Posted:   July 21, 2012


Driving up to what would be my new home for the next two years was nice after a long drive. It had only been over a week since I’d seen Corey, Kris and Colt, but I was anxious to be here for the weekend. At home, I sorely missed my friends. It was nice being with Mom, but now she was beginning to build a life with Vince. It was now not if she’d get remarried but when. Any day I expected the big announcement.

I began unloading my car of my clothes since the next time I’d be here it’d be for the school year. With my arms full, Ted and Myles came walking up in their sleeveless tees and team shorts.

“Need some help?” Ted asked with his head practically shaved.

“Boy, I sure could use some,” I said since it was so hot.

They grabbed what was left while I fetched my key from my pocket. I opened the door and was thankful we had scored a first level apartment. Our place looked like three little kids were living there so I had to bite my tongue, especially since Corey took great pleasure in telling me how clean it was earlier in the week.

“Excuse the mess,” I stated.

“It’s no biggie, Matt,” Myles said, carrying my clothes.

In the bedroom, they tossed my things on the unmade bed.

“We’ve heard all about your trip,” Ted commented.

“Man, that is all they want to talk about,” Myles said.

“It was great,” I said and returned to the living room. I moved clothes that I thought were Kris’s and took a seat with our coffee table littered with cups and debris. “So when does practice start?”

“It starts Wednesday…” Ted replied.

“It’ll be hell,” Myles said right behind him.

“I feel for you in this heat,” I said. “Are things going well?”

“So far so good,” Ted said. “Matt, we’ve missed you around here. So are you here for good?”

“Not yet, but maybe really soon. Look at this shit!” I said.

They laughed. “It’s nothing a good ten minutes of cleaning won’t cure,” Ted said.

I relaxed and began telling them about our trip. They told me just a little about their intense workout for the start of their season. I could see by the sleeveless shirt Myles was wearing that he was packing on the muscles in a good way, along with being tanned. He was very determined to be a starter this year.  

“Ted, is Reese getting excited about coming here?” I asked.

“I think he is, and nervous too. You know how it is. He hopes things go smoothly for him. Otherwise, he’s really having a great summer. Even when I was home, he was gone or there with Trevor,” Ted replied.

“That’s awesome,” I said and stood. “I hope there’s something to drink. I’ll offer you something but hold no promises.”

“Water would be great,” Myles said.

I opened the fridge and did find some water. Beer and condiments occupied the rest of it. So much for the groceries Corey said he bought at the beginning of the week. I returned with Colt coming in the door. His tanned face looked tired. He gave me a hug before heading to grab a beer.

“Matt, you did give ‘em your side of our trip, right?” Colt asked before taking a drink.

“Oh a little,” I said.

“Seriously, y’all didn’t smoke as much weed as they said,” Ted said and looked at me.

“Oh, we did smoke a little,” I said and gave a big smile.

“Hey, if I was there and not in football you bet your ass I’d have indulged in some. That’s wacked it’s legal…”

“And so is prostitution,” Colt said.

“We know,” Ted laughed. “There’s a vice I may have tried.”

“That’s the only way you’re getting some pussy,” Myles said. “I don’t get you.”

“Tell me when I even have the time to look,” Ted said to Myles. 

“I’ve found a little time here and there,” Myles said. “It’s like you’re scared.”

“Dude, he’ll get some when he’s ready,” Colt said. “Can you believe what a fertile bunch of guys are on the team?”

“And you ask why I’m not dating… A kid is the last thing I need,” Ted said.

“Like those four guys needed them too,” Myles said. “I know a bunch of guys that either need to learn to use fucking condoms or keep their dick in their pants. It’s irresponsible and utterly ridiculous. To them, getting a girl knocked up is like a badge of honor.”

“You wonder how they even make it in the classroom if they’re that fucking stupid,” Colt said.

We continued talking. I checked my watch and knew Corey and Kris should be along anytime. The door opened with one big smiling face, Kris’s. Both were sweaty.

