Posted:   March 15, 2011

Corey and I were about the last ones to arrive down the hall to watch the Super Bowl.  It didn’t matter to me if I couldn’t see the TV.  The nice surprise was seeing how many girls had shown up to be with the various guys.  There was Kris, Colt, Bryson, Scott, Alex, Justin’s (Alex’s roommate) and even Kendall sporting a girl on their side.  Liz seemed a little nervous being her first time back with all of us around but she knew us well and what to expect.  We were all enjoying the sodas, chips and treats Kris and I had brought back.  I grabbed a few things and took a seat in the floor next to Corey.  Juan came and sat down right next to me.

“Matt, how’s going?” Juan asked and put his hand on my pant’s leg.

“Not too bad.  We miss having you around,” I replied.

“It’s sucks being a working guy, right Juan?” Corey said across me.

“It does but there’s not much I can do about it unless I wanna be broke all the time.”

“So how are things back home?” I asked.

“Alright… I guess.  I think it’s totally different now that Grandma is gone.  Boy, do I ever miss her.  She used to call at least once a week to check up on me.  I swear we’d talk for at least thirty minutes every time she called.” Juan’s voice faded at the end.

“Do you like your job?” Corey asked Juan.

“I do.  It’s not easy but it pays okay.  It’s really tough juggling my studies and work.”

“I know what you mean and you aren’t dating someone either,” Corey stated.

“Hey, has anyone seen our asshole RA?” Colt asked the group.

“No but dude, we had it coming,” Jess stated. “He’s probably tired of all of us.”

“Any word… on Lee?” Kris asked, stuffing his face.

“Nope, we were in some much shit last night we couldn’t ask,” Corey said and laughed.

We continued to eat and drink with game time nearing.  There was a buzz going with so many of us there and trying to talk.  A sudden hush came when we saw Rick standing in the doorway.  His face told he wasn’t in the mood for any games.

“Rick, aren’t you going to at least join us?” Jess asked.

“I don’t think so this time, Jess.  All I’ll say is there better not be any liquor in here.  I’m fed up with all of you!”

Colt stood, “Dude, I for one apologize to you.  I’m sorry about last night.”

“Me too Rick.  You did what you had to do,” Corey said from the floor.

“Same here bro.  We fucked up and had it coming,” Jess stated.

“Yeah Rick, I don’t think any of us are mad at you.  From what I heard, they got out of hand and you took action,” Kris stated.

“Well… I guess I could stay.  I just figured everyone was pissed at me now,” Rick said. “Alright, someone get up and let me grab a seat here.”

Garrett jumped right up, “Here you go, Rick.  We all need to stay on your good side.”

“Hell yeah, we do if it does involve a little ass kissing,” Colt said.

“So who’s going to win here tonight?  I think it’s gonna be a shootout,” Rick said and took his seat after grabbing some chips and a cookie.

“Let’s see.  Colt, Jess and I have five on the Colts…” Kris stated.

“I wonder why Colt is picking them,” Scott joked.

“Hey I have to go with my name sake.  Manning is a fucking bad ass,” Colt stated.

“Scott, Bryson and Alex have the Saints,” Kris continued.

“Anyone wanna take the Saints? I’ll bet with ya,” Rick stated.

“I’ll take the Saints straight up, dude,” Kendall stated.

“You got a bet there,” Rick said.

“See we aren’t pissed,” Kris stated.  “So, what’s up with Lee?”

“I’m trying but like I told you it takes time to get things done.  Maybe next week, it’ll be settled one way or the other,” Rick said.

“Rick, if it’ll help, I’d move up here in a heartbeat.  My roommate won’t care one way or the other since he’s never there if they’ll move down to the first floor,” Brennan stated.  It created a buzz among us.

“Dammit Brennan, how come you haven’t said that before now?” Kris asked.

“No one ever asked me.  It might take a day to clean all my crap up though.”

“I’ll get with Lance, your RA, and see what we can work out.  I’m like Kris and wish you’d said something.  It has been a thorn in my ass for the past week.  I hold my breath every day and hope nothing happens.”

“Sorry dude.” Brennan threw up his hands.

