Posted:   September 29, 2011

After a quick scan and seeing Kris run onto the field during the second flag football game of the year, I spotted Corey in the midst of the crowd.  Now I wasn’t sure if he or maybe one of the others was injured. 

“Colt twisted something,” Scott said and grabbed some water.

I looked to see Kris and Corey bringing a hobbling Colt to the sidelines.  The look on his face was not good for he seemed in pain with his right leg lifted up.  They found him a seat on an old wooden bench where he sat with his right leg extended. 

“God, it fucking hurts,” Colt said grimacing.

“Where?” Kris asked with the game resuming but his attention on his friend.

“My knee,” Colt said and pointed. “If I tore something…”

“Let’s hope not,” Kris said, cutting him off.

Within a minute or so, a student trainer came jogging to the sidelines.  She found Colt in pain when she walked over to him.   Kris left them alone to watch while our team scored on a great pass to Corey, which added some excitement while I was concerned about my injured friend.  He juggled it a second but held on.  He was smiling and happy while coming to grab some water.  The offense came over to see about Colt.  The trainer was doing some tests on him.  Colt rose and began walking gingerly on the sore right leg.

“I think he just tweaked it,” Scott stated. “He’ll be okay by the looks of things.”

Our team did pull the game out but it was a struggle.   Thus, the guys were ecstatic with the victory and proved they could play with any of the teams in this intramural league.   Colt was gingerly walking at the end of the game but didn’t re-enter as a precaution.  

After the game and grabbing something to eat, our room was filled since it seemed most of the hall was at the game due to Kris publicizing it to everyone he came in contact with that day.   Rather than sit and listen to the talk, Corey suggested we go elsewhere as in Parker’s room. 

We entered his room with he, Garrett, Eric and Jay sitting around but Parker’s boyfriend was no where to be seen.  Corey and I grabbed the floor to sit on and didn’t mind.

“We heard the game was awesome,” Garrett stated.

“You should have come,” Corey said.

“I will next time,” he said.

“I hear after the game is the best.  They all lose their shirts and show off their fantastic bodies,” Eric commented. “I’d love to time it just right.  You two are so lucky.”

“Garrett will tell you it is nothing uncommon to see our friends without a shirt…” I said.

“Or without clothes for that matter,” Corey said.

“Now that I definitely wanna see.  I wanna see that hot Kris in nothing but his birthday suit,” Jay said.

“For that matter, I’d love to see Corey’s hot ass in his birthday suit.  Matt, how do you stand it?  He comes walking in the door in a sleeveless shirt showing those big arms,” Eric said. 

“Wow, I feel like total shit now,” Garrett laughed.

“Garrett has seen us all,” I said.

“We’ve seen Garrett enough too.  He loves showing off his monster dick,” Jay said.  “Makes me so jealous of Eric I can’t stand it.”

Eric grabbed Garrett’s arm, “Babe, you are the best.  I’m not making you jealous am I?”

“Nah if I can’t handle this, I shouldn’t ever have a boyfriend,” Garrett stated.

“We can look but not touch,” Parker spoke up.

“Dude, you can touch now all you want now that Darin is no longer in the picture,” Jay stated.

“I guess I can.  Matt, we’re officially done.  Matter of fact, he moved out this past weekend,” Parker said.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“I’m relieved it’s over.  We tried but it wasn’t happening,” Parker replied. “I’m moving on so if you two know of any decent guys send them my way.”

We continued to talk and enjoy the company.  It was a different atmosphere and vibe in this room than ours.  It was so mellow and relaxing while we could talk about things only we could relate to.  Corey and I left about eleven.  

By now, our room was pretty empty minus Bishop, Bryson and Scott.

“Where did y’all go?” Kris asked us.

“We went to Parker’s room for a while,” I replied.

“How was Garrett?  I barely even see him now,” Bryson asked.

“Actually, he seemed as happy as ever,” Corey replied.

“He’s still downing those fucking pills every chance he gets.  Now no telling what he’s paying to get them,” Scott said.

