Posted:   March 18, 2011

Friday night was rather quiet around my room with Kris out with Liz and the other guys doing their own thing.  It offered the perfect opportunity to do some shopping for Corey’s Valentine’s present and Kris’s birthday present which was the next day.  The mall was about as crowded as it was during the Christmas season.  The bad part was I didn’t have much money or an idea for either of them.  I found something small for Kris before finding a nice inexpensive gift for Corey. 

Right after returning, Corey came into my room with a big smile on his face.  After a long kiss, Corey stood back and looked at me.  “Matt, I know the next two days will be really special for us…”

“I really hope so.”

“We really haven’t had the chance to be that alone like we’ll have this weekend.”

“Corey, I know and feel how excited you are but… it won’t be a marathon sex session.”

“Well, I know that.  I wanna be able to hold you and love on you like I never have before.  I think we’ve shown our relationship isn’t all sex.”

“We have, haven’t we?”

“Yeah but it has been over a week since we’ve had sex.  Surely, you’re ready for us to have sex.”

“Oh I am but we don’t wanna wear each other out.”

Corey laughed, “If we do, then so be it.  You won’t hear me say a word about it either.  Matt, every day I wake and feel so lucky to have you as my boyfriend.  I don’t even wanna think how things would be different if we weren’t.”

“Corey, I feel the same way if not more.  I landed the hottest guy on campus…”

“I doubt that.  I snared the cutest and best one here who I love with every inch of my body.”

I grabbed him and kissed him passionately.  I enjoyed kissing and squeezing his nice developed biceps and running my tongue over the cuts of his triceps.  If not for the upcoming weekend, we could have got naked and enjoyed each other’s body even more than we were.  We held off and held each other after a prolonged kissing and petting session.  Corey was holding me tight when the phone rang.  I dislodged and saw it was Scott.  I held my breath and hope for the best.  He gave very encouraging news and how well everything had went with his mother’s breast cancer surgery.  I didn’t hold him long and told him I’d tell everyone the good news.  I texted a few including Kris to tell them the news.  The call did interrupt and change our thoughts.

We were sitting on my bed when a quiet knock came to the door.  I opened it to see Garrett standing there in his jeans and tee. 
“Hey, wassup?  I’m not interrupting anything, am I?” he asked.

“No Garrett, come on in and grab a seat,” Corey said.

Garrett grabbed a desk chair.  “I was about to go stir crazy in my room.  Has Scott called about how things are going?”

“Yeah, he said everything went great,” I replied. “I’m sorry and didn’t text you.  I tried to think of everyone.”

“That’s okay, Matt.  I meant to talk with Scott before he left.  My mom went through the same thing two years ago,” Garrett stated. “It’s really scary but if they find it in time, everything will be fine.”

“So I take it your mom is okay,” Corey said.

“She is.  It was rough for a while but now everything is great,” Garrett stated.  “Now, are you sure I wasn’t interrupting you two?”

“No, you’re fine.  We’ll have plenty of alone time the rest of the weekend,” I said.

“We’re getting a room,” Corey said.

“That’s right.  I forgot all about that.  I know you’ll really enjoy that without someone barging in on ya,” Garrett said.

“Exactly,” Corey said.

Garrett smiled.  “Maybe one day Valentine’s Day will have that special meaning to me.”

“Garrett, don’t take this the wrong way but you’re a cute guy…” I said.

“Ah thanks, Matt.  As I told you, I’m really shy around girls.  I’d hope my shyness would leave me once I got here but it may be even harder here since I don’t know any of the girls.”

“Garrett, one day you’ll find that someone,” Corey said. “I got very lucky with Matt here.”

“No doubt,” he said.

“So really Garrett, have you enjoyed living here on this floor with all of us?” I asked.

“I can’t tell you how great it has been for me and Bryson.  We’re like family almost.  There’s always so crazy shit going on here.”