“I see you made it again,” Kris said and threw off his shirt. “Fuck it’s ever loving hot out there.”

“It was your bright idea to ride bikes,” Corey laughed. “Tomorrow I’m driving.” He did walk over and land a nice kiss on my lips.

We sat around talking until Ted and Myles left not long thereafter.

“Guys, I’m very disappointed. I came here today and it looked a tornado had been through this place,” I commented.

Kris finished his beer, “We’re sorry. We knew we’d get a royal ass chewing. We’re exhausted when we hit that door…”

“Yeah, cleaning is the last thing I wanna do,” Colt said.

“I have no excuses,” Corey said. “I cleaned up the first few days we were back but then I guess I’ve let things slip.”

“I hate a dirty, messy place…” I said.

“Bro, we know,” Kris said. “We’ve all got vacation hangover big time too.”

“No excuses,” I said. “It doesn’t take two minutes to throw shit away. The last time I was here I bought every cleaning supply there was. Once school starts, there’s no way I can study with this mess.”

“We know,” Colt said. “Sit your ass down. In five minutes, the three of us will have it looking decent.”

I sat down while the three jumped into action. My speech was needed to get the message across, but how many more would be needed before they understood? It didn’t take them that long before our place was decent and orderly.

“See that wasn’t so bad,” I said.

“Alright, you make us a schedule of our duties then,” Kris said. “Assign us a week and if we don’t do it then we’re assigned the next week.”

“It sounds good but we have to agree,” I said. 

“I agree,” Colt and Corey said together. 

“Okay then, now that’s over I’m ready to eat,” I stated.

“Okay, but eating out is getting old big time,” Corey stated.

“Then cook,” I said. “It’s not that hard. Kris and Corey, I thought you were trying out new things a few weeks ago. What happened?”

“I guess the novelty wore off, and we kind of ran out of things we wanted to try,” Kris said.

“You only learn by trying, though, and not watching it on TV,” I said.

“I know that,” Colt said. “My cooking sucks though.”

“When have you ever tried?” Kris asked.

“At home,” Colt said and laughed. “Maybe once or twice.” 

“I’d say tomorrow night we buy steak and grill it out on the patio near the pool since ours is a little small,” Kris suggested. “That’s even something I can do.”

“Good luck with us eating alone,” Corey stated.

“Bros will have to bring their own shit,” Kris said. “Matt, did you see the pool now that they’ve finished?”

“I caught a glimpse of it coming in. It does look sweet,” I replied and smiled. “Oh, I did buy us a gift.”

“Awesome! What is it?” Colt asked.

I headed to my room and was pleased Corey had made the bed and hung up my things. I found a box I had brought and opened it. I returned with my hands behind my back. 

“Bro, I bet it’s just pictures from our trip,” Kris said.

“Guess again,” I said and pulled out the three hot bikini swimsuits that I had got on sale off the internet while being bored at home.

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me!” Colt screamed.

“Here, give me one and let me try it on before I pass judgment,” Kris said and snatched a blue one from my hand. Quickly he stripped and pulled up the blue bikini. He ran to the bathroom and checked the mirror. “Bros, honesty here…”

“It looks hot as hell,” Corey said.

“Kris, it was made for you,” I said, admiring his muscular legs, the cuts at his waist and his amazing abs.

Colt looked at us, “Dude, it does look good on you, but really?”

“Try one and see for yourself,” Kris said. “I think I look fucking hot!”

Colt stripped down and took the green bikini. I never thought a bikini on him would look so good. He was stunning to say the least. “I feel really gay in this.”

“Bro, we can wear these catching rays,” Kris said. “Thanks Matt, you really shouldn’t have.”

“Well, I knew how you two liked to sun. Also I knew neither one of you would ever buy one, plus they were on sale for really cheap since it’s getting near the end of summer,” I said.

Colt shook his head and looked down at his bikini, “I’m not so sure about this. I can hear the comments now.”

“They’re jealous,” Corey said. “Colt, you were made for one if you ask me. I know it’s not very manly, but damn!”

