Posted:  4/29/12

In our room, we came out of our soaked clothes. 

“Seriously, I thought Antonio was going to be told where the hell he could go,” Colt said.

“Bro, I wanted to in the worst way, but why? Yeah I know what he said, but sometimes you need to make a little peace,” Kris said.

“Hold on… Hold on. Is this Kris talking?” Colt said. He walked over and shook Kris’s wet head. “It is but he’s fucking possessed.”

Kris laughed, “I guess my fighting days are over. It took everything I had not to tell him off but I considered the source.”

“Still, it was rude,” Corey stated.

“I wasn’t happy. I’ll tell you that,” I said. “Kris, you should be proud for not going off on him.”

“I am and showed I can control my temper,” Kris said, pushing his wet hair from his face. “Remind me once and for all to get this shit cut.”

“Will do. We’ll both get it buzzed again,” Colt said. “My hair is on my last nerve.”

“One day this weekend we’ll go,” Kris said. “Buzzed, I don’t know about that.”

Kris and Corey left a little early after we grabbed a bite to eat. Colt waited for Andrea before the three of us headed across in the falling rain under an umbrella Andrea had. We took our seat and watched the guys warm up.

Colt leaned over to me, “The other team looks pretty decent.”

“I noticed but I was wondering if it was just me since I don’t know that much about this game.”

Slowly, others from our hall started making their way in the Rec Center gym for the game. I looked to see Ted, Myles and Luke coming in the door and heading in our direction. Ted sat next to me and squeezed my knee, “I’m pumped to see them.”

“You’re in for a real treat. Half the show is watching Kris,” Shawn said. “You talk about being into a game.”

“He looks nervous,” Myles stated.

“Yeah, he’s pacing back and forth,” Luke commented.

Kris was down on one knee in front of the bench in his shorts and tee when the game started. Ted and Myles seemed to get a kick out of watching Kris. 

“Matt, tell me Kris is going to be a coach,” Luke said leaning up.

“He is,” Colt spoke for me.

“He’s such a natural already and knows all the moves,” Myles stated as the game began. 

The first half was tight as they come with neither team getting too far ahead. Just when we would make a small run, the other team would counter and catch right back up. We were playing okay but still not the best I had seen. Inside, I was nervous for them, especially Corey and Kris. Though not major players, this meant a lot to them, more than they may have led us to believe.

The second half was no different. It was back and forth. The other team took the lead by one point with 20 seconds left. Bryson raced the ball into the front court and called time out. 

“Man, what a game,” Colt said.

“Yeah, it is. You know both teams are damn good,” Ted stated while Kris had the guys huddled up. 

They broke the huddle. Getting the ball in bounds was a test, but it was thrown high to Garrett with the clock ticking away. He handed the ball off to Bryson, who tried to cut to the basket but was cut off. He dished the ball to Scott. I was holding my breath and wanting them to shoot the ball. With three seconds left the ball ended up in Antonio’s hands. He took a shot. Clinching my fist, I was hoping the ball would go in. Instead the ball hit the rim and bounced away, thus ending the game and the season. 

“Damn, I just knew it was in,” Myles said in disgust as we were all so disappointed.

I looked to see Antonio with his shirt pulled up and covering his face. The team gathered around him and began patting him on the back and shoulder. 

“It’s just a shame,” Ted said.

We applauded while the teams shook hands with Kris holding Antonio by the arm. Corey had his head down while they passed the other team. The other team began celebrating, as they should after a tough close game. We left the bleachers to find our friends.

Walking up, I could hear Kris, “It’s just a game, Antonio…”

“I missed the easiest fucking shot,” Antonio said in great disappointment.

“Bro, you made lots of others to keep us in the game. Don’t let it get to you,” Kris said with his hand on Antonio’s shoulder.

“Yeah, it’s cool, dude,” Joe said. “It sucks we lost but we played a hell of game. Those dudes could ball.”

“I give them all the props. We were just slightly off again. Now all the teams are good,” Kris said calm and cool as ever.

Walking out, I said to Corey, “You played a great game.”

Corey snickered, “Yeah, all three shots went in, huh?”

