Posted:   June 14, 2012

Corey and I were sitting on the couch after our trip. My ankle was feeling better by
the hour and the swelling had gone down. Just after four, Kris came bouncing through
the door.

“Hey, did y’all… oh my God Matt, are you okay? What happened, bro?” Kris asked and
came over to examine my ankle.

“Oh, I just sprained it is all. I’m okay now,” I replied.

“He did it last night as we were leaving Evan and Zeb’s camp,” Corey added.

“Who are Evan and Zeb?” Kris asked.

“Just two guys we met while we were there,” I replied. “Really nice guys too. So how
was your weekend?”

“Boring as fuck!” Kris replied. “I know now why I don’t go home. By Saturday morning
I was ready to come back here. No one was home either. So other than the ankle
sprain, did y’all have a good time?”

“The best. We fished at the lake and even caught some. We rode mountain bikes and
hiked around like we did that time you came up,” Corey replied.

“I’m jealous since y’all went and had fun while my ass was stuck at home. I knew I
should have crashed your little fuckfest,” Kris said.

“I’m glad you didn’t. Other than two nights hanging with those two, it was just Matt
and me enjoying being with and around each other,” Corey stated when the door

Colt came walking in with his face red and threw down his things. He too asked about
my ankle when he saw it. 

“Don’t you brag and tell me how great your weekend was or I’ll beat that ass,” Kris

“Alright, I won’t then. So did the lovers have a good time?” Colt asked.

“We did,” I said with Corey following up. 

“Man, that is awesome. Kris, you need to get the fuck out,” Colt stated after Corey


“I wanna brag a little and don’t care to have my ass beat right now,” Colt said and
dodged Kris’s attempt to slap his arm. 

“Well, tell us then and make me hate you as well,” Kris said and laughed.

“I really didn’t do much other than get fucking wasted with Tabor Friday night, and
then again on Saturday with Chase and a few of his punk ass buddies. That Tabor is
so primed for college it is unreal,” Colt said.

“Where was Chase Friday night?” I asked.

“Oh, he was out on a date, trying to mend fences so he can get his ass some over the
summer. He’s so much like me,” Colt replied.

“He is,” Kris said.

After we finished catching up, I was able to walk on my ankle somewhat and made it
to eat on campus. After I returned, I found a spot on the couch and didn’t move the
rest of the night until we all headed to study to end our night.

Corey and I just talked that night back with sheets on the mattress. It felt great
to be back in our room without worrying about what was lurking outside. 

Monday in my classes, I could sense the end of the semester was near as the
professors seemingly were getting in all they could before the year ended. After
class, I stayed in the room while the others went to work out. It would be best to
rest my ankle rather than push it. 

That night after our regular crew was down, Kris and I were chatting as we usually
do on a Monday and Wednesday night. 

“Bro, exactly what are we going to do next year for this time between us?” he asked.

“I don’t know, but something will work out.”

“I can sense someone is pushing me aside after their weekend alone.”

“Kris, it is not intentional at all. We knew it was coming sooner or later.”

“I guess you’re right. Matt, it makes me so happy to see you so happy and content,
but don’t think I won’t be in your life once we move or graduate.”

I leaned over and kissed his cheek, “You will always be my best friend. I would be
nothing without you. I owe every ounce of my happiness to you. We’ll make time if we
have to set aside time. We’ll always be tight as ever.”

“I hope so,” Kris said. We continued to talk and moved it to the game the next

“Kris, my ankle has solved one small problem for you tomorrow night,” I said.

“Yeah it has, but I still don’t know how it’s gonna work out. Somehow it will,” Kris

Tuesday, my ankle was feeling better and I was able to walk fairly normally to start
my day. I returned from my class and needed to rest after the long walk back with
Ted, Corey and Kris. I knew we’d have support with Ted, Luke and Myles for sure
coming to our first tournament game.

That night at six was our first game of the tournament to end our softball season.
Kris was fidgety all day and tense about setting the line-up. He gave it out without
a single argument when the time arrived, with me sitting it out. The first inning I
saw, as did the others, we had drawn an easy team. We scored four runs in the first
and five in the second with the other not even getting a hit. With the game out of
hand, Kris was able to let everyone play before we ended the game up by 10 runs at
the end of the fourth inning.

Leaving the field, we were met by our fans, basically all of our friends that didn’t
play. They congratulated us and bragged on us.

“Could someone tell me how the hell they won one game much less won their division?”
Myles asked.

“Bro, you tell me and we’ll both know,” Kris replied as we walked back. “All I know
is we move on to play tomorrow night if it don’t rain.”

“Well, there is a sixty percent chance of it,” Scott said.

“Thank you, Meteorologist Scott,” Colt laughed. “So what’s the high gonna be

Scott slapped the back of Colt’s head, “Fuck off.” He ran away with Colt chasing
after him. 

“What some juveniles,” Ted laughed. “To think they’ll be juniors next year and
living with us again.”

We didn’t do much that night and chilled with the guys and a few girls, including
Megan, coming and going. Corey and I retired to our room and lay together. The
kissing to start the night was electric. 

“Corey, first we need a quick chat…”

“Okay, what is it?”

