Written by Big ‘D’ to tie in with Chapter 74 of the main story…

Posted:  4/7/12

Entering their tent after a great night of singing, dancing and drinking around
the camp fire, Kris and Colt were totally naked and threw their clothes into a
corner. They couldn’t help but admire each other’s naked bodies.

“I’m so glad we went off for a little while and had that talk to clear the air
between us, bro,” Kris said.

“Me too, it worked for us, just like it works for Matt and Corey,” Colt replied.

“I hate it when we fight.”

“Me too, but we sorted that out earlier. Let’s just forget about it. All I can
think about is how fucking hot you look right now.”

Kris smiled, “You’re hot as hell too, bro.”

“Come here then,” Colt said, pulling Kris to him.

Kris and Colt embraced each other, kissing hard, their tongues battling for
dominance as they moved from one mouth to the other.

Kris pulled his head back with a gasp but he never loosened his grip on Colt. He
leaned forward resting his forehead against Colt’s, allowing him to stare deep
into Colt’s eyes.

“Fuck,” Kris said.

“What?” Colt asked.

“What is it about you that gets me so hot?”

“You’re always hot,” Colt said with a smile, squeezing Kris’ ass.

“I know,” Kris laughed, playfully squeezing Colt’s ass too. “I just mean that I’m
surrounded by hot guys all the time, whether it’s at the dorm or at the rec, but
none of them, not one, gets the reaction out of me that you do. You make me so
hard, Colt, and every time I see you naked I just wanna lick every inch of your
body, suck on that hot cock until you blow your load in my mouth or ride it ‘til
you cum in my ass. Then I wanna slide my dick inside you and just fuck you and
fuck you and never want to stop. Even when I’m not in the mood, like last night,
there’s still a part of me that wants you so bad.”

Colt’s dick throbbed hearing those words from Kris. “I feel the same, bro. No
other guy turns me on like you do. I have to restrain myself in our room all the
time when you’re naked and bending over in front of me. I just wanna jump up and
bury my cock deep in your ass.”

This time both dicks throbbed and rubbed against each other, causing them both to
moan and hold on to each other even tighter.

“Why haven’t we fucked the last two nights then?” Colt asked.

“I said sorry for last night, my head was just in the wrong place with seeing Brad
again, and besides, I wasn’t clean so I felt really unsexy and I wouldn’t have
enjoyed it,” Kris replied.

“You were clean the first night when we sucked each other’s dicks in that hot 69.
When I slipped my fingers in your ass and fucked you with them while sucking your
cock you were moaning like a bitch. Came so hard in my mouth I could barely
swallow it all.”

“But you did swallow it.”

“Damn right I did. I couldn’t let your hot cum go to waste. I seem to remember you
swallowing all of mine too.”

“I did,” Kris said smiling. “I love how you taste. I never thought I would but
it’s so hot feeling you cum in my mouth and knowing I’ve made you feel good.”

“Yeah…” Colt moaned. “And you loved me fingering your ass too.”

“I did,” Kris smirked. “I wanted you to fuck me so bad and I prepared for it
thinking you would, but it just felt too good to make you stop.”

Colt’s lips turned up into a mischievous grin. “So… you said last night you
weren’t clean so we couldn’t fuck. Are you clean tonight?”

Kris smiled at the insinuation, “Yeah, I am. I kinda figured I owe you one for
last night.”

“So you’re gonna let me fuck you tonight?” Colt smiled.

“I was thinking I might let ya.”

“Awesome. But, you know, I was kinda thinking maybe we could try something
different,” Colt said.

“How do you mean?” Kris asked.

“Well, this time last year we fucked each other for the first time, and as great
as it would be to just have another one-on-one fuckfest, like we have many times
over the past year, I thought maybe we should try something new again and see if
any of the gay guys wanna fuck around with us.”

“For real?” Kris asked.

“Yeah. It’s Spring Break, I’m horny as hell and I feel like doing something we
might never get the chance to do again. What do you say?”

Kris thought over Colt’s proposition for a moment. “And that’s really what you
want to do?”

“Yeah. Just for tonight. Maybe we can both sink our dicks into an ass we’ve never
fucked before. There’s still plenty of nights left for us to be alone.”

“Okay,” Kris smiled. “Let’s do it.”

“Fuck yeah! This is gonna be great, bro,” Colt beamed.

“So who do you wanna ask?” Kris asked.

“Well, we’ve already fucked around with Matt and Corey, so I’d say they’re out.”

“Agreed,” Kris said. “And we’ve both fucked Scott, though we haven’t fucked Jordy,
so that’s an option.”

“That’s just because you still have the hots for Jordy. You were coming on to him
all night hoping to get in his ass. I think it would be too hard trying to
communicate with him to have sex with him. Maybe I’m wrong but it must be so much
easier for someone like Scott who can talk to him. What about Brennan and
Garrett?” Colt asked. “I’ve never done anything with either of those two.”

“I’ve fucked around with Brennan, but Garrett’s fresh meat.”

“You wanna see what he tastes like?” Colt laughed. Kris bared his teeth and roared
in reply. “You fucking idiot!”

