Posted:   February 5, 2011

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Following Kris back to start our second semester was so much easier than the first time I made this trek.  Now, I very much looked forward to returning to campus and continuing my education after really not knowing what to expect the first semester.  This semester would test me even more after nailing down a 4.0 my first semester.  This semester would involve two more college hours after taking it easy the first semester to get adjusted to the demands.

My Christmas break went way too fast for me.  It started with our ski trip.  A big smile was on my face thinking back to all the great times we had.  At first, skiing was much harder than it looked but soon I got the hang of it and really enjoyed my time on the slopes.  The best part was at night and all the horsing around we did.  We had a few spats here and there from each other getting on the other’s nerves but that happens in close quarters at times.  The fun outweighed the spats since we put it behind before leaving.  The time I spent with Corey was magical not to mention him joining me for a few days after Christmas at my house.  

We arrived early here before classes began on Tuesday.  Our unpacking was quick since the big stuff stayed behind.  Our room was rather cold since the heat was off as instructed.  We both had a big smile on our faces and knew we were back home and ready to see what this semester brought. 

“It feels so great to be back,” Kris stated. “I was so ready to come back.”

“You weren’t the only one there.”

“I love my parents to death and all.  I am so ready to see everyone again and see what happened since our trip.”

I laughed, “Wow, really.  Surely you weren’t missing everyone.  Surely not my Kris!”

“Fuck you, Matt,” Kris laughed. “Now I wish everyone would hurry their asses back.  Scott, Juan, Colt, Alex and Jess said they’d be here.  When’s lover boy getting here?”

“He better get here today.  He said he had to work tomorrow.”

“Oh hell yeah.  That means the rec center is open then.”

“You think?”

Kris laughed and tackled me to my bed as subtle reminder we were really back in our room.  He messed up my shorter hair that I had cut to surprise Corey with.  Kris was holding me down and tickling me when the door opened.

“Sounds like someone is back,” Noel said with Kendall right behind him.

Kris let me up with the two laughing at us.  “He was fucking with me.  You know how he is and was on the trip.  So… are you two excited about being up here with us?”

“I’m so excited I’m about to piss all down my leg,” Kendall stated. “I’ve been dreaming of this day for a week.”

“Damn, everyone comes back and thinks they are a fucking comedian,” Kris stated.

“Oh like you didn’t you were every night on our trip,” I said.

“Remind us not to get him wasted on that damn tequila again.  Kris was fucking crazy!” Noel said.

Kris laughed. “I guess I was.  Hangovers with that shit are a real bitch.”

“We couldn’t tell if they were.  You were up every morning and screamed at the top of your lungs,” I said.

“Daylight was burning, Matt,” Kris said, laughing.

A big smile came on my face when Corey poked his head in the room.  I gravitated to him and enjoyed a sweet kiss. 

“Maybe this hall ain’t all it’s cracked up to be after all,” Kendall laughed.

“Not like we didn’t see that for five solid days.  It was a good thing we let them have a room…” Kris said.

“Hey, we offered to sleep elsewhere,” Corey said with his arm around my waist and all smiles.  “So what’s everyone doing?”

“We just got here,” Kris said. “By the way Kendall, do ya’ll need a hand moving things up?”

“It would be nice since we gave your sorry ass a free trip.”

We chipped in to help them move their things to our floor.  They were across the hall and a few doors down.  We saw Rick, our RA, and said hi for a minute while carrying up their things.  Going out, Scott was climbing the stairs with his stuff from the break.

“Where’s Juan?” Kris asked.

“He’ll be here tomorrow, I think,” Scott replied while he continued up. 

After another load, we had Kendall and Noah in their rooms.  Corey, Kris and I headed out to let them organize and put things away.

“Matt, I really like the haircut,” Corey stated. “It looks great on you.”

“Thanks, I’d hope you would.”

“Speaking of, I hope Alex has some clippers to get my hair back short,” Kris stated. “I never thought I’d like my hair short but it was so easy.”

