Posted:   March 8, 2011

Saturday here at the end of January, I was up before Kris woke.  After sleeping on his date, he still couldn’t get over the fact that he had been used by his date the same way some guys used girls.  I doubt if he learned a lesson from jumping into bed with a girl he didn’t know but he did bemoan how empty he felt inside.  Colt and a few of the others had a nice laugh at Kris but did tell him at least he got laid.  Kris was happy with that.

That night, Corey and I headed out for our own date night without anyone else around.  He treated me to a nice meal before we came back to catch a theater production on campus that I wanted to see.  The play wasn’t great but was something different for us to take in other than the regular dinner and a movie date.

Driving into our parking lot, we easily saw flashing blue lights in our dorm lot.

Oh God, we are gone just a short time and something happens,” I stated in a little attack and fear for all my friends.

“Chill Matt.  It could be anything.  It could involve something…”

“Oh shit!  There’s Kris!  Oh please let it be nothing!  Please!”

“Matt, calm down,” Corey said while he parked.  We now could see most of our friends from our floor standing around.  I quickly got out of the car to see what was going on with the campus police having Kendall aside.  I raced to Kris’s side.

“What happened?” I asked.

“Oh someone asshole broke into Kendall’s ride,” Colt replied.

“Thank goodness!” I said and drew a few looks.  “Well…”

“He was worried something major happened to one of y’all,” Corey said.

“Yeah, I just knew something had happened,” I said.

“That was it but it still sucks,” Kris said. “Why don’t people just leave other people’s shit alone?  I know Kendall has a sweet ride but still.”

Noah walked up to us. 

“Any word?” We asked together.

“They didn’t get a thing,” Noah said. “It’s just a pain that it needs repair.”

“It still sucks!” Colt stated.

“How was the date?” Kris asked me.

“We didn’t do much…”

“He drug me to the theater to see some lame ass play,” Corey stated.  I quickly gave Corey a hard stare.

“Glad that was you and not me,” Colt laughed.

We broke up the little gathering and started to head inside after Kendall stated nothing could be done at this time other than taping up his window. 

Instead of going in our room like the others, I pulled Corey aside out in the hall after the hall was clear.

“Next time say something if you didn’t want to go to that play.  I thought you agreed and said it would be different,” I stated with us in the hall.

Corey grabbed my hand and led me to the big room in the middle.  He sat us down on the couch.  “Matt, we both agreed the play was lame, right?”

“Yes but you made it sound like you were forced to go.”

“Sorry but maybe I did.  Don’t be pissed at me, please. I guess I opened my mouth and spoke before I thought about what I was saying.”

“Alright then,” I said and broke off a smile. “It happens.”

“Yes, it does.”  He leaned over and kissed me.  I pulled him closer to enjoy our kiss. 

“Get a fucking room, you two fucking fags!” We heard.  We looked up to see Lee and his roommate standing there with their hands on their hips.

“Yeah, what some goddamn fags!” Lee’s roommate Terry said.

“Lee, fuck off alright.  We weren’t bothering you, alright!” Corey said.

“Acting tough around your little fag, I see,” Lee said, approaching Corey. “Maybe you need to run and get that fag lover Kris to come down here and help your sorry ass out!”

Corey stood with the veins popping in his neck and his face beet red.  “Listen Lee, I think I can handle this without any help.”

Lee laughed and turned around with his roommate laughing as well.  Lee quickly wheeled around and threw a punch in Corey’s direction.  Corey threw up his arm to deflect the punch.  Corey unloaded a gut shot that sent Lee backwards and hurting.  I sat and watched in disbelief but with great pride swelling in Corey defending his attacker. 

“You think I need some help, bitch!” Corey said and stood over Lee.  Lee was bent over at the waist and holding his guts.  Corey’s arm was cocked and ready for more.  Lee’s roommate grabbed Lee and pulled him away.  They headed away with Corey standing and breathing hard.