They both burst out laughing and then went back to kissing each other as their
hands travelled up and down the body they were holding on to.

Breaking the kiss and reaching down to stroke Kris’ throbbing cock. “I’m so glad I
brought supplies,” Colt smiled as he bent down and reached into his bag, pulling
out a huge bottle of lube and a box of 12 condoms that was unopened.

“Fuck, you really were prepared,” Kris laughed.

“Damn right I was. I want us to have used this whole box before we go home. We’d
have already used a couple if your ass would have been up for it.”

“We’ve still got time to make up for it and use them all,” Kris smiled.

“Fuck yeah we have,” Colt smiled, pulling Kris in for yet another kiss.

They slowly unzipped their tent, trying not to make a noise, even though it didn’t
really matter because others got up throughout the night to go for a piss in the
woods. They stuck their heads out of the tent, making sure there was no one around
to see them.

Seeing no one they quickly headed out of their tent, leaving the lantern they had
behind so they had to navigate the tents using nothing but the light of the moon,
they headed toward the other tents, walking on tiptoes.

When they reached Scott’s tent they froze, not wanting to alert him that anyone
was there. When they heard the sound of two people moaning they looked at each
other through the darkness and smiled, knowing that Scott and Jordy were fucking
each other again. Those two would definitely be using a whole 12 pack of condoms
before the week was up.

Carefully walking on, they came to a stop beside Matt and Corey’s tent, seeing a
light on inside. They were both worried their silhouettes might be seen against
the light, but then they heard Corey’s voice, “…the hottest one is on top me with
his big dick resting on my abs,” and they knew the couple would be too busy to
notice them.

Kris made his way around the front of the tent with Colt just behind him, but
Colt’s eyes were focused on Kris’ muscular ass bouncing up and down, wanting to
get inside it, and not the rope securing Matt and Corey’s tent to the ground,
which he tripped over and stumbled forward, only being saved by Kris turning
around to catch him.

“What was that?” They heard Matt say.

They looked into each other’s eyes and quickly ran the short distance to Brennan
and Garrett’s tent, hiding behind the far side of it in case Matt or Corey checked
to see if anyone was outside.

Colt was panting hard, with his heart beating fast in his chest. He was sitting on
the ground with his back against Kris’ chest. Kris himself had his arms around
Colt and was trying not to laugh at Colt tripping over the rope.

“Yeah, suck it,” a voice moaned from inside the tent.

Colt turned his head so he could look at Kris and they both smiled, knowing their
plan could work. Colt pulled himself away from Kris and crawled along the ground,
taking the zip of the tent into his hand and slowly drawing it up.

As he did that Kris leaned forward and ran his tongue along the crack of Colt’s
ass. Colt gasped and jerked, but managed to bite his lip before he let out a moan.
Kris was chuckling behind him and gave him a soft slap on the ass.

When they finally had the door to the tent open they both looked in to see Brennan
flat on his back with Garrett between his legs, sucking his uncut cock while
Garrett’s finger slowly pushed its way inside his ass.

With a lantern lighting the tent they got a clear view of Garrett on his hands and
knees with his ass pointing toward the door, right at Kris and Colt.

“Damn,” Colt said, “would you look at that ass…?”

Garrett quickly pulled off Brennan’s cock and spun around to see who had
interrupted them. Brennan also sat up and turned to see who was invading their
private time. They both wanted to shout and tell whoever it was to get the fuck
out but what they saw made their mouths water.

Kris and Colt were both stood there naked with their rock hard cocks sticking out
in front of them, just a hint of precum on the tips of their dicks.

In the low light Kris’ body looked better than it ever had with shadows falling
into the gaps and creases between his muscles, making his pecs look bigger and his
eight abs look tighter and harder than ever.

Colt’s own strong chest, hot abs and veiny arms had never looked better either
with the cuts at his waist seemingly more visible than they had at any point
during the day when they had seen him without his top.

“What do you want?” Garrett asked.

“We were kind of hoping we could join you,” Kris said.

“You’re kidding, right?” Garrett asked, thinking they were playing some kind of

Kris pointed to his hard cock. “Does it look like I’m fucking joking? My dick is
hard as steel and I was looking for someone who might wanna take care of it for

“And you Colt?” Brennan asked.

“It’s Spring Break, dude. It’s time to experiment and try something new. Last year
I fucked Kris and Bryson. This year I wanna fuck someone I haven’t fucked before,
and you two are perfect for that,” Colt smiled.

“You wanna fuck us?” Brennan asked. “Not just blow jobs?”

“Fuck that shit. I’m here for full on sex,” Colt replied.

Brennan studied Colt for a moment to see if he was being serious. It looked like
he was. Even though Brennan had already fucked Kris and knew that Kris and Colt
had fucked many times, he still wasn’t sure if it was all some kind of joke so he
pulled Garrett to him and they whispered to each other, agreeing on a plan.

“Okay,” Brennan said. “You can join us. But there’s one condition.”

“What?” Kris and Colt both said together.