Scott came in our room while we were sitting around.  His dark blonde hair was getting shaggy and the longest I had seen it since we came here.  He joined in while we reminisced about our trip.  We were in stitches hearing Scott describe his epic tumble down the slopes. 

“Oh, I bet you still be laughing if I’d broke my neck,” Scott said.

“Probably but the way you tell it is so damn funny,” Kris said.

Scott laughed, “It was funny.  You know I didn’t even think about getting hurt until later that night.  Man, just think of the fun we’ll have spring break.”

“I know.  Don’t talk about it.  I get so excited thinking about it,” Kris stated. “The three b’s:  beaches, bitches and booze.”

We laughed and knew Kris’s thinking since he was a huge flirt on the trip despite having Liz.  He did have help with Colt and Jess right there with him every step of the way.

Jess was next to show up and relive our trip as well as add things about his Christmas and New Year’s Eve.  Quickly, I could tell we would spend hours reliving our stories.  Thinking about it, I pulled out my laptop to show them the pictures that I didn’t email to everyone over the break.  While we were huddled around my computer, Alex slipped in to join us.  He was excited to be on the hall with us.  He had found a roommate at the end of last semester and hoped it would work out. 

By the end of the afternoon, our group was back together.  Everyone was smiling and having such a great time.  As a group, we headed out to grab something to eat.  We headed to a college pizza place near campus. There we pulled some tables together.  We were loud before the pizza arrived to quieten us down.

Back at the dorm, everyone was in our room with Liz on her way over.  Before she arrived, Scott nearly ran us out of the room with his stinky farts just as he had done one night on our trip.  Once Liz was there, I almost felt sorry for her for having to endure all of us guys and the endless tales.  I think she knew what to expect now after dating Kris most of the first semester. 

About eleven or so, Corey stood and grabbed my hand.  We said goodbye leaving the room before heading down to his vacant room.  Once in the room, he pushed me to his bed and started kissing me with great passion.

“Matt, I missed you so much.”

“I missed you too even though we did spend lots of quality time at my house.”

“Hey, what did your mom really say after I left?”

I smiled with Corey on top of me still.  “All she said was that she knew I was in love and how great a guy you are.  She said we were a great match for each other and complimented each other so well.”

“I see you wore the necklace I got you.”

“It hasn’t come off since you gave it to me.  I see you wore that shirt Mom got you.”

“Not for long though,” Corey said.

Corey pulled off my shirt and gave me the same treatment.  I rolled off him to calm down but knew we’d be naked and having sex soon.  “Do you think Scott and Jess are for real?”

“I’m still in shocked they really hooked up on the trip.  It was like no big deal to either one of them but did Colt ever give Jess hell,” Corey replied. “To answer your question, I don’t have a clue.”

“I don’t either.  They didn’t seem to be together tonight.”

“Now the question is what if Hayden slips back in the picture?”

I replied. “I don’t know.  Hayden may have waited too long.”

“I wonder if he’s changed his mind or came out to his parents.”

“The first is more likely by the way he put it that day.  I think Scott would be happy if he did admit his troubles and came clean about everything.  Scott might understand…”

“I think he might.  Boy was it ever hard keeping my mouth shut and not telling him.”

“The biggest surprise was Kris not opening his mouth when he was drunk,” I said.

“We did party our asses off there,” Corey said.

“We did that or at least some of us did,” I said.

“Matt, please watch me this semester.  You know how drinking runs in my family.  The last thing I wanna do is fall in that trap and turn out just like one of them.”

“Corey, I will.  Don’t get mad like you did that one night when I told you enough was enough.”

“Sorry about that but everyone else was drunk…”

“No excuse.  At least you realize the potential for danger by your family history…  That said it’s okay to have fun every now and then.  It’s a problem when it becomes a habit.”

“Like five nights in a row…”

“That’s what I mean,” I said. “I love you too much to watch you fail when you what can happen.”

“I won’t fail and let you down,” Corey said with tears in his eyes.  “Matt, I need you.”

