KRIS’S POINT OF VIEW... Hope you enjoy it!!

It was hell, as it always was getting up in the morning, here at Bishop’s sweet lake house. It was hard to believe it was already fucking Thursday! Damn, I was having the time of my life and it was almost over. My phone was near with a missed call from Megan. After getting up, I walked out the front door to call her back. She was just seeing how I was doing, even though we had talked the night before. She understood me about as well as Andrea understood Colt. The call was short with her and I looked down to see I was outside naked. I chuckled and headed inside.

“Thanks for waking me, asshole,” Colt said, with his hair a mess as I was sure mine was being it was now at my shoulders.

“Sorry bro but Megan called,” I said to see Myles waking up as well, with the smell of fresh coffee hitting my nose.

“Thanks Kris for waking us both up at nine,” Myles said, rubbing his eyes and showing his great toned tan body.

“I may wake the others up so we can spend all day at the beach,” I stated.

“Damn just let us sleep,” Colt said and pulled the sleeping bag back over his face.

I headed to the kitchen for a cup of coffee. After spotting Matt and Bishop out on the deck, I headed that way with the cup in my hand, hoping it would cool so I wouldn’t burn my tongue. I hate when that happens. I grabbed some shorts before going out and pushed them low since no pubes would be sticking out.

Matt turned his head when the door opened and saw me, “Ummm… what are you doing up?”

“I just woke up,” I replied and looked off to see the dock and lake. It did look like such fun. “So Bishop, I know y’all live here during the summer.”

Bishop chuckled, “I wish. My family is generally too busy for that now, especially since all of us kids are grown.”

“Bro, I would never be too busy to come here. This is fucking sweet,” I commented and leaned up against the rail.

“You say that. My dad is always out of town for business…”

“What does he do?” I asked.

“He’s a corporate attorney,” Bishop replied. “I think before he and Phyllis left for their trip he was in Chicago, and the week before that he said he was in Denver.”

“At least he’s raking in some major cash,” I stated. Now I could see Bishop did have money, but you would never know it since he never flaunted it. 

“I guess so,” Bishop said. “I just never see him.”

“Yeah, we were talking about that, and he was filling me in just in case Mom remarries,” Matt said. 

“I was young so things were different when both of my parents remarried. I think this time they got it right,” Bishop said and took a drink of his coffee. “You know I’m staying here until Sunday so if any of you…”

“Bro, don’t tell me that! Are you sure?” I asked hoping he wasn’t kidding.

“Well… I’m pretty sure,” Bishop stated.

“Hmmm…” I said rubbing the growth on my chin that most of us had from the trip. “I might make a call. I know they won’t care.”

“See, I told ya,” Matt said quickly and laughed.

“He’s welcome. I’m glad someone can enjoy it. This place really doesn’t get used that much in all reality,” Bishop said.

We chatted a little longer before I went inside. Myles, Shawn and Colt were in the living area watching TV. I mentioned what Bishop had said. Myles quickly agreed he’d stay since he was dreading the decision of which parent he go to since things weren’t any better on his home front. Shawn said he’d call but was sure he could squeeze a few more days out of this. Colt said he’d like to but had plans already. I knew the boy was missing Andrea, but I wasn’t missing Megan so much that it couldn’t wait until Sunday especially with the chance to stay here a few more days.

Before we left, I called Mom and asked if I could hang here another few days and not go home. She said she and Dad would like to see me but it could wait as she knew I was having a blast. I guess now the realization was setting in for my ‘rents that I was out of the house and only came home when there wasn’t anywhere else to go.

At the beach, Corey paid our way in with Colt not having to once the three days we had been. He was so fucking tight with his money it was unreal, unless it involved buying condoms, Skoal or alcohol. Never once had I seen him buy something just for the hell of it. If I had money, I had no trouble spending it, though I hadn’t forked over much on this trip other than for the bare necessities.

Today, we compromised and headed further away from the beach area. I hated being so alone, with no one or nothing to look at, while I sunned my buns. 