“If you two wanna fuck our asses, then you’ve gotta let us fuck yours too,”
Brennan smiled.

Kris and Colt looked at each other, shrugged their shoulders and spoke
simultaneously again, “Deal.”

They crawled into the tent, Colt still with the condoms and lube in his hand and
then they zipped up the door.

“So how we gonna do this?” Colt asked.

Brennan looked at Garrett and then turned to look at Colt. “I’ve already fucked
Kris, and as hot as he is, you’re right, we should fuck someone new, so you get me
and Kris gets Garrett and his big dick.”

“Fine by me,” Colt said. “Kris?”

“Me too, bro. Let’s do this,” Kris smiled, reaching forward to pull Garrett into a

Garrett’s eyes were wide open feeling Kris’ tongue slide into his mouth. He never
thought he would ever get to fuck the stud that is Kris, even though he had dreamt
about it many times and had Scott tell him more than once about the times when he
had fucked around with Kris and Colt.

“Fuck that’s hot,” Colt said.

“Damn right it is,” Brennan agreed. “My hot boyfriend and your best friend… But,
you know, I’m not one to be outdone. Come here.”

Brennan reached out and pulled Colt forward by the arm until Brennan was flat on
his back with Colt on top of him. Their lips found each other and they quickly
started making out as Brennan ran his hands up and down Colt’s back before moving
them down to his hot bubble butt. Brennan couldn’t wait to get inside it.

Both pairs continued to make out with their hands going all over each other’s
bodies. Their tongues were battling, with neither Brennan nor Garrett letting Kris
and Colt take advantage of them. They were going to give it back as good as they
got it.

Garrett pulled back from Kris’ lips and pushed the muscular blond to the ground,
straddling him with his much slimmer frame and leaning down for another long
passionate kiss.

Colt’s lips had moved from Brennan’s lips down to his neck, while he was running
his hands over Brennan’s chest, thrusting their hard dicks together, causing them
both to moan.

Garrett’s kisses were now focused on Kris’ chest. He just couldn’t get enough of
the hot muscles pressed against his lips. He had always wanted to be with a guy
like Kris. Hell, he’d always wanted to be with Kris, and now he was living that
dream he was going to make the most of it.

He used his hands to cup each pec, gripping it hard enough to make Kris moan, but
not hard enough to hurt. He loved the body. It was so different to any of the ones
he had been intimate with before. It was so built.

Using the tip of his tongue, Garrett focused his attention on the ‘N’ tattoo over
Kris’ heart. He traced the very outline of the letter with his tongue, which had
Kris moaning and arching his back, pushing up against Garrett.

“Oh fuck that feels good,” Kris moaned as Garrett finished working on the tattoo
and moved his lips to the closest nipple, sucking it into his mouth.

Colt was further down Brennan’s body, having used his lips and tongue to tease
Brennan’s nipples. He was running his tongue along the cuts at Brennan’s waist,
which he found insanely hot. Not everyone had such defined shaping above their
hips and it drove Colt wild, especially since they seemed to lead directly into
Brennan’s pubes and his hot uncut cock.

The only other uncut cock Colt had ever experienced was Scott’s, but Brennan was
about an inch bigger than Scott and Colt couldn’t take his eyes off of the dick.
He took it in his hand and slowly moved the foreskin back and forth over the head,
leaning down to put his tongue against the tip, pulling the skin back up and over
his tongue, which he then used to circle the head.

“Yes Colt! Keep doing that!” Brennan moaned.

Garrett looked over to see Colt on his hands and knees worshipping his boyfriend’s
cock. He had just been running his tongue around Kris’ abs, much to Kris’ delight,
who still had his hand in Garrett’s hair.

Seeing Colt suck Brennan made him hungry for Kris so he reached down, pulled Kris’
cock up straight and sucked it into his mouth, skipping over any teasing because
he wanted to suck down every drop of precum that was leaking out of Kris’ cock.

He ran his tongue around the head, poking the tip into Kris’ slit. He loved the
taste of Kris’ precum, it was just the right mix of salty and sweet that made it
irresistible. It almost left your mouth dry because you wanted more of it but it
satisfied every single one of your taste buds so that sucking the cock was just as
good as if you were receiving a blowjob yourself.

Colt was bobbing up and down on Brennan’s cock, taking more and more of it into
his mouth with each downward movement, but he still couldn’t get it all in. He was
almost able to deep throat Kris now when they sucked each other off, but Brennan,
like Matt, was just too big, even though he wanted so much to just swallow the
cock down and milk it for all it had.

Pulling back, only when his jaw started to ache, Colt moved down and started
sucking on Brennan’s balls. Brennan moaned, placing his hand on Colt’s head, but
then he wanted more. He wanted to taste Colt’s dick.

“Turn around Colt,” Brennan said. “I wanna suck your dick, but I don’t want you to
stop sucking me, let’s 69.”

“Fuck yeah,” Colt said with excitement.

He spun his body around so he was straddling Brennan’s face, his knees on either
side of Brennan’s head. His dick was pointing right down at Brennan’s mouth, who
sucked it between his lips and started working the head with his tongue as Colt
leaned back down to suck on Brennan’s balls.

