Posted:  May 20, 2012

Thursday night, after we easily won another game but I was left hitless, we settled into our room with hopes that something would be settled regarding which apartment we’d be renting for possibly the next two years. Earlier that day, we had signed up for our fall semester of our junior year.  There was no way possible for me to get any classes with any of the guys since we were now beginning our quest towards our majors.  Just as we were waiting, Ted came to the door in his shorts, tee and flip flops.

Colt opened it and patted him on the back, “Dude, are you ready to kill some turkeys?”

Ted shook his head, “Colt, I’m sorry but Myles and I can’t. We have a team function over the weekend and have to be there. My heart was set on going.”

“Man that sucks ass,” Colt said.

“Maybe we can next weekend? If nothing else we can go early Saturday. I was really looking forward to it,” Ted said and sounded dejected as ever.

“For sure then,” Colt said with Scott, Bryson and Shawn entering our room.

“What’s up here, or do I have to ask?” Ted asked with the three entering.

“We’re making the final decision tonight for next year,” Shawn replied.

“Well, if it means anything to you, it would be nice to have all y’all with us. Don’t let that be the main factor. Wherever you decide, you know we’ll be there. You can’t run us off that easy, you know,” Ted said. “Colt, tell Chase and Tabor I’m sorry but will see them next weekend.”

“Will do,” Colt said.

Ted waved goodbye and left. 

“I think we know where we are going next semester. Actually it was my first choice,” Bryson said. “They are sweet.”

“Actually, I was thinking more on this side,” Kris said. “Those ones where Noah and Kendall were are nice.”

“Wow, I just knew…” Colt said with the rest coming in.

“You don’t know shit,” Kris laughed.

We talked about the game and laughed at Kris’s attempts to hit another home run. This time it was Garrett that connected for one. He was all smiles when we talked about how we thought the outfielder was going to jump and catch it.

“Alright enough of the b.s., we need to get down to business here. So what’s everyone’s decision?” Kris asked.

“I’d say let’s go with the new ones where Ted is moving,” Shawn replied.

“Dude, you would pick the most expensive ones,” Colt said.

“No, I picked the nicest ones,” Shawn said quickly.

“Bro, I’m in favor of those ones Noah and Kendall stayed in,” Kris said. “They are a little bigger and just as nice.”

“So what’s the deal here?” Bishop asked. “I had assumed since Ted was moving to the new ones we’d be right there with him no questions asked.”

“Yeah,” Brennan said loudly.

“Okay then, we’ll go to where Ted is moving,” Kris said.

“Kris, you really surprised me,” I said. “I just knew Colt and you would be right there.”

Kris cracked a big smile, “We gotcha. Fuck yeah we wanna move there, but we had to mess with y’all. They are the nicest by far to me.”

“Hell yeah we did, plus we didn’t want to influence anyone and wanted to see what y’all wanted to do,” Colt laughed.

“You asshole!” Bryson yelled. “You had me.”

“Now I’d say we’re all in agreement here, who’s rooming with who?” Scott asked.

“It’s obvious us four,” Corey said and pointed to us.

“That’s a fuckin’ given,” Ethan said. 

“Garrett and I will take a room,” Brennan said.

I sat back and looked over them. To me, Scott, Brennan and Garrett would be perfect in a two bedroom. Then it could be Bishop, Alex and Bryson in another with Shawn, Ethan and Cody taking the last. They threw around ideas similar to what I had thought up. Bishop did express his desire for a three bedroom. I spoke up and gave my opinion. They really liked the idea.

“Yeah, throw my ass with the two drunks,” Shawn laughed.

“Bro, you’d be perfect for each other,” Kris joked.

“Fuck you,” Shawn joked. “Yeah, I could go for it since they are both smart as hell.”

“I could, but it has to be a three bedroom too,” Cody said. “My ass is slap tired of sleeping in the same room as Ethan.”

“Back at ya,” Ethan said.

“Sounds good to me,” Scott said. “Oh imagine the hot three ways we can have.”

“Oh great,” Brennan lamented.

“Garrett, can you handle it?” Colt asked.

