Posted:   April 1, 2011

With nothing much planned for the last Saturday here in February, I headed out after I woke to get done what I needed.  First on my agenda was getting a hair cut but I wasn’t sure of the style.  I wanted something a little different and easier to manage but not to the point where it was shaved like the others.  Shopping was next while grabbing a few items for our trip then off to a place I had frequented before.  The guy stylist was really helpful and did a wonderful job.  It was shorter with it spiked in the middle, faux hawk style with the ends with a touch of highlights. 

Coming back to the room, Kris and Colt were hanging out in their shorts with the temperature warming up and being rather nice out.

“Matt, I hate to say it but your haircut makes you really look gay,” Kris stated.

“Well… I am.  Is it that bad?”

“Kris, lay off him.  It is in style.  If that haircut makes Matt look gay, then there are tons of guys around here that are gay,” Colt stated.

“I guess so,” Kris stated. “All I know is when Alex gets back, I’m getting mine cut so it will be perfect for the trip.”

“Me too,” Colt said.

“Hey Matt, how does a big game of poker tonight sound to ya since there aren’t that many of us around?” Kris asked.

“Sounds alright to me as long as it isn’t high stakes or anything.”

“We’re just using some that change we’ve accumulated over the semester,” Kris said. “I’d say nothing more than a quarter.  It’ll be for fun more than anything.”

“Kris, you know we might need to grab some brews…”

“I was thinking that too, Colt,” Kris said while I emptied out my bags. “See you’re already buying for our trip.”

“Oh yeah, I’d hate to forget anything,” I said and finished.

“One thing you better not forget is your camera,” Colt said.  “You know we haven’t taken that many pictures here lately.”

“We haven’t.  That’s my fault,” I said.

After a while, they asked if I had any interest in going to the Rec Center.  I really didn’t at the time so they left the room after texting Bryson and Garrett to see if they were up for it.  With them gone I made a call to Mom and chatted with her as well as giving her a head’s up on my plans for the next weekend. 

When Kris and Colt returned, they were smiling from ear to ear with beer in their sacks.  I had to listen to them brag for ten minutes how easy it was now to score beer whenever they wanted.  It seemed they were set for the night and excited about the upcoming card game while enjoying a few beers to get the night headed in the right direction.

“I’d swear you two are well on the way to becoming alcoholics,” I stated in all seriousness.

“Come on Matt.  It’s not like we do it every night,” Kris stated with a beer in his hand.

“Yeah dude, we’re just enjoying the college life,” Colt said.  “On spring break, you’re fixing to see some fucking alcoholics.”

Kris high-fived him, “Damn right, you’re looking at two motherfuckers that are getting shit faced every night.”

“I know that shit’s right, bro.  I bet we’re not the only ones on our trip,” Colt said.

“Guys, I hate to spoil your fun and wild ideas but at least have a little consideration and respect for Noah.  You trash his place and it’s all over for good.  No more ski trips.  No more spring break trips.  No summer trip, if they had any idea of inviting us down one week.”

“Dammit Matt, stop being so practical over there.  Colt, you know he’s right though.  We trash Noah’s house and it is all down the tubes,” Kris said with my phone going off.  I raced over to see it was Corey sending me a text message and saying he wanted me to come down.  I said goodbye after getting all the plans for the night for the big poker game.

His door was open when I went down.  I walked inside and found Corey on his bed and waiting for me.  He opened his arms and welcomed me into him. 

“Michael just left to head out with Brianna for a while,” Corey stated.

“You know I’m proud he’s stuck with her as long as he has.”

“He does get frustrated but I think he knows she’s it for him.  Just like I know you’re it for me.”

We kissed with lots of tongue.  His hands were all over my back and down inside my shorts while we made out. 

“Matt, I need some of you right now and with that nice haircut that I love and last night,” Corey stated, looking into my eyes.  “I wanna break tradition and have you in me.  I want fucked!”

I smiled at him and headed over to the lock the door.  While walking back, my clothes began flying off until I was naked.  Corey pushed down his shorts with me reaching for his thick cut cock.  My tongue circled his mushroom head with his hands on my head.  My mouth opened and took him in.  He responded with a quick moan with my eyes cutting up to see him in such pleasure.  One hand was wrapped around the base with the other going up his shirt.  Corey removed his shirt while I sucked and licked his hard cock.

“Feels so fucking good, Matt.”