Garrett had his nose buried in Kris’ neatly trimmed pubes, deep throating the hot
7 inch cock that was throbbing as the muscles in his throat contracted around it.
He hadn’t planned to take all of Kris so soon but he just couldn’t help himself,
he wanted him so bad.

When he started pulling his head up, he did so slowly, running his tongue up the
length of Kris’ cock until it was once again resting with the tip in the slit.
Kris was leaking more precum and it only heightened Garrett’s desire. He went back
down and sucked the cock into his throat.

Brennan has been working Colt’s cock for a minute or so, loving the feel of the
hot 7 inch veiny cock as it slid in and out of his mouth. He was not so much
sucking Colt’s cock as he was letting Colt fuck his face.

After another minute, Brennan pulled Colt’s cock out of his mouth and ran his
tongue down the length of Colt’s shaft, over his balls and back until he was
licking at Colt’s ass. Colt moaned and let Brennan’s dick slip from between his
lips, sitting back on Brennan’s face as his ass got eaten.

With his dick in Garrett’s throat, Kris thought he was going to cum so he quickly
pulled Garrett off him and moved him back up his body until they were kissing
again. Kris held Garrett’s head close and slipped his tongue into Garrett’s mouth
again as they kissed.

As they continued to make out, Kris ran his hands all over Garrett’s body. It was
so different to any of the bodies he had felt before. He was nowhere near as built
as a guy like Corey or even Colt. Nor was he built with compact muscles like Matt
or Scott. Garrett was taller than any of the guys Kris had fucked before and so he
had a naturally slender body that was well toned, because he did work out some,
but not actually built up, it was mainly just natural.

Garrett’s body jerked when Kris moved his hand down to Garrett’s ass and gave it a
good squeeze. When his hips thrust forward it sent his dick sliding between Kris’
legs, with the precum covered tip of his cock rubbing directly over Kris’ hole.

Kris threw his head back, moaned, held Garrett closer as the pleasure washed over
his body and then spoke, “Fuck me, Garrett.”

Garrett’s dick twitched hearing those words come out of Kris, causing it to brush
against Kris’ hole again.

“Please,” Kris said.

Colt was moving his ass back and forth across Brennan’s face, feeling the tongue
lapping at his ass, the tip pushing at the entrance, probing deeper until it
finally slipped inside.

“Holy fuck,” Colt screamed. “Fuck me too, Brennan. Fuck me like your boyfriend is
about to fuck Kris.”

“Damn, you bi boys really want our big dicks inside ya, don’t ya?” Brennan asked
pulling back from Colt’s ass.

“Just shut up and fuck us,” Colt said, moving off Brennan to retrieve the lube and

“I can’t fucking believe this,” Garrett said, still thinking he was dreaming.

“Believe it, big boy,” Kris smiled as Colt threw a condom to him. “This is a one
time only deal so make the most of it.”

Garrett shivered as Kris ripped open the condom and reached down to roll it down
Garrett’s near 9 inch cock. Even with Kris’ words Garrett had still found it hard
to believe Kris would let him fuck him, but not only was he going to let him, he
was actually getting Garrett’s dick ready for the journey up his tight muscular

“How do you want me?” Colt asked Brennan.

“On your hands and knees, bitch,” Brennan said.

“Hey, less of the bitch, yeah?” Colt said.

“I was only joking, dude, even if you are about to feel all 8 inches of me up in
your ass.”

Colt smiled and assumed the position, on his hands and knees with his ass pointing
toward Brennan. Brennan’s hands almost immediately went to Colt’s ass cheeks,
pulling them apart so he could drive his face back between them to continue
rimming Colt’s hot butt.

“Oh shit, yeah, eat that ass, Brennan. Get it nice and wet for your dick,” Colt

At the same time, no more than two feet away, Garrett was massaging lube onto his
9 inch shaft, getting it nice and slippery for when he pushed it into Kris’ ass.
His dick was throbbing harder than ever as he watched Kris pour lube onto his hand
and then reach down to finger his ass, getting it ready for the invasion.

Seeing how much Kris was enjoying fingering his own ass, Garrett reached down and
slid his finger in to Kris’ ass, alongside Kris’ own. Kris moaned and arched his
back as he removed his own finger from his ass and felt Garrett instantly replace
it with another of his own.

Garrett leaned forward and went back to making out with Kris as he used his middle
and index fingers to fuck Kris’ tight ass.

While he was still eating Colt’s ass, getting it wet with saliva, Brennan had
opened a condom and had rolled it down his hard cock. He was slowly jerking it now
Colt had reached back to spread his own ass cheeks with one hand, while the other
held up his body weight.

Brennan pulled back from Colt’s ass and moved forward until the tip of his covered
cock was just grazing against Colt’s ass. Colt moaned and pushed back against the
dick, but Brennan pulled away from him.

When Garrett came up from kissing Kris, Brennan pulled him over into a deep kiss.

“Fuck his ass, babe,” Brennan said. “Give it to him like you gave it to me last

“I will,” Garrett smiled. “And I want to really hear you make Colt scream.”

