Posted July 15, 2012


Corey and I went to shower at this nice gay club. We saw two guys who were older than us really enjoying a very heated and passionate time while we let the water warm wash over us. They were fucking bareback in the shower and paying us no attention. I was thankful Corey and I started with condoms, with me in the sling, so the others wouldn’t ask to fuck me bare. I have to say getting fucked in the sling was a very enjoyable experience and a huge fantasy of mine fulfilled. I was very thankful to Corey that he let it happen but was next to me while I got fucked. Corey and I finished up with the quick shower before the guys next to us finished fucking. 

We dried off with the thin towels, put back on our shoes and walked to find our discarded underwear at the bottom of a pile. We had to go through a lot of boxers and briefs before we found ours and in a way I thought it was a shame that everyone was naked because some of the underwear would look amazing on a good body. It did feel good pulling them on, with the smell of sex running through my nose. We bid our new friends goodbye before walking downstairs to the loud music. Corey smiled and took my hand back for a final time on the dance floor. We danced a little bit before finding our clothes to exit the club.

Going out into the misty rain, I did notice it was after 2 in the morning. Corey took my hand while we began heading to our hotel. About half way to our hotel, I pushed him against a brick wall and showed my appreciation and love with one very heated kiss of passion. We stayed liplocked for a few glorious minutes.   It was hard but we continued to walk to our hotel, looking at each other and smiling. We entered and were wet, but nothing too bad. We found our room and threw off our damp clothes. We toweled each other off before going to our bed.

“I loved tonight so much,” Corey said once we were in bed. “I watched you getting fucked and didn’t mind at all. Matter of fact, it was a big turn on seeing your hot ass in that sling and taking those two dicks.”

“I could tell,” I said.

“It was so different watching you get fucked instead of doing the fucking. It was so hot. And I saw again that sometimes it really is just sex and there doesn’t have to be any emotion behind it for you to really enjoy it.”

“You’re right. I’d say we’ve opened up a little bit.”

I laughed, “You think? I don’t see much harm done since we enjoy sex so much…”

“We do.”

“I just don’t want to overdo it and damage us for our bright future together.”

“It won’t so long as we pick our spots carefully. Like your night with Kris before the semester ended, I didn’t see any harm whatsoever…”

“That was a different situation,” I said.

“I know it was, and so was tonight. My point is that I see now that in the right situation and with the right people, so long as we agree, it can be alright to maybe open up a little.”

“It is, but for the next two days I say we forego any clubs or situations where we fuck in public or with others. It’s been fun but I think we’ve done it enough. I’m looking forward to the four of us having fun these last two days.”

“Oh I agree one hundred percent. We’ve literally fucked our asses off in some very unique places,” Corey said. “This is a little gay heaven though. I know I’ll miss how accepting they are in public.”

“I will too,” I said. We turned out the lights with Corey back spooning against me. I relished sleeping with him and the comfort of having his big arms wrapped around my body.

The next morning, Sunday, with only two full days remaining on our trip, I woke and slipped out of bed. I dressed and quietly exited the room in hopes of finding something to eat either in the hotel or nearby. As I was leaving I saw Kris coming out of his room dressed in a tee, shorts and still wearing that hideous necklace. He came up and hugged me.

“So how was your night with Corey? Did y’all have fun?”

“We had a great time. You’d be so proud of us for meeting some guys,” I replied. “What did you do?”

“Oh…” Kris said and broke off in a big smile. “Let’s just say I fulfilled a dream of mine.”

I hit the button to go down. “What would that be?”

“Colt and I tag teamed the hell out of this girl we met at a bar. Bro, it was so fucking hot I can’t even begin to tell you how hot it was.”

The elevator opened. I hit the lobby button. “Good for you.”

“Bro, it just happened. We were at this bar and this girl just walked up to us. My first thought was…” The door opened in the lobby, “…she was a prostitute. But she just thought we were the hottest things ever and suggested she wanted us both.”

“You wanna eat here or out?” I interrupted.

“Let’s just go out,” Kris said. “Bro, I was beginning to think maybe I wasn’t attracted to pussy anymore but that ain’t true.”

“Kris, I knew you were still. You seem to get with guys more when girls aren’t around. You can adapt to any situation as you have here.”

“I guess, but she saw the true Kris and Colt last night. Get this shit! She was fucking 31 years old.”

I laughed, “Wow, so you nailed a true older woman.”

