Posted:  September 9, 2011

Corey and I heard and witnessed the commotion between Colt and his little brother Chase.  Corey looked at me, “There’s more to that story than Chase walking in on him. There just has to be.”

“I was thinking the same thing.  We all do it since you really can’t hear the shower running since they’ve insulated these walls so well,” I stated. “You think he’d learn to lock the door.”

We grabbed our shorts and underwear.  Chase and Tabor came out to grab their bags.  Chase had the biggest look of anger and disappointment on his cute tan face.   “We’ll get our stuff and get out of here,” Chase said, grabbing his bag.

“Chase, hold on before you leave.  I wanna talk with Colt for just a minute, plus Kris would be so disappointed if you two left without saying goodbye,” Corey said.

“Okay but good luck with that asshole,” Chase said.

Corey walked away and motioned to me to come with him.  We politely knocked on Colt’s door and were greeted by Andrea walking out.  She turned, “If he’s gonna treat a family member like that, there’s no way I want anything to do with him.”

“Andrea… please!” Colt begged.

“No Colt, I see how you treat others now.  That was no way to treat your brother.  He didn’t do it on purpose and you damn well know it,” she said.

“Fuck!” Colt screamed.  “Chase, get your ass in here!”

Within a few seconds, Chase was at the doorway and looking in with Andrea right there next to him.  “What did I do now?”

“Come here just a minute,” Colt said.  Chase walked slowly, looking at us and unsure what was to follow.  Colt threw his arm around his brother.  “I’m… I’m sorry I blew up on you for no reason.  Can I get some forgiveness from you?”

Chase’s eyes darted around, “I guess so.  Colt, it was an accident, I swear it was.”

Colt lowered his head, “I realize that now after my ass blew up on you.  I did the same thing to Matt earlier.  For one, I need to remember to lock the door.  Two, I’m just like Kris.  My temper just flares up at the worst possible times.”

“That’s okay, bro.  Dad’s the same way so I’m used to it,” Chase said. “Does this mean we can stay?”

“Yeah, stay as long as you want,” Colt replied and managed a smile.

“Awesome, bro,” Chase said and left to tell Tabor.  He was no more out the door when Kris walked in the room.

“I suppose you heard?” Colt said.

“I heard.  No wonder we’re such good friends.  We’re too much alike,” Kris said.

Colt looked up, “Now where’s Andrea gone? Fuck!”

“She passed me coming in,” Kris replied.

“I guess one day I’ll learn…”

“We’ll both learn one day,” Kris said. “So you really were kicking Chase out, huh?”

“Yeah, I just knew that perverted bastard wanted to see my girl naked,” Colt said. 

“Bro, remember not that long ago, we did crazy shit to see naked girls,” Kris laughed with Corey and I listening.

Colt laughed, “I bet you never got on a roof with binoculars…”

“The hell I didn’t,” Kris started telling us a story about how he, Brady and Tanner used to climb on Tanner’s roof to spy on these college girls that lived behind Tanner’s house.  “Now we have a full day ahead of us.”

“We do?” I asked.

“Yeah, we’re definitely going to work out and show these high school boys how it’s really done,” Kris replied. “Corey, can you get them in?”

“Oh, I might be able to pull a string or two,” he replied jokingly.

With Trey, Corey’s friend, working, we easily managed to get Chase and Tabor in the Rec Center.  Kris did everything he could to show his prowess in the weight room until Corey took over to show his as well.  Both were unbelievably strong on the bench press but they should be after all their hard work.  We finished up with them shooting a few baskets in the gym.   I don’t think Chase or Tabor were keen on showering with us but did so before we headed to grab something to eat.

We went back to the room and sat down to relax.  Both Chase and Tabor were going at it hard and heavy on their phone while we were kicked back.

“Colt, what is the deal with you and Chase?” Kris asked.

“I guess I’m slightly jealous since I never got to have the same experience.  You tell me Kris if you’d like your little brother hanging around you at college.  Y’all don’t have a clue what it’s like.”