I stopped to kiss up his body and found his lips.  He grabbed our cocks and held them together while we enjoyed more lip and tongue.  He broke the kiss but continued to kiss my neck, shoulders and chest.  His tongue licked down my abs until finding my hard cock.  He licked up and down before moving to suck my balls.  I was lost in the moment and leaned back on my palms.  His warm mouth found its way to my cock.  He glanced up at me before sticking my cock in his mouth.  It was such a great feeling and had me emitting light moans.  He was working his magic by licking and sucking along with some attention to my lower abs.  I was horny as hell and wanted my boyfriend.

He said, “Fuck me, Matt.” 

That was all it took for me to jump on him.  While we kissed with his legs high in the air, my wet cock slid in his waiting hole.  He moaned in my mouth.  My mouth left his but my face was perched above his while fucking his ass and balancing on my hands at his sides. 

OOO Matt, you feel so good in me!”

Corey, I love being in you and showing how much I fucking love you.”

OOO yes baby, fuck that ass with your fucking huge dick!  OOO I love it!”

My cock was sliding in and out and filling his ass up to my balls.  He was moaning with each thrust and tossing his head about with the sound of my balls slapping his ass.  I slipped out and moved to his side.  He threw his legs over mine with my cock sliding back inside.  He started moving back against me with both of us breathing hard as ever.  I held him close and loved all the sensations my entire body was feeling.  My hand found his cock.  I stroked in rhythm with our fucking while searching for his mouth. 

After a few more deep thrust and hard strokes, Corey let out a deep groan.  Cum flew from his cock and landed on the floor and his bed.  During his orgasm, his ass tightened around my cock.  I pulled out and plastered his back with my heavy thick load.  He reached around and stuck my cock back in his ass.

Much to my amazement, I stayed rock hard in him.

Corey turned his head, “Fuck me again!”

Without saying a word, my cock started fucking his hot ass again.  We went at hard and heavy in various positions.  I really loved seeing him ride my eight inches and watching his body move up down. 

After a nice long passionate fuck, I pushed deep into him.  “I love so much, Corey!” My seed began pumping into his ass. 

He pulled me close. “Oh fuck yeah, Matt!  Feels so hot!”

Delirious and crazy with love, I pulled out of Corey’s slimy ass.  My ass backed up to his hard cock and slid on it.  Corey fucked me for just a minute or so until busting deep in me. 

After pulling out, Corey lay next to me and stroked my cheek.  “Matt, I love you so much it hurts.”

“I feel the exact same way.”

With cum streaming down our legs, we headed to shower.  Thankfully his room was close to the showers.  We headed in the shower and kissed while the water and a little soap cleansed our bodies.  We dried off and wrapped our towels around our waist without encountering a soul.  We opened the door and saw our depleted crew heading down the hall in our direction. 

“Y’all wanna go grab something to eat with us before we start?” Colt asked.

“Sure, I’m hungry,” Corey replied.

The four followed us to Corey’s room. 

“Matt, no wonder you left in such a big hurry.  No doubt what you do were doing in here,” Kris said.

“Yeah, you better watch it no telling where our nut is,” I said and watched Kris jump up quickly from Corey’s bed.  The others did get a good laugh out of it. 

“Sick!” Bryson yelled.

“Hell yeah, it is,” Kris said.  “Hurry up so we can go eat.”

Corey and I dressed as quick as we could.  I did my best quick fix to my newly cut hair before we were out the door.   We found something on campus to conserve our cash before returning to the dorm. 

Back at the dorm, we found a table and drug down to our room.  Colt pulled a few more chairs to sit around the table.  It was a very tight squeeze but we had succeeded in Kris’s plan.  We all seemed to have a coin jar, bucket or can in our rooms where we kept loose change for laundry and other things.  With dips in their mouth, Kris and Colt laid out the basic rules of our poker night.  Before it started, it was easy to see that the card game would be a nice vehicle for us to sit around and get deep in some real college bullshit.

First, we played a few practice hands to show me the game and to set our rules.  The rules were for six college guys that weren’t overflowing with cash.  By my calculations, the most anyone could be out was ten dollars.

The first hand I was dealt a pair of Queens to begin this little game.  On the first three cards, there was another Queen in the draw. 

“I got this one easy,” I commented with a big smile on my face and my hands in the air.  They all threw in their cards.

Kris slammed down his cards.  “Matt, to be so smart, you’re fucking stupid!  Don’t show emotion and try to fake us all out.  I swear!”

“Sorry, I got excited,” I said.

“Haven’t you ever heard of a ‘Poker Face’?” Bryson asked me.

“Yeah, I guess… that Lady GaGa song…”

“Exactly, dipshit,” Corey laughed.  “You could have won a little money if you hadn’t been so obvious.  Here I had a decent hand and was going to bet.”

