Leaving the bar at 1, we had the best time ever. We sat sipping on different beers but
mostly we enjoyed talking and people watching. We did get a little attention because of
our accents but now that was becoming commonplace here in the Netherlands. We walked back
to our hotel and were never frightened at all, as I know I would be in some major U.S.
cities at that time of the night.  

After saying goodnight to the lovebirds, Colt and I headed to our messy room. The door was
barely closed before we stripped down.

“Bro, now that was fun tonight,” I commented.

“I know. I just wish we coulda snagged us some real pussy.”

“Really? We should never have to pay for that shit, ever,” I said. “Look at us. They
should pay us.”

Colt chuckled, “You’re right there. I can tell Matt and Corey had a great time tonight.
Matt was laughing…”

“Bro, we all were, but we had been toking that fine grass.”

“I guess we were.”

We fought to see who would drain their cock of beer first. I pushed him aside and pointed
my dick at him. “You want some of this?”

“Dude, you fucking piss on me…”

“I was joking. How nasty is that?” I said and started peeing.

“Very. Now hurry up or I’m pissing in this bathtub,” Colt said, straining to hold back. I
moved a little and gestured for him to piss with me since we needed it. We shook off the
piss and washed our hands before going to get in bed. 

“Bro, is this country at all what you expected?” I asked.

“I didn’t know what to expect really. It has been so very different for sure, but you know
I really like it here.”

“Me too. It has been different. I just wish the US was this liberal with everything like
they are here.”

“Keep dreaming. It’ll be a cold day in Hell before weed and hookers are legalized. Then
you have to consider how open these dudes are to gay folks and plain fuckin’ sex.”

I smiled, “I like the last part. Sex is to be enjoyed by all. I get in a way Matt and
Corey’s thinking, but damn live just a little.”

“Ain’t that the truth? Give up that big dick and let other gay guys enjoy it,” Colt
laughed as the phone started ringing. He picked it up with me wondering who it was. “Let
me ask,” he said before covering the phone. “Jonas and Fredrik wanna know if we’re up for
a little late night fun.”

“Fuck yeah, I am,” I said quickly. “Tell ‘em to give us ten minutes so we can get clean
and fresh.”

“You sure you want this?” Colt asked.

“We agreed before we went to the club to just let go and enjoy this vacation and what came
our way because we know it’s a once in a lifetime deal.”

Colt smiled, “damn right it is,” he said as he went back to talking on the phone.

I jumped up from the bed and went to clean out my ass. Without a doubt, that is the single
worst thing about gay sex… well, maybe other than giving a rim job. I cleansed my ass
before Colt came to do the same. 

At the time, there was a quiet knock at our door. I opened it just as Colt came out of the
bathroom. They were standing there just in their shorts. Each one greeted us with a soft
kiss before dropping their shorts since we were naked.

“What did y’all do tonight?” Colt asked while we walked to the bed.

“Had a good meal then went to this gay club. It wasn’t like the other and was covered with
the older crowd,” Jonas said.

I reached over and ran my hand across Jonas’s smooth soft chest and down to his hot uncut
cock. It was so great and mouth-watering with just the head barely visible under the tight
foreskin. “So you came to fuck around with us?” I asked with my hand wrapped around his
big cock.

“We were just hoping,” Fredrik said while rubbing his hands all over Colt’s naked body. “I
love this one’s body. Great muscles, but not too big.”

“I love Kris’s body even more,” Jonas said with one hand rubbing my pecs. 

“So you are really gay?”

“No, we’re bi, but we are some horny ass motherfuckers,” Colt said.

I followed up, “Who don’t mind fucking around with guys.”

“Good,” Fredrik said before dropping his head to start taking Colt’s cock.

Jonas got off the bed, stood in front of me and pointed at his cock. I got on my knees and
started licking his nice dick while looking up at him and his nice blue eyes. I took his
cock and worked my tongue under the foreskin like I had with Scott and two of the guys I
had sucked at the club. Now I enjoyed uncut cocks and thought they were so fucking hot. 

