Posted:   July 10, 12


I was on my side with Matt eight inches deep inside of me. Here I was in a foreign country getting my ass fucked in a park while being so stoned. I could see now that my eyes had adjusted, plus a park light close added some light, allowing me to see Colt and Kris fucking like they were in love, holding each other and kissing with such feeling. On the other side of them were our Swedish friends, also fucking. This place was downright crazy and not even one percent like home. 

Matt had his arms around my chest and was giving it to me. He slid his hand down to find my hard cock. Even after two years, I still loved him inside of me. I never could have imagined I’d be with someone for that long. However, now I can’t see myself without him. He’s so smart and lucky too. 

I turned my head and quietly said, “Keep fucking me.”

He kissed me and continued to give me everything I wanted. My body was so relaxed and completely enjoying this experience, as were the many others around us. Across from us, these two cute guys had just finished having sex and now were enjoying a cigarette together. It is weird how smoking was still big here and had diminished in my circle of friends.

Matt turned me over and spread my legs to back where we started fucking. His hard throbbing cock slid back in with great ease. “I love you,” he said quietly. 

I grabbed his ass and pulled him deeper. My head was spinning like a top with crazy thoughts while I could hear our skin slapping together. He found my lips and kissed me with his hands on both sides of my face. 

I looked over just in time to see Colt spewing his load on Kris’s great defined body. Matt pulled out and quickly began firing his cum on my chest. He finished and collapsed beside me. His hand reached for my hard cock. Within a few strokes, I raised my ass and shot my load onto my body. He began using his tongue to lick the cum off of me. I lay there with my arm around him in our bliss while looking up at the sky. Now I could cross having sex in public off my list.

The six of us moved back together to finish off what was left of our joint. 

“So did you like it?” Jonas asked. I really thought he was so fucking hot, with a big cock like Matt’s.

“Bro, I would say it was something to write home about but I ain’t writing home after getting laid in a park,” Kris said and laughed.

“I loved it,” Matt said.

“We all did for sure,” I said. “Thanks for bringing us here.”

“No problem,” Fredrik said. He wasn’t as cute to me. He did love his boyfriend so much, even though they did mess around. 

“There’s lots of people here tonight,” Jonas said. “Way more than the other time we came here.”

I looked across and saw the two guys being greeted by two more. They kissed while the newcomers got naked. I envied this country’s casual approach to sex and how open they were. 

We finished the last of the joint, with me smoking most of it. It was strong but I really liked it. If I let myself go, I could see me being the next Scott, but I couldn’t do that and disappoint Matt. We did smoke some back at college for fun, but only occasionally. I hate to say it but I really toked it up with JJ and Teague that time on Spring Break. I was really surprised we didn’t when they came to visit since Teague liked it so much. 

We stood and dressed to leave the park. I put my arm around Matt and had loved the freedom of being able to walk around Holland like straight couples do in America and never once did we get a second look. Actually from what I had seen here, the gay guys were hotter than the straight ones, but I am biased in that way.

Once back off the tram, we headed inside our hotel. I had one thing on my mind and that was going to our room and sleeping. This Friday had been a long adventuresome one with a great bike ride and a trip to the park.

I stripped Matt down once we were in our room and still got a big thrill at him revealing his monster cock, despite it being in me not that long ago. It hung down so nicely and really made him look like such a stud. I kissed him before he undressed me. I led him to our nice bed and got under the sheets. We kissed goodnight with my arms holding him. I was in my thoughts with my head going wild. While thinking way too much I got too emotional and sniffled.

Matt turned his head, “Is there a problem?”

I wiped my nose, “I was just thinking while holding you.”

He moved out my hold and reached to turn on the light. “Something is wrong. I can tell.”

“There’s nothing wrong at all,” I said. “Matter of fact, everything is damn near perfect. Here I am just a broke ass country gay guy…” I had to stop with tears in my eyes.

Matt leaned over and kissed me. 

