Posted:  March 25, 2011

Colt’s text was barely sent before he came knocking at my door.  He was there in just his shorts and both shoulder tatts showing nicely.

“Matt, wassup?”

“Colt, I don’t have a clue.  He woke up all pissed off like never before,” I replied with Colt sitting in Kris’s chair.  “Anything go on last night?”

“No, nothing at all.  We went to eat and grabbed a movie.  Nothing was happening then.”

“He did get a ticket,” I said and pointed to his desk where it was sitting.

“Damn!” Colt said, looking at the ticket. “Remind me to slow down.  This is outrageous! So, he was pissed about that?”

“No, he said that was the proverbial icing on the cake.”

“Then something happened between him and Liz.  No doubt about it.”

“You’d think,” I said. 

Colt sat rubbing his chin.  “Matt, it has to be that.  Everything was going great on our date.  We were joking it up and having a really good time.  My girlfriend or date I should say didn’t know what to really think of us.”

We tried to figure things out but we decided to let Kris do the explaining when he returned.  Colt asked if I wanted to grab something to eat.  Even though I had eaten earlier, I went along.  We grabbed Jess, Bryson and Garrett on our way out to see if Bryson knew anything.  He didn’t have a clue and said what Colt said earlier how they were having a really good time on their dates.

We returned and headed to my room in case Kris was there.  I opened the door and Kris was on his bed watching TV. 

“Guys, I want everyone out.  I need to do some really serious talking with Matt,” Kris said in a better mood but still down. “I’ll try to explain later.”

“Dude, we’ll help you in anyway,” Colt said.

“Colt, Matt’s my best friend.  I need to talk with him for just a minute.  Tonight, I know a bunch of guys that are getting so fucked up it ain’t even funny.”

“Holler if you need us,” Jess said while the four were leaving.

Kris sat up and turned off the TV.  He took a deep breath.  “Matt, I’m sorry the way I acted this morning to you.  I was in a really bad mood.  Basically I barely slept at all last night.”

“Is it between you and Liz?”

“Yeah dude, it is.  We may be done for good now. One moment she’s a great girlfriend then the next one she says we should move on.  She can’t make up her mind, Matt.  She wants me then she doesn’t,” Kris said and shrugged his left shoulder.

“I’m sorry to hear that, Kris.”

“That’s women for ya,” Kris stated. “Needless to say, I got a little pissed off at her.  I mean shit!  Does she want me or not?”

“Kris, I don’t know.  Maybe she likes the idea of having a hot boyfriend,” I smiled at Kris. “You said you too liked the idea of having a girlfriend.”

“I’m beginning to think that’s her deal.  Have me when she wants a date yet not when she’s doing her sorority thing or with your girls.  I guess sort of like me, huh?”

“It sort of sounds that why by what you’re telling me.”

“Matt, I need to confess something too.  I came really close to slap her last night…”

“Tell me you came to your senses before you reacted.”

“I did but damn I was close to hitting her.  Matt, it is so out of character for me to even think of resorting to violence against a girl.”

“I hope it is.”

“Matt, there’s no well in hell I could live with myself if I did.  That’s why I was so pissed off.  I was mad at me more than anything.”

“Kris, this wouldn’t have a thing to do with us, would it?”

“Fuck if I know but I haven’t said a word to anyone.  Matt, I did love fucking around with you and Corey but I love girls more.  Seriously, if things would have worked out, I was thinking of never trying it again. I’m sorry I got pissed at you.  I’m glad you heard me out.  I just felt awful in what almost happened just like the time with our kiss.”

“No problem Kris.  I understand you’re frustrated with Liz and all that’s going on.  It happens and the main thing is you didn’t hit her.”

“It is.  You’re the best.  I’ll see you,” Kris said and headed out our door.  With him gone, I gave my Dad a call but still no answer.  It was frustrating to say the least.

After 4, Corey came into my room and sat next to me.  He greeted me with his usual sweet kiss.  “Matt, do you feel better today about your dad?”

“I feel about the same really.  I tried to call him again but still no answer.”

“Aren’t you worried a little bit that something could have happened to him?”

“Naturally a little Corey but… I’ve been down this road too many times before to really worry about it.  You know how it is with your mom?”

“Oh do I ever,” Corey stated, shaking his head. “I try to be as civil as possible.  She even had the nerve to ask if I was coming home soon.  I told no since I was working and needed the cash along with our trip.  Then she went off on how everyone here was more important than her and how wrapped up I was with you.  She needed bitching out but I kept silent.”