They kissed again and returned to the two built studs who were in position and
ready to be fucked. Colt was on his hands and knees, waving his ass at Brennan.
Kris was on his back, pulling his legs back toward his chest to expose his hole to

The boyfriends both moved into position, rubbing their hard dicks against the ass
they were about to fuck and started pushing forward.

“Oh fuck,” Kris moaned as Garrett started to push his way inside, stretching his
ass, which still wasn’t used to being fucked. It had been a while since he last

Colt put his head down so his forehead was resting against the floor while his ass
was up in the air and then he moved his mouth until he was biting his forearm. The
last time he had a dick inside him was the morning after his birthday when Kris
and Scott had both fucked him so good he was almost delirious. As Brennan’s cock
pushed past his sphincter and stretched his hole wide and the dick slid deeper
into him he couldn’t help but moan and bite his arm with the surge of pain that
went through his body.

He was panting hard and his abs felt so tight he was afraid he was going to pull
one of them. Brennan kept moving inside him, slowly pushing forward so that inch
by inch he slid into Colt until all 8 inches were buried deep in Colt’s ass.

“Fuck!” Colt moaned. “You feel so fucking big, Brennan. Feels just like Matt’s big
dick when he fucked my ass. Take it easy.”

“You’ve been fucked by Matt?” Brennan asked, not really surprised but wanting

“Yeah man,” Colt groaned, still getting used to the long cock inside him.

“And how did it feel?”

“So fucking good! He made me cum without touching myself.”

“Damn, that’s hot. Let’s see if I can do the same.”

“Yeah! Fuck me!” Colt said, squeezing his ass around the big cock and then
groaning because there was still some pain in his ass, which felt so damn full.

Brennan ran a hand up Colt’s back and then leaned forward to place kisses on
Colt’s skin. He reached around to run his hands over Colt’s tight abs, which felt
rock hard, and then he felt the wetness hit his hand as he brushed against Colt’s
cock, which was throbbing and leaking precum all over the place.

“HOLY FUCKING SHIT!” Kris screamed, reaching out quickly to grab Colt’s hand which
was close to his.

He was panting hard and had his head thrown back while his grip tightened around
Colt’s hand. Garrett was gently pushing his huge cock into Kris’ ass, filling Kris
up with more cock than he’d ever taken before.

Kris was somewhat used to feeling Colt inside him and knew how deep Colt usually
got, but when Garrett reached that point he just kept going and Kris felt like his
body was on fire.

Garrett had great length, but he was also quite thick when fully erect, and he had
never been harder than he was, finally getting to fuck Kris. It was the fattest
cock Kris had ever been fucked by so he really felt it stretch him as the near 9
inches plunged into his depths, running over his prostate in the process, and
fucked him deeper than anyone ever had before.

“How… much… left?” Kris panted.

“Nearly all there,” Garrett breathed, almost unable to believe how tight Kris’ ass
was squeezing his cock.

“It’s a big dick, isn’t it Kris?” Brennan asked with a smile as he slowly started
to withdraw from Colt’s ass.

“Fuck, man, it feels like I’m being split in half!”

“Yeah, it does at first, but believe me, once you get used to it, you’ll never get
fucked by a better cock.”

“You’d better be fucking right or I’m gonna fuck you so hard you’ll go home crying
to your momma.”

Brennan chuckled, watching Kris grit his teeth as Garrett bottomed out in his hot
muscle ass. Just the head of his own cock remained inside Colt so he softly pushed
it back inside to hear Colt grunt.

“There you go, Kris,” Garrett said with a smile on his face. “You got all of me
inside you now.”

“Damn, fucker, you’re hung!” Kris laughed. “Go easy on me.”

Garrett leaned down to kiss Kris. They started making out as Garrett pulled his
hips back, withdrawing maybe four inches of his cock and then pushing it back in.

Kris threw his arms around Garrett and moaned into his mouth. The cock was fucking
him so deep it was almost unreal. He didn’t think anyone would have been able to
get that far inside him, but Garrett was and he was gently rocking his hips back
and forth, fucking Kris slowly.

Brennan was long dicking Colt, pulling back until the head almost popped out and
just sliding it back in, never stopping. Twice the dick actually popped out of
Colt’s ass but it was well lubed and used to Brennan’s big dick so he just pushed
it straight back in.

All of the pain that Colt had been feeling had gone and Brennan’s cock was
starting to feel good inside him, so much so that he rose up, placing his hands
flat on the ground so he could start rocking back and forth to meet Brennan’s

“Yeah, Brennan, fuck my ass!” Colt moaned.

“So fucking tight, Colt, I love it!” Brennan said with a particularly hard thrust.

Garrett was still bent over Kris, his lips now nuzzling at Kris’ neck, holding him
close with a hand on the back of Kris’ head as he continued to thrust in an out of
Kris’ ass at a medium pace that let Kris get used to the invasion while still
letting Garrett’s dick get a good workout inside Kris’ clenching ass.