It seemed as though we had another one about to be added to our floor.  We were happy since Brennan was a pretty good guy.  With his addition, there weren’t many rooms left that we weren’t friends with now.  Once the game started, we were quiet until something happened.  I just watched and didn’t have a rooting interest in the game other than I sort of wanted the team from New Orleans to win after their tragedy from the awful hurricane. 

Halftime gave us a break to grab what was left of our treats. 

I found Kendall coming back, “When are you getting your ride back?”

“I was supposed to have it Friday but some part didn’t get there in time.  Hopefully, I’ll have it Monday,” Kendall said.

“Man, that sucks it takes that long to get a broken window repaired.”

“Tell me about it, Matt.  I figured three days max.”

I returned with Corey and Juan talking and sat next to Corey.  The halftime group for entertainment was of no interest to any of us and left us all wondering why they chose them.  Once the game resumed, it did get interesting.  Even though my knowledge of both NFL teams was none, it was easy to get into the game and the excitement surrounding it.  With each commercial break, we critiqued them and laughed at the better ones.  The game was a thriller until the end with New Orleans coming out on top.  Those who had bet the Saints were excited while those with the Colts were bummed. 

With the others breaking up and going about, Corey and I headed to his room to allow Kris and Liz the opportunity to be alone if needed.  In Corey’s room, it was my night not to stay long for I wanted to study just a little more and remain ahead with a few test looming over the next week.

Entering my room before eleven, Kris wasn’t alone with Liz with Colt and his date joining them.  I said hi and took my place at my desk.  They didn’t get disturb me and left after ten minutes or so.  For a change, Kris was a real gentleman and walked Liz back to her dorm.   He returned and sat down to crack open a book.

“Matt, in case you’ve forgotten, you haven’t been on me about my studying this semester,” Kris stated.

“Is it necessary?”

“Ummm… I think you need to drop a few hints.  My parents were impressed with last semester with my grade point.  They said they were glad you made me hit the books and feared the worst.”

“Alright then, shut up and study.”

Kris laughed and started studying.  Even though I was about finished, I remained at my desk and cruised the internet along with checking email.  I looked over Facebook to see what was happening with our friends elsewhere but it was the same old stuff.  Kris slammed down his laptop and undressed.  I did the same and jumped into bed. 

“Matt, it sucks the snow prediction was a huge false alarm this week,” Kris stated.

“I had forgotten all about that but the winter is not over yet.”

“I know but I’m ready for the spring to get here.”

“Okay, now what’s up with Liz?  Are you two back together or what?”

Kris smiled, “Matt, we’re going to take it slow and easy to see what happens.  She said she did miss everyone here though.”

“That’s nice but did she miss you?”

“I guess she does.  I would like us to get back together if nothing else to have a girlfriend again…”

“And…” I joked.

“Yeah, sex too would be great.  Just what little she said about her date last weekend I believe the guy pressured her to get naked.  I think it scared her a little bit.”

“Did you mention your date?”

“I said I did have a date and just stated she wasn’t what I was looking for.  Weird as hell that I wasn’t looking for a total whore,” Kris joked.

“I’ll be damned but I think you’re beginning to get a few things…”

“Yeah, sex is nice but fucking awesome when it means something,” Kris laughed.

I laughed, “Exactly.”

We discussed the game a little bit with Kris shocked at how much I enjoyed it.  Our last conversation bit was about Lee before I turned out the light and called it a night.

Monday the professor kicked everything into high gear, especially my biology teacher.  By the end of the day, my head was spinning with all after a long day. 

I headed back to the dorm with Scott and Michael.  “Scott, are things done with Hayden?” I asked.

“Maybe.  Strange but he seems to like his girl,” Scott replied.

“I’m so out of the loop now.  I thought you and Hayden were dating again plus I thought the dude was gay,” Michael stated.

Together Scott and I filled in Michael.  We did ask how his love was going.  He replied it was going well but no action.   Scott and I headed to my room while Michael headed to his.  Kris was on his bed and on the phone.  He finished and sat down his phone.

“Liz said she’ll be there tonight to watch us,” Kris stated.

“Kris, I was shocked to see her there last night.  So you and her are back together like normal?” Scott asked.

“We’re taking it easy for now,” Kris replied.

“Dude, I don’t have to tell you but make up sex is the fucking shit!” Scott stated. “Ain’t it, Matt?”