“I’m just a broke ass gay guy here in this sweet foreign country. I’ve really never had a thing in my life. I’m trying my best to comprehend just how fortunate I am right now. I’m here doing things I could only dream about, but I am here. I’ve had to pinch myself so many times just to make sure this ain’t a dream. I’m… I’m with the three greatest people in my life and getting to share all of this with them… All because I’m loved by the fucking hottest guy on earth,” I said and could feel tears rolling down my face.

He used his gentle touch and wiped my eyes. “I can see, hear and feel how much this really means to you. What you just said makes this all so special and meaningful. I have an ass load of pictures so we can relive this journey whenever we want.”

I kissed him, “After a bad day, we can look at these and remember.”

“We can, plus have this place lodged in our memory bank forever.”

“Each time we go somewhere, I think it is the greatest,” I said leaning on my elbow. “This is really going to be one tough cookie to beat.”

“It will for sure. Can you really believe we fucked in a public park around all those people?”

I was able to laugh, “I can’t. The best part was you inside me and showing mostly strangers the love we have.”

“Yes, we did show them,” he said and pulled me in for a long kiss. “So are you feeling better now?”

“I feel much better now after telling you that. I just got overly emotional. Now let’s get some much needed rest,” I said. Once he turned off the light we snuggled up against each other. We said our last ‘I love you’s’ before falling asleep.

About eleven the next day, we were out of the room and heading down to meet up with Jonas and Fredrik at their request. They wanted to spend their last day here with us before flying home. We got to stay two more days before our long flight back to the real world.

We had an early lunch/late breakfast. I got the pancakes and was surprised at how good they were with strawberries on top. After eating, we decided to explore the city some more and venture to areas where we hadn’t been. So far, I found Amsterdam to be easy to walk in, with things decently close. Matt had his camera out and was taking pictures at every turn. I didn’t mind posing for any pictures he took and could add to our great memories.  

We walked for what seemed like miles, but probably wasn’t, until coming up on the brewery. The four of us were up for a tour of the place, even though our friends warned us it wasn’t the actual brewery but more or less a museum. All that mattered to Kris and Colt was sampling the product. Once inside, they were dead on, but it was interesting to see how the brew was made. We explored what there was to see before coming to the sampling room. I ordered a dark draft to sample along with Colt, while Matt and Kris just stuck to the regular stuff. Our friends went with something else before we found a table to enjoy the cold drafts. 

After finishing the beer, we were back on the streets and following our friends. My eyes were looking everywhere and hoping a bike didn’t plow over me. We made it to a large outdoor flea market, as I called it. We began looking at the goods for sale. I was with Matt just looking at stuff when Kris came walking up.

“Hey, what do ya think?” Kris said, showing off a white necklace with a marijuana leaf pendant hanging on it.

“Kris, you really bought that?” Matt asked.

“Sure bro,” Kris said.

“You won’t wear one time back home,” Matt said shaking his head.

“Who cares? It was just 2 euros,” Kris replied. “Scott would buy all kinds of shit here. Everything has a marijuana leaf on it.”

“I noticed,” I commented. 

“It’s like they are proud of it,” Colt laughed, holding a bag.

“So what’s in the bag?” I asked once I noticed it.

“Awesome beer mugs,” Colt replied. “We need these for our apartment.”

“Okay, now that is practical,” Matt stated.

“Show us where so we can grab some too,” I said and liked the idea.

Kris and Colt walked away while we didn’t see Jonas and Fredrik anywhere. We walked back in the direction we came from.

“Matt, let Kris buy what he wants,” I commented.

“It was stupid.”

“I know, but he seemed to like it. I know it looked like something a high school kid would wear but we’re on vacation and buy silly shit.”

“Okay, I see your point, but don’t you buy some stupid ass weed thing as well,” Matt laughed.

“I might do as a joke for Teague and JJ,” I laughed.

We found the heavy mugs and knew they would be a welcome addition to our slim glassware selection at the apartment. So far, we were Red Solo cup, paper plate and plastic silverware guys since there was no need to wash them. Matt found some nice picture frames we could display with one of his great pictures of our trip. Now we were spending a little but still hadn’t overdone it, with Matt buying a few little things for his Mom. I thought about a mug for mine but knew it would be sending the wrong message to her after she had done pretty well this summer. I know she still nips, but by what Larry has told me her drinking was down to a few rare occasions.  