Corey laughed, “Yeah, there is some shit going on here for sure but it is fun most of the time.”

“Last semester, Bryson and I couldn’t wait to leave almost every weekend.  The weekends we did stay were because of the football games.  We had other friends from our high school come here but once we got here we never saw or heard from them.  Honestly, if this semester went like the last one, I was transferring and so was Bryson…”

“Now are you?” I asked.

“Hell no, Matt.  We love it now.”

“You’re not alone, Garrett.  We all love it,” Corey stated.

“Matt, remember when we first meet, I asked you if you didn’t go crazy…”

“I remember,” I said.

“I see why you didn’t.  Everyone is so cool here.  I think Bryson loves it more than I do.  In high school, he was only popular because he played sports.  He really kept to himself a lot.  Now, he’s come out and is right in the middle of everything.  He talks like he was a party boy but neither of us really were.  We went to parties but not all the time like he wants people to think…”

“Garrett, Kris was popular in high school since he was so outgoing but he’s stepped it up a notch here.  I think we all came here and got a fresh start you might say.  Kris and I had a deal at the start of the year.  If I would get out, then he’d study.  I came here thinking I’d be alone and enjoy it.”

“I was a big time loner in high school,” Corey stated. “Part of it was because I was out and didn’t want put up with all the shit.  Instead, I worked out…”

“That really paid big dividends for you, Corey,” Garrett stated.

“Yeah, I snagged a great boyfriend because of it,” Corey laughed.

“You know it has been a real eye opener being around you two,” Garrett said.  “You’ve proven you can be gay yet be a part of a crowd without being so out there.  My perception of a gay couple was two freaks but now I see it just as two guys who are just like a straight couple.  You really have changed Bryson’s mind completely.  At first, he didn’t want to like you Matt but now he does like you.  He keeps saying how weird that it is how he’s friends with two gay guys and thinks nothing about it at all.”

“Thanks for sharing that with us, Garrett,” Corey said. “We owe it to Kris.”

“Well… you owe it to yourselves too in showing there’s nothing wrong with being gay,” Garrett stated. 

After we talked a little more, Garrett jumped on Kris’s bed to watch TV with us.  He stayed another hour or so until Kris came in the door.  Kris talked with him for a while before he left the room.

“How was your date?” I asked Kris with the three of us there.

“Alright I guess other than the fact I have the blue balls,” Kris laughed. “She knows how I am and teased me all night. I’m so horny right now I’d let either one of you fuck me.”

“Seriously, Kris?” Corey asked with his eyebrow raised.

“Let me retract a little… how about suck me?”

I looked at Corey.  Corey smiled at me.  “Kris, are you sober?” Corey asked.

“Yes but I am just so fucking horny,” Kris replied.

Corey whispered in my ear.  I nodded in agreement.  “Kris, we’ll suck you after you blow one of us first,” Corey said.

“Damn dudes, for real?” Kris asked with his hands going down his jeans.  “Only if someone sucks me.”

“Corey, I love you.  You let Kris suck you while suck him,” I said.  Corey kissed me with Kris getting naked.  Corey was quickly naked.  I ran to grab my camera and snapped a picture of my two favorite guys in the world posing naked and looking so fucking hot. 

“That picture better stay private, Matt,” Kris said.

“It will,” I said.  “I have a better idea.  Why don’t I suck your cocks together, then you can suck mine?”

“Sounds hot, Matt,” Corey said with his hand grabbing Kris’s cock. 

I got on my knees.  I first started sucking Corey’s cock and moved to suck Kris’s cock. 

“Goddamn, this is gay as fuck but I love it,” Kris said. “Matt, suck our hard cocks.”  Corey pulled Kris for a kiss while I serviced their cocks.  My mouth was full of cock when I crammed both heads in my mouth.  It was crazy but we loved it.

Kris pulled me up for a tongue filled kissed before Corey joined us.  I lost my clothes while Kris went down on Corey.  Corey kissed me passionately while Kris sucked him. 