I nodded in agreement.  “We’ll see,” Kris said.

“The room is yours Saturday night,” I said with Valentine’s this weekend.

“I’ll definitely see then.  So you and Corey are still getting that room?”

“Definitely.  Corey’s going see about getting for Sunday night as well…”

“Damn, Corey won’t be able to walk next week,” Scott laughed.

“That’s my plan,” I said with a big smile.

“Scott, who is going to be your Valentine?”

“Well… I’m going to try for both,” Scott smiled.  “Live the true bi life and see how that flies.”

“Good luck with that shit,” Kris stated.

That night with a seven o’clock game, I headed over to the Rec Center to take in the game.  Kris was dressed and ready to play but said only if he was needed.  Right before game time, Liz entered the gym and sat across the way with the girl Colt was seeing while I took my spot at the end.  We forewent the clipboard even though I said I’d give it a try. 

The game started slowly and never got better.  For some odd reason, our guys never could get things going.  When the final buzzer ended, we had taken it on the chin by five points.   No one had to say a word with the guys none too happy about the outcome.  Back at the dorm, they continued to moan and groan about the night’s performance.  

Wednesday, Scott, Kris, Jess and I started early to study for the next day’s history exam.  The four of us buckled down and studied over all the notes I had taken.  Kris and I were able to give a little insight on what to expect since we had the same professor the semester before.  We knew it was a test mostly over lecture with a few questions taken from our text books.  My organization paid off big time and had everything in nice order so we could study that.  Then we went over a few things in our books.  We broke to eat and returned to finish up our studying.  By then, the four of us had had about enough of American history.  Just as we were finishing, Scott missed a call and said he could return it later.  During our study time, we stayed off our phones and did great in just studying.  We did bullshit a little for a break. 

Jess left first while Scott stepped out the door to return his missed call he said was from his parents.  Kris and I relaxed on our bed with me watching TV. 

Scott returned to our room with his head down.  He walked over to me and grabbed me.  He started crying on my shoulder without saying a word.  Kris quickly hit the mute button on the TV and came over. 

“Scott, I know something is wrong…” Kris said with his arm wrapped around Scott.

Scott lifted his head.  I wiped his tears.  “That was… my dad.  They think my mom could have breast can…” Scott was holding it back with his eyes returning full of tears.

“That sucks,” Kris stated. 

“Matt… fuck... how can make it through our history test tomorrow then a biology test on Friday?”

I took a deep breath.  “Scott, I can’t imagine how worried you are.  I’m worried and have never met her.  Somehow someway we’ll make it.  It’s going to be hard but you need to get through them the best you can.”

Kris and I were hugging Scott and comforting him.  “I know one thing is for sure.  I have the best friends ever,” Scott stated.

“We’re all here for each other, Scott.  That’s one of the advantages of us being as close as we are.  One of us hurts like Juan did then all of us hurts.  Dude, you’ll make it.  The Scott I know will make it.  There’ll be so really tough days ahead but we’ll be here for you.”

Scott smiled at Kris and kissed him on the cheek.  “Thanks.”  He turned and kissed me on the cheek. “Thanks.”

“Scott, what’s the plan for her?” I asked.

“Surgery on Friday then they’ll decide what to do from there.  Dad is hopeful they caught it in time.  Trevor is beside himself right now.  My sister knows what’s going on but just knows Mom isn’t well.”

Shortly thereafter, Corey walked in the door.  Scott gave him the lowdown on the current situation.  Corey embraced Scott and wished his family the best.  Soon, Alex, Colt and Jess were back in our room.  We did everything possible to get Scott’s mind off his Mom for a while.  About one, everyone left the room.  I couldn’t just go to sleep and quietly gave a final review before calling it a night. 

Thursday, my first class was with Hayden.  I filled him in on Scott’s mom and told him we had endured a long night.  After class, he and I walked to our history class together.  He wanted to show his support for Scott.  The two still talked and saw each other some but weren’t going that strong at the moment.  The moment Scott saw Hayden, he burst into tears.  They embraced while other students looked and wondered what was going on.  Scott gathered himself before he, Kris, Jess and I entered the class to take our test.

After I finished the test, I waited on Scott to exit the class and walk back with him to the dorm.  By now, the wind was blowing hard with the temperature dropping by the hour. 