“Bro, hell yeah we fucking did, including a little double time too. Fuck, I love this place.”

“You’re not alone,” I said while we decided to stop a restaurant close by with a light rain falling. “What happened to Jonas and Fredrik?”

“I guess they did their thing. They didn’t want any part of a straight bar after we’d been to every gay place they wanted… I’ll have water,” Kris said to the waitress.

“I’ll have orange juice,” I said. “That’s not right.”

“You know, I wonder if they did leave us on purpose yesterday. I’m thinking they stuck the map in my pocket while I wasn’t paying attention.”

“Who cares right now?” I said before ordering pancakes, as did Kris.

“It’ll be just us from here on out,” Kris stated. 

“Well, I’m thankful we found them…”

“Me too, but I enjoy the four of us more,” Kris said. “Imagine how fun this would be with say Scott, Shawn, Alex, Bishop, Garrett, Ted, Luke and Myles.”

I laughed, “It would be even crazier.”

“Maybe not though, since we would have some that wouldn’t go to the gay shit,” Kris said. “Bro, I’m more than ready for you to move in with us. I love Colt and Corey to death, but I feel like a little part of me is missing.”

I smiled, “Thanks! It won’t be long after we return. Just another month will be all.”

“Returning home is gonna suck! Don’t remind me,” Kris said. “We do have some really cool shit for our place, huh?”

“We do, and it will give us constant reminders of this trip,” I said.

Kris and I ate our tasty sweet pancakes and continued to talk. Everything was right with my world during the time me and Kris could just chat like we had so many nights in the past. We finished up and headed to check on our sleepy bed mates. Entering the hotel, Jonas and Fredrik were at the desk checking out. We gave them a big thanks and hugs before seeing Colt and Corey walking out of the elevator. 

“There you are,” Corey said.

“I was letting you sleep and found Kris,” I said.

“Yeah, we just finished eating. Y’all can go now and eat,” Kris said.

“Sounds like a plan to me,” Colt said and put his arm around Corey.

“Y’all have fun,” I said.

Once they finished they came to find Kris and I as we were waiting in my room. We didn’t have specific plans, but we decided to just do some exploring. We left the room with water and my camera for the day. Now the rain had subsided with the sun peeking out from behind the clouds. We loved the cooler weather here since it had been a scorcher at home. We passed the bar where Kris and Colt had been the night before. It looked to be a dump, but they were laughing. 

“Matt, how’s that ass today?” Colt asked while we were walking.

I smiled and laughed, “It’s okay.”

“Why? Did Corey fuck you hard last night?” Kris asked me.

“No, he got in a sling. I fucked him and so did two other guys,” Corey replied, laughing, as was Colt.

Kris stopped and put his hands on his hips, “Bro, you left that part out about you whoring it up last night.”

“Ummm… I guess I did,” I said with a smile. “Who gives a fuck?  Corey didn’t.”

“Nope, I sure didn’t,” Corey said.

“Well then, we might have to check that place out,” Kris said.

“Dude, not no but fuck no. We said the gay stuff is finished for this trip,” Colt said. “We proved just how gay we were last night, huh?”

“Damn right we did. That gal is probably feeling us this morning,” Kris said giving Colt a fist pump and low five.

We were back at the Central Station and all the bikes. It still amazed us to see such a sight. We headed out and stopped to grab a map, since mine was in the room for some stupid reason. We started walking to areas we hadn’t been to before. Colt was the one who suggested we smoke a little to get our day going to a blazing start.  

We were sitting at a table enjoying the fine product this café offered. 

“So how’s Juan’s little girl doing?” I asked after taking a toke.

“Pretty good. We saw her just last week. Brittany is the cutest little thing in the world,” Kris said.

Colt laughed, “I forgot all about that and just about everything else back home. Matt, you saw what a proud Dad Juan was.”

“I did. He was so excited,” I said.

“Get this,” Corey said. “Since it was a girl, Juan said it was an incentive to keep trying for a boy.”

We laughed. “Hell, he’s ready to hit that shit again. He told us his dick hadn’t seen pussy in months,” Kris stated. “Remind me of that fact once I get married.”

“Hey, didn’t Scott say Garrett and Brennan were on the outs?” Corey asked.

“No dude, you heard it all wrong. Something about they were going out West for a trip,” Colt laughed.

“I thought Corey was holding out on vital info here,” I said. “So how’s Shawn doing?”