“Un fucking real,” Corey stated.

“Hot as fuck if you ask me,” I said and was out of my head.

I dropped to my knees to help Kris suck Corey.  From experience, soon I sensed Corey was about to blow.  I turned Corey my way and felt his warm juices hit my face with Kris pounding his cock.

“Matt, want another load?” Kris asked almost breathless after watching Corey soak me down.

“Fuck yeah, give it to him, Kris,” Corey said.

With Kris’s primal scream, another warm load of fresh hot college boy cum flood my face, lips and tongue.  “Goddamn!” was all Kris could say seeing my face dripping with cum. 

I was stroking my eight inches with Corey wiping off my face.  I felt a mouth take over and saw Kris between my legs.  I pushed Kris away with Corey moving to take my load.  My cum plastered his body and looked incredible dripping over his defined chest and abs.  Corey found my lips and kissed me.  Kris was watching us go at hot and heavy.  Corey motioned him over to join us.  Kris joined us and was one great kisser. 

“So much for being totally straight, Kris,” Corey stated.

“Oh well… sex is sex,” Kris said. “Fuck you two are incredibly hot.  I guess I’m bi.”

“Thanks Matt for letting us do it,” Corey said.

“Hey, we both wanted another go at it,” I said.

“It makes three of us,” Kris said.  “You two have fun this weekend and don’t wear each other out.”

“We will,” I said with Corey and me getting in bed. I turned to Corey, “I love you so much.”

“I love you too, Matt,” Corey said.  We kissed with Kris rolling over on his side.

Saturday, Kris was up before I was.  I got out of bed and started singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to him.  Kris laughed and said it had slipped his mind it was his nineteenth birthday.  I reached in the closet and handed him my gift.  He really liked the shirt I had got him.  He tried it on and liked how it fit his body.  He was excited about it and thanked me with a big hug.

“Matt, I’m sorry about last night,” Kris said.


“I don’t know.  I was horny as fuck and took advantage of you and Corey,” Kris said.

“No you didn’t.  Neither one of us minded it a bit.”

“Matt, just something if we ever go too far or getting in this too deep.  I don’t want me to come between you two.  You have a special guy there.  The last thing I ever wanna do is break you apart.”

Kris left the room and said he was going out for a while.  The rest of the day, I waited.  I tried my hardest to study for the upcoming week and was glad I had nothing due for Monday other than some Math homework.  I packed a few things for the two nights and watched the clock with Kris coming in and out of the room.  He had something planned for the night with Liz if the others didn’t talk him into something else.

Right after two, Corey sent me a text he was off early and going to pack.  When the door opened, he had his bags over each shoulder.  I gathered mine and headed out with him.  We didn’t have to tell each other how excited we were since we were almost giddy. 

We found the nice motel near the interstate and out a little ways from the city.  It appeared to be new from the outside.  Corey parked and headed inside to get our key to the room.  He was all smiles when he returned with the cards for our room in his hand. 

“We’re on the top floor.  I think Kaz set us up,” Corey stated.  “We can leave the car here and take our things up.”

We unloaded his car and headed through the nice smelling lobby.  We took the elevator to the fourth floor and got out.  The sign exiting the elevator pointed the way to our room.  Now, my nostrils filled with the smell of new carpet while we walked down the hall.  Our room was at the end of the hall and tucked away into the back corner.   Corey opened the door.  It was very nice with a king size bed along with a quaint little living area.  Over in the corner was a bottle of Champagne along with a heart shaped note, which read ‘Have a great weekend.’

“Fucking sweet!” Corey screamed. “Kaz came through for me.”

“I don’t know Kaz but he sure did.  Corey, this is really nice.”

“Yeah, it really is.”  He grabbed me and pulled me to the bed.  “Matt, this is going to be a very special Valentine’s Day.  I can really feel it.  Just me and you in here for two nights showing our love to each other whenever and however we feel.  Matt, I can feel it!”

