Posted:  May 24, 2012

After a gruelling intense day of classes here on Monday, I made my way back to the dorm. The wind had really picked up and was blowing fairly hard despite the sun shining brightly. Now, coming back, the faces were looking more familiar, yet I still didn’t know names. The campus population was rather large so knowing names didn’t bother me like it would Kris. 

I settled in the room with my growing dark hair a mess due to the wind. I checked my phone for messages to see Gloria had called while I was in class. I returned the call and spoke with her. It was friendly, just checking in, plus reporting on the progress of Dad’s headstone. Now it was hard getting her off the phone so I knew she enjoyed talking with me. Finally my excuse came with another call. It was Scott wanting to head over to the Rec Center to see what was going on. 

He, Shawn, Alex, Bryson, Cody and Ethan came to the door in their shorts and a variety of tees. I had quickly changed into my shorts and ragged tee that was becoming my favorite with the sleeves ripped out whilst being slightly baggy.

The talk was about our impending move to the apartments, with everyone anxious to sign on the dotted line. We discussed our classes for the next semester that we had signed up for a week or so ago. Now it was hard getting classes together since our majors were so varied. I was thankful that I didn’t have to tackle the intense sounding classes Ethan and Cody were going to take. 

Upon entering the Rec Center, Corey smiled and said, “In case you care, Jordy came in about twenty minutes ago.”

“That’s awesome,” Scott said.

We headed back with our bags and threw them in a locker. We saw Kris in the weight room assisting others and I asked if he’d seen Jordy. He said he hadn’t but he had been tied up. It was easy to see Kris had chosen the right job and he seemed to really enjoy his work. We walked around to the machines before heading back to the courts. We finally located Jordy and a friend hitting around a volleyball. As soon as he spotted us, he stopped what he was doing and came to greet us in his low riding shorts with sweat running down his taut upper body. It was great to see Scott talking with Jordy after their breakup. 

We stayed around and split up to play a few games of volleyball. It was a lot of fun for a change and was a different type of activity for us. Not content, we headed off to finish doing cardio work on the bikes and treadmills.

After a regular Monday night, Kris and I retired to my room. We prepared by doing our nightly thing before jumping on the air mattress. Kris chatted about his day and I did the same.

He asked, “Ummm… do you think I should continue dating Megan during the summer?”

“That’s not my decision.”

“I know it’s not, but I wanted your input.”

“Ummm… I don’t know her situation for the summer.”

“What a lame ass answer! Cut the shit and give it to me straight.”

“Alright, since I know you so well, I would suggest you find a nice way to put that you discontinue dating for the summer and see how things go once the semester starts back up. Say something like it wouldn’t be fair to either of you since I assume she’s not going to be around for the summer.”

“That’s really what I was thinking as well. I know you can do it with Corey and remain loyal, but I’m not sure I can or really want to. I like having a girlfriend, and Megan’s great, but I love the freedom as well that comes with being single. Matt, have you thought that maybe you were making a mistake by getting tied down so soon in life?”

“It’s crossed my mind, but, the way I see things, I’m happy with Corey. If I were to break up with him then I’d be out looking for exactly what he supplies me with.”

“What’s that?” Kris asked with his hand under his chin.

“He’s become my second best friend. I’d be looking for someone that makes me happy and someone who makes me feel loved. Why… fuck it up when you have those things? Yeah, I see the advantages of being single, but I see the disadvantage as well. Corey and I have played around just enough to experience what else is out there. You know the gay field is limited…”

“I see your point. You’d be looking for another Corey.”

“Not exactly like him, but with the same qualities. He’s really been nothing but good to me.”

“Hmmmm… maybe I should keep dating Megan since I’m also looking for someone to love and who will love me back. It gives me something to consider,” Kris stated.

“Kris, some of us can survive without a steady mate, whereas others may struggle. I would struggle now since I’ve grown used to Corey and his ways.”

“You’re saying I can survive without a girlfriend…”

“Most definitely, bro, you can more than anyone I know. Making friends and having people like you are your strongest points in life. I’m doing better by following your example which I have observed for a long time now. The key is never put up a false front. People either like you or they don’t for who you are, and not who you try to be. I’ve never once seen you try to be a person you’re not. You’re always Kris.”

He smiled, “I don’t know any other way. Thanks for the big ego boost.”

“I was merely stating facts and telling you what I’ve learned by watching you.”

“And what I’ve learned from you is if you put forth the effort you can do things you never thought possible. Honestly, Colt and I envy the loving relationship you have with Corey.”

“Thanks,” I said. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Kris leaned over and kissed my cheek. 

Tuesday, after our classes, we came back to the room. 

