Posted:  5/9/12

Friday, I was sitting patiently in the lawyer’s office for my appointment. The nice secretary finally said Mr Gordon would see me. I stood with my papers in hand and was shown back to his office. It wasn’t as I had expected and was rather small yet neat. Mr Gordon looked rather young and stood to greet me. 

We talked briefly about things concerning Dad. He grabbed the papers and scanned through them for me briefly. “Matt, I really don’t see any problems here whatsoever. I think it should be rather easy since you are really the only survivor.”

I breathed a sigh of relief. “So how long should it take?”

“Oh, say about two months and things should be all set. I’d say you can file for your claims in the meantime since you are the one listed as beneficiary,” he said.

I smiled, “I was waiting before I did anything. I wanted to make sure it was all legal.”

“You’re smart for waiting. I don’t see anything that should hold things up. You did say your Dad and Gloria weren’t married?”

“Yes, but they did have plans to get married,” I said.

“Then there shouldn’t be a problem. She might be able to claim a thing or two, but from what you’ve said about separate banking accounts and so forth there shouldn’t be an issue. I’ll draw something up concerning the house as well. Are you sure you want to let her live there in the meantime?”

“Without a doubt,” I replied.

“I don’t see any mention of rent though,” he said.

“Oh, she is, with her deducting things like taxes, insurance and upkeep.”

“You’re a trusting man. Not something I would do…”

We talked a little more but I knew I was being charged by the hour so I didn’t engage in small talk. I stood and left feeling great knowing I was taking the right steps in having this matter handled legally. 

Just as I drove into the parking lot, I spotted Scott, Jordy and the others coming across towards me. They knew I had business to take care of but not really where I had gone. I got out and waited until the group came walking up. Now I wondered if there was any tension between Scott and Jordy since they were no longer dating.

“So where’d you have to go that was so important?” Scott asked.

“I had some legal stuff to do concerning Dad,” I said.

“It can be a pain, as my mom found out when Dad died,” Shawn stated.

“I bet you’ve got bills out the ass,” Scott said.

“Actually I don’t. His company insurance covered most of it,” I said while entering the dorm.

“So what’s the plan for this weekend?” Brennan asked. “I know we’re all going to the scrimmage tomorrow.”

“Other than that I don’t have a clue,” I said.

“We heard you, Corey, Kris and Colt are going to pose for this dude for his class,” Scott said. “It should be me and Jordy.”

“He asked Corey,” I said before we got to our floor.

“I doubt it does as well as the calendar,” Scott stated. “I still get people asking me about it. That was the best thing we did.”

“I agree,” Alex spoke up. “I thought I’d regret it but I’d do it again.”

I said goodbye and entered my room alone while the others went on along the hall. I tried calling Mom earlier but didn’t get an answer. I tried again and this time she answered. I went over what the lawyer had told me. She was glad I had done it. I went on to tell her that she was now off the hook for giving me money. Whether she wanted to admit it or not she had to be relieved as I knew it was a strain on her somewhat, but I never once heard her say a word about it. She did caution me to use it wisely but she trusted my judgment.

After a while, I couldn’t help but notice no one had come down or called. Instead I left the room and headed to see what everyone was doing. I knocked on Scott’s door but didn’t get an answer so I went to Alex’s room. I knocked on their door. Joe answered it with his shorts sagging low.  

“Just seeing where everyone was,” I commented.

“I don’t have a clue,” Joe said. “You’re welcome to chill with me and Antonio.”

Since no one was around, I decided to go inside. Antonio was laying on the couch in his shorts and tank top. He moved aside to let me sit. 

“Wassup down here?” I asked.

“Not shit,” Antonio replied. “Matt, tell me what I need to do to get on the good side of Kris. I know I acted like a damn fool and said stuff I shouldn’t have. It’s eating me up not to be on the team despite you guys having plenty of players. The basketball experience was the best. I love it and know I will love the softball team. Everyone is pretty chill.”

“He still kicks himself over it…” Joe said.

“If you want my honest suggestion…”

“Of course I do,” Antonio said.

