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Garrett and I entered my room with the greasy bags of food from a local college place near our dorms.  The six of us, me, Corey, Kris, Colt, Bryson and Garrett sat around eating everything in sight.  We cleaned up our mess to resume our intense game of Texas Hold ‘em Poker.  The break did what we wanted and had cooled Garrett’s hot hand off.  Kris was making a small comeback until Corey defeated him one-on-one for a nice little winnings.  A nice winning in our game was maybe two bucks but none of us were rich enough to make it big stakes.

“Corey, when you paying off your bet?” Kris asked.

“At the end like I said.”

“Who’s it going to be?” Colt asked.

“Ummm… I don’t know yet.  Everyone is a candidate for me,” Corey answered.

“I don’t think so,” Colt stated.

“Dude, we basically agreed.  What’s a fucking minute going to hurt?  We might find out whether guys suck better than girls,” Kris stated and still covering his ass.

“Yeah, I want to give a minute of fun to someone,” Corey joked.  “A minute won’t make you gay.  You might like it and want more.”

“Like Matt would ever let that happen unless you pick him.  If you pick him, my ass is leaving.  I know what follows dick sucking,” Colt said and packed his can for a dip. 

Kris grabbed his can with Bryson holding out his hand for one as well.  Colt offered me another one but one try was plenty for me. 

“Every night on our break, I can just see us all doing this shit,” Colt said dealing out the cards.

“Not if I’m getting laid,” Kris said.

“I know that’s right.  It’ll suck ass if we come up dry,” Bryson said.

“Seriously, I’d be surprised if each one of you doesn’t find a girl or two or three,” I stated.  “Add a little tan to what you have and girls will be begging you for sex.”

“Won’t they be disappointed to find out Corey is gay,” Colt stated.  “I’ve seen it before.”

“Don’t you think if we weren’t gay… I’m talking Matt and me… we’d have all kinds of girls?” Corey asked.

“I’m not answering that loaded question,” Bryson stated.

“I will.  I’m glad they are gay, less competition for us,” Kris said and spit.

“Dude’s right but we all know there’s goin be so many fucking people out looking for the same thang,” Colt stated.

“All I’m saying is there better be plenty of girls willing to give that shit up,” Bryson said. “I’m bringing a dozen condoms and better use each one.”

“Bryson, you really have high expectations,” Kris said.

“Well, a girl for four nights… three good fucks per night,” Bryson laughed.

“Like I said, high expectations for really short girls to be swarming the beach,” Kris joked.

“Fuck you, okay,” Bryson said with his middle finger in the air.

We continued to play until late in the night.  Kris was first to run of coins.  With Kris out, we quit a few hands later.

“Thanks guys, it was fun,” Bryson said, gathering his coins.

“So Corey, who is the lucky recipient of a blow job?  You better not say Matt,” Kris asked.

“Well…” Corey said with hesitation in his voice. “Who won the most?”

“I guess I did,” Colt replied, “But barely.”

“Colt gets a blow job!” Kris screamed.

“I don’t think a minute makes a blow job,” Colt said.

“Before we do this, let’s move the table and chairs,” I said.   With the table and chairs gone, we sat around.  Corey found me and laid a hot kiss on my lips.

“Drop em, Colt,” Kris said.

Colt dropped his athletic shorts and pushed down his boxers.  His cut cock popped out with his pubic hair grown back but it wasn’t like we hadn’t seen it many times before.  “I don’t know bout this,” he commented while scanning the room.

Kris patted him on the shoulder, “Just relax and tell us how it feels to have a guy suck your dick.”

I knew Kris would blow our secret but so far he hadn’t.  Corey got on his knees and smiled at Colt.  He extended his tongue and licked Colt’s head.  “Time me,” Corey stated.

“You’re on the clock,” Bryson stated.

Corey opened his mouth wide and took Colt’s cock in his mouth.  The expression on Colt’s face was one of confusion.  I think he wanted to enjoy it but couldn’t do so for his macho persona.  The part that couldn’t lie was getting hard while Corey sucked it.

“Damn, feels pretty good,” Colt said with his arms by his side.