“Alright,” Colt said. “Let’s go grab something to eat.”

Places were a little closer than they were to our old dorm. Before returning, we stopped to buy groceries for our apartment since we really didn’t have much. 

We returned and were alone. Corey and I sat on our sleeper sofa while Kris and Colt kicked up their feet on our new big sofa. We also had a recliner as well. We had centered those facing the fireplace and TV with the Playstation and DVD/DVR hooked up. Behind us was our dining room and kitchen. We had a small circular table with four nice chairs around it. In the kitchen, we had a breakfast bar with three stools at it. The kitchen had ceramic tiled floors with some sweet granite counter tops. Behind it were our washer, dryer and more storage. In the living room and dining room, we had laminate floors while the bedrooms were carpeted. Corey’s and my bedroom was off to one side of the living room with Kris and Colt’s on the other separated by a bathroom. We did have a small patio off the living room that could be nice if it were just a little bigger. The only downside I saw was the fact Corey and I had to share a closet. Since the last time I was here, I did notice Corey had found us a dresser and bought storage for under our bed.  

We were just getting comfortable when the doorbell rang. Kris shouted it was open. Shawn and Bishop walked in. Shawn was really looking good, like they said, with a great tan going. Bishop looked the same except he was now sporting a beard. They were carrying beer. Bishop headed to the fridge.

Shawn walked over and gave me a big hug, “How’s it going?”

“Great,” I said.

Bishop was returning with two beers in his hand, “Matt, Kris has decided it is now BYOB.”

“Well, hell yeah, bro,” Kris laughed.

“It’s cool though,” Shawn said taking the recliner and a beer.

“Where’s Ethan and Cody?” Colt asked since they were staying the summer as well.

“Who knows?” Bishop replied and sat next to Kris on the couch.

“Bishop, how is it living with them?” I asked.

“All I can say is thank God I can move into my place next week and get to choose which bedroom,” Bishop said.

“Bro, we offered here,” Kris said.

“I know, but they did offer first,” Bishop said.

“Matt, I’m still fucking pissed about the trip,” Shawn said and smiled. 

“My folks have been there but I don’t think they stayed high like y’all,” Bishop laughed.

“Shawn, I wish everyone could have gone,” I said.

“We understand. I love the beer mug,” Shawn said.

“Me too. Those are sweet,” Bishop said.

“Yeah, throw ours in the freezer,” Corey said. “Beer is great out of those.”

“Ummm…” I said and gestured in the direction.

Corey stood, “Alright, I should have kept my mouth shut.” He headed over and put our mugs in the freezer.

I saw Shawn looking around. He spoke up, “Boy, I can tell Matt is back…”

“Shhh, don’t say a word. We got our ass already chewed out about that,” Kris said.

“Good thing he hasn’t been in our place,” Bishop said. “You can’t even walk in Ethan and Cody’s room.”

We kept talking and did enjoy a few brews. After a while, Kris was eager to play a new game they had got for the Playstation. It was a college football game that actually had our team on it. The numbers were correct for all the players. I sat and watched while they battled it out. While they were doing so, Corey kept his arm around me and held me close. It did feel so comforting to be here and with Corey and my friends.

About midnight, Shawn and Bishop left our place with what little beer they had left. As soon as they left, Corey grabbed my hand. “I’m tired too.”

“Yeah right,” Kris laughed. “You want some fucking dick.”

Corey smiled, “Maybe… See ya in the morning.”

“Keep it down in there,” Colt said.

“I can’t promise that,” I stated.

We entered our bedroom. The door was barely shut before Corey grabbed me and put the hottest kiss ever on my lips. He was so passionate and I could tell from the way he kissed me how bad he wanted it. “God, I miss you so fucking much,” he said.

“I miss you too,” I said and kissed him again. I could feel his hands going straight for my shorts so I unbuttoned them and let them fall to the ground while we were kissing. He pushed off my underwear. I broke the kiss and stepped out of them. Before we started again, I got his ass naked too. 

