At 7:15 am on a Tuesday here the second week of January, my phone alarm was going off in my ear.  I rolled out of bed and saw Kris didn’t move a muscle.  I showered as usual to prepare for my first day of classes for the spring semester here at college.  Heading out to my classes, Scott walked with me.

“Sucks balls to have an eighter,” Scott stated.

“You’re telling me.”

“Well, I can get this shit over and have the rest of the day free to do whatever.”

“That’s what I was thinking.”

“Have you heard from Hayden, by the way?”

“Scott, I haven’t.  Would you take him back if he were to ask?”

Scott shrugged his shoulders in his new grey Polo hoodie, “It really depends, Matt.  If he was sincere about it, I might do it.  If he waits much longer, I may say the hell with it and move on like I’ve really been trying.  I still don’t get him.   I thought we had something going, close to what you and Corey have going.”

“I’ll see ya in class,” I said, pulling on the cold handles to enter the building of my first class.  I found the room without a problem since I had a class in this same building the semester before.  I took my seat at the desk and pulled out my laptop, a requirement for every student here.  Looking around, no one looked familiar until I saw Hayden coming in the door just before the class started.  He took an open desk but not close to me.  The lady professor started our class with an introduction.  After that, it was all I could do to stay awake with her monotone voice. 

Once class ended, it was a rush to have my laptop put back up and dart out to catch Hayden.  He was standing and waiting.

Hayden smiled at me dressed in a nice shirt and jeans.  “Hey Matt, how’s everything going?”

“Fine with me. How about you?”

“Ummm… okay, I guess.  I really had a great holiday.”

“Same here.”

“How’s everyone on the hall?  I miss everyone.”

“Everyone’s great.  I’m not certain but I think someone really misses you, Hayden.”

We walked out the door with a few minutes to kill since our class dismissed a few minutes early.  “Well… I don’t if I’m ready to get back with Scott.  It’s too risky right now.”

“Hayden, I really don’t know your situation that well other than what you’ve told me but… how risky is it to be out here and have Scott as a boyfriend?”

“Matt, you don’t know shit!” Hayden stated firmly.

“All I know is I think you loved Scott.  I know he loved you.  That should go for something even if you’re not out back home.”

“I’ll see ya around, Matt.  I’m glad we have a class together though,” Hayden stated and walked away.   I headed off to the Student Center to grab some hot chocolate and kill more time before my next class.  The center was abuzz with activity on the first day as expected.  Sitting and slurping the hot chocolate, my eyes feasted on a ton of really cute hot guys.  I knew I could look and admire but they didn’t compare in my eyes to Corey but I still looked.

After finishing, I headed to my next class.  I had history again with Kris along with adding Jess and Scott to the mix.  Scott was in the large auditorium setting when I entered the room.  I sat next to him and waited until seeing Jess and Kris come in the room.

“Dude, did you just get up?” Scott asked seeing Kris in sweat pants, sweatshirt and a cap.

“What makes you think that?” Kris said.

“I think he missed his roomie waking him up,” I said.

“I had to get him up.  It was like waking a fucking bear.  What was worse Kris sleeps in the nude!” Jess said.

“Matt does too,” Kris said just as the same professor as the semester before entered.

I leaned up. “Just to let y’all know I’m not taking every note in here while you sleep.”

The three laughed as the professor began.  Thankfully, he didn’t hold us very long.  I know Scott was so thankful since we could hear his stomach growling about ten minutes into the class.   

The four of us headed off back to the Student Center with Scott leading the way to find something to eat.  I grabbed something to fill my stomach with one class left for the day. 

After finishing my next class, which was short and only an hour’s credit, it was back to the dorm.  It wasn’t long, ten minutes or so, before Kris came busting in the door.  He threw off his sweat pants, sweatshirt, cap and shoes to head to throw on his workout things.

He stood looking at me, “Remember we’re changing days this semester, so get fucking dressed to go work out.”


Our largest group to date was headed over to the Rec Center to work out.  I rode with Corey and get caught up on his classes.  We headed inside with Corey saying hello to a few co-workers.

“OOO Matt’s really going to be jealous now,” Jess stated after seeing Corey talking to a few guys.

“He can talk just not touch,” I stated.

“We can touch though,” Scott joked and grabbed Corey’s ass under his shorts.

“Dude, I’ll beat your ass if you do that again,” Corey said.  He really didn’t seem to be in the best of moods.