“Corey was on fire!” Scott yelled. “Man, it sucks the season is over.”

“I’m sorry!” Antonio yelled with rabbit ears.

Scott turned, “Don’t be. I couldn’t buy a basket. We gave it our all but came up just a little short.”

“Guys, it was a great game to watch,” Myles said. “I really enjoyed it. I didn’t know we had so many ballers on the floor.”

“Yeah, you had bad luck,” Cody said.

“Look who’s talking,” Colt said.

“Hey, I came to a game earlier. The first and only game Ted and Myles show up at they lose,” Cody stated.

It was nice to see they were still messing with each other after having such a good time camping. We headed out to see the rain had stopped and cooled things off a little bit. It was a different mood with us heading to our dorm.

Kris, Megan, Colt, Andrea, Corey and I entered our room. It was as cold as ever, just how the other three liked it. It did give Corey’s nipples a little rise when he hit the room. 

“I’m telling you right now Kris is a different person today,” Colt said and started packing his can.

“Why get upset over losing a game? There are worse things that happen in life,” Kris stated.

“To me, it couldn’t have been better than having Antonio miss that shot after what he said today,” Colt said and spit in a bottle.

“It is ironic, but actually I thought he had played maybe his best game all year,” Kris said.

“It’ll teach his ass to say Matt’s your boyfriend,” Colt said.

“He said that?” Megan asked.

“Yeah, he said he was just kidding but I know he wasn’t. In the old days I would have torn into him…”

“Old days as in six months ago,” Corey joked.

“I’m still liable to blow up one day, but today wasn’t that day,” Kris said and put his arm around Megan.

“Just wait, Megan, ‘til he does,” I said. “You better stand clear. But he has really improved here lately.”

Corey headed off to shower while we sat and talked. Soon our room was filled with people wanting to relive the game and bitch about the end.

“Yeah, just wait ‘til next year. We’ll school all of ‘em,” Bryson stated.

“I doubt that,” Scott said.

“Why’s that?” Alex asked.

“The way things are looking we’re moving into apartments for the next two years,” Scott said.

I shot Scott a look and then spoke up, “It’s not set in stone.”

“Great. Here we go again like last year,” Brennan said. “Actually I love living here.”

“We all do, but how sweet will it be for all of us,” Kris said sweeping his hand across, “to move into apartments?”

“Matt, so how sure are you?” Garrett asked with his arm around Brennan.

“Well, pretty sure with the way things are looking. I wasn’t going to say a word until I knew for sure,” I stated.

“Sorry, but we need to start looking now so we can find… I’d say about 5 apartments. Ted, is your crew with us?” Scott said.

“Ummm… Myles and I are for sure but I’m not sure about Luke yet,” Ted replied.

“I’d say from now until May we have work to be done,” Shawn said. “Whatever everyone decides, I’m down with it. I don’t care one way or another.”

“Bishop, what about you?” Colt asked.

“I’m cool, and for sure I’m changing roommates next year, one way or another,” he replied.

Again, we decided as a group we were sticking together, no matter what, after seeing how things turned out for Kendall and Noah. We really don’t know how big a part the moving away from us affected them but it didn’t help by the way we all saw it.

It was probably the latest we all hung together on a week night. It was approaching 3 before the lights were turned off in our suite. Corey was sound asleep after barely getting in bed. I wasn’t far behind after a long day.

Friday morning came far too quickly. It was overcast and cooler than the previous days but still we donned our shorts and shirts with flip flops to head to class. 

Starting my last class, the professor announced that our grades from a test we took before spring break were now posted. I logged on, as did the others around me, to check out my score. I saw I made a ‘30’ out of ‘33’ and was happy with that. The guy next to me said he made an ‘84’. I was perplexed beyond words and rather dismayed now at my score since now I knew the ‘30’ was out of a ‘100’. So much so concentrating on the class was hard while the test ran back through my head.

She let our class out a few minutes early. I walked up front to where she was gathering her things. “Mrs Wells, can I speak to you?”

“I suppose you can,” she said looking over her reading glasses.

“It’s about my test score,” I said.