“Something tells me Kris feels I’m leaving him out now, especially with the move.”

“Ummm… well it happens, you know? What can we do?”

“I don’t know.”

“Tell Kris it won’t change one bit. Set aside time for you to talk with him. It
could be tough but it’ll be worth it. I will actually miss my time with Colt. We’re
pretty close and should be after being together so long. Never once have we come
close to fighting.”

“He’s smarter than he looks then,” I said.

“I think there is a level of mutual respect. I will tell you this. He and Kris are
very tight now.”

“Duh,” I laughed.

“Nothing they could do would surprise me.”

Wednesday night, we were back on the field after just a little shower earlier in the
day. I was okay to play but didn’t want to risk it. I had been to the Rec Center and
managed okay but felt my ankle was weak after I pushed a little too hard testing it
out. Kris and Corey had to leave work early to make it for the game.

We ended up playing two games that night and won both. Corey hit a home run in the
second game late to spark the second victory of the night. We were off to the semi-
finals the following night.

The next day, Thursday, our hall was buzzing. The team was playing well and created
some excitement. I had told Kris not to even consider me since the team had played
so well. He had managed so well and kept the others happy without any grumbling. 

The game was very tight and had me biting at my nails. I wanted us to win in the
worst way now since we were so close to the end. Going into the last inning, the
score was tied 8 to 8. The other team managed to get across one run. We were lucky
it wasn’t more thanks to Alex making a great running catch to end the inning with
the bases loaded. 

They didn’t need the usual pep talk for they were focused and knew what it would
take. Scott got on first with no one out. Kris showed great patience and took a
walk. I felt so confident with Garrett stepping to the plate. The first pitch he hit
a mile but it was foul by the same amount. I could see from the bench the
determination in his face. He hit the next one to deep left field so Scott could
move up as did Kris. Corey was next. My stomach was in knots. He swung way too hard,
trying to be the hero, and hit one off the end of the bat to the pitcher. He was
extremely frustrated coming back to the dugout until seeing Joe hit one into the
outfield that scored both runners. We were one happy group piling out of the dugout
to congratulate Joe.

We had to turn right around and play for the championship. I had seen the other team
play and knew we were in for a fight. It wasn’t much of a fight with the other team
scoring six runs to start the game. The guys tried their hardest but were beat by a
better team. I was disappointed, but at least we didn’t lose in the last inning. 

Kris summed it, “They were fucking better than us tonight, plain and simple.”

“True, but it sucks. I hate leaving like this,” Antonio said with all of us gathered
around after congratulating the winners.

“There could be us next year,” Scott said.

“No, we’re moving back home,” Joe said. “It is best for both of us.”

“Yeah, thanks everyone. I fucked up basketball, but I couldn’t do it here. We just
got our ass beat,” Antonio said.

“I don’t know about everyone else but the year was fun. We didn’t win it all but we
came close and had one hell of time,” Cody spoke up.

“Here, here bro. We did have a good time and that’s what matters,” Kris said. “Keep
your heads up. We did awesome!”

Everyone came around to congratulate Kris on the fine job of managing all of us
before we headed off the field with the lights being turned off. We turned our
attention to Joe and Antonio. We knew they still had days left before they left us
but we wanted to wish them well.

Our weekend was upon us after classes ended on Friday. I called Mom to report I was
now okay. Since I had out my phone, I called Gloria to see how she was doing. We
talked for a while and made plans to have a tombstone set by summer. I left the
details up to her and would give my part of the final cost. The other big news of
the day was my second insurance check hit my account. Now I had more money than ever
before but couldn’t put it into savings since the interest rate was so low.

Saturday, after a somewhat boring Friday night, the four of us decided to head out
and search for items for our apartment. Kris had the bright idea of heading to a
major furniture store but sticker shock sent us away about as quick as we entered.
We put our heads together and headed back to the place where we had purchased the
sleeper sofa. There we were able to find a nice dining table that wasn’t expensive
and another sofa that half way matched the other one. We put down a down-payment on
both and left, satisfied with what we were buying. 

Kris decided he was buying beer no matter what. It took us three stops before he
finally scored a haul. We agreed in the future it wasn’t worth the trouble to drive
around and hope they didn’t card.

For some strange reason we didn’t have many visitors that night. We only had Shawn,
Alex, Ethan and Cody. It goes without saying by the end of the night the haul was
down to a few precious beers. Kris was stumbling around drunk, as was Alex. The
night officially ended with Corey throwing up in the middle of the floor. Being a
good boyfriend, I cleaned up his mess and helped him to our bedroom. I didn’t think
Corey was that drunk but maybe instead sick at his stomach.

Sunday was a lazy day for me, with me doing some laundry more than anything. Colt
and Kris were gone most of the day while Corey was working. After they returned,
Kris and Colt finished up a paper that was due the following day. I graciously
edited them to get them somewhat perfect. 

Monday, with dead day coming on Wednesday, was just reviewing what to expect for the
finals. I felt good so far about my grades but could feel the mounting pressure to
perform for the finals. I had a little room to mess up but knew I couldn’t risk it.
I could lose some dough if I faltered on the finals and risk losing my scholarship,
along with disappointing myself.