Before the next hand, Bryson was throwing in a dip as well after finishing a beer where he could have something to spit in.  My next hand was a two and four, so I didn’t bet.  I sat and watched Garrett and Colt go at it until Garrett won the pot that amounted to eighty cents.  I studied their faces and knew Garrett had the better hand whereas Colt was bluffing.  With each hand dealt, I watched the guys bet and started to get a real feel for the game.

Kris passed out beer after he finished his dip.  It really did feel like a real card game other than the banter going on between us.

“What’s the line on number of guys Scott fucks around with?” Colt asked while we were playing.

“Three,” Kris said.

“Damn, I was thinking the same thing.  Our only problem is he could be at Noah’s with us,” Colt said.  He shot Garrett a look.

Garrett threw up his hands.  “Don’t blame me.”

“Guys, I tried my best last night to apologize,” Bryson said.

“We should make Bryson room with the three qu… gays,” Colt said and looked at me and Corey.

“Call us queer if you want to, Colt.  I’m strong enough to handle it,” Corey said.  “I’m a hundred percent queer.”

“Me too,” Matt said.

Colt laughed and patted me on the shoulder since he was next to me.  “I try my best guys but I do slip up every now and then.  I’ll say you’re the coolest fucking queers I’ve ever met and I’m proud to say I’m your friend.”

“Same here,” Bryson said. “Thanks for the education and enlightenment.  I was really homophobic before I moved here.  Now I think nothing of it.”

“I bet ole Matt would never take a dip in his life,” Colt laughed.

“I’d love to see that,” Kris laughed.

“Me too,” Corey said.

I downed what was left of my beer.  “Anyone wanna bet I will?”

“Fuck yea, I will.  I’ll do your laundry this week if you keep a dip in five minutes,” Kris stated. “If not, you’re doing mine.”  His pile of clothes was huge.

“Give me that fucking can,” I said. “Kris, your ass is doing laundry.”

Colt packed it tight and opened the can.  The smell I was used to by now since it was around me.  Colt gave me a brief demonstration before I dug my fingers into the tobacco.  I shut my eyes and pulled out my lip.  It wasn’t as big as Colt’s normal dip.  The first taste nearly made me vomit right there.  I grabbed a bottle and spit into it quickly.  It was easy to hear the laughs all around with Corey timing me by the watch I had given him for his birthday. 

“College is about experiences and experimenting,” I mustered up enough voice to say and spit into Colt’s bottle next to me.  “This is one of them.”  After a minute or so, I got light headed with the card being dealt out.   I leaned over to Corey, “Tell when my five minutes is up.”

Corey laughed, “I will.”

“Bet, bitch!” Bryson yelled at me.  I folded even though my hand wasn’t that bad. 

“Garrett, have you ever taken a dip?” I asked and spit.

“Yeah, I have.  It was a baseball thing back home,” he replied. “Corey, have you?”

“Nope but I have smoked cigarettes…”

“Who hasn’t?” Kris asked.

We all said we had but none of us liked them.  I grabbed Corey’s arm with him holding up a two fingers.  I spit and knew maybe the worst part was over.  It really wasn’t all that bad. 

“Hell, if Matt can do it, I know I can.  Colt, toss me that can and let me see what this shit is about,” Corey stated.  Soon, I was passing the can to Corey.  “I bet I make it longer than you.”  He put it in his lip.

“Probably,” I said.

“I bet he does, Matt,” Kris said.

“So what’s the bet between the lover boys here?” Colt asked, dealing out the cards. 

I looked at my cards and had a great start.  I bet. “I don’t know.”

“If Corey makes it longer, you have to suck him, Matt,” Bryson stated.

“Going all out there, Bryson,” Kris said sarcastically and laughed.  “Hell he does that without a bet.”

“Okay, whoever last the shortest has to blow the guy of their choice for a minute in front of us,” Bryson stated. 

“I bet they chose Garrett,” Colt laughed.

Fear shot across Garrett’s face before he smiled, “If I can make it a minute.”

“So is that cool?” Colt asked.

“No, it’s not.  Nothing against any of you but I don’t wanna do that,” I said.

“Matt, he said the guy of our choice,” Corey said with a mouth full of spit and looked at me.

“Fuck!” Colt screamed. “They’ll pick each other and make us watch them.”

I smiled. “Maybe, maybe not.”

Now my concentration in the game was lost with our bets going off left and right.  Corey elbowed me and said my five minutes were up.

“Kris, you’re doing my laundry,” I said but wasn’t ready to spit the dip out.

“Fuck!” Kris said. “I’m losing my ass in cards and now lost a bet I knew I’d win!”

