Posted:   April 26, 2011


Between the sun, sand, water and being on the go all day, it wasnt that long at Noahs beach house before I was more than ready to call it a night.  There wasnt as much beer or alcohol as I actually expected but there was plenty for us to drink.  It was not only us but a few other party crashers that had joined the fray but what would three or four hurt things?

Naturally, we heard a few lewd comments when Corey and I headed for the door to walk back.  By now, we were used to the comments and laughed them off heading out the door.  Corey had a few beers in him while I took in a little smoke that Scott had on hand. 

Once in the room, the bed looked so inviting to me.  My shirt and shorts went off into my suitcase while my boxer briefs stayed on.

Matt, are we not sleeping nude as we always do? Corey asked.

Corey, I dont think so tonight.  Itll be strange for me but we do owe Garrett that courtesy.

I guess we do, Corey stated.   Once in bed, we kissed passionately but even that didnt rev me up.  Matt, you are tired.

I told you I was.  Something about the sun and being on the go constantly has slap wore me out tonight.  No sense in overdoing it the first night we are here.

Tell that to the rest of our friends, Corey laughed.

Corey held me close while we faded off to a peaceful sleep.  With the door opening at 2 something, my eyes opened to see Scott and Garrett coming into the room together.  They quietly shut the door and undressed in the dark.  Now I was awake after being asleep for an hour and half.  It was easy to hear the two giggling like little kids.

Scott, I really want you, Garrett said quietly and must have thought I was asleep.

Dude, I have a fucking boyfriend, Scott said.

I dont care.  I told you Im gay and youre the reason I wanted to room with here.  Dont you want my big dick?

I told your stoned ass I have a fucking boyfriend.

Just say the word.  Im dying to suck your dick and worse to fuck your hot ass, Garrett said quietly with my eyes wide open.

Garrett, Ill scream my lungs out.  We cant go at it here.

Then lets give each other hand jobs.  Matt and Corey wont know a thing, Garrett said, doing his best to keep quiet.

Okay, I guess I could stand to blow my load, Scott said.

It was so hard to stay still and not move during their conversation.  Corey did move and clutched his arms around me.  I continued to lie there and soon heard heavy breathing.  A few moments later, the undeniable sound of ejaculation was heard twice within a matter of a few seconds.  My cock was hard hearing the sounds and knew the feeling the two were experiencing. 

Garrett got up and headed to the bathroom while I lay there in my thoughts.  Now, so many things began to make sense to me.  I could now see the signs of Garrett wanting to tell me but never could do it.  I hated judging others and accusing them of being gay.  Finally with Corey holding me close, I was able to drift back off to sleep.

The next morning, Sunday, I was up before the rest and saw it was just after nine.  Quietly, I moved around, dressed a little and exited the room to walk around the motel.  I found something to drink and moved to sit by the nice pool.  There wasnt much activity to start the bright sunny morning.  It was quiet and gave me time alone. 

Probably thirty minutes later, Garrett came walking up in his shorts and spotted me in a lounge chair.

Boy, last night was great, huh? Garrett stated.

It was about what I had expected, I said.  How was Scott last night?

He was high as kite.

Garrett, I heard you come in last night, I said.  His red face became white.  His hands went over his face.

Matt its not what you think at all, Garrett said.

Garrett, of all people here, I understand

You dont understand a damn thing!

Garrett, I know you are gay and should have seen the signs

Matt, please dont tell Bryson please dont.  Im begging you.  Hell hate me forever!

I stood and moved next to him.  Remember what weve been saying here

I know what everyone has been saying but Bryson is the very last person that needs to know Im gay, Garrett said.

Even your parents? I asked.

I think they are figuring it out, Garrett replied.  My mom asked me the other night on the phone if I had anyone special instead of asking me if I had a girlfriend.  I really dont want the others to know.  I shouldnt have ever told Scott but hes so damn hot.

And taken, I said.

I know.  Thats what sucks, Garrett said. Ive fallen for a guy I cant have.

Actually between us, I was shocked he didnt take you up on your offer.  He told us on the way down here that Hayden was his college boyfriend and not his spring break lover.

I just knew last night I was losing my V-card to Scott but you know theres no way we could have done it with you and Corey there in the room.  Do I sound desperate or what?

I patted his bare shoulder, No Garrett you dont.  You sound like the rest of us just exploring life and sexuality.  Being out on own for the first time does bring out a lot of things

Matt, Ive known I was gay for a while now but have never acted on it.  You know how homophobic Bryson is.