We stood in the middle kissing like crazy. Our cocks grew hard while we enjoyed this affectionate time. Corey sat me on the bed and dropped to his knees. “Man, I miss you so much,” Corey said to my cock.

He went down and took my cock in his mouth, almost swallowing it whole in his hunger. I leaned back on my palms and could see him looking up at me. I leaned up with his mouth sliding up and down my rigid cock. My hands went through his hair while he kept licking and sucking my cock. I let out a few soft moans and loved the feeling of him giving me head. 

He stopped and kissed up my body to find my lips. I grabbed him by the neck and rammed my tongue in his mouth. I moved to stand and turned us around to suck his thick cock. I relished worshipping his hard muscles while traveling down his body. I kissed his inner arm where his tattoo was before licking his cock. My mouth moved down to suck his hairless, shaven balls before taking his dick in my mouth. I glanced up to see he enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed giving it. He moaned and ran his hands through my dark growing hair. I licked his cock and returned to take it all. 

He pulled me up and grabbed my cock. “Fuck me, Matt. Fuck me.  I need this big fucking dick in me so bad,” he pleaded.

I grabbed the lube from the nightstand and noticed my cock ring. I smiled and put it on. With us lubed up, I pushed his legs forward while he was on the edge of our bed. His ass was so tight and my dick felt so good going inside of him. He let out a deep grunt with his knees near his face.

“Just fuck me,” he cried out. “Fuck me hard.”

“I will,” I said. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” he said with my hard bare eight inches pushing deep. I held it there before pulling it out to the tip. He groaned when I shoved it back in. I did the same again but slipped out and applied more lube. Once deep in him, he grabbed me for a kiss. We stayed lip locked while I was fucking his hot ass. 

We moved on the bed, threw back the comforter and put a towel under us with Corey on his side. He threw his big leg over mine before I went back inside of him. Our bed was steady and didn’t make a sound with us enjoying this passionate fuck.

“OOO you feel so fucking good in me,” Corey said and was breathing hard as ever. Fuck me harder… deeper…”

“Your ass is just so damn hot,” I said breathing just as hard as he was, his words really turning me on.

“Keep that big dick in me, Matt. Pound my ass. I’ve needed this. Fuck me.”

I increased the pace for I knew I was about to explode. “I’m gonna cum!”

His hand reached and found my ass to push me in deep. I grunted and released my load inside of him. Just as I did, his ass tightened up. He came all over the towel. Our lips met while my cock was still inside of him.

We cleaned up our mess and returned to our bed.

“I have really missed you since we got back.”

“I’ve missed you too, Corey, and I couldn’t wait to get here today.”

“Please don’t leave…”

“I’ll be back in two weeks.”

“I know that, but I wish you’d just come next weekend for good. I love Kris and Colt to death but I’m ready for you to be here all the time.”

I smiled and kissed him. “Just be patient.”

“It just sucks we couldn’t go on a weekend together like we said we were gonna. I hate that I work so fucking much.”

“It’s part of life. I think our trip sufficed.”

“It did,” he said. “I hope I don’t wake you up when I get up in the morning.”

“I’ll live if you do,” I said.

There was something so right about Corey holding me while we were trying to fall asleep. He was out quickly while I heard every noise outside our window. He was used to it now, but in what little time I had been there I hadn’t grown accustomed to the noises. Finally I did drift off to sleep but maybe an hour after Corey had.

Corey didn’t wake me up when he left for work. I woke about 9 or so and came out to watch TV. Within about 30 minutes, I looked up and saw Kris coming my way. He sat down and grabbed my bare knee.

“Bro, we really miss you around here,” he said.

“I miss you too. I’m beginning to think staying at home wasn’t such a good idea after all.”

“Why? Is Linda on your ass the entire time or something?”

“No, not at all,” I replied. “No one is there. Tanner, Brady and Don are doing their own thing. Actually I’m bored shitless.”

“I see you’ve not gained a pound though,” Kris said and ran his hand over my sleek body.