We made out like this was our first time to see each other in months.  It was hard to match Corey’s passion but I gave it everything I had.  Our shirts were flung across the room with the room temperature rising.  Corey stopped and threw his jeans and boxers across the room.  His thick cock was raging hard.  He pulled off my jeans and boxers to be naked with him.  We kissed more with our hands all over each other’s naked bodies. 

“Matt, before the main event, I would like to shower to be as fresh as possible for us.”

“I could go for that.”

He led me into the bathroom.  It too was very nice and looked sparking clean with an oversized tub.  “Matt, you think both of us could fit in there?”

I looked at the tub.  “Well… I think so.  It may be a tight squeeze but I think it was intended for two people.”

We filled the tub and got in.  I sat between Corey’s muscular legs.  He pulled my head around and filled my mouth with his tongue while we soaked in the warm waters.

“Matt, what did Kris have to say this morning?”

“Nothing other than he was sorry and never wants to come between us.”

“God it was so fucking hot.  I think Kris loved it.”

“I know he did and is caving in a little and embracing the fact having sex with guys can be fun.”

“Matt, have you and Kris ever fucked around behind my back?”

“No Corey, never.  I know how it feels. Remember?”

“Yes, I do but… I don’t guess I can stop you.”

I turned and kissed him.  “I love you too much, Corey, to do that to you.”

Corey changed the subject with us soaking in the nice tub. “This is just so fucking tight.  Kaz said it was sweet but I never dreamed this place would be this nice.  Do you like it?”

I turned. “Don’t be stupid.  I love it.  It’s the nicest hotel room I’ve ever been in.”

He laughed. “That makes two of us then.  You know this ain’t the fanciest hotel around though.”

“It will more than meet our needs.”

“A tent would meet my needs as long as you were there with me, Matt.”

We soaped each other up in the cramped tub before getting out.  After drying each other off, we walked back into the bedroom area. 

“Matt, could you do me a big favor and stayed naked once we are in the confines of this room?  I wanna be able to… you know… see my lover in all his glory.”

“If you’ll do the same for me, Corey,” I replied to his request. “It’ll be a bigger thrill for me to see your hot body naked for two days.”

Corey laughed. “Damn, we are so fucking gay.”

“Yes we are very fucking gay but it is who we are.”

We crawled on the big bed to kiss.  Our kissing didn’t last long with us aching to please the other orally.  We moved around to 69 and enjoy the pleasure it offered.  Quickly, I could taste his precum from his rock hard cock and slacked off a little.  He continued to take my eight inches in his mouth and worship it. 

Corey stopped and met me in the middle for a long kiss.  “Matt, I hope you brought a new box of condoms for this weekend.”

My heart was pounding. “Corey, all I brought was lube.”

He pulled away.  “Matt?”

“Corey, it is part of your gift.”

His lips hit mine and had me pushed down to the bed.  He stopped, “You’re not kidding with me, are you?”

“Corey, I trust you and am ready as well.”

“OOO God, I can’t wait to feel your raw fucking monster in me!”  He moved to the center of the bed and got on his knees.  I found the bottle of lube and tossed on the bed.  I lightly slapped his muscular ass and eyed his pink puckered hole.  With my tongue extended, my head buried in his ass.  As my tongue explored, my nostrils were filled with his soapy clean smell.  He began moaning and panting.  He turned his head, “Just fuck me, Matt.  I’m so ready!”

The sound of the bottle opening was next.  It was applied generously to my hard cock along with inserting a slippery finger or two inside him.  I found his mouth and mounted him.  With my hand, my cock poked at his hole.  He pushed out and allowed me to enter him. 

“OOOO fuck!” he screamed.

“You’re pretty damn tight, Corey!” I said and lowered my head to kiss his spine.  My movements were slow with Corey groaning.  “You okay?”

