Posted:  5/27/12

As I was talking with Corey’s friends, JJ and Teague, who had come to visit us for the weekend, Colt came in the room in his sleeveless tee and shorts. Ted, Luke and Myles were trailing behind him. Colt was polite and introduced himself and the other three to Teague and JJ, even though he had met JJ before. They had stopped by to grab a few things for their hunting trip the next morning at Colt’s grandfather’s farm where we camped last summer.

After they left the room, Teague was rather impressed that we were good friends with the three jocks. “Seriously, if those three can be friends with Corey, I don’t see what the big deal is about the rest of our damn class,” Teague stated.

“Dude, it took us forever to accept him, but I know what you mean,” JJ commented. “Matt, I was in complete shock when I heard Corey was gay. We really did some really nasty shit to him.”

“We did. Now I wish I could take it back, like spitting in his food and leaving dog shit in his car. We were cruel, but he survived,” Teague stated.

“He has. He was so nervous about seeing everyone at the party he took me to. JJ, you really calmed the waters and manned up,” I said.

“Once you back away and see how hateful you are to someone who is a really good guy you have to make amends the best way possible. When I heard rumors that Corey was showing up, I knew I had to step forward and mend a few fences,” JJ said.

“Everyone does look up to JJ,” Teague said. “It didn’t hurt that we had grown up a little as well. We just had it drilled into us how being gay was against human nature, while not ever seeing Corey for the person he is. People back home still refer to Corey as the gay guy from our class.”

“I know. Some of them will never ever change their thinking, no matter what,” JJ said. “Corey must be some kind of strong minded now.”

“He’s a survivor for sure,” I said.

“He has to be with all the shit in high school and his mom,” Teague said.

There was a knock at the door. I opened it to find Shawn, Alex and Bryson there. They were friendly and enjoyed meeting Teague and seeing JJ again. 

“I was just coming to see if I could make a beer run for ya, but I see you’re already set,” Shawn said.

“Yeah, they came prepared,” Bryson stated and pointed to the boxes of beer sitting on our counter.

“Since you’re offering, the least we could do is supply Matt, Corey and their other two roomies,” Teague said. He reached in his wallet and handed Shawn some cash.  

They headed out to buy. Then the door opened with Kris and Corey walking in. Corey had a big smile on his face seeing his two buddies. Kris walked up to Teague and acted like he had known him his entire life. Colt came back down with Scott and Jess following them. We were happy to see Jess again and noticed how great he looked. Once Shawn was back, we headed out to eat something. Corey was talking and laughing the entire time with his two friends while we listened to more good stories. 

Back in the room after eating, Kris suggested we move this gathering to the big room so we could spread out. I raced to grab my camera so I could capture Corey and his friends here, along with more memories of my college days.

As we were walking out, Teague said, “Is Kris for real?”

“Huh?” Corey asked.

“No one is that friendly to someone he just meets,” Teague said.

“I told you to wait ‘til you met Kris,” JJ said.

“Corey, I see why you never come home now. It’s like a frat around here, but maybe better,” Teague stated. “I really like all your friends here.”

We opened the door with the memories of what Corey and I had done here the night before. I looked around to see nothing out of the ordinary in the room. Being unannounced to the rest of the hall would be great. We sat back with the beer and turned on the TV. It was for background noise more than anything. The smile hadn’t left Corey’s face since he saw the two. He was in the best mood ever and was laughing louder than anyone. Ethan and Cody came down with their bloodhound senses and offered the beer pong table for some recreation. Teague laughed and said that was one thing he was familiar with. 

A few others came in the room, including Andrea, Megan and Shawn’s girl, Paige, after Ethan returned with the table. With less people, it was quite enjoyable and a lot easier to move around. Chandler, who had come before, stopped by to see what was going on and stayed around with his roommates, Steve, Adrian and Ken. 

As the night progressed, Colt slipped off and headed back to the room since he had an early morning planned with the football jocks. We continued to enjoy ourselves and finally got a visit from Rick. Rick just saw what was going on and left shaking his head.

We left the room about one and headed back to our suite. Corey had drunk a few, but like Kris sometimes, got so wrapped up in talking and being sociable that drinking took a backseat. I couldn’t say the same for Teague, JJ, Bryson and Brennan. The four were drunk as ever, with Bryson saying he was drinking to celebrate his single life.

