Posted:  5/13/12

It was rough sleeping that night after having sex with Corey. It wasn’t because he was holding me too tight or the room was too hot or cold, but because Brennan was snoring like a freight train. Even Corey noticed and woke in the middle of the night to comment. The only bright spot with that was additional lip time with him. I suppose I did fall back asleep but the next morning I felt like I hadn’t slept. 

Corey and I were just lying together when Brennan finally woke.

“My mouth is so dry,” Brennan said and stretched out his nice body. He was sporting nice morning wood. 

“You snored all damn night,” Corey stated.

“I did?” Brennan asked. “I’m sorry.”

“You do every night, but I’m used to it,” Garrett said. I wasn’t aware he was up.

Brennan left, naked with his nice uncut cock swinging between his legs, while the three of us were lying around. 

“Thanks for last night. I appreciate it,” Garrett said, exposing his nice big cock that lay so beautifully between his long legs.

“No problem,” Corey stated.

“Garrett, when’s your court date?” I asked.

“Ummm… I pleaded guilty already and got probation for a year,” Garrett replied. “I just wanted that nightmare over and done with.”

“I bet,” Corey said. He turned, looked at the time and said to me, “Hey, I told Blaine we’d be there at 11.”

“Okay then, we better get Colt and Kris stirring,” I said.

Brennan came back in the room with a smile, “I forgot Megan had stayed with Kris.”

“Don’t worry. She’s seen us,” I said. 

“And I saw her. Kris did well,” Brennan commented.

We laughed at his comment. They dressed and made a fairly quick exit knowing we had to leave. I went to find Colt and Andrea awake as well and just enjoying the morning. It was sweet to see the two just being together with Colt holding her. Kris barged in with Colt getting out of bed. He kissed Andrea goodbye before they both started dressing.

Heading out, Corey had directions to Blaine’s place. Blaine was an acquaintance of Corey’s who had asked a while back if we would be interested in this project.  We got in Corey’s ride and started heading in that direction. “So, what do we know about this guy?” Kris asked from the backseat.

“Actually, not much,” Corey replied. “He does stop and talk to me some…”

“Matt, you better watch him today,” Colt said.

“I might just have to,” I said in jest.

“Well, I do know he is gay and not the most masculine guy, but he is very nice. He was telling me this week how he wanted great shots for his project,” Corey said driving.

We chatted while Corey did his best job to find the place. It was a small duplex among a few others. We headed to the door and knocked. Blaine answered in his jeans and tee with three necklaces and a lot of bracelets. His dark hair was in his face and he pushed it out of the way. I looked around to see he was ready with dark sheets draping the room and only a chair and sofa in the room.

“So how are we doing this, bro?” Kris asked.

“Umm… since this is called The Male Body, I would first like just shots of you guys separately and together fully dressed. We can progress from there,” Blaine said in his high tone.

He directed us in front of the draping and individually took multiple photos of us. Corey said coming over it would take about an hour, but I could see he could be mistaken. 

After taking shots with serious faces, we stripped off our shirts. 

“Wow, what a nice collection of bodies we have here,” Blaine said. “How about the boyfriends pose together?”

“For your info, Kris and I aren’t boyfriends,” Colt said.

“Just occasional lovers,” Kris laughed. 

“Hmmm… even better. Straight boys that like to play,” Blaine said.

I rolled my eyes and watched Kris and Colt posed side by side, putting their arms around each other in various different poses, from the casual to the somewhat provocative, without ever making it look like they were any kind of couple. Kris was such a natural and followed Blaine’s every instruction. Colt didn’t seem to be into as much and just did as he was told. Next was time for Corey and me to pose. It did feel pretty natural for me, whereas Corey seemed tense. I kissed his cheek and told him to relax. It did seem to help as he became more relaxed in my arms, especially when my slid my fingers into the back of his pants. 

“Now down to your underwear,” Blaine instructed holding his very nice camera that looked very expensive.

“One problem bro, I’m commando,” Kris said.

“I have many pairs you are welcome to try on,” Blaine said.

“Bro, I couldn’t fit in one pair of yours,” Kris said.

“Let me do it and then you can borrow mine,” Colt said now down to his tight boxers, whereas I had on some low rise briefs and Corey had on trunks.

Blaine chose me first. He moved me into position. He stood back and looked into his camera. He moved towards. “Damn what a cock,” Blaine said and adjusted my cock in my briefs. I stood there and saw Kris and Colt grinning from ear to ear. After a few shots, where I tried to act natural but just felt uncomfortable and exposed, I was ready for this part to be over with.