“Is he that bad?” Colt asked.

“He really is,” Bryson said.  “I wanna talk to him but can’t do it.”

“Why not?” Kris asked. “Just sit him down and tell him to stop.”

“That’s not gonna work.  It’d be like me telling Colt to stop dipping,” I stated.  “All of us as his friend need to sit him down and tell him.”

“It’s not that easy, guys,” Bishop said. “My uncle was hooked on those pills if you’re talking about Oxy and Hydro.”

“Exactly what we’re talking about,” Bryson said. “Has your uncle quit?”

“Yeah, it took forever and some fucking bad times for him to stop.  Ruined his marriage and his finances.  It’s a shame ‘cause he was banking some big bucks.”

“One day we have to stop him,” Kris said. “Before it ruins his life.”

Soon the three left for us to head to bed.  Kris and I went to our room and shut the door. 

“Bro, you missed it tonight,” Kris said once in his bed.

“I don’t think so.”

“Yeah you missed this dude Hans.  He was a trip.  He’s this Danish guy from Holland that moved to the States his senior year of high school.  Scott was tripping balls when he talked about that weed was legal there,” Kris said.

I laughed, “Kris, he’s Dutch and not Danish.”

“Same difference.”

“I heard weed was legal…”

“He said too you could drink at 16.  How sweet would that be?”

I laughed again, “You’d be a stoned drunkard by now.”

Kris laughed, “I would be, huh?  He was a lot of fun to talk with.  He heard all of us in the room and just asked if he could join in.”

“Yeah, our room is famous on the hall like I knew it would be,” I said.

“By the way, a bunch of us are heading to the fair Thursday to check it out.  Do you and Corey wanna go?”

“I guess we could…”

“Remember the first time we went?”

“How could I forget?” I replied. 

“Ain’t that the truth.  Next weekend, Rascal Flatts is in concert here on campus.”


“You know ‘What hurts the most is being so close’,” Kris sang but not very well.

“I think I’ve heard of the song.  I take it they’re a country group,”

“Exactly, bro.  Colt has been withholding it from us and has known for a month they were coming,” Kris said. “Jacee really likes them so I guess I’m going.”

“Don’t count on Corey and I going unless he wants to.  I’d be bored silly.”

Kris laughed, “I guess you would.”   He changed subjects to discuss the game and that Colt was doing okay.  Colt’s biggest test would be how he felt after sleeping on it. 

Corey and I were gone before we could see how Colt was the next morning, Wednesday.  I told him about the fair but he heard the same thing from Colt as well as about the concert.

“Matt, I sorta wanna go.  I’ll buy you a ticket,” Corey said.

“You wanna go?” I asked perplexed.

“Yes. I had to listen to country music all summer and liked some of their songs,” he replied with Scott and Shawn walking with us as well.

“Matt, Rascal Flatts isn’t that bad,” Scott stated.

“I’ll go but you’re wasting your hard earned money,” I said.

“I think we’re all going,” Shawn said. “You’ll have a ball.”

“You’re not really into music much, are you?” Scott asked me.

“I’m really not.  It is on in the car but country’s not my taste,” I said.

“He’s a hard rocker,” Corey said.

“Whoa!” Shawn said. “Something I can’t see.”

“I wouldn’t say hard but more like My Chemical Romance, Daughtry and groups like that,” I stated. “Corey, I don’t see why I can’t broaden my horizons a little.”

We separated at my building to begin my day.  Toni didn’t show up for our class together thus I worried a little about her.  The day was rather usual with my classes with lots to take in.  My biggest fear in my class with Corey was that he may get lost with the professor speeding through the material.

Corey waited when we returned to see how Colt was doing.  He and Kris walked in the door.  Colt had a noticeable limp and found the couch in a hurry.  He rubbed his knee, “Maybe I did more than twist it.”

“Wuss,” Kris said.

“Fuck you!” Colt screamed in anger. “I’m not faking this shit, dude.  It hurts.”