“Alright mister, you’ll have to follow me to my office then,” she said and did seem rather put off by my request.

Walking down the hall, I sent a text to Kris that I would be late and to go ahead since I knew he’d be waiting on me as he usually did. I followed the older professor down the hall and up a flight of stairs. She opened the door and turned on her light. “Your name, Mister.”

I gave my name before she began going through a stack. She came to my test and pulled it out. “You didn’t do so well,” she stated. “You’ll need to study more next time, Mr Raymond.”

Taking the test from her, I started scanning the test to see where I had messed up. The first eight were perfect then came a series of red marks meaning I missed those. Shaking my head, I said, “Mrs. Wells, I’m not sure but…I think you made a mistake.”

She grabbed the paper from my hand. “I’ll see about that.” 

I sat patiently while she glanced over the test. She looked up at me, “I may have made a slight error. I’ll re-grade this paper later and revise your score.”

I sat quietly, “Okay.”

“Sir, I will grade it later when I have the time,” she said and seemed rather upset that I had caught her in error. 

I stood from the chair, “Thanks for your time.”

She looked over her glasses and nodded before I walked out of her office. I was rather pissed at her attitude. We all make mistakes, but by her body language I was really putting her off. I headed to grab something to eat before heading back to the room. There was no sign of my frat boy on this day because I was later than usual.  

Entering my room, Scott came knocking at the door while I barely had time to set down my backpack.  

“Matt, you wanna swim today?” he asked.

“I guess I could do that, but I know Jordy will be there,” I said.

“Oh yeah, he will, along with Yancey,” Scott stated.

“Man, I just had a really weird experience…” I said and told Scott what had happened. 

“That sucks ass that she was rude,” Scott said.

“Tell me about it,” I stated before getting ready to swim. “We’re human and make mistakes.”

“I know, but I get the feeling some of those professors don’t think their shit stinks at all,” Scott said.

“I’m with ya there,” I said.

As soon as I got ready, we headed over for our weekly swim. Jordy was there waiting on us and looking as stunning as ever in a new black Speedo, with Yancey there as well. We dove in the warm water and swam around. I took it slow and easy while the other three pushed each other.  

After our shower, we were dressing and taking our time about it. 

“Say, Parker and I were wondering if we could talk you guys in to coming with us tomorrow night to a dance,” Yancey stated.

Scott signed what Yancey said before saying, “I take it that it is for the gay club here.”

“It is,” Yancey said. “Y’all came last year. The theme is, again, the beach.”

“Original but totally gay,” Scott laughed. After he signed it to Jordy, Jordy smiled and nodded his head like he was interested.

“I’ll see what Corey says, but…”

“Just say you are going. You had fun last year each time we went,” Scott said.

I inhaled, “Alright then.”

The start of my night was rather quiet. A little time alone was rather nice. I did pick up things in the suite and did some routine cleaning since the other three worked and wouldn’t do it. It made my skin crawl to walk in the bathroom and see it filthy and nasty. The other three, including Corey, would let it go on ‘til who knows when but it made me crazy.  

While playing on my phone, I had visitors, with Scott, Jordy and Shawn coming down. They were bored so they came to be bored with me. I pulled out my laptop to relive some of the highlights so far.

“Matt, what would we do without you?” Scott said. “All your pictures are so awesome.”

“Yeah they are,” Shawn stated. “I’m glad someone is doing it so we’ll have something to remember all the shit we’ve done.”

“One day we’ll all get the biggest kick out of it. I know some of us will wish we were fit like we are now. I’m realistic and know once some start getting married the six packs will be a distant memory,” I said.

Jordy lifted his shirt up and held out his hand away from his six pack. 

“Beer gut,” Scott said and laughed. 

“I know that’s right,” Shawn stated. “Anyone want one? I’ll run and go get some.”

“I’m good,” I said.

“Just wait ‘til everyone is back, then you can make a beer run,” Scott said.

We started to play the wrestling game that was left here. Scott had the idea of killing the sound so it would be fair for all of us. It was different playing without sound on this game. Each time I played I was beginning to get the hang of it. Soon our room began to fill with Ethan and Cody coming down followed by Bishop.

