Posted:  May 31, 2012

After a regular Monday here, Kris and I slipped onto the air mattress. Kris was lying with his hands behind his head and staring at the ceiling. “Bro, I have so much to do before the semester ends. I’ve got two papers that I have to get done. We’ve got a ton of shit to move…”

“Some of us do…”

“I know, so I guess next weekend Walt and Jenny will see my ass,” Kris laughed. “We really need to get a list together of the stuff we need.”

“I’m ahead of you there, bro. I’ve got a list started. Actually there’s not a lot other than maybe another couch…”

“That’s a given right there,” Kris said. “We can find a decent dining table and chairs, which means more seating too.”

“It does. I was thinking maybe we could use our chairs we have for camping as well. We each have one and can make good use of them.”

“We can. Corey was going on and on today about his weekend. We didn’t do a thing really,” Kris said.

“We didn’t, but the fact he was able to show JJ and Teague that he is not defined by his sexuality really made him happy. We know that but outsiders don’t. I think most think it is just a big tale Corey’s spinning. JJ knows and now Teague does,” I said.

“I really wish they’d come here next year. They were such great guys,” Kris said. “They fit in like a glove.”

“They did, but there’s more to consider than that. You do lose a few hours transferring. I know Corey would love it, but then again things could be slightly different.”

“How so?” Kris asked.

“You know sometimes things are better in small doses. Corey would feel the pressure to make things like they were this weekend all the time. It could ruin things if things didn’t work out.”

“And undo a lot of good that has been done so far,” Kris said.

“Kris, I need to ask a favor of you…”


“Well, next weekend you know we have it off for Good Friday. I would really enjoy spending those days alone with Corey.”

“I don’t see any problem with that. What makes you think…?”

“I know you too well by now. If anyone suggests an alternative to going home, you jump at the chance.”

“I know, but I am starting to feel a little bad about that with me staying here this summer. It’s weird how they want to see us but after a few days they’re ready for us to leave again, and vice versa. Now our parents have their own lives and routine just like we do.”

I snickered, “They’ve gotten used to us not being there.”

“Oh the fucking sex they must be… damn, erase that thought,” Kris said.

“I know. I don’t even wanna picture Mom and Vince doing the nasty.”

Kris laughed, “I bet Walt is really giving to Jenny. I just hope when I’m in my forties I still have the desire.”

“Oh, I think we will.”

We didn’t talk much longer before calling it a night.  

Tuesday, I was leaving my accounting class when Mr Jackson came walking up to me before I could leave. “Excuse me, Matt, do you have a minute?”

Ted smiled, “I’ll see ya later then.”

“Yes sir, what can I do for you?”

“I was wondering if you would consider helping me out next semester. I didn’t even realize until the other day that you were in my fall class as well. Your scores are great and I think you’d be perfect.”

“Helping out as in how?”

“You know, grading things and other duties. I could use a very bright assistant,” he said.

“Mr Jackson, I’ll consider it…”

“I hope our encounter doesn’t sway your thinking. Actually it was just as awkward for me. I’ve seen how you can’t look me in the eye now, plus you know about me, and I about you being gay.”

I smiled, “It has been very awkward, but I’m over it now. So do you go there often?”

He smiled back, “As often as I can, including next weekend with Jeffrey.”

“If you don’t mind me asking, how long have you been with him?”

“Fifteen of the best years of my life,” Mr Jackson replied. “I wasn’t out like you in college and denied it for years. Now I couldn’t be happier. How long have you and Corey been together?”

I was amazed he remembered his name or even knew it. “We started dating early my freshman year and have been together ever since.”

“Oh that is just wonderful. I love seeing two young men in love. I can tell you are by the way you talk about him.”

“Yes sir, we are in love.”

“So will you please consider my offer? There is some pay involved for your time,” he stated.

“I’ll consider it. I wanna check my schedule and see what the work load will be like and get back with you before the end of the semester,” I replied.

“Great,” he said. “I can tell you help out Mr Wilcox. Just keep it up, the team needs him on the field, though he’s doing fine in my class.”