That night, Kris and I were back in my room with Kris lying spread eagled on the air

“Kris, nothing between us will ever change,” I said.

He turned and propped up on his elbow, “I hate to say it, but it will. I’m good with
it though. We do need to move along in life. It was bound to happen at some time.”

“Kris, I love you and appreciate you more than you’d ever know.”

“I love you too. Bro, how things change in a matter of two damn years,” he stated.

“They do. I came here timid as hell and had conceded to the fact I’d be alone a
majority of my college life. The exact opposite has happened. You,” I said and poked
his chest. “You are the reason. I will never ever forget it.”

“Ah, you’re gonna make me blush,” Kris laughed.

“Kris,” I said, and lowered my head, “I want to show you how much you mean to me and
how much I love you.”

I looked up and saw his eyes big as ever. “Don’t tell me…”

“Only if you want to…”

“Fuck yeah, I want to! Hang on to that thought for five minutes,” Kris said. He
jumped up and ran off. With him gone, my stomach was in knots. I shouldn’t be
nervous since Corey suggested exactly this more than once. He thinks Kris will get
the message loud and clear. I grabbed two condoms to be on the safe side and the
lube to hide under my pillow.  

Kris came back in the door, locked it and jumped on me. I almost lost my breath when
he did that. “If this is a joke, I’m beating your ass.”

I reached up and grabbed his hair. I pulled him in for a wet sloppy kiss. “You mean
the world to me.”

“You to me as well,” Kris said and began kissing around my neck. He moved down and
sucked each nipple with such desire.  He looked up at me, “Your fucking abs are
tight now. Matt has a fucking great six pack.”

I smiled, knowing it was something neither of us thought would happen two years ago,
and ran my fingers through his blond hair as he licked my abs. My cock began to rise
with the feeling. Kris grabbed it and licked it like an ice cream cone. He moved
down and sucked each ball. “I’ve always dreamed of this exact moment.”

“I have too, honestly,” I said with Kris moving to take my cock in his mouth. He
took a little while grabbing it by the base. He slowly moved up and down on my cock.
Now, I wondered just how often he and Colt had done this since he was such a pro and
was making me feel so good. He stopped and licked my abs before returning to suck my
cock more while my hands rested on his broad, big, defined shoulders.

Kris stopped, smiled and lunged for my mouth. He grabbed by the back of the head and
filled my mouth with his tongue. My hands moved around his back and found his sweet
ass. I pushed him off where I could assume control and worship his great body. 

He was so amazing. I had always admired Kris and how sexy he was, but even when we
had done things in the past I had never really taken such time to really work his
body. I was getting to do something I had wanted to do for six long years.

I started at his thick neck, placing kisses along the smooth skin, occasionally
feeling the stubble on his chin against my cheek. I ran my tongue up his neck and
around his ear, gently tugging on it with my teeth to hear Kris moan. Tracing back
down his neck I kept going, letting my tongue glide between his big pecs, which I
was squeezing in my hands.

Sitting back on his hips, trapping his hard cock beneath my ass, I used my hands to
massage his hard pecs, running my fingers all over them, teasing and pinching the
nipples, bringing moans and yelps out of Kris that sounded so hot. I leaned down
again and kissed his chest, sliding my tongue over the muscles.

I focused my attention then on his ‘N’ tattoo that was right over his heart.
Extending my tongue I traced the letter, feeling Kris’ body shiver beneath me as his
back arched. He grabbed my hair and clenched it in his fist, pulling me closer to
him. I truly felt that I had a place in his heart forever now.

Kris pulled me up by the hair into the most passionate kiss of my life, with his
hands roaming up and down my back. I broke the kiss and gave him another quick peck
before kissing back down his chest and then focusing on his abs, which we rock hard.
I pushed my tongue into his belly button and heard him whimper and then I traced
each one of his abs, letting my tongue glide through the grooves between each one.

Finally I moved down to his hard cock and took it in my mouth. I could smell his
musk while glancing up at him. It was a great viewpoint with his cock lodged in my
mouth. I began showing how to really administer a great blow job by doing everything
I knew.

“Oh fuck yeah!” Kris started moaning. “Suck that fucking dick!”

I continued to suck his cock, moving my tongue around the head and then up and down
the shaft. I loved hearing him moan. He was more expressive at this point than
Corey, but this was relatively new to him. I stopped, wetted my index finger and
slid it inside his hot ass while sucking and licking his cock. 

“Damn!” Kris screamed and was breathing so hard. I loved seeing his stomach contract
and expand as he labored for breath. 

My mouth went from his hot cock down to his ass. My tongue circled his ring while
another finger went inside of him. I leaned up and began finger fucking him.

“Fuck… fuck… fuck!” he screamed louder with each fuck. “I want your fucking dick so
bad right now!”

I stopped, reached under my pillow and removed the supplies. Kris grabbed the condom
and unrolled it on my rock hard cock. He kissed the tip before applying the lube. I
took the lube and spread it around his ass. His legs went high in the air. My body
moved between them. I leaned over for a short kiss before leaning back up. The
thought of teasing him entered my head but knew it would be cruel.

