Posted:  5/17/12

With Corey gone to work I was sitting at my desk on my laptop organizing my class
work. While looking over the schedule for the last 4 weeks of class, it hit me
how fast time flies. In a way I wish I could stop time and just enjoy every
second of college life, but I also looked forward to the future. To me, the
future seemed both happy and sad. It would be happy for I knew Corey and I would
be together, but sad because I knew all my friends here at college would scatter
after graduation.

The door opened and caught my attention. Kris came in with a smile and nothing
else. He grabbed Corey’s desk chair and rolled it over. “How’s my buddy doing?”

“Great this morning, and you?”

“Pretty good,” Kris replied. “Colt and I were chatting last night. We really need
a solid plan for next year one way or the other as far as where we’re living.”

“We do. Honestly it doesn’t matter to me.”

“Me either, but I think getting apartments would be tight…”

“We both know the pros and cons to that,” I stated.

“We do, but I was thinking of coming here this summer,” Kris said.

“Really?” I asked in amazement.

“I can work at the Rec Center like I have been and I know Corey has been thinking
about it as well.”

“He’s torn about that with the way things have turned out back home with JJ and
Teague, but his mom could be the deciding factor,” I said.

“Before we settle on anything, what about your scholarship?” he asked.

“That’s not a worry now,” I said. “Dad left me enough to make it through my last
two years here.”

“I know that but why spend it if you don’t have to?”

“I might want to. Either way is fine with me.  This year I’m a non-factor in the
decision, unlike last year.”

“I don’t think anyone wants half of us here and half us not. We all have to make
sure we have our parent’s approval and agree to go along with it as a group. If
someone is hard headed and wants to go their separate ways, like Kendall and Noah
did last year, we can’t stop them. I think they were an example of what could
happen say if one or two of us ventures away.”

“We do know for a fact Ted and Myles are leaving.”

“I know, but they can survive without us. I know I can’t survive without you.”

“I can’t survive without you either, Kris, no matter how much I love Corey. You
make this entire experience one great thing.”

“Ah bro, you’d make it way better than I would,” Kris said. “Oh, and another
thing, I was thinking of going home next week.”

“Wow, won’t they be surprised?” I laughed.

“I know, but I figured with Colt going hunting with Ted and Myles it would be a
nice time to see what Walt and Jenny look like again.”

“I bet you’ll still recognize them.”

“I don’t know,” Kris laughed and slapped me on the bare shoulder. “Now let’s get
the others up and go grab something to eat. I’m hungry.”

With just us, along with Chase and Tabor, we found something decent to eat rather
than boring fast food. The commitment shown by the two was amazing and they kept
stating how they were striving to be fit like us. By the looks of them, they were
achieving those goals. 

Back at the suite, the two packed up and left early. Colt did ask why but both
stated they had things to do back home, plus there was the fact Colt was going
home. After they were gone, we gathered the ones willing to work out and found
quite a few. Kris showed us different things he’d picked up to further our
workouts. The biggest surprise was my bench, which was the most ever, matching
Shawn’s bench record. 

We threw around the ball out in the big open area near our rooms with the day not
being quite as warm as before. It was great with us chatting while the ball was
being thrown back and forth. Poor Scott had to endure my poor throws and got more
of a workout than at the Rec Center. Everyone was helpful and eager to give me

As we were leaving, Kris yelled to our group, “Meeting in our room tonight to
discuss pressing issues.”

“Like what?” Bishop asked.

“Where our asses are staying next year,” Colt replied.

“Yeah, we do need to firm things up there,” Bishop said.

Walking back, Cody stopped Kris, Colt and I. “We hate to barge in, but we would
love to be at least at the same complex wherever y’all decide to move.”

“You’re more than welcome,” Kris stated with his shirt over his shoulder and his
shades on.

“Thanks. We know it’ll be kick ass next year,” Ethan stated.

Corey came in a little later than I was expecting. He liked the sound of us
meeting and was ready to have this issue settled. 

Once we finished eating on campus, we gathered in our suite to get down to
business. Just about everyone was there except Bryson.  