“OOO suck me,” Jonas moaned.

“Suck my fucking dick, dude,” Colt said on the bed. I couldn’t see what was going on with
them with Jonas’s cock in my mouth and me on my knees. 

Jonas played with my growing blond hair while I sucked and licked his great cock. He was
breathing hard and letting out soft moans so I knew I was doing okay. I kept sucking with
my hands running all over his skinny ass and back. He grabbed under my arms and pulled me
up. His soft lips meet mine. I turned my head and smiled at Colt, with him pointing at
Fredrik sucking his cock.

Jonas licked and kissed down my body, using his hands and tongue to caress me, until
finding my cock. Colt now had switched and began going down on Fredrik’s average uncut
cock. Our room was now nothing but the sounds of four guys enjoying sex to its utmost. 

I glanced down to see this blonde Swedish hottie with my cock lodged in his throat. The
feeling was so incredible, but so were most blow jobs I had ever received. My hands moved
through his hair while he continued to suck and occasionally lick my throbbing cock. I was
breathing harder and harder and was hoping I would blow my wad in this guy’s hot mouth. He
must have sensed I was getting overheated when he stopped and kissed up my body.

“I want that ass,” Jonas said, reaching around to slide a finger up and down my crack. 

“Fuck yeah,” I managed to say. He turned me around and pushed on my back to bend me over
the bed. Colt stopped his sucking and laid a big kiss on me. All the while, Jonas was
spreading my cheeks and beginning to rim me. His wet tongue had me delirious while I
watched Colt and Fredrik kiss passionately. Colt got up and found the condoms and lube. He
put one in my hand while Jonas was giving me so much pleasure.  

Jonas stopped, grabbed the condom and unrolled it while my ass waited for his invasion. I
could see Fredrik unrolling the condom on Colt’s hard cock before he was bent over as I

“Get ready for a great fuck,” Fredrik said.

“You too,” I smiled. He was close enough to grab me for a kiss while I felt Jonas’s
slippery cock wanting to be inside me. I pushed out and felt his cock enter me. “OOO
fuck!” I screamed since it was big and thicker than I imagined.

“OOO yes,” Fredrick moaned with Colt now going inside him. “Fuck me hard!”

“Yes, he likes it hard,” Jonas stated while slowly going deeper in me. 

I reached for the comforter to keep from screaming. His cock was stinging my ass and
causing great discomfort. He didn’t move while Colt began fucking Fredrik hard, there were
no preliminaries he just started banging away. Finally after a minute, the pain and
discomfort left my ass. I turned and smiled to signal I was ready to be fucked.

Jonas grabbed my hips and slowly began moving his long cock inside of me, pulling back and
then sliding it all deep inside me. It was different than with Matt or Garrett for Jonas
was thicker and was stretching my ass. I did get fucked at the club by one thick cock, but
Jonas was a lethal combo of thickness and length.

“Your ass is so tight,” Jonas said.

“Your dick is so fucking big,” I said. Fredrik chuckled before letting out a loud scream
with Colt hammering his ass.

“Fucking take my dick!” Colt said with his hands on Fredrik’s hips.

“Yeah, Colt, fuck him!” Jonas said.

“You keep giving Kris that big dick while I fuck the shit out of your boyfriend,” Colt

“OOOO Colt please! Harder!” Fredrik moaned.

Jonas soon moved me off the bed and sat down on the floor next to it, taking me with him.
I wanted to see his face so I pulled off his cock and spun around. Slowly my ass mounted
his cock again but I took my time. 

Now, Colt had moved Fredrik to the edge of the bed and started fucking him missionary
style, pushing his legs back to allow him to pound down into Fredrik’s ass while also
leaning forward to kiss him. I moved up and down on Jonas’s hard, thick cock while he
wrapped his hand around my hard dick. 

“I love seeing your hot body riding my dick,” Jonas said.

“I love riding your big dick,” I said with a kiss. I stopped and let him pound up into my
ass. I knew that soon I was going to bust. ”OHH yes fuck the cum out of me!” I screamed
and now was stroking my cock fast and furious. I groaned loudly.