“I’m ready to show you how much you mean to me,” I said and guided my slippery cock
to his hole. I pushed and didn’t enter. More lube was applied before the next
attempt. I felt him surrender and open his ring to my cock. 

“OOOOOO fuck,” he moaned with his head falling to his right side.

“I’ll be so gentle,” I said and could feel my cock going deeper in his ass. His ass
was so tight and squeezing my cock.

“Fuck, you’re so damn big. Bigger than I remember,” Kris said and jerked his head to
the other side.

My cock was just about balls deep. I waited and let him adjust to my size. I wanted
him to be relaxed and get the ultimate pleasure out of this encounter. His legs
rested on my shoulders as I began to slowly move in and out, fucking him so gently.
I hated that I pulled back too far and slipped out, but that’s life. I went back in
easier and waited. The waiting did simmer me down for I wanted this to last for our

“Fuck me, Matt! Fuck my ass!”

Those words still sound so strange and are words I didn’t think I’d ever hear coming
out of Kris. I leaned over and kissed around his neck while slowly fucking him. His
hands were all over me and showing such desire and passion. My ears delighted
hearing his moans and the sound of my cock moving in and out of him slowly. I leaned
up with his legs extended.

“Fuck me harder! Fuck me like a man!” Kris screamed and pleaded.

“You like this?”

“OOOOOO I fucking love getting fucked!”

My cock was just inside when it went back in fairly hard. He groaned. I did it again
before leaving it deep in him. I slapped his ass and began taking long slow strokes.
I could see his cock was rock hard while I was inside of him. 

“I wanna fucking ride you,” Kris said.

I pulled out slowly and heard a slight pop. He kissed me hard before I lay on the
bed. He straddled my cock and slowly mounted it. He started out slow and built to a
frantic pace, fucking himself hard on my dick. He was screaming and blurting out
dirty talk with each plunge down on my cock. 

Once he tired, I took over and began fucking his ass, using my hands to pull his
cheeks apart as I drove my cock up into his ass, really drilling him as the slapping
sounds and his screams filled the room. He reached down and grabbed his cock. It
only took a few long strokes before he screamed, “I’m cumming!” Cum hit my chest and
all the way up to my chin. He collapsed on top of me with my cock slipping out of
his well fucked ass. I reached down, threw off the condom and stroked my cock. I
groaned and blasted cum all up his back. 

Kris wiped off his back and lay lifeless in his bliss. I curled up next to him. “I’m
wiped the fuck out now,” Kris stated.

“I am too.”

“That was beyond great.”

“I thought so too. I hope you saw I do love you and appreciate you so much.”

“Bro, you see now that sex can serve more than one purpose in life. Now don’t wig
out on me tomorrow and have big time regrets.”

I smiled and kissed him, “I can’t promise what my mind will do, but I don’t think I
will. Besides, it was Corey’s idea.”

“Damn, I love me some Corey more and more.”

“Me too. He knows his place…”

“And I will know mine as well,” Kris said and smiled. “You do know this could be our
last time together like this.”

“I know, and hope it was special, because it was for me.”

“Beyond special to me, I got my ass fucked.”

Surprisingly to me, I woke the next morning and felt great. I woke Kris by tickling
him in the side. He opened his eyes and gave me a great kiss with stale breath.
“Thanks again.”

“No problem. I feel so great.”

“Awesome,” Kris said.

We dressed and headed to our first classes. It was easy to sense the great mood Kris
was in since he wasn’t his normal grouchy self to start the day. After my second
class, Mr Jackson approached me and asked me to his office so we could discuss my
fall semester duties.

He was great and gave me all the details on my job. We talked about our Good Friday
weekend, with Mr Jackson showing the signs of sun all over his face. He delighted in
hearing about the great time Corey and I had on our camping trip.

I left and began on my way back after stopping to grab something to eat. Just as I
exited the Student Center, I heard someone call my name. I looked around until
seeing Jacob, my first boyfriend ever, walking my direction.

I smiled seeing how rather normal he looked. “It’s great to see you again.”

“Finally, I ran into you, but I do have late classes this semester, including one
night class,” Jacob stated.

“So how are you doing? You look great.”

“I’m really great. I cleaned my act up and got my shit together. I’m still with Ian
too. We’re doing so awesome now,” Jacob said with such excitement. “Please tell me
you are still with… ah…”

“Corey,” I helped him out. “I’m still with him.”

“So, are you two hotties living together yet or will Kris not let you out of his

I chuckled, “We will be in the same bedroom next year, but Kris will be there too.”

“I should have known,” Jacob said. “I wish I had more time, but I need to get a move

“It was nice seeing ya,” I said.

I made my way back on this cloudy but warm day. As I opened the door, my roommates
were sitting around. Corey saw me and immediately left the room without saying a

“Bro, he is fucking pissed at you,” Kris stated. 

“Great,” I lamented and continued on to our room. I could see Corey at his desk,
facing the wall.


“Fucking slut, leave!” he yelled.

I walked closer. “Corey, you said…”

He turned around, “I didn’t think you’d really fuck him.”

“Oh God, I’m so sorry. I would have never…” I said and lowered my head with tears
racing to my eyes.