“Apologize to Kris in front of us and be sincere about it. Kris is a good guy with a big heart. Tell him you want to be on the team and will accept your punishment,” I said.

“Yeah man, show a little humility. These guys can smell shit a mile away,” Joe said. “I wanted to come but I had to get this paper done.”

“Alright, I’ll do what I need to do, but I don’t wanna seem like I’m kissing ass. I get a little feisty…”

“More than a little… The dude thinks he’s Rocky or some shit once he gets a few in him,” Joe stated.

“I’ll admit I do. Man, it’s been so hard to gel with you guys. Alex and Brennan keep saying how great you are, which I can see, but Joe and I can’t seem to get a foot in the door,” Antonio said.

“I’d say you have a foot in the door. We all know not everyone will mesh…”

“Yeah, you need some color in y’all’s group,” Joe said.

“Kris has always said he doesn’t ever see the outside but looks for what is inside. To me Antonio, I see you and Kris as two strong willed guys…”

“More like hard headed motherfuckers,” Antonio said and chuckled. “Joe said we are too much alike and thus can’t get along. Seriously, you guys are fun to be around. Just as an outsider somewhat, you have something a lot of people are looking for when they come to college. You have formed a friendship that will last forever.”

I smiled, “I’ll say we have.”

The door opened with Alex walking in. “There y’all are.”

“Hell yeah, we live here,” Joe said.

“I was really talking about Matt. We’re all gathering in the big room tonight to kick it for another hall party,” Alex said. “Ethan and Cody are bringing out the beer pong table with Rick’s consent to boot.”

“Sweet,” Joe stated.

“I’ll see y’all later, right?” Alex asked and left.

“Bro, here’s your chance tonight,” I said to Antonio.

“I wanna do it before we get shitfaced. I love me some Rick for being so down with shit,” Antonio said.

“We all love him,” I said. I stood, “Well, I’m going back to the room. It was nice talking with y’all.”

“Yeah, same here, guy,” Antonio said.

It was a little later than I thought it was when I got back to the room. I entered and saw Colt on his phone. I waited patiently to figure out he was speaking to his brother Chase. He finished talking on his iPhone and looked at me. 

“Asswipe and shitface are coming tomorrow for the game,” Colt said.

“It’s cool,” I said.

“I guess, since we haven’t seen them all semester.”

“Hey, everyone’s partying in the big room tonight. Did you know anything about it?”

Colt replied, “That’s news to me. Andrea didn’t say a word either, so what’s up with that?”

“I don’t know, but I guess we’re there tonight,” I said. “I’ll call Corey or text him to let him know.”

“Ah, they should be here in a few,” Colt said. “Man, my ass is dragging. I’m ready for spring ball to be over with.”

“I’m sure, but I know you’ve enjoyed it,” I said.

He smiled, “I have. Chase will be impressed that I know all the guys now, but still the best three live on this floor without a single doubt in my mind.”

Colt dressed and put on a team tee shirt that showed his nice body, along with some khaki shorts and flip flops. Andrea came down just after he finished and looked so cute in her tight shirt and shorts. After about ten minutes, Kris and Corey came in the door in a rush.

“Thanks for telling us, assholes!” Kris shouted in his rush with his shirt being thrown over the couch.

“We found out not long ago. Matt wanted to call…” Colt said.

“It’s cool. So do we have a clue who is putting this gig on tonight?” Kris asked while I found Corey for a welcome home kiss.

“I don’t have a clue. Alex told me,” I replied.

“At least they don’t depend on us for everything around here,” Kris said and laughed.

“Just about,” Colt stated.

Four of us headed down after Corey had showered and dressed, with Kris waiting on Megan to join us as soon as she arrived. We entered to see the usual crew of Scott, Alex, Brennan, Garrett, Shawn, Bryson, Toni and Elise. 

“We were wondering…” Scott said once we entered.

“Whose idea was this?” I asked.

“Actually Rick spearheaded it and found me today. He said we needed a nice hall gathering and gave the okay for whatever,” Scott said.

“Which means we can drink?” Colt said.

“Yeah, the beer hounds should be here any minutes with the table,” Shawn said.