Before we could make it back to the room, Teague started laughing loudly and pointing while staggering just a bit. “I fucking pissed in my goddamn shorts!”

I looked to see piss running down his leg into his tennis shoes. We hurried into the room with Corey grabbing a towel to wipe up the hall. It was a race to the bathroom for JJ and Kris. I do think they pissed together. Teague changed out of his wet shorts and came back in his plaid boxers. He had a hairy chest and bit of a stomach but wasn’t what I call fat at all. 

We took a seat in the living area. “I think I know two guys that had a good time,” Kris stated.

“Fuck yeah, we did,” JJ said loudly.

“Bro, a little quieter or Colt will be so fucking pissed,” Kris stated.

“Sorry,” JJ toned it down.

“The fucking best time ever. Corey, fuck what everyone says about you, I didn’t see one thing wrong with what we did or how you acted,” Teague said with a big smile. “What a goddamn group of people. I never felt out of place like I thought I might. Everybody came up and wanted to know who I was.”

“Has transferring here ever crossed your mind?” Kris asked.

“It fucking might,” Teague said. 

“Every night is not like tonight though,” Corey commented with his arm around me.

“We know, but one night like that beats the hell out of what we’ve done,” JJ said.

“Kris… Matt, you’ll have to excuse Teague and JJ’s mouth now. Once they start drinking…” Corey said.

“It beats wanting to fight,” Kris joked.

Teague laughed, “I’ve done that shit too. My mouth just runs way too much.”

We talked just a bit longer before calling it a night. Corey and I were going to sleep in the living area until JJ and Teague insisted we join them, plus the fact Colt was leaving so early the next morning became a factor with no one wanting to be woken up. Corey and I waited until we were covered to strip. We barely got in bed before I looked to see both were sleeping on top of the bed.

“Thanks for one great of a night,” Corey stated quietly.

“I didn’t do a thing,” I said.

“You let me be with them while never once asking for my attention.”

“I saw quickly someone was enjoying it way too much for me to get involved. I enjoyed it just as much seeing you enjoying it.”

He kissed me before we cuddled up together. His big arms wrapped around me were so comforting and the best way possible to sleep.

As usual, I was up before anyone else in the room. I had slept pretty well considering we had two visitors. I threw on my shorts and headed out the door. Opening it, I saw Kris sitting on the couch in his usual morning mode. I rubbed his messy hair before heading to the bathroom. Oddly, I got no reaction from him.  

I returned and flopped down beside him on the couch. He looked at me with a weird look on his face. “Kris, what’s wrong?”

“Today would be Nathan’s 26th birthday,” Kris said somberly.

“Oh I see,” I said. “Happy Birthday to Nathan…” I began to sing and had Kris singing with me after I started. He reached over and hugged me after we finished. 

“Exactly what I needed, that and to have other distractions around me to keep me from thinking about it.”

“I see it doesn’t get an easier.”

“Well… now that I’ve accepted it, it should, but I still wish he was here with me…”

“He is with you every step of the way, just like Dad is with me. I know Dad’s not proud of some of the stuff…”

Kris smiled, “Nathan wouldn’t be either, but a few things he would laugh at and say I was following his footsteps.”

I leaned over and kissed the tattoo on Kris’s big chest. He kissed his hand and moved it to the tatt after I finished. 

“He’s with you.”

“Yep, every time I look in the mirror, he’s here with me. Bro, we really showed JJ and Teague a good time, huh?”

“More or less Corey as well for that matter.”

Kris laughed, “That’s the happiest I’ve ever seen his ass.”

We talked more before JJ came out. He said hi and proceeded to the bathroom. He came out and acted like he was home by looking for something to munch on. He found a bar and came to join us. By now, my shorts were off as well. “Whoa!”

“Ah bro, it’s nothing,” Kris laughed.

“Yeah, but damn Matt,” JJ said.

“You see what Corey sees in Matt now,” Kris said.

“Well yeah,” JJ said. 

Next Corey came out naked. He found me first and kissed me on the cheek.

With Corey sitting, JJ said, “The secret is out now why you’re with Matt.”

“Ummm… what’s that?” Corey asked.

“Dude, your boyfriend is fucking hung,” JJ stated loudly. We cracked up.

Laughing Corey said, “Oh yeah, he is.”

“Alright JJ, if you wanna be one of us, you need to drop those shorts of yours,” Kris said. “It’s tradition.”

JJ’s eyes darted around. 