We found Kris and Colt wondering around the market.

“Have you seen Jonas and Fredrik?” Kris asked, holding a sack.

“Bro, we haven’t,” Matt replied.

“I’d say let’s split up but then we’d have to find each other,” I commented and laughed.

We began looking around, hoping to bump into them. 

“Now a phone sure would be nice,” Colt said.

“Bro, it sure would,” Kris said.

Our eyes were looking everywhere for our friends. We continued to walk around the large open air market. We seemingly covered every inch of it with no sign of them.

“Someone tell me those fuckers didn’t leave us here,” Colt stated.

“It’s really beginning to look like they aren’t here,” I said.

“God, how do we get back?” Matt lamented.

Kris put his arm around him, “Bro, we’ll retrace our steps. How hard can that be?”

“So which direction is our hotel in?” Colt asked.

I pointed in one direction with Matt and Kris pointing in two other directions. I wanted to laugh but saw how concerned Matt looked, while Colt and Kris were at ease with this.

“How do we even get back to where we came in?” Matt asked.

I put my arm around him this time, “Chill out. If nothing else we’ll see more of the city this way. Surely we’ll come across something familiar and be back on our way.”

“Yeah, we can take our time and enjoy this. We can make a few stops and get hammered so we don’t even give a fuck,” Colt said.

“First, let’s just get out of here,” I said.

While we were trying to find where we came in, something caught Matt’s eye from a vendor. We stopped and let him look at the different trinkets, with him buying a ceramic windmill and a small wooden shoe. He said both were symbols of the country to go in our new space. Next, we saw some wooden shoes and had to try them on. How anyone walked in them is beyond me, but it was funny seeing all of us try. At least Matt didn’t seem as worried now.

We came out of the market and looked around. Nothing even looked vaguely familiar. We saw tram lines and began following those hoping we’d come across something. 

After six long blocks, Matt stopped us. “Let’s put our manly pride aside and ask someone how at least to get to the park or brewery. We can make it from there.”

Matt and I went in a small convenience store and asked the Asian looking gentleman behind the counter where the brewery was. He pointed in the direction we had come from and said make a left at the intersection about 10 blocks away. While there, Kris and Colt came inside and bought big bottles of water that were more expensive than our grocery store water, but we were thirsty and hot. 

We headed in the direction that the guy said and made it to the intersection. Matt turned right and started walking.

“Stop. He said left here,” I said.

“No, he didn’t, he said right at the big intersection then make a left at the next intersection,” Matt said.

“Okay then,” I said. We began walking in the direction Matt said.

Three blocks or so down the street, Kris stopped, “Bro, not shit looks familiar.”

“Yeah, because you were yacking your jaws the entire time,” Matt said.

“I agree with Kris. I was paying attention and this is all foreign to me,” I said.

“Ha, Matt fucked up!” Colt said.

“I’m sorry!” Matt turned and screamed at Colt. “Fucking sue me!”

“Chill out. I was kidding. Damn!” Colt said.

“No harm done,” Kris said composed. “We’ll walk back where we just came from and go where Corey said.”

“Mark this down as one time Matt was wrong,” Colt said.

Matt put on his pouty face as we turned around and retraced our steps. We crossed the intersection and started walking. 

“It’s okay,” I said quietly.

“Colt didn’t have to say I fucked up.”

“Dude, it was a joke. Who cares since it’s a nice day?” Colt said.

“Bros we’re heading in the right direction now,” Kris announced. “I remember these signs and that building.”

“Alright, I fucked up. Are you happy Colt?” Matt conceded.

“I wasn’t unhappy to begin with. If it was up to me, I’d probably have us half way to Paris,” Colt laughed. 

Within a few more steps the large brewery came into view. We celebrated with high fives and gave Matt a head rub. At the brewery, we stopped again. “So which way now?” Kris asked.

“I’m keeping my mouth closed,” Matt said.

