Posted:  June 6, 2012

I saw Corey when he said he was right there. I approached with caution until seeing his face in the dim light. He looked very upset. I looked down to see his knuckles were bloody. He reached out with his big muscular arms and grabbed me. My heart raced for a millisecond, not knowing what he might do, but what I felt was a hug of love and compassion. He was holding me with tears in his eyes.

“What is it?” I asked.

“Mom…” he replied looking at me. “It… it had nothing to do with you or the play.”

I returned the hug and kissed him on the lips. He held me and squeezed me while returning the kiss. We broke the long wet kiss and took a seat on the wet grass up against our building.

“Matt, I’m sorry. You caught my wrath of pent up anger. I was trying to keep it all inside but as we sat watching the play it was all I could think about. I’m fucking pissed because I went off on you and Mom.”

“Please don’t tell she’s drinking…”

“I called her before I came in today. She sounded like she always did when she was drinking. I cussed her up one side and down the other.”

“I know you were angry but I don’t really think that doesn’t help matters,” I said.

“I know. It just went all over me. Here she was doing so well since I had left. Matter of fact, she was starting a new job at that new Walmart they built back home. Finally, she had what I call a stable, regular job.”

“Corey, we both know sobriety is a daily struggle. She may have stumbled just a little, but you’ve got to encourage her. Call her tomorrow and see how she’s doing. In a calm tone, express your deep disappointment and how she’s letting you down and hurting you more than she is herself.”

Corey grabbed my hand and squeezed it. “I’m so glad I have you. You, more than anyone, understand me.”

“I should,” I said. “Next time, tell me beforehand so I know. I was worried sick that maybe a tiny little spark could have ignited a big raging firestorm.”

“Next time I will. I just thought I could suppress it and deal with it in my own way without bothering you.”

“That definitely wouldn’t bother me. I’d hoped by now we are more than just boyfriends, right?”

Corey kissed me, “We are. Hell, I know people that date way shorter than us who get married.”

We stood, with Corey helping me get up. Now the back of my shorts was soaked after twice sitting on wet grass. We turned the corner and saw Colt and Andrea coming out the door.

“Hey, I can tell just by looking at y’all that the crisis is over,” Colt stated.

“It is,” Corey said smiling. “So where you off to?”

“We need a few supplies,” Colt said and winked at us before laughing. “Now go up there and see if you can get Kris back on track.”

“We’ll try,” I said.

We headed up the stairs. Opening the door, Kris emerged from the bathroom down to nothing and still tanned from head to toe. 

“Hot damn, I can see smiles so things must be okay,” Kris said.

“They are,” I said.

“So what was the deal?” he asked.

Corey glanced at me, “Well, it’s my mom…” He recanted his story to Kris.

“That’s a shame, Corey. Bro, I feel for you. I know it has to suck worrying about your mom. It should be the other way around,” Kris said.

“I know my mom worries about me,” I stated.

“Mine too, but she’s over a lot of shit I do since I don’t do drugs,” Kris laughed.

“Aren’t we glad we’re not messed up in that?” Corey stated.

“Bro, I agree totally.”

“So what are you going to do about Megan?” I asked.

“Right now, I’m going to weigh my options up for a day or two and see what comes up,” Kris replied.

“You really don’t care for her, huh?” Corey asked.

“I do, but what can I do?” Kris asked.

“For one, show her you do care and go down to her room. If she slams the door in your face, come right back. Otherwise lay some of that Kris charm on her,” I replied.

“Hmmm…” Kris said rubbing his chin. “It works for y’all. Maybe it’ll work for me. I hope I can charm the pants off of her.” 

“Seriously, is she just a good fuck to you and nothing else?” Corey asked.

“She’s more than that, it was just an expression.” He stood and headed to his room for some clothes. He came out and went out the door.

Sunday morning, I woke early as usual. Rather than get right up, I just lay there staring at Corey’s hot body while he slept. He was so great once we came back to our room. We need to squabble more often if sex is that great all the time.

While I was in my thoughts, I felt a soft peck on the cheek. I rolled over and gave him a long wet kiss with our hands finding each other’s cocks in the process. 

“Again I’m terribly sorry,” he said after we broke the long kiss.

“It’s okay now. I think we more than made up last night…”

“I’ll say,” Corey smiled and kissed me again. Corey pulled me up to leave our comfortable mattress and see what the day held.  