“I can, but not every night. I do like some nights with Brennan alone,” Garrett said.

“No dude, having Scott with ya and knowing him and Brennan have had a thing,” Shawn said.

“I was joking. I’ve handled it so far,” Garrett said.

We talked for a while longer but no one overstayed their welcome since everyone liked the idea of packing and beginning the move home as we were all going home this weekend, including Ethan and Cody. Corey and I went and started going through our closets. I piled all my winter clothes and found other unneeded items to throw in my car. My only worry as was Corey’s was whether it would fit or not.

As I began to make a trip to my car, I saw Kris sitting and watching TV alone. “Need any help?” he asked.

“I guess, but are you finished already?”

“Nah, I’ve decided to go with Colt after hearing him bitch about Ted and Myles not going with him,” Kris said. “Mom just laughed when I told her my change in plans. I’ll go in a few weeks for Good Friday.”

“Well, I guess I could use some help,” I said.

After packing, Corey and I lay in bed together and talked for a while, with me telling him about my encounter with Kris the night before and then we were making plans for the move, with Corey saying he’d make up his mind this weekend on what he was doing over the summer. Our chatting led to kissing, which led to me making hot love to Corey’s sweet ass. Something about having my long hard cock buried eight inches in his ass made everything in the world but us seem non-existent. Seeing his face and the expression of pleasure was great and drove me to fuck him for as long as I could hold out. Hearing his soft moans and occasional ‘Fuck yeah’ gets me so hot. Feeling his ass around my hard throbbing cock along with his fingers digging in my side while I fucked him was the best. I loved the smell he emitted in the midst of sex, the combo of cologne and his unique manly smell. 

After twenty minutes of pure heaven, Corey groaned loudly and began blasting his thick load over his body. Feeling his ass clamp around my cock was too much and had me filling him up with my load. I stayed inside of him and leaned over for a kiss. It didn’t matter that cum smeared over my body while we kissed loudly and passionately.

“Boy, nothing like a great fuck from my boyfriend before we leave,” Corey stated.

“Nothing like fucking my boyfriend and showing how much I really do love him before we leave,” I said.

“Matt, do we fuck too much?”

“I don’t believe we do. We are lovers and do what comes natural to us.”

“Okay then. I was just checking because we don’t for me either. Ain’t sex the bomb?”

“It is with my boyfriend,” I said and kissed him again.

The next day I hurriedly came back to leave for the drive home. I knew the other three would go later after they finished working this Friday. Driving back gave me lots of time to think. I did think of Dad, but mostly I thought of all that had occurred over the past two years. Some of the other drivers passing me must have thought I was crazy when I was laughing at some of the antics we had pulled off. Thinking back and singing to the radio did make the miles go by much faster.

My car was unpacked when Mom came home. She looked great and maybe had added a few needed pounds. I stood and walked over to greet her with a hug and kiss on cheek.

“It’s always great to see my boy.”

“It’s great to see you too.”

“Matt, I hope you don’t have plans tonight as Vince wants to treat us tonight.”

“I didn’t.”

“Okay then. He said he’d be here at 6 to pick us up. VJ is coming too I think.”

“Alright,” I said. 

Mom sat down for us to catch up a little. I gave her all the details of the apartment we had picked out. 

“So are you and Corey breaking away?” she asked.

“Are you kidding me? Kris and Colt will be right there with us.”

“I see but… you know… how will they handle it?”

I looked at her, “The same way they do now.”

“Oh yeah, I guess they will. I’m really happy for you. I will help you in any way.”

“I know you will, but it won’t be necessary. We’re going to sit down and divide up the expense of the things we need, plus I’m sure Jenny will have extra pots, pans and dishes for us.”

“I have plenty you can have,” Mom said.

“Mom, just how serious are you and Vince getting?”

“I’m afraid way too serious as far as I’m concerned. He was talking about us living together, but I put an end to that. Call me old fashioned, but we will once we are married and not before. Besides he has VJ and I have you.”

“Again Mom, don’t consider me at all. Depending on what Corey does, I may stay at college this summer if he stays and I find a job,” I said and waited for her reaction. I had decided this on the long drive home.