I pointed up a street, “We came straight up this street and it should lead us back to the square.”

“Lead the way then,” Colt said. “Boy, could I ever use a big fat dip about now.”

“I could use a big fat ass mug of cold beer,” Kris said. “If we see a cool looking place, let’s step in and have one.”

“That sounds good, too,” Colt said.

We kept walking. I could hear Kris and Colt saying “hey ladies” to these girls that passed us. They said hi and continued walking. As a whole, this was a friendly country.  

As we were walking, Kris shouted and pointed to a bar across the street, “Beer time, bros!”

“Yes it is,” Colt said.

We walked across the street and barely avoided two speeding bikes. We stepped inside and were greeted by a tall dark haired guy with big tattoos on his arm. “What you drinking today?”

“What you got?” Kris asked while we saddled up against the bar.

He rambled off a list before we asked him to suggest one of the beers on tap. We took a different brand each for our own taste. The bartender was friendly since there were only a few customers in. He asked how we liked his city. We said we loved it. He gave us a few pointers while we sat sipping our beer. The place was old but had charm. It felt like a place where locals came, kicked back and enjoyed a good time. We had one more for the road and left.

Our next stop was finding the fry stand the bartender said was the best in town. This time, we had him draw a small map on a bar napkin.

“Fuck,” Kris said, not one block from the bar.

“What is it now?” I asked.

“I left my shit back in there, or at least I hope I did,” Kris replied.

He ran back and entered the bar while we watched. He came out holding his bag high.

“You’re lucky,” Matt said.

“I know. My passport was in there too,” Kris said.

I felt a slight panic and hadn’t kept up with mine the entire day. I reached in two pockets before finding it in my left rear pocket. We continued walking, with Kris now removing his tee and throwing it over his shoulder showing off his necklace around his neck. We found the fry stand just off the main street near the familiar square. We ordered a large to share, while I went wild and decided to go for the oorlog sauce. The fries were hot and burned my fingers reaching in for one. I was able to scoop one out and try the Dutch sauce. 

Kris was laughing, “That bad, huh?”

I turned and spit the fry onto the concrete, “Fucking nasty ass shit.”

“I think it was bad,” Colt laughed.

“No doubt,” Matt laughed while I drank some water to remove the awful lingering taste. 

We finished up our snack and continued walking. Nearing the food market, Kris and Colt suggested we go buy more beer and water. Inside, I headed to the counter and eagerly tasted the great fresh cheese along with Matt. I wanted to buy some in the worst way but didn’t have a clue if it would last without a fridge. Kris and Colt came walking up with their selection of beer to add to our load. Matt did buy more chocolate, which he had been eating. 

As we neared our hotel with our hands full, we walked upon a lot of people about our age sitting outside in front of a building. Kris was his usual friendly self and found it was a hostel. I had heard of them but didn’t understand what they were. We did find out they were just beds like military bunks and were fairly cheap, as they should be. We grabbed Kris or he’d have been there the rest of the night chatting with the various people of both sexes.

“There you are,” Jonas said, sitting outside having a drink.

“Thanks!” Kris shouted. “Thanks a lot for leaving our asses!”

“Leaving? We told you if we get split up we’d meet you back here,” Fredrik said.

“Still bro, we had no damn idea where we were,” Kris said with a little anger showing.

“We stuffed a map in your back pocket. Remember?” Jonas said.

Kris reached behind and did pull out a map.

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me. You had a map the entire time?” Colt asked.

“Ummmm… I guess I did. We had a good time, right?” Kris asked us, trying to make light of the situation.

“We did,” Matt said. “Guys, I would say next time, but since you’re leaving it’s pointless. Let’s just say you gave it to the wrong person.”

“Sit, have a drink,” Fredrik said.

I looked at Matt and said, “I’d rather go rest and take a nap.”

“Me too,” Matt said. “So tell me, not Kris, if you two have plans for us.”

“Just meet down here at 8 or so and we’ll go eat. Then we’ll drink some more,” Fredrik stated.

Once in our room, Matt said while taking off his shirt, “Kris never listens to important stuff.”