Bryson laughed, “It must.  You’re fucking hard.”

It must have not been that bad since no one could take their eyes off of the scene.  Colt reached down and grabbed Corey’s head while seemingly enjoying this. 

“That’s a minute,” Bryson said.

“Fuck!” Colt screamed. “It was really starting to feel really good.”

“Corey, you’re finished,” I said and tapped him on the shoulder.  He didn’t move and continued.

“Matt, let him finish what he started,” Colt said, laughing.

“We’ll be here all night then,” Kris joked.

Corey stopped, stood and wiped his mouth.

“How was it?” Bryson asked.

“Not bad… not bad at all,” Colt said after pulling up his shorts.

“Bryson, are you ready to head out?” Garrett asked.

“I guess so since the fucking gay show is now over and done with,” Bryson said.  “See ya later.”  The two left and headed out.

Once the door shut, Colt dropped his shorts.  “Come on Corey finish what you started,” he said holding his cock.

“If I did, I’d be less one boyfriend,” Corey stated.

“No, you wouldn’t.  It was rather hot seeing it and how much Colt liked it,” I said.

“Yeah, these two bitches can really suck a dick,” Kris stated.

“How would you know?” Colt asked.

“Oh fuck!” Kris shouted. “I opened my big mouth!”

“Yes, you did,” I stated staring at him.

“So are you sucking me or do I need to just jerk off?” Colt asked.

“Matt?” Corey asked turning to me.

“I guess you could,” I said.

Corey dropped down to his knees with Colt sticking his cock back in Corey’s mouth.  I glanced over to see Kris rubbing his crotch before sticking his hand down his shorts.  It was easy to hear the slurping of Corey going down on Colt.  The sight was beginning to turn me on as well.

Corey stopped, wiped his mouth and stood, “I can’t do it any longer.”

I moved over and kissed Corey’s lips with a hint of Colt’s cock on his breath.  I reached down and groped Corey.

“Dudes, I need to really bust a fucking nut now,” Colt stated.

“What would us jerking off hurt?” Kris asked. “I need to bust one as well. I got a fucking boner watch Corey suck Colt.”

“Okay,” I said.  Corey, Kris and I lost our shorts.  It was odd watching us jack off.  It wasn’t long before I leaned over and took Corey’s dripping cock in my mouth.

“Damn you two,” Colt said.

“It’s cool, Colt,” Kris said, stroking his cock not too far from us.

Before I knew it, Corey pushed me off and went down on me with Colt and Kris slowly stroking their meat.  I heard Kris moan and watched him lean back to fire his load all over his taut body.  Seeing Kris cum did the trick for me.  I moved Corey off and shot my load over my body with a strong shot.  Corey followed next and deposited his load in with mine.

“OOOO fuck,” Colt groaned and came after an intense pounding of his cock.  We cleaned up our sticky mess with Kris’s towels that were under his bed.

“Wow, what a night!” Kris stated.

“Fuck yeah it was,” Colt said.  “That was very unreal yet smoking hot!”

“I’ll say,” Corey said.

“I’ll be straight up with you.  I’ve had my dick sucked by one other guy in high school.  It was one of those drunk ass nights with friends, you know where you get so fucked up,” Colt said.

“It happens to the best of us,” Kris smiled. 

Colt and Corey headed off to their rooms.  Kris smiled at me before we called it a night.

“What a shock about Colt huh?” I asked.

“Yeah it was.  Testing the limits has been fun though.”

“I just hope we haven’t started something here.”

“I seriously doubt that.  Look who you’re talking about here.”

“I agree but I know what I witnessed.”

“Not one minute or one night makes any of us gay.  The way I see it is we were horny as fuck and acted out on it.  See ya in the morning!”

“What a night!” I said and rolled over.

The next day, Sunday, Kris did follow through on his bet with me and washed all my things but left me to fold and hang them.  The others began returning to campus after going home to retrieve their things for the trip.  Word filtered out about our previous night.  As the day grew longer, so did our stories about our poker game and Corey sucking Colt but not what ensued afterwards.  We knew poker playing would be on the agenda if time allowed it on our trip.