“I do.  Colt, I worshipped my brother just like Chase does you.  You can see it in everything he does.  He tries his hardest to impress you.  You should be flattered he thinks that much of you.  You could be like Brett and Bryson were at one time,” Kris said.

“I don’t know, but ever since he’s been here I’ve been on edge.  I just know he’ll say something…”

“Say something?” Corey spoke up. “He’s done everything you’ve done except get laid.  Think about it.  If your parents knew half the shit he’s done here, who would they blame first?  He’d never be allowed here again.”

“That’s right, Colt!” Tabor yelled but didn’t miss a beat on his phone.

“Now y’all are making me feel like a real jackass,” Colt said. “I should enjoy having him around.”

“Yeah cause next year, I know where we’re going to college,” Chase said.

“I know that’s right,” Tabor said.  “Now, I can’t wait til this year is over and we can do that shit all the time.”

“Ummm… we don’t party every night,” Colt said. “You do and you’ll be back mowing Gramp’s grass.  We do study.”

“When?” Kris laughed.

“We will once the year gets going in full swing.  I don’t know bout y’all but I think my classes are going to hard as hell,” Colt said.

“I agree,” I said.

“Please Matt, you say that shit and you’ll come away with another four point like you did last year,” Kris stated.

“If I do this semester, it’ll be because I studied my ass off.”

Tabor walked over and patted me on the shoulder.  “That reminds me.  I know two gay guys that need to be a little quieter having sex.”

Corey and my face went red.  “Welcome to rooming with a gay guy, Tabor.  Your brothers over there go at all the time,” Kris said.

“Sick!” Tabor and Chase yelled.

“Tell me how in the world did you hear us?” Corey asked them.

“You left the door cracked after you grabbed the lube,” Tabor said. 

“Chase, were you and Tabor at the door listening?” Colt joked.

“Oh hell no!” Chase said.  “I could hear Matt screaming ‘fuck me, Corey!’” He did so mocking me.  We all burst out laughing.

“Sorry,” I laughed.

“Now, I need to go and see if I can win Andrea back,” Colt said. “Y’all wish me luck.”  Colt left us and must have done a great job since we didn’t see him for another hour or so.  He did get a second chance with her he told us.  For the most part that night, he was gone out of the room.  Kris on the other hand was right there with us.  With only Scott coming to the room, we really had a great night.  With Scott there, we did light up again but didn’t drink much.  We got to see Chase and Tabor let loose and were very funny telling stories about Colt growing up.  Chase did spill Colt’s biggest phobias, balloons and clowns.  For some odd and strange reason, Colt hated them and he hated to hear balloons pop even more.  Kris ended up telling us his phobia of spiders. 

The next day, Labor Day Monday, about three, we bid our guests goodbye.  By then, I think Colt hated to see his little brother leave.  Kris was maybe worse and had grown attached to Tabor and really did call him his brother by the end.  Once they were gone, it was time to buckle down and do a little studying with Corey working.  While I was in the midst of going through my notes, my phone started ringing.  I looked at the caller ID to see it was Dad.  We talked for longer than we ever had with us agreeing to meet on Thursday at our regular spot.  Having him call reminded me to call Mom and fill her in on my week and weekend.  

After a rather subdued and quiet night, Kris and I headed to our room to get some sleep.  He threw off his clothes and crawled into his bed.  “Matt, there was another epic weekend for us.”

“It surely was.  I’m really glad Colt came around.  I just knew Chase was leaving yesterday.”

“Colt should really appreciate him.  Hell, Chase is Colt almost made over,” Kris laughed. 

“Kris, even though I never had a brother or sister, I sort of understand where he’s coming from…”

“It would be so different if they didn’t get along.  Hell, they were together almost every night this summer, bro.”

“True.  I’m not sure but I think someone likes Tabor,” I said.

Kris laughed, “I get so attached.  He’s a great kid and so much fun to be around.  Matt, I’d die to have him as my real brother.  I know no one will ever come close to replacing… Nathan… but I can try.”