“Oh, shoot that load, Kris!” Colt shouted.

“Cover my body with your juice,” Jonas said.

My cock erupted while I was leaning back. It felt so good cumming all over Jonas’s smooth
body. He started rubbing my cum in his body with my ass still twitching around his cock. I
finished and got off his cock. 

“I want your nut on my face,” I said.

“Fredrik is getting mine down his throat,” Jonas said. “My boyfriend loves my cum.”

“Fuck yeah I do,” Fredrik said. “I want Colt’s cum too.”

Jonas pulled off the condom and got on the bed with his cock hard and dripping. He stuck
it in Fredrik’s mouth while Colt was constantly pounding that ass. I watched and saw
Jonas’s body tense up. He opened his mouth wide and grabbed the base of his cock. I saw
cum flowing out the side of Fredrik’s mouth.

“Goddamn,” Colt said.

Almost as soon as Jonas had finished Colt pulled out his cock, slung off the condom and
stuck it in Fredrik’s mouth. Colt grabbed Fredrik’s head with all of his muscles bulging.
I swear Colt’s eyes rolled into the back of his head while losing his load down Fredrik’s
throat. Colt pulled out, leaving a long stringing mess in doing so. Jonas moved around and
took Fredrik’s cock in his mouth. It wasn’t long before Fredrik screamed and came in
Jonas’s mouth.  

Now the room reeked of cum and sweat, but for good reason. I just lay there and soaked in
what had just occurred before Colt gave me some tongue like the others were. We talked
just minute while making plans for the next day.

They stood and kissed us. “You are two great fucks,” Jonas announced.

I echoed his sentiments as well. They put their shorts back on and left me and Colt on top
of the bed. 

“Someone tore that ass up,” I said.

“I sure as hell did,” Colt said. “Man I’m all fucked out now.”

“Me too,” I said as we got under the sheets. “So what would Andrea say?”

“Who gives a fuck? What would Megan say?”

“Fuck her ass. I don’t care. Now are we telling Matt and Corey?”

Colt shrugged, “I’m sure we will.”

I woke the next morning with the phone ringing. I answered it to hear Jonas’s Swedish
accent on the other line. He was calling to wake us up so we could rent bikes and tour the
city. I hung up and called Matt to wake his ass up. He sounded very tired and said they’d
be ready to go in thirty minutes.

We met our friends in the lobby downstairs. I told Matt and Corey what the plans were for
the day. Matt gave me his big smile and said it sounded fun. We did grab a quick breakfast
before renting our bikes. We debated on taking them out for just a few hours but went with
the full day instead. We headed out, with Jonas leading the way. It was different seeing
this old city by bike.

At the edge of the city, Jonas and Fredrik asked if we were up to a long ride out in what
they referred to as the rural area. We agreed since we had the bikes for the day. I loved
the exercise and soon came out of my shirt to catch some rays. I looked to see shortly
everyone was out of their shirts and riding along the road.

We passed a historic windmill on our journey and knew what a photo opp that was. We left
our bikes, with Fredrik taking our picture. My only wish was we could see inside this
iconic Holland figure but it was locked. We travelled on and continued to view the flat
but scenic rural area until coming to Haarlem. 

“Bros, to us, Harlem is the fucking ghetto,” I laughed.

“I’m sure this is where the name came from,” Matt said. 

“It is a very nice city as you will see,” Jonas stated. 

We biked into the city and saw how really nice it was. Once at a nice bar, we stopped for
a drink to rest and quench our thirst. The cold beer tasted so good while we rested and
looked at the old city. It was smaller than Amsterdam but still very nice. I was really
starting to get into all this old shit on the trip and think how everything back home was
almost new compared to these buildings.

When we traveled back we took a slightly different route after seeing the city. We made it
to the edge of the city and decided to take another break at a nice park. The four of us
had no earthly idea where we were and were relying on their guidance. At first glance, it
seemed like a very nice park with lots of people enjoying the very nice weather on this
Friday in July. We rode a little ways before taking a detour down a path between some
trees. Once down the path and past the trees, I saw their reasoning for this detour. It
was a large open field where many were gathered with little or no clothes.