Corey turned to me and gave me a huge smile.  “Damn but that felt so good!”

“Maybe he’ll learn…”

“Doubt that but he got the message I can do pretty damn good at handling myself.”

I stood and threw my arms around him.  I saw Rick enter the room.

“What happened?” he asked.

Corey told his side then I told what I saw.

“Corey, Lee said you hit him in the gut to show off and for no reason,” Rick stated.

Calmly Corey said. “Seriously Rick, who do you believe?  You know our history around this place.  Have I ever been the aggressor?  After a while, say five months, you take that shit all you can and finally react.”

“Lee threw the first punch, Rick,” I said in Corey’s defense.

“There story is completely and totally different from both of yours…” Rick said.

Not surprising,” Corey scoffed, rolling his blue eyes.

“Corey, it would have been much easier if you would have come and told me before busting his gut…”

“I’m not one to run and tell.  I told you I told him to fuck off, which means go away.”

Rick snickered, “I know what it means.  Corey, I doubt you will have to deal with him much longer since Lee can’t get over his homophobic self.  He tortures Stephan like you wouldn’t believe.”

“Now, I appreciate Michael more than ever,” Corey said.

“I’ll take care of it.  In the meantime, stay clear of Lee and his roommate.  Lee picked the wrong person to take a swing at.  I doubt he learned a lesson though.”

“Tell him to stay clear of Kris.  Once we tell Kris Lee called him a fag lover, the shit will hit the fan for sure,” Corey stated.

Rick’s eyes got really big.  He marched out of the room with Corey and me on his heels.

“Let me tell him,” I said to Rick as we caught him.

Rick turned, “No, I’m issuing Kris a stern warning.  One more fight here and he could be asked to leave school.”

I opened our door.  Thankfully, no one was drinking as we entered the room. 

“Wassup?” Colt asked. “Coming to join our party.”

“If I see or smell one drop of alcohol, it’s going down the drain.  Is that understood?” Rick said firmly and wasn’t real happy.

A hush fell over my crowded room.

“Matt, what happened?” Kris asked.

Corey and I told our story.  Rick spoke up, “They tell me Kris Lee call you a fag lover…”

“Motherfucking bitch!” Kris stood from his bed in a rage with his temper showing. “I’ll beat his fucking ass to a pulp and show his ass who is the fag lover here!”

Rick walked up to Kris.  “You do…”

“I don’t give a fuck what happens.  No one is calling me that shit!”

I walked up and grabbed Kris’s arm.  “We are going outside for one second.”

“The hell we are!” Kris said fighting me.

“Yes we are!” I said.  It was a struggle but I got Kris through the maze of people and slammed our door.

“What the fuck, Matt?” Kris asked once we were out in the hall.

“Kris, calm down.  If you touch Lee, Rick said they will kick you out of here.”

“Like I give a fuck!”

“Yes, you do give a fuck!  Kris, this is your life!  You love college and everyone and everything here more than anyone I know.  Do not let your temper get you kicked out of here.”

“Matt, it just pisses me off!”

“I know it does.  Sometimes you have to step back and think of the consequences.  You are down to your last strike, Kris.  Don’t be so foolish and ruin everything!”

Rick came out the door.  “Matt, did you tell him?”

“I did.”

“Rick, why do I get fucking kicked out over shit said?”

“Kris, we have rules here.  I’m not saying you will get kicked out but you will get punished severely.  I for one don’t want to see that happen to you.  Put that macho bullshit aside for a change.  In the meantime, I’ll do everything I can from my side to deal with Lee.  It may take a while to get things done.  I don’t want you to do something you may regret the rest of your life here, Kris.  Kris, can I have your word you won’t act out?”

“I will unless he starts it,” Kris replied.

“If he starts it, my advice is you better run or else you could be in it deep,” Rick stated.