I felt his finger underneath my chin, lifting it up to look at him. “Okay, I fucked
up and see this was one cruel joke.”

“I’m gonna kill you!”

“Hey, all I can say is I’ve never seen a man be so happy after getting fucked. Damn,
what did you do?”

“Just showed him love and appreciation like we talked about,” I said. The door

“Did it work?” Kris asked with Colt right behind.

“Oh, hell yeah! I had to end it so soon since he was about to cry,” Corey replied.

“Matt, maybe tonight I need that big dick of yours. Kris has been in the best mood
ever,” Colt said.

“Let’s grab a seat,” Kris said. We did with Corey putting his arm around me. “I’m
the first to admit I was getting the feeling that starting next year my ass would
play second fiddle to Corey now. It still may, but I see I too was wrong…”

“I wouldn’t say wrong. You expressed true feelings. It is natural since we are so
close,” I stated. 

“I see where I am not, and still have the best friend ever,” Kris said.

“Let’s face facts,” Colt said. “We’re so fucking tight it ain’t even funny, but I
too saw a little change.”

“Well… Matt and I did prove we can make it alone. However, I need you two to make
this thing work. Everyone is better for it in the long run. I know I am,” Corey

“I agree. I think it works fine,” I said.

“And will continue to work. Matt, thanks again for showing me your appreciation and

“Thanks Kris. I’m glad you felt it,” I said.

“Oh damn, did I ever feel it. Corey, you’re the fucking man,” Kris said.

“Damn right I am, and I fucking love eight inches up my ass, like I’ll have tonight
and many other nights,” Corey said.

That night was just a lot of us sitting around until late in the night since the
following day was dead day. A lot of beer and other alcohol were consumed. It was
Scott’s night to get the drunkest. He wasn’t a fun drunk either, and was feisty once
the alcohol did its thing. He was really messing with Shawn and Bryson before Kris
jumped in to calm things down. I knew Scott was going throw punches and ruin a fun

I was up late for our dead day. Kris and Colt were in their room studying early. I
entered and saw them at their desks with dips in their mouth.

“Hey, you’re up late,” Kris said turning his head.

“I was sleeping in,” I said. “So I see two guys very serious about their work.”

Colt spit, “I am. I’m doing awesome this semester, why fuck it up?”

“Yeah, me too. For once, I’m not studying to raise my grades but to keep them where
they are,” Kris said. 

“Matt, we wouldn’t be in the position we are if not for you. We know you’re smarter,
but it is a competition for us to try to better each other,” Colt said.

“Yeah bro, we owe you a lot of thanks. Now, get the fuck out,” Kris said.

I laughed, “I will.”

There was a very serious nature to the day. After lunch, I buckled down and began my
studying in earnest. Corey was at his desk and was doing the same. We took a break
to walk around and eat something. 

The next day, I started early and didn’t need to wake Kris since his first test was
that afternoon due to our quirky final schedule. My first test was so important and
the one I needed to do best in with my grade teetering. I left the class after the
intense two hour exam and felt zapped. The worst part was it would be the same thing
over and over for the next few days of classes. This year, there were no Saturday
exams as in the past, which was a relief.

Friday, after my easiest test, I headed back to the room. Scott came down and said
swimming was definitely needed. The stress was written on our faces.  

Scott and I went over and found Jordy waiting. Scott greeted him with a nice hug
before signing with him. We hit the water and did our laps before calling it a day. 

Just as I was leaving, Corey was entering the Rec Center late to begin his day’s
work. He said he’d be late as ever this night. 
When Kris came home that night from work, he came in and sat down. “Boy I’ll be glad
when Wednesday is here.”

“Me too,” I said.

“Honestly, I won’t,” Colt said. “Of course it is the end of the semester, but it’s also
the end of this.”

“Bro, look at it as a new beginning,” Kris said.

“I kinda like it here though,” Colt said.

“Well… I was thinking tomorrow night calls for a big ass party. We can celebrate the
end of the year, plus have it as a going away party for Rick as well,” Kris said.

“Sounds like a plan to me,” I said.

“It sounds great,” Colt said and livened up. “Are we gonna surprise Rick?”

“Ummm… I guess we could,” Kris said. “Matt, you get with Scott and make all the big
plans. I want it to be the best one yet.”

“Okay, I’ll try my hardest, but Scott’s the master and can really make some cool plans
for us,” I said.

After 10, Corey came walking in the door and looked exhausted. With just a few of us
around, we decided to head out for a late night meal. Of all places, they wanted to go
and it had to be the one Dad and I frequented. Entering the familiar restaurant, I had
such mixed emotions. For one, I could see Dad sitting there waiting for me and smiling
when I entered. However, it would be a nice fresh meal with friends here at the end of
the semester. 

We left the restaurant late. I barely touched my food that I had ordered, but it was
eaten by the scavengers I had gone with. Corey and I got in my car. 

“Matt, you hardly said a word,” Corey said.

“I know. I was just listening,” I said, backing my car up. “Corey, this is the place
Dad and I met every time.”

“Oh man, I’m sorry. I didn’t even realize it. That explains everything.”