“First off, did anyone get a big hell no from your parents when you brought up
the idea?” Kris asked and was front and center.

“My folks were gone, but I’m pretty sure they’ll go along with it,” Garrett

“Mine too, but I’ve talked with them and they are good with whatever,” Scott

“Just so we know… Matt, is your scholarship going to hold you back like it did
last year? Not that it hasn’t worked out it’s just so we all know,” Alex asked.

“Matt’s rolling now,” Kris said.

I rolled my eyes, “I’ll work it out to what everyone else decides.”

There was a knock at the door. Colt, who was the closest, opened it to find Ted,
Myles and Luke standing there.

“So what are we missing here?” Myles asked.

“We were about to talk about the room situation for next year,” Corey replied.

“I guess we’re out of here then,” Ted said.

“No… hold on. Have y’all found a place yet?” Kris asked.

“Matter of fact we did today. Has anyone seen those new ones that are just about
finished over on the other side of campus?” Ted asked.

“Bro, I don’t know,” Kris replied.

“We saw them today going to eat, or at least I did,” Colt said to Kris. “I bet
they’re fucking expensive, though.”

“For a three bedroom, they’re asking twelve hundred a month,” Myles replied.

“Count me out then,” Colt said.

“Dude, it is only four hundred a month for three sharing, maybe three hundred a
month for you if Matt and Corey share a room,” Brennan stated with Ted, Myles and
Luke finding a spot on the floor to sit.

“You are talking to Colt here. Mister Tight Wad,” Kris joked.

“Colt, we’re paying more than that to stay here if you figure everything in. I
know we would have to buy food, but we do some of the time as it is,” Scott
stated. “If worse comes to worse we can get four to six in a three bedroom if
they have enough bathrooms.”

“The one we looked at had two and half and was pretty sweet,” Luke chimed in. 

“Before we get too far ahead of ourselves here, we haven’t actually said we’re
moving off campus,” I stated.

“Let’s take a vote,” Bishop said. 

“Everyone is in total agreement that majority rules,” Kris said and looked around
the room. 

“I’ll grab some paper so it can be private rather than a show of hands,” I said
and left. I came back and passed out sheets and pens to get everyone’s vote of
‘stay’ or ‘away’. 

Kris gathered the votes and started counting. “Hmmm… it is pretty damn tight and
closer than I thought, but away wins by four votes.”

I didn’t vote and didn’t care either way. 

“So it looks like we’re moving off campus,” Cody stated.

“Yep, it does,” Colt said. 

We got the full details of the complex where Ted was moving. We agreed we’d check
it out and see what was offered, along with viewing others in the area. We knew
it wouldn’t kill us moving to different complex until Ted emphasized he’d really
like for us to move close to him since he enjoyed this past year with us.

A few left to do homework and such while I gathered up laundry, which was pretty
massive. Corey and I did laundry while the others stayed back. 

“I guess we’re moving,” Corey said with a smile.

“I guess we are.”

“Actually it could sway my decision for the summer. Now I’ll have a place to live
for the summer. Just tell me it will be us every night though.”

“I thought it would be this semester, but things happened.  We’ve made it okay.”

“We have, but I’m ready to sleep next to you every night,” Corey said. 

I smiled and kissed his lips. “I’m ready too. Having Kris and Colt there is a
given. You’ll admit you are close to Colt.”

“I am, but not like you and Kris. No matter how hard I’d try I know I can never
get there. I see it when you two are together. There’s that friendship above all

“I hope you aren’t feeling left out.”

“I’m not at all, just stating the facts.”

“Corey, I hope you see when we’re together nothing but love,” I said.

“Now, that I do. Not only do I see it but I feel it as well. Something about
knowing how loved I am makes me feel so damn good.”

“Don’t it? I feel your love as well,” I said.

We finished up and hauled the laundry back to the room. We opened the door to
find Kris with Megan and Colt with Andrea. They were naked and sitting around on
the couches. The girls weren’t the least bit embarrassed with Corey and me
walking in. 

“You two need to keep them around,” Megan stated.

“We plan on it for as long as we can,” Colt said.

“Bro, are you pumped as we are about moving to apartments?” Kris asked.