Finally getting used to feeling so full, the pain of penetration having faded,
Kris grabbed a fistful of Garrett’s hair and pulled his head back so he could look
in his eyes.

“Fuck me, Garrett. Fuck my ass hard,” Kris said, immediately pulling Garrett into
a hot tongue filled kiss.

Garrett then pulled back, planted his hands on the ground either side of Kris’
chest and started to thrust harder and faster into Kris, removing more of his dick
now and then driving it back inside, causing Kris to yelp every time it went in

Brennan’s balls were slapping against Colt’s ass as he fucked him harder and harder,
Colt forcing his ass back to meet Brennan’s thrusts. They had worked themselves up
into a rhythm so that when Brennan pushed forward Colt pushed back, achieving maximum

Colt was panting and moaning, saying “fuck” every few seconds as Brennan’s cock
worked his ass over, running over his prostate and making him jump with every dozen
thrusts into his tight ass.

Brennan leaned forward so his chest was resting against Colt’s back and wrapped his
arms around the hot country boy whose ass felt so good on his cock. He kissed Colt
between the shoulders, reaching his hands around to squeeze Colt’s pecs, run his
hands over the hard abs and to stroke the throbbing cock that was still leaking.

Making sure he got as much precum on his hand as possible, Brennan pulled back and
moved his fingers up to his mouth so he could taste Colt’s juices as he watched his
boyfriend fuck Kris’ hot ass.

Garrett slowly increased his pace until he was fucking Kris hard, pulling almost all
of his cock out and then driving it back in. The slow movements of before had gone
and Garrett was drilling Kris with all 9 inches of his cock.

He reached down and grabbed Kris’ legs, pushing them forward so his knees were almost
touching his chest. Kris placed his feet on Garrett’s chest as Garrett leaned forward
to get even more leverage to fuck down into Kris’ ass, pounding the holy hell out of
him as Kris whimpered and threw his head from side to side.

“How’s that ass treating you, baby?” Brennan asked, never letting up on his thrusts
into Colt.

“So fucking good!” Garrett screamed, the joy and pleasure in his voice was clear.

Suddenly Colt pushed back so he was no longer on all fours but was instead just on
his knees. His back came to rest against Brennan’s chest.

Brennan threw his arms around Colt and held tightly to him as he started kissing his
neck. Brennan continued to fuck Colt, sinking his full 8 inches deep inside the
clenching ass.

Colt reached back, pulling Brennan’s head down so his ear was near Colt’s mouth.
“Pull out and let me ride you.”

Brennan smiled and licked Colt’s ear. He slowly moved back, pulling his dick from
Colt’s ass. He moved around in what he suddenly realised was quite a crowded tent,
dropping to the ground so he was flat on his back with his hard, shiny, covered cock
pointing toward the sky.

Colt smiled, straddling Brennan and sinking his ass back down on the cock with no
resistance. Within seconds he felt Brennan’s pubes on his ass cheeks and threw his
head back in pleasure as the dick ran over his spot.

“Fuck me,” Colt encouraged.

Garrett loved watching Brennan hold on tight to Colt’s hips and drive his dick up
into the hot bubble butt, almost as much as he loved what Kris’ tight ass was doing
to his dick. He had never felt his cock being worked over so completely as it was
inside Kris. It was like the whole ass was moving and squeezing it along the shaft,
like it was giving it a real massage.

Kris was moaning the entire time, his arms thrown back, his fists clenched, head
tilted back as he panted for breath. He couldn’t believe the feelings Garrett’s huge
cock was causing inside him, but then he felt that disbelief almost every time he got
fucked and a cock was ploughing its way into him.

Garrett then pulled back, bringing Kris’ legs down from their position as his dick
popped out of Kris’ ass. He placed one of the legs on the floor and the other he
lifted up onto his shoulder, which turned Kris slightly on his side. Then he plunged
his dick back inside Kris’ ass.

Kris screamed. His eyes went wide, almost popping out of his head. His mouth hung
open. He could barely breathe. Garrett’s dick pushed even deeper into his ass,
feeling as if it was going to saw straight through him.

Colt sat atop Brennan, riding his hard cock as he watched Kris’ ass get pummelled by
Garrett. Involuntarily his ass started to spasm from just watching his best friend
get fucked so hard and deep.

“Oh shit, Colt, your ass is so tight,” Brennan moaned. “Squeezing me just right, I
think I’m gonna cum.”

“Oh no, you don’t,” Colt said, shaking his head as he quickly jumped up off Brennan’s
dick, pulling it out of his ass. “Not yet.

Brennan looked up at Colt with pleading eyes, wanting him to finish him off and let
him cum. Colt just smiled and moved his hand towards Brennan’s cock. Brennan took in
a deep breath but then groaned in disappointment as Colt pulled the condom off
Brennan’s dick and just sat back looking at him, all the while Garrett was still
fucking Kris’ brains out.

When Colt thought Brennan had calmed down enough and was no longer on the verge of
orgasm, he reached across and picked up a condom. Brennan’s dick throbbed as Colt was
opening the wrapper but then it was his ass that twitched when he watched Colt roll
the condom over his own cock. Brennan knew he was about to get fucked.