Hayden returned and announced he had tried to talk his parents into letting him go but he was told no in a strong way.  We knew it was a long shot that he could go to begin with.  By the end of the night, our plans were set.  We’d caravan to Colt’s house to leave our cars and then head down to Noah’s beach house.  Corey, Scott and I would be in one car after Colt’s house.  We gave them grief about how they enjoyed putting the gay guys together.  Truth was we wanted it that way.  We estimated our time of arrival to be around one in the morning if things didn’t slow us down.

That Sunday night, Kris and I crawled into our beds.

“It looks like tonight was totally different,” Kris stated.

“I’ll say since we didn’t go down on each other.  Did Colt have much to say about it to you?”

“Not really other than he absolutely loved it.  I swear what the fuck is happening around here?”

“I know, Kris.  It’s really odd but I’d say my friends are just horny,” I replied.

“Very horny.”

“So what does Kris have to say now?”

“It was fun,” Kris replied. “And yes we all need a girlfriend other than using our guy friends.  Matt, did Corey say anything?”

“The same as Colt.  Weird but I thought it was just the hottest thing ever.”

“Matt, I’ll just say this.  Yes I enjoyed it very much but let’s not make a habit of it.”

“You don’t need to worry about that,” I said.  We finished talking and rolled over to go to sleep. 

With the days flying by, Tuesday night was upon us and time for the guy’s first game in the intramural playoffs.  They were pumped with Kris being very nervous.  About six, I headed over to the Rec Center with Corey to watch the game.   Taking the court, Corey and Hayden sized up the opponents and said we’d be lucky to win.  The three of us commented how every game would be a dog fight since each team would be good. 

As the game progressed, it was easy to see we weren’t overmatched other than the opponents were taller.  Entering the last quarter, we were down by three.  Kris was pacing the sidelines and being a cheerleader to the guys.  With a minute left in the game, Bryson stole the ball and made an easy basket to tie the game up.  The next trip down, the opponents passed the ball inside.  The tall guy took a shot but Garrett blocked it or so we thought.  The referee called a foul on Garrett, his fifth and final foul.  Kris was livid but got control of his temper by calling a time out.  After the time out, the guy missed both free throws.  Bryson raced the ball down the court and started passing it around.  With two seconds left, Tashaun fired up a shot.  It hit hard off the back board and went through the net.   Our guys went crazy and started jumping around on each other.  They weren’t the only ones who lost it as Corey, Hayden and I were jumping up and down.  We raced onto the court to high-five all our friends. 

“Tashaun, they are saying it didn’t count.  You didn’t call board,” Bryson said.

“I just threw it up there,” Tashaun said laughing and enjoying the moment.

“No doubt,” Scott stated.

The celebration was continued in our hall and most of the night.  The celebration was short lived; the next night the guys took on the chin and lost by fifteen.  It seemed they were never in the game and were overmatched by a very good frat team. The loss didn’t hurt them that much with most of the guys commenting how fun it was and would look forward to softball season around the corner.

Friday, I caught a ride home with Kris as he repayment of our earlier trip.  Mom was happy to see me but wasn’t happy that I planned to stay just one night.  Saturday was frantic with Mom and me shopping for things for my trip as well as spring & summer clothes.  It seemed my shorts were fitting a little tighter than the previous summer.  Saturday night, Kris was back to pick me up with my things crammed in a suitcase for the trip.

Back at campus, the rush to get back was for naught.  There wasn’t much happening other than the usual gathering minus the alcohol.  With all of us gathered, the talk about the trip was beginning to excite me on one hand yet worry me on the other.  I wanted us to have a great fun trip but feared someone would get in deep trouble by all the talk about how drunk they would be each night. 

The school was hectic and stressful the week leading up to Spring Break.  I had one big test along with having two papers due.  It did get my mind away from the trip and helped me concentrate on what really mattered at college.  I wasn’t alone as everyone was busy studying and/or doing papers, Kris included.  So far, he was living up to his deal and saw the time spent studying could pay big dividends.