“You don’t have to,” I said. “Kris, not everyone is as open to common nudity as us.”

Teague came out and looked very hung over. “Damn, I drank way too much last night.”

“Bro, you did, but you had a good time,” Kris said.

“The best time,” Teague said. He moved and sat next to JJ. He didn’t either care or notice us.

“Dude, are we joining them?” JJ asked. “Kris said to be one of them we have to.”

Teague shrugged his shoulders, stood and tossed his boxers towards our room. “We’re all guys here.”

“Okay,” JJ said and lost his boxers. Teague had a nice hairy uncut cock about Kris’s size while JJ’s hairy cut cock was smaller.

“Not too bad being natural, huh?” Corey asked.

“I guess once I get used to it,” Teague said. “I know you have some Tylenol up in here.”

“We do,” Kris said. He walked over and found them. He returned with 4 pills and two bottles of water.   

We talked about our night and about plans for the day. Nothing was really happening so we said we’d play it by ear and see what came up. About noon, we did shower and dress for lunch, which was breakfast to most of us. 

We gave the two a full tour of the campus. It wasn’t very exciting other than to hear the comparisons. By the time we returned from our walking tour, Colt was sitting on the couch. 

“So?” Kris asked.

Colt smiled, “Ted killed one. It was a really nice one too. He has the beard if you care to see it. Myles and Luke both had a shot at one but missed. I didn’t see shit but it was cool since they had a really good time.”

“How were Chase and Tabor?” Kris asked.

“They were up but didn’t hunt with us. Actually for the first time, they were really calm and cool about the whole thing,” Colt replied and began messing with his phone. “Here’s a picture.”

We moved to gather around before passing the picture of Ted with his nice size turkey. Colt had another one of the four of them as well just after they finished hunting. As soon as we finished, he headed off to his room to catch up on some sleep. 

We chilled in the room with Kris asking about Teague’s family. He said it was about as average as they get with a younger brother and younger sister. He said his brother was just graduating but was going where he was. He showed us pictures of both, with his younger brother being cute from what I could tell. JJ only had an older sister in his family and stated she was engaged to be married in the summer.

After Colt woke up, we, along with Andrea and Megan, ventured out to find something to eat for dinner. We returned and waited for everyone to come to us. Alex came first with a friend from his high school to introduce us.

“Bro, you had to show us up,” Kris laughed.

“Well… I wanted Kale to meet everyone,” Alex stated. 

“Where’s Elise?” Corey asked.

“I guess she’s at home. She left yesterday,” Alex said.

“I wondered where she was last night,” I said with Alex and Kale taking a seat. Kale was pretty tall and lanky, with dark brown hair and bushy eyebrows. He, like so many of us, had the evidence of not shaving on his dark face.

As the night progressed, I could see how amazed Teague and JJ were with everyone coming and going. There was plenty to drink so our room was buzzing with activity. Ted came down to show his turkey beard. It meant nothing to me but it did sound as though he, Luke and Myles had a good time with Colt.  

About eleven or so, Rick stopped by to say hi and check on things. He didn’t stay long as usual. He said he was winding things up and looking forward to graduating in about a month or less.

Everything would have been fine until Colt wanted to do vodka shots. Now Kale had livened up after taking a little time to assess things and get comfortable with everyone, just as Teague and JJ had done the night before. After doing a few shots, it pretty much ended our night, plus it was well past one. It was Colt’s night to get drunk and he surely was. Kris and Corey helped him to his room and put him to bed.

Corey, his friends and I headed to our room with JJ and Teague not being as drunk as they were the night before. 

“Corey, thanks for one hell of weekend,” Teague said. 

“Well, it wasn’t much,” Corey said with us sitting around.

“I don’t care if it wasn’t. It was so much fun just being here and hanging around you. I’m amazed at how well everyone gets along around here too. No one acted above anyone else,” Teague said.

“We’ve filtered out the assholes over time,” I said.

“Colt and Kris are ideal roommates. So they’ve never had a problem with you two?” JJ asked.

“No, they haven’t,” I replied.

“They are the best around. I’m quite lucky,” Corey stated.

“Dude, you’re fucking dog ass lucky,” Teague said. 

“You know you’re welcome to come here,” Corey said.

“I was thinking about that but I’d lose so many hours transferring,” JJ said. 

“Forget that. We’d have a bunch of instant friends.  You saw how chill they were,” Teague commented. 

