Posted:   5/6/12

I had no idea what had happened other than I felt someone push me hard from behind.

“Faggot!” I heard and turned to see him there with his fist clinched. He hit me in the arm while I struggled to move and get away. Now I was frightened and didn’t know what was going to happen.

“Your fucking bodyguards aren’t here!” he said and pushed me back as I tried to stand. “Your ass is mine!” He hit me in the face.

I scrambled like crazy to move because I was in a horrible position to defend myself. I made it back to my feet, threw down my backpack and felt his fist hit my stomach which did hurt. I was steaming mad now. I swung and missed him completely. He hit me again in the side. I lunged and knocked him off balance while he was reaching in his pocket. I got my first shot in to his chest. I saw my opening and jumped on top of him. I landed a clean shot to his face and heard him scream. Another shot hit his chin, I think. 

Someone was pulling me off of him with him screaming, ‘fucking faggot’ with every breath. 

“You two are coming with me!” I heard a deep angry voice and felt my arms being pinned behind me. He tried to run off before the guy, who was a campus officer, drew his taser. The guy put cold steel handcuffs on my wrist before another campus officer came to detain Jason, the frat boy. 

Walking to the police facility was very humiliating, with students seeing me being escorted by the campus police in handcuffs that weren’t any fun to wear. Jason had blood streaming from his mouth but was still calling me every name in the book, despite the other officer telling him to shut up.

We made the short walk and were escorted to the main office of the police headquarters here on campus. We gave our names and student ID numbers before being taken to separate small rooms. The officer that detained me walked in and didn’t look very happy.

“So, what was that all about?” he asked. He looked to be in his forties with very little hair and was a big guy as well.

“Sir, it started last semester to be honest(Ch 33). He and I fought at his frat house after he threw beer on me and called me names just like you heard. Ever since then, he’s been stalking me. Usually my friends are with me, but I was running later than normal.”

“And today?”

“Today while I was walking back he pushed me down. Luckily I got to my feet and was able to defend myself somewhat.”

He was writing and looked at me, “Any meaning to calling you a faggot?”

“I am gay, sir,” I said with no qualms.

“I think that explains it,” he said, looking up at me from his writing. “Sorry for your troubles. Now I want see what story he has for me. Here’s some water.” A bottle of water was slid to me.

“Thanks,” I said and took a drink. He finished writing and left. I sat and hoped this was the end of this nightmare. I knew something was hurting on my face and reached up to feel a bump just below my left eye.

I’d say about twenty minutes later, the officers returned. “Just as I thought. His story is completely different. He even went so far to say he had no idea you were gay and faggot is just a word he uses.”

“Do I need to call a few friends to bear witness to the tormenting he has put me through since the semester started?”

“I don’t believe that is necessary since he was lying out of his ass,” the officer said. “You’re very lucky, Matthew. He had a switch blade in his pocket.”

“Whoa,” I breathed.

“More than whoa. I have another officer questioning him at this moment to see if he can get the truth out of him.”

“Say he doesn’t relent?” I asked.

“The switch blade is enough I think. Then you may need to call a friend or two to give statements. This to me is a hate crime with planned out intentions. It’s now a matter of if he’ll crack.”

“I doubt he does,” I said.

The door opened, “Malcolm, can I speak to you?”

The officer left with him. I again waited until he returned. “Mr. Raymond, he confessed most of it. Would you like to press charges against him with the city and have him arrested?”

“Ummm… if this is over, I’d say no…”

“He says it is over. I would suggest a restraining order against him. We can do that before you leave.”

“That would be great. Say I do press charges, then what?”

“He’d be arrested and maybe go to trial. He also could face expulsion from school as well for his actions as it is,” the officer stated.

“Let’s just do the restraining order. Hopefully that will work.”

I filled out some paperwork and left with my backpack.  I checked to see everything was there and didn’t look hurt in my backpack. I did see my reflection in some glass and noticed a little shiner. I made it back to the room and threw my things down. I checked my phone to see I had repeated messages from Scott and Shawn wondering where I was. Before calling them, I called Mom to report my incident. At first she sounded upset, but like me was thankful this could finally be over and I wasn’t hurt. The more I thought about it the happier I was that I was able to defend myself somewhat. I wish I could have done more for all those who don’t defend themselves and show people gay guys won’t back down even if it means getting our asses kicked.