“Do whatever you want. I know how much you love Corey.”

“Yes I do and he loves me.”

“That’s all that matters. I’m really glad you have a very nice boyfriend.”

“You’re not the only one.”

I dressed nicely for the night in jeans and a nice purple Polo shirt that Mom had bought me on a recent shopping trip. I still had my bracelet on from the dance and always had Corey’s ring on. It has never left my hand since the day he slipped it on.  

Finally Vince arrived, with VJ sitting in the car and waiting. It was nice seeing the look in Vince’s eye when he saw Mom. Mom could deny it but she was in love with him from what I saw and how her face glowed when Vince arrived.

I got in the back seat to see VJ sitting against the window. His hair was long and hanging in his face while he was wearing a nice tee and shorts. He nodded in acknowledgement of me but didn’t say a word. Vince was chatty and wanted to hear all about college and what I had been doing. I did tell him about playing softball, which caught Mom’s attention as well. Then he asked about my spring break trip. I didn’t want to give details on the nude beach but Mom thought it was hilarious that I did so.

“You really went?” VJ asked.

“I did.”

“Did you see any hot girls?”

I smiled, “I did, but they were older.”

“Still, I like older women,” VJ said.

“Yeah, he’s got a crush on this senior girl right now,” Vince said driving.

“More than a crush, we’re dating, Dad,” VJ stated.

I whispered, “Is she hot?”

“Oh yeah, she is. Big knockers,” VJ said with a smile.

“Great,” I said.

We made it to the restaurant in short fashion. We entered and had to wait for a table on a busy Friday night. 

VJ and I sat off to the side while Mom and Vince waited. “So how are the parties at college?”

“I don’t go since we have them in our room most weekends.”

“Why not?”

“Oh, I had a little incident last semester, plus we party enough.”

“Do you ever get really wasted?”

I looked around, “VJ, I have, but it is very rare. If you think college is just for parties, you’re going for the wrong reason.”

“I know that, but they have to be better than the lame high school parties here.”

“They are, but I enjoy all the other things. I just hope you make as many friends as I have.”

“I do too. Are all your friends gay?”

“I have a few but most are not.”

“Wow! That’s really f’ed up,” VJ said.

We were called to our table before I could respond. We sat and looked over the menu before ordering. Everything sounded so good after being at college. I really shouldn’t rag on the food that much since it really wasn’t all that bad when I think about it.  

After eating, we went back to my house. I sat around with Mom, Vince and VJ before they left early. Just as I got into my room Corey called to report he’d made it safely to his house. We talked for a few moments before I let him go with JJ and Teague wanting to go out with him.

Waking after a nice night of sleep, I showered and headed out to the smell of breakfast cooking. Mom loved cooking and it showed. She had fixed strawberry pancakes with bacon and toast. It was great as always.

She cleaned up with extra bacon left. I think she thought I would eat more than four slices. 

“Matt, do you know when your money is coming in?”

“I don’t know, but it should be any time.”

“Don’t go blow it the first week…”

“Mom, do I look that damn crazy?” I asked.

“No, but I know when people who don’t have much get some…”

“Please! I have plans for that money! It will make it to where you won’t have to send me a dime. We talked about this before but I don’t guess you believe me.”

“Oh Matt, I just worry,” she said and put her hand on my arm. “I worry every day about you.”

“I know you do, which I appreciate. Worrying about whether I’m going to blow that money should be the least of your worries.”

“You talked about the apartment.”

“I have, but I’m pretty sure my scholarship will cover a majority of it. Mom, so you know I am going with Corey somewhere nice this summer and will enjoy just a little of it.”

“I am sorry and can see how upset I’m making you. It is just the mother in me wanting her handsome son to have the best in the world.”

“I really saw the inheritance as a way that would lessen the burden on you more than anything. That’s all I’ve ever thought of it. Yeah, it will be nice knowing I have a little extra but I’ve managed great so far. I told Corey if the money changes me I was giving it all to you,” I said.

“More and more I can see how in love you are with Corey.”

“He’s my life, Mom.”