Myles was laid out next to me. Over the course of this trip we had become better friends. Last night we talked for hours and I really got to know him better. To me he was more like a student that was on the team, unlike Ted and Luke. He seemed more grounded and had to fight for his playing time. I will give him props on being completely shredded as fuck. I had bulk now whereas Myles was just plain ripped and solid.

Shawn was next to him. I was glad Shawn had become a big part of our group. The boy loved to drink and had quite a bit, but he knew it as well. Every day he’d say he was going to cut back, but he never did. He’d made huge strides with his body and was looking great now, after being thin when he first hung around us. He tried his best to blend in and never once wanted to upset anyone.

Bishop was by him. He was by far the hairiest of us and didn’t care at all. He never cared that much about how he looked or what others thought of him. I really think he was torn between hanging with us and his roomies, but we see who he has been with all Spring Break. He’s always been chill and never got crazy when we drank.

On my other side was Colt. I loved this dude beyond words. If a person can have more than one best bud, he was it. Other than being a tight wad, I found little fault in him. He was still the country boy that I first met but has shocked me the most in being bi. He actually embraces it way more than I do thanks to Andrea.

Matt… Oh Matt. What can I say? He’s my rock who I love too, so much. He keeps me grounded. I’m still making it in school thanks to him. I’m so proud that he has Corey and loves Corey to death. He’s reinforced my feelings that two guys can be in love as much as a guy and girl, but I saw that with Nathan. My hope is one day I will be so in love, just like he is. He’s come a long ways since we first arrived. I really thought he’d be in the room studying like crazy but he’s been great.

Corey was next to Matt. He loves Matt to death. I wasn’t sure he’d even get back in his good graces after he fucked up, but he has. Away from Matt, he’s the best. I know Matt keeps him under control, which may be a good thing. I know Corey has been through a lot to be where he is today. I admire the hell of that and don’t know if I could have done it. He thinks he’s big but he doesn’t have shit on me. I’m joking there since we both have nothing to be ashamed of and have worked hard. I do love working with him, though I don’t see him as much as I thought.

Scott was next to Corey and was showing off his hot ass. Scott keeps up with everyone, though I don’t know how he does it. He has his faults and can’t decide if he wants a boyfriend or not while saying he’s bi. Scott likes sex more than any of us, I think, and has been with numerous guys. He is one great fuck I have to admit. Scott loves his weed but has really tapered that desire after seeing Garrett get busted.

Jordy was next to Scott and was getting about as dark as he was. I wish he could speak and hear so I could communicate better with him. I do try and I did want to date him until I realized I only lusted after him and wanted to help him more than being his boyfriend. Now I see he does great on his own. I admire that he is in college and his deafness is not holding him back. He has been fun to be around and get to know.

Just as I was getting bored and wanted to check out the beach, Kwan walked up and threw down his things. He had called me before, but I think Scott got him to come this time. He stripped down and joined me, Colt, Myles and Shawn to see what was happening at the beach. 

Once at the beach, there looked to be a slightly younger crowd today with the sun out and the temps getting warm. I didn’t have any shame being shaved and saw some other guys were. Most of the girls were shaved and loved showing it off. We did get our share of looks, but we returned them as well, especially to the big chested women. With some I wondered if their tits were real and had always wanted to titty fuck a girl that had implants. A few of the guys were built, but fewer were hung. We got in the water to cool off and soon had more around us. The girls did their best to get our attention and had Shawn’s attention quickly. I swear he was flirting big time with this girl who really didn’t look all that hot. He could do better. 

As we were swimming, I saw Corey coming our way. He got in the water and swam towards us. 

“Where’s the rest of ‘em?” I asked.

“Actually, I think they wanna leave here shortly. They say they’ve had enough of this place,” Corey replied.

“So they sent you over to tell us?” Myles asked.

“More like tell ya to hurry up,” Corey said.

“Matt drove us so he can leave,” I said.

“He knew you’d say that, but he also said you would be here maybe two more days,” Corey stated.

“Fine,” I said and got out of the water. 

We headed back to our spot and found them waiting. 

