Posted:   March 11, 2011

“Matt, I think it could be serious by that look on Colt’s face,” Corey said with the door wide open and Colt gone. “No doubt it’s with Kris…”

“I wonder if Lee… oh shit!” I said and bolted out the door with that thought in mind.  I opened the bathroom door and heard laughter with the guys, some in towels and others naked and wet, gathered around.  I did glance down to see blood on the floor.  “What happen…” I was about to ask and saw Kris holding his head and looking weary.  Blood was all over his hand.

“Kris was trying to be funny and busted his ass and head for that matter,” Alex stated. “He hit his head hard on the tile floor.”

Corey and I moved closer.  Kris removed his hand.  I nearly lost my dinner seeing the nice gash and knot in his head. 

“Guys, it may not be a laughing matter,” Corey stated.

“It does hurt like a bitch,” Kris stated in a woozy state and grabbed his head again.

“Seriously dude, it was funny but you might wanna have someone look that cut on your head,” Garrett said.

“I’ll be alright,” Kris stated but not convencingly.  They turned off the water.  I guess they came to get me to help Kris dress or hold a towel on his head while he dressed.  Whatever the case, I was happy to help out.  I held a towel while he dried off with another towel Scott had retrieved.  The door came open with Rick coming in to see what the big fuss was about.  He came over and took a quick look.  He too thought Kris might need to have someone look at it since it was more than just a small cut. 

The blood did stop flowing for Kris to walk to the room.  As we were walking, he reached for the wall and almost collapsed.  Corey reached and grabbed him in the quickest move I’d seen from Corey.

“Concussion, I bet,” Colt stated. “Dude, I’m taking your ass to the emergency room.  Get in there and get dressed.  That was scary.”

Kris went to the room with Corey and Colt’s aide and didn’t argue.  By the time, he got there he commented he was light headed and didn’t feel so hot.  I did my best to dress him before we left.  Thinking a little, I did grab his phone and called his parents to inform them what was going on.  Mostly I told them he hit his head and might have a concussion at worst with a big gash.  They told me to call if they were needed and would be on stand-by if things got worse. 

Thankfully, the emergency room wasn’t crowded.  We were barely seated before Kris headed to the bathroom to throw up.  Colt went with him while Corey and I had his parents on the phone for insurance information and updates.  When they did call Kris’s name about twenty minutes later, the hard part came, waiting.  They wanted to take him back first before allowing us to join him since we weren’t family per se. 

Colt, Corey and I were on the phone the entire time talking back and forth to the guys back in the dorm.  About an hour or so later, we were called back to where they had Kris.  The doctor was very nice and explained that Kris had a minor concussion along with 7 stitches in his head.  By now, Kris was about out of it after being given strong pain medications.  I did let the doctor speak to Kris’s mom and explain the situation.  After he finished, we listened carefully to the doctor’s instruction.  There wasn’t much other than keep an eye on him for the next day or so.  He did state Kris would suffer headaches but those should disappear after a few days. 

Before midnight, we left the emergency room with Kris knocked out.  The fun part for Colt and Corey was dragging him up the stairs.  They commented what a great workout it was by the time we had him in bed.  Kris probably didn’t know or care what was going on. 

That night, I didn’t get much sleep for waking up and making sure Kris was okay even though he was zonked out from the meds.  The injury wasn’t that bad yet I still worried for him.  I was up before the alarm and didn’t even try to wake him for classes here on Wednesday for he didn’t need to go to class or would feel like going either.

When my classes were over, I didn’t tarry and headed straight back to check on Kris.  I entered and saw him sitting up in his bed.  He had a glassy eyed look about him.

“Matt, where have you been?”

“Kris, I went to class and let you sleep.”

He looked around with his big blue eyes and rubbing his head, “What day is it?”

I walked over and sat on my bed. “Kris, it is Wednesday.  Do you even know what happened to you?”

“Sort of.  All I know my fucking head is beating like a drum right now.”

“So you don’t remember Colt, Corey and me taking you to the emergency room…”

The door opened with Colt, Jess and Alex entering the room.  “How’s it going, Kris?”

“I feel like shit.  Are there any pills over there, Alex?” Kris replied.

Colt grabbed the pills that were left.  We knew he had a prescription for more if needed.  The way it looked now they would probably be needed.  Kris downed the strong pills.  “So I take you’re not coming to the game tonight, Kris?” Colt asked.

