Posted:   4/25/12

Hitting the city limits about 5 with the sun beaming in my eyes, I was doing my best to be back early here on Sunday. My time with Mom was great and went rather quickly. We had a very nice time when she pulled out some old photo albums to remember Dad. Mom didn’t need to ask and saw I was struggling with the pictures so we ended that. I also got to spend a little time with Tanner and Brady to catch up with them. They asked where was Kris but weren’t at all surprised he had extended his vacation a few days.

I missed the turn off to head to the dorm and continued driving. It wasn’t that I really wanted to carry on but I felt the pull to do so and drove on to a destination I feared I would come to know far too well. I parked up and headed inside. Sad memories flooded my head of the last time I was here at the cemetery. I walked until reaching Dad’s grave. Inside of me there was a great surge of emotion. Standing there just looking down at the grave, tears ran down my face. I could see one dead arrangement at the top, along with the small hump of dirt that covered Dad. I knelt down in my shorts and stared at it. Without thinking, I told him about my trip, even though I had done so the two nights at home, looking up toward the sky, hoping he’d be laughing or smiling. 

Rising up, the dirt caked my knees. I began walking to see an elderly lady leaving a marked grave.

“Not easy is it?” she asked.

“No ma’am, it isn’t.”

“Even after twelve years, it still gets to me,” she said and looked so classy with her nice, well-done gray hair.

“It’s only been a few weeks but it still hurts like it just happened.”

“You take care, son,” she said and walked away from me.

It took a few minutes of me just sitting and staring out across the field of tombstones in my car. There lie hundreds of loved ones just like Dad who were missed.

Finally back at the dorm, I entered with my hands filled. Corey jumped up and helped me carry them into my room while Colt sat with Andrea.

“You’re running later than I imagined,” he said in our room.

“I stopped by to see Dad and see how things looked. It does remind me I do need to speak to Gloria soon. I see you made it back in one piece.”

“I did, but you knew that,” he said and kissed me. He left while I began unpacking and getting things back to normal.

Once finished, I came out to see Shawn had joined them in our living area. Just by looking, I could see how dark he was since he wasn’t wearing a shirt. Shawn had really gained a lot of self-confidence since I met him through a class last year.  

“So how was it after we all left?” Colt asked.

“Great, but about the same. Kris was his usual self though. We had to drag him away from the beach yesterday,” Shawn replied. “So Corey, how was your other camping adventure?”

Corey smiled, “Crazy as hell, but I had fun. I will say it’s different when I’m not with y’all.”

“You missed little Matt,” Colt said.

“I did, but you know how it is. We’re around each other all the time so we can just joke and carry on, plus have those little inside jokes,” Corey said.

“Yeah, but without Matt I bet you really got hammered,” Colt said.

“Not really that bad,” Corey said. “I guess I can say now it is me more than Matt. You spend time around a parent that can’t stay sober and it affects you so you don’t become them.”

“Hey, I got some really good news. Chase and Tabor aren’t coming this week but instead are heading out on their own with some buddies of theirs,” Colt said.

“Wow, they have other friends than us?” Shawn joked.

“Kris will be disappointed. Speaking of Kris, where is he? Or do I have to ask?” I asked.

“You don’t,” Andrea said. “As soon as he got here, he headed out to be with Megan. Matt, when you get the chance, I do wanna see all your pictures you took.”

“For sure. There are some really great ones,” I said.

As we were sitting around talking with the TV on in the background, the door opened. Kris came inside wearing a sleeveless tee that showed off his guns. Behind him were Myles and Ted. It was easy to see how dark Kris and Myles were getting.

“Bros, I’m back,” Kris announced. “I had to go see what Myles, Luke and Ted were doing.”

“Like I didn’t just see him,” Myles joked.

“So did you have a great time?” I asked.

“I did,” Kris spoke up.

“I was asking Myles,” I said.

“The best. I’ve been telling Ted what he missed,” Myles said.

“It sounds like they up and moved to the nudist colony for the week, with evidence to prove it as well,” Ted said with them finding a spot to sit.

“Ted, you were missed at the beach,” Shawn said.