“Shawn is Shawn,” Kris laughed as he put out our joint. “He’s like the happiest guy around this summer. He is really looking cut up and has a great tan going.”

“He fucking should. He’s not working and just taking one class,” Colt commented all leaned back. “Here I work like a damn dog.”

“Please,” Corey laughed. “Your ass is home by six and always kicked up with a brew in your hand.”

“So how’s Tabor and Chase doing this summer?” I asked and hadn’t seen them when I visited every other weekend.

“They’re cool…” Colt said.

“Bro, I love ‘em to death but I can foresee trouble on the horizon with those two already. The one weekend they did stay with us it was like they owned the place,” Kris said. “Tabor got so stinking drunk and threw up all over the kitchen, plus he thought it was fucking hilarious to break beer bottles on our tile floor.”

“Yeah, they got their ass royally chewed out for that,” Colt said. “So are we ready to head out now that we’re some stoned ass motherfuckers?”

“Yes, we are, just like every other person here our age,” Corey laughed and put his arm around me.

We walked around and saw the Red Light District in the daylight. It didn’t look like much other than a lot of closed buildings with a canal running down the middle. We found a sandwich place for lunch and to rest our tired feet. We had a couple of beers at lunch before ending back at the park where we had fucked. It too was different and rather nice in the daytime. We lost our shirts and walked around on what was turning out to be a nice day again. We heard music and went to see what that was about. It was a band playing, but really didn’t hold any interest to us. We sat in the park and took in the scenery of the people before us. 

As we were just about to our hotel, Colt yelled, “Dudes, I’ve got to find a bathroom!”

“Just a few more blocks,” Corey said.

“You don’t understand. I’m fixing to shit my drawers here,” Colt said and now was squirming. We passed a restaurant. Colt raced in while we were standing outside and laughing. He came out 5 minutes later.

“Bro, what did they say?” Kris said trying not to laugh.

“Hell if I know,” Colt said. “I was desperate.”

“Bro, did you tip them on the way out?” Kris asked.

“Kris, look who you are talking about here,” Corey laughed.

“They got a tip alright. Don’t go near that bathroom for at least 20 minutes,” Colt laughed.

Again we passed the hostel before going across the street. Kris was so intrigued and wanted to go right up and talk with them. We said we’d do it later. 

Back in the room, I emailed Mom again about my day. I sat on the bed and began seeing how much money we had remaining out of the cash I was given for winning the trip. We were in really good shape so far, since our excursions were by foot and the souvenirs we had bought were out of own pocket. I knew we could splurge on dinner and enjoy a fun night as well with money remaining to do what we desired our last day. Before we headed out, I started folding our clothes up, with Corey watching and shaking his head. I didn’t ask him to help and wanted to do it for my own peace of mind.

Again we found a nice place for dinner. Out of the ordinary, I ordered us a bottle of wine to go with our meal and show a little class. To all of us, the wine wasn’t great, but we drank it, not wanting to waste the money I had spent. We ordered different varieties of baked fish and did sample each kind. Colt said he still preferred catfish but it was different. 

After, as we were walking, we began to sense the end of our vacation was drawing near and had flown by, as do most vacations I had been on. I wondered why time flew once I was there yet seemed to crawl when I was waiting to leave. We sat at a bar and had a few beers to wash away the wine taste in our mouths. By eleven, it also seemed the constant walking and running around had begun taking its toll on us. We walked back to the hotel and separated for the night. Corey and I just lay together before we were fast asleep.

We were awakened by a loud pounding on the door. I opened it and saw Kris standing there.

“Bro, it’s our last day. Get your ass up and get moving,” Kris said.

I rubbed my eyes, “Okay. What time is it?”

“Just after eight,” Kris replied.

I shook my head, shut the door and saw Corey getting out of bed. 

“What did you expect? We went to bed early,” Corey said and chuckled.

“Alrighty then, but eight?”

“We know Kris…”

“I do, but he’s not a morning person…”

“Except when there’s something to do,” Corey said.

We kissed with nasty breath. I headed to the bathroom and started the shower. I waited and finally opened the door. “Are you joining me?”

“Yeah, I guess I am,” Corey jumped up. “I don’t know what I was thinking.”

When we were clean and dressed we headed out the door in our matching tees we had bought earlier. As soon as Kris and Colt saw us they did a double take.

“Bro, don’t say shit about my necklace. Those are the…” Kris stopped.

“Say it,” I said.