“I hope you’re not heading for the biggest heartbreak in history.”

“You’re not the only one. I would make it, though, with all the awesome friends I have. Mom, they are the best.”

Mom smiled, “I saw it when Larry passed away. You’re so lucky.”

“I am very lucky.”

After we talked just a little while longer, I called around to see which of my old high school friends were at home for the weekend. Tanner was the only one around and was very nice in asking me if I wanted to come over and hang with him and one of his college friends later that night. I agreed since I knew Mom didn’t have plans for me. She and Vince were going out somewhere that night but she wasn’t specific in the details.

That night after Mom left with Vince, I headed over earlier than Tanner requested. Tanner was out back messing with a car when I arrived. 

“Matt, you’re looking great as ever,” Tanner said wiping his greasy hands on a towel.

“Thank you. Hope you don’t mind but there wasn’t much happening at home.”

“You’re welcome any time you want. So tell me what’s been going on. I know you and Kris are living the good life.”

“Well… we have most of the time,” I said.

“Yeah, I forgot about your dad passing away. Sorry to hear that,” Tanner stated.

“It’s fine,” I said and went on to tell our story. Just as I was about finished Tanner’s friend, Jason, drove up in his truck. He knew where to find Tanner and came walking in to the garage. He had short, dark hair with bushy sideburns and earrings in each ear. Other than that, he seemed to be a rather normal looking college guy. Tanner introduced us but the name was the same as my frat boy. 

We agreed to head out and see what was up around our town. It left Jason and me alone. 

“How’s school going for you?” he asked.

“I have no complaints at all,” I replied.

“I sure do. It sucks big time. Nothing ever happens at our school, but when it does, they are there to shut us down,” Jason said.

“It must suck big time then. We have the best time,” I stated.

“I guess you’re in a frat then,” he said.

I chuckled, “Not hardly. I have no use for a frat.”

“I see, so what do you do to have a good time?”

“Well, there are about 15 of us that live on the same hall together and are really good friends. Our RA is pretty cool and turns a blind eye to about everything we’ve done.”

Finally Tanner came back and was dressed to head out. “Matt, how’s Corey doing?”

“He’s great and went home this weekend,” I replied.

“Who’s Corey?” Jason asked.

“My boyfriend,” I replied.

The expression on Jason’s face was one of utter shock. “Are you a fag?”

“Nope, I am gay though,” I replied.

“Jason, it’s cool. Damn, don’t make a big fucking deal over it. Matt’s cool and one of my good friends,” Tanner said.

“We’ll see. I’m hanging with a gay guy…? Fuck!”

“There’s another alternative,” Tanner said.

“Alright, I’ll see how it goes, but still,” Jason said. “This will be a first for me for damn sure.”

“Just forget about it like I do,” Tanner said.

We headed out to see what was going on around town after Tanner washed up. We grabbed something to eat with Jason still unsure about me being there. I acted like I normally did with Tanner and didn’t care now what Jason thought.  

As we were leaving, Jason spoke, “Matt, tell me how you are so cut up.”

“How can you tell?” Tanner asked.

“For one, I can tell by his arms and that tight shirt he’s wearing,” Jason chuckled.

I smiled, “It’s a habit now. I have guys that go every day, plus I do enjoy it now.”

“Damn, I would go to the gym but there are millions of other things I do and no one else is that interested in going,” Jason stated.

“You need to get to know Kris. The dude is bowed up but he doesn’t flaunt it, or at least he don’t to me. Knowing Kris, he’s on everyone’s ass to go,” Tanner said getting in the car.

I laughed, “He’s not as bad as he used to be since now he doesn’t ask. We just go.”

“Man, you should have seen Matt in high school. He was nothing but skin and bones.”

“I admire that then, for it does take a lot of hard work and damn hard work at that,” Jason said. “Tanner, we need to hit the gym again starting next week.”

“Yeah right…” Tanner laughed as we drove away.

With nothing much to do, we ended back up at Tanner’s and headed out to his garage. It was his man cave. He pulled a few beers out of the fridge and handed them to us. 