Thursday night, all of us going were busy packing.  I had a list of things I wanted to bring and spend the time to make sure each item was in my suitcase or travel bag.  There was one slight problem.  My suitcase wouldn’t come close to closing after I had packed.  

“Matt, are you taking everything you own?” Kris commented.

“I don’t wanna leave something and regret it later.”

“Just think about it for one second.  We’ll be at the beach every day so that means two swimsuits… Matt, please tell you are not wearing a fucking speedo…”

“Well… I do have one packed, just in case,” I laughed.  “I’m gonna check things out and see what the vibe is.”

“Don’t expect me to keep you from getting your ass beat.”

“Kris, I’m not stupid.  Give me a little credit here.  Tell me when have I ever done something here to throw it in your face that I’m gay… tell me.”

Kris rubbed his hairy chin that he was letting grow for our trip and looked at the ceiling in thought.  “Okay then, you’re right there.  Now… we’ll probably be in tees and shorts at night plus a pair of jeans and a nice shirt.”

I looked at my suitcase and saw all my jeans combined with all my shorts.  “Now I think you may be right there.”  I pulled out three pairs of jeans and two shirts. 

“As far as shoes goes, I’m wearing flip-flops the entire time but am bring a pair of tennis shoes,” Kris stated.

After taking out two pairs of shoes, I looked to see my suitcase looked as if it would close now. 

“Matt, don’t be afraid to wear a shirt twice too,” Kris laughed.

I laughed.  “You do it all the time.”

“Hell yeah, it saves on laundry.”

“Kris, I’m going to check on Corey and see how he’s doing plus I have a little surprise for him,” I said and grabbed a bag from my suitcase. 

“What’s the surprise?”

“The hottest suit you’ve ever seen,” I said and pulled out a hot blue bikini I had bought for Corey.

“Matt, I don’t see Corey sportin that on the beach.”

“We’ll see.  Honestly, I don’t either,” I said and headed out the door.  I said hello to our neighbor before proceeding down to Corey’s room.  His door was ajar so I knocked while entering.

“Just about finished packing here,” Corey said after he saw me.

“I bought you something for the trip,” I said with the bag behind me. 

“Awesome!  What is it?”

I handed him the bag.  He opened it and looked inside.  He pulled out the blue bikini.  “Ummm… Matt, I don’t know about this,” he said holding in the air.

“Corey, please just try it on.  I know you’ll look so hot in it,” I said.

“Okay for you I will.  Lock the door first.” 

I did lock the door.  He stepped out of his short and into the blue bikini.  He was looking down before moving to a mirror.

“Damn!” I said since he looked so incredible.

“Matt, you really expect me to wear this?”

“Not all the time but one day, would you?  For me?  Corey, you look so fucking hot it’s unreal.”

“I will one day since I love you so much.  I can just hear the laughter now from all the guys.”

“Corey, who cares if they laugh?  They’ll be so envious of you.”

“It does really show my body, huh?  Now I need a deep dark tan.”

I moved over and kissed him.  “With or without a tan, you are the hottest thing on this earth.”

We kissed for a little while until Michael came in the room. 

“Corey…” he started laughing.

“What’s so funny?” Corey asked.

“I know you’re gay but you don’t have to announce it to everyone.  Surely, you don’t plan on wearing that thing on your trip,” Michael said still laughing.

“Since Matt bought it for me, I’ll wear it one day.  Is it that bad?”

“Seriously, you look very gay in it,” Michael answered.

“Well… I am, Michael.  I might wear as my announcement that I’m gay as fuck and proud of it.  Let’s see someone try to start shit with me.”

“Now, I don’t see that happening,” Michael said.

I hung around a little while with Corey and Michael before heading back to the room.  Once everyone was packed, the eleven of us meet in our room and went over all the plans or now big dreams.  The biggest bone of contention was who would be rooming with Corey, Scott and I in the hotel. 

“Before we leave here tonight, we really need to settle this room thang,” Colt said.  “For one, we can’t alternate and be dragging our shit back and forth.”

“We’d have this solved if Bryson hadn’t opened his mouth earlier,” Jess commented.

“So Garrett, what’s it gonna take for you to sacrifice for the good of the team here?” Kris asked him.