“Okay, I’ll see ya around,” I said and left the room. It was nice having a normal conversation with him and it did give me an option for next year. He also gave me a lot of hope in that two men could make it in this world for the long haul.

It was an odd day in our room since no one wanted to go to the Rec Center. Instead, we studied and took shorts naps before the next game of softball.

Our game was a little different. As soon as it started, there was a look of intensity among the others. We were still goofing off a little, but when it came time to really play everyone was into the action in front of us. It did start shaky by giving up two runs at the top of the first. We were down one run the next inning when Corey came to bat with Alex on first and one out. He took a weak swing and hit one that was just foul. Kris was coaching first and said something to Corey when he was walking back. The next pitch Corey unloaded and used his incredible strength to launch the softball into orbit.

“Holy shit!” Colt said while we watched the ball in flight.

“Will it ever land?” Joe asked.

It did land but well onto the other field that was a good 30 feet beyond our field. I raced out of the dugout to greet him along with the others. Corey was elated and came bouncing in the dugout.

“I’ve never seen a ball jump off a bat like that ever,” Bryson commented going back to the dugout.

“Boy did that ever feel sweet!” Corey shouted.

“What did Kris tell ya?” I asked.

“Don’t swing like a pussy,” Corey laughed.

Corey’s home run seemed to light a fire in everyone. We played great after that. Everyone did, except for me. I reverted back to my old ways and struck out. I couldn’t believe that I had done it. The best part of the game was Ted, Luke and Myles were there to see us play and see Corey’s home run. I did catch a little razzing over my strikeout but took it well since we won.

It took a while after the game for us to settle down. Everyone was still bragging on Corey and his hit. The excitement ended about one for us. I was tired despite napping earlier in the day. 

“Matt, I’m ready to keep celebrating,” Corey said when we got in our room.

“I’m sorry but I’m exhausted for some odd reason.”

“It’s okay. I just wanted to show my boyfriend some lovin’ tonight like he deserves.”

“You still can by holding me and kissing me. It shows just as much love.”

“You’re right that it does. It proves we were way more than just a good fuck.”

“We are, and have been for a while now. I didn’t tell you what happened to me today, did I?”

“Don’t tell me that asshole was back at it!”

“No, my professor…” I began, giving Corey the full run down. 

Corey laughed, “You know he comes in the Rec Center and is always so friendly to me. He did ask the other day how you were.”

“I would love to help him but I don’t know. Is there another reason for him wanting me?”

Corey pointed at my cock and laughed, “He saw your big dick.”

“And yours too,” I said. 

“Matt, if he were to try shit with you, you have the strength to fend for yourself or I sure as hell do. I don’t believe he would. Maybe he’d like to have you help because he is gay as well. He could be there in case we, and I mean we, ever need advice.”

“I know, and I won’t need the money but it would help out a little.”

“Speaking of, have you gotten it yet?”

“No, I haven’t. Surely it will be here in a few days. Corey, you and I are spending next weekend alone. I’ve already informed Kris we are.”

“Good luck there.”

“Think. Have we really been truly alone for more than what we are now since the semester began?”

“Ummm… I don’t think we have now that you mention it. It would be nice before the summer begins.”

“That’s what I was thinking as well.”

“Hey, we can go back camping and stay there the entire time.”

“I was hoping you’d suggest that.”

With that our night ended. I was out the second Corey turned off the lights and came back to our bed.

Wednesday, as I finished, I headed to eat after Kris sent me a message to join him. I grabbed a turkey and swiss on rye before navigating my way to Kris. Approaching, I saw why Kris had asked me to join him. Juan was sitting there with him. He stood and greeted me.

“Man, I really miss all of you,” Juan said.

“I told him Jess is returning to the fold next semester, but he already knew that,” Kris stated with me taking a seat. “When does Scott have the time to talk to everyone?”

“Alright, I wanna hear how things are going and if you’re getting excited,” I said to Juan.

“Felicia is so ready to have this kid and so am I.”

“So how much longer?” Kris asked.

“It’s due in late June,” Juan replied and was beaming with pride.

