This is a fantasy chapter written by Big D. This chapter is total fantasy and did not really happen. 

Posted:   December 28, 2011

Spending the first part of the Christmas holidays without Corey left me feeling a little lonely, and very horny. I had lost count of the amount of times I had jerked off thinking about Corey or looking at pictures of him and my best friends, imagining countless different scenarios with us fucking each other. When you’re in a relationship you really do take sex for granted and only fully come to appreciate it when it’s no longer available. If you’re not having sex it’s probably better to be a virgin since at least then you don’t know what you’re missing.

Corey and I had spent some time on the phone, jerking off while telling each other what we would do if we were together. He told me how he wanted to sink his ass down on my big cock, moving up and down in the same motion as my hand was, back and forth over the length of my cock. He even had a dildo he used on his ass, telling me he was imagining it was me pounding him; just hearing his familiar screams down the phone as he was about to cum brought me to an intense climax.

Even though I was still getting off, it just wasn’t the same as when I could fall asleep in Corey’s arms afterwards, snuggle up to his hard, muscular chest and sleep with his arms wrapped around me feeling safe and content.

Most of my days were just spent relaxing and helping Mom with things that needed doing around the house. I had thought there would be more for me to do but it turned out that Vince was doing a lot for Mom and it really did make me happy to see that she had someone to spend time with and to make her happy while I was away at college.

As usual I had been spending time with Kris but there were always things on his mind and he always had things to do or people to see. The guy was almost constantly on the move, it was like he couldn’t just sit still for five minutes.

I was lying on my bed in my room reading a book when my phone rang to interrupt the silence.

“Hey,” I said answering it.

“Matt!” Kris shouted down the phone enthusiastically.

“Hey, bro, how are you?”

“Great. Look, I’ve just been shopping and I bought a few things and I really want an opinion on them.”

“Now?” I asked, somewhat frustrated after just getting in to the story.

“Yeah. Can you come over?”

“Can you not come here?”

“It’s easier if you come to mine,” Kris said and I sensed a hint of something in his voice like there may be some other reason he wanted me over at his.

“I can be there in about fifteen minutes,” I said, hanging up the phone before he had time to answer.

I put the phone down and continued reading until I finished the chapter I had started before heading downstairs to tell Mom where I was going since she had the day off. I hopped into the car and made my way over to Kris’ house.

When I got to his house I noticed that the only car there was Kris’. I had assumed his parents were at work but I also thought there would be other people at his house. Of course, there still could be, but the house seemed strangely quiet when I stepped out of the car, especially if Kris was alone. There had been many times in the past when he had music blasting out and shaking the windows it was so loud.

I walked slowly up the path to the front door. The entire time I was expecting someone to jump out at me or for something to happen to break the silence but there was nothing. Add the cold of the holiday season and the many silent Christmas decorations in the gardens surrounding me and it created a really eerie atmosphere.

When I knocked on the front door I swear I could hear rustling and movement behind it and I wondered what Kris was doing. After a moment of just standing there, waiting, the door was flung open and my jaw almost hit the floor.

Kris was standing in front of me with a huge grin on his face. On his head was a traditional red Santa hat with the white trim and bobble on the end. Other than that he was wearing nothing but a pair of tight designer boxers.

The wind had totally been knocked out of me. My mind was screaming “HOLY FUCK!” but my body just wouldn’t operate, all of my senses were just completely overwhelmed.

The smile on Kris’ beautiful face never went away as he grabbed me by the arm and pulled me in to the house, closing the door behind him. He leaned back against the door as I continued to stare at him.

He looked so handsome, his eyes just dazzling, as was his smile. All of his muscles were so well defined. His strong arms had prominent veins running down each bicep. His solid chest rose up and down with his pink nipples hard and standing to attention as a bead of sweat ran between them. His cut abs stood out against the white fabric as it hugged his waist, emphasising the v-shape at his hips. His thick thighs stretched the material. A small wet patch growing where the visibly cut head of his semi-hard cock was pushing at the boxers, trying to break its way out. He had never looked hotter.

“So? What do you think?” Kris asked finally.

Even though I wanted to speak I still couldn’t. Kris laughed and turned his back to me, bending over slightly. It looked like the boxers had been made especially for him because they showed off his big muscular bubble butt to perfection with the groove of his spine running down beneath the waistband to the crack of his ass.