“How’d you do?” I asked.

“Well… I made it.  Matt, I guess I did alright.  I don’t even wanna ask how you did.”

“That’s okay.  Are you making it alright?”

“I didn’t sleep a fucking minute last night.  Juan was so great as was everyone last night.  It was really nice of Hayden to go out of his way to see me.”

“He wanted to so he followed me.”

“I knew you were dragging him…”

“No, it was all his idea.”

“It was sweet of him.  I know everyone knows in history I’m a total fag but fuck em.  I don’t give a shit!”

“Kris filled a few of them to let them know for ya.  They understood, Scott.”

“Matt, I really shouldn’t care what they think since my real friends here know me,” Scott stated. “After I grab a nap, I holler so we can study for our biology test together.  I hope I’m up to the task.  Why does this happen when I have two fucking test?”

“No time would have been a good time, Scott.”

Entering our dorm, Scott was off to his room.  He did appear very tired but for good reason.  Kris, Alex, Jess and Bryson were in my room planning for tonight’s game against the first team they had played.  They knew it wouldn’t be easy to beat them again.  After they finished, we talked about Scott for a few minutes before they exited the room.   During my free time, I called Mom first before opening my books.  Scott texted me the minute he woke and was ready to study. 

I came down to find him in his boxers and ready to go.  Before we started, we talked about the game a minute before diving into our studies.  A few minutes in I called Michael to see if he cared to join us.  He was away and would join us after the game.  It was hard keeping Scott focused on our task at hand with his phone going off right and left.  Most were well wisher and to see about the game as well.  He finally shut it off so we could finish our studying.

With the game late, we studied until Scott and I needed to take a break and clear our cluttered brains.  Scott is really very book smart and really grasped the biology as well as I did. 

At eight or so, I headed off to the Rec Center for the game.  Corey was waiting on me when I entered as well as Hayden. 

“Dude, is it me or is Kris seem nervous to y’all?” Hayden asked.

“Yeah, he’s pacing around…” Corey commented.

“I know he really wants to win.  If they win tonight, they have a good shot at making the little playoff deal at the end,” I said.

The game started out differently than before.  Scott hit two shots right out of the gate.  It was great to see him doing well to start.  By the end of the first quarter, we were winning by six.   Kris continued to pace up and down like a regular coach.  At half, we were still winning by six. 

To start the next half, the other team caught up to us with Kris calling a quick time out.  Hayden leaned over to us and commented how smart it was where I thought he wanted the guys to rest.  Whatever the reason, it worked with the guys regaining the lead and leading by eight to start the final quarter.  When the game ended, we were ahead by four.  Our guys did show a little emotion at the end but were good sports. 

We exited the gym into the lobby.  I looked over and saw Kris with his arm around Liz.  During the game, I didn’t even notice she was around and was focused on the game. 

“Matt, come down right when we get back.  We still have a few things to go over,” Scott said with sweat running down his face and shirtless body.

Corey walked with me outside.  “Corey, I’m sorry but this may be all I see you tonight.”

“Matt, don’t apologize.  You’ll be studying plus I have a few things I need to study as well.  We have all weekend to be together.”

“Yes we do.  After this week, I’ll be so ready for it.”

Once back, I headed down to Scott’s room and was joined by Michael with Juan working.  He did come in about eleven so we moved to the big room with Juan very tired looking.  The three of us studied our things and finished about one. 

Friday, I made a point to walk with Corey to our class together.  We talked about our Valentine’s weekend with it set for us to stay Sunday night as well.  After class with Corey, I headed for my biology test.  As usual, there were knots in my stomach but there wasn’t anything else that I could have done.  Once the tests were passed out, Scott looked at me, smiled and gave me a wink.  The test didn’t bring any surprises but was tough with the professor making the multiple choice answers somewhat tricky. 

Scott finished before I did.  Once I handed in the paper, he was waiting on me as was Michael.  We discussed the test for a moment and were glad we spent the time in studying.  I grabbed Scott and gave him a huge hug.
He said he appreciated all I had done.  Michael and I wished him and his family well with the surgery that day.  


Hope you enjoyed this chapter even though it wasn't the most exciting chapter ever.  I realize how much some look forward to each one.   Bare with me if you can.

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