“No, I’ve been running some at night.”

“I was wondering. Bro, I’m fucking serious. That trip was the best time of my life. I can’t say thank you enough.”

“It wouldn’t have been the same without you and Colt there. It was so much fun. I do have all the pictures downloaded. Tonight we can sit around and look at them.”

“Awesome,” Kris stated. “Bro, I don’t know about you, but I’m hungry.”

“Is that a hint since we bought stuff last night?” I smiled.

“Just a little one,” Kris replied.

“So I take it Colt is working today.”

“Yeah he is, almost every day now that football has started again. He quit his other job last week so they wouldn’t clash.”

“So when do you work?” I asked standing up.

“Tomorrow,” he replied. “So you and Corey can have the morning alone.”

I headed over and pulled out the eggs and microwavable bacon for a quick and easy breakfast. Kris laughed watching me cook the eggs in the buff. Just as the eggs were finishing, they were sticking to the pan like crazy. I cussed them before turning off the stove and pouring them onto our fine dinnerware, paper plates.  

We sat at the bar with juice and ate what I had prepared. We didn’t have salt or pepper so it was added to a list. We finished up and threw away our plates. I stood in the kitchen looking out at the living room and dining area.

“What’s wrong now?” Kris asked.

“It’s just so vanilla,” I replied.

“What do you expect from four college guys?”

“Kris, this will be our home for the next two years. Do want it to look so plain and dead? We can’t paint the beige walls but we can add a few things here and there to make it feel like home rather than… say something that is close to a damn dorm room.”

“Okay then, we’ll get dressed and go shopping again for shit. We did try before. Just promise me you won’t make it look too… you know…”

I patted Kris’s shoulder, “Bro, I know who I’m dealing with here. My style isn’t flashy at all. Just a few pictures and little things.”

“We have pictures though,” Kris stated.

“I know, but those belong in our bedroom. I want a few nice pictures here and there, like my poster from the Van Gogh. We could put a few of our best ones on the fireplace mantel.”

“Bro, you’ve been watching way too much of that HGTV,” Kris laughed.

“I said I was bored. At least I’m not having us go looking for a house,” I laughed.

“I can just see the three we’d have to choose from, shack one, shack two…” Kris joked.

“Ain’t that the truth,” I said. I slapped Kris’s bare ass. “Now let’s go get dressed.”

“Okay,” Kris said.

I showered and was looking for some underwear. I dug in a drawer and found a glass pipe and bag of marijuana. I don’t know what Corey was thinking since he knew I’d be in these drawers. It was evident we needed a nice long talk alone before it became a problem.

Kris was dressed nicely in a shirt he had bought on our trip but had that stupid necklace around his neck. We left our apartment and saw some activity in the way of more people moving in. 

“Kris, have you met any of our neighbors?” I asked.

“Not yet,” he replied.

“There’s a shocker.”

“Bro, hardly anyone has moved in yet. You’ll see,” Kris said. “The ones I have seen are a little older than us.”

Kris and I did our shopping. The items we wanted needed to be manly and something you couldn’t easily break. We found a few cheap pictures on our search that looked to be perfect, along with a dry erase board where we could post messages and keep up with each other’s schedule. Kris ended up being a lot of fun to shop with and kept me laughing at his silly things.

Driving up, Kris stated, “Bro, we really need to go out to the pool today and kick it.”

“I was thinking the same thing,” I said.

We unloaded our things. I set them in the living room with Kris anxious to head to the pool. I dressed in my bikini and came out. Kris was standing there in his blue bikini with his shades and a towel.

“Anyone says shit to me better get ready to fight,” Kris stated.

“Kris, you look great,” I said and smiled.

Kris held out his arms, “Fuck yeah I do.”


Hope you liked this chapter.   If all goes as planned, this should be the style I use now rather than day to day.   I realize more and more what the story means to my readers.  I'm stunned even today at the response I receive so I will strive to continue and make it the best it can be.  There have been a few with suggestions for the upcoming year.  Either email me or use the comment area for more.