“Well… I enjoyed my week with Reese and my family,” Ted stated.

Alex was next to come see us and lamented the fact he didn’t go. He said he knew it was a mistake but needed to make things right with Elise. 

“Alex, we heard Brennan’s confession,” Kris said.

“No big shocker there. I knew he wasn’t really bi anymore for a while. I knew really for a while he had something for Garrett,” Alex said.

“Are they back?” Shawn asked.

“Not yet,” Alex said. “Joe and Antonio are still not back either so I came down here and knew something would be happening.”

Scott was next to come down and was all smiles. He told us again how much Jordy enjoyed the trip and how great we made him feel. They did have to rag Scott a little since they knew how good Jordy made Scott feel. Scott was a great sport and just laughed right along with the others. 

Cody and Ethan stopped by as well to see how the trip to Bishop’s went. We were still in shock about Cody being a preacher’s son. He did have to correct us to say ex-preacher. 

“Everyone knows this week the basketball playoffs start,” Kris commented after we had gone to eat. “Softball starts next week.”

“Oh boy,” I said and laughed.

“Matt, your ass is playing again,” Colt stated.

“I know. I’ll need to practice some this week,” I said.

Scott spoke up, “We will start tomorrow throwing the old ball around.”

Our night ended about one with classes the next morning. Corey and I headed to our room and back to our mattress that had gone with us for the trip. During the night, Corey had been relatively quiet. I kissed him and felt little tension when doing so.

“Corey, is there a problem?”

He shrugged his tan shoulders, “Not really. I know I was quiet tonight and just listening, but I’m okay.”

“I was wondering if maybe you and Marie…”

“We did just before I left. You knew something was up. Matt, I try my best to stay out of her way but she walked up to me as I was leaving and laid the biggest guilt trip ever on me about not ever coming home. I asked why I should, other than to see my friends. I wanted to tell her ass because she’s nothing but a fucking drunk now, but I left that alone.”

“Maybe you need to say something so she knows you care.”

He snickered, shaking his head, “Like that would help anything.”

“You never know.”

“I’m glad I’m here and with the ones who give a shit about me. I did really have a great time with JJ, Teague, Lane and Heath. I didn’t drink that much, instead we got smoked out,” he said and lowered his head.

I lifted his chin with my finger, “I love you still. I’m glad nothing happened to you.”

“I love you too.”

We finished our night in grand fashion. I made love to him and took my sweet time. Our love making was so passionate. It felt great being inside of his hot ass. We repeated over and over how much we loved each other while I fucked him. 

We were sweaty and smelly after our sex, but we agreed it was well worth it. My arms wrapped around his muscular body for us to doze off to sleep. Holding him, or being held, was the part I truly missed over my two days. A pillow or sheet was no substitute for his warm naked body pressed against mine.

Waking up the next day, it hit me that we had about seven or eight weeks until the end of my sophomore year. It took Corey a while longer than usual to wake and get started but finally he did. I could only imagine waking Kris and Colt up.

Corey and I walked to class with Scott before Corey left us so we could go to our first class. Scott and I were seated in our usual spot when Garrett came walking in. 

“God, he’s head over heels in love now,” Scott said quietly to me.

“Good for him.”

Garrett took his seat and was smiling, “Great day, huh?”

“Dude, from now on, you and Brennan are going to have let me sleep in a bed. That couch doesn’t cut it,” Scott said.

“Just come sleep on our sofa bed or in my room,” I commented.

“Hmmm, I might take you up on that, or go shack up with Jordy,” Scott stated as class was beginning.

After my day of classes was finished, it hit me that the frat boy could strike again after our little meeting before we left. Kris was at my side while we headed back to the room with no sign of him anywhere. 

We made it to the room with Kris heading off to get ready for work with Colt nowhere in sight. Just as Kris was leaving, Colt ran in the door and headed to get ready, saying he saw Juan and talked too long.

With them gone, I grabbed my phone and called Gloria’s number since I had remembered I needed to speak with her. It went straight to her voice mail so I left a message. Scott and Shawn came down to the room in their shorts and tees. Instead of working out, they wanted us to throw the softball around. Shawn didn’t play last year since he wasn’t on our floor so he was excited about playing this year. I had to call Colt to see if I could borrow his glove. He said I could and told me where it was. I had to dig through a pile of stuff until I found it at the bottom of his closet. 