“Like you, I kept it inside since the food there is good. I managed, but there were a
lot of things that triggered my memory. I think I saw the last waitress that served us.
Shawn ordered the exact same item Dad got every time.”

“Next time, speak up.”

“It was okay, but I’m glad I went. I needed to go back there and get over that hurdle.
Corey, there were good memories associated with that place.”

We came back and began putting together the final touches on the party that we had
started while eating. 

Corey was up early for work with a promise to be back early. I sat at my computer and
went through a lot of pictures to remember a lot that had happened. I was laughing out
loud at some when Kris came in the room.

“Bro, Whatcha doing?”

“Oh looking at all these pictures,” I replied.

“They are priceless, you know? I hope you’ve backed them up just in case,” Kris said.

I grabbed a zip drive and did just that. I would have been so mad if I would have lost
any of them. “I wish I could make a nice collage for all of us…”

“Bro, I have an even better idea for you this summer. Start writing the story of us…”

I laughed, “Like anyone would ever believe it.”

“Yeah, you’re so right. I guess you could do it just for us.”

“I might, but I wouldn’t want to hurt anyone feelings. Besides, I can’t remember
everything,” I said.

“Use the pictures to piece it together,” Kris stated.

“We’ll see. I think the pictures might have to do,” I said.

That afternoon, we prepped the big room and sent out notices on printed flyers Scott
had crafted. Scott and I made a run to the store to buy lots of snack food, cups, paper
plates and other need items.

At seven, the four of us, along with Megan and Andrea, headed down the hall to the big
room with the start time at eight. Naturally I had my camera with me to capture this
last party. Scott, Shawn and Bryson came in next with a truck load of refreshments on
ice in three different coolers. Bishop, Ethan and Cody followed with more coolers.
Scott and I put out the food which was just snacks.

“I think maybe we’re drinking tonight,” Kris stated.

“Hell yeah we are,” Colt said. “We deserve this shit!”

Right at eight, the room slowly began to fill up with people from the hall. It began
getting so crowded and noisy. I managed to find Kris and told him it was time to grab
Rick. Kris left us and quickly returned.

“Rick’s out tonight,” Kris stated.

“You’ve got to be kidding!” Scott said.

“Who cares?” one guy said. “Let’s keep partying!”

We did that since Rick wasn’t around. I tried to get around and say hello to as many as
I could and take as many pictures as possible. I walked over and found Ted, Myles and
Luke surrounded by a lot of people. 

“Matt, join us,” Ted said with a beer in his hand. Ted walked up to me and put his big
arm around me. “This little joker here is one of the reasons I’ve done so well this

“Ahhh, thanks,” I said and was embarrassed.

“All y’all will be sorry if you don’t move to where we are,” Luke said.

“We’ll just have to be,” Joe said.

“You and Joe’s sorry ass is leaving us?” Ted said.

“We are, but we’ll still keep up with you and watch Luke fuck up the year,” Joe

“Dude, he won’t,” Myles said. “You just watch and see.”

While I was sitting around with Ted and the others, the door opened. Rick entered and
stood with his hands on his hips. “I can’t leave for one minute…”

Kris made his way to Rick and put his arm around him, “Actually, read the sign on the

“This is your going away slash graduation party,” Scott stated.

Rick walked over and saw the large poster board. We wrote “To the best RA ever, Good
luck!” Everyone who was there had signed it. “Thanks! Next time tell me.”

“Well, we wanted to surprise you,” Colt said.

“It is a surprise,” Rick said.

“Bro, you’re not leaving either until we all leave. This is mostly for you,” Kris said.

Shawn walked over and stuck a beer in Rick’s hand. Rick smiled and began drinking it.
“Before I get too drunk, let me say all of you are the best. I’ll miss each one of you.
No one really has tested me that much. I appreciate you making it so easy on me.”

“We appreciate you making it so easy on us,” Kris said. “Now drink up. We want to get
your ass wasted.”

Rick laughed. We continued the party. We did have music playing but no one took the
initiative to dance. Everyone was content drinking, eating a little and partying. We
got a nice surprise at eleven when six hot large pizzas were delivered to the room. I
had no idea who had done it until Bishop said he had.

It was well after two before we turned out the lights with the room a complete
disaster. We had accomplished our goal and had Rick pretty drunk. He should have been
since every time he finished a beer we had another one waiting for his hand. We headed
to the room with Kris being loud as ever.

The next morning, Sunday, I woke about ten and text Scott to holler when he and some
others were ready to clean the room. About noon, we headed down and got the big room
back in order. It took us a while to get things back in order. 

That afternoon, the four of us began packing what we could in assorted boxes. We went
and rented a storage unit to store Kris and Corey’s stuff for a few weeks. We made a
good trip of hauling their things. After packing and hauling things to the storage
unit, it was back to studying, with Corey and I studying together for our test the
following Monday.

Monday and Tuesday went by fast as ever. Tuesday, I finished my test in Mr Jackson’s
room. He and I talked after class, with everything set for the next semester. 

I left his class, grabbed something to eat and started back. While I was walking along,
I saw him, Jason. I dropped my head and continued walking. I did notice he had stopped.
I heard, “Hey… hey!” instead of stopping I took off in a sprint.


