Posted:  June 3, 2012

When Ted, Myles and Luke came knocking at our door, we were ready and dressed very nicely for a night of cards, once again at Todd’s place. The three joked at our attire since they were in their tees and athletic shorts. 

We entered to see Todd sitting on the couch with another unfamiliar face in the room. I knew going over Mitch, Todd’s roommate and a baseball player, was gone and had a game out of town that night.

“Whoa, you did get Phil to show up,” Colt stated and turned to us. “Phil is a lowly freshman.”

“At least I’m not the water boy,” Phil joked with Colt.

“Funny, very fuckin’ funny asswipe,” Colt said.

“Ted, you did a great job of getting Matt back. He has some of my cash,” Todd said and patted me on the shoulder.

“I used to have but that was long ago,” I joked.

Ted introduced us to Phil, who was on the team and was the punter. Phil was about Todd’s size with thick blond hair combed to his face, and big blue eyes. He wore a green Abercrombie tee and khaki shorts with flip flops and a necklace.

We sat around while they talked a little about football and had a few cold ones. Todd gestured to the table, ready and waiting. We took a seat with plenty of room and set down what we were drinking. I was our driver so water was my drink of the night. Again it was Texas Hold Em with a little cash out there to be won. To start, I began studying my opponents to see if there were any signs since my first two cards were no good. It turned into a heated battle on the first hand between Colt and Corey. I sensed Corey had a decent hand but couldn’t read Colt. When the final card was laid out, I knew Corey was going in strong. Colt bet right with them before they turned up their hands. Colt won with a flush while Corey had three of a kind. 

“Help me out next time,” Corey whispered.

“Hey, no teaming up over there,” Ted said.

“Yeah, we know Matt has all the secrets,” Todd said. 

I threw up my hands, “Colt had even me that time. I’d bet just what Corey did.”

My luck was nowhere to be found after ten hands. I bet one time on the draw and couldn’t do a thing. Now Kris was rolling, but he was so expressive that he lost out when no one would bet with him. Finally I drew a good hand and bet. I continued to do so until it was down to Todd and me. When the last card was put out, I had a good feeling about my hand since I had gutted a straight with little else out there to be had. Todd upped the ante forcing me to bet more. He turned over his cards and had two pairs. I flipped mine over to show a straight. 

“I give up!” Todd screamed. “Fuck!”

“What’s the secret?” Myles asked. “Huh, what is it?”

“Pure luck then,” I said. “I had a pair working and just happened to draw the right card for a straight.”

“Dude is the fucking luckiest guy I know,” Luke said. “Being smart doesn’t hurt matters though.”

We continued to play. My luck seemed to come and go throughout the night. Colt was first out, followed by the new guy Phil. All that meant to them was more time to drink. As we continued, Ted was on a roll. He put Todd out of his misery on a great hand.

Eventually it was down to Ted and me. I hated it and could read him like a book. He smiled at bad cards and scoured at the good ones. It was down for a duel. It took a few hands before we both had two cards we felt comfortable in playing. I went all in but knew without a doubt Ted had the better hand. When we revealed his cards, he did have the best hand between us.

“Dammit,” I shouted and snapped my fingers.

“I got ya this time,” Ted laughed.

“Ted got ole Matt good this time around,” Luke stated and was pretty wasted.

“I guess he don’t have all the secrets,” Phil laughed.

We sat around and continued to talk with Todd and Phil before calling it a night. We headed back to the dorm with Kris and Colt giving me hell about losing to Ted in the final showdown. It didn’t help things that they were very tipsy and showing it as well.

It was past one when I was in bed. Corey came over and wrapped his arms around me. “I have the world’s sweetest boyfriend ever,” he said.

“More like an unlucky one tonight,” I said.

“Bullshit, you knew Ted had the better hand.”

“No I didn’t,” I said giving Corey my best poker face.

“Alright then,” Corey said. “Did you notice that not a single comment was made about us?”