“For some reason, it hurts like a bitch right now! I’ll adjust though!”

My movements were small while he adjusted to me in him.  My cock felt so good deep inside and could tell a small difference in this experience.  He started moaning but in a way I knew he was being pleasured.  I leaned forward and wrapped my hands around his chest.  “I love you so much.”

“I… love you too, Matt!  This is fucking hot as hell!”

I kissed all over his back, shoulders and neck while steadily making love to him.  “Do you like my raw cock in you?”

“Fuck yeah, Matt.  Feels so fucking hot!  Do you like fucking my ass raw?”

“God, I love it.”

“Let’s flip over so I can see your cute face while you fuck my hole,” Corey stated.

We did as he requested and changed to missionary.  His legs were high in the air and resting on my shoulders.  I lubed a little more and went back inside him.  He let out a sigh feeling me going deep.  I pressed his legs forward and found his mouth.  We kissed with Corey grabbing my ass and pulling me deeper.  I leaned up and knew his cock was hard as a rock like never before when we fucked.  My hand wrapped around his thick cut cock while I pushed in and out.  We were moaning with each thrust.  It wasn’t long before he erupted and shot his load up to his chest.  His ass tightened and sent me over the edge.  My load was pumped deep into him while I found his mouth.

“Goddamn, I could feel you blasting in me.  Stay in me, Matt.  It feels so good.”

“Corey, I didn’t mean to breed you but when you came…”

His hand covered my mouth.  “I wanted your load in me, Matt.  It feels so good swimming inside me.”

We kissed forever with me deflating inside him.  My slimy cock slipped out.  Corey reached down to feel my load dripping out of him and took a sample.  His face told me it wasn’t the greatest mixture ever.  We lay together in a haze and fog.  We kept looking at each other and laughing mixed with stealing kisses.  Corey expelled my load unto a towel we had put below us like we normally do when we have sex.

“Matt, I’m hungry now that my hunger for sex has been completely satisfied.”

“I agree but there’s nothing much around here.”

“We’ll find something.”

We dressed and did find something fairly close.  It was a truck stop in the area.  The food wasn’t all that bad and had some really good comfort food like chicken fried steak and meatloaf.  Slowly we were discovering the little eating places that served good food away from the stale and boring college fare. 

Back at the room, Corey stripped down as soon as he shut the door.  I smiled and joined him like I said I would. 

“Before round two, would you like a golden shower?” Corey asked.

“Not hardly.  To me that’s nasty.”

“I was just kidding.  It’s nasty to me as well,” he said and ventured off.  I checked out to see what was on TV but did so with my legs spread wide open.  He returned and jumped on me.  “I see the buffet is still open for my dining pleasure.”

“I’ll be happy to serve you,” I laughed as we were being silly.

“Sir, I’ll take some sausage with that special cream filling that I’ve grown to love.”

“Sir, you can have it but don’t dare think of taking a slice or bite of it.”

Corey smiled and dropped his head to start licking my cock.  I lay back with my eyes closed to enjoy his work.  Opening my eyes, I could see my cock in his mouth.  He continued to lick and suck me until I pulled him up for a kiss.  He moved up to where I could blow him.  He was running his hands through my hair while his cock was lodged deep in my mouth.  We stopped and kissed again.

“Matt, can I fuck you?”

“Yes, I want you to fuck me, Corey.  I want feel you in me just like you felt me inside of you.”  I threw up my legs and spread my ass.  Corey threw a pillow and towel under me before starting to rim my ass.  His soft kisses followed by his wet darting tongue were driving me insanely crazy.  “OOO Corey.”

“So tasty and hot!” He continued to feast on my hole.  By now, I was primed and ready to feel him in me.  He stopped, kissed me and lubed us up. 