“Corey, I think we need a firm decision on whether or not you’re here for the summer before we sign the lease,” Kris said.

“I’m here,” Corey said firmly. “After much deliberation in my head, I think it would be best for me to stay over the summer. Actually, I’m way better off here than back at home. Things are great with my friends now, but I can see where I try to do shit I shouldn’t when I’m there. My comfort zone is here plus it will test Mom and see if she’s serious about drying up.”

“You’re sure?” I asked.

“I’m very sure,” Corey replied.

“I guess my ass is here too. Colt?” Kris asked.

“I’ll see what I can arrange. Part of me wants to be here and part of me wants to be home,” Colt said. “What about you, Matt?”

“Well, I may go home. I can see this will be the end of Mom’s single life. I better enjoy it while I have the chance,” I replied.

“Surely we can find others that want to stay for the summer and share the expense,” Kris said.

“I hope so or we’re screwed,” Corey said.

With all those moving, we headed to the apartments to sign the lease. Since Kris and Corey had committed for the year, we got a better location and were on the bottom floor. Shawn spoke up and committed to staying the summer, saying he wanted to get ahead a little. Bishop, Ethan and Cody committed as well for all three wanted to take classes during the summer to be ahead in their majors.

That night our next game was on tap. Again, as Kris had promised, I was starting, with 18 guys showing up to play. Winning the games as we had made things much better, plus the team was actually pretty good. Again I batted behind Bryson. He hit a long fly that was caught to start the game. I was next with Kris batting behind me. The first pitch was low so I let it go. The next pitch I swung hard. The ball was off the end of the bat and was hit down the right field line. I ran like crazy with Antonio telling me to go to second. I could see the action in front of me and knew it was going to be close. I dove head first towards the base like I had seen the others do. I was safe since the guy dropped the ball. I came up with a mouth full of dirt and my knees skinned up. I wiped off the dirt and turned to see the guys screaming for me and laughing. I ended up scoring when Garrett rocketed one over the left field fence. 

Corey was first to greet me coming to the dugout and laughed seeing my face still with dirt on it. “I had no idea you’d dive towards the base,” he said.

“I saw the others do it, but damn, it wasn’t as easy as it looks,” I said.

“Matt, stop showing off out there,” Colt said in jest.

“Yeah, you’re making us all look bad,” Bryson said patting me on the back.

Again, we won the game without much trouble. Corey didn’t get a hit so I could rub it in a little that I contributed more to the win than he did. It was fun walking back to the dorm with the sounds of excitement and laughter being heard loudly while a few ended up with shirts off. Collectively we were a fine example of hot college guys and got looks from the females we encountered. 

After showering and getting a late dinner, we came to the room to enjoy the night. Scott took center stage to re-enact my slide. It was funny to me to see how the others viewed my attempt.

“Bros, all that matter was Matt was safe,” Kris said.

“True, but it was fucking hilarious,” Colt stated. He stood to show his version. In the process he spilled his bottle of Skoal spit. 

“Damn, Colt,” Kris said.

“It’s cool. Matt will clean it up,” Colt said.

It flew all over me that he said that. 

“He will,” Kris joked. 

“Fuck you!” I screamed in anger. I jumped and walked out the door I was so mad. I leaned up against the hall wall for a second, tried to cool down and saw Luke coming my way. 

“Hey, I was just coming down. Is there any way you could help me with this paper?” he asked.

“I guess I could,” I replied.

“Is there a problem?”

“Well… just roommates, but it’ll be okay,” I said and walked back with him. We entered his room with Ted and Myles kicked back on the couch. 

“I told ya he would help ya,” Ted said. “How was the game today?”

“We won again,” I said.

“What’s with the scrapped up knees?” Myles pointed.

“Oh I slid into second,” I laughed.

“Damn, we need to go to the games then,” Luke said.

“You should. Garrett blasted one out,” I said.

“Y’all must be pretty good, but we don’t wanna jinx you like we did in basketball,” Ted laughed.

“Then stay away,” I joked.

Luke and I headed to his room. It was a disaster zone with clothes and trash everywhere I looked. He pulled up his paper on his computer and began telling me the premise of it. I wasn’t familiar with what he was writing about but did my best to help him out. He was having trouble putting closure to the paper. I read it carefully and was able to give him a summary while also pointing out a few mistakes he had made along the way. 

“Boy, I’m glad y’all are moving with us near next year,” Luke said at the end.

“We are too. We’re all expecting great things from you.”

“You and every fan of the team… I hope I can handle the pressure. It gets to me sometimes though. I have to find a way to handle it or else my ass is doomed, and so is the team.”