I saw it at first but his views have changed.  He might

No might to it, Matt.  Im not telling him or any of the others.  I let one head overrule the other last night.  Now, I sincerely regret it like you wouldnt believe, Garrett lamented, shaking his head and bouncing his leg in nerves.

Garrett, I wont say a word, especially to Kris and Im pretty sure Corey wont either.  Were pretty good at keeping secrets.  Last semester, Corey and I knew the reason Hayden broke up with Scott before we went on our ski trip.  I never told him since it wasnt my place to tell something someone asked me to keep a secret.  Im sure you and Bryson have secrets that you dont share with all of us.

Garrett turned and smiled at me, A few but they arent anything compared to this.

Garrett, heres your chance to be who you really are within the confines of this motel.  Either enjoy it while you can or act like nothing ever happened.  If you wanna act like nothing ever happened, tell Scott you made a mistake and shouldnt have gone there.

Garrett sat there in his thoughts.  I felt a hand on my shoulder and turned to see Corey standing there in his board shorts.

What are yall doing? Corey asked us.

Just talking I said.

Bet last night got really crazy after we left, Corey stated.

Corey, you should know this right now but it has to stay here.  Im like you and Matt

Wow!  Theres a shocker, Garrett! Corey exclaimed while leaning back.  Welcome to the club!

The three of us sat and talked poolside until leaving to find something to eat.  We returned to find Scott rolling out of bed, naked and not caring what we saw. 

Were meeting in the same spot as yesterday in thirty minutes, Scott stated.

Scott, they know what happened last night, Garrett said. We woke Matt up coming into the room.

So your secret is out? Scott asked.

Yeah but it better stay here at this motel, Garrett said.  Im not ready to deal with the drama just yet or ready to find a new roommate either.

We dressed for the beach.  I looked over and saw Scott donning his Speedo.

What?  Im wearing this because I like how I look, Scott said with now the three of us noticing him and his arms extended.  He did look great, I have to admit and just wish I had the balls to don mine.

Just paint on your chest you are gay, Corey laughed.

Seriously Corey, I dont give a fuck what anyone thinks.  I saw a few guys wearing these yesterday

And you heard the comments too, Corey said.

Scott can be our tester and see how things go in our group.  Other than our friends, what do we care what people have to say? I asked.

Yeah, we know eight other people here so what does it matter what strangers think? Scott stated.

Lets go.  We can discuss this all we want but Scott has it in his head hes wearing a Speedo, Corey stated.

We grabbed all of our things and headed back to the same spot as the day before.  We were first and staked our claim before the parade of our friends came down.  Scott endured the comments of the others but laughed them off like only Scott could. 

We lay on the sand.  After a while, I stood and needed to stretch my legs along with exploring the beach and seeing the sights.  Corey stood as well and joined me.  We were a few steps away and heard Kris calling our name. 

This place is so awesome, Matt.  What was up with last night? Kris asked. Why did you leave so soon or do I have to even ask?

I was tired was all, Kris.  I didnt wanna overdo it the first night here, I replied. For your info, we didnt do a thing.

Okay then but I was wondering if someone said something to you, Kris stated.

No, they were cool for the most part, Corey said.  Anything exciting happen after we left?

Not really, Kris said.  I think were heading to the beach club done the street tonight and checking it out for a while.  I know two guys that are coming with us.

We will, Corey said. It sounds like fun and part of the experience.

Whats up with Garrett today?  He hasnt said a word, Kris commented.

I guess hes tired, I replied as we walked.

The dude really needs to come out of the fucking closet if you want my opinion, Kris said.

I stopped dead in my tracks, What?

Matt, seriously?  We know he is gay

No you dont, Kris, I said.

Are you sure? Corey asked.

Bryson knows and wishes Garrett would admit it.  Hes seen the gay shit on Garretts computer, Kris said.  He knows Garrett has been living a lie for at least a year.  He wishes Garrett would come out and be happy with it like you two are.  We had a long discussion about it last night after everyone left.  Matt, I told them what I had done.

Oh my God!

What did they say? Corey asked.

After the laughing and joking stopped, no one was surprised.  We agreed that we were curious but that was it, just curious.  One or two gay sex moments doesnt qualify anyone as gay.  That being said we didnt get crazy or any shit like that, Kris said. We said things happen in the moment like our time.  You experience it and move on.

See what we missed, Matt.

We continued walking in the sand with sun shining brightly overhead.  It was great seeing all the various people, mostly college and high school kids gathered.  Corey was ever fascinated with the waves and the water.  He continually commented how idealistic everything was and almost exactly what he had pictured.

After a nice long walk, we returned to our group with a few more gathered in our midst.  We enjoyed the sun and talking with the new ones to see how things were different at their colleges. 

