Posted:   September 5, 2011


Around two this Saturday, we headed down with our arms filled.  I was excited about the tailgating after we had made the sandwiches and warmed up some dip.  We dropped the tailgates down on Kris’s SUV and Colt’s truck that were parked next to each other.  No doubt Kris had spread the word earlier in the day with a bunch of students coming to our vehicles.  I was happy and did see a lot of other fans enjoying the warm sunny September day to kick off the college football year.  Expectations were high for our team after a surprise year the year before. 

We didn’t have beer but plenty of water and sodas to drink. As always, I had my camera to take pictures of our event.  I was eating a sandwich when I looked to my left to see Kris in his shorts and sleeveless tee had walked away from his girlfriend, Jacee.  He was talking as he normally did to the people next to us.

“Look at that,” Corey stated.

“He could meet people at a funeral,” Alex said with Elise at his side.

I couldn’t help but notice Kris was paying special attention to a special needs guy, who looked to be our age.  We saw Kris walking back over with the person trailing him. 

“Everyone, I want you to meet Mike here.  He claims he’s the biggest fan here,” Kris said.

“I am Kris,” the guy said wearing the school colors and smiling.

“Mike can’t believe we know Ted so I had to bring him over to prove it,” Kris stated.

“You don’t know him,” Mike said and pushed on Kris tattooed arm.

“You bet he does,” Colt said with his arm around Andrea.  “Ted’s the best.”

“The best there is,” Mike said. 

“We all know him.  He lives on our floor in our dorm over there,” Scott pointed.  “So do a few others on the team.”

“That is so awesome!” Mike said.

“Tell you what Mike.  I’ll get your address… better yet, you meet us after the game and we’ll introduce him to ya.  How’s that?” Kris said.

Mike reached over and gave Kris a hug.  “You’d be my best friend.”

We watched Kris and Mike walk back over to Mike’s parent’s car.  

“Wow, I had no idea Kris had such a big heart like that,” Drew said.

I spoke up in Kris’s defense, “He does.  He helped a bunch of mentally challenged kids at the gym where he worked this summer.  He said everyone else didn’t want to do it but he was all up for it.”

“I think that is so sweet,” Toni said.

Kris walked back to us and grabbed some chips. 

“Dude, you’re unbelievable,” Bishop said.

Kris shrugged after putting his arm around Jacee, “It was nothing.  I enjoy it. Come hell or high water, I’m introducing him to Ted and Luke.”

“Good luck there,” Bryson said. “You know they’ll be mobbed.”

We continued to eat and talk.  When a fan walked by, our group had to yell something at them.  I’m sure they thought we were drunk or nuts.  We were just nuts, though I suspect some of the sodas had a little something added.

An hour before kickoff, we cleaned up the mess and threw what little was left in the back of Kris’s SUV.  Nothing doing, Kris had to have Mike and his family walk the short distance to the stadium.  We arrived and found our seats in the student section with Chase and Tabor right there with us.  We told them once the game started there would be no sitting. I did get some great shots before the game started. 

Finally it was game time. With the sun beating down on us, no one had a shirt on.   We stood and jumped around like crazed students do.  Our defensive squad took the field first.  Instantly, I glued my eyes on number 48, Ted, it made it more interesting now that I knew someone.  The very first play he leveled the runner and slammed him to the ground.  It excited us that much more. 

“Fuck yeah!  I told you he was awesome!” Colt turned to me.

“Bad ass!” Corey yelled. 

The other team punted the ball and gave it to our offense. I scanned the sidelines for Luke and spotted him next to the head coach. Six plays later, we had scored a touchdown.  It was easy to see we were a lot better than the other team.

By halftime, the game was a blow out.  We were up four touchdowns with Ted in on so many tackles.  We took a break and got to sit down for half time.  Corey was a sweetheart and offered to endure the lines to get us something to drink with my throat parched from the yelling. 

“Matt, you are really into this now, huh?” Kris asked, wiping his face with his shirt with sweat popping out all over his hot body.

I smiled, “I guess I am.  Now I actually have some idea of what is going on.  It does help when you know someone too.”

By the start of the second half, Corey was nowhere in sight.  Finally, he came up with drinks.  One step before he got to our row, he tripped and spilled almost all of them.  Soda was running down his bare chest and had soaked his shorts.  I tried to hold off but busted out laughing as did the rest of us.  Corey took the ribbing from the student section very well and was laughing when he made it to me.  It did make for one great picture.

“Here I waited all that time,” he laughed.

“Sorry bastard.  Now we’ll just have to be thirsty for the rest of the game,” Colt laughed as well.

