Posted 5/2/12

We were at the dance and talking. Surprisingly, we knew more guys, and a few girls, than we thought we would. Jordy had a friend there as well who was great at ASL, even though Scott was making great strides every day. Scott did say he goes online quite often to learn new things to help things out. Stephan and Grayson, our old friends, were right there with us in our little group, talking in a circle. The weird part was the few that came up to say hi to Corey. He usually didn’t know their names, even though they were patrons at the Rec Center.

The lights dimmed. “Is everyone having a great time?” the PA guy said. Everyone screamed. “Before we get this fucker started, how many single guys and girls are here?”

I looked around to see hands flying up all over the place. It was hard to guess how many were there in attendence but I’d say close to a hundred.

“Alright then, you see those hands. Pick one out and make ‘em dance. Who knows you could get laid by the end of the night!”

“I hope so,” one guy yelled across the room.

“Boys, he’s a little cutie too,” the announcer said. “Alright, we have a great crowd and I’m glad to see everyone here in their finest swimwear. I commend those of you who made our nights by wearing Speedos. The rest of you are nothing but pussies! Now are you ready to dance your asses off?”

“It’s Raining Men” came blaring over the speakers. I took Corey’s hand and made our way to the dance floor. We were here and going to enjoy this night. Scott and Jordy were right with us. I was amazed at how well Jordy moved to the beat but he did say he could feel it. The floor became crowded with everyone dancing. I’d say 85 percent there were guys. Corey and I danced until he dragged me off the floor.

We headed over to grab some punch to quench our thirst and cool off after working up a nice sweat. This time a little something extra had found its way into the punch. Corey took a drink and said since he was driving that was all. Parker and Yancey came off next and sat next to us. We tried talking but the music was so loud. 

We rested until a slow song came over the speaker. It was a great chance to dance close to Corey. I loved doing so, as did many around us. I looked to see Brennan and Garrett lip locked while they tried to dance. There were a few suits that were pushed down exposing some great asses. I slid my hands inside Corey’s suit and loved feeling his great ass. 

At one, or there about, we were all exhausted and decided to leave the dance. We said goodbye to Stephan and Grayson before exiting out the door. A few reached in and grabbed a handful of condoms before we left. It was cool stepping out in our swimwear. 

“Oh my fucking God was that a blast!” Brennan yelled.

“I take it you had a good time?” Parker said.

“The best,” Brennan said. “Man, I loved it. I didn’t have to hide shit and could enjoy the freedom of being gay.”

Corey and I got in the car with Brennan and Garrett. 

“That was a lot of fun. We really need to do that more often,” I said.

“I agree,” Garrett said.

“Say, did y’all ever go to the bathroom there?” Brennan asked.

“I did,” I said.

“Did you see anyone getting fucked? I sure did,” Brennan asked.

“Well, what did you expect with a bunch of half-naked guys and free condoms?” Corey commented pulling away.

“I guess you’re right, Corey,” Brennan said. “It was pretty damn wild. I saw a bunch dancing with their dicks just hanging out.”

“Oh well,” I commented. “Did you Garrett?”

“No,” he replied and laughed.

“I think we all know who would have,” Brennan said.

“Kris,” we said in unison and laughed.

We made it back to the dorm with Brennan as excited as ever. Scott headed off with Jordy while the rest of us climbed the stairs. We said goodbye to Garrett, Brennan, Parker and Yancey. I opened the door and found Kris, Colt, Andrea and Megan sitting on the couch.

“A bomb exploded. Did ya hear it?” Colt asked.

“Very fucking funny, asshole!” Kris said.

“What happened?” Corey asked.

“Guess who caught the wrath of Kris tonight?” Colt asked.

“I don’t have a clue,” I said.

“Antonio,” Colt said.

“What?” Corey asked.

“Well, we all came back early and were kicking it here,” Kris said. “You know everyone has a radar on this room.”

“Yeah, we were chilling when slowly everyone started coming down. Honestly, Antonio and Joe were already blasted. Antonio thought it’d be funny as hell to start back razzing on Kris.”

“Bro, I lit into his ass like a motherfucker,” Kris said. “I was pissed.”

“He was,” Megan said. “I don’t blame him though. Kris kept telling him to shut the fuck up but he kept ragging on Kris…”

“Then Kris said something like he wasn’t the one who ended the basketball season. Dude hit him in the gut,” Colt said.

“Antonio got what he had coming though. His lip and nose were bloodied,” Andrea said. “It took all we could do to get Kris off him.”

“What did Joe say?” Corey asked.

“He was on Kris’s side and said Antonio loves to fight when he gets drunk,” Colt said.

“Bros, I’m done talking about this shit. It’s over and done with,” Kris said.

“How was y’all’s night?” Andrea asked.

“Actually we had a great time,” I said.