I smiled, “No, he doesn’t.”

“It didn’t matter in the end. I enjoyed the four of us walking, even though Colt said I fucked up. I sorta wish it was just us four, or better yet, you and me one night to do what we want.”

“Just say the word and we’ll go out on our own. I’m beginning to make sense of things and get down my directions. You learn that exploring woods, like I did as a kid.”

“Okay then,” Matt said perking up. “You and I will eat first and then head out. I have nothing against the Swedes but…”

“But we both enjoy just us and fucking up on our own. I do appreciate all the help they’ve been, though.”

“Oh, I do too. We’d never have been to any of those places if it hadn’t have been for them,” he said and was now sitting on the bed. He grabbed a paper we had picked up along the way. I moved with him and began viewing the gay oriented paper. 

While he was flipping through the pages that were in English, I stopped him and pointed at an ad. “That sounds fun,” I commented.

He looked at me, “It does, and really similar to the other club we went to. I’ll say this again. They are so open about stuff, especially sex.”

“So we are going?” I asked.

“I don’t see why not. We may not have this opportunity ever again…”

“We have had it here, but we weren’t sure,” I laughed.

We closed up the papers and sat together watching whatever we could find on TV that was in English. Matt emailed his mom as his way of staying in touch with her. I was glad someone did or else no would know we were alive, other than the one phone call. 

Matt and I dressed nicely for the night. We had to wake Kris and Colt for a change to get them moving. In their room while they dressed we informed them of our plans. 

“Sounds good to me. You know Colt and I have seen and experienced enough gay shit for one trip. Y’all go and have fun. If nothing else, we’ll chill with Fredrik and Jonas tonight,” Kris stated.

“Yeah, y’all have fun,” Colt reiterated. “We indulged enough as it is.”

“Well it ain’t totally like the other place Wednesday, it’s more dance oriented according to the ad,” I stated.

We met up with our friends and went to eat. After we finished the meal, I announced Matt and I were out of there. Our new friends knew our plans and hoped we’d have a good time. They completely understood and said to give them a review if it was hot. We did say goodbye to them in case we didn’t cross paths before they left the hotel the next morning.

Matt and I headed out and walked down a few streets. Since it was just a little early, we went to see the canals just as it was turning dark. They were just as beautiful at night, with Matt taking a few pictures of the illuminated canals and bridges.

Walking a short distance we found the club and entered with a short wait. We presented our ID’s since no one over 28 was allowed this night. We took a right and ditched our shorts and shirts so we were down to our underwear. I loved Matt’s sexy low rise briefs that looked so incredible on him. Proudly, I took his hand to enter the big open floor, with lights going everywhere and a few guys on the floor in either their hot underwear or nothing. Nothing was an option but we decided to begin in our underwear. The bar was huge, all along one wall with young guys sitting all around. We walked over and showed the bracelets we were given at the entrance for our first drink. We decided on beer to start the night and took two open seats near the end of the bar. The only part I didn’t enjoy was the mix of smoke from cigarettes and marijuana. 

As we were sitting at the bar and adjusting to the setting, four guys walked up and ordered. Right away, I knew they were British by their accents. 

“Nice place,” one said to me in his thick accent.

I nodded, “It is.”

“This boy is big,” another one stated and reached up to feel my back. I didn’t mind the gentle touch.

They ordered drinks and sat next to me. It was hard making small talk with the loud music blaring from the speakers. They did keep glancing our way while drinking their drinks.

Matt finished his first and grabbed my hand. We headed to the dance floor. Matt surprised me when he reached in his briefs and pulled out his long cock through the slit as we made it to the floor. He smiled and laughed before we started dancing. Now the floor was getting crowded with hot young guys at every turn. It was different than the other place since there were no older guys allowed in the club. I looked around to see the four British guys were dancing next to us now. One reached over and grabbed Matt’s cock hanging out of his underwear. Matt didn’t flinch and moved his hand down to grab that guy’s cock through his boxer briefs. I was really enjoying it with the music moving through my body. The music stopped for a short break.