“Matt, tell us about going to the nude beach,” Tanner said. “I know you have stories to tell.”

“I do, but damn Kris loved every second of it,” I said.

“The bowed up one liked showing off his body huh?” Jason asked.

“You better believe he does,” Tanner laughed in reply.

I started to tell stories from what I could remember. I did get some good laughs, especially telling the part about seeing my accounting professor there. That part had Jason and Tanner in stitches while I told them about trying to concentrate in class with flashbacks. They did tell a few tales about their college life. It sounded so different than mine in that there usually was only three or four involved at a time. 

As I was leaving about 11, Jason stood with his hand extended, “Tanner was right. You’re a cool dude. I loved hanging with you. Thanks!”

“I enjoyed it too and it was nice meeting ya,” I said and shook his hand.

“Stay kicking, dude,” Jason said while I walked out.

Tanner was behind me. “I just knew Jason was going to flip out when he heard you were gay. Sorry about that.”

“It worked out okay.”

“It did work out just fine. Tell all the guys I said hello.”

“Will do. If you see Brady and those guys tell them I’m sorry I missed them.”

“I will if I ever see their sorry asses again.”

I headed home after only one beer and called Corey to see how his night was going. All I got was his voice mail so his night was probably going well. 

The next day it was time to head back. I stayed around with Mom as long as I could. As I was driving along, I noticed blue lights in my rear view mirror. I had been speeding and must have not seen him. I thought maybe I was going to get a warning until he handed me a ticket for doing 83 on the highway. Normally I put the cruise on but this time I wasn’t paying attention. 

Back at college, I parked and unloaded with a few goodies Mom had made before I left. I told her she didn’t have to but she insisted on baking and not having me return empty handed.

I opened the door with the three kicked back. “I brought goodies, plus I got a nice present on the way back too.”


“A fucking speeding ticket,” I replied and showed it to them.

“Bro, how funny!” Kris said. “Here you are always on my ass but you got one.”

“I did and it sucks. These things are expensive, too,” I said.

After unloading, I came back out and was ready to hear the stories they had made up about their weekends. While listening and telling what I had done, I could feel a headache coming on. As the night progressed the headache began to take me over. I tried downing some Tylenol but those didn’t seem to help matters.

At eleven or so, my night was finished. I headed to my bedroom and got ready to sleep off the nasty headache. Corey came in and kissed me after he got in bed.

“Your head still hurting, huh?”

“It is.”

He leaned over and kissed my forehead. He brought his hands up and began to massage my temples that were throbbing. He turned me over and began to use his strong hands on my neck and shoulder. Now his strong hands had relaxed, plus the sleep medicine in the pills was beginning to take hold. I woke about 2 to find Corey still holding me. I kissed his cheek and rolled back over to continue my night.

Monday, I was refreshed and glad to find my headache was gone. I still had the speeding ticket to take care of though. Corey woke with my phone alarm and stretched. 

“How are you feeling this morning?”

“Great, thanks to you,” I said and kissed his lips.

“You zonked out on me while I was rubbing your back…”

“You were that good,” I said.

While leaving the dorm, I heard Toni’s voice calling me. I stopped with Corey and waited for her to catch up.

“How’s it going?” I asked her.

“Better now,” Toni replied. “Matt, I hate to say this but I’m so glad it’s over between me and Bryson. I really hung in there as long as I could.”

“Well, there will be others,” Corey said.

“I hope ones that aren’t as disrespectful to me as Bryson. I hate to bash on old boyfriends, but he was at the end. There were many nights where what I wanted to do were the least of his concerns. He thought I was there to serve him and do what he said,” Toni stated as we walked. “I did think I loved him but I wonder if he loved me.”

“There’s no telling, but you will move forward and onward. You have so much to offer…”

“Other than what’s between my legs, too,” Toni laughed. “Is that all guys think about now days?”

Corey looked at me, “I damn sure don’t.”

Toni laughed and caught his humor. “I meant straight ones.”

“Gay ones think about what’s between a guy’s legs more than you’d ever imagine,” I laughed. “I know I do.”

“At least you’re honest,” Toni said.


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