“I was kidding,” Kris stated and patted Colt on the shoulder. “I can tell you aren’t faking it, bro.”

“Well, I better run or I’ll be later than I already am.  Y’all take care of him and I better not see him at the Rec Center…” Corey said at the door.

“Perfect!” Kris yelled.  “Colt, go sit in the hot tub.  Maybe it’ll feel better then.”

“Better yet, have one of the guys or girls there check it out again,” Corey said.  “See ya!”  He shut the door and left us.

“Guys, I’m worried.  I just knew it’d be okay today but it hurts worse now,” Colt said.

“One reason is you’ve been walking on it all day.  Kris is right.  Maybe a long soaking in the hot tub could help,” I said. “It can’t hurt.”

“We need you up and going by tomorrow night for the fair,” Kris stated.

“Alright.  If nothing else, I’ll bum Garrett’s knee brace for a while for support,” Colt stated. “Better yet, I’ll snag a few of his pills if this thang keeps hurtin like it is bout right now.”

With our regular large group, we headed to the Rec Center.  Corey smiled and waved us through after we displayed our student ID's since he was manning the front desk with a cute girl.  We did our thing in the machine weight room with Kris doing more cardio than normal while Colt went to sit in the hot tub to see if that could help his aching knee.  

We finished and headed to the locker to shower as well as seeing how Colt was progressing.  Once inside, Colt was no where to be found so we headed to shower and then looked for him. 

As a group, we headed out in search.  Corey stopped us, “Colt’s having one of the student trainers look at his knee again.  He should be right out.”

We cooled our heels in the front lobby except for Kris and Bryson who roamed the building.  While they were gone, Colt came out and was smiling with a wrap around his knee.

“Just very minor,” Colt said.  “That dude told me I was lucky I didn’t shred the ligaments.”

“How does he know unless you had an MRI?” Scott asked.

“Just his opinion.  He told me to get one if it didn’t get any better by the weekend,” Colt said.  “He did suggest I wear a brace the rest of the year for precautions.”

Kris and Bryson came back and looked excited as ever.  “Bros, this place is fucking sweet!” Kris exclaimed in his sleeveless shirt torn down to the waist. “I had no idea they had so much stuff.  Tomorrow, I’m hitting the climbing wall!”

“The only place you know is the weight rooms,” Alex said. “That does sound pretty sweet.  I knew they had it but never ventured back there.”

Kris found Colt and asked how he was.  Colt gave him the same story while we left the Rec Center.

Once back in the room, we buckled down to study for our regular time before finding something to eat.  Colt said he wanted to stay back or would drive to stay off his leg.  We said we’d bring him something back since Kris wanted to walk. 

Kris and I came back to the room but didn’t see Colt in the living area but the TV was on.  We laughed seeing a pile of clothes just off the couch. 

“His leg must not be hurting him too bad,” I said.

“No shit,” Kris said. “Makes me jealous as fuck.  I’ll catch you later.”

I smiled as Kris stood.  “Good luck!”

Kris laughed, “I better get fucking lucky!”

With Kris gone, I caught a little weather on the TV.  I was about to go to my room when I heard a knock.  Opening the door, Ted was standing there with his backpack on in football t-shirt and athletic shorts.  For the first time, I notice the size of his legs.  They were so big and cut.

“Hey, wassup?” I asked.

“I’m glad you’re here, Matt.  I need some help with our class for that upcoming test.  I went to the tutors but he couldn’t explain this one theory I know will be so key to our test.  Plus, I’m not sure how much I’ll be around this weekend.  Do you mind if we studied for a while?” Ted asked in his deep voice.

“Of course not.  Kris is gone and Colt’s in the other room so we can use my room to study as long as we need to.”

“Awesome.  Thanks for helping a dumb jock out,” Ted laughed.

“Any time but you’re not dumb,” I said.   Ted patted my back and laughed.  I almost lost my breath when he did hit my back.  We pulled out our laptops and started first with his problem area.  After he grasped that concept, we moved on to cover other areas we knew would be covered on the test. 