I got a few drinks in before the cup was empty.  I continued to watch and yell but the game was getting out of hand.  To start the fourth quarter, Luke made his first appearance.  It was exciting to see him play with him completing a beautiful pass for a long touchdown. 

When the final whistle blew, Kris was looking all around.  We heard and looked up to see Mike coming our way with his family trailing him.  “I’m ready, Kris.”  Kris smiled and stuck out his hand for my camera.

The two along with most of the others headed off to the field.  Corey and I stood along the railing to observe the mass of people.  Corey was prodding me in the side.  I smiled seeing Luke and Ted with their arm around Mike for a picture.  Next, Chase and Tabor had to have their picture taken as well.

“Kris has made a friend for life,” Corey stated.

“No doubt he has,” I said with great pride over Kris.

“The nicest person ever,” I heard a voice and looked to see Mike’s Mom.  “Mike will never forget this.”

“Your friend is very special for what he did today for our son.  Now we’ll have to calm Mike down for the ride home,” his dad stated.

We were smiling seeing and hearing Mike and the rest of the group coming our way.  Mike had his arm draped around the bare sweaty shoulders of Kris.  Mike ran up to his parents and told them all about it.  Mike’s parents couldn’t thank Kris enough for all he had done. 

We walked away and headed back to the dorm.  “Damn, I feel so good now,” Kris said, holding Jacee’s hand.

“Utterly amazing,” Colt said, shaking his sweaty head and walking with Andrea.

“You know Luke and Ted said they’d stop by afterwards if they could!” Chase shouted.

“They were so cool,” Tabor stated.  “They really did know all of y’all.”

We laughed.  Scott said, “Of course dumbass!”

We entered our room that felt really great with the air conditioner running at full speed.  “All I know is we need to hit the showers.  We can do it in pairs to make it go faster,” Kris said.  “Is that okay, Jacee?”

“Fine with me after I go grab some clothes,” she replied.

“Kris, there’s no way in hell I’m showering with Chase,” Tabor stated.

“Why not? You shower together after football practice,” Colt laughed. 

Kris laughed, “I forgot about you two.  You can shower separately but make it fast.  We have some drinking to do yet.”

With Tabor gone to shower, Colt looked at his brother, “Don’t you dare say shit, you got me?”

“Dude, you got as much on me.  I don’t care what you do,” Chase replied.

“Colt, go easy on him.  He won’t tell,” Kris said.

“You don’t know him like I do,” Colt stated.

“Tell me when I have ever said shit to Mom and Dad about anything we’ve done?” Chase asked.

“I know but don’t start now.  Tell Tabor what we do here stays here,” Colt said and thrust his index finger into Chase’s chest. “You got that shit!”

“Chill, Colt.  They won’t.  If they do, they know they aren’t welcome back.  I rather like having them here.  In case you didn’t realize it, Matt, Corey and I don’t have any brothers or sisters,” Kris said. “Well maybe Corey with his cousin Heath, but not a real brother.”

“You don’t?” Jacee asked.

“I did, but he passed away.  It’s really cool to have someone around you can think of as your brother.  Matt… Corey… what do you say we adopt Tabor as our younger brother so we’ll have one just like Colt?”

“Sounds good to me.  I’d love to have a brother or sister,” Corey replied.

Andrea laughed, “I have plenty at my house if you need any more.”

“Yeah, she has two brothers and two sisters,” Colt said.

“How fun would that be?” Kris said.

Andrea smiled, “It is fun but you do get tired of them.”

“Thank you,” Colt said. “I love Chase over there to death but…”

“Forget you, dude.  See if we ever come back again,” Chase stated.

“I was just saying,” Colt said. “Don’t get your panties in a wad.”

“Yeah Chase, come back whenever you feel like it.  I know without a doubt Colt and I will come see you and Tabor play one Friday,” Kris said with Jacee getting up to leave as did Andrea.  Once out the door, Kris said, “Tell me Chase what would you do with a hot girl like that?”

“Probably the same thang you’re going to do tonight,” Chase laughed.

“Brother, maybe one day you’ll get some pussy,” Colt said.

Chase laughed, “If you only knew.”

“Knew what?” Tabor said walking back into the room in his shorts.

“How much pussy I’m getting,” Chase said with a big smile. “Let Tabor tell you all about it while I shower.”

“Dude, Chase has scored big time.  He’s nailing the hottest girl in school and often by the way he tells it,” Tabor said. “I’m jealous as hell.”

“So how long did you two spend getting that story right?” Colt asked laughing.

“Oh at least an hour,” Tabor laughed answering. “No seriously, his girl is smoking ass hot.  I don’t know how in the world he scored her.”

“So Tabor, how does it sound if you now had three older brothers?” Kris asked.