“It sucks, huh?” I asked with a knock at my door.  

“It does,” he replied with me going to see who my visitor was.  I opened the door to see Stephan and Grayson standing there.  I invited them inside.  We greeted them while they grabbed a seat.

“Matt… Corey… I stopped by to see what you two had going on tonight,” Stephan said.

First I looked at Corey.  “Nothing, do we?”

“Not that I know of, Matt.”

“Awesome.  We were wondering if you’d like to go with us tonight to this party the Gay and Lesbian Student Association is having,” Stephan said.

“Before we agree, what kind of party?” I asked.

“Just your regular college party.  Our theme is ‘Beach Blanket Bingo’,” Grayson replied. “You know 60’s music with everyone coming in their fiercest swimwear.  It’s something to break the winter blahs.”

“Do you think Scott would wanna go too with Hayden?” Stephan asked.

“I’m not sure when Scott’ll be back.  He went to see his mom at his house.  He did say he’d be back tonight though.  What time are we talking about?” I asked.

“The party starts at 8.  I’ll be more than happy to drive and pay your way inside,” Stephan stated.

“Matt, I guess we could go.  I don’t see any harm in it,” Corey said to me.

“Count us in too.  I’ll try to get a hold of Scott later but I wouldn’t count him in,” I said.  We sat around talking for a little while.  It was easy to sense Stephan was excited to have us going with them.  They left just before Kris came in the room carrying a twenty four pack with Colt and Jess right behind him.  They sat down their beer and grabbed one along with offering us one as well.  Corey took them up on the offer.

“So, are we are getting shit faced or what tonight?” Colt asked in his twang.

“Fuck yeah, we are,” Jess said and fist pumped Colt.

“Corey and I are going out with Stephan and Grayson,” I replied.

“Those two?” Colt asked.

“Yeah, we’re going to some gay party they invited us to,” Corey replied.

“Have fun,” Colt said sarcastically.

“We will, I hope,” I said. “Kris, how are you doing or do I have to even ask?”

“A few more of these bad boys I won’t care what the fuck Liz does,” Kris said.  “So you’re really going out with them?”

“Yeah, why not?” I asked. “It’s not like we’re hiding the fact we’re gay.”

“I guess you’re right and need a little gay time with other gays on campus,” Kris stated.  He, Jess, Colt and Corey continued to down a few beers while I tried to get a hold of Scott.  Come to find out he was back on campus and at Hayden’s dorm.  I asked them if they had any interest in going with us.  Scott asked Hayden and they were agreeable.

Before the party, I did request they move the party elsewhere so I could get ready.  Kris didn’t give me any lip and moved it down the hall.  Around seven, I was dressed and ready to go.  I had Scott’s borrowed Speedo underneath my jeans along with a long sleeve shirt.  My hair was my biggest nemesis since it didn’t want to do anything.  Corey was at the door and looking hot as ever in his tank top, that showed his great built, jeans and the necklace, which I had given him for Valentine’s Day.  We headed out the door and found Stephan and Grayson looking great as well with Stephan displaying the eyeliner and lip gloss.  We found Scott and Hayden ready to go.  We headed out into the cold weather with Stephan smiling like never before.  Initially we were going in Stephan’s car but had to change to Grayson’s ride since it was bigger.  Before the party, we grabbed something to eat while catching up on Scott’s mom.  It sounded as though she was doing as well as possible but was going to have a few rounds of chemo. 

We arrived at the party at some meeting hall away from campus.  It seemed we were early with very few cars in the parking lot.  We waited a few minutes with a few more arriving.  We headed inside with us couples holding hands.

“For once, I’m not scared shitless what someone will say,” Hayden stated.

“Me too,” Corey said. “This could be fun in that we can be ourselves without worrying about those looks or offending anyone.”

“Exactly,” Grayson stated. “Nothing but gay people here.”

We entered the door.  Corey wouldn’t let Stephan pay our way in even though Stephan offered.  We looked around at the themed decorations with a friend of Grayson coming up to welcome us.  He was very friendly and told us to enjoy ourselves but did give us a short speech why we should become a part of their organization.   We walked over and lost our clothes to a big pile after seeing the guys in their swimsuits.  I was glad to see Scott, Grayson and Stephan sporting Speedos like I was. 