Just as I hung up, Scott called walking back from the Rec Center. I told him briefly what had occurred before he hung up. Within a few minutes, he and Shawn were at the door breathless from running.

“Are you okay?” Scott asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” I replied.

“Got a little mark there,” Shawn pointed out.

“My arms have scrapes but I’m okay,” I said and showed them that as well. I gave them the full story of everything that had happened. 

“Do you think it is really over?” Scott asked.

“I hope and pray it is. He did look bad in the end,” I replied and smiled.

“The motherfucker got what he had coming to him if you ask me,” Shawn said. “I’m proud of you, Matt.”

“Did he really have a switch blade?” Scott asked.

“They say he did. When he was reaching to pull it out is when I got him,” I replied.

“You’re damn lucky,” Shawn said. “Crazy people do crazy shit.”

That night, Kris and Corey came in the door with most of the crew there to hear my story and see my shiner. I had spoken to Corey earlier so he and Kris would know. Kris walked in and gave me a hug with Corey waiting in the wings and smiling at me.

“I see where I stand,” Corey said, laughing.

“I’ll let you kiss him,” Kris stated.

After Kris finished, I reached out for Corey. Our kiss was long and passionate. Tears were in my eyes when we broke the kiss with everyone eyeing us. “I love you,” I said.

“I love you too and I’m glad just a little bruise is all you’ve got,” Corey said and kissed me again.

“So what’s the plan of attack on this gutless bastard?” Colt asked.

“Enough is enough,” I said holding on to Corey. “It’s finished and complete. He looked way worse than I did.”

“Bro, I’m proud of you,” Kris said.

I told them the complete story of what I could remember. It really happened too fast to get in every detail. My story and event was the focus of the night with everyone. Word did get around quickly so most everyone knew.

It was about midnight when the room cleared. “Kris, tonight I want to be with my boyfriend. Can you handle that?”

“I’ll take good care of you and protect you,” Kris replied.

“I know you would do that, but I want Corey tonight. Surely you understand?” I said.

“I do,” Kris smiled.

“Great! My ass gets woken up early tomorrow!” Colt said.

“Nah bro, I’ll sleep out here,” Kris said, gesturing to the useful sofa bed.

Corey and I entered our bedroom. I knew Kris was disappointed in my wanting Corey but I did need him to hold me, even though I think my troubles were now behind me. Corey lay next to me and held me. 

“Matt, it meant the world to me that you wanted me tonight. I know how close you and Kris are…”

“I wanted someone to love on me and hold me tight.”

“I’ll do that for sure. I did notice you clung to me, which was fine. I understood and enjoyed being the one you did cling to. Maybe, just maybe, we could make it alone one day…”

“No doubt we can make it when we decide to do it.”

“Yeah, when we decide. Tonight, I do wanna love you all I can.”

“I would enjoy that.”

The next day, I woke Kris up from sleeping in the living area alone. He was his usual morning self and just hell to get going. Finally we walked out the door with Kris in shorts and a wrinkled polo shirt.  

After my first class, I was waiting and finally saw Ted coming in the door. He didn’t stop by the night before, but when he saw me he broke off a big smile. He sat down and grabbed my bare knee.

“Still the champ, huh?” he asked.

“So you heard?”

“I did, but I was too sore to make it last night. They are putting us through hell in practice for some reason.”

“Colt said they were,” I said with Mr. Jackson entering the room. I still couldn’t get over seeing him on my break on the nude beach. Now I couldn’t see him in a nice shirt and dress pants without picturing him naked walking along the path.

That night was our first softball game of the year. Naturally Kris and Corey worked out the schedule to where we played on their off days. We had 15 guys come ready to play with Antonio and Joe missing. Word was Joe had a paper due but still wanted to be part of the team. I knew I wouldn’t be starting with Ethan catching, even though he hated it. Kris did it for another good bat in the line-up.