“I suppose that’s why you made sure Colt and Chase were together all day before they left…”

“Exactly, bro,” Kris said.

“So, is Jacee for real or a fuck buddy?” I asked.

“I’m not going to say one hundred percent for real but it is nice having what you call a fuck buddy.  You know you really need to try…”

“Kris, stop it right there,” I said. “I love being gay and having sex with Corey.”

“I know that and now Chase and Tabor know it as well,” he laughed. “I’m not saying fall in love but try it one time.  Every guy needs to fuck a girl once.”

“I’ll be very honest with you.  Every person I fuck I have that attachment to, including you a few weeks ago.  I’m over it now but it took me a few days.”

“Hell I was over it after the bliss was gone.”

“That’s you Kris.  You’re the type that has no problem with wham bam thank you ma’am.  I’m not.  Sure I’ve done some stupid shit before…”

“Oh I remember all the guys after Jacob and remember Daniel far too well. Say I think I saw Jacob at the game Saturday night.”

“Good for you.  I hope I don’t.  It’s not that I didn’t love him at one time but he really pissed me off at the beach,” I said, yawning.   We ended our talk and turned off the lamp.  With Jacee in the picture, I don’t think Kris jacked off before he started snoring.

Tuesday, after two classes that I knew were really going to test me, I was walking back to the dorm with my mind clicking away.  I heard my name called and turned to see Jacob coming in my direction.  I greeted him politely.

“Slow down why don’t ya?” Jacob said. “I said hi to you 30 yards back there.”

“I honestly didn’t hear you.  My mind was elsewhere.”

“You’re still pissed that I kissed you last spring, aren’t you?”

“Well yeah… you knew I had and still have a boyfriend,” I replied with Jacob walking beside me.

“I’ll say I’m sorry but I had to do it.  Matt, there will never be anyone ever in my life like you.”

“Thanks.  I did search for a while before I found the right one…”

“I don’t know what you are doing but man is he ever a stud,” Jacob said. “I bet I know what he likes best about you.”

I did have to smile, “He does, but we’re way more than that now.  So how’s Gail doing these days?  I’m sure she hasn’t changed a single bit.”

Jacob stopped.  “Matt, she’s changed.  Years of hard living have finally gotten to her.”

“I’m very sorry to hear that.  Tell her I said hello,” I said.

“I will do that.  It will make her day.  So do you think maybe we can be friends here?  You know maybe hang out some time and possibly double date?” he stated and began smiling.  “Matt, I have found someone but he’s no comparison to you.  He’s really cute to me that is but you may not think so.  Here let me show you a picture of us.”

By now, we had moved aside to not be in anyone’s way.  Jacob pulled out his phone and showed me the picture of Orin, his new boyfriend.  He was similar to Jacob with his lip and nose pierced and looked rather emo.  “He’s cute, Jacob, and looks perfect for you.”

“You’re just saying that to make me feel good.”

“No, I like emo guys.  They are really hot!  If I wasn’t so much in love, I could really see me dating someone like that.”

“I did notice the earrings.  Never thought I’d see you sporting a brow ring,” he said.

“Actually I forget all about them until someone mentions it.  Probably just like you forget as well.”

Jacob laughed, “You’re so right.  Bet you haven’t got any ink.”

“Wrong there,” I said and lifted up my shirt.

“Damn Matt, what has gotten into you?” Jacob asked laughing.

“I fill in ya in when I figure it out,” I laughed as well.

“That looks really hot.  I bet Corey… Corey’s his name right?” he asked with me nodding.  “I bet Corey loves them.”

“He does.”

“It was really great seeing ya again.  I think I saw Kris Saturday at the game…”

“Yeah mentioned he thought he saw you,” I said.

“Tell me.  Have you hit that shit yet?”


“Don’t lie to me.  I know you have or at least you’re dying to.  It’s great you have stayed such good friends with him over the years.”

“I better run, Jacob.  You take care and remember to tell Gail I said hi,” I said.

“Hold on.  Let me get a picture of you to send to her,” he said.  He snapped my picture with his phone.  I watched him send it to her before we said goodbye. 