After studying intensely, we stopped.  “They were right.  I picked one smart cookie to study with.”

“Ah, it was no problem and glad I could help,” I stated.

“Matt, I do appreciate that for two hours not one word was mentioned about football or the team…”

“Ted, I see you as a student who plays a sport here and not the other way around.  I can see each time you are around us how much you wanna be treated as one of the guys.  I will say you’ve made me a big fan.  Now that I know you and Luke, it does make the games that much more interesting…”

“One day, I do want you and my nephew to talk.  He needs to see how a real gay guy is and how one acts.  I have a ton of respect for you and Corey and the way you handle yourselves.”

“I appreciate that.  I’m lucky to have Corey, Kris and all of the guys here.  Sure there are jokes but they treat us like they do everyone else.”

“I can see that and as well they should,” Ted said.  “Hey do you think Kris would mind if I bummed a dip off him?”  He asked that since Kris’s can was on the desk in clear view.

“I think he’d be honored.  You do know Colt’s brother was disappointed in not seeing you last weekend,” I said.

“Damn, I’d have stopped by if I’d known they were here.  I know what it means to them.  I was in their shoes just a few years ago,” Ted stated after taking a dip and finding something to spit in.

“Does it get old with everyone coming up to you?”

“Sometimes it does,” he replied. “Some people have no respect at times.  I do love the look on kid’s faces when I say hi or sign an autograph.”

“Kris’s friend Mike thinks the world of you.  He came to the last game wearing your jersey.  By all the jerseys with your number, you must be making a little extra cash along the way,” I said.

“Dude, I wish.  My payment is having everything paid for in college. You wouldn’t believe all the damn rules we have to follow.  Tell Kris to find me if he’s wearing the jersey again if it’s that special needs guy…”

“It is…”

“Tell Kris I’ll sign it for him for sure.  If not, leave it with y’all and I’d be so happy to sign it for him or take it and have the entire team sign it for him.  I saw the big smile on his face and I think saw the smile on his parent’s face as well.  That makes it all worth it,” Ted stated.

“I’m sure it does,” I said.

“Thanks for your time,” Ted said and stood.  “You don’t know how much I really appreciate it.”

“Any time,” I said. “Just holler.”

Ted headed to the door.  Opening the door, Colt and Andrea’s head turned.

“Damn, I had no idea you were even here,” Colt said. “How’s it going, Ted?”

“Great.  I heard I missed Chase and Tabor this weekend.  Holler at me next time and I can always just stop by for a second.  I know how much it makes their day,” Ted replied.

“Don’t say that,” Colt laughed in his tee and shorts. “Chase thinks he’s the shit now that he knows you. He’ll be impressed you remembered his name.”

“That’s fine,” Ted said with a chuckle. “Colt, Matt here is one sharp cookie.”

“I know.  He makes us study so we don’t flunk out of here,” Colt said.  “Dude, I’m sorry but this is my girlfriend Andrea.  Andrea, this is…”

“I know who he is Colt.  You go crazy every time he makes a tackle,” Andrea said.

Ted shook her hand and left out the door but thanked me again. 

The door was barely shut.  “So what were you doing in there?”

“Studying for a test next week.  He said he wasn’t sure he’d be around much before the test,” I replied.

“He’s the shit, huh?” Colt said.

“He really is a great guy.  We had a nice conversation after we finished.  He’s really down to earth.  He bummed a dip off Kris.”

Colt laughed, “Kris will be honored but won’t act like it.”

“I know,” I said.

It wasn’t long before Corey came in from work with his face beet red from working out followed by Kris. Andrea left shortly after.  The four of us sat around talking before Corey and Colt said they needed to study.   Kris and I finished watching TV and headed to our room.

We were in our beds facing each other with Kris lying on top of the covers. 

“So Kris, what’s up?”

“What do you mean?”