Without say a word, Garrett stood, gathered his things and headed off about thirty minutes or so after we returned. 

Whats his problem today like I dont already know? Bryson commented to us.

Who cares? Colt said. We came here to have fun and not let anyone spoil it.

I waited a few minutes and grabbed Corey up.  You know I think Ill run grab something to eat.

Bring us back something, Kendall said.

Dude, theres no way he and Corey could do that.  Well go grab something here in a little while, Jess said.

Corey and I headed off the beach.  We were just off the beach when I heard Kris call my name.  We turned and saw Kris and Bryson coming our way. 

Nice excuse, Matt, Bryson said.

I am hungry, I said.

No youre not.  Youre going to talk to Garrett.  You cant fool me.  Were all going to talk to him, Kris said.

Bryson, you are the last one he wants to know, Corey said.

Im ready to get this over and done with.  Ill be honest with you.  If I hadnt moved to the floor and seen you two theres no way in hell Id be cool with this but I am.  You can be gay and have a normal life, Bryson said. I think he heard Colt and I talking about last night.  Garrett was really flirting with Scott.  Wasnt he, Kris?

Oh a little but I honestly dont know if Scott started it, Kris replied.

We headed to our hotel and straight to our room.  I opened the door and didnt see Garrett but saw his suitcase sitting in the floor by the door.  He came out of the bathroom dressed.

Where are you going? Bryson asked.

Im going home.  Ive called Mom.  Im taking a taxi to the airport and getting the first flight out of here

Like hell you are, Bryson said.

I heard you back there talking and laughing it up about me, Bryson.  You dont have to worry about me any longer.  Ill probably withdraw

Garrett, I know we all know that youre gay Bryson said.

Fuck you! Garrett screamed in Brysons face.  He started crying and ran back into the bathroom. 

I walked to the door and pleaded with him to come out.  He opened the door and walked out with his head hanging low and his eyes blood shot.  My mind is made up.  Im leaving here so I dont have to endure this shit.

Garrett, if it matters to you, I dont care that you are gay Bryson said.

Give me a break.  You are the biggest gay basher I know on the planet!

Ill admit I was until we meet these guys.  I can tell this has been a burden on you even before we came to college.  Last year, you were either very happy or very sad.  I knew something was up but couldnt put my finger on it.  A few weeks ago I found gay porn on your laptop and last night just confirmed that you were gay.  I dont care as long as you are happy.  Please stay!  Dont go just yet!

Garrett, what will going home solve?  We all know now and really dont care one bit, Kris said. Stay here and have the time of your life.

I could see Garrett really thinking this dilemma over.  I appreciate everything youve said but my mind is made up.  I fucked up and have to suffer the penalty.  It was fun while it lasted, he said.

Garrett, you can leave but youll still be the same person when this is all over with.    Maybe you can learn from Matt and Corey over there.  They make it just fine in this world, Kris stated.

Yeah, you can hang with us.  We can scope out all the hotties and maybe find you one you can call your own for the week, Corey said.

Garrett, you told me earlier that your parents know or have an idea you are gay, right? I asked.

Yeah, he replied.

Thats one of the hardest parts in coming out.  You said too Bryson was the last person you wanted to know as well.  He knows too and is cool with it.  He and Kris talked a lot last night I said.

We did, Garrett.  Kris gave me the low down on what to expect.  Itll be a slight adjustment but I can handle it.  I know I can.  Weve been friends way too long to have you run off and leave everything you worked so hard to achieve, Bryson said. 

Let me call Mom and see what she says, Garrett stated.  He reached in his pocket and stepped out the door.  We sat in the room while he stood outside and talking on his phone.

This really puts a big damper on things, Bryson said. Why did this shit have to come to the surface here?

Now is as good time as any.  The way I see it he can hang with Corey and Matt and take notes, Kris said.

I think hes slightly embarrassed how strong he came on to Scott last night too when he thought we were asleep, I stated with the door opening.

Im gonna stay but I need to be out of here Friday, Garrett said. 

Why Friday? Corey asked.

Mom wants me home to tell the family.  Hell, I might as well get all this shit over and done with so I can live life, Garrett said, cracking a smile.  This is officially the worst day of my life.

You may think so but no one has died or hurt, I said. It may seem that way right now but you may look back and say this was the best day of your life.  You can now be real and enjoy life.

Garrett, I felt the same way about a year ago.  It hurts like hell to come out.  My friends left me and mom to this day still doesnt accept that Im gay, Corey said. In a way, it felt so good and get that gorilla off your back.

Well see, Garrett said. Right now, it doesnt feel so well.  I feel like that gorilla is beating my chest and head.