Matt wiped his brow before we headed to grab another drink.

“Fun, huh?” he asked.

“Yes, it is,” I replied.

“You two are bloody hot,” one guy said to us. “Boyfriends?”

“We are,” Matt replied. “You?”

The guy grabbed another one, “This fucker is all mine. Brad is mine.” Both were pretty cute, with earrings. Brad had lots of tattoos on his hairless body, as did another one of his friends.

Without the music, we were able to make small talk. They were four friends on holiday as they called it. We said we were as well and nearing the end of our trip as their trip was just for the weekend.  

When the music returned, the six of us danced together. Now two of them, including Brad, had lost their underwear, showing their uncut cocks and very little pubes. I looked to see it was close to even, with or without, as before it was mostly with. The alcohol and weed were fuelling them to get bolder. I know I looked silly dancing but I didn’t care at the time since I’d never see these people ever again. We were joined in our circle by two more guys who looked young. One was really fit and easy on the eyes, with a nice chest and abs. As I was dancing, hands were touching me and feeling my chiselled body. 

We stayed out until the music stopped again. Having a beer was the only thing on my mind, with sweat running all down my body like it was with Matt as well. The two new ones joined us at the bar and were very flirty with us. We did find out the two were Belgian and were up for the weekend. 

“Upstairs for a little fun?” one of the Belgians asked. 

Matt looked at me before saying, “Sure.”

We headed up the stairs and arrived at the playroom. Condoms and safe sex signs adorned the entrance. Matt and I stopped and lost our underwear. We tossed them in a corner and knew that was probably the last we’d see of them.  

“We’ll fuck with condoms,” Matt said to me quietly.

“No doubt. I don’t want to send the wrong message,” I said.

Brad walked up to me and put a big kiss on my lips while feeling my cock. I felt his ass while we kissed. Matt was doing the same with one of the Belgian guys. We walked around and saw many guys engaging in sex. It was a huge turn on to say the least.  

We walked into a vacant room that had a large sling as the focal point. Matt walked up to me and grabbed me by the hand. “I want you to fuck me in this.”

I smiled and kissed him. Matt got up in the sling and smiled at me. I was jacking my cock hard until one of the Belgian guys dropped down to suck me. His great mouth felt good on my cock. It did get hard so I pulled out of his mouth and found the available condoms. One of the English guys unrolled the condom onto my hard cock. I was looking at Matt who was devouring a big cock. I moved up behind him and lifted his ass up just a little. My hard cock slid easily into his ass. 

“OOO fuck me!” Matt screamed.

“The boy loves it!” one guy yelled.

It was different again with us being the main attraction. Matt’s ass felt so hot as I drove my cock into it. I grabbed the sling and started fucking Matt hard. His head was going side to side and he was letting out loud moans. I leaned over and kissed him before leaning back up to fuck him harder than before. Now the guys were cheering us on while stroking their cocks or having another one suck him. I was really drilling Matt, pulling the swing back against me so my cock plunged in deep. 

“Can I fuck your boyfriend?” one English guy asked as I began to slow down.

I pulled out and moved up near Matt’s head. I leaned over and kissed him while the guy rammed his cock inside of him and started humping away, really hammering Matt’s ass. Matt screamed and begged to be fucked. I really didn’t mind and actually enjoyed seeing my boyfriend getting fucked by a stranger. The English guy pulled out with one of the Belgians, who was hung, almost immediately sticking his covered cock in Matt’s ass. Matt continued to enjoy getting his ass fucked while I watched. I looked down and saw how raging hard Matt’s big cock was while getting fucked frantically by the Belgian. The guy pulled out and sprayed his load all over Matt’s abs. 

“Enough for my ass,” Matt said, panting.

“You need to bust that fucking load,” one English guy said.  

Matt got out of the sling and walked over to me. I stood next to him kissing him while the guy sucked us both. Matt shook all over and started firing off his juice all over the guy’s face. I wasn’t too far behind and shot my load on another one’s face.

“Thanks,” Matt said. “I could use a quick shower.”

“Me too,” I said.


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