We headed out on this cloudy day to find an open field to toss the ball around. Shawn was laughing while I tried my hardest to remember everything from last year. “Matt, I really see the gay boy in you like never before.”

“Give him a break, Shawn. He’ll get the hang of it,” Scott said.

“I hope,” I said and was struggling to even catch the ball. Worse was my throwing, as my throws had no direction. They were patient with me and gave me pointers to improve. By the end, I was doing better and could actually catch one without turning Colt’s glove the wrong way. 

We returned to the dorm, where I found Gloria had returned my call. I called her back and was able to speak to her. She sounded great and was so nice in asking about my trip. We talked for longer than I expected, with her ending the call by saying I needed to come out to her house to get a few personal things of Dad’s. I said Sunday would be good for me, so we agreed to meet then.

Hanging up, I kicked back alone in the room. I was about asleep on the couch when I heard a knock. I opened it to see Ted standing there in his shorts and ragged tee with his hair cut very short.

“Hey, I wanted to stop by since we didn’t really get to talk last night,” Ted stated.

“Sure, come on in,” I said and gestured to our living area. “How’s practice going? I know you started spring practice today, right?”

Ted laughed, “It was good. I just came to fill you in on Reese.”

“That’s great. How was he?”

“He was great but he was all over me last week. I couldn’t get out of his sight. He’s really excited about coming here next year.”

“I’m glad he is.”

“So what do you know about Trevor?” he asked.

“Well… not a lot really. He seems like a pretty nice kid.”

“Okay. Reese is hung up on him now. When he wasn’t being my shadow, he was talking to or texting Trevor. I was wondering if he was anything like Scott…”

“Ah, someone’s being protective,” I said and smiled at Ted.

“Damn right I am. Matt, I don’t want him to get hurt if it doesn’t work like he thinks it will.”

“Ted, you know how it is. We all have crushes and get our hearts broken. It’s part of the growing process, but I can see where you would worry knowing Scott like you do. I don’t think he’s much like him, but he is younger though.”

“I guess you’re right. I had those and was trying my best not to see him get his heart broken. I’ll be there when the disappointment and hurt begins. He said things were better for him at school though. He still hears it but no one beats up on him. If they did, I may have to call on the posse here to take care of matters.”

“I hope it doesn’t get to that point for him,” I said.

Ted started laughing, “Boy did the guys ever give Myles hell today for his overall tan. I will say he was dark. He gave it right back to them though. He can’t quit talking about what a good time he had. For that matter, I had a blast too camping with everyone.”

“I had a good time too. You made some new buddies.”

“Yeah, Cody and Ethan were a trip. We hung a little with ‘em yesterday when they got back,” Ted laughed.

“Say, where’s Colt?” I asked.

“He may be a while. He gets to clean up everything since spring practice started,” Ted replied.

We talked a little while longer before he left. Colt came in later than usual but didn’t gripe about the work. He was tired and collapsed on the couch with a big dip in his front lip. 

That Monday night, I was back with Kris after a regular night in the room with our room packed full of people. 

Kris undressed and did have a great tan all over his taut body. “Say, was it me or was something not right between Toni and Bryson again?”

“I thought the same thing, but it could be just something they are going through. They have been dating for a while. You’ll see,” I said.

“I will. Megan is just fucking perfect for me. I just can feel it. She knows that I played around a little on the trip,” Kris stated.

“What’s a little?”

“Well, maybe more than I should have, but the opportunity was there so I jumped on it,” Kris stated.

“Kris, please don’t tell me you did something after we left,” I said and looked at him.

