Posted:  July 29, 2012

Kris and I were enjoying the pool at our new complex.  It was really nice with lots of chairs.   At one end there was a nice big grilling area that we wanted to use and grill steaks.  Kris was comfortable in his bikini since it was just us and an older woman.   We dove in the warm water to cool off.  We swam around before returning to our chairs. 

“Thank goodness for this pool,” Kris said. “We have used it a lot.”

“And will continue to use it,” I said.

I looked up and saw three guys coming to enjoy the day.  They glanced at us and walked to the other side even though no one else was around. 

Kris sat in his chair and soon started getting antsy.  “I’m going to be friendly.”

“Good luck,” I said.

“No you’re coming with me,” Kris said.

I really didn’t want to but Kris was grabbing me by the arm.  We walked over and saw them applying sunscreen.  One was tall and thin while one was pretty fit.  Kris introduced us and stuck out his hand for a handshake.  The tall one shook his hand while the other two ignored us.

“I’m Kris,” Kris said with his hand extended.

“I heard ya.  Nice to meet ya,” the guy said.  He had short blond hair and was the fit one with an array of ink.

“Don’t be a dick, Kell,” the tall one said.

“You know how I feel about faggots,” he said.

“I’m not a faggot,” Kris said.

“Yeah right,” Kell said.

“Come on, Kris,” I said.

“No, this fucker is being rude and doesn’t know me,” Kris said.

“Right on, dude.  I don’t want to know you either,” Kell said. “No half straight guy wears that shit in public.”

“Damn Kell, you’re being such an asshole,” the tall one said while the other one just sat there with no emotion.

“It’s cool, bro.  I was just trying to be nice to my neighbors,” Kris said.

We walked back over and took our seat.

“Kris, you see not everyone is like us.”

“That Madison dude was telling him off.  He’s lucky I didn’t punch him in the fucking face.  How rude was that shit?” Kris said.

“I guess we see who the homophobes are,” I stated.

“Yeah, I guess we did,” Kris said.

We were taking in the rays.  We heard voices and looked to see Andrea and Megan coming our way.   They were in their little bikinis and looking very nice.  Kris stood and kissed Megan as his greeting.

“Now this is a nice surprise,” Kris said.

“This is too,” Megan laughed and pointed at Kris.  “Don’t tell me Matt talked you into this.”

“I’m guilty,” I said.

“So what brings you here?” Kris asked.

“Colt said we could come anytime so here we are,” Andrea replied. “Kris, you look stunning.”

“Thank you very much,” Kris said. “Wait til you see Colt in his.”

“You’re kidding.  Colt bought one too,” Andrea laughed.

“No, he did for all of us,” Kris said pointing at me.

“Thank you Matt.  Guys look hot in them.  I know people think you look gay but not to me.  You are showing off your assets like we are,” Andrea stated.  “What fine assets you all have to show too.”

Kris leaned over and kissed Megan again.  I think he was trying to prove a point to the other guys across the pool.  They were looking at him.

“Y’all are in luck tonight.  We’re grilling steaks out here,” Kris said.

“No, Colt is going to buy hamburger meat instead,” Andrea said.  “I just talked to him.” 

“That’s cool. I hope you two are staying the night,” Kris said.

“We plan on it,” Megan said.  “I miss you.”

“I’ve missed you too,” Kris said. “Matt’s got all the pictures from our trip.”

“Oh I can’t wait to see them,” Megan said. “Kris has told me all about your trip.”

I was thinking I hoped he didn’t tell her everything.  “He’s told just about everyone.  It was a lot of fun.”

“You are so lucky to actually win a trip like that,” Andrea commented.

“I was and was so shocked that I actually did win,” I said and saw two guys entering the pool area.  They came walking past us.

“Matt, how’s it going?” one guy asked.

For a second I didn’t know who this was.  “Terry, how are you?”   Terry was a guy from my class last semester who I know was gay and had seen at the dance.  He was still with his boyfriend Dalton.

“Great.  This is awesome you live here,” Terry said with his brown hair cut fairly short.

“See we’re not the only gay guys here,” Dalton said.

“Not close,” Kris said.  “Just avoid those guys over there.”

“Oh okay,” Terry said.  “You mind if we grab a seat?”

“No, be my guest,” I replied.

Kris leaned over, “I’m Kris.   Matt’s roommate but not his boyfriend.”

Terry laughed, “I know Corey is Matt’s boyfriend.  Right, I hope? I’m Terry and this is Dalton.”

“It is.  He’s working and should be here any moment,” I replied and watched them take a seat.  “So what building are y’all in?”