“Huh?” Tabor asked.

“We were talking earlier.  Since Matt, Corey and I don’t have any brothers or sisters, we’re adopting you as our younger brother,” Kris stated.

“Well… I guess it sounds okay but I’m not sure about having two gay older brothers,” Tabor laughed.

Corey leaned over and slapped him on the head.  “I know one gay brother that wants to kick your ass.”

“I was kidding.  So does that mean I can come see my brothers any time I want?” Tabor asked.

“Sure…” Kris and I said together.

“Hot damn!  I’m all for it then,” Tabor shouted.

It wasn’t long before Corey and I showered.  We did so in a hurry.  While drying off and dressing, I suggested, “Corey, how about you and I go down to Scott or Parker’s room tonight?”


“Oh, I kinda wanna get out of here for a little while,” I replied.

“I guess we can do that for a change of pace, you might say.” 

We came out and left after telling them our plan.  We walked next door to find Bryson and Scott.  “Hey, we were just about to come over and visit with y’all for a little while,” Bryson said.

“Oh well,” I said. “I guess we’ll move on then.”

“Is there a problem?” Scott asked.

“Nah, I just wanted to get away for a little while,” I replied. “You know how it is.  Every night it is our room.  I wanted something different.”

“We’ll go see what’s up at Parker’s,” Corey said.

“See how Garrett’s doing too while you’re at it,” Bryson stated.  “I’m not sure but I think he likes one of those guys. I still don’t know why he’s so secretive about his love life.”

“He’s not like anyone else around here that’s for damn sure,” Scott joked.  “The second Kris finds one he puts out an all point bulletin.”

“All I say is that was the nicest thing I’ve ever witnessed today with the way Kris took to that boy,” Bryson commented. “I never knew he was so big hearted.”

“Yes, Kris has a huge heart.  Back in high school, he’d drop his date any time one of us mentioned we had a problem.  You could always count on Kris to be there in your time of need,” I stated.

“Yeah, now we even have a little brother as well,” Corey stated.

“I’d be happy to let you adopt Trevor,” Scott joked.

“Who, Corey?” Bryson asked.

“Tabor,” Corey replied. “I guess he felt left out with Colt having Chase so he said Tabor was now all three of us’ little bro.”

They laughed.  “It is nice finally being able to say I like my brother,” Bryson said.  “He was so fucking cool this summer.  No telling how many times we just sat and drank without a care in the world.  Dad wasn’t real happy that Brett let me drink but he liked the fact we were civil and getting along.”

“That’s great, Bryson,” I said. “So Corey, are you ready to head out and let them head over to our room?”  Corey nodded yes. 

We said goodbye and walked a few doors down to Parker’s room.  Darin, Parker’s boyfriend, opened the door and let us inside.   Garrett was sure enough there and sitting next to one of Parker’s roommates, Eric.  Eric was tall but still a few inches shorter than Garrett.  He had short brown hair with his lip pierced.   Seated next to him was Jay, the other roommate.  Jay was rather big with long blond hair. 

“So what brings you two down?” Parker asked after we took a seat in desk chairs.

“We needed to get away from our room for a while,” Corey replied.

“Needed to be with some of your own kind, I see,” Eric said.

We sat around talking and watching TV.  It was a nice change for the subject matter was completely different.  They too were drinking but it wasn’t beer.  Instead, it was screwdrivers or Vodka and Dew.  It didn’t take long before I begin to realize there was tension still between Parker and Darin.  Darin was hot like Parker with shortish brown hair.  They did make such a cute couple sitting together.

We were watching a reality show where they put spy cameras out to catch cheating spouses or lovers.   “I’d love to have done that to Tim last year,” Jay said.  “No telling how many guys he was with before I found out.”

“How did you find out?” Eric asked.

“You remember, I saw him out the window at our old dorm macking with some guy,” Jay stated.

“At least you didn’t walk in on him sleeping with someone,” Corey stated.

Garrett laughed, “Matt wanted to surprise Corey one weekend.  Corey over there was fucking around with some guy.”

“Thanks a lot for reminding me of the nightmare,” I said.

“We’re still together, but it took a while,” Corey said and kissed me on the lips.

“Parker, how come you aren’t that affectionate with me?” Darin asked.

“When I try, you act like I’m not your fucking boyfriend.  You jerk back like I was going to hit you or something,” Parker replied.

“Alright, stop it right now before you both get mad again,” Jay said. “Do you know how sick we get of you two fighting?”

“Stay the fuck out of this, Jay,” Darin said.  “We’re fine now.”  He leaned over and kissed Parker on the lips.  