“No way, bro. I didn’t even try. I said something while everyone was there and that was the end of that. Bro, we did get so fucking drunk Saturday night… not Myles of course. Bishop was hilarious and was messing with Shawn like never before. Matt, I met so many fucking cool people Friday and Saturday it was unreal. The place was pretty crowded Saturday. We met these hot girls, who I think wanted me and Myles. Myles did get pretty close to one of them that was so hot. She had knockers out to here,” Kris said and held his hands away from his chest a good foot. “Between us and these walls, he did tell me he got his dick sucked by her when they went walking. He said he’d have fucked her but he didn’t have a condom. He did eat her shit out though. Oh my God the girl hitting on me had the hottest looking pussy… all shaved and shit.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it.”

“Bro, I did and can’t wait to go back.”

“I spoke to Gloria today…”


“I’m going out there Sunday to get some of Dad’s things she has for me. I went by the grave Sunday before I came here. Bro, it was tough.”

“I know how you feel. It’s hard for me to go to Nathan’s grave even today. You want them back in the worst way but know they will never be back, ever.”

“I know. I’m really glad Dad and I got to spend time like we did before he died. I would have hated it if he would have gone suddenly. In a way, it had a little closure, but still he went so fast.”

We ended our night talking about the basketball game, which was the next day. Kris was excited about it and nervous as well. We then talked about softball practice which was tomorrow after class so we could see who was interested in playing. By the sound of it, we might be able to field two teams with the number that was interested. Ted and Myles said they wish they could but they couldn’t due to their football thing.

Tuesday, after my first class, I headed to my class with Ted. Mr Jackson, our professor, didn’t give us time to get settled and went off in a flash. Ted was shaking his head and looking at me while our professor rambled on and on.  I, on the other hand, still had visions of him and his friend on instant replay in my head.

As class ended, Mr. Jackson walked towards me.  “Did you enjoy your trip?”

“Yes sir, I did.  Did you?” I asked to be polite yet it was rather uncomfortable to say the least.

“I really did.  I go there quite often when I can,” he said.  “Do you and your friend?”

“It was our first time,” I replied. 

“I see.  Have a nice day and keep up the good work in class,” Mr. Jackson said before walking away. 

Now it may have been worse.  He knew me more than I would like any professor to know me.  I wondered if I could ever erase that vision of him from my head ever when he was teaching.

Right after class, we met and had a field reserved for practice thanks to having people on the inside that could get those things. At first count we had almost eighteen show up for the first practice. We took a few hits with Kris crushing the ball like never before. We divided up into two teams for a short practice. I hit the ball but it was so weak. Quickly, I saw my time would be spent on the bench, for I was the worst one there and it wasn’t even close. However, I did want to be a part of the team so not playing didn’t enter my head. 

We barely had time to eat before the guys headed over for their first game in the basketball playoffs. They knew there would be some rust but thought the other team would have the same problem.  

I took my seat in the small bleachers as usual with Colt and Shawn. 

“Matt, you didn’t hear this from me but I heard a few of the guys today say if you started they were quitting the team,” Shawn said while we watched warm ups.

“That’s some bullshit right there,” Colt said.

“I don’t expect to start…”

“Oh wait ‘til Kris hears about this. He’ll start you just to show them… who was it that said that shit?” Colt said.

“Ummm… I know Antonio said it,” Shawn replied with Jordy walking up with another guy. I had seen the guy before and knew it was his interpreter.

We all said hi with Jordy giving me a hug while the guy introduced himself as Todd to us. “Jordy has told me all about you guys and the fun you had.”

Jordy started signing. “Oh and how dark he got, too.”

“Boy, you did get dark. You’re a great match for Scott,” Colt said with Megan and Andrea joining us along with Toni and Elise.

“He says thanks,” Todd said as the game was about to start. At first glance, we looked taller than the other team with Garrett being the tallest on the court.  

The first half was rough on our team. We couldn’t buy a bucket it seemed and trailed by 7 points. I had to laugh seeing Kris at halftime talking with great animation. 

“Kris is giving ‘em hell, ain’t he?” Shawn commented.

“You don’t know. He gets so wrapped up in this,” Colt laughed with Andrea by his side.

“He looks so cute though,” Megan stated.

“Only his girlfriend could say that,” Shawn said.

When they started again it was much better. We got it together and went on a big run to start the second half. Toni didn’t let their supposed troubles stand in the way and was cheering Bryson on since he was scoring left and right. By the start of the last quarter, we had reversed the deficit and now led by seven. They continued to score and won the game by twelve points, but it wasn’t easy. Corey did play and scored two baskets in the second half. 