Kris left and slammed the door to his bedroom before Megan left to be with him. We talked with Colt and Andrea. They said everyone was behind Kris on this one and didn’t blame him at all for going off on Antonio the way he did.

Sunday, I was up at my usual 10 or so. I used the bathroom real quick while Andrea and Colt were sleeping on the sofa bed. That purchase was one of our best and most used. Corey woke while I was on my laptop and checking to see what was ahead of me in my classes.  

A soft knock came to the door with Kris opening it with his shorts sagging low on his hips. 

“How’s it going?” Corey asked.

“Not too bad now,” Kris replied. “Matt, I just couldn’t help it. I tried and tried to tell Antonio to stop.”

“Bro, by what we heard, you had no other choice other than kick him out,” I said.

“I just fucking hate that I did it,” Kris stated and took a seat. “I’m not apologizing for it though. I know he wouldn’t play softball either…”

“Like that matters,” Corey said. “It frees up a little space by the way I see it.”

“I just thought I’d come and make sure you two understood,” Kris said. “I feel bad about it though.”

“It happens. He may have learned a lesson. Joe said he gets feisty when he’s drunk,” I stated.

“People don’t change when they get drunk. The sad part was we weren’t even drinking. You know, I have had a drop… no I take that back. I downed one after I nearly killed his ass,” Kris said.

We sat around talking. Kris mentioned something that triggered my memory as I was going out to Gloria’s today to gather a few of Dad’s possessions she had set back for me. About noon, she called to remind me and tell me she was cooking for me. She did say something strange, that I should come alone for we had a few private matters that needed addressing.

I dressed after getting off the phone and started driving in that direction. Again, it would be rather different going out to Dad’s house with him gone. I drove up the drive and parked my car. Gloria opened the door before I could knock and was waiting on me. We greeted each other with sincere hugs before going inside on this very nice Sunday afternoon.  

The smell of food hit my nose when I entered the house. I glanced at Dad’s chair and saw a box sitting in it. 

“I hope you’re hungry. I’ve fixed grilled pork chops, beans, corn and mashed potatoes,” Gloria said.

“You didn’t have to cook,” I said.

“I wanted to. I miss cooking for Larry. Now if he was here, those pork chops would have been fried but I know how you like to eat as healthy as possible,” Gloria said.

I smiled, “I try, but it’s hard at college. The guys keep us on track.”

“Well gimme a minute and I’ll have it on the table,” she said. She walked over to the box. “It’s just a few things I thought you’d like.”

She walked into the kitchen while I sat with the box. I opened it up to see a framed old picture. It appeared to be my dad with his dad and was the first time I’d seen this picture ever. Under it were his wallet, a watch, a lighter and other various pictures. 

Once Gloria said lunch was ready I walked in and sat at the table. I grabbed a little of everything, plus had a glass of iced tea. “Any idea who is in the framed picture?” I asked.

“Larry’s only uncle, your great uncle, gave that to him, I think about four years ago, just before he passed. It is Larry and your grandpa.”

“I’ve never even seen a picture of my grandpa. He and my grandmother passed before Dad got married,” I said.

“Yeah, he told me that. He really treasured that picture,” Gloria said. “I figured you’d want it.”

“I do for sure and will treasure it,” I said and continued eating. The food was great and hit the spot. It was home cooking at its best and a nice change from the food on campus.

I finished up, with Gloria clearing the table and putting the dishes in the sink. She returned with a large manila envelope and took a seat. She sat the envelope down on the end table next to her.  

“I don’t even have to ask if you miss Dad,” I said.

“Oh just about every day. I keep questioning how things would have been different if he hadn’t been so stubborn.”

“I did go by the grave last Sunday. That was tough.”

“I went this week and cleaned it up. Matt, you know what is sad is that finally your Dad was so proud of you. After we ate that last time, he just went on and on about how great you will do in life. When you told him you were gay, he really didn’t want to believe it…”

“I know.”

“He was in denial that his only son was gay, but he was thrilled to see you again. I guess fate intervened and brought you two together. He was really thankful for that. I know you don’t think he was a good man but he really was. Larry had problems like everyone else, but he had really curtailed his drinking at the end. He was really a smart man, like you, but never showed it. There wasn’t much he couldn’t do, like if anything needed fixing, he could do it around here.”

“I do remember he was handy. That’s something I’m not,” I said.

“Matt, we need to discuss a few things. I hate to do it but it has to be done,” Gloria said. She handed me the envelope. I peeked to see it was full of papers. “He had those in his lock box at the bank. One is a life insurance policy…”

I looked at the papers and really didn’t grasp what I was looking at. I saw the amount and raised my eyes a little. “I see here the amount but first his medical bills need to be covered first.”

Gloria smiled, “That is taken care of. His company paid almost all of them from what I have seen.”

“The funeral?”

“That was covered as well.”