We were the visitors and started off the game. Bryson led off with a nice hit that nearly took off the pitcher’s head. Scott followed him and got lucky when the third baseman overthrew the ball at second. Kris was next up. The first swing he almost screwed himself in the ground swinging so hard. The next pitch he creamed the ball with a loud ding that the aluminium bat makes. I jumped up and knew it would be over the fence. The ball hit and took one bounce over the fence for a double. Garrett hit a long fly that scored Scott from third. Colt followed with a weak grounder to second that got Kris to third. Corey was next and hit one off the end of the bat just over the shortstop’s head.  

We didn’t stop scoring from that inning on. I did have the duty of keeping up with the line-up and telling who batted first the next inning. I got in the game with the score, 12 to 3, in the fourth inning. My one go at bat was a feeble effort by hitting a weak grounder to the second baseman that even I could have fielded. It was a victory for us in the end but no one went ‘yard’ as I heard them call a home run. 

Leaving the field, we were a happy group of guys and had played really well for the first game of the year. I didn’t contribute one lick but enjoyed being part of the team. Our meal was later than usual that night after we showered, with the focus being on the game. This Tuesday night was mostly studying for all of us. 

Wednesday, I was very thankful to return to my routine. Kris said he’d be on the lookout for my frat boy but we didn’t see a sign of him, plus I had the restraining order now just in case. Entering the room, I headed off and searched for a lawyer on the computer that could help me out and get everything legal with Dad’s death. It took a few calls before I found an attorney that was available at the end of the week and charged a reasonable fee. The fees I heard did make my head spin and knew why they lived the good life.

Shawn came to the door with Ethan, Garrett, Brennan and Alex for our trip across the way to the Rec Center. 

“Hey, where’s Scott?” I asked naturally since he wasn’t with them.

“Oh, he said he wasn’t feeling well,” Shawn replied.

“He and Jordy are having troubles I think,” Garrett spoke up.

“I see why he’s not feeling so hot,” I stated.

“We all know how that shit is,” Alex said. “Ethan, where’s Cody?”

“Being fucking lazy,” Ethan laughed. “I wanna get cut up like y’all for the summer and lose this gut of mine.”

“Good luck,” Alex said.

“Stop it, Alex. We all started somewhere,” Brennan said sporting a new haircut that looked great on him with it combed to his face along with a scrubby beard that now most had. “You’ll be sore tomorrow though.”

“Oh well,” Ethan commented and flipped back his red hair while we exited out the door. We talked about the game from last night while walking over on this cloudy day. We entered with Kris at the front desk. He didn’t even check us in and waved us back while he was talking to another guy.

We finished our workout with Ethan straining and sweating like I did my first time. All of us did our best to encourage him and not make him feel weak. He did laugh when we headed to shower for now he knew our ways. I caught a little ribbing over my eye along the way and had Shawn and Alex try to reenact my fight in the shower.  We did get stares from two other fit guys who were showering and trying to ignore us. In the locker room no one ever wanted to admit that they checked out the other guys, especially the straight ones.  I checked them out but did it discretely for I enjoyed seeing hot naked jocks and comparing. 

After we finished, we gathered in Shawn’s room. It was nice to see Bryson and Toni there when we arrived. Their room looked pretty nice, whereas at times it did look trashy.

“Where’s Scott?” Shawn asked.

“I don’t really know but he left about an hour ago,” Bryson said. “I don’t keep tabs on him like Matt does his roomies.”

“Well someone needs to,” Toni said. 

“Bullshit, we’re big boys now,” Ethan said. “Cody doesn’t keep up with me or any of the other two losers in our room. I hang with y’all to get away from them.”

“We’re lucky here to have roomies we like hanging with,” I said with Scott coming in the door.

“Hey wassup?” Scott asked with a big smile on his face in his polo shirt and shorts. “I’m glad everyone’s here so I don’t have to say this much but… Jordy ended it with me.”

“Why?” Brennan asked. “Y’all were such a nice couple.”

“I know, but we were doing what was convenient. I did have strong feelings for him and him for me. It’s pretty much mutual you might say,” Scott stated.

“Mutual or so you can be with Jess?” Garrett asked.

“Oh please!” Scott said. “Why would I wanna do that?”

“Dude, you talk to him every night,” Garrett replied.

“We’ll see what happens,” Scott said and broke off a big smile.