Corey was next and was also visibly uncomfortable. I tried smiling at time to make him relax but he just looked so tense and his back was quite rigid. To me he still looked amazing, with all his muscles on show, different ones standing out more with different poses he did, but he too was glad when it was over, whispering to me that it felt so different to the calendar shoot.

When Colt stepped up he was just as he was in the picture with Kris in that he didn’t seem to care much for the posing but just followed instructions, which created some pretty nice shots, or at least they would have been if I had my camera with me. I kind of wished I had brought it because Colt’s body had never looked hotter, with his tan from Spring Break completing the picture, but I could see on his face that he too was just waiting for the whole thing to be over.

As soon as Colt was done he stripped off his boxers and threw them to Kris, who quickly stripped down and pulled the boxers over his big thighs. He was a total natural and with how good he looked I wondered why he had never considered being a model because he would have been in his element. The way he smiled for the camera, flexed his muscles and assumed poses without Blaine even having to direct him was something to watch, and from the look on Blaine’s face he certainly appreciated working with Kris.

When Kris finished up it was time to bear it all. I swear Blaine had a tent in his jeans when he first saw the four of us naked.

“Amazing… purely amazing,” Blaine commented.

“Can we pose together?” Kris asked.

“I don’t see why not,” Blaine replied and moved his hand to adjust his jeans.    

We lined up with me sandwiched between Corey and Kris with Colt on the other side of Kris. We had our arms down to the side and looking serious. Then Kris slung his arm around me while I put my arm around Corey. Finally I put my arms around Kris and Corey’s waists while they put theirs around my shoulder, which was the most comfortable I felt all shoot. “Much better,” Kris said. “Take some natural shots of us, smiling for a change.”

“Okay,” Blaine said and was snapping away behind the camera.  

We moved to individual shots. I tried to relax and enjoy the experience of posing nude in front of a camera.  It was okay I guess but I was glad when he called the next one of us. Kris was goofing off as usual, whereas Blaine was intent on focusing on certain areas of us rather than full nude shots. Actually I thought this entire thing was rather lame but we were just helping out a fellow student who had requested us. I guess I was expecting more from it, as were Kris and Colt. Corey and I didn’t pose one time kissing or groping. After the group photo, he didn’t have us together again. 

“Guys, thanks for your time,” Blaine said once he took the last picture of Colt.

“No problem,” Corey said.

“Well, I did buy some beer, along with a nice bottle of Vodka for your troubles,” Blaine said.

“Bro, thanks. It won’t go to waste,” Kris said while we started dressing to leave. We grabbed the twenty four pack and large bottle of Vodka before heading to the door. 

Once back in the car, Colt said, “All I am saying right now is that shit better not be on the internet.”

“Ain’t that the truth,” I said. “The last thing I want to hear is that my dick is out there for the entire world to see.”

“Bro, at least it is a nice one. I don’t think he’d do that shit,” Kris said. “He promised to send us the project so we could take a look at it.”

“I know that dude is fucking beating off right now. He loved it and probably will use most of them for his own pleasure,” Colt said.

“To me, it was odd,” Corey said driving. “It wasn’t at all what I expected.”

“They say modeling is a tough business. We saw another side of it today. Wasn’t nothing compared to the calendar deal,” Kris said.

Corey continued along to get us back. Almost back, Colt received a call from Chase to say he would be there any minute. It would work out perfectly so we’d arrive almost the same time as Chase and Tabor.

When we arrived back in the parking lot, we spotted Chase and Tabor getting out of Chase’s truck.

“Look at that shit!” Colt said. “They bought his ass new rims.”

“Someone’s jealous,” Kris said.

“Damn right I am. You saw I had to buy my own phone. I asked for them to fix up my truck but hell no,” Colt said and was pissed.

With the two approaching with their bags over their shoulders, I could see how dark they were both getting. It was obvious as well both had continued to work out, with Tabor really showing the results in his fitted light blue tee shirt. 

“Wassup, dogs,” Tabor said with shades on and his hat turned around backwards. “Where y’all been?”

“Oh, we had something to do,” Colt stated.

“Dude, what do you think of my sweet rims?” Chase asked excitedly.

“Bro, those are killer,” Kris replied. 

“Yeah,” Colt said.

After going in the room, we checked around to see what the rest of the crew were doing. Our final plan was to take in the scrimmage while Chase and Tabor wanted to attend some fan function they were having. It took a little talking from the two to convince Colt to go, but none for Kris. They grabbed Alex and Shawn who were also interested in going. 