“One time, I wanna see Corey throw down,” Colt stated while we headed to the weight room. “Kris, you and Corey should box and see who is the toughest.”

“That would be sweet,” Scott said.

“I might do it but never with Corey,” Kris stated. “Colt, you want some?”

“No Kris, I felt one hit from you and that is enough,” Colt replied with us all laughing.

Corey headed off with Kris, Alex and Jess while I hung with Scott, Noel and Kendall to do our work out.   The four of us finished up earlier than the other four.  We got to watch them try to best each other on the bench.  By the end, we were all nothing but sweat yet knew it was a great workout.  We showered with Corey next to me.  A few other students came in and must have thought we were odd since we were talking and cutting up while rinsing off the sweat from our body. 

Back at the dorm, I was with Corey in his room.  He really wasn’t in the best of moods still.  I did get a little kissing in but he seemed very tired and irritable. I did inquire if anything was bothering him.  He replied it was one of those days and he was tired to boot.  I left him to nap and headed down the hall.

As I was heading down, I saw Garrett, the new guy I had seen in the shower, and another guy.  They looked odd with Garrett towering over the other guy by a head.

“Hey Matt, how’s it going?” Garrett asked me.

“Pretty good actually,” I replied.

“This is my roommate, Bryson.”

I greeted him with a handshake.  “I’m heading to my room if you wanna chill out for a while and meet some of the others.”

“Sure, bro,” Bryson stated.  He had the longest hair I had seen on a guy in a while, longer than Kris or mine the semester before.  It was dark blond and hanging down well past his shoulders.

“Matt rooms in that room where we saw all those guys, Bryson.”

“Does that get old for you, bro?”

“Ummmm… not really,” I replied. “It is friends having a good time.  My roommate Kris wouldn’t have it any other way.”  I entered the room with Garrett and Bryson right behind me.  Kris was there with Colt, Alex, Jess and Scott.  I introduced them.

“Kris, I think Matt beat you to the punch this time,” Scott stated.

“Yeah, there’s a surprise,” Kris stated.

“Matt, what did ya do with Corey?” Colt asked. “Did we wear him out lifting?”

“He was tired and not in a great mood so I came down here to leave him alone,” I replied.

“Your boyfriend is on the rag,” Jess stated.

Everyone laughed. “See Matt, it sucks ass when he is,” Kris stated.

“Scott, was Hayden ever on the rag?” Colt asked.

“I think he is now but what do I really care though,” Scott replied.

I saw Garrett and Bryson heading to the door.  “I guess we’ll see you around.  It was nice meeting everyone,” Bryson said.

“Hold on, just a second,” Kris said and stood from his bed with Garrett and Bryson stopping at the door.  “I know what you two are thinking about now.  Yes, Matt is gay with Scott being bi or whatever but the rest of us are straight… well we think they are straight.  Now if that is a problem, then go ahead and leave.  Colt and Alex had a hard time accepting them…”

“Dudes, I was like what the fuck but they are really cool once you get to know them,” Colt said.

“I was like Colt and didn’t want to hang with some gay guys either but I moved to this floor…” Alex said.

“It’s just really weird,” Bryson said. “So ya’ll just accept them?”

“We do.  Matt’s my best friend even though he likes guys.  If you have a problem…” Kris stated.

“Kris will beat the hell out of you if you do,” Scott laughed.

“I will if you fuck with them,” Kris said.

“He’s serious,” Jess said.

“Bryson, I guess we could hang around.  They seem to be cool guys,” Garrett stated.

“I guess so.  It beats the assholes in our dorm last semester,” Bryson said but didn’t seem real sure about this. 

“Guys, please tell us you ball,” Kris said. “We wanted to start a team for the intramural league here but we don’t have what you would call a big man.”

Garrett looked at Bryson and smiled, “This is so perfect.  Hell yeah, we ball.  So when does it start?”

“I think week after next,” Jess said.

“Bryson is a ball handling magician,” Garrett said.

“We’ll play, I guess and see how it goes,” Bryson stated.

“Perfect!” Kris said. They started talking about basketball and what fun it would be to have an intramural team.  All I could do was sit and listen since I wasn’t a player at all.  With a common ground, it was easy to notice Garrett and Bryson starting to feel at ease around us.  They noticed how fit we were and asked about that.  Naturally, Kris invited them to join us on Tuesday, Thursday and some Fridays.  The two newbies opened up and told us about their lives such as where they were from and their interests.  In the end, they comment how they had lucked out in picking our floor and might enjoy hanging with us.  Now if we could knock some walls out to make room for everyone when no one wanted to be left out, it’d be perfect.