“Bro, you better holler at us when she has it. I told your ass we’ll be around here this summer,” Kris said.

“I will and have the cigars waiting,” Juan said.

“Is it a boy or girl?” I asked.

“I told you we’re waiting to find out. It’ll be more fun that way,” Juan replied. “So my boy Scott has maybe settled on Jess now. What’s up with that?”

“You know him better than us,” I said.

“I used to know him better. I don’t get him at all,” Juan said.

“We stopped trying to figure him out a long time ago,” Kris joked and glanced at his phone. “Dammit, I’m gonna be late for work.”

“You’re not the only one,” Juan said. “I better jet.”

We said a quick goodbye and raced back to the room. I had to finish my lunch before the guys came down to head over to the Rec Center.

Returning, we noticed a bunch of fellow students, including Toni, Jill and Holly, enjoying the great sunshine. Except for Bryson, we decided to join them. He didn’t want to have any part of being around Toni. I hated to see Bryson still at odds with Toni. I hated that he couldn’t be friends with her unless it was something tragic, which I don’t think it was.

That night I was kicking it in Scott’s room for a change. As we returned, Scott was on his phone with Jess while Shawn, Bryson, Garrett, Brennan and I were out in their living area. It definitely missed the extra couch that was in our room so we sat around on the floor.

“So who’s doing the talent this year in ‘Dorm Daze’?” Garrett asked.

I needed to keep up with the events and didn’t know it was time for ‘Dorm Daze’ again. “Hey how about we talk Cody into playing his guitar?” Shawn asked.

“We could do that,” Brennan said. “He’s not bad.”

“Well… my fucking ex thinks her ass can sing. I think she may do it,” Bryson said.

“Man, you are so bitter,” Shawn said. “I’m still okay with Terra.”

“Yeah, why are you so bitter?” I asked.

“We’re broken up for fuck’s sake. She broke up with my ass,” Bryson said. 

“Dude, you treated her like shit. I kept telling you she was getting tired of it but you wouldn’t listen,” Shawn said. 

“She ragged on me all the time how I needed to stop gambling. Nothing I could do was ever good enough for her,” Bryson said. “Then, when we would fuck, she’d just lay there and take it. There was no passion.”

“It does take two willing partners in sex for it to be hot,” I said.

“Yeah, it does,” Garrett said. “That should have been your first clue it was over.”

“I guess you’re right there,” Bryson said. “Give me some time to get over Toni.”

That night, after the guys came home for their jobs, they headed straight to their rooms with papers to finish and studying to do. I had completed all of mine and was caught up. To leave them alone, I ventured down to see how Parker and Yancey were doing. After knocking, the door slowly opened. “It’s just Matt,” Yancey said in his hot looking briefs that really accented his swimmer’s body.

“I’m sorry. I can come back later.”

“Nah, get your ass in here,” Parker yelled.  

I entered to see him naked so I knew something was going on. I took a seat while Yancey lost his briefs. “We’re following the lead y’all set,” Yancey laughed.

“I see,” I said.

“You’re more than welcome to join us. It’s nothing we haven’t seen before,” Parker stated.

I stood up and lost my shorts and shirt. Now being naked with friends was cool to me. 

“Holy fuck, you’re so damn hot,” Parker said. “Look those cuts at your waist… and those abs…”

I smiled, “Yancey’s not doing bad himself, but thanks for the compliment. Where’s Eric and Jay?”

“Eric’s gone most of the time, thank God!” Yancey said. “You’d think he’d have learned from Garrett, but it hasn’t deterred him one bit.”

“It’s sad really,” Parker said leaning against Yancey. “Jay is either at the library or with his new guy.”

“Good for Jay,” I said.

“He really needs a good guy,” Yancey said.

“So what brings you down?” Parker asked me.

“Oh, they all were studying so I came down not to disturb them,” I replied.

“We really appreciate you clueing us in on y’all moving,” Parker said sarcastically. “It doesn’t matter since we got a one bedroom there with ya.”

“That’s awesome,” I said. “Then I don’t have to ask how it’s been going for you two?”

“We’re great as ever,” Yancey stated, holding Parker.