Corey and I did a few things and then jumped the shower before heading over to the game. Waiting on the water to heat up, he grabbed me for a wet, long, tongue-filled kiss. He knew the right moves to get my motor running. We stepped into the shower and continued to be affectionate with each other. I was extremely lucky to have a boyfriend that enjoyed kissing. We did soap up and wash our hair before things got heated. It wasn’t long before my cock was buried in his great ass. Very little was said while I fucked him in the shower. It was just two lovers enjoying the moment with a few moans. 

At the precise moment my cock left him and exploded, Corey moaned and grunted sending his load down to the tiled floor. We kissed in our glow and had a hard time exiting, with the water now barely warm.

“Every day I love you more and more. I don’t know how it is possible but I feel that way,” Corey stated while we left the shower.

“I feel the same way. It is possible when things are going great.”

“I guess we should get dressed before everybody comes down,” Corey said.

It wasn’t long before the crew was down and eager to go. I really didn’t know what to expect but going back to the stadium was exciting. Walking over, there were more people than expected, but Bryson said that happens when you start to win. We were able to make contact with Kris and his group to find out where we were sitting. It was our usual spot. It wasn’t like a regular game day and gave us room to stretch out and breathe. One nice thing was a lot of the people from our hall came along and sat with us too.

“Y’all missed it,” Kris stated. “It wasn’t half bad. It was like a carnival with all sorts of things to do.”

“I told you going over it would be,” Colt said and still didn’t seem to be in the best mood.

“We had a blast,” Tabor said. “All the players do know Colt.”

“Fuck yeah, I work with ‘em,” Colt said. “Now where the hell is Andrea? I told her ass to meet us here.”

“Bro, chill,” Kris said. “I don’t know ‘bout y’all but this shirt is coming off.”

“Stop the presses. Kris wants to show his stuff,” Shawn joked.

“It is warm,” Tabor said and removed his shirt. He had been working hard and not being lazy with a really hot defined body.

“Damn,” Kris said.

Tabor smiled, “I’m coming next year so I have to keep up with you.”

“They relented and let you in?” Colt said.

“Stop being such an ass, Colt,” Chase stated with his shirt coming off on this bright sunny day. “Chill out.”

“Fuck you,” Colt mumbled.

Kris put his arm around Colt, “Chill bro. Drop it.”

“Fine,” Colt said and spotted Andrea, Megan and Paige, Shawn’s girl.

With Andrea there, Colt seemed to be in a better mood. I knew he was still seething over Chase’s truck but he was really holding on to it. It was sheer sibling rivalry and jealousy which I never got to experience.

It wasn’t long before most of us were shirtless to enjoy the nice sunshine. Just before the game started, I looked up and saw Reese climbing the stairs. 

“You found us,” Kris said.

“I know where you sit,” Reese said and moved to sit close to me.  

Kris stood in front of me, “I forgot something. I’ll be right back.” Kris exited out the row. 

Chase turned and said, “He saw Mike and promised he could sit with us.”

“That’s too sweet,” Andrea said. Megan was a little confused until we filled her in.

Reese was sitting next to me. “Good to see ya again. How are things going?” I asked him.

“Good. I ran in to them over at the festival. You should have come too,” Reese said.

“I guess I just missed it,” I said. “Are you getting excited about next year?”

“You bet I am,” Reese said. He leaned over and whispered to me, “Tabor and Chase are just too damn hot.”

“I know,” I whispered back. “Stay under control there, big boy.”

“I’ll try, but all you guys are so hot, including you Matt,” he said.

“Thanks,” I said, with Kris returning with Mike while Jordy trailed right behind them. Mike had on his number 48 jersey along with a big smile.

“Kris found me!” Mike said loudly with Jordy taking a seat. Scott was friendly and gave him a nice hug.

“I told you I would,” Kris said with a drink in his hand.

“Ted is going to kill them today,” Mike said. “He’s my best friend too. I had my picture made with him today.”

“Mike, his nephew is sitting right up there,” Kris said.

Mike turned to Reese, “He knows me.”

Reese smiled, “Ted’s a pretty good guy.”

“No, Ted’s the shit,” Ethan said. 

Reese leaned back over, “Poor Teddy was mobbed today.”

“I’m sure he made it just fine,” I said.

“Yeah, he doesn’t mind,” Corey said.

It was nice that everyone could be back at the stadium. Finally the scrimmage started. Actually it was almost boring, except for the fact Myles was out there with the first team defense. Luke was starting quarterback and was on target all day. There were no big hits since I guess no one wanted to get injured. 

After about an hour, Corey asked me, “When’s this going to end?”