I stayed a while before heading back to the room to do some studying and work on a paper. I got in some good quiet studying done before Scott came down to the room.

“Matt, I do have strong feelings for Jess,” Scott said.

“I know you do, but what about Jordy?”

“We both agreed it was more a relationship of convenience. We still really like each other though. He knows about my feelings for Jess and he said he really liked Brad. I’m not sure how that will work for them, just like I’m not sure how it will work with Jess until he comes back.”

I smiled, “So it’s a done deal he’s returning?”

“If all goes as planned, he will. The odd thing is he wants to be an RA. Why would anyone wanna put up with that shit?”

“I don’t know, but I’m glad there are ones who will do it,” I replied.

“Shoot me straight. Are we or are we not moving out next semester?” Scott asked.

“Things are moving in that direction, but we need to decide yes or no before too long. For one to start looking for a place, and another to secure these rooms if we don’t want to move,” I said.

“I’m on the fence in a way. I hear people bitch and moan about the driving and finding a place to park. On the other hand, it would be sweet to have our own place, but that has problems too. We have to clean and fucking cook!”

“It won’t be any different for me. I’m the only one who cleans around here…”

“No doubt. We cleaned last night after shit was up to our ankles,” Scott laughed. 

The big surprise of the night was Colt and Kris both coming in after working and heading off to study for a test again for the second night in a row without anyone uttering a word. Corey did some as well but he said he was pretty caught up. I filled him in on Scott and Jordy. He too hated to see it end since he did like Jordy, as we all do. I suspect we will continue to see him around.

With the lights out and me in bed, Kris came and lay next to me. “How was your day?”

I turned and was just about asleep, “It was good until just now.”

“I haven’t had the chance to talk to you about your fight. I see where my ass stands now.”

“It stands exactly in the same spot it always has for me. I needed loving more then. Nothing against you really, but I wanted Corey. We are lovers.”

“I know, but I felt like you rejected me.”

“I’m sorry, Kris. I love you, but so differently. So you know it did make Corey feel great and not second fiddle. There will be times just like those, but who was here for me the night I found out about Dad?”

Kris smiled, “I guess you’re right. I was being selfish and need to realize Corey is your lover. We serve a purpose for you and everyone else here. Bro, I was proud of you for not getting your ass kicked. I worried he could, but should know by now you are quite capable of handling yourself.”

“I am, with a big thanks to you. Not only do I have a nice body…”

“Fucking kick ass if you ask me. Look at those abs and your chest,” Kris said and ran his finger over my abs.

“Thanks, but I have gained so much confidence as well. It helps that I proved to myself that I wasn’t just going to roll over and let that asshole beat the fuck out of me. You know he’s lucky he didn’t get worse with the rage I had going then.”

“Attaboy,” Kris said and laughed. “Killer Matt.”

“I wish I could announce to all the others out there that we are sick and tired of getting our asses whipped just because we are gay. What we have here now is so unique and special. I wish every gay person in the world could see and experience what I have. It’s all because the one they look up to takes the lead and shows that we are people first and foremost.”

Kris smiled, “It’s easy when I had someone like you and Nathan show me that gays are people. It eats me alive to hear the stories that someone is getting punished for being gay. When’s it gonna stop? This fucking goddamn America where our forefathers came here for freedom, but now we look down on those you aren’t like us and have for years. Gays are now what the Blacks were in the 50’s and 60’s.”

“Wow, history has finally sunk in,” I laughed.

“It has,” Kris said. 

“Bro, I’m tired, so I’ll see you bright and early,” I said. 

Kris leaned over and kissed me on the lips. “You’re still my best bud and don’t forget that.”

“I won’t ever forget it,” I said.

Thursday, I woke up and saw it was lightly raining, but I knew it could be by the forecast and talking with Scott. Kris and I prepared for the day with Kris making it better than usual.  

My day was pretty good in my classes. Just as Mr. Jackson was about to end our intense day of accounting, he spoke up, “Mr. Wilcox, the spring game is this Saturday, correct?”

Ted looked at me before answering, “Yes, sir, it is.”

“Great, I know everyone will look forward to it. I encourage all of you to attend these events and make the most of them,” Mr. Jackson said. “Have a nice day.”