He lifted his legs as Colt poured lube onto his fingers and brought them down to
Brennan’s ass. The fingers slid straight in and Colt looked down at Brennan with a
smile. He was already prepared to get fucked, only he expected it to be Garrett’s 9
inches that was doing the fucking, not Colt’s 7 inches.

Colt quickly lubed up his cock, pushed Brennan’s legs back and slipped his dick into
the very welcoming ass. They both moaned as Colt almost immediately bottomed out and
started fucking away before Brennan could even catch his breath or adjust to the cock
that was now pummelling his ass.

Kris turned his head and saw Colt hammering away at Brennan’s ass. Colt was leaning
over Brennan with his ass high in the air. Suddenly Kris got an idea. He reached up
and pulled Garrett down to him for a kiss, almost tearing a muscle in his leg from
the way it bent since it was still on Garrett’s shoulder.

Pulling back from the kiss, Kris said, “Garrett, pull out. I have an idea.”

Garrett looked upset but did as Kris said and pulled out of his ass with a pop,
wanting to know what Kris had in mind.

Kris crawled across the room. Colt was completely lost in fucking Brennan’s ass that
he didn’t notice Kris behind him, ripping open a condom, sliding it over his dick and
lubing it up. He made sure his cock was dripping with lube and then he moved forward
placing his arm between Colt’s shoulders and pushing him forward until his and
Brennan’s chests were pressed together.

“What the fuck?” Colt asked.

Instead of answering with words Kris just moved closer, brushed his hard cock against
Colt’s ass and then started pushing it inside.

“Holy shit,” Garrett said. “You’re gonna fuck Colt while he’s fucking Brennan? So

Garrett remained on his knees, stroking his cock as he watched Kris sink all the way
into Colt’s ass. All three guys in the chain were moaning as Kris pulled back and
then drove his hips forward, drilling his cock into Colt, which in turn drove Colt’s
cock into Brennan.

“Fuck… fuck… fuck…” Brennan panted as Kris and Colt kept up the thrusts, working
themselves into a rhythm until they were moving in one smooth motion.

“Yes!” Colt screamed. “Fuck my ass, Kris!”

“You like my dick inside you?” Kris asked.

“You know I fucking do. I love it. Fuck me while I fuck Brennan’s hot ass.”

“Yeah!” Kris moaned, taking hold of Colt’s hips and going into overdrive, pounding
Colt’s ass so hard Colt had no choice but to lean forward, embrace Brennan and just
take the assault on his ass.

“I can’t fucking believe this,” Garrett gasped, still stroking his covered cock.

“Then this is gonna blow your fucking mind,” Kris said, bending forward so his chest
was pressed against Colt’s back and his ass was in the air. “Get over here and stick
that monster back inside me.”

“You kidding me?” Garrett asked.

“Fuck no. Get over here,” Kris said.

“Hold on, Kris,” Colt said. “You’re gonna get your ass fucked while you’re fucking my
ass while I’m fucking Brennan’s?”

“Yeah. It might not work but it’s work a try.”

By this point Brennan was speechless. His dick was rock hard, trapped between his and
Colt’s abs. Every time Kris moved it made Colt move, pushing Colt’s dick further into
his ass and causing his own dick to rub against the stomachs. He was constantly on

Brennan then felt more weight on him and when he heard Kris moan he realised that
Garrett was pushing his big cock back into Kris’ ass.

It took a moment for them all to get accustomed to the position, with so many arms
and legs everywhere, not to mention the three asses getting fucked and the 31 inches
of throbbing cock that was rock hard and ready to explode.

Soon they were all slowly moving backwards and forwards until they were moving like a
Newton’s Cradle. Garrett rocked his hips back, pulling his cock out of Kris, who slid
out of Colt, who withdrew from Brennan, and then Garrett swung forward impaling Kris,
who plunged into Colt, who was driven into Brennan.

They were all moaning and panting as they moved in sync, back and forth, all of them
shocked that they were actually able to fuck like that.

Kris then leaned up and rested back against Garrett, whispering into his ear. Garrett
pulled his dick out of Kris, removed his condom and then slid another over his cock.
He lubed it up and tapped Kris on the shoulder. Kris pulled back, removing his dick
from Colt’s ass, but it was almost immediately replaced as Garrett pushed his slick
cock into Colt’s ass and quickly bottomed out.

Colt screamed, feeling the dick pierce right through him. He quickly looked over his
shoulder, wondering what they fuck just happened, looking straight at the grinning
face of Garrett.

The grin soon disappeared though when he gasped and buried his head against Colt’s
shoulder because Kris had moved in behind him and was pushing his dick into Garrett’s

They resumed the fourway fucking for about another two minutes but all of them were
tired and every one of them was desperate to cum.

Kris put his hands on Garrett’s hips and pulled him backward until his dick popped
out of Colt’s ass. Then Kris threw Garrett down onto the ground, threw his legs up
onto his shoulders and plunged his hard dick back into Garrett.