“You’re one to talk,” Alex said. “Look at the beer he and Bishop snagged for us.”

I looked to see a wide variety and lots of it. “All I know is some people are paying my ass back or else Bishop and I are set ‘til the end,” Shawn said.

For a change, I had my wallet and a few bills handy. I handed Shawn a twenty for Corey and me. He laughed and said with what we drink it was overpaying. Kris and Megan came in before Kwan and another guy, who was his roommate, came in the door. Bishop was next, followed by two girls I had seen around but didn’t know. I came to find out they printed little flyers and stuck them under the doors with the start time being 8, which it now was a few minutes before. Cody and Ethan came in the door bringing their table and cups for the game. Soon the room began to fill up. LaMichael who played on the basketball team and two of his roommates came in the door with Joe and Antonio. More and more came in, including Parker and Yancey. 

Looking around there were more guys than girls, but it seemed that way on our hall as well. The door opened again with Rick coming inside. He stood and looked around with his hands on his hips and his girl by his side. 

“Okay, who’s bright idea was this shit with beer everywhere?” Rick asked and didn’t look very happy at the moment.

“Ummm… dude, you said whatever,” Scott said.

“Whatever doesn’t mean opening a goddamn bar,” Rick said in a fierce tone.

Silence filled the room. “I guess we’ll move it and get out of here,” Kris said.

“April Fools!” Rick said and broke off into a big smile. “I got all of you.” Everyone laughed.

Being it was April Fool’s Day never hit me until Rick said it. I guess I was caught up in going to the lawyer’s office, plus the days all start running together. 

Just as the laughter died down, Antonio stood and moved to the front. “I know some of you guys won’t care but I need to do this. Kris, I’m sorry for fighting with you and saying what I did.”

A big smile came on Kris’s face, “Bro, it’s cool.”

“It’s really not. I messed up and did some shit I shouldn’t do, along with getting drunk and thinking I could fight you.  I’m just so hard headed about things,” Antonio said. I’m sure some of the others were wondering what was going on.

“I forgive you,” Kris said.

“I do want back on the team but I realize I’ll be the last one off the bench,” Antonio said.

“What team is that?” a guy said. I think his name was Jeff.

“Our softball team,” Kris replied. “We have about 17 but you’re welcome to join us.”

“Count me in,” he said with a beer in his hand. 

After almost 7 months, I still didn’t know everyone on the floor, just like the year before. It wasn’t my fault in a way since some people rarely showed their faces. At times it was a wonder if some rooms were still being occupied.

Antonio walked over to shake Kris’s hand. Kris reached out and hugged him instead. After the embrace, the party continued with the beer pong table starting up. 

At times it did get loud with everyone trying to talk in their own little circles. I made an effort to at least say hi to those I really didn’t know. Most knew who I was but I suspected for the wrong reason. No one uttered a word though. 

As the night progressed, I couldn’t help but notice how friendly Shawn was getting with this short blond haired girl, Paige. I had seen her with Toni, but not much recently. 

Scott walked over with a bottle of water in his hand, “What do ya think?”

“Nice party with some people I’ve never seen before,” Corey replied.

“Yeah, some came out of hibernation to show their faces. Did y’all notice Shawn hitting on that girl?” Scott said.

I smiled, “I did. Good for him.”

“Tell me about it. He needs to get fucking laid,” Scott said.

“I think he needs a girl. She does look his type since she has been toting a beer bottle around since we started,” Corey laughed.

“During the week, he doesn’t drink at all, just when we do something. It’s not like he comes to the room and downs a few every night,” Scott said.

“But when he does, he really does,” Corey said.

Brennan and Garrett walked over holding hands and commented about the same thing as us, seeing Shawn with this girl. We sat and watched until a blonde haired guy who was cute came up to us. “Hey, how’s it going?” he asked.

“Not bad,” I replied.

The guy stepped back and was staring at me. “Say.. nah, it wasn’t you…”

“What?” Corey asked.

“Oh I saw a guy earlier this week walking in handcuffs,” he said.

“That was me,” I said quietly and was a little ashamed.

“Dude, you really rocked that other guy’s world. He had blood all over his face. You really did a number on him,” he said.

