and waved at Garrett and Austin walking along the water.  A smile came across Corey and my face seeing Garrett walking with Austin.  They weren’t holding hands like we were but were engaged in a conversation.  We returned to see Scott sitting next to Aiden with two other guys in the mix. 

“What was that all about?” Scott asked. “It must be nothing or else we’d have major league drama about right now.”

I explained briefly what had occurred.  Things returned to normal while we sat and enjoyed the day, sand, water and great sights.  It became a judging contest after that with the guys and girls strutting by.  As the time passed, I could see with ease Scott and Aiden being very flirty with each other.  Garrett returned with Austin and grabbed a seat.  A huge smile was all over Garrett’s face. 

We got a call around four thirty about our group wanting to meet up and go eat.  The four of us gathered our things but not before Scott and Garrett had numbers of the guys they were interested in.  We said goodbye and said we’d see them tomorrow.

We talked while walking with Garrett being in the most moods ever.

“Garrett, now do you regret what happened yesterday?” I asked.

“Oh hell no,” he replied. “I feel so liberated now.”

“I hate to say this but you and Scott both know that there’s the likelihood you’ll never see those guys after this week,” Corey said.

“I don’t give a fuck,” Scott said. “Aiden is a dream.”

“Austin is so perfect for me,” Garrett said. “He totally gets it that I just came out.  He was so nice and understands everything I’m going through since he just came out in October.”

“That’s great, Garrett.  See what you’d missed by leaving,” I stated.

“I know.  Now I hate the fact I promised I be home Friday,” Garrett said.

“You know Garrett.  Just call and tell them everything is working out better than planned,” Scott said.  “They might understand.”

“They might but let’s see how things go,” Garrett said.

We walked and entered our room that was clean.  It was one of the advantages to staying in the motel room.  Barely inside the room, Corey pulled me to our bed and started kissing me passionately.

“Damn dude,” Scott said. “Do we need to leave?”

Corey broke our kiss, “It would be nice.”

“Better yet, why don’t Scott and I take a long shower while you two do your thing?” Garrett suggested.

“It’s up to you,” Corey said.  “Either way, I need me some Matt right after I take a massive dump.”

After a long time in the bathroom, Corey returned to me.  I was naked and admiring the sun I was getting along with admiring Scott’s growing hot tan lines and Garrett’s as well.  Garrett liked ours so much he was seriously thinking of buying a Speedo.

Corey walked over to me and slid off his board shorts.  He crawled on top of me and covered my lips with his while our naked bodies collided.

“Garrett, let’s hit the shower before we both pop some major wood here,” Scott stated.

“You’re right there.  It’s hot to see two lovers going at it,” Garrett stated.

Corey broke the kiss.  “Stick around Garrett and you’ll really see two lovers going at it.”  His head dropped down my sun drenched body to find my cock.  I saw the two slip into the shower area.  Corey opened his mouth and took my cock in.  My eyes nearly rolled back in my head with the warm sensual feeling.  Our foreplay was rather short in the rush.

Corey moved around and spread his legs wide.  I fingered his ass a little before smothering my hard cock in lube.  Lube was applied to Corey’s ass with the shower running.  My cock was gently guided into my lover’s body.

Corey grunted a little and said, “I love you, Matt.”

“I love you so much, Corey.”

My hard throbbing eight inches continued to go inside his hot ass.  He pulled me down while locking his ankles around me.  Our kiss was wet and steamy while I began thrusting in him. 

Breaking our long kiss, Corey moaned, “OOO Matt!”

“I wish we had the time to be like this all night.”

“Me too,” Corey moaned with my thrust getting faster. “OOO fuck me!  Fuck me, Matt!”

I pushed forward to drill him harder and deeper.  His moans grew louder thus exciting me to no end.  We were now breathing hard with sweat breaking out over our body for the action and body heat.  Now, it didn’t matter what Scott and Garrett witnessed for I was making love to my dear boyfriend.  My hand found his cock to get him off while we raced to our climax. 

“Fuck that ass, Matt!” I heard Scott’s encouragement and didn’t realize they were done.

We continued to fuck in our own little world and knew we were being watched.  Knowing we were being watched was exciting to both of us.  Corey was letting it all out before he screamed with his release.  I pushed deep and flooded his ass with my love seed. 

“Holy fuck!” Garrett screamed while we ended the moment. 

“Fucking hot, guys!” Scott stated.

I stayed in Corey while we kissed in our afterglow. 

“I love you,” I said.

“I love you, too,” Corey said with me pulling out. 

“Garrett that right there is how you fuck a guy.  I had no idea you two barebacked,” Scott said.  “It was hot though.  Garrett, look that Matt cum dripping out of Corey’s fucked puffy hole.  Hot, huh?”

“It is,” Garrett replied.

“I think we need to shower now,” Corey said.

“No doubt,” Scott said.   We stood and had Scott pat our asses while we passed him.