“I know. It’s just practice,” I said.

“Practice with a bunch of people watching,” Corey said.

Finally, after about another hour, the scrimmage was over and not a moment too soon. The only exciting part was seeing Myles intercept a pass from Luke. We agreed it looked intentional, and so did one of Luke’s coaches, who proceeded to chew him out.

As we were leaving, Reese grabbed my arm and pulled me aside. “Can I talk with you and Corey just a minute? You know, alone?” Reese asked.

“Sure,” I replied and stayed back. The others looked back but we waved them on. 

“Reese, what is it?” Corey asked.

“Well… I need to ask something important,” Reese said. “Trevor and I are doing really well. Matter of fact, I saw him last Saturday and spent the day with him.”

“Man, that’s awesome,” Corey said.

“So what’s the deal?” I asked while we stood back against the stadium wall.

“Ummm… when do you know it is time… you know… to go all the way?” he asked.

“I think I see where this is going,” Corey said.

“Reese, my advice to you is never ever be forced in to something you don’t want to do,” I said.

“Actually it is me more than Trevor,” Reese said. “I do really really like him and want to do stuff with him.”

“Stuff as in sex?” Corey asked.

“Yeah, sex,” Reese replied. “I don’t want to come to college a virgin.”

“It’s not the end of the world if you do,” Corey stated. 

“Ummm… I know, but I have these feelings. You two know exactly what I’m talking about,” Reese said.

“Major boner for Trevor, huh?” Corey asked.

“Hell yeah,” Reese said with a smile.

“Reese, we could talk about this the rest of the night, but when you do it, don’t have a single regret, like I did. I did it to see what it was like when I was younger than you. I led a pretty sexual life before coming here with some of the wrong people. Now, it is perfect with the one I love,” I stated.

“Let the big head do the thinking,” Corey said. 

“Okay, so I should just wait?” Reese asked.

I pointed to his chest, “You’ll know in here when the time is right, and not down there,” my finger pointed to his shorts.

“I gotcha. Sorry to hold you up, but thanks a lot,” Reese said. “I know my dad is about to bust a gut wondering where I am. I just needed to talk to someone who would understand me totally.”

“Any time,” I said.

He hugged us before running off. Corey and I exited the empty stadium.

“He wants to fuck Trevor,” Corey laughed while we walked.

“He does, and wanted our advice. No one can tell you not to. I think he wanted someone to tell him to slow down.”

“No, he wanted to ask us since really he can’t go ask his dad or Ted. We gay guys really don’t have many places to turn…”

“Other than the internet,” I said.

“True, but live people like us. Though he is just like every other eighteen year old and that shit you get running through you.”

“I know that’s right.”

Back in the room, a big group of us headed out to find something to eat. We ate fast food since it was easiest for our large group. We finished and headed back to the room to see what the night held.  

Once in the room, Tabor headed straight for the fridge and pulled out two beers.  

“Dammit, don’t start this shit!” Colt yelled.

“Sorry dude, I’ll put ‘em back then,” Tabor said and turned around.

“Let it go, Colt,” Kris said.

“Fuck you!” Colt yelled.

Under my breath, I eked out, ‘whoa’ with the tension running high. Now there was dead silence in our room with just us and their girls. 

“Look, I know you are pissed because Chase got those rims. It happens. It’s happened to me so many times I stopped counting. They didn’t do it on purpose…” Andrea said.

“They were on sale and were really pretty cheap,” Chase said.

“Think of the trips you’ve gone on and all they do for you. It really all adds up in the end,” Andrea said. “I should know, with as many brothers and sisters as I have. Be happy for Chase why don’t ya? Yeah, my siblings and I fight like cats and dogs but we still love each other in the end.  You’re ruining everyone’s good time. You’ve had this pissy attitude the entire day.”

“Yeah, but still,” Colt said and seemed to be looking for an answer.

“I don’t wanna rub salt in the wounds but I did get a small scholarship, too,” Chase said.

Colt smiled, “My dumbass didn’t. I guess my girl is right. They are paying out the ass for me to come here.”

“So, can we have a beer?” Tabor asked.

“Do you want to ruin all your hard work?” Kris asked. “Beer is nothing but calories, boy.”

Tabor lifted up his shirt, “I can use one or two.”

“Alright then, I’d say we could all use one or two or three…” Kris laughed. “Remember we worked hard for those nice expensive beers.”

“Please, Bud Light is cheap shit,” Tabor said.

“It was our reward,” Kris said.

“For what?” Chase asked.

“Don’t say a word to anyone but we posed for this dude today,” Colt said.