As Corey headed to the bathroom, I saw Kris sitting alone and on his laptop. I glanced over his shoulder to see him looking at straight porn. “Hot shit, huh?”

“For you, I guess.”

“Bro, this girl is fucking gorgeous.”

“Yeah, she is very pretty,” I stated and moved to sit him. “So what happened?”

“We just came to an agreement, more or less. I believe she thought I was getting too serious. We agreed that keeping our relationship during the summer wouldn’t be possible with the way things are gonna be. She’ll be home while I’m here.”

“It worked out okay then. You got exactly what you wanted,” I said with Corey returning. 

“So y’all are good now?” Kris asked and shut down his computer.

“Very good. I need to clue Matt in on my troubles in future instead of trying to deal with them all myself,” Corey stated.

“Before too long, it’ll be y’all’s troubles. I foresee great things for you two,” Kris said.

“You think, after almost two years?” I laughed.

Once Colt came out, we really got our heads together, with me pulling out our checklist for the apartment. Colt was torn between living there for the summer and being at home. He did say it was just a short drive and could be here every weekend.

“Y’all check this shit out,” Colt said while we were going about things. “My ‘rents are gonna help me buy stuff for the apartment, too.”

“Here you got pissed about some rims…” Kris said.

“Andrea was right. It all works out in the end,” Colt said. “If I don’t find a job back home, I know I can here for the summer.”

“How about next year as far as a job here?” I asked Colt.

“I’m set there. They’ve already asked me to work next year,” Colt said with a big smile. 

“I guess I’m working as well, being a teacher’s assistant,” I said.

“Finally you get see how rough it is working and keeping up,” Kris said.

“Bro, you went the whole of last year without a job. Don’t give me that shit,” I laughed, as did Colt and Corey.

During the day, we enjoyed being outdoors in the warm sun. We played Frisbee forever with the others, along with tossing around the football. It gave us a chance to top up our nice tans with Scott getting so dark. Throwing a football is much tougher than it looks though. I just couldn’t get the hang of that. Being sports minded I went with a bunch of them as they broke out the club to go hit golf balls. Corey got me up from watching and tried to show me how to play but it was useless. My swing and misses did give them a lot to laugh about.

That night with Kris and Colt working on school stuff, Corey and I made our final plans for the upcoming weekend. It would be our weekend camping since we both enjoyed it and it beat anything else we could think of and was the cheapest thing. It would be back at the same park as last spring, but without anyone joining us. 

Monday was rather average except for the fact Colt was back in the room early. We talked about the upcoming weekend and his plans of going home and doing nothing. Not once did I hint of him joining us on our little excursion.  

Tuesday, after my accounting class, I approached Mr Jackson. 

“Mr Jackson, I’ve made my decision.”


“I’ll be your assistance next year,” I said and gave him a big smile.

“That’s wonderful, Matt. I hope it will work out for both of us.”

“I think it will. I look forward to doing it.”

“I look forward to having it. Wasn’t that a nice production Saturday night? I did enjoy seeing you with Corey.”

“It was nice,” I left it at that. “So are you and… Jeffrey heading back to the beach this weekend?”

“You know I am. Do you have plans?”

“Corey and I are going camping,” I replied.

“That’s sounds like a lot of fun. I hope you have a great time,” Mr Jackson said.

“You too,” I said. “I’d better run.”

“We’ll get together later and work out all the details.”

In the room, Corey and Kris were dressed to work out when I walked in. 

“Damn, I thought you were Colt,” Kris said.

“It’s just me,” I said. “I gave Mr. Jackson my final decision.”

“Ummm… Corey did say some of your money came in but gave no details. You don’t need to go off on him,” Kris said.

“All I know is some of it came in,” Corey said and stood to kiss me.

“Now where the fuck is Colt?” Kris yelled.

“He knows the way over. He may be just running a little late,” I said.

We waited and waited until giving up some fifteen minutes later. Now each time over with the two was nice. Kris walked in like he owned the place. Even when our group was working out, some of Kris’s regulars would hit him or Corey up for assistance. I could see the love both had for their jobs and they jumped at the opportunity to help. It was awkward in a way how Kris would be showering afterwards and just turn around and begin chatting with someone he knew. I could sense how uncomfortable it was for the other person, whereas Kris never gave it a second thought.