“I did, but there was no reason to,” I stated. “I’m glad it never came up.”

“Me too,” Corey said. “I said the first one out bottoms tonight.”

“Hell that was a given,” I laughed and kissed him.

“Yeah, I love losing if it means you’ll fuck me.”

“Babe, win or lose I love fucking you.”

It was good boyfriend sex from that point on. It was the right mixture of passion and pure fucking sex for pleasure. I did really enjoy seeing Corey bouncing up and down on my cock. He was such a great bottom but then he should be with all his experience. 

Friday, just as I entered the room and it was empty of roommates, I heard a knock. I opened the door with Ted standing there.

“Thanks Matt.”

“For what?” I asked, but knew what he meant.

“Cut the shit,” Ted said. “Between us, you knew I had the better hand.”

“I had no idea,” I said.

“Dammit Matt, just level with me.”

“Okay then, I was ready for the game to be over and done with. Just like I had done with Todd a few times I was just hoping luck would enter in to it.”

“I knew it!”

“Say I had won again. Would y’all ever want me back over?”

Ted laughed, “I doubt it, so we’ll keep this between us.”

“We can, but I was hoping those wrinkles on your forehead didn’t mean what it had every other time,” I laughed.

Ted shook his head, “Fuck, you’re too smart. You really should go back to Vegas and take those suckers on.”

“Those guys are pros and ten times better than I am. We’re amateurs and play for fun really.”

“You’re right,” Ted said. “Here’s forty bucks.”

“Nah, you keep it,” I said and pushed the money back towards him.

“Okay then, but I did offer,” Ted stated. “I better run and get in my work before the weekend. Holler and let us know what’s going on this weekend.”

“Will do,” I said.

Before Scott and Yancey ventured down, I did check the schedule of events. While doing so, I did notice a play they were having as well Saturday night. I looked over the cast and saw a very familiar name, Hayden. I knew then it could be fun, but I would have to sweet talk Corey into going after work since he didn’t enjoy it last year.

We waited for Corey and Kris to come home from work before heading over to the talent show here as ‘Dorm Daze’ had begun. We entered and took a seat near the rear with a nice crowd gathered. They were just getting started with the first act. It was okay with some girl attempting to sing ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’. We sat and watched as a nice variety of talent was on display. The act that really caught my eye was a guy juggling various things. It was amazing and the best one of the night. Following it was Toni. I was nervous for her and hoped she’d do well with her song, ‘Black Velvet’. She too seemed nervous at the beginning but really belted out the tune. We stood at the end to show our appreciation. 

“Not too bad,” Corey commented.

“I know. I really liked it.”

As expected Bryson wouldn’t give her the courtesy of saying how well she had done. It took a few more acts before the talent portion was over. We stood for the break and walked around to wait to see Toni. She came out and was smiling. I reached out and gave her a big hug as well as telling her how well she had done. 

We took our seats for the next events, Hottest Girl and Guy. The guys were first up and came out on stage. 

“Oh my fucking…” Colt said.

I looked among us and sure enough it was Kris up on stage. He was in a tight V neck white tee shirt and shorts. The guys paraded in front of the all-female judging panel to begin, with Kris showing his great personality.

“Only Kris could do this,” Corey said.

“No, Scott did well last year, but you are so right,” I said.

“Just look at him,” Colt said with Andrea by his side.

“Kris looks really hot,” Andrea said before Colt turned his head quickly. She leaned over and kissed him.

We watched, and again this year some thought it was a comedy act. Kris was third to come out alone. He started out slowly and then ripped off his shirt. The screams were all over the place. He was smiling and showing off all his great muscles. I sat hoping and praying he didn’t lose his shorts. He didn’t, and left to a thunderous round of applause. 

“I think we saw the winner,” Scott stated.

“Kris was perfect,” Shawn said. “Let’s see if anyone can touch that.”