“I’ll be there for sure.  I just have a headache is all right now.  I’ll be fine by the game.  What time is the game?”

“Eight thirty,” Jess replied.

“I’ll be there.”

“Colt, I don’t think he remembers us taking him to the emergency room,” I stated.

“You don’t?”

“No, are y’all fucking with me?  Did you really take me?” Kris asked.

“Well, you do have stitches in your head…” I stated

“Did that Lee blind side me or what?” Kris asked.

“No bro, you were in the shower, fucking around and hit your head pretty hard on that tile floor.  You should have seen the blood,” Alex stated.

Not long after that, Kris was back asleep.  To keep everyone from waking Kris, I posted a note on our door and told them to call.  I put my phone on vibrate and did have to answer call after call.  Jess, Scott and Juan did come in without knocking.  I went into the hall to talk with them and tell them how Kris was doing.  Now, I had to figure out a way to get him to the pharmacy to fill his prescription since I had a strong feeling I couldn’t do it without Kris being there since it was for strong pain medication.  With Kris out, it was a nice time to catch up on my studying which I did after neglecting the night before.

Kris woke again at seven.  I gave him my plan for us to run to get his prescription filled with enough time for us to catch the game later.  The plan worked to perfection with Kris sitting on the sidelines instead of coaching with Jess taking Kris’s spot as coach.   The game wasn’t that close and almost a repeat of the game the week before.  They did play hard to support Kris even though Kris couldn’t get into the game like he had the other games with a dazed look on his face. 

Once back at the dorm after the game, Kris said his head was starting to hurt again.  He downed a couple of pills once we were in the room.  If they worked like before, it would be no time before Kris was asleep.  The guys were great and didn’t bother him.  

Corey was there with me in my room.  It wasn’t long before Kris threw off his clothes and turned out the lights. 

“Maybe I should go,” Corey stated.

“Why?  Kris is long gone for the night.  We can quietly sit here and enjoy each other.”

Corey smiled, “I guess we can.  I can’t stay that long though.”

“Stay as long as you can.  Corey, we do need to talk for just a minute though.”

“Okay, what is it?”

“Corey… I really need to go home and see Mom.  I was thinking about this weekend.”

“Sounds okay with me unless you don’t trust me.”

“I trust you a hundred and fifty percent.  I wanted to make sure it was okay with you first or you didn’t have any plans for us this weekend.”

Corey kissed me. “You go and see your mom.  I know she really misses you.”

“Then next weekend…”

“Oh yeah, it’ll be one giant love fest for us.  I’m really looking forward to that, Matt.  Just you and me will be alone without having to worry about getting interrupted.”

I smiled and kissed him.  “I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to that.”

“Matt, have you given any thought to what you’re going to do this summer?”

“I’m trying first to get through this semester.  What’s on your mind?”

“Well… I’ve thought since we might get our own place for next semester maybe.. staying here all summer and hoped you’d consider staying here with me.”

“Corey, let’s first see how things work out here.  I do have to check and see if my scholarship covers me living off campus.”

“Oh well, it was just an idea…”

“You know I love you so much.  We’ll see what happens.”

We had a nice make out session with our hands all over each other.  Corey broke the long kiss and gave me a big smile.  He pushed down my pants and drove straight down to start giving me head.  I moaned softly feeling his wet tongue and then his warm mouth.  We moved around to 69.  Corey pushed his jeans down for me to go down on him.  We sucked each other with Kris snoring away in his bed.  Without warning, Corey blew a nice load in my mouth and down my throat.  He stayed on my cock until I returned the favor.   We felt satisfied and relieved while enjoying a long after-sex kiss.  Corey left me alone yet happy to have him as my dear lover. 

The next day, Thursday, it was a shock to see Kris come to our history class.  He said he was feeling better but there was a little pain in his head but nothing he couldn’t deal with.  He seemed to make it just fine in our class.

That day and night Kris was the butt of everyone’s jokes.  He took it like a champ and was pretty close back to being Kris.  I got the chance to call Mom to tell her the good news as far as she was concerned.  She said she’d be happy to see me and asked if Corey was coming.  I said he was working and couldn’t.

After everyone was gone, Kris and I got to bed.

“Matt, did I hear that you’re going home this weekend?”

“Yeah, I figure this weekend will be as good as any.”

“You’re right there.  Do ya care if tag along with ya?  Mom has called three times a day to check up on me.”