“I am,” Corey said.

“I will be when we find a place,” I replied.

“We will find somewhere sweet, right Colt?” Kris said.

“We’ll just see how much sweetness cost,” Colt replied.

“I guess we’ll leave y’all alone,” Corey said.

“You’re welcome to join us,” Kris said.

“We’re good,” I said. We carried our stuff into our room. Yes, I did their
laundry as well and left their clothes in their room. After we did some studying
in preparation for the upcoming day and week, we got into bed for what promised
to be an extended period of loving since it was just after ten.

Waking up on Monday, I was still spooning with Corey. I wasn’t sure but I may
have gone to sleep with his cock inside of me. I rolled over and kissed his lips
to wake him up. His blue eyes opened and he grabbed me.

“Nothing better than you and I like last night,” Corey stated.

“I know, but I’m sore,” I said.

“You wanted me to fuck you hard,” Corey laughed.

I laughed as well, “I did, didn’t I? Oh well, it felt so fucking good. I’d go let
you do that over and over.”

“You were zapped,” Corey said and leaned over to kiss me. We made it showering
and dressing before leaving the room. We did see Kris and Megan occupying the
sofa bed and were awake when we left. 

While walking to our classes, I reminded Corey that we needed testing again for
our own sake. He agreed one hundred percent and said it was a fact of being gay
and sexually active.

After class here on Monday, Scott, Shawn and Alex were waiting for me once I was
back at the dorm. I figured they wanted to go to the Rec Center even though they
weren’t dressed for it.

“We’re going apartment hunting,” Shawn said. “My mom is all for it since she
knows how much I enjoy it here.”

“Dude, you like it better now that your ass is getting laid,” Alex joked.

Shawn smiled, “Yeah, that too. Damn I didn’t know I missed pussy so much.”

We laughed. I put my things away before we headed out to see what was available.
In the car, with Scott driving, he said, “You didn’t hear from me but Toni and
Bryson are history.”

“I was wondering when it was going to happen,” I said.

“Bryson has been in a pissy mood since Toni dropped the hammer,” Shawn said.

“I’ll tell ya what the problem is, there’s no give and take. Bryson is all take
and really expects too much out of her. Matt can tell ya if shit ain’t
fifty/fifty, it don’t work,” Alex said.

“True,” I said.

We arrived at the first place. It was where Ted said he was going. It was across
campus and opposite of where we were currently housed. At first sight, there was
some construction going on. We entered the office and were greeted by a nice
middle-aged lady. She handed us brochures for us to look at before offering to
show us a model two bedroom. We followed her the short distance and entered. At
first glance, it did appear rather roomy in the living area, which was a must for
Kris. The kitchen was well done but nothing gourmet. We viewed the bedrooms to
see they were decent size with nice big walk in closets. She did state the
complex was designed with college students in mind. Next we asked to see a three
bedroom to see the difference. Other than an added bedroom and bathroom, there
wasn’t much difference. Before leaving, we got the prices, which were as Ted
stated for a three bedroom, with the others lower naturally. 

Leaving the office, Shawn said, “I’m sold on what I saw. You heard her say there
would be a pool and weight room.”

“Before we decide, let’s see what else is out there. I’ll admit it was very nice,
but it should be since it is new,” I said.

“So what are the arrangements gonna be?” Alex asked. “I know the obvious, but
other than that how’s this gonna work.”

“I don’t know, but we’ll work something out,” Scott said.

We did see two other very nice complexes, with one being on our side of campus
and just about as nice, along with being a hundred dollars cheaper across the
board. It did give us things to ponder and discuss since all three stated they
could accommodate our wishes.

When we returned to campus, my head was cluttered with ideas. Each place had
their upside and would make a nice place for us to finish our education, along
with providing Corey a place for the summer if he so decided. To clear our head
with a few waiting, we went to release some steam. We teased Kris for a second
with little details but he was busy helping out a few big guys with their

“Hmmm… Kris takes this shit serious,” Shawn stated while we settled down to do
our work in our shorts and ragged tees. 

“Yeah, he really does, but you can see how much he loves it,” Ethan said and had
been a regular with us lately, as had Cody and Kwan.