We sat, with six more due. The next to last guy was built very nicely but lacked Kris’s size and definition. They announced the top four with Kris being the last one announced. They stood in line with the judges talking. The emcee grabbed the paper. He gave off two names with Kris and the other well-built guy standing as the final two. 

“The winner is…”

I held my breath.

“Kris Stanton!”

All of us jumped out of our seats with Ethan giving a long ear piercing whistle. Kris was all smiles and graciously took the prize of a small trophy and a gift card.  

The girls were next, with it being rather anti climatic. I just knew one of the girls from our hall would show up but no one did. The straight guys enjoyed it, with some barely covering up the necessities. 

With the show over, we stood around and waited until Kris came out. Megan ran up to him and gave him a big kiss and hug. 

“How’d you like the surprise?” Kris asked.

“Surprise, hell, we expected you to be up there,” Scott stated.

“I didn’t and had no idea,” I said and patted Kris on the bare back. 

“I didn’t want anyone to know, including Megan. I really wasn’t sure I was going to win though,” Kris stated.

“You had it in the bag the entire time,” Shawn said.

We left the auditorium to make the walk back to our dorm. “Congratulations,” I said.

“Thanks. Did I look good?” Kris asked.

“The best,” Megan replied. “You heard the screams, and to think I’m walking back with you.”

“Dude, you were the best by far. There was no way in hell you couldn’t win,” Colt said, holding Andrea’s hand. 

“Man, you looked so shredded up there,” Corey said. “Made me feel small.”

“Bro, you could have been right there with me,” Kris said. “Is everyone ready to have some fun tonight?”

“Aren’t we always?” Cody laughed.

Just as we arrived back in the room, Luke and Ted came down to see what was going on. Ted gave me a long hard look, “I thought you said you’d holler.”

“My bad.”

“You missed Kris winning the hottest male contest,” Corey said over the top of me.

“Thanks a lot,” Ted said but didn’t seem too disappointed.

“You really wanted to see that shit?” Colt asked opening a brew.

“Well… I would have if I’d known Kris was in it,” Ted said.

“If it matters, I didn’t even know. He caught us all by surprise,” I said.

“So what’s the plan tomorrow?” Luke asked.

“Well if the weather holds off, and it looks like it ain’t gonna, there are a lot of track events pitting the dorms against each other. Last year we should have won the tug-o-war,” Kris replied.

“We’ll go watch. I just wish we could participate, but you know how it is,” Ted stated and took a beer that Shawn handed him.

Our room was crowded and rather loud for most of the night. I finally was able to corner Ted.

“Sorry, but I just plum forgot,” I said.

“It’s okay.”

“So where’s Myles tonight?”

Ted smiled, “He’s out on a date. He asked one of the cheerleaders out. We’ll see where that goes.”

“We really need to hook you up too.”

“Boy, I’m ready to re-enter the dating world, but it’s almost too late in the year. I don’t see how guys date and do what we do,” Ted stated.

“It takes a very understanding date,” I said.

When the night ended, Corey and I were in our room together as usual. I leaned over to him, “Tomorrow night there is something I want us to do for date night.”

“What is that?”

“There’s a play here I want us to go to…”

“Great,” Corey said rolling his eyes.

“I saw that Hayden is part of the cast,” I said.

“Take Scott then… I know we agreed tomorrow would be officially date night, but damn!”

“So I take it we aren’t going?” I said.

“We’ll go since you want to,” Corey said. “The things I do for you…”

“And the things I do for you as well.”

Saturday morning I woke after Corey had gone to work. The evidence of our sex from the night before was clearly on display on our sheets, with a nice big cum stain where Corey had pulled out and nutted. I pulled off the sheets and knew they needed changing. Since it was early, I decided to do laundry before the others were stirring. 

I exited the room but noticed no one was on the sofa bed at the time. I shook my growing hair before leaving. I left with my phone and laptop to kill time while washing. I’d hope no one would steal anything, but I didn’t want to risk it. It did give me a little time to catch Mom up on my weekend and see how she was doing in the process. She was doing great as ever.