We continued to talk and share a few laughs with them.  The best part was seeing how content Garrett was.  He really seemed great but I suspect he was still taking pills along the way.

Corey and I left before midnight.  We were heading out when we saw Luke and Ted coming out of our room. 

“Hey, wassup?” Ted asked us. 

“Not much,” I said. “I see you went to see your fan club.”

“It’s cool, Matt.  I remember how I was in high school,” Ted said.

Luke laughed, “It was just two years ago.”

Ted laughed, “Still it is nice.  I’m starting to get used to it but it is so hard.  I blush whenever someone asks for an autograph except the little ones.”

“Did your brother and sister make it?” I asked him.

“Yes, they were there but it was sad knowing Dad wasn’t there.  I’m sure he and mom were watching from above,” Ted stated.

“Did your parents make it to see that sweet pass, Luke?” Corey asked with us standing in the hall.

Luke laughed, “They are always there.  They are coming out to California next weekend to watch us.  Corey, you could have completed that pass.  Seriously they weren’t very good.”

“I doubt that,” Corey laughed.

By now, I could see the bruises on Ted’s body.  “Ted, are you always banged up like that?” I asked pointing to his bruised thigh.

“Worse,” Ted said and lifted up his shirt to show a bigger one on his nice stomach.  “Took a damn helmet to the gut.”

“Ouch! I know that had to hurt,” Corey said.

“He lost his breath,” Luke laughed. “It’s pretty common though.”

“We’ll let y’all go. I’m sure you’re exhausted…” I said.

“It’s cool, Matt.  You two have a good night and we’ll see ya around,” Ted said.

We waved goodbye and opened the door to my room with our room filled. 

“Dude, you just missed Ted and Luke.  They are the nicest guys ever,” Tabor said to us walking in the door. “They even had a few beers with us.  How fucking sweet is that?”

“We saw them in the hall,” Corey commented.

“We’ve got all kinds of pictures with them and signed a few things for us.  They said next time we come they’d have both of us a signed football from the team,” Chase stated with excitement along with showing us the pictures on his phone and his hat where both had signed it.

“Colt, is he getting you one too?” I asked jokingly.

“Fuck you, Matt…”

Kris was laughing, “Colt almost was in tears so yes he’s getting one too.”

Thankfully not long after we entered, the rest of the visitors were out the door.  Not long after that, Kris and Jacee left while Colt and Andrea took Colt’s room for the night.  We sat for a little while talking with Chase and Tabor.  It was easy to tell they had been drinking for most of the night but were jacked up about the game and being here.  When it came time to head to bed, Corey made a great suggestion of letting them have the single beds in my room while we slept on the sofa bed.  They were more than happy to agree and left us to be alone.   They had no more shut the door when Corey went into the room and came back carrying lube.  I laughed but was glad he thought of it.

After lots of kissing, exploring each other bodies and sucking each other’s cock, I lay with my legs spread wide and wanting Corey.  His lubed thick cock entered past my sphincter. 

“OOO fuck me!” I yelled.

“Babe, I love fucking your hot sweet ass.”

He went deeper until bottoming out.  My hands were on his bare ass while I began fucking myself on his hard cock.  I was moaning and groaning with such pleasure.  Each thrust delighted my body that much more, feeling his hot thick cock go deep in me.  I loved looking deep into his eyes and could see so much love in there.   

“OOO Corey keep fucking me!  It feels so damn good!” I moaned.

“OOO Matt,” he moaned. “Your ass is so hot!”

He kept pounding my ass while I continued to moan.  He slipped out so we switched positions.  I lay on my stomach while he slid back in me.  It wasn’t my favorite position but it did feel so wonderful.  He turned my head once deep in me for a long kiss. 

“Corey, this never gets old,” I moaned.

“It will never get old to me when we fuck.  I love you Matt,” he said.

His thrusts became harder and faster.  He pulled out and grunted.  I could feel his warm cum hitting my back.  He finished and leaned over to lick off the precious drops.  I turned over and jerked my hard cock to completion. 

We lay in each other’s arms and enjoyed the sensational feeling of our climaxes.  We kissed before calling it a night and falling asleep in each other’s arms.

The next morning, Corey and I were awakened by Colt screaming at his brother.  “You little motherfucker!  You knew damn well I was in the shower with Andrea!”  Colt in his towel was pushing his finger into the chest of Chase.

“No, I didn’t!” Chase yelled back and was moving away. He was terrified by the look on his thin dark face. “I had no idea you were in there.”

“You’re full of shit!  Get your shit packed and get the fuck out of here!”

“Fuck you!  I will sure as hell will!  You were just looking for an excuse to run me and Tabor off!”

“Now hurry the fuck up!” Colt yelled.


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