“Rick, I’m not running.  You better tell Lee to stay the fuck away from me, Matt and the rest of us.  I hear he fucks with anyone I will fuck his ass up no matter what the penalty is.”

“Goddamnit Kris, listen to me!” Rick said. “Don’t fuck things up!  You’re too good of a person to let some homophobic asshole like Lee or Terry ruin your college life! He does this to see if he can get under your skin.  Walk away and show him you are better than he is.”

“Ummm… Rick, you could just ask that he and Terry find another dorm,” I said.

“That’s what I’m going to try to do, Matt, but as I said, it may take time.  I’ll do whatever I can to speed things up.  It is something I probably should have done last semester.  Every time he sees Stephan he calls him a fag and says he hopes he and Grayson die of AIDS.”

“What a fucking asshole!” Kris said. “Is he really that sick to do that?”

“Yes, now with this latest incident, I have real proof other than Stephan’s word,” Rick said. “Lee’s the most stubborn person I’ve ever seen in my life.  No telling how many times I’ve told him to keep his mouth shut.”

“Have you asked him to move?” I asked.

“Matt, I have but he insists it’s his right to stay here.  Now I can get him to leave with others backing me.”

We said thanks and headed back inside.  Naturally, everyone wondered what had occurred.  Between telling Corey and my story to Kendall’s break-in, we had plenty to keep us going for quite a while.

Sunday, everything seemed back to normal.  Naturally, the moment I stepped out the door I was on the lookout for Lee.  By the afternoon, no one had seen Lee or his roommate around the hall or anywhere near the dorm. 

That night, Scott had us all shocked when we spotted him with a girl.  I laid eyes on her and thought she was very cute.  I came back in the room after being with Corey for a while to find Kris, Colt, Alex, Jess and Bryson in the room.

“Correct me if I’m wrong but I think I saw Scott with a girl,” I said in amazement.

“We were just talking about that, Matt,” Kris stated.  “I saw her too and she was fucking hot!”

“I really don’t get that dude at all,” Bryson commented.

“Hey, join the crowd,” Alex stated. “Just when you think you have him pegged he up and shows up with that thing.”

“Any idea where he found her or she found him?” I asked.

“From what we heard he, Juan and Jess went out last night back to that club,” Jess replied.

“That’s some shit right there boys.  Some guy who can’t make up his mind scores one hot chick,” Kris said.

“Wonder if he got used?” Colt joked.

“For that shit, I would,” Kris laughed.  “Hey Bryson, how did your super date go?”

Bryson shrugged, “It went okay I guess.  I didn’t get any pussy out of it if that’s what you’re asking.”

“Hell yeah, that’s what Kris means.  Kris is the only one to get some pussy on a first date and felt like shit,” Colt stated.

“Dude was it good pussy?” Bryson asked.

“You tell me when you’ve had bad pussy,” Kris said. “The way she said I was okay and she got what she needed though it was such a turn off.”

I heard the p-word enough for one night and changed the subject to the upcoming basketball week.  That did the trick and got them going about that.  Then, they came up with the bright idea of having a Super Bowl party the next weekend.  I didn’t even know it was the next weekend let alone who was playing.  They did make it sound exciting though even if it was on a Sunday night.

Monday was odd in a way in that it was the first Monday of classes for our semester after a holiday and a snow day.  By the end of the day, I was dragging and hating that it was so long.

Scott and I headed back to the dorm after our lab with Michael heading in a different direction.

“Alright Scott, spill it about the girl,” I said while we walked.

He turned and smiled.  “Did you like Deidra?”

“I guess if that’s the girl’s name we all saw you with.”

“Matt, she found me, honestly, at the dance club.  We danced together and really had a great time.  Yesterday, she showed up at the dorm.”

“Okay the question now is do you like her?”

“I don’t have a clue.  Sure Hayden and I are in an open relationship… by the way, he said he had a great time with his date.”

“He said he did but that was about it.”