“Y’all make a very hot couple.”

“We’re following your lead with Corey,” Parker said. 

We talked, with them asking me a few things about my relationship. They too had their little battles like Corey and I did. I told them how we solved it.  

“So Matt, if there’s one straight guy here you could fuck, who would it be?” Parker asked. “You know, just a little secret fantasy between us gay guys.”

“Ummm,” I stuttered rubbing my chin. 

“Spit it out and say Ted,” Yancey laughed.

“Well…” I said. “That would be hot.”

“Hot as fuck!” Parker yelled. “Mine is Myles for damn sure. After seeing his ass naked, I’d be all for that.”

“Yancey?” I asked.

“Shawn in a fucking heartbeat. He’s so sexy and don’t even know it. That man is looking good now I tell ya. Hell, you all look smoking ass hot,” Yancey replied.

“Thanks, but what about Kris and Colt?” I asked.

“You said straight,” Parker laughed.

“I guess I did,” I laughed.

We continued to talk. Jay came in the door and didn’t seem fazed by our nudity. He said hi and continued on to his room. I stood, dressed and left them. I said hi to Ethan in the hall before entering the room.

Kris and I had our usual Wednesday night chat. It wasn’t much other than us keeping up and chatting about the upcoming move.

Thursday, entering Mr Jackson’s class, I was still undecided on his request. I wanted to make sure I could handle his work along with keeping up with my own work load as well. Ted was there and smiling. By the end we had instructions on our final project for the semester.

Ted and I were walking back together to the dorms. “Matt, if you want after the game, Luke, Myles and I are heading over to Todd’s to play cards. They need to get their money back.”

“Ummm… I’ll see how things go. So are you coming tonight to the game?”

“Only if you promise not to whiff again,” Ted chuckled and rubbed my hair.

“I can’t promise that,” I laughed. “That was so embarrassing.”

“Well it was overlooked in the grand scheme of things. Boy, I still can’t get over how far Corey hit that damn ball.”

“Me either.”

“Someone else needs to use their strength as well. I know it is a challenge for you…”

“It’s a big challenge.”

Ted smiled, “I admire that you’re out there trying. I hope next year Reese gets involved and doesn’t hold back either. You are a great example for him and he really sees more of himself in you than say Corey, if you catch my drift.”

I laughed, “I do. So he doesn’t have a lick of athletic ability either?”

“Exactly, and it pains my brother too,” Ted said. “However, you should see his artwork. It’s utterly amazing.”

“I will. I need to see Myles’ as well.”

“They’re both really good, but here lately Myles hasn’t had the time or desire. He’s zapped when he comes to the room and really put out the effort to start next year.”

“I hope he does and is rewarded for his hard work. I bet you don’t put out half the effort.”

Ted laughed, “I do, but it comes so natural for me. Trust me I bust my ass every day since all the guys are looking at and up to me.”

“Yeah, so you can be All-American again,” I said as we neared the dorm.

“The honors are nice but winning is all I care about. Say we go undefeated next year and I don’t get any honors, I could care less. Just like Tuesday with you. You struck out but you seemed happy with winning. Losing sucks!”

I opened the door with my ID card, “It does.”

Barely in the door, I heard, “Move it, Matt!”

Kris came hauling ass in the door and almost pushed me down. Then I saw why with Colt and Scott chasing right behind him with a water gun and balloons. 

Ted was shaking his head, “Those guys are something else, but they keep it fun around here.”

“You bet,” I said.

I made it to the room and found Kris’s shirt and hair soaked. He lunged forward and tackled Colt. I stood and watched before Corey came in the room. Kris saw the playful wrestling with Colt and trying to remove his shorts while Colt was trying to get at Kris’s shorts.  Kris reached out and grabbed Scott to pull him into the playful scrum.  Scott pulled hard and had Kris’s shorts at his ankles.  Corey and I were laughing watching the three wrestle. Kris grabbed and had Colt’s shorts and boxers on the floor.  

“Dog pile on Scott!” Kris yelled. The three jumped on Scott with Scott yelling and laughing. I was laughing as well and topped off the pile. 