“The gayest shit I’ve ever seen,” Colt said and laughed.

“I love them,” Corey said.

“Bro, tell me right now you will not wear that shit to work,” Kris said as we entered the elevator.

“Do I look that stupid?” Corey laughed. 

“I didn’t think so,” Colt said. 

After breakfast, we were in dire search of something different and fun to cap off what had been a great trip. I suggested a few things but nothing anyone could agree on. We stood on the sidewalk with our hands on our hips and our minds thinking.  

“I guess we could rent bikes and head back to that park,” Kris commented.

“Yeah, so your ass can get naked again,” Colt said.

“Fuck you!” Kris said. “What bright idea do you have? Besides there’s other shit to do, like rent a boat and row out on the lake.”

Colt looked at the ground, “It sounds okay to me then.”

“It’s cool by me,” I said. “There did seem like lots to do, since y’all aren’t interested in seeing any more museums.”

“Matt would spend the entire week in them,” Corey said.

“Yeah, plus I’d like to catch a play too,” I said.

“Fuck off,” Corey said under his breath.

“Maybe we should just stay here. I think each one of us in a bitchy ass mood today,” Colt said.

“Bro, there’s no way in hell my ass is staying here. This is our last day. We’re going to have fun if it kills us,” Kris stated.

“Or each other,” I said.

As we rode the rented bikes, there was lots of bickering between all of us. We really seemed to wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Corey was constantly barking out directions while we were riding and trying to avoid the traffic.  

We made it to the park and entered. 

“Where now?” Colt asked like he was pissed off.

Kris got off his bike and let it fall to the concrete. “Everybody get off your bikes!”

“What’s the deal now?” I asked.

“Could someone explain to me just why each one of us is fucking pissy today? Can you?” Kris asked.

“You’re being such an asshole,” Colt said.

“Every time I gave a direction Matt wanted to fight me,” Corey said.

“No I didn’t,” I said and put my hands on my hips.

“You did,” Kris said. “I’m as much to blame as anyone here, too. I’m trying to spearhead this shit off before we leave this place with a bitter taste in our mouth. I’m tired, and it’s my fault for getting us in to this, but damn!”

“Here’s my suggestion,” I said. “Let’s ride until we find a nice open area. Then we should separate and walk around a little bit. It works for me and Corey.”

“Okay,” Colt said. “It will give us time. Actually I could use just a few seconds alone.”

“Me too,” Corey said.

We found a nice open field, locked up our bikes at a rack and headed in different directions. I walked to near a lake and watched some people rowing and having a great time. Maybe we had overstayed our time here, but it was part of the package I had won. We had been together non-stop for a solid week, however. I sat watching with the clouds rolling overhead. I loved each one of them so much and wanted this trip to end on a high note. 

I stood, wiped off my shorts and walked back. Corey was standing and greeted me with open arms. Kris came up with his shirt hanging from the back of his shorts and smiling. Colt came a few minutes later with his shirt off as well. We stood and looked at each other. 

“Bros, do we feel better now?” Kris asked.

“I do. It cleared my head,” Colt replied.

“I do as well,” Corey said.

“I think a big group hug is in order,” I said. 

We gathered around and hugged. It led to some really passionate kissing. Colt laid one on me very strong and didn’t want to break it. It was so hot. We were smiling again.

“No matter what, just let it slide,” Kris said. “This is it for us here so let’s enjoy it.”

“I’d say we rent a boat and row around the lake,” I said.

“Sounds good to me,” Colt said.

We rented a boat and started rowing. It was very calm and peaceful. We sat watching the others and playfully splashing the cool water on each other. We did stop before the boat capsized in the lake. 

Once finished with the lake, Kris and Colt were standing alone. “Bros, Colt and I will be right back.”

“Where you going?” Corey asked.

Kris held up his hand with his fingers together at his mouth. “Just a little green before we leave. I smelled it when I went and what a nice way to sit around today.”

“Bro, Corey and I will head over to the naturist area, since I know that’s where you wanna chill,” I said.

Kris patted my shoulder, “You are so spot on. I know we can find ya.”

Corey and I rode and found the area without any trouble. We locked up our bikes and headed off to enjoy the nice open area. Today, since it was a Monday, few were out enjoying the freedom. We found a spot and stripped down. 

“Kris showed a helluva lotta maturity,” Corey said.

“I was glad he did,” I said. “We were arguing back and forth. I don’t why I was doing it to you. I just knew we weren’t going in the right direction.”