I returned with clean laundry of mine and Corey’s to find Kris, Megan, Colt and Andrea sitting around the living area with clothes on for a change. 

“Bro, I wondered if you were still sleeping,” Kris commented.

“Nah, I decided to get this over and done with,” I said and continued on.

I returned and took a seat. 

“Right there is one great boyfriend,” Megan said. “Anyone who does his boyfriend’s laundry must be a keeper.”

“Matt wants that ass every night,” Colt joked.

Andrea slapped Colt on the arm, “I think it is very sweet.”

“Corey was working so it was the least I could do. Our sheets needed changing…”

“So do mine,” Kris joked.

Shortly after, we left to find food, with my stomach beginning to growl. Stepping outside we could see rain was just on the horizon. Thankfully we went off campus to eat, for it began raining while we were enjoying a late breakfast. 

The rain continued to fall, thus cancelling the track day of ‘Dorm Daze’. Being I was sleepy, there was nothing better than taking a great nap on fresh sheets while the rain fell outside the window. I did miss the sound and loved to sleep at home when it only rained at night.

Corey came in just after I was awake and was working on some studying. He gave me the usual kiss on the lips and laid down to rest. 

“Kris said he and Megan were dating alone. I wonder if he’d care to go with us.”

“I can ask, but I would enjoy the night with just you.”

“We’re going to be alone all next weekend from Thursday night on.”

“Good. I’m really looking forward to it. Aren’t you?”

“I hate to say… wait, no I don’t hate to say it, but I’m really looking forward to it. We need it.”

“Maybe not need it, but it’ll be nice,” I said and continued to study. After I finished, I noticed Corey was sound asleep so I just went on the internet. Checking my bank stuff, my eyes bulged out seeing one of the insurance checks had hit my account. It was nice seeing the figure and not having to call Mom to transfer money into my account. I was hoping she’d never have to do that again.

Corey and I dressed casually for our date. We headed out in search of finding somewhere to eat with the rain about over.  

“I really want to eat somewhere decent,” I said.

“Okay, name it,” Corey said.

“How about London Broil for a change?” I asked. It was a nice seafood chain restaurant in our town.

“Ummm… okay then.”

“The meal is on me too. My check hit yesterday.”

“Well then, we will eat high on the town tonight, and every night if that is the case,” Corey laughed.

We had a short wait before eating. It was well worth the wait with the great food they served. I dined on crab legs while Corey indulged with a steak and grilled shrimp. We were stuffed before heading off to see the college play.

We entered the small auditorium and took a seat. I looked around and noticed there weren’t that many who had showed up for the production.

It took a little while before Hayden made his way onto the stage. He had a small speaking role and was flawless in the execution to me. After his first appearance, he was in and out of the play until the final scene where most of the cast was involved.  

The play was rather slow at the beginning but had a very nice finish. When it ended, Corey stood from his seat. “Are you ready?”

“I guess so. I take it you didn’t enjoy it.”

“I’d rather not talk about it.”

We headed for the exit. I did see someone I knew, Mr. Jackson. I waved and continued on. Corey snickered seeing him. 

We got in the car. “Don’t you ever drag me to another play again.”

“I’m sorry you didn’t like it. I actually thought it was pretty good.”

“Boring as hell if you ask me.”

“Excuse me then. You don’t have to worry, Corey, I will never ask you again.”

“You fucking better not.”

“So tell me what exactly was wrong with it. You went in with the attitude you weren’t going to like it.”

“There was no action whatsoever. Nothing,” Corey said as he drove away.

I shook my head. “I wanted us to do something different. For once we’re out of the room.”

“The meal was the highlight of the night for sure. The play sucked. Even the jokes weren’t funny to me.”

“Again, I’m sorry I bored your ass to tears. I was hoping you’d go in with an open mind and enjoy it, but I don’t guess so,” I said.

“Fuck that! What don’t you get? I hate plays, plain and simple!”

“Don’t raise your voice at me, Corey. It’s nothing to get all fired up about.”