“Matt, I really don’t know what to do.  I can feel the pressure from both sides now.  Kris and the guys want me to date girls again.  Hayden, I think, still wants us to be together.”

“What does Scott really wanna do deep down inside?”

“I don’t have a fucking clue!” Scott said entering our dorm.  We found my room empty and went inside.

“Scott, who were you the most happy with?” I asked sitting down my backpack and grabbing a chair.

Scott jumped on Kris’s unmade bed. “I was happy with both.  I go with the moment as it is and don’t worry what happens.”

“I’m glad it’s you and not me but I don’t ever think I’d be in your shoes…”

“Yeah because you know who you are.  Right now, I don’t know who I am.”

“I do, Scott.  You’re a tad bit confused but you seem happy with both situations and goes with it.”

“I guess so.  Any word about Lee?” Scott asked.

“I haven’t heard a thing.  Rick said he’d take care of it and it’d take time.”

“The best solution would be to get the asshole gone…”

“I think it would be for everyone here but we’ll see how things.”

Our door opened with Kris, Jess and Colt filing in the room.  With them there, Scott’s tone changed about his girl.  I knew he was that way around them whereas as privately he was confused.  I just listened to the chatter and didn’t say a word.  I left them and went to find Corey.  He wasn’t in his room so I headed back.  As I was walking back, I heard Corey call my name.

I turned around and went back to him.  “Wassup?”

“Rick was telling me what was going down.  He’s doing his best to get Lee moved to another dorm as fast as he can before all hell breaks loose around here.  He said Lee had been staying over at a friend’s place until this got settled.”

We entered his room and sat on his bed.  We shared a brief kiss. I said, “Rick is a little at fault here for not acting before something happened.”

“I think he realizes it now after the fact.”

“I did get to speak a little to Scott today…”

“So what did he say?” Corey asked me.

“Really all I got out of it was he was confused as ever.  I think part of him wants to be with a girl where the other part wants to be with Hayden.”

“I’m glad there’s no doubt with me.”

“Me too,” I said agreeing.

We talked about Valentine’s Day with everything still set before talking about tonight’s game that the guys had at 5:30 at the Rec Center.  Neither one of us were going to miss it.  We grabbed a quick bite before heading over to the Rec Center to watch the guys play.

Corey and I grabbed a seat near the bench to be close.  Corey was given the clipboard while I did my duty as water boy.  I couldn’t help but notice Kris wasn’t even dressed out for the game.  I looked up and saw Liz walking around and taking a seat on the floor across the way.  Corey nudged me when he spotted her as well.

Once the game began, Kris got really into his role as coach.  At the first break, he pulled Colt and put in Khalid with Colt not doing very well.  I could see Colt wasn’t happy with Kris at all.  By the end of the first quarter, we led by four points thanks to Scott’s shooting and Garrett’s skill.  Kris made another substitution when the game resume.  With it close, Kris was pacing up and down the sidelines.  Now there was no doubt in my mind that coaching in some capacity was his calling.  By half time, we were leading by eight.  I did hear Kris speak to Colt but in a good way.

We increased our lead by the end of the third quarter thanks to our pressing style with Bryson all over them.  Kris told the guys to back off a little with the game in hand.  By this point, he got everyone in the game and involved.  We ended up winning by nine.   Our guys were happy and excited more than the last game but not ecstatic like the first game.

As we left, I watched Liz eye Kris and walk out the door without approaching him.  We left the gym with all the sweaty stinky players.

Back at the dorm, Corey and I went to my room.  Kris was right behind us and undressed in a hurry.  Even though he didn’t play, he was hot and sweaty from his coaching.  Corey and I turned on the TV to catch some American Idol and lay claim to the TV for a change. 

Corey and I were watching and laughing until the door flew wide open. 

Matt, we need you now!” Colt screamed, dripping wet and sounding urgent.

I shut my eyes briefly and wondered what in the world was going on…


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