“Damn,” I commented loudly and was excited to see another nude area.

“So shall we stop and enjoy this fine weather?” Jonas asked.

“Of course we do,” I said.

We stopped riding and walked our bikes to a very grassy spot. Here we travel half way
around the world and we are back stripping in public. The crowd was mainly older and mixed
couples, with a few our age here and there I noticed before taking a seat.

“I thought you might go for this,” Fredrik stated.

“Nothing beats a nice day and being naked outdoors,” I said.

“I agree. This is very nice,” Matt said. 

“If we stay here much longer, they are going to have to drag my ass back home,” I
commented and was looking around. I noticed some of the woman didn’t shave under their
arms however.

“Yeah, so far, I haven’t seen one thing I didn’t like here,” Colt said.

“That’s the reason we enjoy coming as often as we can,” Jonas said with his arm around
Fredrik’s waist. 

“So how often do you come here?” Corey asked.

“We try coming once a year, but we didn’t make it last year,” Fredrik said. “We had so
much going on and couldn’t get away. You are lucky it has been rather nice weather. Last
two times we were here it rained all but two days, and then it was overcast.”

I leaned back to take in the sun while watching people walking in the nude. Yes, we did
have the nude beach back home, but nothing like this where it was close, I think, to the
main city.

“If you want a real experience, we need to take you guys to another park after dark,”
Jonas said.

“Why’s that?” I asked.

“You are allowed to have sex,” Jonas replied.

“So when are we going?” I asked my friends, but mostly Matt and Corey.

“Jonas and I were thinking of going there tonight if you guys want to come. It’s a nice
ending to our trip.”

“I thought you were leaving Sunday,” Matt commented.

“We are, but we are usually busy packing to go. So tonight?” Fredrik asked us.

“We can go for sure,” Colt said, “Another unique experience for my ass while we’re here.”

“For all of our asses,” Corey laughed.

Fredrik and Jonas were laughing and talking to each other. 

“Bros, speak English. It ain’t fair we can’t understand you,” I said.

“We were saying how you aren’t how we pictured Americans and you have been rather open
about so many things,” Jonas said.

“We’re not typical by any stretch. Yes, America is very conservative in so many ways. I’d
guess ten percent would find this sunbathing nude in a public park acceptable…” Matt said.

“Homophobia is fucking crazy too,” I commented, trying not to stare at all the people
around me.

“Just like we heard,” Fredrik said. 

“Colt and I really weren’t bi, I guess you could say and have evolved,” I said.

“Though Kris has never ever been homophobic,” Corey said.

“I have,” Colt said. “My hometown is nothing but gay haters.”

“Kris had a brother who was gay,” Matt said.

“Gay or not, I only judge people by their actions and nothing else,” I stated quickly. 

Jonas smiled, “Guys, is he always the life of the party?”

“Trust me, he has been,” Colt said. “You should see how people gravitate to this
motherfucker. It’s like he’s handing out money.”

“It’s his looks and muscles,” Jonas said.

“No, we all have nice bodies…” Corey said.

Fredrik interrupted, “Fucking amazing bodies. There’s another thing I was wrong about
America. I thought you were all fat.”

“As I was saying,” Corey continued. “Kris is the guy everyone wants to be around. You’ve
heard our story. I’ll tell you right now there are 10 or 15 very jealous guys right now
knowing we are here in Holland with Kris.”

“Stop it. You’re making me blush,” I said and pushed on Corey’s arm.

“We can see that. We knew all of you were special just on that group tour we were on,”
Jonas said with his cell phone ringing. Actually it is one item I haven’t missed as much
as I thought I would.

“It’s his mother checking in and making sure we’re not in jail,” Fredrik joked.

Jonas finished his call while speaking Swedish and hung up. “Bro, I wish we could use our
phones here but it’s too damn expensive,” I stated.

Jonas handed his phone to me. “My friend be my guest. Call home and talk to your mom if
you want.”