“I’ll be here for ya.”

Corey wiped his tears.  “Matt… I got so drunk New Year’s Eve.  The worst part was Mom didn’t give a shit either. I feel like I might be going down that road.  It’s so easy when no one cares.”

I hugged him tightly feeling his great body against mine.  “Corey, you know how much I care.”

I woke the next morning alone in Corey’s room since he had left to head to work at the rec center.  He had hoped to trim back his hours some but could use the money it offered.  He said he’d see how things went at five days before scaling back.  Whatever he decided would be fine with me since I understood his situation.

I headed to use the shower using Corey’s towel and things.  I opened the door and saw a new face drying off there in front of me.  He was very tall and lanky.  He didn’t seem to be shy at all while I tried not to stare below his waist and what was dangling below.

“Hey, how’s it going?” he asked me, casually drying off his short brown hair with his towel.

“Oh not too bad,” I replied. “I take you’re new here.”

“Yeah, my roommate and I hated our other dorm and got changed this semester,” he said and wrapped a towel around his waist.

“That’s cool.  You may have picked the best floor on campus,” I bragged and started the water with the towel around me.

“Yeah, I saw a bunch of people in one room.  What’s up with that?”

“Most of us are good friends now…”

“That’s so awesome.  I can’t wait to meet everyone then,” he said. “My name is Garrett.”

“Nice to meet you,” I said. “My name is Matt.  My room is the first one as you come up…”

“So everyone was in your room?”

“Stop by when you get the chance.  My roommate Kris is the most sociable person ever and loves meeting new people all the time around here.  He believes more the merrier as you may have seen.”

“I’ll look forward to it.  I’ll see ya around then and let you shower.”

“See ya, Garrett.” I stepped into the shower and had beaten Kris to the punch when it came to meeting new people for once here at the dorms.

Stepping out of the shower, I saw Stephan and Grayson coming in the door.  We spoke about our break while I was drying off.  I left before they got in a shower together.  It was nice to see Stephan and Grayson were still going as strong as ever.

I headed to Corey’s room and got dressed.  I waited until noon before heading down to my room.  Kris was there alone and watching TV on this Sunday morning before he jumped up and headed to shower so we could go eat since we heard things were opening up on campus. 

After we got back from eating, Kris, Colt, Alex, Jess and I headed to the rec center.  Since our break, I hadn’t had a chance to work out and actually missed it.  It did feel great working up a sweat with them while we all tried to get back where we were almost a month ago. 

That night was another chill fest but down in Scott’s room after Juan had returned that day.  Tashaun and Khalid stopped by to see what was happening and announce they were back as well.   Later the guys, Sammy and David, rooming next to me, did the same and stayed around about as long as I ever remember other than when we watched a game.  It appeared most of us were actually glad to be back after being around our families so long. 

With Michael now back in Corey’s room, our quality time together was brief.  It was alright with me since we did get to spend the night together the night before.

Kris was right there with me when I headed back.  He threw off all of his clothes and jumped in his bed.  I did the same since now it was a way of life to sleep naked.

“I’ve missed our chats,” Kris stated.

“I have too.  By the way, where has Liz been all night?”

“She had things to do with her sorority.  Matt, I hate to say this but last night I realized I didn’t miss her as much as I thought I would.  I don’t know what it was.  Naturally, I had nice sex with her and enjoyed that but something was missing.  I can’t lay my finger on it.”

“Maybe you’ll find it later.  Surely you’re not thinking of ending it, are you?”

“Matt, I don’t know.  I’ll see how things go.  I just knew I’d be so happy to see her but I wasn’t as happy as I thought I’d be.  Lord knows I tried my best.  I guess it was one of those times when you just aren’t in the mood for loving…”

“Come on Kris…”

“I was in the mood for sex but not much more than that,” Kris stated on his elbow.

“Hey, what you think of Scott and Jess?”