“I’ll raise my voice whenever I want!”

I didn’t say another word on the short drive back to our dorm. Now I was pissed at him as well. We parked and slammed the doors in getting out of his car. He headed straight for the entrance and didn’t wait for me. I grabbed my phone and sent him a text message saying I’d be up later after needing a short walk outside before this really grew worse than it should.

With the sky clearing, I walked across the street. I quickly found my refuge on the hill overlooking the dark soccer fields. I was very emotional and hated that the night that started so well ended with us arguing. I sat down and stared into the darkness, despite my shorts getting wet on the rear. I knew then the next weekend would be a huge test for us. We were great when we had the comfortable setting of our friends around. I just thought we could be happy alone and just enjoy the company of each other. Maybe Corey was having one of those days like we all have. 

I got up after sitting there for about thirty minutes. Walking back I saw a shirtless Kris walking around looking for me.

“Here I am,” I called out to him.

Kris walked up to me and gave me a sincere hug. “Bro, what have you done now?”

“I guess I just dragged him to a play.”

“He was pissed as hell.”

“He wasn’t the only one. You’d think he’d just be kind and say it was okay, but he went on and on about how boring the play was.”

“Well… don’t feel bad, bro. If it makes it any better, Megan and I are on the outs as well. Fuck date night!” Kris said.

“There’s just something in the air. So what happened?”

“Oh you know, the not paying attention shit. I mean come on, I fucked her last night there with Colt and Andrea. Ain’t that enough attention?”

“Yeah, but you went alone tonight.”

“We did, but I saw a guy I knew from the Rec Center and went to talk with him. Then she had the nerve to say winning last night went to my head. Can you believe that shit?”

“No, since I haven’t heard you say a word of it,” I said with the door opening. I turned to see Colt there.

“Ummm… Matt, I’m not sure but I think Corey may need you right now,” Colt said.

“Why’s that?” I asked.

“He’s lost it,” Colt said.

“Alright, let me go up and see what I can do,” I said.

Kris and I followed Colt up the stairs into our suite. Andrea said hi and pointed at my room. I opened the door and found clothes thrown everywhere. Corey was sitting at his desk.

“Get the fuck out!”

“Ummm… okay,” I said and shut the door.

“Bro, someone’s having a very bad day and I’m not talking about me either,” Kris said.

“I can tell,” I said and went to sit on the couch. “So Kris, is it over between you and Megan?”

“I don’t know to tell ya the truth. I said I did want us to break up before the summer, but I hate to end things on such a sour note like this,” Kris replied.

“This date night thing has gotten everyone so fucked up,” Colt said. “Andrea, you wanna fight about something stupid?”

Andrea laughed, “Okay, I wish you’d stop, or at least cut back on, dipping. Next time you kiss me with a dip in I’m slapping your cute little face.”

“Oh remind me…” Colt said with our bedroom door opening. Corey marched out through the living area without acknowledging a single one of us and slammed the door on his way out.

I stood to go but Kris put his big arm in front of me, “It’s his turn to go cool off.”

“Matt, what did you do?” Andrea asked.

“I just took him to a play was all,” I replied.

“My ass would be pissed too,” Colt laughed.

“Bro, it ain’t a fucking laughing matter. Matt is worried sick over here,” Kris said.

“Kris, he was trying to add a little humor. I just hate to see them fight…” Andrea said.

“What about me?” Kris asked.

“I hate that as well, but I can get to the bottom of that,” Andrea said.

It was hard to sit there with Corey gone in his state of mind. After another ten minutes or so, I had sat still for as long as I could. This time Kris wasn’t stopping me.

“Good luck,” Kris said while I made my way out the door.

Racing down the stairs, I opened the door and began scanning the lit area. Corey’s car was exactly where he had parked it, even though it wasn’t the best parking job. I walked around with my head and eyes looking in every direction. 

I turned the corner of the building.

“I’m right here,” Corey said, quietly.


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