Nearing the dorm, Parker came running up to me.   “Matt, are you busy right now?”

“No but I just got out of class,” I replied.

“I need an unbiased third party opinion,” Parker said while we entered our dorm.

“I have feeling I know what this is about,” I said before climbing the stairs.

“A few things actually,” Parker said.  “Can we go to your room?”

I agreed and opened the door.  Kris was standing there in his boxers with his clothes on the floor.  “Kris, in case, you didn’t know we have bedrooms to change in,” I said.

“Excuse me but I wasn’t expecting company.  Sorry about that,” Kris said and actually picked up his clothes to take them to our room.  “Matt, we were going to work out.  Are you with us?”

“I doubt it but we’ll see,” I replied with Kris shutting the door. 

We took a seat with Corey coming in the door.  He came up to me and kissed me on the cheek.  I told him Kris was going to work out so he headed to change. 

It was easy to see Parker taking this interaction all in. He spoke, “Boy Matt, there’s nothing but prime studs here.”

“I know,” I smiled and gave a brief explanation on Kris.   While I was doing so, Kris, Colt and Corey left us.

“First off, since you know Garrett better than I do, what’s his deal?”

“He’s really just kind of quiet…”

“No, he’s spaced out every time he comes down to see Eric.  He says his knee hurts him all the time.”

“I’m beginning to realize he’s addicted to those pain pills.  I’ve heard they are super addictive,” I said.

“I’ve heard as well,” Parker said. “I guess that explains that then but he and Eric should get along just fine.  Eric’s been known to pop a few himself.   Now to the real reason I’m here.  In case you didn’t notice the other night, Darin and I aren’t doing so hot.  Should I just forget about him or keep trying to make it work?  I feel rather responsible in this since it was me who suggested we room together.”

“Ummm…” I said rubbing my chin. “I really don’t know you that well but if it was me I’d try to the bitter end.  However, if you’re unhappy, why keep trying?”

“I keep asking myself that same question,” Parker said sweeping his hair from his face.  “We’re sexually compatible but that’s about it.  If we aren’t fucking, we’re at each other’s throat.”

“Do you still love him?”

“Yes, I think I still love him,” he replied.  “Now the question is does he love me?”

“Does he tell you he loves you?  Corey tells me that every day.”

“Come to think of it, it has been a while since he said he loves me…”

“Have a private chat with him just like you are doing with me.  Ask him if he still loves you.  If he says no, then move on,” I suggested.

“It sounds easy but we do room together,” he said with his phone going off.  He reached in and saw who it was before taking the call.   He was brief.

“One of you switch rooms if you have to.  Honestly, Corey and I aren’t in the same room…”

“Why not?”

I gave more explanation about me and Kris along with our reasons about sex as well.  We talked a little more before he stood to leave.  We hugged with me wishing him luck.   After Parker was gone, I changed quickly to join the guys at the Rec Center for I wanted to continue to work on my body and keep up the regime.

After our work out, I was alone thus more studying.  I began to wonder how much persuasion it would take to get the others to see how much time was needed to succeed in the classroom.  I shouldn’t worry but I want them to excel in their studies to make a better life once our four years were complete. 

Once my sweaty roommates we back after their practice, I pulled Corey aside.  We stood with the door closed to my room.  I cleared my throat and began, “Corey… ummm… exactly when do you think you’ll get around to studying?  You know you can’t do it all the night before a test.”

“I will but let me shower first.  Shit, I’m barely in the fucking door and you want to confront me about my studying,” he said in a defensive tone.

I reached up and pulled him in for a kiss.  “I love you so much.  I want us to have a better life in five years.  If you don’t…”

“Well… let me get my fucking books and start right now!”

I sat down on my bed and was very teary eyed.  “I just wanted you… fuck it Corey!  Go shower!  Sorry I even mentioned it!”

“No, you’re not.  You love controlling me.  I have to say one thing… you can’t fucking control me!”

“Dammit Corey, I just asked a simple question!” I said with my temper showing.