Corey was home at his usual time but looked beat. I slid beside him and put my arm around him. He looked at me and smiled before I kissed his cheek. Kris did arrive with Corey but was out the door in a flash. Colt was later than usual due to the spring practice. He too didn’t hang around long and left.

It was about eleven when our room started to clear out. I think the long night before had taken its toll on everyone. Corey and I did our thing before crawling into bed. I didn’t know what to expect from him that night. 

“Is there a problem?” I asked.

“I’m just beat.”

“Ahh, I feel for you.”

“Smart ass,” he said and kissed me. We enjoyed a long wet kiss with lots of touching and groping. “Maybe I’m not so tired that I couldn’t handle a lot of my hot boyfriend.”

“How much does my smoking ass boyfriend want?” I asked.

“Babe, I want all your fucking ass and dick I can handle.”

“Boyfriend, I got eight fucking inches that is all yours each and every night.”

“Just what I wanted to hear. Better yet, exactly what I want to feel deep in my ass for a long time.”

I did my very best to deliver eight inches of love to him. Our sex was heated and passionate. We couldn’t get enough of each other but ended up being so satisfied after working up a good sweat. The room reeked of cum and sweat after we finished a nice long fuck. The smell was nice and a great signal we were going as strong as ever.

Just before we dozed off, I said, “Oh, I hate to bring this up but Yancey invited us to a dance tomorrow night.”

“Sounds great to me, we had so much fun last year each time we went.”

I smiled, “I was afraid you would object.”

“No, I’ve been meaning for us to go again but it just has never come up. So, what’s the theme?”

“Beach time or something like that. You know we gays love to see skin.”

“Don’t we? As long as there’s not lots of it,” Corey laughed. 

I kissed his cheek, “That’s for inspiring me to look the way I do.”

“Don’t kid yourself. Kris is the one…”

“A little bit, but I had to look nice for the guy that caught my eye first and then captured my heart.”

“Plus stomped on it like a damn fool.”

“You see how bad that hurt me. I’m still fucking that ass,” I giggled.

“Yes, you are,” Corey said. “See ya in the morning.”

Corey did his best to keep quiet the next morning, Saturday, the last full weekend in March. It didn’t help that I woke when he let go of me. I lay watching him dress after his shower. He kissed me goodbye before I fell back asleep.  

I woke about 10 and exited the room. Kris was sitting there watching TV when I came out. 

“Bro, where’d everyone go last night?” he asked sitting naked as always, looking hot and dark.

“We were all tired and called it a night early.”

“I finished up early with Megan so I could join the fun. I walked in and all the lights were out.”

“I take it things are going well between you two?”

Kris smiled, “They are. Bro, I’ll tell ya. Telling her I was bi was the best thing I did. She so understands that I enjoy a little gay action from time to time.”

“You have found a good one then if she understands that.”

“So what’s going on tonight?” Kris asked to change the subject.

“Well, Corey and I are going to a dance with Parker and Yancey,” I replied.

“That should be fun. You enjoyed them last year,” Kris said.

“I did, but I wasn’t sure Corey enjoyed that setting as much as he did hanging with y’all. He was all for it though.”

“I think you should hang out with more gay guys…”

“I do enough around here. I rather enjoy the mix and different viewpoints.”

Colt came in the door and saw us sitting together on the couch. Barely inside, he stripped off his shorts and joined us. “So what did I miss here?”

“Matt was telling me that he and Corey are going to a gay dance tonight,” Kris replied.

“Awesome. Say, you wanna double date tonight then? Andrea really likes being around Megan,” Colt asked.

“We could do that,” Kris said. “I guess we all have big dates tonight.”

That afternoon we were back practicing for the upcoming softball season. It was a nice sunny day for it. I continued to try my hardest to improve in all areas of the game so I wouldn’t be an automatic out and a determent to the team. Antonio was nice to me and tried to give me pointers after being the ‘goat’ Thursday night. Now they could laugh about it but it didn’t sit well with him.