“Sure, you can and will be great company for me.”

“Matt, are you the least bit worried about Corey?  I think this is the first time you’ve went home and left him here since that day.”

“Kris, if he can’t control himself for one weekend, then he’s not in love with me like he says…”

“Or shows it either.”

“If he fucks up, then our relationship was a joke to him.  Instead of getting used one night, I’ve been getting used for months.  When I planned to go home, him cheating was the last thing on my mind.”

“I know you too well, Matt.  It was in the back of your mind.”

“Well just a little since it was a horror story.  I know he’ll be just fine since he’s close to everyone here and will be occupied.  My biggest fear is that he’ll drink more than he should.”

“Damn Matt, I don’t see why you’re so worried about that.  We’re in fucking college, dude.  It’s natural for college kids to drink.  You do it way more than I ever thought you would.”

“Kris, Corey’s family has a history of alcoholism.  He’s well aware that he could fall into the same trap.”

“He’s done okay here so far.”

“He has but he told me he drank a lot during the break.  That scared him a little I think.”

“How’s him and his mom getting along?”

“I know she doesn’t call much.  I think it is still not a subject they go into when she calls.  Corey says he doesn’t bring it up and tries to rarely mention my name not to stir up anything.”

Kris was quiet for a few moments.  He spoke up, “Matt, I’m going give it one last shot with Liz before forgetting all about her.  I’ve been talking to a few girls that I have in classes but I’m not about to ask them out…”

“Do you see Callie?”

“Of course she’s in one of my classes.  I think whore might describe her best now that I see how she is around other guys.”

“Kris, I think Liz does still have something for you.  Why else would she have shown up Tuesday night?”

“Maybe I am too hot to drop,” Kris laughed.

“You are and you know it.  Now you have the problem as you found out that you may attract girls you aren’t interested in.  I mean come on, Kris.  You are built and a very cute along with the most contagious personality of anyone here.  Liz would be a damn fool not to reconsider.”

“Matt, I know Liz is simply perfect for me in so many ways.  I don’t think she’s the hottest girl on campus, not by a long shot.  I think dating her made me realize that looks should be way down the list when seeking that someone.”

“Say she didn’t put out?”

“Then I wouldn’t have gone as long as I did,” Kris laughed. “Come on Matt, you’re one to fucking talk over there.  You’ve had sex with more different people than I have.”

“Kris, true confession here.  I haven’t told you this but I did get a blow job in the library one night when Corey and I were broke up.”

“That’s what I’m talking about, you horny bastard.  Don’t ever tell me I date someone just to get laid,” Kris stated.

“I guess you’re right there,” I said.  “I’m glad you’re feeling better.  So you really want go with me this weekend?”

“Sure as long as we make it back for the Super Bowl,” Kris said.

“What time does it start?”

“Five or so but I wanna be back around three at the latest.  You know a little pregame party.”

“I think I can do that.  Mom will understand.”

The drive home was quick with Kris sleeping most of the way.  Mom was thrilled to see and overdid her spoiling routine while she could.  We did enjoy some great time together.

Sunday after a very nice weekend with Mom, I pulled into Kris’s driveway.  He came out the door with all his things and threw them into the backseat of my car on this cool February day. 

“Dude, I guess you heard we picked the right weekend to come home,” Kris stated, barely inside the door.

“No, I don’t guess I heard.”

“I think Rick was on the rag this weekend.  He busted the guys for drinking in the dorm and made them pour out all their shit.”

“We knew it was coming sooner or later.”

“By the way Jess tells it, they had it coming too.  I think they got too drunk and got a little too loud.”

“Did he mention Corey’s name?”

“Matt, don’t get pissed but Corey was the drunkest by what Jess tells it.  He started drinking early with some shit this guy bought him.  However, Jess said Corey wasn’t alone.  I think Alex and that Brennan got a little out of control too.”

“One weekend and he can’t fucking control that aspect,” I said and was pissed at Corey.

“That’s probably why he didn’t call.”

“No doubt.”

“Matt, he may need more than you’ll ever know.  You may use to ward away the temptation of drinking.”

“I guess he does.”

“Don’t go preaching to him.”

“I won’t but I will say something about how disappointed I am with him.  Kris, he’s great when I don’t leave.”

“I suppose he feels unleashed and lets it go.  Matt, I wouldn’t worry too much since he doesn’t do it all the time.”