“Fucking simple question my ass!  Next thing you’ll wanna keep me from playing football!”

“I haven’t said shit about that.  I’m glad you are!  I was concerned!”

“Don’t be motherfucker!  I can handle this shit!” he said in my face

“Good luck there!”

He turned away and left me.  I could hear him screaming to Kris and Scott when he walked in the living area.  I was breathing hard and broke down.  I hate fighting with him.

Kris entered the room.  “What did you say to him?”

“All I asked was when he planned on studying,” I sobbed.  “That goes for you and Colt as well.  Next semester I don’t want three new roommates.” I wiped my eyes.  “I love all of you so much and care about you.”

Kris sat down next to me in his sweat shorts.  “Look bro.  We will study but so far I have barely had any homework.”

“Like I told Corey, the night before a test is not the time to start studying.  Oh you can pass but barely.”

“We’re not all geniuses like you.  I know we should study more and we will but don’t jump him coming in the door like that.”

I cried, “Someone needed to say something.”

“I know.  To make you happy, I’ll insist we study one hour a night whether we need it or not.”

I wiped my face with Kris’s help.  I inhaled, “Don’t do it for me.  Do it because you want to make a better life in the future.”

“You’re right.  I hate to admit it but I’m glad someone among the four of us has a little foresight.  After we shower, we’ll talk about it.”

“Okay,” I said.

After they showered, Kris, Colt and Corey walked in my room.  I could see Corey was still pissed.  “Guys, let’s get really serious here for one second.  Matt has made a great point on how we need to start buckling down and study…” Kris started.

“You know fuck this,” Corey said. “I’ve had my lecture.  I need to be studying to please my boyfriend and meet his lofty goddamn expectations.”  He stood.

“Sit your fucking ass down right now, Corey!” Kris said. “Tell me when have you cracked a book?”

“You know Kris it’s bad enough for Matt to be on my ass.   Now you wanna be on my ass too!” Corey said angrily.  “I’ll be in my room studying!”

“No!  We’re in this shit together!” Kris said.

Corey approached Kris with a fist.  “You wanna fucking fight about this shit?  I’ve heard all I want!”

“Stop it right now!” I screamed jumping to me feet to get between them for I knew what could occur. “Corey, leave!  We’ll do this with or without you.”

“Fine!” he said and left the room, slamming the door.

“What’s up his ass?” Colt said.  “You know I agree.  One day we do need to buckle down and get serious about college.   I’m glad Matt cares enough for us to say something.  Hell, one of us needed to.”

“Colt since Corey’s being a jackass you and I have to at least look at our stuff for one hour a night during the week.  Matt’s so right in that we can’t expect to pass by cramming all one night for a test.  I’ve tried that shit and it don’t work.”

“Amen.  It doesn’t work.  The last thing I wanna do is have to pass a final to make a passing grade.”

“We can still have fun on the weekends like we have been doing and after we finish.  Hell, we don’t do shit most nights around here so an hour isn’t asking too much.  I’d say we study one hour before we go eat.  How does that sound to you, Matt?”

I shrugged, “Beats nothing I suppose.  You may see it could do some good.”

“Yeah like last year I appreciated you making study.  You’re so right in that we can’t just do nothing and expect to succeed.  Now, you need to get over there and make up with Corey.  Pour on the old charm,” Kris said.

“Matt, I’d wait just a little while and let him cool off.  He’s not like Kris and I where we blow up and make up five minutes later.  Hell, you aren’t either for that matter…”

“You’re right, Colt.  I’ll give him a little space to get his thoughts together and cool off.  Here I was trying to be helpful and show a little concern,” I said.

“Matt, you’re next to blow up around here,” Kris laughed.

“I guess I am but I did get a little hot at Corey just then,” I stated. “I suppose we do need to find a little time away from each other when we can, especially you two.  You both need to go off without one another every so often.”

Colt laughed, “We do.  We go to class separately but you’re right.  It could keep us from going insane, or worse, having a huge ass fight.”


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