“Let’s draw straws, numbers or whatever and just see who gets the honor?” Scott said.

The six contenders all looked at each other.  “Just tell how much its gonna take, Garrett?  We can split the money,” Kris asked.

“Oh by the way, it’s just one fifty not two hundred like I said.  My aunt got me a deal,” Brennan stated.

“How about twenty bucks, Garrett?” Jess asked.

“It’s not worth the hassle for twenty lousy bucks,” Garrett replied.

“Why don’t we all split the cost nine ways instead of ten?  By my calculations, it’s about one seventy instead of two hundred the way I see it,” I said trying to reach a compromise.

“That’s not fair,” Alex said. “Hell, I’ll do for a hundred fifty bucks to keep me from cheating on Elise.”

“Fifty dollars and I’m good,” Garrett stated.  “I’m good as long as someone keeps their mouth closed.”  He looked at his roommate.  Bryson smiled and gestured he was locking his lips closed.

“Sounds good to me,” Kris said. “Bryson, you say a fucking word and I’ll serious beat your ass.”

Bryson smiled. “It’s all good with me.”

“Hey Scott, if I do find a woman, can I have the room?” Garrett asked.

“As long as I get the same treatment,” Scott said.

“Dude, please tell us right now you aren’t going to be a fucking gay slut on the trip,” Colt said.

“I don’t plan on it but you never know.  Hayden’s given me a free pass for the week.  I may find some hot bitch that wants to go at it…”

“Get in line with the rest of us,” Kris laughed. “Alex, what does Elise say about this?”

“What she don’t know want kill her.  Y’all hear me,” Alex said. 

“Like the commercial says, what happens on Spring Break stays on Spring Break,” Jess said.

“Let’s hope we make it back in one piece,” Kendall said. “Seriously dudes, we can’t fucking destroy Noah’s place…”

“Hey we didn’t your place,” Colt said.

“True but we all may wanna meet there this summer for a week or something,” Noah stated. 

“That’s my boy right there,” Kris said. “It’s nice to know a few rich motherfuckers.”  We laughed yet had to agree.

About one, we broke up the party.  Kris and I talked about the trip with me stressing the point he needed to be under control and continue to be a leader that he was. 

“Seriously Matt, you think everyone follows what I do?” Kris asked.

“Kris, get real for a minute over there.  You say jump and you’ll have the rest of us asking how far and how high,” I replied.  “You’re the glue that holds all the pieces together and you know it.”

“They could survive without me, Matt.”

“Survive maybe, but no where near the fun.  I bet you said something like you couldn’t go because a death… I’m just saying. Then I bet almost everyone would find an excuse not to go.”

“Would you?”

“It’d be hard, Kris but I’d go for Corey’s sake.  He told me a few weeks he had never been to the beach and was so excited about this trip.  Truthfully, I’ve been like twice and haven’t been in at least six years.”

“Matt, sometimes I don’t realize how lucky I was growing up.  I took so much for granted but I have a feeling you and Corey aren’t alone.  I don’t think Jess’s folks are that well off by the way he tells.  I really think he lives in a trailer.  Colt’s family, I think, is like mine and does alright but we don’t have fucking ski resorts or beach houses…”

I laughed. “You were right about having rich friends.  We need to be really careful and not abuse them.”

“I don’t think we have.  You know not a one of us goes around and thinks they are better off than the other, Kendall and Noah included.  Sure they wear more expensive clothes than I know I do but they never mention it or throw it in our face like some people did in high school.  Remember when that fucking Alex Martinez came to school in that new fancy ass truck of his…”

“Yeah, he didn’t hold back on telling us how much it was either.”

“Tell me about it.  Not a one of our friends are like that here…”

“We’re lucky.”

Kris smiled, “No, we won’t put up with it.  They wouldn’t be welcome in our group.”

“For one, you’d tell em about it.”

“Damn right I would,” Kris said.

“See you’re the leader and everyone else would go right along with you,” I stated.

“I guess you’re right.  See ya in the morning.  It’s gonna be one hell of a trip, huh?”

“Let’s hope,” I laughed.  “It will.”


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