We headed down to greet the sweaty victors. Both teams came out of their shirts and slung their sweaty tops over their shoulders while they shook hands. I still loved seeing hot fit guys shirtless and especially Corey, even though a few on the other team looked pretty damn hot. Jordy gave Scott a big hug, which seemed to embarrass Scott. We did get a big laugh out of it. 

Nothing big happened Wednesday for I didn’t see the frat boy. Shawn, Scott, Cody and Ethan came down for us to practice for softball. We grabbed a bat as well so we could hit the ball besides playing catch. Cody and Ethan were a little better than I imagined and said they were glad we had a team as both played baseball until they got in high school. Doubt crept into my head as to whether I should take a spot on the team since I was the worst. It wasn’t what the others had said but the fact I knew my own ability. If nothing else, I could be a warm body on the bench if a few decided not to show up.

That Wednesday night Kris came in the door just as we were about to call it a night. He didn’t say a word about missing the excitement in our room since we told him not many came down. 

He and I got on the air mattress. I relished our time together and had missed our nightly chats.

“Kris, now I’m beginning to wonder about playing this year,” I stated.

“I didn’t wanna say anything. You are my best bud, but…”

“I do wanna be on the team, however, just in case you need me. I heard a few say if I started they were quitting.”

“Fuck ‘em! That’s some bullshit right there!” Kris screamed in my ear.

“Bro, I don’t blame them now that I think about it. I suck, plain and simple.”

“It just pisses me the fuck off that they would say that shit. Since I’m the coach, I’ll make those decisions. I was going to rotate who starts but could keep Garrett or Bryson out for we need them. You saw how Garrett was killing the ball.”

“And you too,” I said.

“I was and it felt good too,” Kris said, cracking a smile.

“I take it you and Megan are doing great,” I stated.

“We are, but I ran into Mike again and stayed a little later to mess around with him. The boy loves me.”

“He does because you treat him how any person would wanna be treated. You have that gift to see the good in people and never see the outside,” I stated.

We talked a while longer and were off to sleep about one. Now any time I get to sleep by one, it is considered a short night by our standards. I do hear about others that stay up all hours of the night, but there’s no way I could manage my day if I did that. My body was accustomed to the schedule now, though I did sleep in when I was home and back in my own bed.

Thursday, after our classes, it was back to the practice fields. Off in the distance there were dark threatening clouds with the forecast being for rain all night and into Friday. We took turns batting and fielding with about 15 of us out there. My batting still sucked even though I was trying my hardest.

After practice with the clouds moving fast, Kris gathered us in a circle. “I’ll just say this right now. Everyone will bat at least once in the games and we’ll rotate out who starts. I’ve heard various rumblings among us which doesn’t please me at all.”

“Yeah cause Matt’s your fucking boyfriend!” Antonio shouted and laughed.

Kris and many of us didn’t find much humor in his statement. Kris was clenching his jaw tightly. The proverbial steam was rising from his head. “Very funny, Antonio,” Kris said.

“Dude, I was just kidding,” Antonio said. “Yeah I said I was quitting if Matt starts.”

“I said we’ll rotate. Matt knows he’s not the best, but this is really more for fun than our game tonight. We mess around…”

“Then why the hell are we even out here then?” Lamichael asked. “I wanna win or else I’m for sure not playing.”

“I wanna win too, but with so many of us I’ll do my best to make it fair. Trust me I would never do shit to make us lose. You see how I am at the basketball and football games. I too am out there to win, but we have to make it where everyone who wants to play can and will play,” Kris said and showed some diplomatic skills.

“Alright then, but losing sucks,” LaMichael stated.

“Cool. I’ll see most of you tonight to kick some ass,” Kris stated.

“Yeah, everyone come and watch us kill ‘em,” Bryson stated.

We raced back to the dorm when the rain started to fall. Just as we hit the parking lot, it started raining very hard. It did feel good after our softball practice.


Hope you enjoyed this chapter as they march towards the end of their Sophomore year.

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