“I know by now when something isn’t quite right.  You can play it off around Colt and Corey but you can’t around me…”

“Damn Matt, from now on, I won’t even play it off around you.  You’re fucking physic or something.”

“No, after years of being around you I can tell when you’re a little off.”

Kris cleared his throat, “Well… something just ain’t right between Jacee and me.   I don’t know what it is.”

“I do.  You’re with the first girl to come along to prove that you’re straight to the others.  Kris, be yourself.”

“Fuck you, I am being myself!  I’m not fucking doing this shit to prove I like girls!”

“Then why the fuck are you doing it?”

“I like her for one goddamn reason!” Kris said loudly.

“Kris, you don’t have to fuck a girl to prove you’re straight to me or anyone else around here!”

“Then how else do I prove it?”

“You don’t have to prove it.  This is not coming out the way I intended,” I stated and took a deep breath along with pausing for a moment to let us get settled down a little.  “I want you to be Kris and no one else.  If you can’t see, everyone here loves you for you.  You have that something special about you.  My honest suggestion is to break up with Jacee if you’re dating her to prove a point.  You’re happiest being outgoing, roaming the halls and being with people as always.  For instance, tomorrow night at the fair, you would be just as happy if not happier without Jacee…”

“I’m going with her and can’t do anything about that now,” he interrupted.

“You will have a great time because you’re part of the crowd and the leader.  On the football team, you’re back to being Coach Kris and love it.  This summer, you wouldn’t let Corey and I go off alone and had to have a bunch of us there…”

“Damn Matt, don’t you ever leave my life.  I don’t know what I’d do without you.  You’re so spot on with everything you’ve said.  I guess I needed someone to tell me this.  However, I’m committed to Jacee Friday night for something she wants us to.  After that, we’ll see what happens.”

“That’s perfectly fine.  Have a great time but don’t crawl into bed with her because you feel you need to prove a point even though I thought you had the bi thing settled,” I said.

“I do in my head but I love sex.”

“I love it just as much if not more.  However, you can fuck someone and walk away without feeling a thing like you did with me and that girl this summer…”

Kris smiled, “And a few more.  You’re right.  I can hookup, fuck and move on.  Matter of fact, I like the variety involved if it does mean both.  Matt, wouldn’t you like a little variety in your sex life other than Corey’s thick cock?”

“Ummm… not really.  I love him and see it as a way of us showing our love to each other but we have talked about expanding our horizons just a little bit.”

“Never expected to hear you say that,” Kris said.

I shrugged, “It’s just talk for now and we’ll see.  It could be fun.”

Kris smiled, “Attaboy.  Well I guess it’s a few more nights with Jacee and off she goes.”

“That’s putting it rather harshly but I know you’ll do what is right. Kris, between us, are you missing having sex with guys?”

“No, really I’m not.  I don’t think about it for one second when I’m with Jacee.  I never think of it until someone brings up.”

“Kris, just be happy in whatever you do.”

“I will be.  It sucks I can’t find what I deem as the right one.  I know she’s out there somewhere.”

“She will be for you one day.  I have faith you’ll find just the right one.”

“So are you and Corey for sure heading to his house this weekend?” he asked.

I replied, “We are Saturday since usually he gets off too late Friday.”

“I know you’ll have a great time.  Tell Lane and Heath to get their sorry asses up here and visit us.”

“I will since I’m sure we’ll see them sometime.”

“I bet you’re excited to add another venue to your fuck places,” Kris laughed.

“I guess it’ll be better than these twin beds…”

“I’d say you two have that down to an art and science.  You know every position possible on these damn things.”

“I guess I do between this year and last.  It makes a double bed seem like a luxury,” I stated.

“There is the sofa bed you know,” Kris said.

“Ummm… we might consider that,” I said with Kris standing to turn off the light.  Before he did so, he leaned over.   I sat up in my bed and let him hug me and kiss me on the cheek.  I didn't miss the chance at a short glimpse off his hot ass before the room went dark.

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