“Kris, we love it here, but three days in a row is a bit much. I think we should find other things to do and enjoy our last day,” Matt pleaded his case.

“Bishop, what else is there to do?” Colt asked.

“Well… there are a few go cart tracks around, along with miniature golf,” Bishop replied.

“Okay, that does sound fun I have to admit,” I said. “So does everyone agree?”

“Fine with me,” Myles stated. “I’ll school you in golf.”

“You better watch it there. Scott’s the pro,” I said. “Kwan, is that okay with you? Matter of fact just come with us.”

“Okay,” Kwan said.

We only stayed another thirty minutes and were there only two hours. We left the park and headed back.

“Thanks Kris,” Matt said in the car.

“No problem. If nothing else, I’ll come alone tomorrow,” I said.

“One problem is you won’t have a car,” Corey turned and said. 

“Yeah, big boy,” Colt laughed.

“Someone will come with me… surely they will,” I said and didn’t realize my car was still at Colt’s house. 

Back at the house, we posed for our last picture to see how dark we had gotten over the past few days. Then we changed, showered and dressed. I was able to wear a nice shirt and shorts that I had packed yet not worn. Everyone was looking hot with their faces now tan or a little burned. Our first thing was to eat, which I was glad of. Again Bishop knew his shit and took us to a killer pizza place where I overdid it. The only part that would have been better would have been to down it with a cold one. In eleven long months, I would be doing so in public… well more than I currently do. I’m more cautious now after getting busted for a minor in possession last summer.

Next, we found a go kart track that was pretty sweet. Man, I wanted to ram Colt or Matt just for kicks, but I was smart enough not to do so. The last thing I wanted was to injure a close friend at the end of our trip. We drove around until we found a miniature golf course. It was my chance to goof off and have fun. Scott wasn’t amused and took it way too seriously. If nothing else I entertained Kwan and Jordy for a while. 

At the end of the golf game, after blowing a few bucks at skee ball, Kwan said he was heading to his house since it wasn’t too far away from where we were.   

Once back at Bishop’s, we sat around and waited for him to mix up some strawberry daiquiris. They did taste great but seemed a little short on the alcohol. Bishop stated he toned ‘em down a little.  

Sitting there, I pushed my cup to Myles, “Here, taste it.”

Myles took a drink and commented, “Mmmm… not too bad I have to say.”

“You want a cup?” Bishop asked.

I could see the wheels in Myles’s head spinning while he thought it over, “Maybe half a cup will do me.”

“That’s my boy,” I said and hit his shoulder.

“Kris, it’s really not a big deal if he doesn’t drink,” Colt said. “We need someone sober to watch over us.”

“It’s really not that I’m opposed to drinking. I don’t care for the taste and especially that horse piss they call beer,” Myles said.

“Hey now,” Shawn said. “I love horse piss.”

“We can tell,” Scott said.

“I know… I know… I need to just cut back, but I’ve been saying that for weeks now,” Shawn said.

“Really we’re not what I call a bunch of drunks. Cody and Ethan maybe,” Colt said. “Fuckers could drink.”

“It is spring break, so drink up,” Scott said for Jordy. 

“Jordy likes his alcohol,” Corey said.

“Oh look who’s talking over there,” I said.

“I do but… I’ve really controlled myself. Now this weekend might be a different story,” Corey said.

“Yeah, JJ’s gonna get you drunk off your ass and nail you,” I joked.

“He might. You never know,” Matt joked looking at Corey.

“Not the last part, but I’m sure some drinking will be done,” Corey stated.

After more chatting and playing cards, I was dead tired after staying up too late last night and waking up far too early. As a whole, the five that were leaving the next morning called it a night as well, including my bed partner Colt. Thankfully, we won the coin toss between the three of us. I was happy for Matt that he won and was able to sleep/fuck Corey in a bed before Corey headed out. I knew they could stand it two or three days, but still, I wanted them to have it. I beat Scott thus meaning Colt and I got a real bed.

Entering the bedroom, I started laughing. 