“I asked Jess about today but he said that to him it was a fling and nothing more.  I honestly don’t get him at all.  I know he fucked that girl we hooked him up with.  He did say he had no doubts Scott is gay.”

“You think?  Hell, he fucked him and it wasn’t like Scott didn’t want it either.”

Kris laughed, “Yeah, I guess he is gay.  You know I wonder at times about Noel and Kendall though.  They haven’t dated that much.”

“Kris, I stopped worrying about if people are or not…”

“Oh I could care less if they are.  I was just saying.”

We chatted about what we had planned for the next day before turning out the light between us.  It was an easy adjustment falling back asleep in my old dorm bed. 

Monday, I woke with a few things to do around campus before classes started the next day.  It was about ten when I was out of the room and left Kris snoring away.  The day was literally hell trying to make sure everything was signed and in place as far as my academic scholarship was concerned. 

It was well past three before I was back in the dorm and in my empty room.  After a brief call to Mom while I had the chance, I heard a soft knock and opened it.  Corey was standing there with a big smile in his long sleeve tee and jeans. 

“I’m glad I caught you alone,” Corey said.

“Why? Is there a problem?”

“Not hardly.  I just wanted a little alone time with you.  Is that alright?”

“Not at all,” I said and got a nice kiss from my boyfriend.  We moved to my bed to watch TV curled up together.  It felt great as ever to have Corey’s strong arms holding me around the chest.  The door flew open with Kris, Colt and Jess coming in the room. 

“I do not look forward to this week at all,” Kris stated.

“It was a fucking zoo out there today,” Colt said in his twang.

“My feet are tired from standing in line all day,” I said.

“Matt, is everything really paid here for ya?” Colt asked.

“It is.”

“You’re so fucking lucky,” Jess said.

“He’s very smart and deserves it.  I guess I should have tried harder in high school,” Corey said.

“Not real smart to have your sorry ass as a boyfriend,” Jess stated.

“What the hell are you talking about sorry?” Colt asked.  “I think you’re the one that hooked up with Scott’s gay ass.”

“I was horny and desperate after not scoring with those girls.  Scott was available so I gave him what he wanted.  You boys need to at least see what it is like being with a guy.  It won’t fucking kill ya.”

“No thank you,” Kris stated. 

“Same here.  A dick belongs in a pussy not some guy’s ass or mouth,” Colt said. “I get Matt and Corey there but I still don’t get you, Jess.”

“I at least didn’t have to jack off in the shower like your country ass did every morning,” Jess said.

Colt smiled, “My country ass did get some once we got back though.”

“That’s my boy.  You didn’t tell me,” Kris said.

“Oh it was just an old high school girlfriend that remembered how good I was in bed… shit that reminds me, I saw bitch today,” Colt said.

“Monica?” I asked.

“Is there a bigger fucking bitch here?  I wanted to go up and let her have it… God I fucking can’t stand to see her face now.”

We were talking when Scott and Juan showed up at the door.  They joined right in with us. 

“Scott, did you miss Jess’s dick after the trip?” Colt asked.

“You know Colt, fuck you bitch!  It was a fling, right Scott?”

“It was.  I told Jess I was sorry and we shouldn’t have done it.  Guys, I’ll be honest with ya.  I’m fucked up in the head right now.”

“No, you were before all this happened,” Juan stated.

“No Juan, I’m really fucked up now.  You see how hard it is seeing one girl after another then one hot guy after another like I did today,” Scott said.

“Scott, at least you have your pick of everyone here,” Corey commented.

“It sucks though being confused…”

“Scott, you’re not confused.  You’re bisexual if there ever was one here.  I really think Jess and Juan are curious where as you fit the true definition,” Kris stated.  “Just go with it and see what happens.”

Scott was shaking his head. “I guess I’ll just do that for now.”

We found Alex, Kendall and Noel to head off for dinner.  As we were leaving, Stephan and Grayson caught up with us and joined us to go grab something to eat.  Once back, Corey and I went to Stephan’s room to hang out with them.  It was nice for a change to do so and get things from a different prospective. 


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