“Damn, we are hot,” Stephan said.

“I know that shit’s right,” Scott joked. “Please tell me there is alcohol here.”

“There should be a ton of it,” Grayson said. “Matter of fact, I think you’ll find we are some of the younger ones here.  Most are upper classmen.”

“Well… show me the way,” Scott said.   Grayson led the way to where the drinks and snacks were.  I first sampled the punch and found it to be rather laden with Vodka but still poured a cup full.  Everyone but Stephan grabbed some.  We sampled the snacks. 

“Fucking little hotties right here,” a guy said to us.

“Hey Benji,” Grayson said. “We told you would deliver.”

“I’d say you did more than deliver,” Benji stated.  “Have fun.”

“We will,” Stephan said.  Benji walked away.  “I hope you like compliments.”

“Compliments are cool but no one better grab my ass,” Scott stated.

“Get ready,” Grayson said.

We stood around and took in the crowd that was slowly filtering in the doors.  It was easy to see some really cute guys and girls of all kinds.  Stephan had to point out two girls were really guys that came dressed in drag.  I saw a guy that I had in one of my classes and just knew his face.  He came right up to me with his boyfriend and started talking to me like we were good friends.

After they walked away, Corey asked, “Who was that?”

“Just a guy I have in my Business class,” I replied.  I began laughing. “I don’t have clue what his name is though.”

“He sure acted like he knew you,” Scott stated. “He was fucking cute as hell with a nice six pack going.”

“Oh look at you, for God’s sakes,” Grayson said. “I’d be king if I had your six pack and those deep Adonis cuts.” 

After a few more minutes, I headed off to find the bathroom with that drink running right through me.  I was taking a leak and could see the guy next to me looking at my cock.

“Tell me you don’t have a boyfriend,” he quietly stated.

“I do,” I said and shook off.

“Luckiest guy here,” he said while we heard two guys fucking in the stall nearby. 

“There are two lucky guys, too,” I commented. I looked over to see a pair of legs with their swimsuit at the feet.

“Sounds like they are enjoying it,” he said and finished his piss.  He headed out the door while I washed my hands.  While washing up, I could see a big box filled with condoms and shook my head.

Heading out I found Corey, Scott and Hayden to tell them what I had heard.

“Not surprising, Matt.  This is a gay party,” Scott stated. 

“Just different,” I said.

“You know this so far has been cool,” Hayden stated.

“Yeah, everyone has been rather friendly,” Corey said.

Scott spread out his arms with his dolphin tattoo showing nicely above his blue Speedos. “Hell, fucking look at the four of us.  Won’t you be nice to four fucking hotties?”

We laughed and agreed.  We did comment we had competition among the group with Grayson included since he looked great in his red Speedo.  The lights dimmed with a voice coming over the speakers.  It seemed the real party was about to start.  In keeping with the theme, the first song was a 60’s Beach Boy’s song.  Corey grabbed my hand for us to dance.  The floor was crowded with a surprisingly large number gathered.  Going in, I didn’t expect that many to be here since it was a gay party.  We danced the best we could to the first few songs before taking a break.

Corey grabbed us all some punch, which may have been stronger.  We stood watching before grabbing a seat to rest our tired feet.  When a slow song came over the loud speaker, the four of us headed back to the dance floor.  Corey held me close while I could see Scott holding Hayden close as well.  There was a lot of lip smacking going on during the song with Corey and I right there with them.  We stayed out for the next song with Scott starting to feel the music.  He wasn’t alone in the crowd as things did get a little wild and risqué.  We finally spotted Stephan and Grayson after the next song and retreated to the sidelines for another break.

“Having fun, yet?” Stephan asked over the music.

“Hell yeah, we are!” Scott answered. “Thanks for asking us!”

“No problem!” Grayson said with his arm around Stephan.

We stood and took it all in.  We ended up staying to the very end which was around one in the morning.  Corey and Scott were really feeling the drinks with Corey hanging all over me and Scott doing the same to Hayden.  Our clothes were exactly where we left them.  Heading out, it sucked in that it was really cold with a strong wind blowing.  We raced to Grayson’s car with Stephan driving.  In all the times hanging with Stephan, I had yet to see him drink and was thankful he wasn’t again tonight.  I wasn’t too bad at the end.

“So, can we count on you guys to join us?” Grayson asked.