We finished and headed back without seeing one sign of Colt. We told the others goodbye and that we’d see them that night at the game. Kris opened the door and found Colt sitting on the couch shirtless with a dip in his lip.

“Where you been, bro?” Kris asked.

“Ummm… I had business to take care of,” Colt replied and spit.

“Like what?” Kris questioned.

“Actually, I went and posed nude for one of Andrea’s roommate’s art class,” Colt said and gave us a nice smile.

“Really?” Corey asked. “You bared it all in front of a bunch of strangers.”

“I did. Boy, it was really uncomfortable as hell at first. I dropped my robe and there I was. The teacher did say I would be a fine subject with my nice built,” Colt stated.

“Was it a man or woman?” I asked.

“A lady about our mom’s age. I will say this… I was no danger of popping a damn boner though. That room was ice cold. My nipples were the only thing that got hard,” Colt said. “The pay wasn’t too bad either, forty bucks for sitting there an hour.”

“I’d like to see what they came up with,” Kris said.

“You know, I did see some of them. They were pretty decent,” Colt stated and spit. “You know it wasn’t that bad since, hell, we’re fucking naked here half the time.”

“True, but we’re friends,” I said.

“Hell fire, we were naked at the beach for three days in front of strangers too,” Colt said.

“Oh I really wanna go back there in the worst way. Surely, we can get away one weekend and crash at Bishop’s joint again, especially since he’s staying the summer,” Kris said.

“I hope so,” Colt smiled. “I did get a nice compliment on how tanned I was as well.”

Corey and I headed out to get our hair cut. His style was the same as always, whereas I went somewhat short but nothing extreme. Shortly after returning, we went over to play what could be our final regular season game of softball if we won since the team that beat us earlier took a loss. We were both going to the tournament the following week if we won.

We began the game hitting and continued to hit until the final inning. Kris launched one into centerfield over the fence. I thought Colt had hit his first one but it hit and bounced over. Corey hit another blast but it was foul by ten feet or it would have matched the other one. Corey and I both managed to get a hit and contribute to the win.  

The easy victory assured us a position in the tournament.

Walking back, Kris spoke loudly, “Everyone, let’s meet in the big room after we shower.”

“Okay, coach,” Alex joked.

“Why?” Scott asked.

“We need to discuss something,” Kris replied.

“Lay on it us now. I’ve got a shit load of homework,” Antonio stated.

We stopped before crossing the street to head over. Kris stood in the middle of us, “We know we’re playing next week. Are we going to continue like we are and play everybody, or are we playing the best 10?”

Cody spoke up, “To me, I know I’m not one of the best 10 but I think we should play to win the damn thing. No doubt from what I’ve seen we can do it.”

“Does anyone not trust me to put the best ones out there?” Kris asked. “I wanna know so we don’t have any shit talking later on.”

“I know you’re talking about me, but I say go for it and put in the best 10 we’ve got,” Antonio stated. We were in agreement that Kris could put the line up together and we’d go with it. After the disappointment in basketball, the others really wanted to go all out for softball and try to make it very special.

That night, our room was sort of light with visitors. Scott came down for a little while and filled us in on his long weekend that was going to be with Jess. For once, I could see that maybe he was content and happy with Jess while Jordy was happy being with Brad. He said Garrett and Brennan were going home separately for a short break, but there were no problems. Shawn said he was going home as well and how off and on his relationship had been with Paige.

“You know what we should do is crash Matt and Corey’s trip,” Colt said.

“Fuck that!” Corey yelled.

“I agree. They need this time alone. Matt is looking forward to it without any of us around,” Kris stated.

“We don’t interfere whatsoever,” Shawn said.

“Shawn, Corey and I have truly not been really what you call alone for any amount of time since the semester began. I love each and every one of you to death but Corey and I need this time…”

“To fuck like dogs,” Colt joked.

“I’m sure we’ll fuck plenty, but we enjoy just being with each other without any of you around,” I said. “Colt, don’t you enjoy your time alone with Andrea?”

“I know what you mean. I was kiddin’ with ya,” Colt said.

“Has anyone else thought of what it’s going to be like two years from now?” Scott asked.

I held up my hand, “I have. It’ll be the strangest mix of emotions ever for me. I know the time is coming when we won’t all be together, kind of like what happens with families. Kids grow up and move away. That’s what will be happening to us.”

“Bros, it’ll be sad and joyous for me. For one, I won’t be worrying about any more goddamn papers that I have to finish,” Kris said.