Corey came down after his nap and was in a slightly better mood.  I could feel their eyes on us while Corey sat with his arm around my waist.  Kris must have sensed it as well and told them to get used to it since we were openly affectionate but not too disgusting. 

That Tuesday night, we used Scott and Jess’s rooms with us going back and forth so everyone could hang out.

“All I’ll say is this is a million times better than our last dorm.  I swear I knew two people on our floor,” Garrett stated.

“Dude, I know what you mean.  My old dorm was the same way,” Alex stated.

“Some stuck up motherfuckers at our dorm.  I swear half those didn’t think their shit stunk,” Bryson said.

“There are a few here on the floor but just ignore them,” Juan stated.

“I can tell you are some kickin dudes,” Bryson said.  “I can’t wait to see you dudes party.”

“Speaking of, we need to party this week,” Kris stated.

“You didn’t hear me say this but my brother might be able to come through for us,” Bryson said since his brother went to school here and lived off campus.

“You’d be fucking king if he could on a regular basis,” Alex said.

“What about that RA?” Garrett asked.

“He’s cool for the most part,” Kris said.

Corey and I hung around until eleven.  We headed to my room to be alone after a full afternoon and night with everyone.  I pushed Corey to my bed and got on top of him.  “I’m going to love on you whether you like or not.”

Corey smiled, “I could use that.”

“Seriously Corey, what’s the deal?”

“Matt, I told you it is just one of those fucking days, alright!”

“Sorry I asked,” I said and started kissing on him.  It took a few minutes before Corey got in the mood and unleashed his love.  We made out like crazy guys and were tempted to go for more until Kris entered the room.  We continued to kiss a little longer before stopping.

“Garrett and Bryson are really some great guys, huh?” Kris asked. “I really thought they were going to bolt on us.”

“Once again, you stood up for me,” I said.

“No Matt, I just hate to see someone judge another person without getting to know them first.  It is not a problem if personalities clash once they know someone,” Kris stated.

“Kris, I’ll make sure to get y’all signed up for the league,” Corey stated.

“Corey, you and Matt are more than welcome to be a part of the team,” Kris stated.

I laughed, “I don’t think so.”

“I might on nights when I can but don’t count on it,” Corey said.

“Corey, we can be the bangers inside,” Kris stated.

“Well, you both have the muscle to do it.  Now height is a different story,” I stated.

Corey laughed, “Kris, if we were like 6’2” we would be hell.”

“I know that shit’s right,” Kris joked. “Did you hear we might have snow next week?”

“Really?” Corey asked.

“They are saying we might but usually it doesn’t happen.  If it did, that’d be so fucking awesome!” Kris said.  “Snowball fights out the ass!”

Corey and I laughed but agreed.  Corey stood and left me with a kiss.  Kris and I had our night chat before I dozed off to sleep.

Wednesday, I was up at 8 for my 9 o’clock class with Corey.  I headed out to shower and was lucky to see him come in to do the same.  We shared a kiss before Garrett came walking in.  We said hi to him before showering in separate stalls.  The three of us finished about the same time.

“Matt, thanks for last night.  Everyone was too nice,” Garrett said, drying off. “Y’all were a trip.”

Now I could see Corey eyeing Garrett’s impressive cock. 

“No problem…” I said.

“That Kris is really something.  Does he ever meet a stranger?”

Corey laughed, “I don’t think he does but that is just Kris.  I will say he does have one hell of a temper.”

Garrett laughed throwing his towel around his slim waist, “I heard he does.  See ya!”

Corey and I finished drying off.  “Dude is hung like you, Matt.”

“You noticed, huh?”

Corey laughed, “I couldn’t help but notice.”

“We better get moving.  I’ll wait for ya at my door so we can walk to class together,” I said.

“I’m glad we do have one class together.”

I came back inside and saw Kris getting out of bed.  He grunted something at me before heading to shower.  I dressed warmly with a chilly day forecast while Kris came back in the room in almost record time.  He was the master at dressing in a hurry.  He grabbed my cologne for a few squirts before Corey was at the door.  We were opening the door and saw Garrett coming down the hall.  Come to find out Kris was in luck and had Garrett in his first class.   The four of us headed outside into the cold.