Once we arrived at Noah’s, we could see the guys doing their best to get dressed.  It was easy to see the recent score that had landed them some beer.  Colt walked over in his shorts and polo to us and put a beer in our hands.

“Bad news but there’s no cards for us tonight,” Kris stated with his lip full.

“Why not or do I have to even ask?” I questioned him.

“Tomorrow night for sure but tonight the girls are coming over,” Colt stated.

“Okay then,” Corey said. “I was really looking forward to it.”

“You and Matt can spend time alone,” Kris said.

“They did that shit before we left,” Scott blurted out.

“Yeah, it was hot,” Garrett said.

“See Garrett, you’re getting a top notch education by staying,” Kris laughed and spit. 

If nothing else the twelve of us did enjoy eating together and did get some great pictures of us.  We sat and talked about the days and shared a few laughs.  Once we finished, we went back to Noah’s with everyone on their phones.  Scott, Garrett, Corey and I left the house with me being very disappointed that we weren’t playing poker and hanging out.  On the walk back, Scott was on his phone while Garrett was doing the same to meet back up with the guys they had been with.

Scott and Garrett left shortly after we returned to the room. 

“What’s your problem, Matt?  You haven’t said much all night,” Corey asked.

“I’m very disappointed is all.”

“Why?  You and I haven’t had that much time alone.  We can be together and enjoy the night without the others.  We can hit the shops and see what else is out there.”

“My heart was set on being around all of them tonight…”

“They said we’d do something tomorrow night.  Come on, Matt, what did you really expect coming here with so many available girls?  You have to admit that all of our friends are smoking ass hot.  What girl can’t deny that?”

I turned and kissed Corey.  “Thanks for putting it all in prospective for me.  I should have realized that nineteen and eighteen year old guys are after two things, beer and girls.”

“In our case, guys but I have the best one here to enjoy my life with.”

“Thanks, Corey.  I feel the same way. I should be thankful that we will have one night to be together and do whatever we want.  I do wanna do one thing with you tonight…”

“Have me fuck you?” Corey laughed

I smiled, “Besides that, I want us to walk the beach after dark…”

“Hot, Matt.  We can find a nice place and make out like crazy.”

“Yes we can.”

We headed out and walked to main business area of the beach town.  There were people, mostly our age, everywhere you turned.  We stepped into a shop that carried beachwear and souvenirs.  Together Corey and I looked at all that was offered.

“Matt, I’ll buy you whatever.  Honestly, we haven’t spent any money,” Corey stated.

“Corey, I told you earlier you are not spending your hard earned money on me.  I have my own money.”

“I’d rather spend it on you,” Corey said while we discussed this in the center of a store.

We continued to shop and left the store with nothing.  It was easy to see Corey wasn’t happy at all.  We walked a little further down the street and spotted a tattoo place.  It was packed so we only looked.

“Matt, I think I know what I’m blowing my money on.”

“Okay, do it but whatever you do, do not put any reference to me in a tattoo,” I stated.

“I wasn’t.  They are a bitch to remove if something was to happen.”

“Thank you, Corey.  I really would love my ears pierced now but that will have to wait.”

We kept shopping and enjoying the atmosphere.  We made a few buys, a tank top to wear on the beach and white shell necklaces, which we donned immediately.  With the crowds, we decided against riding go-carts or playing miniature golf.  Instead, we walked back to our room with the idea of enjoying the sunset on the beach.

We were barely in time to enjoy after a quick stop by the room.  We found a secluded place to enjoy a different prospective of the beach.  With the daylight fading, it was so romantic to be with my boyfriend.  We weren’t alone to enjoy the waves crashing against the sand and to smell the saltwater but everyone kept to themselves. 

Corey leaned over and whispered to me, “Now I know what my ultimate fantasy is.”

“I know what mine is too.”

“I’d let you fuck me all night on this beach and think nothing of it.”

I pulled him for a kiss.  It started sweet and short and escalated from there.  Corey broke the kiss and pulled me up.  We wiped the sand from our bodies and started walking together.  The half full moon lit the way for our walk. 

We finished our walk and headed up to our room.  We opened the door and heard the shower running.  There was a box of condoms sitting out along with the bed messed up.  The water shut off and within a few minutes Scott and Aiden walked out together. 

Scott was a little startled to see us there.  “Have fun tonight?”

“We didn’t do much but yes we did,” Corey replied. Now it was easy to see more than ever why Scott was so attracted to Aiden.  Naked, he was very hot with a nice cut cock hanging down below a small dark patch of pubes. 

“Scott, I better be getting back,” Aiden stated, drying off.

“That’s fine,” Scott said.  “I’ll walk with you.”

Aiden kissed Scott before the two dressed.  They left with Corey and I sitting on the bed. 

“I wonder what Scott really sees in him?” I asked.

“I don’t know, Matt.  I wonder the same thing.  Maybe he sees one very hot young guy,” Corey snickered.

“You think?” I laughed.

“Now I wonder how Garrett’s doing,” Corey pondered.

“I hope okay,” I stated.


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