“Yeah, Colt showed off his cute little bare ass,” Andrea said.

“Kris did too,” Megan said.

“Kris will show it to anyone who asks,” Corey said. “Bring me and Matt one too while you’re up, Tabor.”

“Dude, I’ve only got two hands,” Tabor stated.

“You’ll have to make more than one trip then,” Kris said. “The women are thirsty too.”

It wasn’t long before our room started filling up with our friends who were in and out. Ted, Myles and Luke stopped by, with Ted and Luke aching to have a few after their grueling weeks of spring practice. Chase and Tabor remained rather calm since the newness had worn off.

“Hey Ted, next week turkey season opens,” Chase said.

“Awesome bud,” Ted said. “Is my invite still open?”

“Well hell yeah it is,” Colt replied.

“Great, then I’ll get with Colt next week and set things up. There better be some turkeys,” Ted said.

“I saw four yesterday,” Chase said with a big smile.

“We killed three last year, dude,” Tabor chimed in.

“You mind if I tag along?” Myles said. “I’d love to go, especially if you say there are some.”

“By all means,” Colt said. “We’ll have a great time.”

They started telling hunting stories, which really was not my thing, while we were sitting around and enjoying the night. It wasn’t long after that our room began to clear, including Andrea and Megan. It was just after midnight with just us sitting around. 

“Chase, I hope we have friends like them next year,” Tabor stated sitting on the couch. 

“I know, dude, but we can always hang around with these guys since everyone knows us,” Chase said and smiled at Colt.

“I guess you can, but not every night,” Colt stated with a dip in his front lip as did Kris, Chase and Tabor after the beer was gone.

“Bro, you will, just like you do right now,” Kris stated.

“I know, but we will scatter all across the state…” Tabor said.

“Just an opportunity to make new and maybe better friends. Matt is the only one I still keep in real contact with of my high school buds. It just happens,” Kris stated.

“For me it was a fresh start,” Corey stated with my arm around him.

“And a boyfriend,” Tabor said and spit in his bottle. “You know I now appreciate the fact that I’ve met y’all. It’s really opened my eyes.”

“Me too,” Chase said.

“Yeah. There’s this really hot girl that wants to take her girlfriend to prom. A bunch of people started a petition to keep her ass from going. They asked me to sign it but I refused. Let her. What’s it going to hurt?” Tabor said.

“I know. Then Reilly had the balls to call us fag lovers. What some shit!” Chase said.

“Wow, my little brother has changed,” Colt said.

“I see every time I come here that Matt, Corey, Garrett and the other gay guys are just guys who happen to like guys. Not shit I want to try, but all of them are really cool guys, though you can’t say that at our school,” Chase stated.

“Nothing has changed,” Colt said. “I’m proud of you.”

“Thanks, but I still don’t see what you see in getting that ass fucked or sucking a dude’s dick,” Chase laughed.

Colt shrugged his bare shoulders, “I enjoy it and the pleasure of it. I pray you’ve kept quiet.”

“We have,” Tabor said. “I’m not sold that you two are bi. Your girls are kicking.”

Kris stood and left to use the bathroom. Returning, he tossed his shorts in his room.

“Damn, you did get some sun on your trip,” Chase said.

“We all did,” I said.

“Yeah, Matt and Kris got the darkest,” Corey said.

“I wasn’t far behind,” Colt said, stood and stripped to show them.

“Colt, did you shave?” Chase asked.

“I did. You should try it. Andrea loves it,” Colt replied.

“No pubes in her mouth when she blows you, huh?” Tabor said.

“Exactly,” Colt smiled.

“Chase, we may have to try it then,” Tabor said.

“Then maybe Rachel would suck my dick,” Chase stated.

“Ain’t the truth? Chloe sucks me for like a minute…” Tabor said.

“Then you blow your wad,” Colt joked.

“Get real over there. Then she says I have to eat her pussy before I get to fuck her. Well hell yeah I will, but I don’t like it,” Tabor stated.

“Me either,” Chase said.

“It’s an acquired taste,” Colt stated.

They continued talking while Corey and I listened. I didn’t mind at all and was used to hearing tales of straight sex. 

Before we called it a night, Colt said, “Chase, Tabor, how’s it going to work with prom next weekend and turkey huntin’?”

“Prom is Friday night… damn, I guess getting drunk is out of the equation now,” Chase said.

“Getting laid ain’t,” Tabor said.

“I know that’s right.  I’ll be fired up to go,” Chase said.


Hope you enjoyed yet another chapter in this long running series as it nears the end of their Sophomore year.  

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