Garrett was right on the edge. Colt’s ass had been milking his cock, just like it had
done to Brennan’s ass when he’d been fucking it. Then he had Kris pounding him and it
was just too much for him to take. He ripped the condom off his cock and jerked it
furiously as Kris pushed his legs back and drilled Garrett’s ass hard.

With no cock in his ass now Colt was free to really go to work on Brennan the way he
wanted to. He hooked his hands behind Brennan’s knees, pushed them back and thrust
forward as hard as he could.

“Fuck me, Colt, fuck me!” Brennan screamed, trying to pull Colt deeper inside him.

“Oh shit… oh shit… oh shiiiiiiit!” Garrett cried as his head thrashed around while
Kris fucked him senseless.

He let out a scream as his whole body tensed and he convulsed, arching his back,
forcing Kris’ dick out of his ass. His cock jumped in his hand and exploded, firing
shot after shot all over his chest and stomach.

Kris smiled seeing Garrett in a state of pure bliss. Then he turned his attention to
the slapping sounds to the side of him as Colt continued to plough Brennan’s ass.

He moved in and wrapped his arms around Colt, leaning in to lick Colt’s ear before
whispering into it. “Can I fuck his ass now?”

Colt turned his head and looked straight into Kris’ eyes. He didn’t want to stop
because he could feel himself drawing close to his climax but he saw how much Kris
wanted a piece of Brennan so he nodded his head and pulled out.

Kris put on another condom and spread lube all over his cock as Brennan managed to
move up onto his hands and knees, presenting his ass to Kris, even though he was

Kris held on to Brennan’s hips and just pushed his dick inside, burying it in one
stroke. He started fucking straight away, all pretences dropped. They were on the
final stretch now and the goal was an orgasm.

Colt pulled off the condom, moved around to Brennan’s head and pushed his cock into
Brennan’s mouth to muffle the moans and screams that were being caused by the
pounding he was getting from Kris.

Despite being fucked hard and fast, Brennan still managed to suck Colt’s dick,
bobbing up and down on it, using his tongue to play with the head and trail up and
down the shaft.

Suddenly Brennan spat Colt’s cock out of his mouth, “HOLY FUUUUUUCK!”

His cock was pulsing as it shot wave after wave of cum all over the floor of the
tent. His entire body was shaking as his dick continued to jump and throb, sending
yet more cum onto the ground sheet before he collapsed into his own juices.

Kris remained on his knees surveying the scene. Brennan was lying flat on his stomach
in a pool of his own cum after Kris had fucked it out of him. Garrett was less than
two feet away, still panting and also covered in cum, which he shot after having
Kris’ dick inside him. And then there was Colt who was looking at him with nothing
but lust, his dick bouncing up and down.

Kris smiled, “Come on then, bro, I guess I owe you one.”

Colt watched as Kris pulled the condom off his cock and moved so he was on his back
with his legs pulled up exposing his ass. Colt quickly grabbed another condom and had
it on his dick in seconds. He lubed it up and moved to between Kris’ legs.

Brushing the tip of his covered cock against Kris’ hole, Colt asked, “So you want it
now, huh?”

“You know I do!” Kris laughed. “Fuck me, Colt. Make me cum.”

Colt said nothing more as he pushed his dick into Kris’ ass. They both moaned and
knew it wasn’t going to be a long fuck. Both of them wanted to cum.

Kris thrust his hips up to meet Colt’s, their flesh slapping together as Colt’s dick
was driven deep. Kris was jerking his cock with urgent need and Colt was fucking his
ass harder than ever before, the need to cum taking over both their bodies.

“I’m gonna cum!” Kris shouted.

“Me too!” Colt moaned.

He quickly pulled out of Kris’ ass and ripped off the condom, jerking his cock. Just
as he was getting ready to shoot on Kris’ rock hard abs, Brennan’s mouth engulfed his
cock and he started shooting into it.

At the same time Garrett swallowed Kris’ cock just as it exploded, catching every
drop of the hot cum in his mouth.

When Kris and Colt were both done shooting, Brennan and Garrett pulled off their
respective cock and leaned over, their mouths meeting and opening, tongues swirling
around each other as they shared the mixture of Kris and Colt’s cum between them and
then swallowed.

“That was out of this fucking world,” Brennan said, falling back onto the ground.

“Mind blowing…” Garrett agreed, joining his boyfriend on the floor.

“Once in a lifetime,” Colt smiled. “Never again will I get fucked by three cocks in
one night.”

“And I doubt I’ll ever get to fuck three hot asses in one night again either,” Kris

“I guess we’d better be getting back to our tent to get some sleep,” Colt said
bending down to pick up the lube and condoms he had brought with him.

Kris and Colt crawled over to Brennan and Garrett, giving each of them a long kiss
before they said goodnight and left the tent, leaving the boyfriends snuggled up

They were quickly back inside their own tent without making a noise this time and
they pulled each other in for a long, passionate kiss.

“So, how many condoms are left?” Kris asked.

“Four!” Colt smiled after looking in the box.

“Damn! We used eight condoms? Maybe we will make good on your pledge after all…”


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