Garrett, Ill do whatever it takes here and beyond.  I know youre a great guy and always have been since the day we met.  Nothing changes other than the fact I know now.  Slap me if I fuck up, Bryson said.

Garrett smiled, I will.

So are we ready to head back to the beach? Kris asked.

Seriously, Im about to starve, Corey said.

You arent the only one.  I havent eaten a thing all day, Garrett stated.  I just hope no one treats me differently now.

We left the room and walked around until finding something to fill our growling stomachs.  The four of us did everything we could to make Garrett feel better and let him know it wasnt the end of the world.  We finished eating and made our way back.  Garrett was extremely hesitant about facing the others.  We delicately explained the situation.  I witnessed what true friends we had.  Each one walked up to Garrett and told him personally nothing had changed as far as they saw things.

Now that the drama is out of the way.  Are there three guys wanna walk with me down the beach?  I hear there is a gay section with some really cute guys down there, Scott asked.

I will to see what its about, Corey said.

Ill go for a while, I said. Come on, Garrett, itll be fun.

I dont know, guys, Garrett said.

Go on, Garrett.  Enjoy it while you can, Kris said.

Garrett stood, Alright, I guess Ill go.

Well watch your stuff, Jess said. Have fun.

We headed out with Scott leading the way in his Speedo. 

This guy just walked up to me and told me there was this section where the gay guys and gals hang.   He said they patrol it pretty heavily to keep the harassment down and lewd behavior, Scott commented.

We walked what seemed like forever until seeing the classic rainbow flag flying in the soft Gulf breeze.  We walked up and took a seat.

A guy walked up to us as soon as we were seated.  I hope youre not here to cause trouble, he stated.

Nope, were gay and came here to enjoy it, Scott stated.

Thats great then.  Have fun, he said and walked away. 

We sat to enjoy the sun and sand while taking in all that was around us. 

Feel better now? Corey asked Garrett.

A little, he replied. You know there are some really cute guys here.  The only problem is what do I say to them?

Just be yourself, I said and felt Coreys arm go around my waist.  He leaned over and kissed me.  It felt great to be in a place where we could show affection and not be stared at or called names. 

We sat and continued to enjoy this freedom. 

You care if we join you? I heard a voice near Scott.

Of course not, grab some sand, Scott replied.

I turned and saw two really cute guys taking a seat.  Scott promptly introduced us to them.  They introduced themselves as Gage and Austin.  Gage was thin and reminded me of how I looked back in September.  He had short blond hair and the cutest smile ever.  Austin wasnt thin nor was he fat either.  He had short brown hair and was already rather dark.  The best part was both were extremely friendly and sophomores in college.   We sat around and enjoyed their company.  

Soon, three more guys came walking up and sat near us.  After a while, they started talking with us.  They were seniors in high school.  One was named Aiden.  Hot doesnt come close to describing him and his body.  His friends, Mike and Jay, were cute too.  This wasnt so bad after all.  We did see a few that came to be a nuisance but the patrol officer ran them off when they wanted to start trouble. 

We were sitting having the best time when Scott got a call.  Our group was packing things up for the day and were heading off with instructions to meet later to go eat somewhere that could hold about fifteen people.  We hated to say goodbye but we did.

We walked away with Garrett having a spring back in his step.

Ill just say it.  Fuck Aiden was hot as fuck! Scott said.  That boy could be a fucking model!

I know, Garrett said. Gage and Austin were hot, too.

Yeah but not in Aidens league at all, Corey said.

Please guys.  I bet they are saying the same thing about us.  Scott, they were giving you the eye, especially Mike and Jay, I stated.  I was beginning to get a little jealous of Gage and Austin the way they just went on and on about how built Corey is.

Matt, Aiden said straight up you were hot as fuck and didnt even get to see your ass naked, Scott said. Hed really said you were hot.  You and Garrett both for that matter.  Garrett, if there was a nude beach around here, youd have to fight em off to get at your big fuck stick.

Garrett laughed, I could only be so lucky.  I wish I had to fight you off, Scott.

Garrett, I think youre hot and all but it just wouldnt work.  Im sorry but think of the shit back at school, Scott said as we walked back.

I guess youre right now that I think about it.  Ill just have to find my own little hottie, Garrett said.  Did I just say that?

Yeah you did and doesnt it feel so good, Garrett? I asked.

Yeah, it really does.  No more living with the hangers and moth balls.  I didnt creep out of the closet; the fucking door was ripped off, Garrett laughed.

It sure was, Corey laughed.  How does it feel now?

Way better than it did about three or four hours ago, Garrett replied and smiled.


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