Kris walked up with Megan. “Hey Chandler, what’s going on here?”

“Oh, hey Kris, I was telling these guys that I saw this dude in handcuffs earlier this week. He fucked the other guy up,” Chandler replied.

“Matt has fist of fury,” Kris said with his arm around Megan and holding a beer in that hand.

“Nice party you’ve thrown here. Steve and Adrian thought it’d be lame but it sure ain’t. There’s a ton of beer here and it’s really cool,” Chandler said.

Kris pointed with his beer, “Scott did it.”

“Good job, Scott. I just figured it was Kris’s doings.”

“It usually is, but Rick found me instead. It’s gonna be hell cleaning this joint up,” Scott said.

“We’ll all pitch in…” Kris said.

“Those of us who can get out bed. Say, where’s the pisser around here?” Chandler asked. “These beers are running straight through me.”

Corey laughed, “There isn’t one.”

“Damn. I’ll be back,” Chandler said.

“Get Steve and Adrian’s ass out of the room while you’re at it,” Kris said with Chandler walking away.

“I’ll try,” Chandler said.

All the while, no one seemed to be leaving. If anything there were more coming to the room. The room was crowded but everyone was having a great time with Rick right there with us.

Finally about 1, it began thinning out. The trash cans were full of beer and alcohol bottles. All during the night I kept looking for Ted, Luke and Myles but assumed they were resting for the scrimmage. 

Corey and I headed back to our room with Corey just a little tipsy. I knew because he had a big smile plastered across his face. Passing Scott’s room, Garrett and Brennan came out quickly.

“Damn, Shawn is getting him some,” Brennan stated.

“You saw him?” Corey asked.

“His door was wide open. That girl Paige was screaming for her life,” Garrett said.

“I did notice him leaving early,” I said while we stopped.

“Dude, can we snag the sofa bed tonight?” Brennan asked. “Scott hates to hear us. We were hoping Scott would take the couch but he said no way.”

“I don’t see why not,” I said.

We walked in and saw the lights were off. I turned on the lights to see Kris and Megan kissing on the sofa bed and Megan showing her nice naked body. We walked into our room and shut the door. 

“We can just forget tonight, Garrett,” Brennan said.

“I guess we can,” Garrett said.

“It’s like you won’t be doing what Matt and I are fixing to do.”

“No dude, we can’t do that,” Brennan said.

“Do whatever you want,” I said and left to use the bathroom. As I was walking out Brennan walked in. I headed back to find Garrett naked on one of the single beds and exposing his big flaccid cock. Corey was on our air mattress naked and looking so hot with his arms tucked behind his head.

“I told Garrett it wouldn’t be our first time with someone else in the room and we remember last year’s spring break,” Corey said.

“Mine either. Scott hates it when he’s left out,” Garrett said.

I stripped down and got in bed. Corey pulled me closer for a nice wet kiss with beer breath. Corey was running his hands all over my naked body while I was on top of him. He squeezed my ass before slipping a finger in it while we were going at it hot and heavy. Brennan opened the door and walked in. He smiled at us and continued over to Garrett. 

Corey moved his way down my body, pleasing me to no end. His gentle kisses and soft touches were really getting me hot. 

“Before you two get going, please tell me you still have some condoms,” Brennan said now naked and looking rather hot.

“Top drawer under my underwear,” I eked out.

Corey made it to my cock. He lifted it up and used his tongue on the underside. I was in heaven and closed my eyes to relish it like always. Nothing better than having your boyfriend worship your cock like Corey was. He moved to my balls and sucked them before moving back up to take just a little in his warm mouth with his hand at the base. 

“Oh yes, Brennan,” Corey said. I opened my eyes to see Brennan going down on Corey with Garrett’s big cock near my face. I didn’t flinch and began licking his long nice cock. Corey was going down on me while Brennan really started sucking on Corey’s thick cock. I opened my mouth and used my hand to jack Garrett’s long cock. I really didn’t mind at all that they were with us to be a part of our sex. I can’t remember if I had ever sucked Garrett’s cock until remembering I had last year on spring break. I was feeling Corey’s mouth work my hard cock while enjoying Garrett’s cock.