“What’s so damn funny?” Colt asked taking off his shorts.

“I kept my shorts on all night.”

“You’re right. You did,” Colt said as he lost his shorts and boxers.

I stared hard at his beautiful dick and knew I wanted to end our trip on a high note. I left to go use the bathroom and clean up a little. It wasn’t my original intention to have sex with Colt before we entered but there was just something about the way he looked at that moment that got me lusting to be with him.

We got in bed. I scooted close and grabbed him for a passionate kiss. There was zero resistance from him. We kissed for a while with tongue involved. Damn, I had come a long way in a year.

“I was fucking hoping your ass would wanna do something,” Colt said.

“I wasn’t sure until just a few minutes ago. Bro, you’re fucking hot.”

“Kris, you are so fucking hot too. Let’s move the bed out so it don’t hit against the wall.”

“Good idea,” I said. 

We moved it away from the wall and got back in bed. I began worshipping his sun drenched, taut body all the way down to his nice veiny dick. My tongue starting licking the head, with Colt laid back and his hands behind his head showing his hairy pits. My mouth moved lowered and sucked on each of his hairless balls. Now I was thankful he shaved. I licked up his hard shaft and opened my mouth. His dick parted my lips and slipped inside my mouth. While sucking and licking his hotness, one hand ran over his muscular abs while the other stroked my dick. He began moaning and softly saying my name while I sucked his dick. My mouth grew tired and I kissed up his body, sucking his nips on the way up.

The kiss was as electric as any between Megan and me. There was something so different about being with a guy. Megan was rather timid and didn’t suck me, whereas I had no problem eating her out. Colt was licking and kissing his way down my body. Colt was great at worshipping my body. He did like I did and licked my throbbing dick before sucking my balls. He took my dick in his mouth. I shivered at the feeling of it and put my hand on his head. 

“OOO fuck yeah,” I moaned. I closed my eyes to relish this moment. There was no guilt whatsoever for I loved having sex with guys. 

Colt was really sucking my dick and had my ass moaning and groaning while being aware that Matt and Corey were on the other side of the wall. He had me on the edge so I pushed him away before he got a mouth full of nut. He moved and kissed me.

“Can I fuck you?” he asked.

“Please fuck me, Colt. I wanna feel your hot dick all up inside of me,” I said, and did want Colt to fuck me like I had wanted him to our first night in the tent but we never reached that point. This time it would happen.  

He found the condoms and lube. He fingered my ass with his slippery finger and kissed me while doing so. His finger started moving in and out to get me so excited to get fucked.

I rolled over on my stomach and was lying flat on the bed with a towel now underneath me. Colt crawled on my back and spread my legs a little bit. I pushed out feeling the head at my ass. He pushed in and entered me. I groaned since I still wasn’t used to getting my ass fucked. Colt was always great and never pushed too hard at the beginning for he too knew the pain and discomfort of being fucked. Slowly he went deeper while wrapping his arms around me and kissing my neck. I could feel his chest on my back while his dick was inside of me. I was hard as a rock and began feeling the pleasure. 

I turned my head, “Fuck me… fuck me Colt.” His mouth covered mine and he kissed me deep as he began to slowly fuck me, holding me in his arms.

With Colt moving faster, I got lost in my own world. He was hitting all the right spots. I didn’t care if Matt and Corey heard me now while I was moaning and breathing so damn hard, as was Colt. I reached my arm back and put my hand on the back of Colt’s head, holding him close to me as his chin rested against my shoulder and he fucked me at a nice steady pace. He kissed my bicep as it flexed beside his head. I was totally relaxed now with Colt inside me, whereas before I couldn’t truly relax knowing I was getting fucked. Even when Matt fucked me I couldn’t relax enough to really get the maximum pleasure out of it that I should have. 

Colt turned me over. My muscular legs went up on his shoulders. He smiled at me and stuck his dick back in me slowly. 

“Oh fuck yeah Kris. Your ass is so goddamn hot. Talk fucking dirty to me while I fuck your ass,” Colt stated, bottoming out in me.