“I’m sure you will. Have you talked about it with the coaches?”

“Ummm… not really.”

“You should. I know they would understand and help you in any way. I now see what pressure you can have since you will be the star next year.”

Luke laughed, “I’ll leave the star stuff to Ted. He handles it so well and never lets stuff get to him.”

I talked with Myles and Ted before heading back to the room. When I was leaving out the door, Kris saw me and came running in my direction. “Bro, where have you been? We were worried sick about you.”

“I think you saw where I was. Actually, Luke asked for some help so I went with him while I calmed down.”

“Great. So much for a joke…”

“I’ll just say this. Next year, I hope you three don’t expect me…”

“We won’t and we don’t,” Kris said.

I entered our room to see Colt sweeping the room. I looked around to see it very clean. “I’m sorry for what I said. I had no idea you’d blow up like that. It was a joke,” Colt said.

“It’s cool now, but I told Kris not to expect it next year,” I said with Corey coming in the door.

“There you are. I was worried sick about you,” he said and came over. He gave me a long sweet kiss.

“Bro, we went out the door and just freaked when you were gone. You had us worried shitless,” Kris said.

“Yeah, I just knew you’d come right back in,” Corey said. 

“Oh well, it is over with now. I made my point…”

“You damn sure did,” Colt stated.

After things were settled, we sat around to enjoy the night. Corey was messing around on his computer to see that our test results were back. It caused me to run and grab my laptop. Together we opened the email to see we were still healthy young gay men. He continued and saw an email from his friend, Blaine, who had taken the photos of us a few weekends ago. After taking some time to download, we gathered around to view the pictures. The presentation was nicely done and was the reason it took so long to finalize the project. The photos were black and white with very few head shots. It focused on different aspects of our bodies.

“Looks nice and artistic,” Kris commented over my shoulder.

“It does,” Colt said. “You know we look damn good.”

“We really do,” Corey said. “I’m proud of it.”

We continued to the end. At the end were our various photos. I really enjoyed the one of us together. We were smiling and acting rather natural if that was possible. 

I pointed at the picture, “That’s the best one if you ask me.”

“Without a doubt, bro,” Kris said. “Use your expertise to download it. We can hang it in our new place.”

“Knowing Blaine he has a poster size version of it,” Colt said.

“No, this one,” Corey pointed to us posing naked. 

“Yeah, that one for sure,” Colt laughed.

Shortly after we finished, at about ten, Corey got a call. I knew it wasn’t his mom by the laughter and cussing. He covered the phone and asked, “Y’all care if JJ comes this weekend to hang with us?”

“Of course not but I thought that was already settled.  Tell his ass to stay more than one day,” Kris laughed.

Corey returned and was laughing into his phone. He finished and came back to join us. Now we were getting more casual, with nothing on, and were enjoying the night. 

We finished about twelve to call it a night. I came in with Corey smiling on the bed. “Slip on some shorts and follow me.”

“Huh?” I asked.

“Just keep quiet,” Corey said as we found our shorts.

We left quietly. Corey took my hand and led me to the big room. He opened the door and locked it behind us. “I’ve always wanted to get fucked in here.”

I smiled and kissed him with some light coming through the windows. We walked over to a couch and stripped down. The ensuing kissing was as heated as ever with our hands going crazy. He finished off and slid his mouth down my body. He glanced up at me before grabbing my cock. “I’m going to show you how I love this big fucking dick.”

He dropped down and began sucking my hard cock. Just the thought of somewhere different had me hard and excited. The idea that someone would walk by and try the door only for it to be locked from the inside had my adrenaline pumping. Corey was working his mouth and taking as much of my cock as he could handle while cupping my balls, rolling them around on his fingers and pulling on them gently. He stopped at a perfect time and moved up to kiss me. He straddled my face so I could begin worshipping and sucking his thick six and half inch cut cock. My hands were all over him but mostly on his muscular ass, which felt so good against my hands as I kneaded the hot globes. He stopped and kissed me. He walked away and grabbed some lube from his shorts. 

After we were lubed up, Corey slid down on my hard throbbing cock. My head tilted back feeling his ass around my cock and I reached to grab his sides while he moved slowly up and down on me, starting to ride me. 

“OOO yes, this feels so good,” he moaned.

“Babe your ass is so damn hot tonight,” I said.

Corey leaned over and kissed me. It didn’t matter where we were but still the excitement was great for us. He clung to me and whimpered against my neck as he continued fucking himself on my cock. Once he started to get tired I held him in place with him straddling me, his knees supporting his weight and his arms clutching the couch behind my head, as I began slamming my cock up into him. Now our breathing was labored and loud with Corey’s deep moans. 