“OOO fuck yeah, Matt. You’re so damn good,” Garrett said and reached for my head. I opened up my throat and took all I could. His cock was so great and a complete joy to suck. 

“Let’s switch,” Brennan said. “I wanna suck Matt’s big dick and compare it to sucking Garrett.”

We switched up with me going down on Corey’s thick wet cock while Garrett moved around to take Brennan’s cock while he got on mine. It was so hot with the sound of muffled moans and slurping. Brennan was doing a great job on me and had me about on edge. We stopped.

“Can Garrett and I fuck you two?” Brennan asked.

“Ummm… not tonight,” Corey said. “I want to fuck Matt.”

“No problem. We were going to see how you compared to Kris and Colt,” Brennan said.

“What?” I asked.

“We fucked them one night on spring break when we were camping. Let me tell ya that Colt is one great fuck,” Brennan stated.

“Okay,” Corey said. “Matt would agree, but tonight his ass is all mine.”

They moved away and went over to the single bed against the window. Corey kissed me passionately while sticking his hard, wet cock in me. I felt the pressure and opened up. It would have been fine getting fucked by either one of them, but there’s no better feeling to me than to have Corey’s thick cock deep inside of me. 

Corey began moving slowly inside of me and was hitting the right spots. My hands moved along his sides while we stared into each other’s eyes. The connection was always there. He leaned over to kiss me while fucking my ass. I could hear Brennan and Garrett starting to fuck as well but couldn’t see. All I cared about was Corey and the great pleasure he was delivering.

Corey leaned up, “I fucking love you.”

I love you too. Keep fucking me, Corey!”

“Oh babe, I will. Your ass is on fire.”

“Damn your dick feels so good,” I moaned with our breathing increasing with each plunge.  

Corey slipped out and shoved his hard cock back in me. I did glance over to see Brennan riding Garrett’s big cock. He was moaning, with both of them breathing hard. Corey and I continued with Corey changing his movements. He would pound me for a while and then slow down with his thick cock deep in me. 

We moved to our sides where I could see Garrett fucking Brennan missionary style. They did look so hot together. Corey slid his dick back in me and reached over to grab my throbbing cock. He moved slowly and started peppering my neck with kisses.  

After a little while longer with the room filled with the great sounds of sex and guys really enjoying who they were with, Brennan yelled, “I’m fucking cumming…”

Corey pulled my head around and kissed me. “I want you to cum for me.”

Next Garrett pulled out and blasted long steady streams of cum across Brennan’s nice body. It sent me over the edge. I groaned loudly and let it fly. I was shaking with my toes curled up over the intense orgasm. Corey groaned and pushed hard into me. He grabbed me just as I had finished. His cock was throbbing inside of me and spilling his cum in me. It was so warm and felt great as usual. He held me with his cock in me while I could feel cum oozing out.    

“Fucking perfect,” Brennan commented. “It got me off just hearing you two hotties fuck.”

“Me too,” I said.

“Corey, did you breed that ass?” Brennan asked.

“I did and am still in his hot ass,” Corey said.

“Dude, I wanna see Matt’s creampie,” Garrett said.

Corey pulled out of me and motioned them over. I spread my legs wide to expose my fucked red ass. I pushed out and expelled Corey’s hot cum.

“Goddamn,” Garrett said.

“Fuck yeah, that’s fucking hot as hell,” Brennan said. “Can I taste it?”

“Be my guest,” Corey said.

Brennan leaned over and began licking my ass. It felt great but I thought it was nasty licking another guy’s cum out of my ass. Brennan rose up and kissed Garrett. “I love that shit,” Brennan said.

“I do it but it’s not my favorite,” Corey said.

“Mine either,” I said.

“One day when Brennan and I have been together for at least a year I want to bareback him,” Garrett said.

“Only after we are sure we are clean,” Brennan stated.

“It’s a big matter of trust,” I said. “I know it’s not the safest thing in the world but we do get tested regularly. Corey, we need to get tested again very soon.”

“We do,” Corey said and kissed me.


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