Terry pointed to one on the opposite side of the massive parking lot from us.  They did some nice planning with lots of parking with all the cars that would be here for us college students.  I talked with them while Kris turned his attention back to Megan and Andrea.  I was so thrilled to know even more than I expected.  Terry was always so nice and friendly to me in class.  

Colt and Corey came walking up but they had on their board shorts.  Colt busted out laughing when he saw Kris.  Kris laughed it off and said he was comfortable in his bikini while Terry and Dalton moved down to allow Corey next to me.  I had to remind Corey who they were while seeing Bishop, Shawn, Ethan and Cody walking up in their shorts.   They too commented on Kris’s swimsuit and said he was bold.  Kris flagged down the manager Rico who he knew already and got full permission to use the large grill area.

We enjoyed the pool for a while until the girls went inside to make the burger patties.   I didn’t stay around much longer and went inside as well.   I did offer my assistance but Andrea and Megan said they had it under control.   I did see a ton of meat along with a few dogs as well.  I did change into normal shorts to eat.

When we began grilling, Kris was offering everyone in sight food since we had so much.  Naturally, Shawn, Ethan, Cody and Bishop were sticking around to enjoy the fresh grilled burgers and dogs.  We summoned Ted, Luke and Myles as well to join us.  Luke made an appearance and looked ragged from the tough work outs.

As we were eating, I saw Madison and his friend walk up.  Kris invited them to join us.

“Where’s the other guy?” Kris asked.

Madison laughed, “My brother is too embarrassed and proud.  He knows now he made a big time ass out of himself.”

“I harbor no hard feelings.  He’s welcome to have some if he wants,” Kris said.

“What did he say?” Colt spoke up.

“He said your friend here was a fag,” the other guy said.  “I don’t think he is since he has a girl.”

“I see and lucky he didn’t get his ass kicked,” Colt laughed.

“We know,” Madison said taking a bite.  “These are really good.”

“Thank the girls for everything,” Kris said.

We sat around eating and enjoying the warm weather.  A few more walked up with Kris inviting them to join us but they refused to eat.   We had a few beers around but wasn’t sure exactly what the rules were since we were underage. 

We finished up and cleaned up our area like we found it.  We had enough left over for lunch the next day.   As they were heading inside, I pulled Corey aside.  “You wanna stay out here and go for a walk?” I asked.

“Sure, it is a very nice night,” Corey replied. 

I told Kris and Colt we weren’t coming in just yet before Corey showed me around the nice clubhouse that had a adequate workout room.   I knew if I wanted to be lazy I could just get some work in there. 

We headed out on the sidewalk and walked away from campus into a residential neighborhood that bordered campus.  It was mostly rent houses for students. 

“Corey, I found something today,” I said.

He stopped in his tracks, “What?”

“Your pipe and baggie.”

Corey showed no emotion whatsoever.  “Yeah so you did.”

“I don’t want it to be a problem.  I know what we did in Amsterdam but…”

“It was there before the trip.  I get lonely and bored,” he said.

“You may but surely there are other things than grabbing a pipe.”

“I use it to relax and chill out.  There’s no harm in that is there?”

“I don’t want it to be a problem.  Corey the last thing I wanna do is lose you because of this problem or any other problem.”

“I’m sorry.  What can I say?”

“Say it will stop.”

“I’m not saying that.  I enjoy getting smoked out but I don’t do it every night for your information,” Corey said while we were walking.

“I’m disappointed that you’ve turned to weed is all.”

“Tell me how different is it than becoming a fucking drunk like my goddamn Mom,” he said sharply.

I spotted a nice park that I didn’t know was so close.  “Let’s go have a seat why don’t we?”

We took a seat with guys playing basketball in the background along with roar of skateboards in the distance. 

“Corey, there is no difference to me other than you can get arrested for it.  Yes we can for drinking for the next few months.  Is Marie hitting the bottle again?”

“Hell if I know,” Corey replied.  “Damn I didn’t know it would be this big of a fucking deal.”

“It is a big deal.  If you want to use it, I really can’t stop you.  You make your own decisions now.”

We sat in silence with the sunlight fading.  “I know you do care a lot for me.  I just don’t see any harm in having a smoke every now and then.  I really don’t drink that much as you’ve seen tonight and last night.”

“We both know it is because if you do it could lead to big time problems,” I said. “We both have family history of alcoholism.”

“Boy tell me about it,” Corey said. 

“So do Kris and Colt know you’ve been toking it up?”

“They do and have smoked some with me.  I’m telling you it is not a habit.  It is there when I want it,” Corey said.

“Okay,” I said. “So are Kris and Colt just fucking wild now?”

“Actually they are not.  Yeah we may have a beer or two after work or something but nothing like those other four.  I’m telling Shawn is getting worse if that is possible.”