When we returned, Corey was back from work and studying in our room. I walked up behind and threw my arms around his neck. “I love you.”

He turned and kissed me, “I love you too. So how was practice?”

“Not too bad,” I replied.

“Did Antonio keep his trap shut?”

I laughed, “He did. I think Thursday night knocked him down a notch.”

“Good then,” Corey said. 

Shortly, Corey and I dressed to prepare for the dance. I slipped on my Speedo to go underneath my shorts. 

“Damn, you look so fucking hot!” Corey said.

“Are going to wear yours?”

“Ummm… I would if I could find it,” he replied.

“I help you look then,” I said quickly. We began digging in his underwear until we found it. He put it on and looked incredible. I grabbed my camera and went out to find Kris to snap a few pictures of us.
He took them as requested plus a few of us kissing and grabbing each other’s asses.

Kris and Colt looked hot as ever for their double dates. They left before we did. Not long after, Garrett and Brennan came down with Scott and Jordy. I didn’t know Garrett and Brennan were going but it was cool that they were. Scott and Jordy had on their Speedos underneath while Garrett and Brennan went with board shorts under some track pants. Once Parker and Yancey came down, we left to grab something to eat away from campus. 

By the looks of the number of cars we were a little early as usual. Parker suggested we undress in the car that way our stuff would be safe. We did so and headed to the door with our money in hand. It was nice being able to hold Corey’s hand and not feel eyes upon us. The others did the same, with Garrett and Brennan walking with their arms around each other.

“Whew Parker, you brought some real hotties with ya,” the guy manning the door said.

“I brought the best,” Parker stated.

“Have fun,” the guy said.

We entered the door to see a cute guy selling rubber rainbow bracelets to benefit the club. Corey went back to the car to buy us one to wear. The other six bought them as well to show our pride. We did laugh seeing the big box of condoms sitting there to promote safe sex. 

We stood around talking until I saw Stephan and Grayson walking in the door. Stephan looked great as with his hair dyed black. He saw us and came walking up quickly to us. There were hugs all around for the two.

“Bout time we got your asses back here,” Stephan stated.

“I asked and they came,” Parker said.

“So how are things?” Stephan asked.

We told him about everyone and shared a few good laughs with him while the crowd began to grow. As we were talking, I saw a guy I knew in one of my classes. He saw me and came up to me while holding another guy’s hand. 

“Matt, great to see ya,” he said. “You look really hot.”

“Thanks, you look hot too, Terry,” I said. He did look hot in his board shorts with short brown hair and big brown eyes. 

“So are you here alone?” Terry asked.

“No, I’m with Corey,” I said and pulled him out.

“Wow, you did great, but I’ve seen this dude at the Rec Center,” Terry stated.

Corey smiled, “I work there.”

“So how long have you been dating?”

“Over a year and a half now. We met really right off the bat,” I replied.

“Damn. I don’t blame your ass either. Dalton and I have been together three months…”

“No, five months,” Dalton said. He was thin with short blond hair and a tattoo on his right inner arm.

“I guess we have then,” Terry said. “It’s great to see ya. So what happened Friday after class? I saw you walk up to the front.”

“Oh she messed my test up,” I said.

“Mrs Wells is a fucking bitch if you ask me,” Terry said. “I’m glad you called her out.”

“Well, she didn’t seem too happy about it,” I said.

“Hey, it was nice seeing ya,” Terry said. “We’re gonna grab something to drink. Dalton wants to head over and see one of his friends.”

“See ya,” I said. Scott handed me a plastic cup of punch. I took a drink and looked at Scott.

“Not shit in it,” Scott laughed.

“We’re trying to curtail that,” Parker said.

Corey grabbed me by the arm and pulled me away. “Dude, I recognize lots of faces here tonight. There are lots that come to Rec Center.”

“Is that a problem?”

Corey smiled, “I don’t guess it is. I’m gay and now they know for sure. You know I’m actually proud to be gay. It’s taken me a while but you know I’m very proud of it.”

“Me too,” I said. 


Hope you enjoyed this chapter as they march towards the end of their Sophomore year.  I do appreciate those who have stuck with for this long story.  

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