“We would,” JJ said. “Let’s think about it more before jumping into something we may regret. I know how perfect this is for Corey but it may not be as perfect for us.”

“Yeah, we’ll think about it,” Teague said. 

I woke the next morning with Corey gone. I looked around to see JJ was gone as well. I got up and headed out to the living area. They, along with Kris and Colt, were sitting around and playing a video game. 

“JJ, are you getting any good pussy at your school?” Colt asked with me standing behind and watching.

“You know how it is. I do when I can,” JJ replied.

“He used to get all kinds of pussy in high school,” Corey stated.

“I guess I did,” JJ said.

“He was big man on campus,” Corey said.

“Really, with a dick like that?” Colt joked.

“Fuck off, it works just fine,” JJ laughed with Colt.

“That’s all that matters,” Kris turned and said while he and Corey were playing the wrestling game.

A few minutes later, Teague came out. 

“There’s the biggest pussy getter now,” JJ said and pointed.

“Hell yeah, girls love a big dick,” Teague said. “Guys do too, ain’t that right, Matt?”

“I do,” Corey said quickly. “I’ll admit I love Matt’s big dick.”

“I just knew you and Matt were going to fuck last night after the lights went out and you were macking like crazy,” Teague stated.

“Well… it is called respect,” I said.

“Yeah, we’ll have plenty of time this week,” Corey said.

“Man, this is crazy. We’re actually talking about Corey’s sex life. Never thought two years ago I’d be doing this shit,” JJ said.

“Yeah, it is really crazy,” Teague said.

JJ and Teague stayed around until about one this Sunday. They were very gracious and repeated over and over what a great time they had. I followed them with Corey to car. They both thanked me again before giving Corey a big sincere hug.

“Dude, we’ll be back for sure this summer,” JJ said.

“Yeah, you may hate seeing us if it was anything close to this weekend,” Teague said.

“You know you’re welcome to come whenever you want. Just call me or show up,” Corey said.

They thanked us again and got in JJ’s truck. Corey and I stood watching them drive off. “Amazing how things are now,” he said.

“It is, but for the better I would say. I’m not sure but someone is closer to them now than I am to my high school friends…”

“Except for the best one,” Corey said.

We headed back and entered the room. Jess and Scott were on the couch and looking so happy together.

“I heard we missed saying goodbye to JJ and Teague. They were cool guys,” Scott turned to say.

“Yeah, something about getting back to the real world,” Corey commented. He and I took a seat on the floor until Kris moved to let us occupy the other couch.

“Jess, is it set in stone you’re back with us?” Corey asked.

“It pretty much is. The long road back may finally be over,” Jess said. “It took a lot of growing up and a few growing pains…”

“Plus we dished out some pain as well,” Kris said.

“I’m glad that shit is over with. Some people…” Jess said shaking his head.

“So is it official with you two?” I asked.

“It is with me,” Scott replied quickly. “We’re still bi but dating.”

“I’m bi, but I never see myself ever dating a guy,” Colt said.

“Not even Kris?” Jess asked.

“Well…” Colt stuttered.

Kris grabbed Colt’s bare knee. “I feel the same way. I don’t see me dating a guy but I still wouldn’t mind trying one time.”

“Dude, Jordy might do since Brad is away, you know, just for kicks,” Scott joked.

“I couldn’t do that,” Kris said. “It wouldn’t feel right if he’s trying to date Brad. What a combo they make.”

It was great to have what I considered the original crew intact and spending time together. We were briefly interrupted by Alex and Kale, with Kale wanting to say thanks again for last night.

Jess stood before we headed out to grab a bite. He left by saying it was so long for now but not goodbye. 

That night it was back to our regular routine after a great weekend as were most here for me. The only bad ones for me were when we were at odds with each other. It was nice to have peace among us without the turmoil.

In bed, I was waiting for Corey to join me. He came in with a big smile, looking so hot. He moved down and kissed my lips. I knew the romance tonight would be heated and something I was really looking forward to. He didn’t kiss me very long before dropping down to take my cock in his wet warm mouth. Corey cut his blue eyes up and began licking all over my cock. He opened his mouth with my cock semi hard. His warm breath excited my senses, as did his tongue sliding all over in his mouth. He stopped and kissed the head before running his tongue up and down my rock hard cock.  

“OOOO Corey,” I moaned and began running my finger through his growing blonde hair.