“Give me some there,” Shawn held out his hand for a high five. “What will we do with ourselves though in two years? We can’t just walk next door and start chilling.”

“We’ll all be alcoholics. We’ll be drinking our boredom away,” Colt said. “That is except for Matt and Corey. Everyone better call before going to their house or risk catching them raw doggin’ it.”

“Hey, maybe by then you’ll have that someone special. I was lucky and found mine right off the bat,” Corey said. “Oh God, just imagine everyone but me and Matt having kids.”

“Or me,” Scott said. 

“Bro, you might fuck a girl at the wrong time,” Kris laughed.

“I might. Fucking a hot wet pussy would be nice every now and again,” Scott said.

They left early, about eleven. Colt headed out the door and went to stay the night in Andrea’s room. 

“Bro, I’m happy that you two are going to be alone for a while. After all the shit that has happened you do deserve it,” Kris said.

“We do,” Corey said and pulled me close.

“I can tell. You are good match. Maybe one day my perfect match will come. I was thinking it was Megan…”

“Kris, don’t give up on her just yet. To me, she was as perfect as anyone you’ve dated,” I said.

“In a way, I wish Liz and I were still together. I know it’s not possible now. There was just something about her,” Kris said.

“You lost your college virginity to her,” Corey laughed.

“Bro, I did that, but I know she wasn’t the prettiest girl here yet there was something about her that I loved,” Kris said.

“Kris, since she’s bi and you’re bi, maybe it could work even better. She’d understand you and you’d understand her,” I said.

“Yeah Kris,” Corey said.

“I know, but Megan has never questioned me one time about it. She knows I fucked around on Spring Break,” Kris said.

“True. Did you fuck around any once we were gone from Bishop’s place?” Corey asked.

“I swear I fucking didn’t touch them. I respected them and knew it wasn’t happening. I’m slowly figuring out who will do it and who won’t. Shawn, Myles and Bishop won’t,” Kris said.

“So who might?” Kris said.

“I think Alex would do it again, but I don’t think Bryson will ever go down that road ever again,” Kris said. “Bros, I’d fuck Jordy in heartbeat. I wish I would have on Spring Break. To me, besides Matt, he’s the hottest one around.”

“You should do it then. I think he’d do it,” Corey said.

“I just might then,” Kris said. “Well, I guess I’ll see you two lovers tomorrow.”

“Okay,” I said.

Corey and I headed to bed. Rather than our usual bed time fuck, we lay together, kissed a lot and talked about stuff. We agreed Kris and Jordy would make a hot pairing if Kris ever worked up the nerve. I did however appreciate his comment about me. Corey thinks I’ve transformed into the hottest guy on campus, but he should. I think he’s the hottest one as well. 

Wednesday was crazy in class with the professors going into ‘end of year mode’ early. Corey was ever so thankful that we had one class together. He says he’d have withdrawn if not for my help. He is smarter than he thinks he is and can do the work once he clears his head or else he’d never have made here to begin with.

The hall was strangely abuzz that night with people everywhere. It seemed all were getting ready to leave for the long weekend except for those who couldn’t, like Joe and Antonio. They were too far from home but said they looked forward to a few lazy days.

By the end of the night, Kris and Colt’s room looked almost empty. Their vehicles were packed or waiting to be packed. They were down to the bare essentials for clothes, even though we still have right at three weeks left before the end of the semester.

Kris and I got in bed at our usual one.

“Bro, I hope you and Corey have a great time without us,” Kris said.

“I do too.”

“You will. I just hope I can handle being home again,” Kris laughed. “Shit, I haven’t been home all year.”

“Oh you’ll manage, and you might enjoy the down time,” I said.

“I will. Mom’s already said we’re going looking for stuff for the apartment. Why? I have no idea since I got all I need.”

“She may just wanna go shopping with her boy. Kris, there’s still stuff you’ll need, like a dresser, a bed…”

“Queen size there for sure,” Kris stated. 

“I know, Corey and I are buying a queen size, or maybe a king size…”

Kris laughed, “Hell y’all could make it an old double bed. You sleep right up against each other.”

We talked a little longer. “So were you serious about Jordy last night?”

“Bro, I’d fuck him so damn hard,” Kris replied. 

“So you want him for sex and nothing else?”

“I guess so. Damn, you put that like it was a bad thing.”

“It can be.”