I slipped out and it was time to change positions. He moved and leaned over the arm of the couch, sticking his ass out as he looked over his shoulder at me with a huge smile on his face. “Fucking drill my ass!”

“Okay,” I said.

I started slow and built up some steam. One problem was the couch was moving each time I pushed hard into his ass. We moved to a chair against the wall and continued. It didn’t take long before I was fucking him hard and my balls were bouncing off his ass. I slapped his ass to hear the sound ring out in the room. I reached around to grab his cock.

“Don’t! I don’t wanna spew my load all over this chair,” Corey said.

“Okay,” I said and moved my hand. I kept fucking his ass and was feeling such pleasure. I loved kissing his back and neck while deep inside of him. I could feel the load boiling up deep inside me. I pulled out and did my best not to cover him with cum. He got on his knees while I fucked my load into his throat. It felt so good since I hadn’t nutted in a few days. 

Corey kissed me with remnants of my hot load on his tongue and lips. I dropped down and soon received a mouth full of his salty cum. We moved back to the couch and made out like crazy in our bliss. 

We made it back to the room without incident, with no one spotting us, and jumped on the air mattress. I covered his lips with mine. “That was hot as hell,” I said.

“I’m glad you liked it. I fucking loved it.”

“Thanks boyfriend. I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Wednesday, was a rather boring day, both in class and in the room. We did go work out but scattered afterwards. I played around on the computer before studying some with the finals about three weeks away. 

Thursday was another game. I sat out to start but got in during the later innings. Our bats went silent while we couldn’t field the easiest of ground balls. I hit one time and flied out to center. We left the field after losing our first game, nine to three.

“Would someone tell me what the fuck happened?” Colt asked loudly. “It’s like we all decided to have a bad game on the same night.”

“Ain’t that the truth?” Alex said.

“Blame me,” Bryson said. “I fucking sucked in every phase.”

“We’re not blaming one person,” Kris spoke up while we were walking back. “We win as a team and lose as a team. It was just one of those nights. I’ll hand it to those guys. They hit the ball every time exactly where we weren’t.”

“And we hit it every time to where they were,” Bryson said.

“One loss won’t kill us,” Kris said and was being so positive.

“Yeah, we just can’t lose again,” Antonio said. “Man, that sucks though.”

“We all did our part. Name me one person that did well,” Joe said.

I pointed to Corey, “He had two nice hits.”

“I did, but for nothing. I’d rather not get two hits and win. Losing fucking sucks,” Corey said.

The walk was sure different. Losing a game did hurt a little, but it was only a game. For someone like me, the thrill came in being a part of something that seemed rather farfetched coming here almost two years ago. It was beginning to sink in what the big attraction to sports was, for it was great fun and the camaraderie of bunch of great guys was incredible. 

Once back, and after we ate, almost everyone got down to the business of studying. I was pretty caught up and again turned to the computer to search what was out there. It was so intriguing and fuelled me to know that one day I could be designing some of the things I was looking at. If one desired, I have to admit the amount of porn was mind boggling to say the least. Also, the attraction was there to try to win stuff I never would win, but it was fun trying like Bryson did when he gambled.

I lay with Corey after we had called it a night. “Corey, are you set on what your major is?”

“I hope so. You know that next year I’m focusing my studies on sports science. Why do you even ask?”

“I was just looking online and was thinking about my major. It is very exciting to me.”

“Mine is to me as well. I’ve found something I love doing and want to make a career out of it. I know it may not pay the best in the world but it will make me very happy.”

I smiled, “That’s all that really matters. We’ll make it together.”

“You bet we will,” Corey said and kissed me.

“Are you excited about JJ coming this weekend?”

“I’m surprised he’s coming, since I just saw him. I guess this weekend is as good as any.”

“You know we’ll have something going to entertain him.”

“Oh yeah, we always do. I think he’s looking forward to just hanging out with all of our friends,” Corey said. “Matt, we really have it made here, which is why I’m staying. Home offers me nothing but trouble. Here, I know Kris will test me…”

“How’s that?” I asked.

“You know… wanting to drink a lot and party all the time,” Corey replied.

I shrugged, “You made that sound like Kris is an alcoholic. I think we do very well in that part. We all could be nothing but drunks, but we’re not.”

Corey chuckled, “We talk a big talk, but you’re so right. Seeing and hearing about others I think we’re pretty average as far as drinking, if not below average. There’s not been one time any of us have binged.”