“Fuck…” I managed to breathe.

“I take it you think I look good in them?” Kris asked, turning to face me.

I swallowed a lump in my throat and just nodded my head. My dick had never been harder. Every inch of Kris’ body was just perfect. He was so hot I could barely keep my hands to myself.

Kris clearly had other ideas though because he stepped up to me so he was within arms reach. The scent of his aftershave hit my nose and my knees nearly crumpled. Precum was flowing out of my cock as Kris reached down, took my hand in his, caressing it slightly with his thumb, and placed it on his hard pec, right where his heart was beating.

I gasped at the feel of his hard body. I laid my hand flat against his chest and gently squeezed the pec. Finally able to function under my own power I then raised the other hand to give the same treatment to the other pec. Kris moaned in appreciation.

I tweaked his nipples ever so slightly and then ran my hand down over his hard, rippling abs, feeling every curve and contour. Without words I put my hands on his waist and turned him around. I bit my lip to keep my own moan from escaping but my hands moved of their own accord, travelling down to touch, cup and caress Kris’ ass. Fuck it felt so good.

Kris leaned back in to me, placing his head against my shoulder. The scent I had smelled before was even stronger and I bent my head down to kiss Kris’ neck. He moaned and moved his hand to my head, encouraging me to keep kissing.

I moved my hands back around to the front of his body, running them over his pecs, down past his abs until I was running my fingers up and down the length of his now rock hard cock.

Pulling away, Kris turned around and took me into his arms. He looked deep into my eyes and I was lost. Nothing else mattered in the world right at that moment but me and Kris. I had perhaps the sexiest guy I had ever met in front of me in nothing but his boxers and I was going to enjoy the moment.

Kris reached up and pulled off his Santa hat, throwing it to one side. Still looking deep into my eyes, his hands firmly holding my waist, he leaned in and pressed his lips to mine. There was no tongue, no other touching or rubbing, it was just a soft kiss.

When our lips parted I smiled at Kris and he smiled back. He gave me another quick peck on the lips before moving his hands around to my ass and pulling me to him so our hard cocks were pressed against each other.

Kris bent his head and started kissing my neck, slowly moving up until his lips were softly brushing against my ear. After what seemed like forever, he spoke, softly, sweetly, seductively;

“I’ll give you one gift right now, Matt. I don’t care what it is, whatever you want to do with me, right here, right now, we’ll do.”

I moaned in reply to that and then whispered back the only thing that was on my mind…

“Fuck me.”

Kris kissed from my ear, along my jaw line, until he was back at my lips. He placed another soft kiss on them and looked into my eyes.

“You want me to fuck you?” he asked.

He kissed me again.

“Yeah,” I said.

Another kiss.

“Or do you want me to hold you, kiss you, slip inside you and make love to you?”

Another kiss.

“Oh God, yes!” I moaned. “I need you so bad, Kris.”

Kris smiled and kissed me again, only this time it was longer and harder. After a moment I felt his tongue brush against my lips and I opened up to let him inside.

I wrapped my arms tightly around him and he took a stronger hold of my waist as we kissed passionately, our tongues battling each other, dancing from one mouth to the other.

When Kris broke the kiss he moved his hands up and pulled my shirt off only for his lips to be back on mine a moment later. As that kiss continued Kris reached down and began undoing my pants.

The next time our lips parted I quickly stepped out of my pants, throwing off my socks and shoes too so that, like Kris, I was wearing nothing but my underwear. Kris smiled at me and pulled me back in to another long, hot kiss, really making out with me.

“You are so fucking sexy, Matt,” Kris said, pulling away from my lips.

He moved down and started kissing my chest, his lips and tongue focusing on my nipples as his hand ran down my stomach until it was resting on my hard cock. He gave it a good squeeze, causing me to moan and push against him.

Kris stood back up but he was so close our skin was actually touching as he ran his body up mine until we were face to face again, our hard cocks pressing against each other.

“Tell me what you want, Matt,” Kris said again.

“I want you to fuck me,” I said.

Kris smiled and kissed me again. While our lips were together he put my arms around his neck and then lifted me slightly, pushing my legs around his waist. With me clinging on to him, and his hands on my ass, he carried me up the stairs to his bedroom, his lips never leaving mine.