“O just fuck me Colt. Fuck the living shit of my hot ass with your fucking hot dick…” I said and felt a strong thrust. “Oh yes, fucking give me that dick.”

“You like getting fucked by me?”

“Fucking love it… Oh yes fuck me til I cum. I wanna shoot the biggest nut ever with your dick fucking me.”

“Goddamn this is so fucking hot. I love pounding your pussy like I pound Andrea’s wet pussy.”

“Just fuck my pussy,” I said. Yeah, I really said that shit, but I was delirious from the fucking Colt was giving me. “OOOO Fuck me.”

“Take my shit, Kris. Fucking take it,” Colt said giving it to me hard and making me move while I was reaching for his ass.

“Fuck, I’m about to cum…”

“Don’t jack it and let me fuck the cum out of you,” Colt said.

He moved faster and faster with us both breathing so hard. I felt the cum rising and finally exploding out of my cock. I screamed and jerked my head up to see the cum flowing out my hard dick. Long streams poured out of my cock until I was totally spent. 

Colt pulled out, threw the condom aside and moved next to me. Once recovered, I moved his hand and jacked his shit until he busted his nut on my face. 

“Helluva way to end the trip, huh?” Colt said looking spent.

“It was the best way,” I smiled and kissed him. We kissed for a minute before we cleaned up. We didn’t talk very long before we were both asleep. Busting a nut sometimes does that for me. 

I woke the next morning with Colt packing his stuff away. He saw me and said, “Thanks. You’re the best.”

“No, thank you. You give Andrea what you gave me last night.”

“I plan on it tomorrow night when I see her,” Colt said. He walked over and kissed me before he walked out the door.

I went out naked and found the others who were leaving us. Jordy walked over to hug me and kissed me on the cheek. I knew he had such a great time. Scott was next to say goodbye. Matt was the lucky one of the group and didn’t have to go to Colt’s house. 

“Bro, you be careful,” I said to Matt.

“You too and behave yourself,” he said and hugged me. I kissed him on the lips with Corey watching. 

Corey came over and got his hug. I told him the same thing.

Colt and I pumped fists before they left. Now it was going to be a little different without Colt, Corey and Matt around. However I was looking forward to being around Bishop, Myles and Shawn.

Rather than fix something to eat, we headed out to grab a late breakfast after they were gone. Afterwards we headed back to Bishop’s house for our stuff. I was glad we did and had to hit the bathroom after eating a big breakfast. I wasn’t the only one either, though, with Shawn and Myles right behind me, but they got to smell my stench.

I was happy that they didn’t put up a fight about us going to the beach again. We found a place to park and could see more cars than before, but then it was a Friday. With Bishop carrying in the cooler, we headed inside. I waited to undress until we found a spot on the edge of the beach with a great view of everything. 

We were getting comfortable with our shades on when two guys our age came walking up. They nodded in acknowledgement of us and set their stuff down. One had short blond hair, while the other had brown hair combed to his face. They weren’t really built, but the brown haired one had a decent chest, which was hairy as was his flat stomach. Both of their dicks looked to be rather average and cut. The blond was shaven so I felt okay. 

“Bro, excuse me but we fucked up and didn’t bring sunscreen,” the blond said to me since I was the closest.

“No problem at all,” I said and was tossed the sunscreen by Shawn.

“So, do you guys come out here much?” he asked.

“Actually, we’re just here on break,” I replied.

“I see. Ours is just starting, but we come here every chance we can,” he said, but I could tell that by their tans. “Cool fucking place as long as you can avoid the fags.”

“It is,” Myles said. “Actually, they haven’t bothered us.”

“They stay on their end,” the brown haired one stated. “So where do y’all go?”

We told them the name and asked where they went. They said here locally. “We beat that ass in football, huh?” I commented.

“Give me a fucking break, bro. Your team was fucking lucky as hell,” the blond said.

“Yeah, we had your ass beat the entire game,” the brown haired one said.

“What counts is the final score,” Myles said.

“Whatever,” the blond said.