I turned and saw Jason, my frat boy that I had beat up twice, running behind me.

“Stop. I don’t want to hurt you!”

I stopped and turned around, bracing myself just in case. He stopped as well and bent
over at the waist to catch his breath. “Dude, I only wanted to say I’m sorry and thank

“Thanks for what?”

“Thanks for not busting my ass. Dude, I was so wrong in what I did to you. Will you
please… please forgive me?” He extended his right hand.

Nervous and unsure what he would do, I did extend my hand. “I’m really sorry,” Jason

“Okay,” I said. “I accept your apology.”

Jason smiled, “Thanks. I’m glad I caught you. Now I can be at peace with myself again
since I was able to catch you. You must be a pretty nice guy for the shit I did to you,
yet not want me arrested. I’m on probation here at school for my actions, however, but
it could have been much worse.”

“Well… I better run,” I said and couldn’t think of anything I wanted or needed to say.

“Okay then. Have a great summer and keep throwing those mean right hooks,” he said.

“You have a good summer as well,” I said and continued on.

I entered the room to find Jordy and Scott there with Colt, Kris and Corey. 

“Where have you been?” Corey asked.

“Well… remember Jason, the frat boy…?” I said.

“Don’t tell me he thought he could kick your ass…” Kris said.

I took a seat, “Actually, he apologized to me and thanked me for not having him

“He’s one lucky son of a bitch,” Colt said. “I would have.”

“Scott, tell Matt what you’re doing this summer,” Kris said.

“I’m taking a course in sign language to hone my skills. Jordy has pointed out how void
we are of capable signers in business,” Scott said.

“That’s awesome,” I said. “I can see where that is an area neglected in this world.”

Jordy shook his head yes after Scott signed it to him. Jordy was going home this summer
to be with his family we found out. He had signed the lease and would be in our complex
next year. 

At the end of his stay, we all stood and said goodbye to him. He took a while hugging
Kris and then me. We watched him leave and started studying for our last test.

That night, Kris called us into the living area. We came out naked and sat on the

“Bro, tomorrow is just the end to this chapter. Just think much how fun the next two
years are going to be,” Kris said.

“Yeah, next year we start with Matt turning 21 and end it with you, Kris,” Colt said.

“Someone is going to bust a gut being the last one,” Corey laughed.

“All I know is what a fucking party that’s gonna be,” Kris said.

“I think it falls on a Monday since it fell on Sunday this year,” I stated. “Mine is
when we are on break.”

“Party at Matt’s house then,” Colt said.

“What a fucking trip this year has been. Hell both years have been,” Kris said.

“Let me say I owe you a lot,” Corey said.

“I do for sure,” Colt said.

“I’ll make it three,” I said. “We are a team. I owe each one of you so much. You were
there for me when Dad died.”

“Man, so much has happened I can’t even remember it,” Corey said.

“Tell me about it,” Colt said.

“Lots of great times we will always remember with two more years to follow,” Kris said.

We talked and talked forever until we said it was time to hit the sack. It was later
than I wanted it but it didn’t stop Corey and I from enjoying one hot sweaty round of
sex together.

I was laying there after we had fucked, “Corey, I’ll miss you so much.”

“I’ll miss you just as much if not more.”

“You’ll be with Kris and maybe Colt all summer. I just ask you be there for me when I
come. I can’t fully expect anything not to happen while I’m gone.”

“Matt, I’m strong. I will not fuck around on you.”

“Corey, I want you to be happy. It’s just sex. Just like the other night with Kris, if
it happens, it happens.”

“I don’t want to risk us, plus I’ll see you every other weekend.”

“You will for sure, and remember one week you are doing something. If nothing else, we
can go camping for the entire week alone.”

Corey laughed, “You know, Evan and Zeb have sent me text messages. We could invite them
again, plus you know Kris and Colt will want to go.”

“Just as long as we have a camp site alone.”

I woke early my final morning to refresh my memory on my final test. I walked over and
completed the test in short fashion since it was my easiest one by far.

As I approached the dorm, the parking lot appeared thin as ever. I saw Parker and
Yancey carrying out boxes and stopped to talk to them. I said goodbye and wished them
the best summer. We exchanged hugs before I went to start carrying my stuff to my car. 

Entering the room, I did notice our sleeper sofa was gone. I began grabbing my things
with Corey there to help me out while Kris was helping Colt. After the first load,
Bishop came in the room. It wasn’t too hard saying goodbye to him since he was moving
in for the summer. Next we said goodbye to Ethan and Cody before finishing my stuff. 

Alex was next to come down. He didn’t seem very excited at the time. “I hate this

“We all do,” Kris said. “We’ll see you in August.”

“You will,” Alex said. He thought he was going to get by just with handshakes but we
ended up hugging him goodbye.

Brennan and Garrett came down to bid us farewell. They looked so happy together and had
plans to be together as much as possible for the summer. As we were saying goodbye, we
saw Joe and Anthony out in the hall.

“Bro, you take care of yourself,” Kris said to Antonio.

“I will,” Antonio said.

“I will too, asshole,” Joe said. 

We shook their hands and wished them well in the future. 