“I hate to hear that but I’m more concerned about you, Kris and Colt.”

“We’re fine and really miss having you around.  Can’t you see how you are the glue that keeps us together?  You keep my ass in line like tonight.  Kris needs someone who will tell him things like picking up shit.  Colt follows Kris’s lead now worse than ever.”

“Just hang in there for two weeks.”

“No you go back and come next weekend for good,” Corey said with two young skateboarders zooming by us.

“I’ll see what I can do.”

“You don’t need the cash for sure,” Corey said.

“I know that.  I said I’ll see what I can do.  Mom isn’t there that much now.”

Corey nudged me, “Is she getting married?”

“I think so but I don’t know what’s holding her back,” I said.

“Maybe you can tell her you’re leaving early.  Sit down with her and tell her it is okay with you to get married again.  Tell her it doesn’t change your love for her and how happy you are to see her happy.”

I leaned over and kissed his cheek, “I’ll do that.  So are we clear now?”

“We are but I can’t promise I won’t do it much,” Corey said.

“Just don’t do it all the time,” I said.

“I don’t so you don’t need to worry about that.”

We walked back to the complex.  I opened the door to find Kris, Megan, Colt and Andrea alone. 

“Where did y’all go?” Colt asked.

“We went for a little walk,” I replied.

“Matt found my shit,” Corey said.

“Bro, we smoked in Amsterdam,” Kris stated.

“We did but do we really want it to be a habit?” I asked.

“Kris, Matt is so right.  My brother is addicted to that stuff and it has led to harder stuff now.  I feel like he’s slipping away from me,” Megan stated. “I don’t want to see you fall into the same trap.”

“My sister’s boyfriend is serving some time over it but he was dealing that stuff.  I get you had fun on your trip but I’m with Matt.  I do however think it should be legalized here for small quantities,” Andrea said.

“I thought speaking up now would help,” I said.

“It has and I see your point that it did concern you,” Corey said.

“Now we’re anxious to see all your pictures from the trip,” Kris said.

“Okay,” I said and headed to grab the CD while Kris grabbed his laptop.  Colt came up with the brilliant idea of showing them on our TV since our DVD player supported it.  I put the CD in and waited.  The first image burst onto the screen.

Just as we were settled, Shawn, Bishop, Ethan and Cody came in the door. 

“Call Ted and see if they wanna see em too,” Colt said.

Kris grabbed his phone and called.  They were over in a few minutes while we waited and enjoyed a cold one.  

I started the slideshow of our pictures.  We enjoyed a lot of laughs while Kris and Colt gave their version of what we were doing.

“Damn, I know a few guys that stayed high for a week,” Ethan commented as the picture of us sitting around enjoying a big joint.

“So was it strong?” Shawn asked.

“Oh my God,” Corey replied.  “It was so damn strong.”

“Matt was tripping…” Kris said.

“Give me a break.  I wasn’t the one who almost fell,” I said.

The many pictures did offer a lot of entertainment for us.  It was great to sit around and view the pictures on our television so there was no crowding around a small laptop. 

“Naturally we would get to see Kris’s ass naked,” Myles commented.

“He was breathing,” Megan said.

“Bros, it was so cool.  It was like nudity was no big deal to these freaks,” Kris laughed.  “We could go to this park and strip down.”

“The best part was how accepted being gay was,” Corey said.

“Yeah, we saw a lot who were,” I said and glad we didn’t talk about our nightlife scenes.

“Kris, did you get you a hooker?” Luke asked.

“Bro, I wasn’t paying for that shit…”

“But they were fucking hot,” Colt said. “I swear these girls were models.”

“Then why didn’t you at least try?” Ted asked jokingly.

“Bro, we thought about it and then realized just how many… ummm…”

“I’ll say it,” Colt picked.  “Just think of how many dicks have fucked their pussies.”

“Nice way to put it,” Andrea said.

“Yeah, it has to be hundreds,” Bishop said. “With that I’d back off too.”

“I wouldn’t have,” Shawn stated.  “I know they know all the right moves.”

About midnight, our guests left our place.  Kris grabbed Megan’s hand and stood.  “Matt, you better not leave before I get back here tomorrow.”

“I won’t,” I said. “Have a good night.”

“We will and you too,” Kris said with Colt and Andrea following not long after.

Corey and I headed to our room.  He kissed me and jumped on the bed with me.  “See weed is not a habit for me.”

“I know but I made my point,” I said.

“I use it when I need it.  It is called a drug for a reason.”

“Exactly and why it is illegal here too,” I said.

“Okay,” Corey stated.

“I trust you now that I’ve said my thing.”

Corey grabbed me.  “Please tell me you’ll be back next weekend for good.”

“I’ll consider it for sure but I can’t make any promises,” I said.