“I love sucking your big dick. I wanna get it good and wet to fuck me,” Corey said before returning. He continued to suck and lick my throbbing cock. He stopped and kissed his way until finding my lips. 

I could taste my cock on his breath while we kissed with passion. My hands found his ass. My fingers moved until finding his hole. I slid one inside.

“God, I fucking love you,” Corey said.

“I fucking love you so much,” I said. 

He pulled me over to where now I was on top of him. We thrust our hard cocks together while continuing to kiss. My lips left his mouth and slowly moved down his incredible body. Still, I considered myself so fortunate to have this hunk as my boyfriend and wanting me to fuck him. 

I lifted his legs and found his ass. I fingered it again to hear him moan. I kissed around his hairless pink hole before using my tongue to rim him. He continued to softly moan and purr while I worked over his clean ass. 

“OOO goddamn that feel so fucking good! Just fuck me, Matt. I want you to fuck me,” Corey begged like he was desperate.

I stopped and found the lube. After lubing us up, I ran my cock over the crack of his ass while looking into his eyes. I leaned over for a kiss, grabbed my cock and found his hole. My hard cock slid in with relative ease while Corey and I kissed. Our lips never left each other as my cock moved deeper into him, only breaking apart when, with a final hard thrust, I bottomed out and Corey gasped, arching his back and pushing his ass harder onto my cock.

I leaned up and continued to penetrate the depths of his hot ass, moving my hard dick back and forth, sliding in and out of his hot ass that was working my hole so good, just like it always did. I could see sweat on his forehead now and could feel sweat building on me. Leaning back over, Corey pulled my head in for a long kiss while my cock went balls deep again, and I kept it there, twitching inside him. I began moving my hips again and leaned back up.

“OOO yes, fuck me,” Corey moaned with his head turned.

“I love fucking my boyfriend,” I said and pulled out completely. I shoved it back in and heard him grunt. My cock came back out and I drove it back into him. It was hot seeing his ass open up with my cock pulling out and going back in.

With his feet now planted on my chest, I started fucking him harder and faster, sliding in and out with ease. His feet then left my chest and he wrapped them around my waist, reaching up with hands feeling for my ass. He was pushing back now whilst trying to pull me deeper into him, adding to the excitement. I looked to see his thick cock hard as a rock and dripping precum all over his hot abs. Our room was filled with the great sounds of me fucking him. 

“I want that fucking load,” he said loudly. “Give me all you fucking got!”

“Babe, I will fuck my load in you,” I said and began pounding his ass hard. My balls were bouncing off his ass as my big cock hammered his ass. He and I were breathing hard, moaning and sweating up a storm. I didn’t mind for it was the thrill of having hot sex with him. 

The load was boiling up in me. I was really giving him all the cock he could handle. His head was moving side to side with sweat covering his face. “OOOO fuck!” I screamed and pushed hard into him.

He grabbed my ass and pulled me closer, “Fuck yeah!”

I grunted and continued to spill my thick load in his ass. He screamed, “Keep fucking me. Make me cum!”

I tried my best and felt little spurts of cum coming out. His body tensed up. “Oooo fuck yeah!” he screamed with cum pumping out of his thick cock. 

I leaned over and began licking the salty cum from his chest and abs. I loved getting my tongue in the grooves of his abs and retrieving the cum. He pulled me up and began kissing all over my face and neck. 

After we made out, we cleaned our sticky, sweaty bodies. We hinted at a shower but decided against it. He pulled me close again and kissed me. I noticed tears coming down his face.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. I have the best fucking boyfriend who just fucked me so good,” he cried. “My friends here are the best fuckers ever. Hell, even guys from my high school fucking like me…”

I grabbed him and could see he was quite emotional. “I know. I know.”

“Fuck my mom. Fuck her. I don’t need that shit anymore!”

I just kept holding him and started wiping the tears away. “It was a great weekend.”

“The best weekend for me. It just keeps getting better. People see me as Corey now and not the gay kid in school. That’s all I ever wanted, plus to find my soul mate… You know I don’t care if the others can’t see me and only see the fact that I’m gay. I’m fucking gay and there’s nothing I can do about it ever.”

“I agree. I too found my soul mate, lover and partner.”

It wasn’t long before Corey was sound asleep in my arms after I lay stroking his face and shoulders.

With my alarm ringing on my desk, the real life of college and another week had begun. The end of my second year in college was in sight but there was still lots left to do.


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