“Well… we need to decide that today, I guess, but really we have another pressing matter. This house is your dad’s free and clear. I wish I could pay my part, but right now I can’t.  I had a little financial trouble a few years ago so my credit isn’t there yet. I was hoping we could work something out.”

“Say no more. I’m still trying to process the life insurance…”

“Matt, Larry was smart with his money. I guess you saw he never was a big spender.”

I smiled, “I saw that. Gloria, first I need to talk to a few people, but I see no reason why you can’t live here. This house is of no use to me.”

“I wondered if maybe you and your friends might wanna move out here,” she said.

I laughed, “I don’t think so. It is a ways out, plus we’d be out here away from our friends. We’ll work something out.”

“Oh thank you so very much. I was a little worried.”

“That should have been the least of your worries. I really can’t thank you enough for all you did for Dad. I can see you really did love him.”

“I did love him very much. It’s a shame he left far too soon.”

“Yes it is. I say that all the time,” I said.

“Also you’ll find a check in there from his account. We didn’t have joint accounts but I could sign his checks,” she said.

I looked through the envelope until I saw the check. It was a nice sum. I took it and handed it to her. “Here, you deserve this more than I do.”

“No, you keep it for my years worth of rent,” she said and handed it back to me. 

“Better yet, let’s consider it part of your down payment for the house. You just live here and keep it up for nothing. When you can get some money, then you can pay me. That is if it is alright with you.”

She smiled, “I couldn’t ask for anything more. I promise to keep it up.”

“Say there comes a need for a roof, if you’ll pay for it, I’ll just deduct it from the price and things like that.”

“That’ll work for me. I’ll keep up with what I pay like the insurance and taxes. I hope you will trust me on that. Hopefully in a few years, my credit will let me buy this house out right.”

“I hope so,” I said.

“Also he did have another life insurance thing from his work that came with his health insurance. I’d say you are set,” she said.

“It’ll help me finish college for sure,” I said.

We sat and just talked. I could tell she was lonely and did miss having Dad around. We shed a few tears and had a few good laughs talking about Dad. While we were talking, my mind was still trying to process everything. Before I did leave, we drew up a small hand written agreement about the house. We also agreed that she could have a big yard sale to get rid of Dad’s things, with her keeping the money, or she could donate things to a charity. 

Gloria hated to see me leave and gave me a very long hug before I headed back to my car. The second I was in the car I called Mom to tell her the news. She knew Dad was good with his money and vaguely remembered the insurance policy. I asked her opinion about what I had agreed upon concerning the house, but I did see I held the deed to it. She said I was very nice and very trusting with someone I really barely knew. It had entered my head to give Gloria the house but I didn’t. It wasn’t worth that much, but it was worth a little since there was 2 acres of land with it. Mom did say I may need to go to a lawyer to have everything done properly and legally since there was some money involved.

Corey was watching TV when I came in the door carrying the small box. “How’d it go?”

“Pretty good,” I replied. “Follow me.”

He stood in his shorts and sleeveless tee. I showed him the picture of Dad and my grandpa. I put it on my desk and would treasure it. I emptied the envelope.

“What’s all this?” Corey asked.

“Papers. There are two life insurance policies in here,” I replied.

“Hot damn, you’re rich!” Corey shouted.

“Well, I wouldn’t say rich, but it will help me get through college.”

I sifted through all the papers and found his will. It was written about five years ago with me as the sole beneficiary. I knew then that seeing a lawyer before I did anything would be necessary. The bright spot in this would be I would no longer have to be reliant on Mom for spending money.

“Corey, please don’t say a word about this,” I said.

“Why not?”

“Not everyone needs to know about this. I know fifty thousand sounds like a lot to us right now but I could blow that on a new car… which I’m not going to by the way. I’m a little shocked to be honest. I never expected to see a dime. I figured his medical bills would eat up what little money he did have. Come to find out those are taken care of. My dad was actually pretty smart with his money.”

“I’ll say. I’d pay through the nose if Mom died. I know she doesn’t have shit to her name,” Corey stated. “At least you don’t have to worry about money for the next two years. Cruise next spring here we come!”

I laughed, “Yeah, here we come! Now you don’t have to pay for everything for me again. Is that straight?”

“Yes it is. You’re paying for my working ass,” Corey said and kissed me.

We were looking through the papers and heard Kris and Colt coming in the door. “We’re home!” I heard Kris yell.

“Good!” Corey yelled back.

“Whatcha doing?” I heard Colt’s voice and turned to see both had gotten a haircut. Kris’s was shorter but Colt’s look very normal and was no longer long and flipping up on the end.

“Bro, what do ya think?” Kris said.

“It’s about time,” I laughed in reply.

“So what do we have here?” Kris asked.