“It was cool though. We were all there. Your stadium is fucking bad ass,” I said.

“It is. You guys are cool. I’m Mitch and this is Jet,” the blond said.

I introduced us. We sat and watched as three girls took their places just ahead and down from us. “Girl, take off your bottoms,” Mitch said quietly.

“Yeah, this is a nude beach unless it’s her time,” I said.

“Bro, you may be right there. If that’s the case, keep that shit on,” Mitch said. I held up my fist and hit his. “If it is her time then why would she come here of all places?”

“I know that’s right,” Shawn said.

“So how long are you guys here for?” Jet asked.

“I don’t know. A few hours or so,” I replied.

“No, how many more days?” Mitch laughed.

“Oh, maybe ‘til Sunday,” I said.

“If you come tomorrow, there will be a crowd if the weather holds up like they say. This place will be covered with some hot little things,” Mitch stated.

“We may be back tomorrow,” I said.

“That’s some bullshit. Kris, your ass would live here,” Myles said.

“Nothing wrong with that at all. Our other buddies think we’re fucked up coming here and showing our shit, but this is the life if you ask me,” Mitch stated.

“I agree,” Jet said. “He wasn’t like this last year. He damn near laughed his ass off when I asked if he wanted to come.”

“Well… I have to admit I’m a nudist,” I said.

“Finally he admits it!” Shawn said and reached in the cooler for a beer.

“Bro, we could for sure hang then,” Mitch said.

“Yeah, Mitch loves the shock factor, especially with the girls,” Jet said.

“Bro, not ten minutes here I can see we could hang,” I said. “You want a beer?”

“We brought our own,” Jet said. “That’s another cool thing here. No one has yet to say a word to us about drinking. Now they will if you get hammered and act crazy.”

We sat around enjoying the sun and the view. My shades protected my eyes so I could check out the guys when a nice looking one walked up or was hanging low, even though it was rare. 

After a day in the sun again, we walked out with Mitch and Jet and said goodbye. It was fun hanging around, with some pretty lewd comments coming from them when a girl who looked half decent came up. They were worth a few good laughs. 

“Bro, do you really think you should drive?” I asked Jet.

“I’m not that wasted,” Jet replied.

“Still, don’t you know anyone who could drive you back?” I asked.

“Thanks for caring, but we’ll make it,” Mitch said and patted my shoulder. “See ya. It was a blast.”

With Myles taking the wheel, we got in Bishop’s ride. “Kris, that was cool of you what you said to them about drinking and driving,” Myles stated.

“I said my thing so what else could I really do?” I asked. “Now if that would have been me and, say, Shawn here, Matt would let us hear about it.”

“He cares for you and doesn’t wanna see your ass land in jail,” Shawn said. “Just ask Garrett what a fun time that shit is.”

“That’s why you have me along,” Myles said before we drove off.

We made it back to Bishop’s house and did compare tans. I was getting dark and was so happy to see my white ass was no longer so white. We showered and lay around being lazy before we headed to grab something to eat. Colt was kind enough to call while we were waiting and getting dressed and said he made it just fine back to his house. So far, Bishop’s eating joints had been great so we trusted his judgment in taking us to this hole-in-the-wall place for greasy burgers.  

After eating, I headed out with Myles on his run. The dude could move it but went a little slower so he didn’t leave me behind. I did admire his commitment, even on our little vacation.  

Actually Friday night, Bishop’s house seemed quiet with everyone gone. It did make playing cards so much easier but I missed the rest of the crew. The thought of messing with any of the guys never crossed… well, not so much that I would have done shit about it. We were kicking it with the brews and having a blast. 

That night, while in bed alone, I really debated whether I was staying too long. I had committed for the weekend so I was going to stick it out. I had fun with the three of them. I don’t really remember doing much in a long time without one of my roommates with me, except when I was alone with Megan. Seeing her smiling face Sunday would be such a thrill.


Hope you liked it from Kris's point of view.   I enjoyed writing it as well and was different for me, too.   This also concludes their spring break.   The next chapters will be back on campus.

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