With the bad part gone, I continued to let the dip stay in my mouth.  After the next hand, Corey spit his out, “I fucking give.  That shit is so fucking nasty.  Give me a beer in a hurry.”

“So who are you picking then like I even have to ask?” Colt asked.

“I’ll talk it over with Matt before I tell ya,” Corey smiled with Bryson handing him a beer.  “Matt, are you enjoying that shit?”

“It’s not so bad,” I said and racked in a nice pile of coins with Kris cussing me with each breath.  I spit out my dip and grabbed a drink of beer out of Corey’s bottle sitting nearby.

“Piss break,” Kris announced.

“Thank God or else I was about to piss in my shorts,” Bryson joked.

It did give us time to stretch our legs and have a snack or two.  Corey pulled me aside. 

“I know you lost on purpose.  Just admit it,” I said.

“No, I didn’t, Matt.  That was gross if you ask me.  I don’t see how you did it.”

I laughed, “When I put my mind to it, I can do about anything.”

“Matt, I could pick you but what fun would that be? Can I pick someone else?  It’s just a minute,” Corey pleaded.

“One minute won’t end our relationship,” I said and kissed him with Kris walking into the room.

“I have the perfect one in mind but I’m not saying a word.  It’ll be our night cap, you might say,” Corey stated.

Kris butted in. “I know it’ll be Matt.”

“You wanna bet on it?” Corey said with a smile.

“Hell no, so far, my luck has been a fucking zero,” Kris replied and starting changing into just his athletic shorts. 

Colt walked into the room and saw Kris shirtless, “I know he couldn’t stand us not seeing his body.”

“Dude, I’m hot,” Kris stated.

“You think you are too,” Colt said in defense.

“Before something breaks out, let me say there’s not a person in here that is not hot as hell,” I said.  “Not a one of us have a thing to be ashamed of.”

“I agree,” Corey said.

“At the beach, I know our group as a whole will have the hottest guys around,” I said with Bryson coming into the room.  “We’ve all worked our butts off and have every right to be proud of our bodies here.  I’m the only one that can say he gained the freshman fifteen but I needed to.”

Garrett entered the room and grabbed his seat.  We told him what we were talking about to fill him in.  He didn’t say a word but normally didn’t.  By the second hand, we were all shirtless with Kris moving to open a window.    We dealt out the next hand when the door opened.  I had a clear view and saw Rick walking in.

“I was just checking on you guys.  I see a few beers but so far I didn’t even know you were here,” Rick said.

“Wanna join us?” Colt said.

“Nah, I’ll stand and watch for a few hands,” Rick answered.

“There’s beer in the fridge.   Help yourself,” Kris said.

“I don’t think so.  You’re some cheap beer drinkers I see,” Rick laughed.

Colt held up his beer, “Beer is beer in my book.  Hell yeah, it was cheap but we were some broke dudes here.”

Rick watched and listened to our banter.  When the pot got of any size, the smack came out from the winner.  This time, I had to endure Kris’s smack but he needed a break, luck wise. 

The next hand, Garrett racked in the coins from Colt.  He turned over his cards after Colt folded.  “Got your fucking ass this time, bitch!” Garrett said.

“Motherfucker, I’ll nail your ass,” Colt said with Rick laughing it up behind us.

“Hey, we’ve been doing this shit talking all night,” Kris commented to Rick.  “It’s part of the game.”

The next hand, I beat Bryson by a card.  “Suck it, bitch!” I yelled.

“I’ll let Corey do that shit,” Bryson said.  Looking around, we were pretty close in coins except for Kris.  Then Garrett got a hot hand and won the next three hands with superior cards.  He was out of his shell and really let us hear about it.

“See ya.  Keep having fun,” Rick said and headed to the door.  We said goodbye and took a mini break.  We figured we needed to cool Garrett off.
Once Colt mentioned he was hungry, it was me and Garrett off to make a quick run to grab some fast food. 

“Garrett, I don’t want to bug you but it would be nice if you did room with us,” I stated driving.

“I might in the end, Matt but I’m having too much fun watching the other’s sweat bullets…”

“If Scott is your worry, then don’t let it be.  I know if you tell him up front, he’ll keep his hands and everything else to himself…”

“It’s not Scott I’m worried about but what all of them will say.  If I cave in then rumors will start flying all over the place.”

“I see your point.  You’ll find someone down there.  I have a good feeling about it,” I stated.

We grabbed everyone’s order and headed back.  Garrett munched on the hot fries he had ordered.  The aroma was far too strong and had him grabbing me a few to snack on. 

“Garrett, are you having fun tonight?”

“Matt, I really am.  This is exactly what I had envisioned college would be.”

“Yes it is,” I said.


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