“Just when he knows I’m not there to watch over him and control him.  He needs to learn self control in that area, too.  Say we do break up, then what does he do?” I said driving. “You know this week he did mention to me about us spending the summer together.  Now, it looks like I may not have choice.”

“Matt, Corey’s a big boy and needs to learn on his own just like the rest of us…”

“He knows it can be a problem…”

“True but maybe he felt like this was his only time to let go and have fun.  Seriously, other than Wyatt, I don’t think anyone of us are problem drinkers or complete druggies.  I know Scott likes to get high but he doesn’t let it control his life.  When it controls your life, then you have a big ass problem on your hand.”

“You’re right, Kris.  We’re a bunch of mismatched college kids from different backgrounds that have come together to become great friends.  We all like to test the limits, me included.  Hell, this is everyone’s first time away from home, so we have fun and experiment.  I guess we picked the right weekend to come home after all.”

“By the way Jess put it, we did.  Rick can’t stop us from watching the game tonight and having a good time though.”

“True.  Mom came through with more cookies.”

Kris laughed, “I got a big bag as well.  So much for eating healthy.”

I laughed, “I know but it won’t kill us.”

With Kris along, the three hour drive flew by.  Even though we room together and are around each so much, we talked the entire time.  Kris was sure he’d give it one final shot with Liz.  The most fun thing to discuss was our spring break trip that was fast approaching. 

Our campus and dorm were welcome sights.  It seemed everything we left, something changed or happened.  We unpacked our things.  When I finished, I texted Corey to tell him I was back.  We had a few minutes to unwind before Kris had everything in motion for us to meet at the big room to watch the Super Bowl as a group.  Instead of two hours, they wanted just an hour before kickoff.

Kris was out getting sodas and chips when Corey came into the room.

“Matt, I royally fucked up…”

“I heard but it happens.”

He came over and grabbed me.  His hug was tight as ever.  His kisses were sweet.  “I was just having a little fun and before I knew it I was hammered.”

“It happens, Corey.  I heard Rick was a bitch.”

“We deserved it.  We got crazy and were running up and down the hall.”

“Corey, I don’t know what to say.  I could preach to you but we all drink around here…”

“I know but I know my situation.  I really need to learn a little self control, Matt.  I can do it if I put my mind to it.  Just like college work, I can do it if I put the effort into it.”

“Corey, I was a little disappointed.”

“You should be. Here I wanted to show you I would be perfectly okay without you here.  I fucked up and asked Trey to buy a little something for me.  I thought I’d drink just a little and save it for tonight.  Before I knew, it was gone.”

“Next weekend that shouldn’t be a problem.”

Corey smiled, “No it shouldn’t.  Are we saving up for that?”

“What do you mean by that?”

“You know waiting to not have sex and just go at it non stop Saturday night into Sunday. You know we didn’t have sex all week.”

“I know,” I smiled. “I missed it but things happen.  We still showed our love to each other without having sex.”

“I guess we did without the happy ending,” Corey laughed. “So, I take it Kris is back to normal.”

“He is.  I really enjoyed having him along for the trip home…”

“How was your Mom, by the way?”

“Great as ever.  She does want you to come with me one weekend.  I think she really likes you.”

“That’s great.  I’ll see what I can arrange one weekend.  I’m glad one mother can love their son and his boyfriend.  You know Mom can’t quite accept me but she says she’s trying then she’ll go on this tirade how I’m not gay and this is some phase.”

“I think my Dad thinks the same way.”

The door opened wide with Kris and Bryson coming inside.

“Matt, guess who is coming to watch the game with us?” Kris asked with the biggest smile ever on his face.

“I don’t have to even guess I know by that look on your face and tone of your voice,” I replied.

“Liz said if nothing else she enjoyed being around all of us,” Kris stated.

“My girl is showing up too,” Bryson said. “I think even Scott is bringing that hot girl as well.”

“This will be so different,” Corey stated.

“Corey, stand up and turn around,” Kris requested.

“Huh?” Corey asked, confused.

“I wanna see if Matt chewed off your ass for this weekend,” Kris laughed. “I know he did.”

“No, actually he didn’t,” Corey said.

“He confessed so there was no need…” I said.

“I heard it got crazy here this weekend but in a way I was glad I wasn’t a part of it,” Bryson stated.

“It was more than crazy,” Corey stated.


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