“You can’t tell me if you and Corey weren’t dating you wouldn’t hit that shit.”

“I might. Jordy’s fucking hot.”

“That’s my point. Not every fuck has to be because you’re in love. We’re human and have that desire to have sex just for the hell of it.”

“You’re right. Go for it then.”

“I might if I get the chance. It’s not like I’m gonna text him and say ‘hey I wanna fuck your ass’… I will say it is so much easier getting guys to fuck than it is girls. It almost has to be perfect for Megan to put out.”

“Oh really? Then a lot has been perfect then.”

“Bro, you have no idea. Like that night at the club…”


“You know the one with the picture.”

I laughed, “I remember now. What about it?”

“I just said ‘hey you wanna fucking suck this?’” Kris said and pointed to his cock lying limp between his legs. “He said yes and went down on it.”

“I guess you’re right, since I’ve never experienced a girl.”

“Our bet, remember?”

“Yeah, right. I’m gonna renege on that one, but I’ve overdone the other one, don’t you think?”

“I guess so, but you love it.”

“I do. Have fun at home while Corey and I are out camping,” I said.

“I will. All y’all do is fuck.”

“Which is not such a bad thing if you ask me, he is my lover.”

“Good night!”

Thursday in my class with Mr. Jackson, he had the gall to spring a short pop quiz on us just before the short break. It was rather simple but my thinking was he was rewarding us for sticking around and not leaving early as some in the class decided to do. 

After class, I walked back with Ted and Corey. Ted was going to his brother’s house again for the break to hang with him and Reese. While walking back, Corey got a call to see if he could work a few hours at the Rec Center to help out. Corey begrudgingly agreed since we weren’t in the biggest hurry.

He headed off while I began packing for our trip. Colt and Kris were busy loading up for their journey home for the Easter weekend. They finished up and said goodbye. Kris laughed about hoping he didn’t get a ticket. The sense of panic went through me since I hadn’t paid mine yet. I rushed back in the room and found my ticket buried under some things. Thankfully I had another week to pay it but saw where I could use my debit card to pay it. I did so and was done with that. I found Corey’s keys and loaded his car for our trip before I settled down to relax. 

The door opened and startled me. I had fallen asleep waiting for him. Corey smiled and gave me a short, quick kiss. “Let me shower real quick then we’ll pack up and go.”

“We’re packed,” I said.

“I should have known,” he said and went to shower. As he showered, I went and put out clothes for him. I usually didn’t but thought it would be a nice thing to do. He came out fresh and smelling great.

“I see how life will be,” he said, seeing his clothes ready for him. “It’s not such a bad thing you know.”

I smiled, “It’s not.”

He dressed in a really hot tank top that showed off his muscular build, and shorts with tennis shoes since they would be needed instead of flip flops when we went walking around.

We headed out in Corey’s car. About half way, we stopped at a Walmart to get our food for our long weekend. We were walking around and ventured into the sporting goods department to check out their stuff in case we needed something that came to mind. We grabbed a tarp to place under the tent, knowing there could always be rain. Corey came up with the bright idea of grabbing two poles for us to fish since the park had a fishing lake. We bought the cheap kind, along with some tackle and licenses. We did buy food as well for the weekend.

We arrived at the park about six thirty to check in and pay. The park wasn’t that crowded in so we could choose a spot where we didn’t have to walk very far. Driving back to our area, I did remember the nice scenery and how different it looked from our spring break camping trip. We parked and began unloading our stuff. To make it easier, we got all we could between us and headed back. Corey and I were both loaded down so the hike back didn’t go so fast. After an exhausting walk with our things, we arrived at our spot. We put up our card to note it was occupied and paid for. We walked back about 25 yards or so to find the spot. It was different than last year but in the same location. It was very isolated and private, to our liking.  

The tent was up again in a flash with the tarp below it. We blew up the mattress which had been one of our best purchases and threw out the bags. We had to make a second trip to get what was left behind, but the load was much lighter. 

Finally, the campsite was to our liking. Corey and I tossed away our shirts since it was rather warm and took a seat. 

“Man this is just perfect. It’s just so beautiful here and so quiet,” Corey stated.

“I know. Man, I didn’t realize there was so much to do here. The biking…”

“I’m getting your ass on a horse,” Corey laughed.

“We’re riding together,” I laughed. “I can just see me trying to guide a horse around. We’ll have time to do whatever.”

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