Once inside his bedroom, Kris laid me down on the bed and climbed on top of me, resuming the kiss. After a few minutes of making out, he started to move down my body, moving from my neck, over my chest, playfully biting my nipples, down my stomach, until he was kissing up and down the length of my still-covered cock. He was using his tongue to lick the precum off the fabric, gently sucking on the wet patch, causing amazing sensations on the head of my cock just beneath.

Reaching his hands up so his fingers were inside the waistband of my underwear, he slowly pulled them down until my rock hard, eight inch cock sprang up and slapped against my developing abs, leaving a trail of precum from my stomach to the tip.

I was naked on Kris’ bed, looking up at him as he dropped my underwear to the floor and then slowly started removing his own. His seven inch cut cock stood away from his body, visibly throbbing with a bead of precum hanging from the end.

Kris kept the boxers in his hand and rubbed the material over the head of his dick, catching the drop. Then he moved up over the bed and placed the boxers over my face so I couldn’t see, but I didn’t need to as the wet patch from his precum was right over my mouth.

Feeling the moist fabric against my lips I snaked my tongue out of my mouth to get a taste of Kris. It was delicious and I suddenly couldn’t get enough. I started sucking on the boxers, and just as I was really getting in to it, I let out a massive yelp as Kris’ mouth covered the head of my dick and he sucked my cock into his mouth.

Feeling Kris’ tongue lapping at my slit, wanting to taste my juices, running it around the head and up and down the shaft as he started bobbing his head, taking more and more of me into his mouth was incredible. Kris had come a long way as a cock sucker and he was doing an amazing job.

After I figured I had all of the precum from Kris’ boxers I took them off my face and looked down to see his beautiful eyes glowing and staring up at me as his lips curled into a smile around my cock and he continued to suck me.

Kris then pulled off the head of my dick and ran his tongue down the entire length until he was tonguing my balls, taking each one in to his mouth and rolling it around, sucking on it slightly.

Then he did something I never expected from Kris. He put his hands behind my knees and pushed my legs up, exposing my ass to him. He moved his head down and I screamed as I felt the tip of his tongue run over my hole.

Even though Kris had sucked my dick and had been fucked on multiple occasions I never imagined he would ever be willing to rim someone, but boy was I wrong. He buried his face in my ass and used his tongue to lick and probe my ass, pushing his tongue into my opening and tongue fucking me, getting me ready for his dick.

He had his face in my ass for about two minutes before it all became too much for me and I felt my stomach and chest tightening. It wasn’t that I was close to cumming, it was more that my body needed Kris so much it almost hurt.

“Oh God, Kris. Fuck me!” I screamed.

“What was that?” Kris asked before diving back into my ass.

“FUCK ME!!!”

I felt Kris chuckle against my ass before he pulled his face back and looked down at me as I panted and spread my legs, wanting him to fuck me so bad.

Slowly, Kris walked over to his bedside drawers, pulling out a condom and some lube. He grabbed one of the pillows from his bed and a towel from the back of his chair and put both under my ass.

I slowly stroked my cock and I watched as Kris ripped open the condom wrapper and rolled it down his gorgeous cock. He lubed himself up and then stepped up to me, pouring some lube on his fingers before reaching down and sliding two of his fingers into my ass to get me ready for his cock.

When he removed his fingers I moaned because it was feeling so good and I didn’t want him to stop. I was so hot for him now and I never wanted it to end. I needed him more than I’ve ever needed anyone before in my life.

Kris moved closer and let the head of his dick brush against my hole. I moaned but Kris didn’t push in, he just stood there, resting his dick against my twitching hole.

“What are you waiting for?” I asked, impatiently.

“Are you sure you want this?” he asked, flexing his dick so it rubbed against my hole.

I arched my back trying to get his dick to slip inside me, but it didn’t work.

“Please, Kris, I’m begging you. I need you inside me in the worst way.”

Kris smiled and leaned over me, placing his hands on the mattress as I held up my own legs. Without using his hands he just rotated his hips and started to press forward until his dick found the right spot, stretching my ass as it slipped inside me.

We both moaned and I threw my head back as I felt Kris enter me. His dick felt so good inside me as it continued to push deeper into me until he bottomed out and I felt his balls against my ass. He felt so big and warm pushing against my insides.

Our eyes met and we stayed still, just staring at each other with a soft smile. Then Kris leaned down to kiss me, pushing his tongue into my mouth, but his hips remained still.