“Actually Kris should. They are paying,” Alex said.

We worked hard and built up a nice sweat. It was great and did clear my head and
relieve some stress after class. Also, my progress was evident with nice bulging
veins running through my arms and muscles I never dreamed would occur. 

Back at the room, with most of them in mine, Bryson came to the door. “I’m ready
to re-join everyone.”

“You never left,” Garrett said. “I did last semester.”

“Now what’s the talk about getting out of here? Get my ass away from that fucking
thing here,” Bryson stated.

“Bryson, Toni is not that bad. It goes both ways. Imagine what she’s saying about
you,” Alex stated.

“Fuck it if she is,” Bryson said shaking his head with a chin strap beard that he
could grow overnight it seemed.

“We are moving. So are you with us?” Scott asked.

“I told you last night I was and still am,” Bryson said and walked to our fridge.
He reached in and grabbed a beer. 

“How rude!” Shawn yelled.

“Matt, do you care?” Bryson asked and opened the top.

“No, not asking if I wanted one,” Shawn laughed.

“I forgot you fucking alkie,” Bryson joked.

“Better than being a gambling addict,” Shawn shot back.

“For that, your ass is getting up,” Bryson said with a smile and continued to
walk to find a seat.

We did go eat and returned to wait to tell Kris, Colt and Corey. Colt was first
to arrive and was earlier than usual thanks to spring ball being complete. He was
anxious to hear what we found but rather than repeat it, we decided to wait.

Kris and Corey came in a little later than usual. “Bros, we were slammed today. I
don’t know what it was.”

“Me either, but the place was crawling with people,” Corey said.

“So what did you find out?” Kris asked and sat in front of the TV while Corey
stood behind me.

We gave them the full run down of the three we saw. We talked openly about each
one with brochures to show what they offered. 

“I don’t see any sense in deciding tonight,” Kris said. “Let’s keep looking, but
those three did sound great.”

“And expensive,” Colt said.

We groaned collectively at his statement and razzed him a little about being
tight. Other than Bishop, none of us were that well off, so getting the best
value was important but not the main deciding factor.

About 11 or so, we scattered. Kris and Colt left to work on a paper due at the
end of the week. Corey and I sat together and did get in a little lip time since
we hadn’t with the crowd around.

“What’s your choice?” Corey asked.

“The new ones where Ted is are nice, but I’m not sure about the location. If they
were on this side, there wouldn’t be much discussion. One complex we did see that
was maybe 10 years old was nice and would fit our needs. All we really need is a
few places close together with big living areas and nice bedrooms.”

“To me, anywhere will be nice. You decide for us if it comes to a vote,” Corey

We watched TV cuddled together until Kris came out to announce he was going to
bed. It signalled the end of our night. I headed off to sleep with Kris after a
long kiss from Corey. 

“Bro, I trust your judgment over anyone else’s. So what’s your choice?” Kris
asked with his hands behind his head and his body laid out.

“I was just telling Corey they could all suit our needs,” I said.

“It would be sweet to move in to the new ones,” Kris said.

“They are nice, but not very convenient,” I said. “We would have to load up and
drive to the Rec Center.”

“We did our freshman year,” Kris stated. “Is it close enough to walk to campus?”

“It is if you don’t mind walking a few blocks.”

“Hell, we do now. I really would like a place where we could walk or maybe bike
to campus rather than driving and finding a place to park.”

“I’d say convenience is a must. It does narrow our focus,” I said.

We talked more about the apartments before discussing going home. He and I saw it
as an opportunity to start to move our things back home as we did last year. I
knew all my winter clothes and a few items could be taken back and not missed.
While talking, I couldn’t help but notice Kris’s eyes continued to look at my
soft cock. 

I concluded and was about to fall asleep, “I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Okay but… is there any way we maybe could jack each other off or some shit? My
ass is fucking horny tonight for some odd reason.”

“I guess we could,” I said.

Kris smiled and ran his hand down my chest and stomach. “Matt, you’ve really
become one fucking hot guy. Corey doesn’t know how lucky he really is.”