“I’ll just say this right now. I will be back every second weekend to be with you…”

“I sure hope so. I can already tell I’ll miss you, but I understand your desire to be with your mom one last summer. I would do the same if my mom was a tenth as good as yours.  I just told her that she’d better sober up this summer without me there.  She does fine when I’m there but when I leave, she falls back into the same old shit again.  I want it to stop.”

Corey and I continued to talk until very late in the night. We did fall asleep without having sex, but it was a great night by the way I saw it. We showed lots of love without getting sexual.

We were tired when my alarm went off the next morning. We knew it was Friday so we could sleep a little extra on the weekend. That fact didn’t make it easier on us, for we were both slugging around and were barely out the door in time to make it to our classes.

Friday, I did my normal swim with Jordy and Yancey. It was great to see Jordy and Scott were still friends after their short lived romance. As they were chatting, before we hit the pool, I found out Brad and Jess were coming to visit this weekend. It was even more amazing that the four could be friends after swapping boyfriends. I can’t imagine I’d be the same if say Corey went with Brennan and me with Garrett, but then again they really didn’t get serious. It was more or less a sexual relationship for them, whereas my relationship was more, or I hoped it was.

As I was exiting the Rec Center, Corey found me and stopped me. “JJ is on his way with Teague. I told ‘em to come about seven but they didn’t listen.”

“I didn’t know Teague was coming.”

“That makes two of us, but we have room,” Corey stated. “Would you please show them up to the room for me?”

“I’ll think about it,” I joked.

Scott and I left and headed back over on this very nice day. Scott was excited to have Jess, but having JJ and Teague come threw a wrench in his plans. He wanted Corey and me to go out with them one night, but now he could see that wasn’t going to happen. 

“Scott, you should be proud of the way you and Jordy get along,” I said. “We see how Toni and Bryson are acting now.”

“You know Jordy was more of a friend. I actually believe Jess could be the one for me…”

“So are you admitting you’re gay?”

“Nope. There’s still a little desire to be with girls and that part sucks,” Scott replied. “I’m tired of bouncing around and wanted what you have. Hell, we all do.”

“It is just right for me and for Corey. I was telling Kris that some people are made to be tied down and in a steady relationship and others aren’t.”

“We’re young, but there comes a point where the fucking around loses its appeal, or it has for me. There’s something comforting about knowing there is someone to count on, like you have with Corey. I know you fight and have seen it, but you work your way through it. I just hope Jess is the one, but it won’t be easy even, if he is coming here next year.”

I was barely in my room when Corey called me to say JJ and Teague were in our parking lot. I headed out and found the two getting out of JJ’s truck. JJ’s dark hair had grown out a little while he was sporting some hair on his chin. Teague looked different with his blondish hair cut short and showing a little receding hair line. 

“We’re early, but we didn’t have much else to do,” JJ stated with his bag over his shoulder.

“You’re okay,” I said.

“Yeah, you can tell us all about Corey until he gets here,” Teague said.

“Alright,” I said and led them into the building. 

Both stated how nice the building was, but it should be since it was new. We climbed the stairs and entered our suite. I showed them to our room so they could drop off their bags.

“We’ve got beer in my truck. So is it cool if we bring it up?” JJ asked.

“Yeah, it’s cool. If they ask, just say you’re 21. I doubt anyone will say a word to you since we see it all the time now,” I replied with the two heading to the door. “Just remember to put something in the door or else I’ll have to come down to let you back in.”

They left out the door. I sent Corey a text to let him know his friends had made it. They returned carrying two cases of beer and sat them on the floor. They opened the boxes and took one out a piece. They offered me one but I refused.

We sat and talked about school for a little while before I asked, “So tell me, how was Corey as a little kid?”

“Honestly, I felt sorry for him as a kid. I remember him in elementary school always being in the oldest clothes ever and he was usually pretty dirty,” JJ said.

“Yeah, he was pretty poor and you could tell it. When we got in the sixth or seventh grades we had to tell the dude he needed to take a bath and wear deodorant. He stunk,” Teague said.

“He did, but he got the message. You know he wasn’t a bad athlete at all. For some reason when we got to high school he dropped out of sports…” JJ said.

“He does play basketball here, and softball,” I said.

“That’s awesome. I wish I had a team to play on in college,” Teague said. “I’ve heard all about everyone here. Last weekend he kept bragging on y’all.”

“Give ‘em time and you’ll see,” JJ said. “Where is Kris and ummm?”

“Colt,” I helped him out. “They’re working too. Colt works with the football team while Kris works with Corey at the Rec Center.”

“Teague wait ‘til you see Kris. That fucker is bowed up like Corey,” JJ said. 

“Yeah, Corey did get big in high school, but wow he’s just nothing but muscle now,” Teague said. “Makes my ass look puny.”


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