Bryson came down to say his goodbyes. I went across the hall and told Toni goodbye
after Bryson left. She was moving off campus as well, but to a different complex. We
hoped we could stay in touch.

Ted walked in the door as we were sitting around. He grabbed me and gave a big hug.
“Matt, you have a great summer, okay?”

“I will, and tell Reese I’ll see him in August,” I said.

“He’s really looking forward to it,” Ted said. We gave Ted a sincere hug. He gave me
another big hug before Luke and Myles came to say goodbye. Now it was getting rather
sad with the numbers diminishing.

Scott and Shawn came in the room and were sweating. “Thanks a lot assholes,” Shawn

“What?” Kris asked.

“For helping us move,” Scott said.

“All you had to do was holler,” Colt said.

We left and went to the parking lot with them. Our goodbyes were long. Scott grabbed me
and kissed me on the mouth. I didn’t mind since he did the same to Corey. Shawn took
the hugs and said how great a year it was.

We went back up to examine the room. Rick and another guy were standing in our room.
“You’ll get a bill…”

“Derek? What the hell?” Kris yelled.

“Kris, I wanted to surprise you!” Derek said. “I’m here to help Rick move all his

“Yeah, tell someone next time,” Corey said. 

“Corey, you are looking great as ever,” Derek said.

“Well, I guess I better let y’all go,” Rick said.

“No bro, come here,” Kris said. Kris gave him the biggest hug. “Thanks for two awesome

“Where’s mine?” Derek asked.

“I was just getting to you,” Kris said. Kris hugged and kissed Derek. He released Derek
from the long hug. “Guy, this is Nathan’s boyfriend.”

“I will always be Nathan’s boyfriend,” Derek said. Corey came over and hugged Derek as
well. “This dude is the best too. Kris and Corey mean so much to me.”

“And you mean a lot to me,” Kris said.

“Alright, we better run and let y’all get on the road,” Rick said. We got in final hugs
with him before going back over the room to make sure nothing was left behind.

“Bros, seeing Derek just made my day,” Kris said while we were going down the stairs
one last time.

We stood in the hot parking lot. The four of us were looking at each other. 

Colt walked over and hugged me, “I’ll see you soon.”

“You will,” I said and was beginning to get emotional while Corey and Kris hugged.

I grabbed Corey and began crying. I would see him in a few short weeks but it was just
so hard not seeing him every day as I had for the past four months. We kissed forever.
Corey broke the kiss but I wasn’t ready to end it.

“Just fuck out here,” Kris laughed.

“We might just do it,” Corey said, holding me.

I let him go and watched him get in his car after he hugged and kissed Colt. Colt got
in his truck and waved. 

Kris and I stood there alone in the hot nearly empty parking lot. “Bro, let’s go. I
still think you should consider writing about our time here.”

“I might,” I said. I grabbed Kris and kissed him. “Thanks for the two best years of my
life. You will always mean the world to me no matter what."

“Thank you,” Kris said and did have a tear in his eye. “Now try to keep up with me.”

I got in my car and drove off. It was sad leaving the dorm. I was half way through my
college education. Not only was I learning things from a book but I was learning things
about life. It had been two of the best years of my life with two more to go. 

Driving down the interstate and trying to keep up with Kris, I thought about what I
would write about. The first line hit me:  “Following as close as possible, Kris and I
sped down the long and fairly boring interstate in separate cars to start our freshman
year of college.” Now if I could only finish this long adventure of two guys who were
best friends coming to college. 


As you well know, there will be more if you so decide to continue reading.  I fully
understand if you decide enough is enough.   I will be taking at least a week break
probably closer to two before any new stuff is posted by me on the story.

Background of the story (in case you were wondering):   Not a one of the characters is
anyone I’ve ever met in my life.  The entire story is fiction.  I guess I have a great
imagination and love observing people as well as listening.  The college in which the
story is very, I mean very, loosely based is:   Texas Tech.   Thus meaning the story is
based in Texas with Matt and Kris growing up just outside of Dallas.  I don’t list
specific places so there is no need for exact places and to make up areas for use in
the story.   Yes there is a nude beach where the spring break happened at Austin.   The
first year spring break was at South Padre.   The parks I’ve used are parks in Texas. 
Each place is not 100% accurate but modified to fit my use in the story.  

I did begin writing the story three years ago.  I didn’t think much of it at the time
and kept it stored on my computer for many months before just throwing it out there.  
Being I do this just for fun, I never imagined so many of you would enjoy my writing.  
As you can tell, I’m not a professional.  I know I’m not the best writer there is

I can’t thank each one of you enough for your support and various comments throughout.  
I’m amazed at how many different people from countries all over the world have written
me.  Through writing this I have came in contact with some really great people along
the way.  Quite a few have helped with suggestions.

I owe a big thank you to Andy and Big ‘D’.  I didn’t know either one before this start
or haven’t met them in person.  Neither one is American so you can imagine trying to
relate to this story.  Both are great guys who I have enjoyed writing this with.  They
are the BEST!!  I just love those two!!

Until next time, I wish all my great readers a wonderful summer!   Again THANKS!!
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Home        Email        Copyright 2012.. All rights reserved by Wasputz