“Thank you. I think Megan is just as lucky,” I said feeling Kris’s hand now
taking my cock. I reached over and grabbed his too.

“I don’t how Corey takes this long son of a bitch all the time,” Kris said and
was slowly stroking my cock while it rose to the max.

“With love, patience and lots of lube,” I said and began running my hand up and
down his hard cock.

We lay close and stroking each other. Kris was looking at me and then watching
his hand move up and down my cock. He leaned in and went straight for it. His
mouth covered the head with his tongue massaging the underneath. It did feel
great while I tried to keep jacking his hard cock. 

He stopped and kissed me, “Just a little taste was all I needed.”

I smiled at him with us now continuing to stroke. After a few minutes, I saw his
body tense up. He let out a low groan and began thrusting his hips with cum
flying out. A nice long shot hit between the deep crevices of his pecs. I
followed and shot my load over up and down my abs. We lay there to enjoy the
moment and feeling before Kris found a wet cloth to clean our cummy mess. 

“Felt damn good if you ask me,” Kris stated.

“It really did,” I said before rolling away from him for sleep.

Tuesday, after our classes, I waited on Corey near the Student Center to journey
a short way to be tested. Still it was nerve wrecking to do so in fear of the
worst. After the tests were complete, there was a sense of relief with high hopes
of nothing. Returning to our room, we found it empty and assumed Kris and Colt
had gone to look at the apartments. 

That night was our next softball game. I was in the starting line-up and batting
second, with Kris and Bryson’s strategy to stagger the weaker hitters with a
record nineteen showing up to play. After an easy top of the first, I waited on
deck and watched Bryson fly out to left. Thankfully I was alert and just missed
his flying bat, which did come with a warning from the umpire. My first swing was
the weakest thing ever and barely made contact. The ball landed foul just out of
the reach of the first baseman. I could hear the encouragement from the guys. The
next pitch was over my head and I let it go. With the next pitch on its way, I
swung hard and hit a hard ball right at the third baseman. I put my head down and
ran to first. Approaching first I could hear the yells and saw Corey waving me on
to second base. Rounding the base, I did look to see the left fielder getting the
ball near the fence and throwing it in while I cruised into second base. I stood
on the base and was proud. Corey threw a fist in the air with Kris coming to bat.
The first pitch Kris launched a ball that landed a good fifteen feet beyond the
left field chain link fence. I ran home in a sprint and waited for Kris as the
guys emptied the dugout to congratulate him.

“Hey, I couldn’t let Matt show me up,” Kris joked and had the widest smile on his
chiselled face.

The first to pat me on the back was Antonio. He said, “Keep proving what a
dumbass I am.”

“I got lucky,” I said before the others came to greet me. It was a great feeling
to know I wasn’t an automatic out like I and the most of the others thought. 

My next at-bat didn’t go so well but I did hit the ball hard at the shortstop.
Even with solid contact to the shortstop, I was able to be proud. 

I came out to start the fourth inning with Jeff taking my spot and others
entering the game. We hung on and won the game twelve to nine thanks to some nice
plays by Alex in right field.

We gathered in our room after the game and showering. It would be our core group
that was moving out together. Most arrived in their shorts, with very few shirts
being worn, which was nice for me. Kris and the others discussed what they had
seen, including one building more that fit our needs. We really had a tough
decision in front of us. 

“Let’s vote again,” Shawn stated after our long discussion.

“Bro, why don’t we all take a step back and assess things? Making a quick
decision could be a major mistake,” Kris said.

“If you ask me, the more choices just makes it that much tougher,” Brennan said.
“I could go for any of them.”

“Let’s be honest here for a sec. Is price a big issue for anyone?” Kris asked.

“The cheaper the better,” Garrett replied. We agreed on that, but no one really
just said we were way over expectations or what we could afford since we were
talking pretty close to what we were paying now. 

“Before we all go home this weekend, I think we should have a place in mind and
sign up when we return. It’ll give us all weekend to sweet talk our parents,”
Kris said. “So Thursday after we kick some ass again, I’d say we settle on where
we are staying next year.”

“And tomorrow we can sign up for classes,” Scott said.


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