Watching and feeling his raw thick 6 and half inches enter my ass was complete ecstasy.  I could feel his heat as he pushed deeper into me.  He leaned forward and found my waiting mouth.  My hands moved up and down his sides while taking his slow deep thrusts.  It was so easy to get lost in the moment with my dear boyfriend fucking me so beautifully. 

OOO Matt!”

OOO Corey!  Fuck me!   Fuck me harder!”

He increased the tempo.  Our skin was slapping together with our breathing increased.  I was groaning with each plunge and watching his muscular frame moving above me.  Our eyes locked together as we mouthed ‘I love you’ together.  He pulled me up but did leave me.  I felt empty and wanted him back inside.  We sat facing each other with Corey holding me up as I moved on his hard cock.  I reached down to stroke my cock as he was bumping against my prostrate.  With the breathing increasing, we were headed for a great climax. 

Corey pushed deep in me.  “Fuck!” he screamed and started pulsating inside me.  That feeling sent me blasting my load between us.  My climax shot on his stomach.  Now, his seed starting dripping out of my ass.  He pushed me back to my back and covered my mouth. 

“Fucking incredible,” I stated.

“Hell yeah, if that wasn’t true love right there, I don’t know what is.”

He slipped out me.  I pushed his load out of me with Corey eyeing every second.  The end wasn’t as glamorous as it seemed and was rather nasty.

“Corey, I did love us barebacking but damn is it nasty.”

“Matt, it is.  Maybe we can still bareback but pull out.”

“I think we both wanted the experience…”

“I did!”

“Deep down, I did too to see what the rage was about.  To me, it was just as hot with a condom.”

“Matt, with or without one, every time we fuck is hot to me.  Just like in our rooms, it will be the top’s choice.  Agreed?”

“I do.  If we do bareback, we’ll need to get tested very regularly.”

“We do either way.  We need to be responsible in our sex life.  How hard would it suck if we were to infect each other?”

“The worst!”

We headed to shower quickly before returning to open the champagne.  It offered the perfect opportunity to exchange gifts.  I handed him the bag and watched him open the nice necklace I had bought him.  He handed me his bag.  Inside was a cute little teddy bear holding a heart.

“I know it’s cheesy…”

“Maybe but I still love it.”

I threw the silver necklace around his neck.  We toasted each other before taking a drink.  It wasn’t the best thing I’d ever tasted with Corey agreeing.  We sat holding each other and forcing down the first glass. 

My phone started ringing a few minutes later.  I looked to see it was Kris calling me.  I answered it to hear Colt’s voice with lots of noise in the background.

Colt:  “Matt, Kris needs you again.”

My eyes rolled:  “What is it this time?”

“He’s just got booked for DUI.”

The funny thing was I could hear Kris’s voice in the background.  “Oh is he?  Hope he sobers up and can make it back.”

The next voice I heard was Kris:  “Having fun?”

“Yes, we are until you called.”

“Don’t wear Corey’s ass out, Matt.  I was calling to fuck with you.”

“I haven’t yet but it is still early.  Bye Kris!”

I hung up with Corey snickering.  “They couldn’t leave us alone, could they?”

“No, they couldn’t.”

“Hey, at least, they are thinking of us.  That should mean something.”

“I guess it does.”

Corey poured us another glass.  We sat in the bed and watched television together.  We drank the next glass slowly while watching TV.  We turned off the TV to talk and kiss.  Our kissing led to a very long round of hot passionate sex between us.  It was slow and methodical but so satisfying.  It did feel as though we were one.  Going to sleep that night, we knew we were crazy in love with each other. 

The next day was officially Valentine’s Day.  It started with a nice breakfast back at the truck stop.  About three that afternoon, we came to the realization that we did love each other so much but couldn’t live apart from all of our friends.  If we were to move out, we agreed that our friends needed to be close by.  We saw we weren’t quite ready to go it all alone despite our love for each other.  It did seem to change Corey’s thinking about the summer if it were just me and him here.  We knew we could manage it but we would miss everyone that made our lives so fun and exciting.


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