“Okay that’s all I can ask for,” Corey said. “Now I’m ready to show you my love.”

I smiled, “I’ll be so ready after I clean up.”

I woke the next morning Sunday and looked at my boyfriend who had pleased me so well the night before.  I got out of bed quietly to let him sleep and entered the living room.  I saw that Kris and Colt had something to eat before they left for their jobs and tossed their plates in the trash.  I turned on the television and watched what I could while thinking how I was going to make our place nicer.

Corey came out about 10 and walked over to me.  He kissed me on the lips and sat next to me.

“Thanks for all you do for me.  I’d be a fucking nightmare if you had never entered my life.  I will promise to you I won’t smoke unless you want us to.  I know it affected way more than I imagined.”

“Corey, I just wanted to make sure it didn’t become a bad habit and end up like Garrett.  I worry about us and don’t want anything to ever interfere in the great life we are approaching together.   Every day I just imagine you and I together and living live as a very happy couple.  I know a lot could happen between now and that day.”

“God I sure hope it doesn’t.  I’ve seen what my life could be without you. I just knew I could make it without you being here with Kris and Colt.  You were missing from the circle and left a big gap in that circle.  We depend on you so much to keep us balanced and stable.  Just imagine what we’d be like without you.”

I laughed, “There’s a thought I don’t want to imagine.  I’ll be back next weekend unless Mom is dead set against it.  I don’t think she will be but you never know.”

“Great,” Corey said.  “Now, we really need to do something about this place.  It is just so boring.”

“Kris and I went shopping yesterday.  I don’t guess you even noticed those bags in our room.”

“I’m not nosey like you,” Corey laughed.

“Well, I have some ideas but first let’s get something to eat,” I said.

“Okay, so where do you wanna go?”

“Nowhere.  I’ll cook eggs and bacon for us.  We can eat right here,” I replied.

“Oh yeah, we do.  I wanna watch and learn so we don’t rely on you every day to cook for us,” Corey stated.

“Okay but I warn you it is tough and has taken me years of cooking to perfect it,” I said.

I walked over to the kitchen and pulled out the eggs and bacon.  Since we also had bread and a toaster, I got it out as well.  I heated up the stove and started scrambling the eggs. 

“I thought you said this was hard,” Corey said.

“I was joking.  It is so easy,” I said and finished cooking the eggs.  I took the bacon from the microwave just as the toast finished.  We sat at the bar and ate our breakfast with juice. 

“Man, there’s no excuse why I can’t do this,” Corey stated.  “Kris and I have tried though.”

“I bet that was an experience,” I said sarcastically.

“It was but we did try,” Corey joked.  “Matt, I’m really sorry we never did get around to taking a trip alone.”

“It’s okay.  We’ll have plenty in the future.  Hey is our camping stuff still around?”

“Yeah, it is out in the small storage room like it has been.  Why?”

I started laughing.  “Remember our first night.”

“I do when me, you and Kris slept on the bed.”

“Our air mattress is out there and could have been of great use,” I laughed.

“Oh my God, you are so right.  It didn’t even cross my mind.”

“I know,” I said while we were laughing.

Corey and I did put on shorts while we began to decorate our living room.  He was awesome and gave great opinions to what could go where.  I did frame up my poster from the museum and placed it on a big open spot that was perfect for it.   I pulled out some of the frames and lined the fireplace with them.   I had Kris and Colt a few for their room as well and placed them near their beds. 

“It really looks great and not so dull anymore,” Corey said while we stood back and observed the sprucing up I had done.

“I just pray they will still be on the wall when I get back,” I stated.

“Trust me they will.  I think Kris and Colt will like it.”

“I’ll be surprised if they even notice.  They would live here with bare walls.  Now we need to do our room when I get back.”

“Yeah we’ll do it next weekend,” Corey said and kissed my cheek.

We headed out to the pool but went conservative at Corey’s request.  It was really a hot day so we stayed in the pool as much as possible with Ethan and Shawn coming to join us. 

I hung around and was shocked to see Colt first.  Kris wasn’t far behind.  I really didn’t have much to pack so I was ready to hit the road after we sat and talked for a little while.

Driving away, I was now more anxious than ever to return and start this promising chapter in my life.  I knew school would be my first priority.  I also need to find a way where Kris and I could continue to enjoy our relationship as we had.  I loved Corey and sleeping next to him but the nightly chats with Kris still held a special place with me.  Now I hope Mom would understand and not be disappointed I would be returning a week earlier than originally planned.


Thanks for your patience!  I wanted to spread out the chapters so there wouldn't be long wait until their Junior year began.   If all goes well, it should begin in 2 weeks, just a little ahead of when college starts back up.

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