Getting up, Kris was soaked, as was Colt now from Kris. “Thanks Scott. Believe or not, I needed that,” Kris said.

“Well, we wanted to keep you on guard,” Scott laughed.

Colt turned and looked at me, “Don’t worry. I’ll grab a towel and make sure all the wet is gone before you have a heart attack over there.”

“No, I was waiting for you to tell me to start doing my duty,” I laughed.

Kris gestured, “If you want, it is there waiting for you.”

I grabbed Kris and tackled him. It caught him by surprise that I did so. I pinned his arms down with my knees and gestured to Colt. “You’re mine right now.”

“Alright you little shit, let me up,” Kris said.

“Nope, I’m teaching you a lesson,” I said and took the rubber spider we had waiting for this moment. I placed it on Kris’s chest but he didn’t move. 

Kris started laughing, “Bro, it’ll take more than a rubber spider to scare me.”

“Damn,” I said and got up. Not knowing what Kris would do, I ran behind Corey. 

“Okay truce, assholes, before one of us gets hurt,” Kris said.

Once things settled and Scott was gone, I announced that Ted had invited me to play cards with him and Luke at Todd’s house.

“How about the rest of us?” Colt said gesturing to him, Kris and Corey.

“He just asked me since I won all the money. I guess I could use a few more suckers to take some money off of if he wants you three to go,” I said.

Without saying a word, Kris stood and marched out of the room without a stitch of clothes. 

“I bet he was talking about all of us,” Corey laughed.

“We’ll find out,” Colt said. “Dumbass fucking left naked.”

“Next time, I’ll keep my mouth shut and just leave,” I joked.

“Then you’d have to answer so many questions,” Corey laughed.

“I’ll just say I went down to Parker’s room again. Y’all won’t know the difference,” I laughed.

We waited until Kris came back in the room. He had a towel wrapped around his waist. “We can go.”

“What’s with the towel?” Colt asked.

“Oh, Rick just happened to be in the hall and suggested it,” Kris laughed. “I mean hey I did give Jill and Shawn’s girl Paige a big thrill though. Ted didn’t say a word until I asked for a towel to walk back. The shame of it was I didn’t see one person either.”

“Kris, when did it hit you that your ass was naked?” Corey asked.

“When I saw Jill,” Kris laughed. “Then it was too late.”

That night, at our game, I was back batting second, as I did now each time we were visitors. Bryson got a nice hit and ended up on third after the other team overthrew the ball a few times. I was next and did notice Ted, Luke, Myles and more in the stands. The first pitch was over my head but I swung and missed. I was pissed and stepped out. The next one was way outside so I let it go. Then a really nice one was coming. I swung hard and connected. The ball leaving the bat felt so good. I ran to first while watching the outfielder run in a full sprint. He jumped and caught it. I was very disappointed and ran back to the dugout. Strangely, they were giving me high fives. 

“Good job,” Alex said.

“I was out,” I stated.

“No, you scored Bryson from third base. I just knew it was going to fall though,” Alex said.

“Nice hit,” Corey said and patted me on the back, as did Bishop and Brennan.

Before the next inning started, Ted gave me the thumbs up before I assumed my position. I was still learning the game and guess I did okay. In third inning after I got a hit, it was back on field. After Kris walked two batters and a hit, the bases were loaded. The next guy hit a hard ground ball back to Kris. I stood and saw the ball coming my way.

“Step on home and throw it to first,” Kris screamed.

The ball lodged in my glove with my foot on the plate.  I got the ball out and made an attempt to throw it to Garrett on first. The ball bounced and somehow didn’t hit the runner. Garrett scooped it up with the umpire yelling out. The next guy hit a pop up to Scott on third so we were out of the inning.

“Nice play,” Kris said.

“I don’t know what I did,” I said with Corey and Scott coming to congratulate me.

“Garrett saved you but it was a good play,” Scott said.

After a close win we headed off the field. Ted came up and patted me on the back. 

“Good game, guys,” Myles said.

“Thanks,” Kris said. “Matt was a big key tonight.”

“That was a first,” I said.


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