“We’ll damn sure think about it,” Scott said.

“That’s all we can ask,” Stephan said.  “Thanks for coming with us.”

“No, thank you for asking us.  It really was a blast,” I said. 

Stephan got us back safely to our dorm.  We headed inside with me expecting the worst from Kris.  I opened our door and saw the lights were out with Kris in bed, so we continued down the hall.

“Hey, we know Michael is gone this weekend,” Scott stated. “Is there anyway we could shack with y’all tonight? Juan is off tonight and I need some of Hayden.”

“Matt?” Corey deferred.

“Scott, okay if you and Hayden keep to ourselves.  I need me some of Corey tonight as well after tonight.”

“Fuck yeah. It’ll be like when Kris and Colt used to fuck their girlfriends…”

“Yeah,” I said.

We passed Colt’s room.  We said hi and saw how things were going.  Colt, Jess and Bryson were drunk.  Bryson threw his arm around Scott and wanted us to stay.  We stayed a few minutes before heading off to Corey’s room.

“You know tonight was pretty damn awesome,” Scott stated once we were in the room. “I really felt like I belonged and didn’t have put up some façade.”

“Scott, I was a little worried that you’d even go,” I said.

“Matt, I don’t think there’s much doubt about my sexuality now.  I can fool myself and think that I like girls but I really do like guys more,” Scott stated. “I was so fucking turned on by seeing all the guys even some that weren’t just smoking ass hot.”

Hayden turned to Scott, “I love you, Scott.”

“I love you, too Hayden,” Scott said and sealed with a long kiss. “If you’ll excuse us but I think I need to prove to Hayden that I do truly love him.”

“Oh don’t mind us at all.  I need to show Matt here my love as well,” Corey stated. 

Clothes started going off left and right.  Corey did have the sense to grab some used towels to put on top of the beds.  There were four naked gay guys about to engage in hot gay sex.  

Corey was between my legs and licking my hard cock while Scott was doing the same to Hayden.  It was hard to focus my attention on Corey with Scott sucking Hayden.  Hayden had his head thrown back and loving it.  I began moaning with Corey’s hot mouth wrapped around my cock.

“OOOO fuck Scott.  Suck my fucking dick!” Hayden moaned.

“I love sucking your fucking dick, Hayden,” Scott said and kissed him before returning for more.

Corey was sucking and licking me as well.  I pulled him up for a long kiss and was really into our foreplay.  I broke the kiss and kissed down his body.  I found his hard thick to lick it up and down as I had done so often.  My tongue moved to his balls before circling around his head.  I could see Hayden licking around the foreskin of Scott’s hard thick seven inches while I started sucking Corey’s cock with fervor.  He grabbed my head and started face fucking me. 

I stopped and pulled Corey down.  “I need fucked!”

He reached and grabbed the lube.

“Fuck his ass hard,” Scott said.

Corey gave him five, “I will for damn sure.”

He lubed us up completely before throwing my legs high in the air.  I pushed out and felt his head break through my sphincter.  Slowly Corey’s hard went deep in me.  I pulled him down and caught a glimpse of Scott grabbing the lube. 

“Oh fuck me, Corey,” I moaned and was feeling such pleasure along with all the stimulation around. 

“Goddamn this fucking hot as hell!” Scott screamed.  I could see he was inside Hayden’s nice ass. 

“Fuck yeah!” Hayden said. “Fuck me, Scott… Fuck me!”

There was lots of moaning, groaning, lip smacking, dirty talk and heavy breathing while we were fucking.  I was really into Corey fucking me tonight and let him know how great it felt with each deep push.  Finally the excitement, the atmosphere and pleasure overwhelmed me.   I busted a big nut with Corey deep in me.   He pulled out and shot his healthy load in with mine.  Our lips met.

“OOOO fuck,” Hayden moaned.  I looked and knew he was cumming.  Scott pulled out and soon covered Hayden’s sweaty face with his cum.  It was sweet hearing them say ‘I love you’ over and over. 

“I’ll say it again.  Goddamn that was fucking hot as hell.  I haven’t cum that hard in a long time,” Scott stated after we had let the euphoric feeling dissipate.

“Hell yeah, it was,” Corey said.  “I’d say we are four guys very much in love.”

“I know I sure am with the hottest guy ever,” Hayden stated.

Our eventful night came to a close with us falling asleep.  It had been a really good night and another memorable one here at college.


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