I took the phone and soon started talking with Jonas and Fredrik staring at my nice ass. I
really surprised Mom with my call and told her how awesome it was. I didn’t talk very long
and handed the phone back to Jonas. Jonas offered it to the rest of us. Matt took it and
called his Mom but sounded excited talking to her. He only talked a minute before handing
it to Colt. He called Chase and talked to him for a minute. Corey took the phone as well
and did talk to his mom just a minute too. We thanked Jonas over and over for allowing us
to do so.

We stayed about an hour. Matt did snap a few pictures of us with it now being common to
have our picture made in the nude. He snapped some of our new friends as well before we

We rode back and got into lots of traffic heading back into the main part of the city.
Just before returning the bikes, we stopped to grab something to eat and drink. 

We left the restaurant and walked outside. Jonas started screaming something in Swedish. I
looked to see his bike was missing among where we all had placed our rented bikes.

“What some fucking nerve!” I screamed.

“Oh God! Oh fuck!” Jonas screamed while pacing around. Fredrik grabbed him and tried to
settle him down. They were speaking Swedish again to each other with Jonas now having
tears flowing down his cheek.

I went over and patted him on the shoulder, “Is there anything we can do to help?”

“I’m out fucking 100 Euros because I was stupid,” Jonas said. “I was probably lazy and
didn’t lock my bike up like I should have.”

“Bro, let’s all pitch in and help him out,” I said.

“You don’t have to. It’s my fault,” Jonas said.

“No, we’ll pitch in and help you out since you were nice enough to show us a great time,
not only today but for this whole week,” Matt stated.

“I think we should,” Colt said.

Matt, Corey and I looked at Colt. “Bro, are you okay?”

“Fuck you, asshole. I’m tight as fuck, but it could have been any of us,” Colt replied.

It was a short distance to return the bikes. We did chip in and help Jonas out with the
fee for having his bike stolen. It put a small damper on what had been one great day.

With Colt asleep on top of our bed, I headed over to Matt and Corey’s room. Matt answered
the door in his sexy briefs.

“I should have guessed,” Matt said.

“Hey, I wanted to make for damn sure y’all are up for tonight,” I said.

Corey spoke up, “We’re gonna add to our list of unique places we’ve fucked.”

“Cool then,” I said.

“So, are you and Colt?” Matt asked raising his brow.

“We will,” I replied. “Corey, excuse me for a moment.”

“Huh?” Corey asked.

I went over and kissed Matt on the mouth. I grabbed the back of his head and stuck my
tongue in his mouth. Corey pulled us apart. “I was just showing Matt my appreciation for
one fucking great trip.”

“Oh, okay then. Matt felt my appreciation last night…”

“I sure as hell did, and will forever,” Matt stated and kissed Corey.

“Nothing wrong with that, however, I wish you’d open up just a little bit here and live a
little. I know you are committed to each other…” I said.

Corey interrupted, “We are, but we’ve talked about it… We do want to open up a little and
enjoy gay sex with others before we turn around one day and realize we missed something.”

“We do since we are here. Jonas and Fredrik are right on one hand. I know who loves me and
who I sleep with. That’s all that matters,” Matt said.

I smiled, “Good. I think you’d go crazy if Corey wasn’t here.”

Matt pushed on my chest, “Bro, I would. You know how I love sex.”

“Hey, he’s not alone,” Corey said.

“Kris, this doesn’t mean when we get home, it is open season on us, unless Corey has the
desire to be with you or Colt or any of the guys. I feel like I’m holding him back and am
being selfish by denying…”

“No you’re not. I just can’t do it. I’ve wanted to, Hell, Kris and I nearly got it on when
we were alone at the apartment, but I don’t want to do any damage to us. I’ve fucked
around enough in two years,” Corey said.

“Just don’t write it off just yet. I agree that we shouldn’t just do it, but if it feels
right and it’s just sex, then what’s the harm in it?” Matt asked.

“Damn right!” I added. “Start here.”