“I wasn’t sure either, but I did recognize things while we rode so I knew we were at least going in the right direction. Tell me this ain’t fucking sweet though.”

I smiled and kissed him, “It is, especially with you.”

We leaned back on our elbows and enjoyed displaying our bodies. Actually there wasn’t much to look at as far as people though. Most were doing their thing and, like us, were enjoying the solitude of the area. While we sat, two younger guys came and sat about 10 yards from us. Once nude, they lit up a joint and began to enjoy it. 

“Bro, we’re back,” Kris said, breathing hard.

“We raced back here but those bikes are pieces of shit,” Colt said and lost his clothes, as did Kris.

“Now this is the life here,” Kris said. “Our last day in paradise.”

Colt lit the joint and took a hit. This definitely was the most weed I had smoked. We sat laughing and talking about how much Shawn and Scott would be so proud of us for the amount we had inhaled. My only wish was it would be left here and would not carry on to our life back home. It was fun doing it here but it could cause many troubles at home.

We sat there enjoying the high and watching the clouds roll by. We laughed at the stupidest stuff together and even how minor our morning spat was. 

We stayed for a while before leaving. Finding food was on the agenda after we biked out of the park. We spent the entire day on the bikes seeing different areas of the city.

At night, we went to eat and drink a little. No one wanted a nasty hangover for the plane ride back home so we kept it to a minimum. We called it a night about 11 with Kris and Colt saying they needed to get their stuff packed.

In our room, Corey pulled me to him on our bed. “I want something to remember this trip by.”

“Of course you do, and so do I,” I said and kissed him.

We engaged in very passionate sex. I took my time inside his very hot ass and wanted to enjoy our last fuck on foreign soil. Even though we had played a little, fucking or making love to Corey was so special. 

I fell asleep with my cock in his cum filled ass.  

I woke with my dick hard and still deep in his ass. Usually when we started the night like that, somehow we wouldn’t end up with my cock in him. I started slowly moving inside of him. 

Corey turned his head, “Fuck me.”

“I am,” I said and kissed him. My hand travelled down his torso to his thick, hard cock. “I love you.”

“I love you too. What a way to wake up!”

“I know.”

“OOOO fuck yeah!” he moaned while I was fucking his ass and jacking off his cock in great rhythm. “Fuck that ass harder! Make me feel that big fucking dick!”

My pace increased with our breathing labored. I slapped his ass with my free hand and continued to stroke his cock while we fucked on our sides. I slowed down and long dicked his ass to hear his cries of ecstasy. I slammed my cock back in hard and fucked him until feeling the urge. I pulled out at the precise moment of climax and spewed my morning cum all over his back. Corey moaned and sent his fresh hot load all over the sheets. We lay together before our alarm blared. 

We kissed passionately before he pulled me from our bed. We showered and did our thing. I did a quick scan of our room before going next door to see if Kris and Colt were ready. They were just finishing up, with both wearing hats for our trip home.

We checked out and found the girl who had transported us here waiting. We loaded our heavy bags in the rear and climbed inside. 

“So did you have fun?” she asked.

“Hated it. I was never so glad for today to come,” Kris said.

“It fucking sucked,” Colt said and winked at me.

“Ummm… I’m sorry to hear that, but the weather was very nice for you,” she said driving away.

“Ma’am, we were fucking with you. This town is really sweet,” Kris laughed.

“I’m glad to hear that,” she said.

We talked with her the entire time about our trip. She did give us many ideas if we ever returned. I knew I’d have to be lucky to return within the next 10 or so years. We got to the airport, ate and went to wait on our flight home. 

On the plane, I looked out the window as our flight left the ground. It had been one vacation I would never ever forget. I had my three best friends alongside me to enjoy the experience. I kissed the window as the city left our sight.

Arriving home was bittersweet after a long flight. It was back to life, with over a month until my junior year started. Mom was waiting on me, with Jenny waiting on Kris, after we had to endure getting through customs.

“Welcome home,” Mom said.

“Thanks, but I know where I’d rather be,” I said.

“We all do,” Kris said. “Bro, thanks!”

“Yeah thanks! It was really so bad ass,” Colt said.


I hope you enjoyed their trip.  I've been wanting to write about the trip I took there and found a nice spot to do so.   I just wish I had got to enjoy all they did but it is a fictional story.   There will be two more chapters before 'Junior' begins in mid August (my plan for now but could change). 

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