I stuffed the papers back in the envelope quickly. “Oh just a few things Gloria said I need. Just some old papers and stuff. I did get a nice picture, here. I had never even seen a picture of his dad in my life.”

“Bro, that’s just plain weird,” Kris said. “Surely you did.”

“Yeah, they had cameras back then,” Colt said.

“Dad never had one picture of him and his dad. He died when my Dad was about 16,” I said. “My great uncle gave it to Dad a few years ago.”

“It’s nice, bro,” Kris said and patted me on the shoulder. “So what’s all the papers about?”

“Just a few things I need to take care of,” I said.

“I see. So, are we ready to kick some ass in softball? Word around the hall is Antonio is dropping out,” Kris stated.

“I’m ready,” Corey replied. “Gonna blast a few out this year and make use of these guns.” Corey flexed his big muscles. He rarely did it so it was nice to see.

“You know our nickname could be ‘Gunners’,” Colt said showing his nice biceps and triceps. “Rip the sleeves out of our shirts and show off these fuckers.”

Kris laughed, “Bro, chill. Gunners is cool, but it could have a different meaning. Blasters could work.”

“Yeah, since we blast more than that stupid ball,” I said and giggled.

“You nasty little shit,” Kris said and rubbed my head. “I know exactly what you were thinking after blasting Corey’s ass so much.”

A majority of our friends were in the room Sunday night while we had some fierce competition in the wrestling game. Even Kwan had decided to join us for the night to get away from his room for a change. We laughed a lot at each from the trip and rubbed it in on those that didn’t make it. Scott was still dark as ever with his hair lighter from the trip. 

That Sunday night Corey and I were in bed. “Now we can take the trip to the casino and really enjoy it.”

“Yeah, just when we start to have a firm date, something will come up. Here you’re already making plans for my money.”

“Excuse me then. I thought we said this was a partnership,” he said.

“It is,” I smiled. “Corey, I want to do something fun, but in way I feel bad since I got it by something tragic happening.”

“Your dad did that so you’d have something after he was gone. We’ll do something fun, but you should use it for your education here. We still have two years to get through, you know.”

I looked into Corey’s blue eyes, “Whatever happens, I hope this doesn’t change me or you. I’ll give it to Mom if it does. I’d hate for us to lose two great years. They say money is the root of all evil. We made it perfectly fine on what little we’ve had. I’d say we haven’t missed one thing.”

“I hope you don’t change.”

“I don’t think I will. First let me see what a lawyer says before we go spending money I may not even have.”

“One week this summer, I would like for us to go somewhere alone and enjoy being with each other without another person around. I’ve got money and was planning on something for us this summer anyway,” he said.

“It would be nice. I’m sure we can escape for one week and have a nice week for just the two of us,” I said smiling and kissed him.

Just before my last class on Monday, Terry, who I had seen at the dance over the weekend, walked up to me. “Hey, wassup?”

“Oh, not much.”

“Man, it was good seeing you the other night. Wasn’t that just a trip?” he asked while we entered.

“It was.”

“Hey, just between us, I don’t like the whole world knowing that I’m….”

“I understand. No one has to know other than me and about 100 others there.”

“Man, I had no idea there were so many. It was Dalton’s idea,” Terry said and sat next to me.

“We went a few times last year but that was a big crowd. It was pretty crazy, huh?” I said with Mrs. Wells entering the large classroom. She started class and returned our papers to review our previous test. My name was last with a note attached asking me to see her right after class. Now my grade was a 90 and more to my liking. Terry scored an 84 and seemed happy with his score. 

As class was dismissed, I walked to the front to see Mrs. Wells. She asked that we speak in her office again. I followed down the hall and back up the stairs. She entered, turned on the lights and took a seat behind her messy desk.

“Mr. Raymond, I owe you an apology,” she spoke looking over her glasses.

“It’s okay,” I said.

“No sir, I messed up and was thrilled to see a student that cared. I remember what happened, which doesn’t matter now, while I was grading your paper. I didn’t look at your other scores to see that something could have been wrong. I have students all the time score high and then bomb the next one. I’m sorry again.”

“It is right now and that’s what matters,” I said.

“Thank you for being very understanding of an old lady,” she chuckled. “It could be telling me that my time is just about up here.”

“Don’t worry about it,” I said.

She stood and extended her wrinkled hand, “Best to you, Mr. Raymond.”

“You too Mrs. Wells,” I said and turned to head out.

I stopped to grab a quick bite since I knew Kris and Colt weren’t waiting on me. I finished up and headed out on this cloudy day.

I was walking back to the dorm and thinking about Mrs. Wells. I had her figured wrong as an uncaring professor. She proved to be quite human and did seem remorseful over her mistake.

WHAM!!! I fell face forward just missing the concrete.


Hope you enjoyed another chapter in my story.   Thought I'd leave a cliffhanger for you.  As you can tell, the end of the semester is getting closer.   

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