My schedule would be long with two classes back-to-back with a short break followed by another class.  Monday would be even longer with an afternoon lab.  Corey and I went to our first class and listened to the old professor go over what we could expect in our math class.  Sadly, he kept us the entire time unlike my previous classes the day before.

Corey and I said goodbye to each other.  I headed out to my next class that I had with Scott and Michael.  Michael was there waiting on me for our biology class.  Biology would be a real tester for me but a science is required.   I should have gone easy and done like Corey and Kris by taking Astronomy.  Scott came in the door and slid next to me.  This class was shorter.  Michael said he was finished for a few hours and headed off while Scott and I headed to find something to eat.  Thankfully, they were serving lunch items so we grabbed something and found a table.  We both knew others had the same break but there was little chance of finding them in the crowd until Scott got a text message telling us where they were.  We moved our things to eat with Kris, Liz, Corey, Alex, Bryson and two of Liz’s friends.  With all of us there, the hour flew by.  I headed off to my next class.

Finished for the day, I did something that was simply a pain in the ass, get my books.  It was a jungle in the bookstore but there were plenty of checkers to make things go as fast as they could.  The nicest part was handing them a card that paid for my books or else I’d be in deep debt.
With the books in a sack, I headed back to the room with the knowledge Kris was gone thanks to his earlier text message.

I was checking up on Facebook when the door flew open.  Kris, Garrett, Bryson and Jess came walking in the door and smelled so sweaty. 

“How’d it go?” I asked.

“Dude, I’m telling ya right now, those two can ball.  We may not win every game but we’ll have fun,” Kris replied.

“Matt, did you know Scott is half decent and has a nice little jumper?” Jess asked with Kris losing his shirt.

“No, I had no idea.”

“Our only problem is we need a coach or someone just to sort of manage us.  You know tell us when to go in the game,” Kris stated. “Matt?”

I laughed, “I’m the last person you need.  I don’t know the first thing about basketball.”

“I know who would be the perfect coach,” Jess stated.

“Who?” Kris asked.

“You would be perfect.  Kris, you’re the leader around here. Everyone does follow whatever you do,” Jess said.

Kris dropped his shorts and his jock strap, “I don’t know about that.”

“Damn dude, seriously!” Bryson said.

Kris grabbed his towel, “I don’t know.”

“No dude, you just got butt ass naked like we weren’t even here,” Bryson said.

“Like I care,” Kris said.

“I get that y’all are friends but ain’t that a little much.”

Jess laughed, “Hey we were cooped up on our ski trip, so it is no biggie.”

“What do you not do together other than fuck?” Bryson asked.

Jess laughed, “We’re like family.  We do like to have a good time, besides we’re all guys here.”

“I guess.  I do wanna party with y’all,” Garrett stated. “Next weekend is Bryson’s birthday.”

After hearing that my eyes bolted wide open.  I screamed, “Fucking shit!”

“What’s your problem, Matt?” Kris asked me with his towel around his waist.

“I totally forgot yesterday was Corey’s birthday.  That explains his mood yesterday completely.  I’m a horrible boyfriend!” I was getting emotional and on the verge of crying.

“Matt, don’t worry.  We’ll have a party for him tonight.  Just play it off like you think today is the day,” Kris said. “We’ll work this out.”

“I sure hope so,” I stated.

Kris left to shower as did the other three.  I sat shaking my head and couldn’t believe I forgot his birthday.  Once Kris was back in the room, I told him my plans before heading out to do some make up work.  I bolted to the mall and found two things I thought he might like before heading to find a small cake and other things for our impromptu party.

Back in the room and hopeful we could pull off a quick party, Kris was there with Liz.  They gave me the full details with a mention of a little surprise for Corey in the big room on our hall.  They wouldn’t tell me the surprise but assured me I would like it or get a big kick out of it.

Before Corey got off at eight, I sent him a text message that we would be in the big room watching TV and goofing around since one room couldn’t hold all of us.  He replied he’d see me there shortly after eight.

Our entire crew was gathered in the room.  With everyone there, I was glad I had bought a larger cake while Kendall and Jess pitched in with drinks.  Juan stood guard by the window and announced Corey had just pulled up in the lot a few minutes after 8.  We sat around and did our best to act normal until hearing Corey come down the hall.

Corey entered the room, “What’s up?

“Happy Birthday!” We screamed in as much unity as possible.


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