I moved my legs and wrapped them around his waist with him lodged deep inside of me. Even though he didn’t thrust, he did keep flexing his dick, which made it jump inside of me. I moaned in to his mouth, so he kept doing it. Fuck it felt good.

After another minute or so he pulled back from the kiss to look in my eyes, a movement which pulled about an inch of his dick out of me. Kris smiled and then pushed that inch back inside me, the head running directly over my prostate as he went balls deep.

“Fuck me,” I moaned.

Kris slowly pulled out and then pushed all the way back in. He continued that movement, pulling back only a little before thrusting forward gently. With every thrust he buried himself inside me, eventually long dicking me, slowly.

That pace kept up for about five minutes and it was driving me mad. It felt so good but it kept me well away from an orgasm and even though I didn’t want the sex to ever end, I needed to cum.

Slowly, Kris started to pick up the pace, fucking me a little faster and a little harder. The faint sounds of our skin slapping together started to fill the room along with our moans.

I kept using the skills I had learnt over the years and squeezed the muscles in my ass so they wrapped tight around Kris’ cock as it sawed its way in and out of me. Kris groaned every time I did that and picked up the pace a little.

On one backwards thrust he slipped out of me but instead of stopping or using his hands to push his dick back inside me he just thrust his hips forward and his dick plunged back inside me.

I screamed and grabbed Kris, pulling him down so my arms were wrapped around him, just as my legs were. His lips immediately found mine and we started to make out again as he continued to fuck me at a nice steady pace, allowing me to feel every inch of his cock as it ploughed in and out of me and assaulting my prostate enough to constantly keep me on edge.

As we continued to kiss, Kris managed to wrap his arms around me, forcing them under my back. When he pulled up this time he took me with him and our lips were still locked as he managed to get up on the bed on his knees, my ass still impaled on his dick.

With my arms and legs wrapped around him and Kris holding me tight, we kept kissing, occasionally breaking apart to stare into each other’s eyes as Kris started bouncing me up and down on his cock.

Using his strength he managed to lift me about half way off his cock before the weight of my body brought me back down onto it, drilling it deep inside me. I had to grip hold of Kris so tight, digging my nails into his back because he was being driven so deep and was hitting my prostate with every inward thrust that my body just couldn’t take it.

I was still holding on with all my might, no doubt physically marking Kris, as my entire body tensed up, my ass started to spasm around Kris’ dick and my own cock, without being touched, fired off shot after shot of hot cum up Kris’ chest, with half of it landing on mine since they were almost pressed together.

Kris kissed me again as I was coming down from my orgasm. He moved to lay me back down on the bed and I released the grip I had on him. Even though my ass had been working over his cock during my orgasm, he still hadn’t cum yet so, without missing a beat, he continued to fuck me, drilling that hard cock of his in and out of me, rotating his hips to really drive it home.

I was moaning and yelping as he continued to fuck me. His breathing started to become more erratic and I knew he had to be getting close. I had figured Kris would start to jackhammer my ass to get himself off but he didn’t, he just kept going at a nice steady pace that allowed me to come down from my orgasm and relax enough to still enjoy the fuck he was giving me.

I was amazed by how long Kris was lasting and as he continued to fuck me, changing the angle of his thrusts to once again hit my prostate I felt myself racing toward another climax, something that was quite rare for me.

Kris leaned back down to kiss me and then moved his lips to my ear again.

“Do you think you can cum again?” he asked.

I nodded.

“Good. Then cum with me, I’m almost there,” he said.

He moved back, pulling away from me so I could see the sweat glistening off his incredible body. He was so sexy it was almost hard to believe.

His thrusts never let up on my ass as he reached down with one hand and wrapped it around my cock. He started to jerk me in time with his thrusts. I felt like my body was on fire. I was tingling all over.

“Fuck!” Kris shouted as he made one final thrust, buried himself in me completely and exploded inside the condom deep in my ass.

His hand tightened around my cock as he jerked it and as his dick jumped inside me and caught my prostate again, I fired off my second load of the night all over my stomach.

I collapsed back onto the bed in total sexual bliss and Kris soon lowered himself down on top of me, his dick still hard and twitching inside me. He leaned down for a kiss and then pulled back to look in my eyes.

“Merry Christmas,” he said with another soft kiss.

“Merry Christmas,” I said back before his lips covered mine once more.

The End!!

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