We talked about how great the day was, minus the theft. Matt showed us his great pictures
he had taken so far. I loved the one from today of the four of us naked at the park. Our
arms were around each other with big smiles on our handsome faces. 

Coming back in our room Colt was now awake and watching TV. “You went to tell them we
fucked with Jonas and Fredrik?”

“I didn’t say a word, bro.”

“Are you sure?”

“Listen, I didn’t say a word about it. I went to show Matt some love and appreciation and
to make sure they were game for tonight.”

“Cool then,” Colt said. “Dude, I guess we’re fucking again.”

“We are,” I said, and starting laughing. “If we didn’t know we were bi before this trip,
we damn sure fucking know it now.”

“For damn sure,” Colt laughed. “I’ve loved it though.”

“I have too,” I said.

So far on the trip, neither one of us had taken a dip of Skoal. Colt found his supply of
one can and took one. The smell and desire hit me for one as well, even though we had done
so well with our addiction. The wintergreen flavor did taste good, along with the feeling
of having a pinch in my mouth. Colt and I sat around spitting and chatting about our trip
and laughing so much. I loved this special time with him about as much as I enjoyed us

We met up with Matt and Corey. Matt was thinking ahead with a bag stuffed with a towel.
Colt and I had condoms in our pockets but didn’t think to snatch a towel. I went back and
got us one and stuffed it into Matt’s bag. We went down and met Jonas and Fredrik about
nine this Friday night. They had their arms around each other’s waist and looked as happy
as Matt and Corey.  

We took the tram to near the park and got off. We walked around to find a coffee shop to
buy a joint to smoke in the park. We entered a place and went downstairs. It was really
laid back from what I could see. Jonas bought some of what he called ‘good shit’.  He
rolled the two nice joints and handed one to me. I stuck it behind my ear before we left.

Outside, as we were walking to the park as the day was turning into night but pretty late,
Jonas fired up his joint.

“Bro, not here,” I said.

He turned, “You can smoke anywhere. Didn’t you know that?”

“Now you tell us,” Colt said.

“So do you guys ever fucking stoned?” Fredrik asked us.

“Matt and I have,” Corey replied.

“I haven’t, but I can’t wait,” I replied.

“Just wait. It’s mind blowing,” Jonas said, blowing the smoke in my face.

“Let’s wait to smoke ours until we get to the park,” Matt said, which was fine with me. I
liked smoking this Dutch stuff, but honestly I was acquiring a taste for beer from around
the world like we had the night before. However, fucking stoned did sound appealing.

We made it to the park and began walking around with the Swedes leading the way. We saw a
bunch of people sitting around and enjoying the last bit of daylight on this nice summer
night. I loved the weather and didn’t miss the fucking hot temps we were having back home.
We walked further and took a seat in a grassy spot just off the sidewalk. I looked around
to see and smell we weren’t alone while we put down the towels. I looked to my left to see
a man and woman fucking like dogs on a blanket. I nudged Colt in the side.

“Fuck yeah,” he said.

“Please be quiet and respectful,” Jonas said.

“Sorry dude,” Colt said quietly now. “It just something we don’t see every day.”

I got the lighter from Jonas and fired up our joint. I inhaled and felt the strong weed
going in my lungs. I wanted to cough in the worst way while passing the smoking joint to
Corey. I looked to my right and saw two guys, maybe our age or younger, coming with their
blanket. Both were tall and thin like a lot of people were here, I guess from riding a
bike everywhere. One quickly stood and got naked while the other one took his cock in his
mouth. I looked across and saw two nice looking older guys fucking while next to them was
an older man and woman about my parent’s age. I quivered at the thought it could actually
be Walt and Jenny doing the nasty in public in front of others, but hell, Colt and I were
about to fuck. I stood and got naked. The others followed my lead and did the same. 

“Crazy we are smoking weed out in public naked,” Colt laughed and passed me the joint.

“I agree, but it is cool,” Corey said.

As I was watching the guys next to me, I saw a cop walk by. He didn’t bat an eye and
continued patrolling the park. Then I saw another cop walking while I was toking on the
smoking joint. Boy this place is so fucking awesome.


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