Ted and I packed our things. He leaned over to me, “I had no earthly idea he even knew who I was.”

I smiled, “They know more about us than we realize.”

“And you know more about him,” Ted laughed and pushed on my shoulder.

“Thanks for the reminder. I made it through the class without having freakish flashbacks,” I joked and threw my backpack over my shoulder. Together we exited the large business building to a steady rain. With the distance being what it was we had little choice but to make it back as quickly as possible. 

Ted didn’t show one sign of the run as we entered our dorm. “The bright side of this is Coach will have us inside today.”

I shook off the water from my head, “So, the spring game is this weekend? What’s that all about?”

“It’s a scrimmage to signal the end of our spring practice. It’s mostly done for our fans,” Ted replied. 

“Hmmm… I guess we have something to do this weekend,” I said, climbing the stairs.

Ted said goodbye at my room. I entered to it being dark thanks to the dark clouds outside. I changed into dry shorts and kicked back in the living area. 

Kris and Colt entered the room just as I was getting comfortable. Both flung their soaked shirts across the room, barely in the door. 

“There goes our game tonight for damn sure,” Colt said.

“For sure, bro,” Kris said and dropped his shorts.

“Guys, you’re making a mess,” I said and saw the water below them.

“That’s why we have you,” Colt said.

“You know fuck that! My ass is sick of cleaning up after all three of you, Corey included,” I steamed.

“I was only kidding,” Colt said. “Damn what crawled up your ass?”

“Nothing at all, but I’m the only one here who cares…”

“And we love you for it,” Kris stated. “Now what’s this about us moving into apartments next year?”

I was stunned until it hit me, “Scott opened his mouth. I said basically we need to decide one way or the other.”

“Scott made it sound like it’s a done deal. Corey said you could swing now too,” Colt stated.

Not only had Scott opened his mouth but Corey had spilled our little secret before I knew for sure the money was mine. 

“Yeah, I hear your Dad set your ass up,” Kris said after finding a towel for him and Colt.

“Fuck!” I screamed.

“Why are you pissed off?” Kris asked.

“Because I asked Corey to keep quiet about it, it was between us,” I vented.

“All he said was he thought you had enough to carry you through ‘til you got out. So don’t go slamming Corey,” Colt said.

“So how much is it?” Kris asked.

My eyes darted around while thinking, “Corey is right that it is enough to get me through but… I see a lawyer tomorrow to make sure.”

“Awesome,” Kris said. “You deserve every dime of it. I know Linda is jumping for joy.”

Corey entered the room wet as well. I stared straight at him.

“Corey, can I have word with you?” I asked.

“Sure thing,” Corey said and looked at Kris and Colt. They both shrugged while I took Corey’s hand.

Once in our room, I shut the door, “So what did you tell ‘em about what I had?”

“Colt asked if you got anything and I said you got some money. I think I said something like enough to make it for the next two years,” Corey replied and removed his wet tee shirt.

“No exact figure?”

“No! That’s between us,” Corey said and removed his wet jeans. “Why are you asking me this?”

“Well… I’m sorry. I blew my top and just knew you had opened your mouth,” I answered.

“I see. You don’t trust me…”

“I didn’t have the full story.”

“I kept things rather general. Damn, I’m sorry for being honest with Colt. I really don’t see the big deal in being all quiet about it.”

“I’ve thought about it, but I don’t want to boast over my Dad’s death. I hate to hear people say shit like he’s rolling in it after his parents died. Besides, it’s no one’s business how much I got. Have I ever once asked you how much you have saved up from working?” I asked.

“No, but I’d tell you in a heartbeat. I see your point, however. It is cruel and disrespectful to brag at another person’s misfortune,” Corey replied.

I leaned over and kissed him. “That’s for assuming shit.”

“I’m glad we have it straight now,” Corey said. “It does look like no game with all the rain we’ve gotten.”

“Yes, it does.”

“Oh by the way, I got a text from the guy today saying he wants to do the photo shoot Saturday if we can,” Corey said.

I looked at him and was mystified as to exactly what he was talking about.

“You know I said something earlier to you about it. It won’t be lewd but just classy shots he promises.”

“Yeah… yeah, now I remember. We’re all tan now so bring it on,” I said.


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